Saturday, June 30, 2001

thanks captain, found it ........... astonishing wheels within wheels ............ ............. i suggest we all band together, make a low-budget thriller, self- financed, and take the movie world by storm, creating a sort of success via adversity true story that could then be made into a sequel that'd dive, wiping out all profits and associated guilt ............. i have �5.43 to throw into the pot ........
Sky Analogue...did anyone ever get to use Season/Benedex/Whatever? And for you users of Sky Digital, do you notice that every so often, your box dials up the telephone and sends something? I don't know why no one has grabbed the data that is sent out and analysed it, but Im sure that Sky must be harvesting the viewing habbits of every Sky Digital user. Think about it; you pay Sky to watch TV, Sky sells your viewing habbits to whoever can pay, Sky makes you pay for movies and Sky makes you watch adverts as well. Now THAT is a business! It would be great to get a crack for Sky Digital; then everybody can watch all the encrypted Asian channels; they rule. And even if you dont move your dish, you can still watch all of the German TV channels; they have the most filthy, far out, and WiErD programmes that I have ever seen on TV. One of the best is the David Letterman clone, that is a 100% copy Daves show, including the set, the titles the band, everything. Believe it or not, Irdial-Discs was on one of the regularly scheduled sex "documentary" shows which was doing a piece on Telephone Cards. This was along with an artist who used piss mixed with powderd colors as medium of choice. Gotta get my compass out.... CocaKarma has gone from 300 visitors a day to 600 per hour.
Very groovy - all you euro people with Sky ANALOGUE gear (mostly getting old now), breathe new life into it with this guide for accessing the other 11 (i think) satellites out there over europe! Polish TV, here we come!
I could only get the cocacarma page via a google search, then the cached option. There is a printed .DOC file available though.

Thursday, June 28, 2001 where's it gone ? .................... page inaccessible !

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

ergot poisoning. i want to have it. cocakarma=goodkarma. "powerpill" pacsaver
what's up with the blinks @ the mo? or am i just banned from blinkage? not only a theremin for palm os, but it also doubles a midi controller! wicked. now i just need to build the midi interface and buy a usb > midi converter and i have my very own midi workstation. err.. yeah and i can use it with Image/ine and nato hey in the news blog for about the spell checker he put "spelled", when surely it would be "spelt"? that coca karma thing is quite frightening... Http:// sygt - sorry, in Danish. - login + check it out
Oi, no problem, ID. I read the cocakarma story & it scares the shit outta me. Trying to get this around as much as I can. If you haven't read it, do so. It's a fucking great read. I know the cool users here will like this kind of thing for sure. I loved it. It's really long, but worth it. Shocking.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Iridial, I look forward to that programme!! I too was pissed off when I found out tcsh was the default shell. NO ONE uses that. It's bash, baby. I have 2.05 installed, I think. It rox my sox. And no, I haven't been around much, to my chagrin. Being a member of several bbses really sucks in that I can't post to all of them as much as I'd like to. :(
continuing the jesus talk.. look at this. scary... i want to be evil like that.
like I said "momentum"; someone just emailed me this:
I had another, longer go on OSX last weekend, and twigged that OSX comes with tsch as the default shell! Why oh why would they DO THAT??! Thankfully you can get bash for darwin easily....learning another shell is just not in my plan at the moment. Have you seen the new spellchecker that Blogger has? How cool is that??! Mikkel; Thanks a Million for that heads up; we are in discussions about making a programme for The Discovery Channel about Numbers Stations....we call it "momentum"...
Cool, The Register mentions The Conet Project in this article... =D
Just got my Irdial MP3 set today, and they never franked the stamps! Gruveh.

Monday, June 25, 2001

possibly THE funkiest train website to date. The DDS section is particularly bizzzzarre, but there are some nice bits about Mac unices as well, inc. OSX

Saturday, June 23, 2001

the cia blocks pings. 13-16 are at&t hops, no? nmap -sN -p "1-100" -P0 -v -v anyone have the cojones to run that?? hey, let's hear it for the ramones. a, props still for yes ufo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just listening to it again. and curious, lee purkis? where is he?

