Saturday, August 30, 2003

My name is John Draw the Girl is beautiful! Mess, I hope you are okay. Humans can be so horrible ... this is the frustrating part of Blogdial, I want to give you a hug and you are so far away!
A lot of good things on Blogdial lately, the season has started well. And Mess, that's one of the few things that keep me from disillusion. And about that fruit eating quistion, the answer lies in what we ate as our genus developed into homo habilis living the lifestyle of hunter-gatherer. What is not so often mentioned is the discovery and application of fire - effectively the discovery of 'cooking'. Roasting meat increases the amount of energy that can be absorbed when digesting many times. Links to published articled
West Australian Chainsaw Orchestra Real Player alternative for windoze
Draw the Girl

Friday, August 29, 2003

Have you signed it?
Its serious!
Mess, that's awful. I feel for you.
The addiction never stops. Not for me anyway. So, out came the chequebook, again. And this is what I got. I am sure I am not the only guitarist here.
sorry to hear that, mess
welcome to heaven

was the victim of racially motivated violence two minutes from my house this week, after speaking up for the decency of the human race in general only moments before

disillusioned, intensely disillusioned
laidri :hcraeS elgooG
Really blew me when I got it. Damn. I'm really going to have to get one of those CDs! hoo hoo hoo! *gets beaten up with a pan* I may have mentioned them before, but check out Fflint Central recordings. Great experimental electronic stuff. I only own one of their discs but I want them all! Re: the talk on guitars. I have wanted to play guitar my entire life, but have never actually picked one up before. I don't even know music theory. I was thinking about getting a cheap guitar this summer but somewhere along the way I ran out of money.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

I was working in a school today and saw these anti-racism football posters on the wall about several historic past players. One in particular was about Arthur Wharton. I have a few Peacefrog records. I would recommend 'Ten Days Of Blue' By John Beltran. Really blew me when I got it. .
Peacefrog An amazing selection of music. Just great to sit with the page open and listen to the selections. Sad fact: I don't own one Peacefrog record. I don't own any Irdial records either. Something must be done, except I am broke.
They Rule
'How I became a Phreaker' was excellent Dav. And about that a bit late thing, I'm afraid the glass is always half-empty for me. But you are certainly right that I would not have enjoyed the discovery as much as I do now, had it come sooner. It had sort of given up, thought I had heard it "all". I'm really glad this discovery proved me wrong. Ligetis Musica ricercatafor piano is also stunning, but I only got it arranged for barrel organ. I guess it's back to the king of classical music here in Copenhagen The Tape & Record Centre Well worth a visit if you are ever in Copenhagen. Usually minded by two elderly ladys - you know how they look - and a giant dog, the shop looks like it's captured in its own quantummechanic wormhole where time stands still.
one has a greater propensity to discover things when one's circumstances allow for those discoveries to be made ... somewhere within, you were looking out for something that would fill a given hole, and so, when the appropriately-sized peg makes its presence known, you're in a position to see and appreciate it

Too true. And hence, today, the magic is here...

