Saturday, August 31, 2002

that is dope!! does anyone know of good auto backup to cd software. really need to find a good one. thanks!!
"Bubble chambers have played an important role in experimental particle physics, yielding images that can be beautiful as well as informative. This image shows the interactions of a beam of particles in the first of many bubble chambers at CERN, Europe's centre for research in particle physics, near Geneva. The chamber, only 30 cm in diameter, was filled with liquid hydrogen - the simplest "target" material, as the nucleus of a hydrogen atom consists of a single proton. Here, the particles in the beam, which comes in from the left, are pions, the short-lived particles discovered originally in cosmic rays. One has interacted with a proton in the liquid near the upper left, to create a spray of new particles. One of these was a neutral (uncharged) particle, which left no track, but revealed its existence when it decayed nearer the centre of the image, to produce two charged particles that leave behind a sideways V shape. The chamber was located in a magnetic field, which made positive particles curve to the right, and negative particles to the left. Particles with high energies, including the beam particles, curve almost imperceptibly, but particles with lower energies produce fascinating spirals. These are mainly due to electrons knocked from atoms in the liquid hydrogen. From their invention by Donald Glaser in 1952, bubble chambers featured in many experiments through to the 1980s.Glaser was rewarded with the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1960 for his invention."
WARNING: Written while very tired, may not be comprehensible. I have come to the conclusion tonight that the single-threaded, shared blog (such as this one) is a vastly superior method of community communication compared to the multi-thread bulletin board system, which I believe is only useful in such situations as a technical assistance centre. These conclusions have come to me after many experiences of dealing with BBS's and their collapse. one. BLOGDIAL is a community that has a very slow growth. The small amount of posters is ideal because it keeps the amount of information each poster must read at a low level. This keeps things from getting confusing. If there is too much information, users get swamped and bored and will eventually leave. two. The single stream of information, even though it can be splintered into a few seperate arguments and random thoughts, is a much more sane method of information distribution. With a threaded bulletin board system, a user must, to remain a fully-interested part of the community, keep tabs on many different conversations that are going on at once about many different topics. As stated in point one, eventually a user will be bored with this and leave the community, fracturing it. three. I have observed that a BBS must have a steady influx of new users to maintain its activity. A private BBS with only a few users is too big a playing field, and eventually becomes nothing more than silence. New posters are almost constantly "hazed in," which breeds a community with a negative, jaded, and inherently close-minded view, no matter how open-minded the board purports to be. The "oldbies" of the board become dictatorial and stubborn in nature, and are a deficit to the community they formed and eventually seal its destruction. A single threaded shared blog has so far proved to be very slow growing, and accepting of any new member that happens to wander along. New members only arrive here because of something very specific they are interested is, and that is the community of political thinkers and irdial-discs and silly people like me. four. The shared blog operates on a stream-of-consciousness mindset. The BBS must operate on a VERY rigid topic-and-reply system, which is suffer to topic drift, which results in gigantic topics in which users become lost. The blog allows users to introduce an idea, and other users may or may not follow up. The original idea's conversation will morph and mutate, spawning new ideas, with no structure to bother them. The topic-reply system is also geared around, I have found, two-sided conversation. This creates unconstructive and angry arguments, which is disruptive to the community. The single stream of the shared blog does not seem to promote negative arguments, only a positive flow of ideas and opinions that are not bound by a topic structure. There is no topic to BLOGDIAL, other than post often, and post HARD. Anyone want to make any additions to this?
e|nic can bite me!! verisign are overpriced whoha chumps who deserved to be backslapped like the streetwalkin hoes they are. he who makes the rules has the money to make the rules(or something like that). knobs.
godspeed you! black emperor links major record labels with major weapons manufacture. Very interesting. I could make one of these charts a million times more complicated. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN.
MOTHERFUCKER = REDEEMER godspeed you! black emperor yanqui u.x.o. cst024 2xLP/CD release dates: europe nov 04, 2002 n. america nov 11, 2002 u.x.o. is unexploded ordnance is landmines is cluster bombs. yanqui is post-colonial imperialism is international police state is multinational corporate oligarchy. godspeed you! black emperor is complicit is guilty is resisting. the new album is just music. recorded by steve albini at electrical audio in chicago. mixed by howard bilerman and godspeed you! black emperor at the hotel2tango in montreal. available on single compact disc and double phonograph record. stubborn tiny lights vs. clustering darkness forever ok?

Thursday, August 29, 2002

oh Mikkel. my arms reach around the world to you.
People are few Leaves also fall Now and then (Issa) Mikkel, without death there is no life. All is love. Peace.
Mikkel, my condolences also. Take solice in that you were all there with her and the tremendous amount of love all your family have for her. My thoughts are with you.
Dear Mikkel! I'm sorry to read about your grandmother. I hope the best for you and your family. Loosing loved ones is always hard and a matter of time... Take care
I dont know if it would help, but then again, why not give it a try?
blessings mikkel. all our love to you. your family sounds wonderful and strong to carry forward. love.
Really sorry to hear about your grandma, Mikkel. It's always hard when a loved one dies.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Grandma passed away today, six minutes to eight in the evening. When I got home from work, I saw a note on the kitchentable and went over there immediately. Almost everyone was there. Their children, the children and spouses of those. Her breath sounded like boiling water, I have never heard a worse sound in my life. Abbe started crying, a thing I have never seen him do in my life, not even up to this. Shortly after, she took her last breath, as if she was waiting for that. Almost symbolic how the churchbells started chiming as the realization hit us.
Ada Agnete Joensen (n�e Andersen)
March 14, 1914 - August 28, 2002