Friday, June 22, 2001

=== VisualRoute report  on 22-Jun-01 6:50:23 PM ===

Report for []

Analysis: Connections to HTTP port 80 on host '' are working, but ICMP packets are being blocked past network "UUNET 
Technologies, Inc." at hop 16. It is a HTTP server (running Netscape-Enterprise/4.1). 

| Hop | % Loss | IP Address     | Node Name                       | Location               | Timezone | ms  | Graph      | Network                                      |
| 5   |        |  |  | ?(Norway)              |   +1.0   | 168 |  x--       | Telenor AS                                   |
| 6   | 10     | | -                               | ?(Netherlands)         |   +1.0   | 187 |  x-        | European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC |
| 7   |        | | -                               | ?(Netherlands)         |   +1.0   | 357 |   -x-      | European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC |
| 8   | 10     |  |  | ?(Norway)              |   +1.0   | 273 |   x-       | Telenor AS                                   |
| 9   |        |  | | ?(Norway)              |   +1.0   | 283 |   x-       | Telenor AS                                   |
| 10  |        |  | Pos4-0.GW8.NYC4.ALTER.NET       | New York, NY, USA      |   -5.0   | 326 |   -x-      | UUNET Technologies, Inc.                     |
| 11  |        | | 172.ATM2-0.XR1.NYC4.ALTER.NET   | New York, NY, USA      |   -5.0   | 309 |   x--      | UUNET PIPEX                                  |
| 12  |        | | -                               | ...                    |          | 303 |   x--      | UUNET PIPEX                                  |
| 13  |        |   | | Washington, DC, USA    |   -5.0   | 305 |   x--      | UUNET Technologies, Inc.                     |
| 14  |        |   | | Tysons Corner, VA, USA |   -5.0   | 438 |   --x-     | UUNET Technologies, Inc.                     |
| 15  |        |  | 193.ATM7-0.GW6.RDU1.ALTER.NET   | Raleigh, NC, USA       |   -5.0   | 348 |   -x-      | UUNET Technologies, Inc.                     |
| 16  |        | |    | -                      |          | 464 |   --x----- | UUNET Technologies, Inc.                     |
| ... |        |                |                                 |                        |          |     |            |                                              |
| ?   |        | |                     | ?Washington, DC 20505  |          |     |            | Central Intelligence Agency                  |
VisualRoute Report for produced at 6:50 PM on June 22, 2001. is not accepting ICMP packets. Roundtrip time to average = 464ms min = 321ms max = 965ms

Thursday, June 21, 2001

jesus is lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's fucking right, HE is king. king of the meek, king of the poor and downtrodden. king of rock and roll. you best get your shit straight before the horsemen ride. or else this linear one time ride were on will end in your eternal suffering. serpents ripping your flesh in a pit of superduper hot lava. and NO, you won't ever get used to the pain. it'll just get worse. like watching episodes of family feud FOREVER!!! catholics rule and protestants drool!!!!
oh yeah and talking of christian hotline servers, i went to one and with every file you got there was a text file with some scripture or sermon on it. crazy evangelism.
hey, sorry.. i didn't mean to accuse you of anything.. i guess it just all came out wrong... i couldn't articulate what i wanted to say, and maybe i shouldn't hav said it at all... maybe it is american... my mum is english and goes to an english church, but it's probably quite american, they give out pamphlets about halloween and stuff to the kids at the church which are totally american... and they look down on pokemon cos kadabra has a pentagram on his head! so my little 9 year old brother isn't allowed to play pokemon. but he is allowed a mobile phone? fucked up.
I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I'm not putting anyone down, I found it to be an interesting look inside the mind of this particular breed of belivers. I found it amusing that anyone would take that standpoint despite everything. I don't think I have ever heard excatly that argumentation before � must be an American thing. Found it on a fun Christianity server on Hotline by the way. It had the strangest login agreement I've ever seen.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