Mimi Majick very strange, Alex ... that's almost an exactly correct description ...
I had an amazing dream about / featuring Blogdial last night. I went to Irdial towers, which was in the roof of an old Tudor Building, much like the one on Holborn... To get inside there was a flight of stairs going up the front of the building and the door was on the roof, quite like an old hay loft. Inside there were big old oak desks, an open fire and the chairs were on wheels. Akin greated me at the door, he was friendly and open but also quite strict. There were other Blogdialers there, although I think they were made up in my head rather than real people. Also Mimi Majick was there, she was Scottish with a thick Glaswegian accent (a friendly one rather than a harsh one) and she was about three foot tall!!!! I don't remember what we were all doing, listening to music and discussing things, and I was spinning around on the big chair with wheels. Much like a physical interpretation of what goes on here I guess.
a bit late to discover him now how so ? ... surely a discovery is a discovery ... better to celebrate the find than mourn the time of the find ? ... imagine if you'd come across the music when you might not have been in a position to appreciate what you were hearing, and missing out on the joy of your later discovery ... one has a greater propensity to discover things when one's circumstances allow for those discoveries to be made ... somewhere within, you were looking out for something that would fill a given hole, and so, when the appropriately-sized peg makes its presence known, you're in a position to see and appreciate it
I'm very much into Ligeti at the moment. You got good taste. One towering masterpiece after another. An astonishing genius, without a doubt. Though it's a bit late to discover him now... Its never too late; be sure to hear / study the three harpsichord pieces, "Continuum", "Pasacaglia Ungherese", and "Hungarian Rock" forgive the impromptu spelling.
Mary: It looks like blood 'DJ The Lincolnshire Poacher' - that's pretty funny I'm very much into Ligeti at the moment. One towering masterpiece after another. Though it's a bit late to discover him now...
"one of a few in town that dedicates one night a week to the sound of Number Stations" "I recently had the chance to chat briefly with 11- year old Cecily Burton, the young English girl behind Papa November. " "Tell me, how did the whole Papa November thing come about? Were there auditions? Cecily - Well, I was sitting in school one day, learning my sums, when I was summoned to the principal's office. When I arrived, I was met by some nice men named Yossi and Schmuel." ROTFL!
Data-mining the Amazon. I especially like the Book/CD recommendations for conservatives and liberals. believe it's anything but blood It is a damselfly on your finger. I am off to a conference today to load up on all that's new with regard to macrophages..... and dendritic cells.... Magic is everywhere. Insects are all around us.
Does this Toronto nightclub really exist?
Praise be to TWANBOC for putting that mix in a zip file, so I can download it here behind the firewall. I wish everyone did that. But then, of course my own MP3s aren't in zip files...perhaps I should attend to that. Hmmmm. This is still great. Have a listen if you haven't already. Flippin' 'eck I love music, tapes, MP3s, OGGs, RA, vinyl, CDs, Minidiscs, dictaphones, radios, sonicity. And, frankly, the posts of Blogdial. It's like a visual answer machine or something. Check it in the morning and see what people left behind last night whilst you were asleep.
if you want lots of iron... ... black pudding / blood sausage (nyum nyum) The mongols, or was it the huns, or maybe both and more used to leech off their horses mixing the blood with fresh milk. Yes lots of our ancestors, a Tartar variant: When they are going on a long expedition, they carry no baggage with them. They each carry two leather flasks to hold the milk they drink and a small pot for cooking meat. They also carry a small tent to shelter them from the rain. In case of need, they will ride a good ten days' journey without provisions and without making a fire, living only on the blood of their horses; for every rider pierces a vein of his horse and drinks the blood. They also have their dried milk, which is solid like paste; and this is how they dry it. First they bring the milk to the boil. At the appropriate moment they skim off the cream that floats on the surface and put it in another vessel to be made into butter, because so long as it remained the milk could not be dried. Then they stand the milk in the sun and leave it to dry. When they are going on an expedition, they take about ten pounds of this milk; and every morning they take out about a half of a pound of it and put it in a small leather flask, shaped like a gourd, with as much water as they please. Then, while they ride, the milk in the flask dissolves into a fluid, which they drink. And this is their breakfast