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

the future is over
Chronique Davrotz - I been going through and digitising my old reel to reel tapes recently. I'm glad that as a nipper I got into bulky old reel to reel tape decks, since (when the tapes are good) I now have access to some incredibly good quality recordings of me aged 13 talking about poo and so on and doing really bad 'Young Ones' impersonations, random snippets of television and the top 40 and SW radio (no numbers alas) and lots of strange blips and clunks from the actual recording process. Of value really to absolutely no one but me but they sound great with a dash of reverb! My tapes have been in a box since about 1992 when my last open reel deck died, and though I found another one in a skip in '99 I haven't got around to listening to them until recently. I've had to add a new head to the deck and fix it with blu tack, as the fixed heads are half-track (pretty amazing find really) but all my tapes are a mixture of mono and 4 track and everything plays at once unless a head is correctly aligned. What makes matters worse/more interesting is that back in 1982 I got my first decks, an old valve 4 track one and later a tranny 2 track one. I made loads of tapes on those with my mates and so on and then kicked the habit in about '86 in favour of guitars. Then in 1989 I got a wicked old Sony stereo deck, with speakers built into the covers, that you could record 2 track overdubs with, and I used that for a good few years and totally customised it until it died, and unfortunately in the process I "recycled" a lot of the early 80's tapes. This didn't seem a problem at the time but alas now of course I wish I hadn't, especially since the late 80's recordings consist of vast amounts of widdly guitar and synth experiments. Now you would think all would be lost, but oddly there are whole swathes of tape where I might only have recorded on one track, or the heads were out of alignment or something, and by "searching" up and down the path of the tape with the head I've been unearthing these "lost" magnetic strata, complete with fading and print through and all sorts of other sonic patina. It's quite a trip I can tell you. "Searching" with the head produces filter-esque sweeps as you track across the bands of oxide, and old edits, twists and snags on the original tapes that were a problem then now give the audio all sorts of soft textures that VST plugins have yet to achieve, and adding into that there are the jumps in tape speed between 7.5 and 3.75 ips and the really slow one, and the "other side" of the tape going backwards, and the motors getting up to speed and slowing down. There's even some very freaky stuff that only exists on one side of the tape in reverse... And all the while the subject matter is me, or what I was doing. It's like scrying for voices from the past. I'm currently using an old mono 1/4" tape head in place of the half track one, but I think I may experiment with a cassette head to really get down to the fine lines of oxide and see if there's anything there. Got some nice sheep and countryside sounds yesterday too on the old MiniDisc. The archive continues. The skin may stretch but the body remains the same...
that sounds... fun, John. Good uh, luck with that. Chronique Sonore: if not for the fact that I was too lazy to buy new minicassettes, I would have been doing the exact same thing all this year. Odd that.
yo! arrrgh. just sitting at work, still, and waiting for a outage so i can get some hardening done. i have to do 5 boxes via dameware uping the service pack and smtp strings et al. someone please come and rescue me!!!!!! please....12c57n9c5u8[-3 q4ty63q61 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 26, 2002

Chronique Sonore Ever since the early eighties, like many, I have a regular companion: a Sony walkman. (It was a stereo one, at first. But already for many years, I use a much cheaper mono machine, which in fact is only suitable for use with the 'normal type' cassette-tapes.) Unlike most, however, I never ever use my walkman to listen to music. I use it to record. Whichever sounds for whatever reason wherever suddenly make me listen. I have a little booklet (on the cover of which, long ago, I wrote the silly Dutch word 'Snapschoten' - kind of a 'dutchification' of 'snapshots', of course) in which I note date, place and time of each recorded fragment. In the course of the years this gave rise to an extensive collection of 'lo-fi' recorded real life sound-samples.
Robot Teaches Itself Flying Skills in Three Hours

Saturday, August 24, 2002
Microsoft warns about security holes again? what a surprise! time to switch? re: 2 summers ago. i'm not sure if it's true as a quick search on didn't come up with anything, but i heard of a mob forcing a pediatrician out of her home because the illiterate news of the world reading scum didn't know the difference between helping children and sexually abusing childern. very very sad. i'm off to singapore on monday for 3 weeks! lucky me. sorry i haven't been saying much. i have been ultra busy, but it should all pay off in the end...
Death is the saddest thing in the world, because life is the most beautiful. I find myself reading the obituaries again today. As if I wouldn't know when. I'm not sure why I'm writing this. Maybe because I'm sad. Yeah, that's it. I don't feel sad, but I realize that I am. My father said it after dinner yesterday, and I realized how much I missed her. I never thought about it that way, but it makes sense. My grandmother hasn't been conscious since september last year. Before that, she was just absent, but the last year, she hasn't even recognized her own daugher (my mother). Last week, we think she had an embolism. I've visited her every other day since, even though she doesn't care - abbe does (abbe is faeroian for grandfather). I think he is coming to terms with it. They married in the thirties. I can't even think that far back, it doesn't make sense... Living that long with another person and then losing them. I can't think about that. On the one hand, I wish for her to live forever, but I know that's not going to happen. On the other, I see abbe in pain and wish it would all just end right now. He misses her so much already. Today, he held her hand for 2 hours and she didn't show any signs of recognition. I feel terrible. I hope abbe does alright, I really do. I love him, I love her. He told the same old story today, the story where I run towards him in huge boots, reaching above my knees. Red ones. Even though I'm a foot higher than him now, he still remembers how I ran in those boots, falling. Mormor used to tell stories like that. I wish she still did. Mom & dad have sort of accepted it, I think. They don't say it, but I get the impression they're waiting, now. I miss her.
HOLY SHIT I'M TIRED what a week at work. Not much different than usual, but holy shit. TIRED. Up: school starts on the 4th! Hooray! I'm in all the classes I want, too. How awesome is that? My boss at work asked me to quit going to school and become a bindery operator there. "You'd make some money." Yeah, I'd also go INSANE. Most people don't understand that I don't really care about money... I just wanna be happy. Blah! School! soon! GO! Anyone else here going to school?