ha ha.. oh dear. unfortunately, my mother believes this too. not that i wish to mock my mother, nor for you to, but as a christian it is something she has to believe. maybe has to is too strong. i don't know. but then perhaps carbon dating seems as absurd to christians as that little story below sounds to us. (that sounds wrong. as if all christians are backward and deeply supersuperstitious...) hmm... this is hard to explain... carbon dating can only do a few years anyway, and i guss there are many other ways of dating things.. oh i don't know... anyway, i just don't believe in mocking people's beliefs, ot that i am accusing you of that... you are accusing that precocious little brat of probably being bribed by father to write that quite amusing little treatise...
Thanks Mr. Tea, I concur. Wonderfull stuff. On a different note � I had to share this... DID DINOSAURS REALLY EXIST MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO? By KWW, age 8 Howdy! In this article, I am going to answer the question 'Did dinosaurs really exist millions of years ago?'. The answer to this question is simple. No, dinosaurs didn't existed millions of years ago. Why? Because according to the Bible, the Earth is only 6,000 years old! Isn't it funny? These scientists find these bones, and they say that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago! How can dinosaurs have existed millions of years ago if the Earth is only 6,000 years old? Here is a part of a time line taken from my daddy's article 'The Earth Is Under 7,000 Years Old'. As you can see by this example, we can begin to find the real age of the Earth by simply adding up the ages of the fathers when they had their sons: WHO AND WHAT: BIBLE: EARTH AGE: Earth, Sun, stars, Adam and Gen 1:1-2:25 6 days Eve and all life created in Exo 20:11 only six days. 31:17 Joh 11:9 Adam has Seth at 130 and Gen 5:3-5 130 yrs dies at 930 years old. Seth has Enos at 105 and 5:6-8 235 dies at 912 years old. Enos has Cainan at 90 and 5:9-11 325 dies at 905 years old. Cainan has Mahalaleel at 70 5:12-14 395 and dies at 910 years old Mahalaleel has Jared at 65 5:15-17 460 and dies at 895 years old. Jared has Enoch at 162 and 5:18-20 622 dies at 962 years old. Enoch has Methuselah at 65 5:21-24 687 and walks with God at 365 years old. Methuselah has Lamech at 187 5:25-27 874 and dies at 969 years old. Lamech has Noah at 182 and 5:28-31 1056 dies at 777 years old. Noah has three sons, Shem, 5:32 Ham and Japheth at 500 and 9:28-29 dies at 950 years old. 10:21 1558 Shem has Arphaxad at 100 and 11:10-11 1658 dies at 600 years old two years after the Flood. Arphaxad has Salah at 35 and 11:12-13 1693 dies at 438 years old. Salah has Eber at 30 and dies 11:14-15 1723 at 433 years old. Eber has Peleg at 34 and dies 11:16-17 1757 at 464 years old. Peleg has Reu at 30 and dies 11:18-19 1787 at 239 years old. Reu has Serug at 32 and dies 11:20-21 1819 at 239 years old. Serug has Nahor at 30 and 11:22-23 1849 dies at 230 years old. Nahor has Terah at 29 and 11:24-25 1878 dies at 148 years old. Terah has Abram at 130 and 11:26-32 dies at 205 years old. Act 7:4 2008 Abram has Ishamel by Sarah's Gen 16:16 2094 handmaid, Hagar, at 86 years old. Abraham has Isaac at 100 Gen 21:1-5 and dies at 175 years old. 25:7-8 2108 Isaac has Jacob and Esau at 25:21-26 2168 the age of 60 years old. Isaac dies at the age of 180. 35:28-29 2288 Jacob goes to Egypt with his 47:7-11 2298 family at 130 years old. Jacob stays in Egypt 17 years 47:28 2325 and dies there at 147 years old. NOTE: If you want to understand this chart better, please read my father's article called 'The Earth Is Under 7,000 Years Old!'. Do you see what I mean when I say that dinosaurs didn't exist millions of years ago? If you add up all those years, what number do you get? You get the number 2,325 at the time that Jacob died. My daddy tells me that if you add up the rest of the years up to now, in other words, to 1998, you get about the number 6,000. Of course, one million is a bigger number than 6,000; so if the scientists say that the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, or longer, and the Earth is really only about 6,000 years old, ask them for real proof. Of course, they won't have any real proof! They are just making things up! Let's talk about something else. Noah was the man who