2524 Aqua Regia: NYC Smile on me from DFC Ambient House Compilation (Irdial 1991) Wandering round India half-naked stark raving mad, having discarded my clothes, carrying only a haversack full of bootleg cassettes. Getting lost in Bombay cul-de-sacs listening to this. Walking walking walking. T.W.A.N.B.O.C.
I can't deal with that image, Claus. I want to believe it's anything but blood.
One of my girlfriends was telling me about the tradition of giving gold jewelry to the bride in India. One of the more practical reasons (other than passing down precious heirlooms) was to provide the woman with some form of wealth that could be drawn upon in case her husband died. Women married into the husband''s family and were taken under their care, so the jewelry could serve as a support for the wife in case of hardship. This gives the diamond engagement ring a whole other level of "I love you" ie. I love you enough to see that you will be provided for even after I am gone. How sweet. Now, if that ring was a processor, and considering the depreciation of such items, well, I don't think I'd be having one of those!
# 'The birds are always eating my grass seed.' But everyone knows that the funniest thing of all is putting something completely out of its own context. Re: Correct way of eating fruits I wasn't sure whether I wanted to talk about this cobbled together mish-mash, but I have some free time. When it comes to articles like this, I hate the internet. This is the worst kind of writing to be found anywhere... Remember that our ancestors were not meat eaters or seed eaters - they were mostly fruit eaters. Actually we were meat eaters (though admittedly we eat way more meat nowadays). Our bodies are meant to ingest meat. We have teeth for an omnivorous diet, and our body can only get certain nutrients from meat. As far as I know, these nutrients can only be properly processed when delivered in meat. The body is not "meant" to eat many things (processed food ie. junk, agricultural products), but meat is not one of those things (nothing against bread - ohhh man bread is good). In addition, the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids that a human requires can be derived from fruits. Aside from, you know, all those other nutrients that aren't in fruit. Ex: if you want lots of iron, you'd be best eating steak or a lot of high-iron vegetables like broccoli. A survey found that those who eat fruits more at every meal tend to want to eat less in the next meal. It's awesome when articles mention "a survey" but don't mention where it's from, what it is, or who performed it. Because no one really needs to verify anything. It was also found that a particular substance in some fruits could cut the risk of heart diseases or heart attacks. Again, amazing research skillz at work here. The brain cannot function on anything except glucose. Fruit is glucose in the body. Holy crap. Did that even make sense? The minute the fruit comes into contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to rot. Again, I might be convinced if there was some research or explanation to back this stuff up. And it is NOT hard to link to evidence online. That is one of the great things about the internet. The laziness of this article is astounding. Granted it is easier to digest fruits on an empty stomach, but eating them with more complex foods does not destroy their nutritional value. Graying hair, balding, nervousness, outbursts, dark circles under the eyes - all these will not happen if you take fruits in an empty stomach. Holy ass. Don't eat cooked fruits because you don't get the nutrients. More incredibly bad advice. If you boil them, the nutrients (vitamins specifically I think) of both fruit and vegetables are lost to the water. However, if they are steamed or grilled, they are just as good. And taste better usually (cooked tomatoes knock the pants off raw tomatoes). But if you should drink the juice, drink it slowly. Because you must let it mix with your saliva before swallowing it. Why? Please tell us! There is again no problem here. Sometimes chugging back a cold glass of orange juice is the only thing you want to do. Saliva helps to break down food, so it's good to chew so you don't choke and die. But drink? No, there's no problem here. (Based on internet resources) Oh. That explains everything. Man. That took way too long.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