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I am going totry my damnedest to be part of this on saturday night. All City bicyclists are invited to rage with us, the New York City Bicycle Messenger Community, in an all night bike ride from the Bronx to Coney Island. You and your gang (5-9 max) wearing your colors, must ride from checkpoint to checkpoint. Focus on teamwork more than speed! Judging will be based on attitude, completion of tasks, costume presentation, teamwork, and course execution. Local freaks have donated a Thousand Dollar prize for the gang with the best costume! Outlaw Gang Racing: Nine soldiers max per gang. Make sure and wear your colors! All soldiers must stay together, but not all soldiers will finish. Who will get "busted"? Who will get "iced"? Random Competitions will eliminate some of your gang. Trivia contests, mud wrestling and scavenger hunts will all be a part of it. Multiple parties in NYC and Brooklyn will be mandatory stops throughout the night. Watch the movie for valuable clues and hints to routes and parties. Memorize the gangs! They could be your friends or enemies. Watch out for The Rogues, a renegade crew whose only mission is to fuck with the other gangs, slowing them down and messing with their heads. Get eliminated from your gang and you join The Rogues! The Start of the Race will be sundown in the Bronx at Claremont Park. Finish will be at Coney Island in Brooklyn at Dawn. You will be taking the train at some point during the night. There will be rest (party) periods during the night. Pay attention to the movie! Prizes and after-party TBA.
Innocent until proven guilty... At this rate it will be just like a couple of years ago, with anyone vaguely weird/no-social being threatened by a lynch mob outside their own home. Summer of 2000... And you thought Brasseye was funny! Portsmouth, August 4 A 53-year-old man's house was bombarded with rocks after he was named as a convicted abuser of more than 140 children. His empty flat was surrounded by 150 people, a car was set alight and a policeman injured Croydon, south London, August 3 Victor Terry, 78, received a copy of a letter sent out by Antimatter, a group that claims to champion the rights of parents, which incorrectly identified him as a sex offender. A man of the same name, but 30 years younger, had appeared in the News of the World Lewisham, south-east London, August 2 Fifty-five-year-old Michael Horgan was the subject of 500 leaflets sent to neighbours that wrongly claimed he was a sex offender Billingham, Cleveland, July 31 Two men were forced to go to the media to tell them they were no relation of a man named in the News of the World. An innocent man with the same surname had been attacked by vigilantes earlier Plymouth, July 28 A family of five was forced to leave their home after a 60-strong vigilante group descended on them, mistakenly believing the father was a paedophile Bristol, July 27 A 44-year-old disabled man's home was firebombed by vigilantes who accused him of being a sex offender. He has since gone into hiding and police are treating the attack as arson Manchester, July 25 A man wearing a neck brace was mistaken for a paedophile and confronted by 300 angry people. He later backed the News of the World's campaign Cumnock, east Ayrshire, July 23 On the same day as the News of the World began its campaign, an innocent man had his house vandalised by a group who believed he was a sex offender ............
What audio editing software does everyone use? I use acoustica, which is okay. Anyone recommend anything for removing tape hiss?
At the Islamic Bazar
I think the basketball Jesus is evil. It's like he's taunting the kids by holding the ball up too high. "And you can't knock me down, 'cuz I'm the son of God!"
Jesus sports statues!

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

riaa ban: that is so so sweet i can hardly stand it!!
Wise words from Ann: "Now if you can save life by having a death penalty....." Reminds me of Fur-Q on The Day Today..... "You gotta kill people to have respect for people but you can't kill everyone or there be noone left to respect..."
ISP Bans RIAA to Protect Its Customers - Holy. I thought that was some sort of typo first, but apparently, it's true. Goddamn. I hope it sticks and spreads. So I thought, why haven't I done that myself before? A slashdot comment reveals the IP block that RIAA uses: RECORDING INDUSTRY ASSOC OF AMERICA (NETBLK-RECORDIN50-191) 1330 CONNECTICUT AVENUE NW SUITE 300 WASHINGTON, DC 20036 US Netname: RECORDIN50-191 Netblock: - Coordinator: EGAS, JACK (JE332-ARIN) (2027750101) - Record last updated on 11-Aug-2001. Database last updated on 19-Aug-2002 21:20:16 EDT. Good. Now I need to set up my firewall to block this (easy). If you have OS X or another unix-alike with ipfw installed, there's a tutorial here: If you just want the quick and dirty, do this: sudo ipfw add 1 reject ip from to any Note that this is not a sure fire solution. It does not block someone from sony, and it does not block the guy at RIAA who bought a connection. We need to block more IPs. :)
Never one for a knee-jerk reaction, Anne Widdecombe speaks....and is spoken to... Some common sense....