built the Ark. So when Noah was finished building the Ark, including the tar, he brought into the Ark ALL of the land animals. That means ALL of the animals that lived on the land and breathed air. If a giraffe with such a long neck could fit, then I guess that something bigger could fit too. If we have giraffes today because Noah put them on the Ark, then why don't dinosaurs exist today too? Could it be that dinosaurs didn't exist then, and so they weren't put on the Ark? What do you think? I hope that you accept this little bit of truth from God's Word. I am now bringing this article to a close. I hope you have enjoyed this article. So long folks! See you next time! May God bless you and keep you! Your Friend In Jesus, KWW hotline:// End Of File ---------------- "Of course, they won't have any real proof! They are just making things up!"
wow :) hardly...
i feel sick. ok i have been reading about mary bell which fuelled my morbid curiosity... i feel kind of ill about it all, but at the same time i am strangely attracted to her. or the idea of this "evil" little girl. but it makes me feel physically sick and retch reading it. it's like my addiction to horror... american psycho rates as one of my favourite books although i had to stop reading some bits or read them over again.. it is a well sick book... maybe i shouldn't be telling anyone this... but anyway... yeah, my girlfriend was / is sending me all these child / girl killer links. and she sent me this one ... which is all hyperlinked like everything2 or something. and there is a link to and that is what has made me sick.. i thought it would be a site about incest victims with victim support etc.. but no... well yes, but also it's a fucking porn site?!! how fucked off would you be if you went there in need of help and some fucking twisted sick pervert is making fucking money off of your fucking misery. that is so fucking wrong and sick and i really feel ill now. and angry and just disgusted with these fucked up cunts. sorry. argh./.sfksdj :(
it's a good thing to make money just not at the expense of others. getting money b(u)y cheating isn't a healthy thing, right? glad for your job though and i wish you a lot of success. ps. i'm much more calmed down now. hope that outburst, albeit true, wasn't a bit overblown for this space we share here at blogdial.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Whoo! Kick their ass, John. The fuckers. They deserve a good beating, like all the other money-making scammers out there. Fucking bastards. On a slightly more happy note, I'm making money these days working for a large insurance company yay. Just doing random handy dandy computer work like support & shit. Quite nice pay too. I make roughly 100 dollars a day. So there ;p
i think it was alex tea who said post hard and post often right? well: letter to paypal paypal, due to your fucking bullshit policy of holding money before it is actually charged to me i am dropping my paypal account and will let absolutely everyone i know how you handle your business. i understand that you do this; and DO NOT TRY TO PASS IT OFF AS A POLICY OF MY BANK BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST AS DISTURBED AS I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. put a hold for the amount which i am trying to send. 2. charge, SEPERATE FROM THE HOLD(you fucking assholes!!!) the amount. this results in double the money being held up in my account for 4 to 5 days. and yes, scumbags, i have read this on your site just now but you sure as fuck HIDE IT IN THE FINE PRINT!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO PLAY WITH MONEY THAT IS LEGALLY NOT YOURS. IF I HAD THE TIME I WOULD FUCKING SUE YOU!!!!!! sincerely _______________________________
One more day of high school left. Thank-fucking-GOD.
server=".tagged" government=going down . planet detroit-invasion.
i don't know what's scarier; the frogs or the noises... :) my flamate has a parker fly. you are right, they are quite sexy. oh yeah for 2001 style instruments you should check out maywa denki. have a look around; they're wicked. but to see the instruments click on the fish skeleton on the main page, and then look at item T... there are other musical instruments too... they had an exhibition on as part of the tokyo life season at selfridges... they are cool...