People's Assembly � Saturday 30th August 2003

Dear Friends, As you will probably know, the Coalition has agreed to call a second People's Assembly on August 30. The first People's Assembly was held in early March, on a broad and representative basis, to express the real views of the British people against the impending war on Iraq. It was intended to address the denial of democracy involved in Blair's decision to go to war without the consent of the people. This second People's Assembly is likewise intended to give voice to the views of the majority of people on the key question of the lies told and deceit practised by the government in seeking to justify the war and win support for it. No weapons of mass destruction - the ostensible reason for the war - have been found in Iraq and the government, it is daily becoming clearer, manipulated and misrepresented information to conceal the absence of any real threat from these non-existent WMDs. Indicting The Government For War Lies The Assembly on August 30 aims to keep the pressure on the government by indicting it for its lies, which in themselves constitute a negation of democracy and proper debate. It will include presentations by legal and weapons-inspections experts which will help expose the ministerial deceit, and also provide a voice for ordinary people to speak out against what was done "in our name" and how to prevent it happening again. The linked issues of preserving peace and developing democracy will be central to the Assembly. A successful Assembly will help set the tone for the whole conference season on the war issue. It can also express the continuing vitality of the anti-war movement and help build support for the national demonstration to be held on September 27. We would like the Assembly to be as representative as possible, and that local groups should convene meetings over the next two months to choose representatives who can speak for the millions who marched in February against war, and the many more outraged at the revelations since. If that is not possible, please choose delegates by any other means that seem appropriate. We would ask that you send in delegates names to the Stop the War Office either over the phone or via the e-mail. Further details as to the agenda will be sent out soon. Delegates will be charged �5 each; this is to cover the cost of the room. The Assembly will be held at Friends Meeting House, London WC1 (nearest tube Euston) and will begin at 10:30 hours and end at 17:00 hours. For further details please do not hesitate to contact the office on 020 7053 2153/4/5/6 or For the Steering Committee Andrew Murray, chair Lindsey German, convenor
true completely true unambiguous taken out of context pure conjecture misreading of the facts / data no evidence to support / completely unproven unverified claims journalistic gossip / idle rumour pure speculation spurious claims no factual basis entirely untrue false
Who plays guitar here, and what guitars do you own? I have... Columbus Les Paul Antoria Les Paul Yamato Telecaster Ibanez Firebird Westone Superheadless bass Steinberger Spirit 6 string Avon SG Bass 2 x no-name acoustics Marlin Strat and I want MORE!! MORE!!!
they seem synonymous with fur; an ostentatious display of wealth / power the whole fact that many people may have died or will die through the market seems to make them glow ever so more evilly. People do not "die through the market", diamonds like any other raw material are a source of money. That money can be used for good or bad, the fact is that oil is the cause of more death and conflict than diamonds. Most of the diamonds you see in shops are mined by machines, and never touch human hands until they are polished, and even this process is mechanized now (in Belgium, most small diamonds are polished by hand in India). Diamond has a bad rep because it is as you say, "ostentatious". I would prefer to use the word "visible". What you (one) need(s) to worry about are the things that are causing problems that are invisible, not the ones that are easy to spot, rather small in scale and which draw attention to themselvs because of envy. As for the whole fur business, lets think about this for a minute. As a proportion of the animals that are slaughtered for food and leather each day, the fur industry is absolutely miniscule. Once again, people focus on it because fur used by "the rich". It would be much more sensible to attack the bigger and more prevalalent problem of cow pig and chicken slavery rather than the easy, jealousy motivated target of fur. The same goes for foxhunting; its easy to attack, you attack the rich when you attack hunting, and basically its a career / hobby for life, gets you out into the countryside and allows you to hide from reality. These anti fur / hunt sab people would (have) be(en) far better off working to eliminate poverty in the UK; now that is a hard, and real task , that would take decades to solve and would involve absolute entanglement with reality. The facts are appaling. What is even more appalling is that so many people can put millions man hours of resources into animal welfare when human beings right here in the UK are going without food heat and clothes. The priorities of these people are completely upside down. Let me spell it out for you; humans first, animals second, both top priority.
Growing Diamonds I've always been morally opposed to diamonds, they seem synonymous with fur; an ostentatious display of wealth / power the whole fact that many people may have died or will die through the market seems to make them glow ever so more evilly. Synthetic/Cultured Diamonds solve this somewhat. Also they are proper geek gems. My jewlery was synthetically grown in a labratory. You could wear processors as broaches.
Magic! Beautiful! And the damselfly too... for whom 'iridescence' is an understatement. Dragonfly... My favourite incense. Not the best packaging though... By the way, John Fahey's Red Cross is blissful.
MEG - Free Energy
Get it? In the second test, they were asked to select the correct punchline from four options for 16 incomplete jokes. For instance, the first part of one joke read: "The neighbour approached Mr Smith at noon on Sunday and inquired 'Say Smith, are you using your lawnmower this afternoon?' 'Yes, I am,' Smith replied warily." Those involved in the study then had to choose from one of four options. "Then the neighbour answered:
  1. 'Fine, you won't be wanting your golf clubs, I'll just borrow them'; or
  2. 'Oops!' as the rake he walked on barely missed his face; or
  3. 'Oh well, can I borrow it when you're done then?; or
  4. 'The birds are always eating my grass seed.'
The correct or humorous answer in this case was A. --- umm? humorous?!?!?!?

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

What? You're playing? Live?
it's 7pm till late at "public life" which is 82commercial street ,opposite spitalfields market , next to the big church, 3 pounds to get in (tell people to arrive early as its only a small venue) , also palying is freeform (dj set) and matt wand (ex stock hausen and walkman) is the site cheerio phill - this key board is wack , excuse typing errors
Plump sticky sweet flesh yielding to the tongue
If every BBC item is available online (and seeemingly free) this has to be the end of the license fee, no? It's almost enough for me to consider having a TV. meanwhile... Nuclear reprocessing is not a money spinner (wonders will never cease - unlike THORP) so back to Cumbria being a dumping ground for radioactive waste. Reprocessing was the nuclear dream. Now there is 75 tonnes of plutonium and 3,336 tonnes of uranium recovered from reprocessing, all stored and closely guarded but with no obvious use, at Sellafield...These tanks contain the highest level of radioactivity of any plant in Europe...
Free BBC!!!
101 pop songs spanning 50 years Amazing. Better than you think it would be. Very carefully organized and not common of the "mash up" remix crowd.
So beautiful, these feelings, like a satori moment almost... you forget your age, forget your conditioned behaviour, and suddenly the world is both irrelevant and totally there.... I was at the lake this summer, lying on the dock, we had been swimming all day, and a damselfly flew by. I called and put out my finger, and don't you think s/he landed? Magic!