Monday, August 19, 2002

Music Cos. Target Chinese Web Site this is where that free music site pointed to before it went down: MP3 MediaWorld
"Blocking access at the backbone level should be a last recourse, Cohn said. She said the music industry has ample resources to pursue any copyright violators directly, in Chinese courts if necessary, and should not turn to backbone providers as their private security force." Music Cos. Target Chinese Web Site
I have just installed Linux (RedHat 7.3). This is the first time I've installed (any version of) Linux and it went with no problems! The next few days will be a bit of a learning curve that I'm looking forward to! Davros, the 'SaveKaryn/DontSaveKaryn thing is hilarious. I first heard about her site through Plastic. Some of her comments in her 'daily buck' about how she saves money are just laughable. Someone on plastic commented that if thats what she considered 'saving' money was then by her standards he had saved $13 billion by not buying an aircraft carrier. In relation to the hip hop video article, did anyone ever see that documentary on Channel 4 called, "Hardcore"? It was about a woman from Essex who went to America to break into the porn industry. Her agent was constantly trying to get her on his 'casting couch' in between taking her to his contacts and finally she was introduced to a filmmaker called Max Hardcore. This guy makes films with lots of anal and he likes to asphyxiate the women as well. Needless to say the experience had the girl on the next plane back to the UK. I see porn to be like TV adverts. It's not real, it's performed by 'actors' with lots camera angles and takes to make it look 'glossy' and I'm left wondering what exactly it is they're selling.
just got in my mail: PGP 8.0 due in November with OS X support PGP Corporation today announced it has received $14 million in venture funing and that it has acquired PGP Desktop and Wireless encryption product lines from Network Associates. The new company will immediately license and support current versions of PGP products to current, lapsed, and new PGP customers. PGP has posted detailed customer transition information on its Website and will immediately accept orders for license renewal and new software purchases as well as upgdrade freeware licenses via special promotional pricing being offered through October of this year. The company also PGP 8.0 which is due to ship in November of this year, which will will include PGP Mail and PGP Disk. It will offer full Mac OS X support, compatibility with PGP disks created on Windows, AES algorithm support, and compatibility with older Mac OS 9 PGP disks. PGP Mail will integrate with Apple's mail application as well as providing support for Microsoft's Entourage. [print | email | 4 comments] btw: learned how to ck my mail via telnet. pretty wikked!
Let it be no secret that I enjoy some porn. But really, the blank look is not attractive. If it doens't at least look like there's passion involved, it's a complete waste of time. I read this thing today, and laughed, then sighed: George W. Bush, by hotthamir.
My fellow Americans, many of you are wondering why we invaded Iraq today. In 1972, I deserted the Texas Air National Guard 18 months before my service time was done. So now the Pentagon can ruin me at any time by simply releasing my Vietnam era file showing I deserve a Court Martial. So now, I have to do whatever they tell me. (1) Look at the bright side, America. My father's corporation, The Carlyle Group, is a bunch of cold war spooks in the business of buying down & out military contractors who mysteriously land big money Pentagon contracts after being acquired by Carlyle.(2) So at least I will personally profit from this unprovoked, unnecessary, expensive invasion. That is why it is important to get rid of the Death Tax. So that I can inherit Dad's war profiteer boodle. But this is not the only benefit this war has to my family. Under Ronald Reagan, the United States secretly gave military assistance to Iraq even though we had fore-knowledge(3) that our ally Saddam Hussain would use Chemical Weapons, which he did. During my father's administration, we continued to arm, fund, and advise our ally Saddam Hussain, right up until the Kuwait invasion. So it is important that we drop many bombs on whatever buildings or bunkers contain documents that incriminate my father. Some of you may ask, what good is it to destroy Iraqi records that incriminate President Reagan and my father, when US Government records are available in our free society, that prove the same thing? Friends, I have already taken care of that. My Executive Order #13233 halted the orderly release of Presidential Papers to historians after the usual 12 years. Instead, my father's records will now be sealed from public scrutiny, forever. As will my records, twelve years from now.(4) As you can see America, there are perfectly simple, clear reason why I have invaded Iraq despite massive public criticism from both Republicans and Democrats everywhere. Now please take a step back so that I can tee off and try out this keen new driver. Fore! (1) (2) (3) _dc_3 (4)
It was a very interessting article on black women (and men) i hiphop videos. With quite a lot of interessting issues made me think that you could write the same about women (and men) in porn: They often have a blank look in their eyes, oddly robotic. And it makes one wonder why people enjoy it (both the porn and the hip-hop music videos) . Is it just the libido reacting? an unconcious mechanism in the brain? How come people in general seems to like all kinds of stuff thats degrading to both ones brain and selfesteem... Is it when the human instincts react, regardless of what culture/civilasation and so on tells us? (pardon my broken english, I really need a dictionary, but do not have one near me)...
Van Halen. Hmmm. Well, I used to like Aztec Cameras version of Jump. I must have been 12 then. Omigod. And, with a strange sense of the confessional, I admit that the song in my head ALL BLOODY WEEKEND has been the bootleg remix of The Strokes/Christine Aguilera 'A Stroke of Genie-us'. AAAARGH! Bought 2 'Music of India' records from 1967, Duets Volumes 1 and 2. Ravi Shankar, Vilayat Khan, Ali Akhbar Khan and other master musicians. Yesterday was an all-day eat-fest and my stomach is still working overtime.

Sunday, August 18, 2002
I went to the record store to get the Tim Hecker album this week, but it was not there (I saw it last week, but didn't pick it up - damn me!). I'll try again later. Instead I picked up Dntel - Life Is Full Of Possibilities. Holy CRAP it's gorgeous and beautiful and simply amazing! Lovely IDM-based songs (yes, I hate that genre label), that couldn't get more sedate if they tried. Like floating on a cloud. Like My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless," but with more clicks and pops and tape noises, and replace the depression with lilting, love-filled happiness. Lots of drones and reverb that's as smooth as butter. SO GOOD. Essential.
Sooner or later you know they are coming. In the video for Sisqo's popular "Thong Song", a large number of them are lined up on a beach. In Nelly's video for "Country Grammar," they are stationed next to expensive cars as they jiggle and gyrate. In Dr. Dre's video "Forgot About Dre" they're dancing on tables. Their dances seem more like simulated sex acts. They often have a blank look in their eyes, oddly robotic. If their hair isn't naturally straight, they wear a wig. Sometimes you can't even see their faces, just a plethora of ripe body parts barely covered with thin clothing. They only appear in groups. There are a countless number of them, and even more waiting to take their places. Few of them ever become famous and even fewer are recognized by name. And worst of all, they have no voice, unless you count the sexual messages they communicate with their bodies. "Chickenheads, hoochies, video ho's, jiggling flesh, everyone's got a name for them. You see them in every video, so you've got to call them something," said Chi Mogbo, a doctoral student in economics. "The names may be degrading but hey, if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck�well." [...]

Saturday, August 17, 2002 rename to .zip unpack rock
Oh and I got Bro Stair in from the Bermuda Triangle show..."WELL I WILL BE SO KIND"...
Gott in Himmel! I must have that record, I must have that record do you hear me? I played my VH mix, "Green Alex" last night at the gig I was djing at. It's made up of all the intro's from the "Fair Warning" album, along with some Scritti Politti samples from the dub mixes of "Cupid and Psyche '85". It was of course lost on all the indie-mindies there but it simply had to be done. I also played the VH versions of "Pretty Woman" and "Dancing in the Streets".
There is no "Go." There is only "Going!" HECKER, TIM My Love Is Rotten To The Core (Substractif) cd 10.98 This is either totally fucking stupid, or absolutely brilliant. Like a lot of records we love, it's really tough to tell sometimes. And we do love this record. The last Hecker record was one of our favorite post-Oval cd-manipulation/glitch record ever. Dense, thick soundscapes made up of damaged, manipulated and chopped up discs. 'My Love...' follows the same modus operandi, only this time all of the source material is Van Halen. That's right, Van Halen. Your first clue was the pen and ink sketch of David Lee Roth on the cd cover, your second clue is the Van Halen-lyric title 'My Love Is Rotten To The Core'. And of course if you know Van Halen, it's easy to pick out the riffs that surface in bits and pieces amidst all the stutter/shuffling/skipping/skittering. The record itself is gorgeous. Super dense, with the VH guitars lending themelves perfectly to being manipulated into thick slabs of SOUND, shifting ever so slightly, changing the ebullient VH party melodies into stretched out minor key dirges. The songs are separated by collages of VH interviews and radio snippets. We're tempted to dismiss this record as a silly gimmick, with all the clever allusions to Van Halen (without ever actually fessing up to stealing all the songs): the between song collages, the song titles and the cover art! It would've been way more intense and effective to just let the music speak for itself (like COH's metal album 'Iron') because the music, in Hecker's hands, becomes a wholly unique and original sound. But maybe Tim Hecker just really loves Van Halen and this is the best way he knows how to show it!! Either way, this is definitely one of the most fun and creative, and fucked glitch/drone/cut-up/plunderphonic records of the year.
tonight, well, i deserve it. it's been too long. way too³ long infact and it's healthy! yes i needst no convincing but hopefully you all, my dearest blogdialian saviors, do not frown upon me. on a shot/yill of "__________" and chillin' at home with serena x(larkin/yennek) playing in the background. celestia in the fore. peace y'all and enjoy this life we share. is there blogdial after 50? 60? beyond? blogdial = reference = rant = inform = deform = unform = reconstitute. do not pass go.