Monday, June 18, 2001

I have just bought one of these. It's pretty darned amazing, but it depresses me that guitar design, with the exception of the Parker Fly, has been so backwards since. Instead of trying to innovate with the six silver strings (where are the laser-beam pickups?) manufacturers have been stuffing 30 and 40 year old designs at us. Heckmondwyke, even the Steinberger is about 18 years old now. Each time I go into my local music store I'm assaulted by TOO MANY brand new instruments which are "classic", not only visually and sonically but conceptually. Be they sparkle-topped P90-equipped guitars looking like the 1950's, or "classic, all-tube" amplifiers, or digital synths designed to sound like "classic analogue" stuff, it's just ANNOYING. How can anyone hope to innovate when they look and sound like Duane Eddy? Duane Eddy looked and sounded like a freakazoid from Mars when he shot on the scene! It's the year TWO THOUSAND AND ONE! Where are the 19 string hologram-harps, the biological-based foxes and rabbits synthesisers, the microwave satellite bass machines? Shoved to the back of the filing cabinet whilst the R&D guys plunder the past yet again... Something must be done! (okay, there are some interesting things out there - Roland's V-Guitar for one...but...) So let me tell you; if you thought the seducer was freaky, wait until you see it's sequel. It's nearly finished and all...
i have eaten. i ate a lot already today. bored of quake. is this good. at least i am working now! will check out the sploits. as for firewall IPNetRouter has one built in, and I am running IPNetSentry, as I said before... they have a very childlike explanation of how it works (wow! just like the changing of the guards!) got another alert today. a telnet on port 23, what i thought would be a DALNet proxy probe, but in fact comes from ( what can we do eh? DoS anyone?

Sunday, June 17, 2001

i wanted to have a go back. but i don't know how.. You need some Sploits You need to get a firewall, for sure. Its a jungle out there. Aparently, it only takes 15 minutes for a new server to get scanned as soon as its put on the net. As for .htaccess, have you tried Comanche? also, there is a java apache configuration tool...cant find the URL :[
leave them fun stuff on ftp 21. that should piss them off. please's good for you.
i have been playing Urban Terror for Quake 3... it is much fun, but as a result i have forgotten to eat... ADSL is fun... as warned by mr irdial someone tried to hack me... i got a "probable port scan" warning message from an IP which ended up as a lineone domain.. i wanted to have a go back. but i don't know how.. i tried WinNuke, to no effect.. I got PortSniffer too, but that just looks for servers, rather than crappy windoze holes that i can exploit... I have also been making custom 404s. But I don't think I configured the .htaccess right, cos it's not working yet/// (it is now.. mac line feeds rathewr than unix!) post hard post often... is completely pathetic. if someone owns a third level domain say and you register the unowned you must get permission from the third level domain owner. now we know dns here right??? there is no fucking conflict here in anyway shape or form. basically they are registering WORD's not DOMAIN NAMESPACES!!!! FUCK THEM THE NAZI FACIST SCUMBAGS!! CIRA.CA GO FUCKING DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2001

yo...yo invasion, wha? this is an invasion. an in...from where? planet detroit...oh.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