Monday, August 25, 2003


>Hello Cycling '74 Customers, > >We've finally finished the Windows version of Max/MSP. Your patience has >been greatly appreciated, and we hope it will be worth the wait if you're a >Windows user. > > product page > download page
We just wanted a name that can be related to or represent Germany
Rare Studio Reel-to-Reel 's by Armando Holy house nation! Buy buy buy!
CD-Recordable discs unreadable in less than two years You know the score... I use Kodak for my graphic files back-up, they seem to be the best. Does anyone have other good recommandations?

Sunday, August 24, 2003

The correct way of eating fruits
why is eating fruits so sexy??????
Lucky me! I got a job again, as a librarian. One telephonecall changed my weekend.
Hitler Bar I'm very sorry, but you have to check this out.
Today is like my material bliss day: "loveless" on vinyl acquired old but good denon cd player acquired cheap but good speakers acquired austin osman spare book probably acquired Hooray for getting what you want. I guess. The point of this post? Sometimes buying things does give you a bit of satisfaction.

Friday, August 22, 2003

7 days, an "in place upgrade", and 11,005 emails later...
Earth Station 5 Declares War Against The Motion Picture Association of America Earth Station 5
where in devon are you going To be honest, I have no idea! It's about 30 minutes from Exeter, so maybe it's even Cornwall. Haven't been there before. It's my sister's parents-in law, who have a small farm in the middle of nowhere. They are such nice people... We'll try and go in September or October for the best sky-watching conditions. that pure, deep, gut-wrenching ecstatic bliss that lies way down in curdled memories of infant wonder So beautiful, these feelings, like a satori moment almost... you forget your age, forget your conditioned behaviour, and suddenly the world is both irrelevant and totally there....
Barrie, I just noticed Loveless is for sale at Insound on 180g Vinyl, so you may be able to find it at your local store...

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Whauw! Finally software that gets my piss boiling.
Please read Zadie Smiths books, dear blogdialers
Analysis of SCO's Las Vegas Slide Show
Alun, where in devon are you going ? .... many times, particularly on bitterly cold winter nights, I've stopped in the middle of dartmoor & gazed up, filling with the feeling that is the closest approximation to that pure, deep, gut-wrenching ecstatic bliss that lies way down in curdled memories of infant wonder ... new years eve, if it's clear, is amazing ; you can see the fireworks going off in all the towns & villages for miles around
It would be interseting to know if the fogscreen could be used open to the air or if it would blow away could be good in retsaurants too choose your environment to match your food. Overlapping screens would be interesting. Something for my future maybe
We have one of these.... It's beautiful. It's also stuck in the attic since central London is Not Good for starwatching. In Sweden we saw everything... Mars, Venus, rings of Saturn, Milky Way, and Oh! the Moon!... only the night cold stopped us. Soon we'll be off to Devon and Wales to visit friends and there the skies will be dark... and hopefully cloudless! It's an incredibly childlike feeling looking through a telescope. Like reading about dinosaurs, or jumping in puddles... I remember seeing the moon turn blood red one night...

You can buy this at the Atlantis Bookshop on Museum St, Bloomsbury, London. And also at Fulgur's new site. They have also put up a load of old articles on Spare on the site, which are essential reading.