Friday, August 16, 2002
Your post was at 12:03 My post was at 10:13 1203+1013=2216 2+2+1+6=11 1+1=2 2 is prime.
Arsenicum Album 6X for burning pains But I don't want burning pains! Ba-boom.
I am left with a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Take some of these and let us know how you get on.
I am celebrating this weekend as some of my work has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Immunology. This work took around 1 experimaental year and 1 writing/editing/submitting/reviewing/revising/resubmitting year. The paper is entitled 'The Innate Immune Response Differs In Primary and Secondary Salmonella Infection' and will prbably take another two months to appear in print. This is my music. Meanwhile, back in reality. Have you read 'Century'? It is a massive book of photographs documenting major and minor events of the entire 20th century. And it is, in many respects, a Catalogue of Shame. Leading from this, there have been a couple of recent reports on the attempts of the U.S. to clamp down on Terror. The most disturbing was reported on the radio, that 'almost 150 people remain detained... no trials... arrested following tip-offs from neighbours concerned about the suspects behaviour and/or religious tendencies'. (Source: BBC Radio 5, August 15th) And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? Equally indicative of the American Dream is todays reports that billions of dollars in damages are being sought from those thought to have funded Al-Quaeda. One has to ask whether the families of the 10,000 civilian casualties in the Gulf War could do the same, or those celebrating a wedding in Afghanistan only to have a U.S. bomb interrupt proceedings. Or maybe the families of IRA victims will sue American political parties, banks and other associates for quite blatantly fundraising for a terrorist organisation. I am left with a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.
The new town hall from a riverboat on the Thames, yesterday.
The concert was GREAT! That's all I really have to say. Short set, but I didn't mind, since they started at midnight and was tired as hell and had to get up early this morning (ie: I got four hours of sleep). A very tight band in perfect tune with each other. It was like they emanated energy. Very weird, beautiful, and lovely. I hate drunk assholes though. There's always ONE at every concert. Next concert: Bob Dylan!

Thursday, August 15, 2002 By JONATHAN TURLEY, Jonathan Turley is a professor of constitutional law at George Washington University. Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace. Ashcroft's plan, disclosed last week but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants. The proposed camp plan should trigger immediate congressional hearings and reconsideration of Ashcroft's fitness for this important office. Whereas Al Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens, Ashcroft has become a clear and present threat to our liberties. The camp plan was forged at an optimistic time for Ashcroft's small inner circle, which has been carefully watching two test cases to see whether this vision could become a reality. The cases of Jose Padilla and Yaser Esam Hamdi will determine whether U.S. citizens can be held without charges and subject to the arbitrary and unchecked authority of the government. [...]
Building your own PC is easy. You need to pick your motherboard, Buy lots of memory, Buy a hard disc (or two), Buy some drive bays to put them in, Buy a case. Buy a mouse, Buy a keyboard, Buy a monitor, Buy a video card, Buy a sound card, Buy some speakers (I have these; they are out of this world), and you are all set. Assembly is easy; just follow the instructions that came with your motherboard and your case. You need a screwdriver and your brain.
a question: i am having a bit of a hard time getting a mysql db to run on our machines(iis5). i'm looking thru the docs now at danke!
i've decided to put together my own PC but am daunted by such a task. i don't quite know where to begin or what my options are and i wonder whether any of you have any suggestions or websites with suggestions for this project. ideally it should be a linux/windows system with enough power to do some audio/video work. help?
"Terence Ross of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, the news publishers' attorney, even told me that he thinks Internet users who configure their browsers to disable graphics (a common tactic to boost the speed of Web surfing) are committing copyright infringement because they are interfering with Web publishers' exclusive right to control how their pages are displayed." InSaNe!
Imagine... One of these... Crawling... Into your sheets... Whle you are asleep... On vacation.
Mikkel, I share your fear! Earlier I fell asleep with the window open. This is the back of my left thigh.

We were on the island one summer, I must have been about 13, it was late and there were beautiful hummingbirds drinking from the fuschias... then we realized that they had antenae, and all hell broke loose. Serious discussions of mutants and abberations. But they were only hummingbird moths. And look how cute they are! This one has a curly tongue.
Tonight I am going to see an excellent band called The New Pornographers. I'll let your all know how it goes. Josh, that moth is beautiful! As are all the others. I love moths. I have a friend, however, who is TERRIFIED of them. re: "Music slump not caused by piracy" But Pressplay, MusicNet, FullAudio and Rhapsody have not captured the imagination of consumers in the same way as unauthorised sites like Napster and Audiogalaxy did. I really like the way they put this. Imagination. With Napster and Audiogalaxy, ANYONE could put up music. You could put up bootlegs. Your own remixes. Anything. When something is regulated, it limits the ability to be creative. And yes, one can even be creative with putting files up for download.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Jesus Hell, now I'm scared to sleep with my windows open. Freaking 10 centimeter wings! ARR. I hate bugs. UGh.
It may not sound like the hottest thing to hit perfume counters since Chanel No. 5, but to polyphemus moths (E,Z)-6,11-Hexadecadienyl acetate is the very aroma of love. Females release this compound from special glands. Males that encounter the drifting plume of scent change course immediately, flying upwind on four-to-six-inch (10-to-15 centimeter) wings to find the pheromone-emitting female and mate with her. As in many moth species, Antheraea polyphemus males (specimen shown) can detect the come-hither fragrance of a willing female from more than a mile away. for more info about Joseph Scheer see his webpage at
There was an Old Man who supposed, That the street door was partially closed; But some very large rats, Ate his coats and his hats, While that futile old gentleman dozed. On the haiku theme, this limerick may be referred to as an example of how we do not see the world as it really is, but as how we wish to perceive it. And our perception may be wrong. By the way, Lear would be an excellent vocabulary extender for young and old alike. Some truly outrageous words in there... And as I listen to people on the 38 every morning, I'm amazed at the lack of correct grammar in current speech. Twas ne'er such in my day! Or is that a subjective observation caused by the same condition ailing the Old Man, above?
Music slump not caused by piracy