nookler combat toe to toe with the rooskies if water gets cold enough it will for all intensive purposes become dry.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Today, I was playing around with the tools in Acrobat 5, and a PDF entitled "a digital video primer" published by Adobe. I found that this file is LOCKED and ENCRYPTED, so that you cannot copy text, cannot extract pictures, cannot add notes or edit the document in any way. Red rag to a bull. From previous experience, I knew that you can print a restricted PDF to file and then distill it into a new PDF, preserving the file intact, but stripping all of the security. I tried this attack first, with Distiller 3, Distiller 4 Distiller 5 and the "Distiller", "PDFwrite" that comes with Ghostscript. All of them failed with the error that the file was encrypted, and that distilling an encrypted .ps file from a secure PDF was "not allowed". The Adobe Distillers go throughout the entire process of Distilling the file, including counting the pages as they are processed. It is only at the end that you get the following warning:
%%[ ProductName: Distiller ]%%
This PostScript file was created from an encrypted PDF file.
Redistilling encrypted PDF is not permitted.
%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%
using PDFwrite, the same thing happened when trying to distill a .ps file created by Acrobat 5 printing to file.; everything was processed as if the PDF was going to be written, and then only at the end you get a similarly formatted error log. I suspect that somewhere there is a cleartext PDF in a /temp directory that could be intercepted...hmmmmm The next possible attack was opening the PDF file in Illustrator 9; it failed, asking for a password to open the file. Opening in Photoshop 6.1 also failed. Printing the file "to file" with a linotronic 330 printer driver produced a .ps file which refused to distill on all distillers with the same security warning. The .ps file could however be opened and viewed in Ghostscript. Saving the file to EPS in Ghostscript produced an EPS that displayed a single blank page in Illustrator 9 and Photoshop 6.1. Opening the original file in GSview the front end for Ghostscript, produced an error, since the file was encrypted; there is a patch that needs to be installed so that you can use GSview/Ghostscript to open encrypted PDFs. The patch worked, and the encrypted file opened. I was then able to export the encrypted file to a PDF. This stripped all of the security from the PDF, allowing full access to the complete contents of the file, and full editing functionality. The stripped file is identical to the original file in every way, save that the encryption has been defeated. No need to brute force passwords, no need to print and re-capture (capturing inside Acrobat Capture was also a disallowed function btw). "Trying to secure bits is like trying to make water not wet". This is true, and it is true of the PDF format. Because it is designed for printing there will always be a point in the document stream where you can capture the raw data, and then reconstruct the exact document, minus the security. This is quite different to the "encrypted channel to speakers / monitor" systems that are being designed now, because PDFs need to be printable to paper, which is always a clear text end product, rendering all attempts to "secure" PDFs moot. Adobe will have to add security into Postscript itself, so that the attacker has to chase the cleartext right down to the laser in the printer. This will make it hard, but not impossible, to intercept cleartext in the printing chain. Amazingly, Governments have released sensitive documents to the public, with postscript rendered black rectangle elements to obscure the names of ther informers / collaborators /spies. Anyone can strip the security from these files, remove the rectangles and read the information. This has already happened. Whats interesting is that Adobe is still putting these options into Acrobat, as if they will be any good at stoping people from editing / viewing hidden elements in PDFs. Its probably enough to stop the ordinary user, but when sensitive or valuable information normally ends up being replicated, its a sure thing that any sensitive info passed around in PDFs will be open to widespread reading thanks to these simple strip attacks. Maybe Adobe can call its new version of Postscript "Postcrypt"!
i wouldn't think that it is static... but then i am staying on for like 17 hours at a time, so it as well be... yeah at the moment we are running through IPNetRouter which is kind of like a proxy I guess... It's basically letting the rest of my house use the modem connected to my computer... Unlike most proxies I've used though (WebDoubler, WinGate, WinProxy, etc) t doesn't let you monitor all the activity passing through, so i can't spy on my flatmate's filthy habits!! Along with IPNetRouter I got IPNetSentry which has a firewall in it, so it should be OK... The software blocks / filters suspicious IPs based on the type of activity and it's all configurable... I quite like it... Freedom looks cool, but it's x86 only, and I am a Mac user.. bwah ha ha... or something.. yeah...
The mantra is, that if you have a static IP and a fat pipe, you need to get your boxen behind a firewall. ummmm let me guess, Effnet IRC? Effnet is a VERY agressive place, so watch out....ive had my machine (windoze) remotely rebootted for me [several times] whilst chatting on IRC.... you might want to pull everythnig through a proxy server, or even better, do it all through Freedom being fast is fun!
hey i just found out the answer to my question... *** Notice -- This server runs an open proxy/wingate detection monitor. *** Notice -- If you see a port 1080 or port 23 connection from *** Notice -- please disregard it, as it is the detector in action. *** Notice -- For more information please see http: // phew...
i have a mac. i use IPNetMonitor... and IPNetRouter and IPNetSentry... but i have been getting securiy alerts recently... from an IP address which I have resolved as which is an IRC server... basically the alert says they are trying to telnet on port 23 and it adds a filter to block them.. my flat mate was messing around with IRC the other day and he doesn't know what it is so i guess it's his fault! hahahaha! no, not really,but i was wondering what kind of threat this could be to my system... I guess they're just trying to get at my files... how can i find out who is though? give them a taste of their own medicine?!
tcp/ip sucks eggs!!!!!!!!!!! (for fun with tcp/ip go and get a scanner. but don't do a bank or the police et al. Know the Facts. 1.Rabbits are not "low-maintenance" pets, and are a poor choice as a pet for children. 2.They have a lifespan of 10 years and require as much work as a dog or cat. 3.Your home must be bunny-proofed, or Thumper will chew electrical cords and furniture. SPARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4. Rabbits must be spayed or neutered or they will mark your house with feces/poopie and urine. 5. They should live indoors, as members of the family. To consign these sensitive, intelligent, social animals to life in a hutch is to miss the joy of sharing your life with a rabbit. yeah, sucka. Clearly, rabbits aren't for everyone.