Mars Orbiter Camera Target Request Site Geekalicious. Check the instructions, and if you are still game, I am impressed. I wish I had a telescope. Mars is bright red and shining in the South Eastern sky right now. Incredible. Has anyone peeked at it through a 'scope yet? You must tell me about it!
He looks surprisingly like myself, which spooked me at first.
Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare Whoa. Any idea where I can pick this up, if at all? I'm really into this kind of stuff, and the bookstore in town that sells things of this subject burned down a few months ago. Nevermind As far as power goes, we in Alberta have bucket-fucking-loads of it. We sell it to the US because it's cheap. There's only one trunk for each province we sit next to, and those handle only a smidgen of what we make. Likewise in Ontario, most of the power is sold to the US, and much trouble to divert was had. So, in Alberta, the companies (newly privatized hooray for capitalism!) gouge the consumer at home and then make gobs of money selling cheap power to the States. Isn't that grand.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

The blackout last thursday was pretty wild here in NYC. I walked down my 33 flights of stairs to a street full of pedestrians making their ways home in the gorgeously hot weather. People took the streets over from the cars as our foot power got us a hell of alot farther, a hell of alot faster. I walked my 5.6 miles home across the roadway of the manhattan bridge with thousands of others. And there were stars to be seen over NYC for the first time in a LONG while that night. All told, an interesting experience. More interesting: POWER OUTAGE TRACED TO DIM BULB IN WHITE HOUSE --- The Tale of The Brits Who Swiped 800 Jobs From New York, Carted Off $90 Million, Then Tonight, Turned Off Our Lights
...AOS, etc.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

David Blaine; mentally strong or just mental?
That fog screen would be awesome in a club. I'm so bored of these new clubs opening up with boasts about how fucking new and state of the art their space is and then they have a lighting rig straight out of the seventies. disco lights are so boring. Maybe I should design club interiors, that could be fun...
A friend has posted up some pictures he took of the Banksy exhibition from a couple of weeks back. Pictures 16 - 24
A little fiction from my weekend Det er s� synd for ham... Ingen sex uden glidecreme, ingen k�rlighed uden had, ingen rigtige venner... Gad vide om han kommer kravlende ? - jeg tror det n�ppe...
Google Search: (G * mass of earth) / (radius of earth ^ 2)
Ben: I don't know how to get blogger to show email addresses but you can reach me at coa at vectorx dot org. The Youngs recordings would be totally appreciated, thanks!! Also "Julius 1" was strange and interesting. Been feeling okay. Thanx for your thoughts Blogdians. Gave blood today but the arm I used first did not want to bleed, so I had to use the other arm. Now I look like a pincushion (big swabs taped to venupunctures).

Monday, August 18, 2003
how many reasons do you need?
Doctor slang Musical accompaniment to this weekend's stair-sanding marathon: Loren Mazzacane Connors esp. with Suzanne Langille (his wife) and Kath Bloom. I don't have much of his, so if anyone can recommend a couple of his (30 or 40) albums it'd go down a treat this end. Also much Muslimgauze. Ah, DIY. Ah, Ibuleve gel.
film 1 film 2
barrie - i received the richard youngs programme/recording on cdr the other day - i remember you mentioned him a while back. email me your address and i'll post you a copy - might help cheer you up. might.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Hey, Barrie Deep sympathy for Roland's passing. RIP.
for some reason. There is nothing in this world like a good dog. Bad news.
My good friend Chris Jackie left on a vacation to Toronto about a week ago. I met his parents walking around town today (small town) and they told me that Chris was at the top of the CN Tower when the power went out. The lights, the music, the rotating gallery, all shut off instantly. Gravity helped them get down via elevator but the brakes had to be applied manually. Insane. Another friend of mine spoke of someone he knew at Toronto Dominion bank who was working on backing up several very important files - in the middle of this the power went out, screwing up both the original and the backup. 15,000 clients were apparently lost. That should be fun. Insurance companies must be pissing their pants right about now. Yesterday was a sad day because my family and I had to put our faithful dog Roland to sleep. He was 13 years old and was around for over half of my life. He had advancing cancer and it was time to release him, lest such a happy creature be in pain - something he did not deserve. I was prepared for it but the passing of a good dog is always hard for some reason.
I was listening to drum n bass pirate radio via and it flipped frequency to a broadcast about conspiracy theories. I must have had this on for a an hour now, very interesting although I have been readingDer Typographische Raster and so not giving it my full attention. Anyway, the signal is of a man talking, reading stuff and it sounds like he's outside, I can hear rain and wind. There are periods of silence when the ambient sounds take on a structured, composed feel. It all seems very Blogdial. The first topic the man was talking about was the United Nuwabian Nation of Moors and a recent court case. Now he is talking about a man who is taking the US government to court claiming the AIDS virus was a government plot to control the Black Race. Anyone have any idea what this is or how I will find it again!?
THE GOLDEN MEAN GAUGE To examine the validity of the fascinating Golden Proportion quickly and easily, an instrument, the GOLDEN MEAN GAUGE was developed to demonstrate this proportion. The gauge shows that the numerous major landmarks on the moth's wing are in the Golden Proportion.