Open-Source Literature

Wired wonk Douglas Rushkoff authored 'Exit Strategy,' a Biblical parable of Joseph retold in a contemporary, net-economy setting. Then Rushkoff went a step further by making 'Exit Strategy' an open-source novel. Not only is the text free online, but anybody may annotate the online version. The idea is to pretend you are an anthropologist 200 years from now. You've just unearthed an antique novel called 'Exit Strategy.' You must add footnotes explaining its cryptic contents to the people of 2300 AD. How will future societies interpret our nascent networked era? You decide. Clever concept; interesting reading. - Curt Cloninger The premise is that the central manuscript was written in the very near future, then hidden online and discovered 200 years later. Because society has changed so much, an anthropologist has annotated the text for his 23rd-century contemporaries. They are no longer familiar with notions such as venture capital or advertising, much less Microsoft or Nasdaq. The 23rd-century reader even needs a footnote explaining what condoms were used for. These footnotes are a way for us to conceptualize a future that has moved beyond our current obsessions. Instead of describing that future explicitly, though, we will suggest what it will be like by showing what facts and ideas future readers won�t understand. I've written a hundred-odd footnotes to get us started re-imagining the present from the perspective of the future. It�s up to you to fill in the rest. Remember, these footnotes don't have to be accurate. They only have to show what anthropologists and other experts from the future think are accurate explanations of our society. And these experts needn't necessarily agree with one another. --Douglas Rushkoff
Just reading a piece on the bizarre (to say the least) antics of the Turkmenbashi. He has decreed new stages of the life of a Turkmen: 0-12: childhood 13-25: adolescence 25-37: youth 37-49: maturity 49-61: prophetic 61-73: inspirational 73-85: wisdom 85-97: old age 97-109: Oguzkhan Apparently the average lifespan of Turkish men is 60 and women is 65.
I like the little way the line runs up the back of the stockings, I've always kinda liked those high heels too
'Everybody Wants Some' was the first ever Van Halen I heard; my brother played it to me in our kitchen circa 1982 on our Grundig ghetto blaster which was about the size of a suitcase and had every concievable knob and switch on it that you could imagine. It was in the days when Grundig were still totally German too, so all sonic connections were DIN plugs; I still have the headphone adapter which had a domino pin layout. It was very good and served us well for donkey's years. JB - thanks for the ack! I'll get some more stuff over to you soon. To return the compliment 'DoyoucarebecauseIdo' is way cool. Do you have the AM at the end on vinyl?
"oops" better rush that ie6.5 out the f-ing door people. just like you rushed that .net poo on us. .net = .crap. hmmm, when is that release date again?? ha ha ha ha!!! 2000 will be the ms standard for many years to come i gaurentee. mary, hmmm. you are really turning me around(like a record) on this. i may disagree with your disagree-ing but i'll get back to you on that. and dav. your music is superb! glad it's getting out. yo b.s.; i want some too! jesus is lord and i want a park. sounds silly dosen't it. np
Obviously "Everybody Wants Some."
Hey, me DJ'ing at a party on Friday too. Only this is the indie gig I was telling you about earlier where bands play cover versions. It's the promoter's birthday and I have elected to be superstar DJ Spunkle, so I can play my studio pieces in full effect and not worry about the performance angle. Just been working on my version of Kung Fu Fighting, which is just the "whoa-ho-ho-hooooo" bit stretched out for 3 or so minutes until it segues into 'Breakfast with Werner Von Braun' by Stackridge. I got Allen Ginsberg doing Hindu chants mixed with Black Oak Arkansas too, Led Zep mixed with the music from OutRun and Einstein A Go Go by Landscape, and other seriously monged stuff. The question is though, which Van Halen cover to include? '(Oh) Pretty Woman' or 'Dancing in the Streets'? It's also the fifth anniversary of the very first Spunkle gig so that's quite a thing too in so many ways.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

eone looks fantastic doesnt it? about a million times better than AOL...
OEone's enhanced version of HomeBase DESKTOP software for existing Red Hat Linux users. I'm planning to install RedHat 7.3 tomorrow. This is first time I've tried this. I've been building up to it for a while but easily find other things to distract me!

I found the article on the 'eruv' interesting. A section within a cultures scriptures about how to define the boundries of where they can 'carry' things on their 'shabbat'.

Parsi/Zorostrians are another religion that have 'strange' customs that could be taken as segregating. They are a non-proselytising religion and have a history of being 'private' or not drawing attention to themselves.

I'm DJ'ing at a party on friday in Vauxhall. Haven't done so for a while so should be interesting. Spend far too much time in front of this machine.