Monday, June 11, 2001 do you think we could save the world with tcp/ip. the most exciting thing i've done with tcp/ip is a trace route...
Oh dear

Saturday, June 09, 2001

Just for a short while - a tribute to G4/G7. Download (100k), unzip, play in Winamp/X11amp/Modplug (search on google for the latter if you want it).
Mr. Burke, congrats!! I hope you enjoy yourself in our wonderful land. Hey, I can post again! Go me. I turned 18th on the 31st. Whee! Uhm... I'm slowly going insane due to small town isolation and no way to vent completely, I made a static-machine out of an old radio, I got a sweet CD called "Caacrinolas-One Thousand Cries Has The Night." Think experimental black metal. It's pretty fucking weird. uhmm... ... err. Yeah, my life is boring. Don't have much else to say. *thinks* Nope.

Friday, June 08, 2001

personal material used to be here
2nd miles quintet-mmmmm tadd dameron(every goddamned thing he wrote!) and or dave clarke...your choice(s).

Thursday, June 07, 2001

Scritti Politti are just one of the most amazing bands ever...and I quote; When a man (when a man) loves a woman (loves a woman) He is happy, maybe Gets his orders from chaos Some say nothing will change oh nothing will change Baby, well you know that it's (ooh) True like the Tractatus (Tractatus) Oh, knows it's harder than the rest So exciting, so divine Divine, yeah The trail has gone cold on them again though...anyway I'm totally f**ked after just having got back from a holiday in Cyprus - HOT HOT HOT, but I didn't take a radio to listen to E3 in case anyone wonders...
we all have it we all know how it feels to cry in the night-experience fears-die a thousand times but for what?
You got that right, alex. I tried downloading PGP once, though, the big version with 128bit encryption. Impossible. I think it checked my IP to see I wasn't an american. Bah. I got it off hotline anyway. ;p You lucky bastard, I won't get ADSL till a week or so. But when I do, it's time for dry-leeching the goddamn internet! :D
'but green party are hippies'- try going camping once in a while. maybe if he/she looks good things will BE good too.
*It's OK to eat the apple.*

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

oh, that's what i thought. but how can you restrict a software download? that just seems silly... oh no it says i can't download, oh well. that's like those porn page enter / leave dialogues. like any randy teenager is going to pay attention to that!
Those restrictions are because America have export limits to those countries. And that includes software. Silly Hmm. It's been a while since I've been here. Just been rolling around on random webpages. Yeah. My Irdial Discs e2 node got upvoted a few times - Neat! =)

And I was in Irdial-List again, yay!

wow... new iMacs? like this? very nice. i got adsl this morning. even better.

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

Monday, June 04, 2001

i was downloading eudora for me new palm pilot, when i noticed this on the bottom of the page! You are prohibited from downloading the installers on this page if you are located in Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria. weird... why is that? american sanctions against all these nations? iraq i understand. i know about cuba. and i know there's tension in afghanistan, libya and syria, but what's up with korea and the sudan? why is america so crap? why is britain the same? why can't i think who to vote for!? definately not mr hague. but green party are hippies, with some good ideas, but i don't agree with them all... the lib dems just don't front enough, they cower... labour are boring.. they wont do anything, they just cover the middle ground... there is an independant labour candiate standing in my constituency, but he look like jaws from james bond! argh.. maybe i'll vote for him... also, does anyone know any good apps / hacks for palm os??!
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