Friday, August 15, 2003

French Heat Wave Overloads Cemeteries Friday August 15, 2003 7:49 PM By ANGELA DOLAND Associated Press Writer PARIS (AP) - Gravediggers were called back to work on a national holiday Friday to deal with the grim aftermath of a heat wave that left up to 3,000 dead in France. With morgues full, authorities took over the vast storeroom of a Paris farmers' market or kept bodies in refrigerated tents - as temperatures subsided throughout Europe, ending one of the most severe periods of intense heat on record across the continent. Morgues and cemeteries have been overwhelmed in the heat wave, which the health minister called ``a true epidemic.'' A Paris regional funeral official said families would likely have to wait 10-15 days to have relatives buried. ``We're explaining the situation to families,'' said Hugues Fauconnet of General Funeral Services, the country's largest undertaker. ``Our most important mission is to preserve the dignity of the deceased.'' Funeral officials claimed the 43,000 square-foot refrigerated storage area of the Paris area's wholesale market in the suburb of Rungis. They planned to place bodies on army cots. Complicating matters for burials: Many priests were away on summer vacation in predominantly Roman Catholic France, which all but shuts down during August. Doctors have said many victims, who were generally elderly, died of dehydration heat stroke in the punishing heat wave that has gripped Europe, where many homes and offices lack air conditioning. Throughout Europe, temperatures settled back to normal Friday. At times, the mercury had hovered around 100 degrees, fanning forest fires and devastating livestock and crops. Thunderstorms cooled Switzerland on Friday, while in the Netherlands, temperatures were down to 68 degrees. The heat eased in Germany, though officials were still on watch for fires. France's political climate still simmered with accusations the government didn't do enough to prevent the crisis. Despite warnings from emergency room doctors, Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin waited until Wednesday to order Paris hospitals to prepare more beds and call health care workers back from vacation. If the government had acted sooner, ``many lives could have been saved,'' Patrick Pelloux, head of the association for French emergency hospital physicians, told Le Parisien newspaper. Former Health Minister Claude Evin, a Socialist, also accused the center-right government for waiting too long. Health Minister Jean-Francois Mattei toured a hospital Friday in the suburb of Longjumeau that set up a refrigerated tent to store bodies. ``We're on maximum alert,'' said Mattei, who has denied allegations of foot-dragging. ``The crisis is not over.'' Friday was a Roman Catholic holiday, the feast of the Assumption, and most of France had a long weekend. The Paris mayor's office authorized cemetery personnel to stay on the job. If the preliminary French figures of up to 3,000 deaths holds, the death toll would be among the highest in recent years, officials at the World Health Organization in Geneva said. About 2,600 heat-related deaths were recorded in India five years ago, and roughly 500 people died from heat-related causes in 1995 in Chicago, according to WHO experts. No other European countries reported deaths anywhere near the scale of those in France. Spain, for example, has recorded 42. Germany and Italy haven't issued figures on heat-related deaths, saying such figures are difficult to come by because heat may be just one factor contributing to a person's death. The Guardian
Music for DXing Try it mixed low against resonancefm right now
damn! nice picture, but did you know that the scorpions, they of gorky pa-ark, were a krautrock band previous to being stadium rockers? at least, according to the crack in the cosmic egg. coincidentally, the song I've been listening to all day, roy harper's another day (sung by liz fraser), was also covered by THE GODDESS KATE BUSH and peter gabriel on some TV performance. anyone seen it?

Help! My Powerbook is showing no charge on the battery, and this seems true, but it won't charge up when plugged in. Any ideas? Everything else seems to be working OK.
Well I was fooled
Holiday memories coalescing. In Berlin we visited the Jewish Museum, including the building designed by Daniel Libeskind. The void /holocaust tower of that building had the most profound effect on me of any structure I have ever experienced. A conduit for suppressed empathy. A belittling of the individual, in a compressed space with no end, it expands the self to become closer to all humanity, good and bad. After this, one was left with a sense of bathos for the actual exhibition; it had become superfluous. Berlin itself is a beautiful, vibrant, human city. The feelings it provokes in me are unlike any other place, mostly due to the past 60 years of history lying naked and honest in front of you at every turn.

Music for DXing

Okay, some of you have this on CD already, but now "Music for DXing" is available here, courtesy of the kind and friendly 1104. Of course if anyone actually wants it on CD anyway, if e.g. you are on a 56k line for example, email me! Thoughts on it are, of course, most welcome and appreciated.
If you want to backdial, please email me.
Gardens sorted. For weed? Txt text. Contraction is the new expansion. See also....
You guessed wrong.
Let me guess, you got yourself a T-610?
Taken today, under Hammersmith Flyover. Deal with it.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

A father at 40? Sounds good!
In ten years, you will be wandering about aimlessly on a bike ride with a two-year old in tow.
Ten years ago this afternoon, I was probably wandering around aimlessly. Twenty years ago this afternoon, I was probably out on a bike ride. Thirty years ago this afternoon, I was only two years old. What on earth will I be doing ten years from now? Any ideas?


Today's lesson from the professionals: Dr Kelly's immediate line manager, Dr Bryan Wells [at the MoD]...Mr Dingemans [QC] asked Dr Kelly [sic - he means Dr Wells] if he had questioned Mr Hatfield [head of personnel at the MoD] as to why a second interview was taking place. Dr Wells replied: "I just acted. I needed to be cautious about what I said on a mobile line." Here endeth the lesson.
the blog twinning project
"Here's a question: how many bolts are used to hold one of those balcony rails to the building wall?":
Eigenradio plays only the most important frequencies, only the beats with the highest entropy. If you took a bunch of music and asked it, "Music, what are you, really?" you'd hear Eigenradio singing back at you. When you're tuned in to Eigenradio, you always know that you're hearing the latest, rawest, most statistically separable thing you can possibly put in your ear. It's utterly fascinating. I would love to hear a high resolution (128k), stereo stream of it. Who gets the royalties?
My copy of "Quantum" arrived in the post yesterday. I have not heard it yet. Someone is responsible.
Bought yesterday....
Listen, and tell me what it is like (I can't behind the firewall).

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Love the hot summer in Denmark
n.b. It annoys me when people post responses like the one I just did to links, but on my third attempt at reading it I am still stumped. Can anyone make a precis of it for me? Incidentally, being really picky, is it just that the text is too big to comfortably read in a narrow column like that?
Incredible. Really. Not to be ignored... I have to say I tried reading that and couldn't fathom a thing from it. I did try, honestly.
"He who kills a tyrant (i.e. an usurper) to free his country is praised and rewarded" (St. Thomas Aquinas, In 2 Sentences, 44.2.2).

"He who kills a tyrant to 'free' a country some thousands of miles away from his own will be praised by a public who fail to understand their 'representatives'' actions and rewarded with a more lucrative and more easily governed oil profit margin." (Anon.)

Incredible. Really. Not to be ignored...

A recent consideration of a friend of mine, who believes the United Kingdom to be on the brink of a civil war... (Specifically, the section concerning the words of St. Thomas Aquinas)

Investigations conducted by the network on the earlier, successful hack attempt revealed that an unknown person had posed as an AJN employee and approached the US-based firm which was hosting the website. The individual had claimed that he wanted to carry out some technical work on the site and demanded the personal identification number (PIN) of the portal. "Officials at the company asked him for the AJN website password and this person claimed that he had misplaced it. For some reasons, they allowed him to access the server and he hijacked our domain," Abdulaziz added. here
I just love the meaty, massive chunks of sound that these two get out of their guitars and they spin them round so delicately, there's so much grace in 'moving' the fragments so slowly and countered by flowing bluesy licks - no wonder I keep returning to it. Very cooling - soothing on a hot day (failing to get gnome installed)