that eruv thing is totally pathetic. segment and suffer. segment and perish. very bad to segment oneself. i totally disagree with you. this is not about segmentation, this is about people practising their faith, and having the fire to stand up and ask for what they want. good for them! why are we so afraid in this world to be interesting? (beyond the obvious history of persecution, this is the part that slays me, how mean and terrible humans can be. and there is no other way to explain it). coming from a very young city, and being raised with no religion, i find demonstrations/architecture of others' faiths fascinating and inspiring! at least they believe in something and have the discipline and mystic belief to make it flourish. some of the most beautiful architecture in the world has been built out of faith. i remember walking through Canterbury Cathedral, i thought my heart was going to burst. i am not sure if the eruv would be "beautiful" but its very presence affirms for me, at least, a faith, a strength of character, a community vibe (;>), something beyond the ordinary. and this heat is getting to me. thankfully the sushi place opened for lunch again, tuna nigiri just around the corner...
(Bloody heat! I was so a happy camper yesterday with the heavy rain. And now it's hot again. *cries*) Damn Alun, those are great.
Oops! They did it again. "Malicious hackers taking advantage of the loophole .... Microsoft is looking into the reports, but is playing down the risks ... one of the worst cryptographic vulnerabilities I've seen..." Those gosh-darn malicious hackers will burn in eternal damnation for taking the works of the Great Bill in vain. And YEAH! Isn't outdoor music tops!?! Paco Pena blew my ears off Saturday night under the stars up on Hampstead Heath.
immensely wonderful afternoon on sunday. sonic youth FREE in central park along with wadada leo smith (playing with malachi favors from the art ensemble and jack dejohnette!!!!!!) and monolake. a gorgeous summer day, i lounged on the grass and soaked up the sun and the sounds. sonic youth's expertly sculpted noise was well displayed among the trees and flowers as they dipped into washingmachine, evol, sister, goo and murray street (quite heavily). O! how i love new york. and guitars.
I'mreading the 4 volume Haiku, by R.H. Blyth. In the first volume he discusses the spiritual origins of haiku and the earlier poets, including Saigyo. Saigyo wrote waka, poems of a longer length than haiku and with more subjectivity, more lyrical content. Basho, the greatest (but not my favourite) haiku poet once composed this haiku: A woman washing potatoes If Saigyo were here He would write a waka Issa is my favourite. He is humanist, a bit of a dreamer, and a man beset by ill fortune and tragedy in his personal life. The moon and flowers Forty nine years Walking about wasting time
A stream by the path With clear clear waters. "In the willow's shade I'll stay just for a while", I thought but for long couldn't move away Saigyo, poet and monk, (1118-1190)
o'reilly books are great but there is a teach yourself series "ty" that are just awesome. but massivly overwritten. a good technical book can fit in your pocket. and btw: i love everyone(disclaimer) but you are too true! noone, i repeat NOONE is special. just people think they are sometimes. isn't that why so many hate americans? i guess there are other reasons for that as well though. that eruv thing is totally pathetic. segment and suffer. segment and perish. very bad to segment oneself. but then again that is a struggle with music too, hmmm. there are no answers for the gormless, just more questions in an endless spiral into total oblivion and ignorance. dime store. btw: cultus lake. wuz here this past weekend and....well, i mean geez. i have never been so relaxed. summer = good. but that is a duh.
Silly season comes early.
I read this about something called an "eruv" and then read this expanded eplanation. Interesting stuff!
I find it amazing that no can can even satirically mock Israel anymore, without angering millions of oversensitive buffoons. It's completely disgusting. GORMLESS! GORM GORM GORM!! Best word ever.

Monday, August 12, 2002

Ruthless has a nicer parent. Ruth. However, one cannot be ruth (as one can be ruthless). One must have ruth towards somebody/thing. It's an old-fashioned version of empathy, perhaps. Similarly, with the characteristically northern English word GORMLESS, meaning stupid, dim-witted, a fool. Derived from the much older and antiquated root word, gaum, meaning knowledge or wisdom. Are there any other now orphaned words, parents lost in the vocabular drain that follows the globalisation of a language? Or am I just particularly sad (modern sense) today? AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Should have consulted google before writing. Here is a font of word origins, and the bugger already has gorm(less), and also the very nice feckless. No ruth though. Hah. Amateur. Here are the professionals.
Arab TV satire angers Israel

Juki Net Will Die

TOKYO -- Ever since their computerized ID system switched on a few days ago, Japanese citizens have dropped out in droves from what many resent as a "big brother" monitoring of the people. The dozens of protest groups that have popped up are planning a rally Monday at which demonstrators will show their outrage by ripping up the papers being sent out by the government to assign every citizen an 11-digit number. "To start with, giving a number to people is a violation of our individual human rights," said Eiji Yoshimura, one of the protesters. "We have absolutely nothing to gain from this system." Several local governments have refused to participate in the system, which began last Monday. Yokohama, a Tokyo suburb of 3.4 million people, is giving its residents a choice of hooking up or not. The government is assigning each of Japan's 126 million citizens an ID number that will link into a nationwide computer system. The idea is to streamline Japan's cumbersome bureaucracy by making it easy to obtain basic personal information during administrative procedures. Critics worry about loss of privacy, and some fear government officials will misuse the information. The disenchantment some Japanese express toward the registry underlines a deep, although often hidden, distrust of government that is surprisingly common in a nation known for orderly, conformist behavior. "I don't especially enjoy being called by a number. It feels like a prisoner," said Yasuyoshi Ban, a 60-year-old truck driver. One worry is the computer system will be vulnerable to computer hackers. An even bigger fear is the potential for abuse by someone inside the government using the stored personal information for improper ends, such as harassing dissidents. Some people worry about criminals stealing identities. [...] Newsday
Oh, I thought O Reilly sucks was an anti O'Reilly books site. Me and the missus went geocaching this weekend in Dorset and found our first one! Really cool and it's now only a matter of time time time until we make our own. In fact I might release my next CD like that, buried in a tupperware box somewhere in the countryside with only a GPS waypoint to find it. That'll put the audience to the test. The goodwill in geocaching is excellent - the cache we found had a disposable camera, loads of toys, CDs and so forth in it. No one's looted it or anything, just taken one thing each and added another. Sound engineers are like tailors; in both cases you need advice and assistance and are willing to pay them for your time. If you are lucky you'll get someone friendly, with taste and experience who will enhance your vibe, educate you, give you the best for your cash and make you want to go back. If you are unlucky you get a flashy fool who tells you what they think you need, over charges you and leaves you with something you feel embarrassed to share with friends once the novelty has worn off.
"Harmony is the exception, and that's the only reason why it is surrounded by an attractive aura of meaningfulness. If it were the rule, one would have to break it in order to enliven the inferno of sound with wonderful dissonance. Music moves us simply because it is a potential and not a positive phenomenon, and tonality interests us because it clears the wilderness, not because musical notes have reigned supreme for a thousand years. Chords move us because they ease our suffering, not because of the rules of musical harmony. The world is not sound but space for its potential. It is no symphony, but a noisy nightmare which has reason to remind itself that out of the maelstrom of noise a vision of resounding order can rise." Peter Sloterdijk 1980-2000 - Einst�rzende Neubauten. 20 years old and still outsiders.
"i started as an assistant on the early queen albums," he remembers. "when they first arrived they were like an in-house band for trident studios. then the whole punk thing happened and i worked with martin rushent and martin hamnett. i did loads of punk bands like the buzzcocks, all the wire albums, the first public image limited single, all that sort of stuff. then i went more esoteric after that." eventually, thomas' punk travels led him to the underground label 'fetish records', with whom he worked a great deal. "we did 23 skidoo, clock DVA and all those kinds of alternative bands. we had 'throbbing gristle' on our label so i produced the first two 'psychic tv' albums. i did a lot of early industrial stuff like 'test department' and 'einsturzende neubauten'. Thats an exceptional pedigree.
If they dont understand what you are doing, then you are in for a bad time and bad sound. i went to see Sigur R�s and they brought along Ken Thomas. This man is a genius... Well, at least I think he is... Look see:

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Join the Irdial Prime Movers
Sieve Of Eratosthenes
Real World studios...interesting...Ive worked in American studios with racks and racks of "plumbed in gubbins", and I have to say that whilst the sould you can get out of these SSL'd high spec places is awesome, you are totally at the mercy of the engineers, who actually know the studio and 0wn your sound while you work there. If they dont understand what you are doing, then you are in for a bad time and bad sound. My next studio installation is going to be free-form, with nothing plumbed in permanently, deliberately limited number of channels on both the desk and tape so that it essentially has to be rebulit for each session. In this way, I can stay out of habbit, which is completely essential if you want to explore. Read this partial description of the Black Ark Studios kit, where so many awesome, and completely perfect recordings were made. Studio design is a black art...there dont seem to be any rules, other than that there are no rules.

Vastu and the New York Twin Towers

You may have wondered about the VASTU of the twin towers in new York that unfortunately were recently destroyed. According to the Vastu sastras (scriptures), the higher a building climbs the more its size must reduce, like the famous Egyptian pyramids and all the greatest dome shaped ancient structures of India. In the great science of Vastu, the horizontal and vertical shape of a building are very important in determining its overall auspiciousness. If a building goes up and up and remains the same width, not reducing the amount of doors and windows on each higher level, it attracts inauspiciousness. The higher a building ascends in that way the more the inauspiciousness is increased. This is stated very clearly in the Vastu sastras. The workings of Nature are difficult to understand and sometimes seemingly cruel, and our hearts go out to all those affected by the unfortunate New York disaster. But if we adhere to the laws of the Vastu sastras we can learn the art of pacifying Mother Nature and seeing only Her auspicious side. hmmmmm
Peter Gabriel's studio? Wow! I bet it had quite an impressive array of... stuff in it. yeah, i didn't go inside the main studio, one of the others. realy nice though and the accomodation is cool... the desk was scary, i have no idea what or how engineers do stuff, but it's amazing... Real World Studios Ya, its good at first, and then...oh shit. Like Theakstons old peculiar, but with A Bad Finish� yes indeed... i was going to go through all the beers they had there, we started with summer ale which was nice and light and then went on to Old Bob. Not good! Couldn't do anything after that... :( We must got there ay? got? or go? i miss east london... well some of it is good other things bad... haven't been to that part of town for a while, but my girlf is moving to whitechapel so no doubt i'll be down the foundry a bit more... one of the best nights there was teh VX LABS gig where Gimpo let a banger off in the basement... And wher the hell have you been AT? AT == A dot T || AT == @ ? either / or i have been Paris / London / Reykjavik / Bath / Brighton work work work... which is all very exciting. off to Singapore in a couple of weeks! Oh the life... :) The highest rated cable "news" show in the USA, the terrifying Oreilly Factor on Fox, is countered by this site. This page has some interesting stuff in it. You can watch the Oreilly Factor if you have Sky...

Who will rid us of these evil men? Someone...

WWhen the Miami Police first found Benito Que, he was slumped on a desolate side street, near the empty spot where he had habitually parked his Ford Explorer. At about the same time, Don C. Wiley mysteriously disappeared. His car, a white rented Mitsubishi Galant, was abandoned on a bridge outside of Memphis, where he had just had a jovial dinner with friends. The following week, Vladimir Pasechnik collapsed in London, apparently of a stroke. The list would grow to nearly a dozen in the space of four nerve-jangling months. Stabbed in Leesburg, Va. Suffocated in an air-locked lab in Geelong, Australia. Found wedged under a chair, naked from the waist down, in a blood-splattered apartment in Norwich, England. Hit by a car while jogging. Killed in a private plane crash. Shot dead while a pizza delivery man served as a decoy. What joined these men was their proximity to the world of bioterror and germ warfare. Que, the one who was car-jacked, was a researcher at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Wiley, the most famous, knew as much as anyone about how the immune system responds to attacks from viruses like Ebola. Pasechnik was Russian, and before he defected, he helped the Soviets transform cruise missiles into biological weapons. The chain of deaths -- these three men and eight others like them -- began last fall, back when emergency teams in moonsuits were scouring the Capitol, when postal workers were dying, when news agencies were on high alert and the entire nation was afraid to open its mail. In more ordinary times, this cluster of deaths might not have been noticed, but these are not ordinary times. Neighbors report neighbors to the F.B.I.; passengers are escorted off planes because they make other passengers nervous; medical journals debate what to publish, for fear the articles will be read by evil eyes. Now we are spooked and startled by stories like these -- all these scientists dying within months of one another, at the precise moment when tiny organisms loom as a gargantuan threat. The stories of these dozen or so deaths started out as a curiosity and were transformed rumor by rumor into the specter of conspiracy as they circulated first on the Internet and then in the mainstream media. What are the odds, after all? [...] A typical sketpic drivelfest, published in the New York Times where probability is rolled out as the explanation for everything, science is held up as the only true reality and the only tool need to explain everything. There are no conspiracies, only mathematical probability. Its a predictable, condecending piece of tripewriting. She even put in strawman false data, knocking it down further in the argument and parading it as proof that her argument is right. Someone has stepped up to the plate, and is eliminating these evil pigs who are hell bent on destroying the world, one pig at a time. It must be costing a fortune, there will be no thanks given, no awards for saving humanity..."You do not know these men. You may have looked at them, but you did not see them. They are the wind that blows newspapers down a gutter on a windy night... and sweeps the gutter clean."
Yahoo News Ashcroft Asked to Target Online Song Swappers Fri Aug 9, 5:21 PM ET By Andy Sullivan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers have asked Attorney General John Ashcroft ( news - web sites) to go after Internet users who download unauthorized songs and other copyrighted material, raising the possibility of jail time for digital-music fans. In a July 25 letter released late Thursday, some 19 lawmakers from both sides of the aisle asked Ashcroft to prosecute "peer-to-peer" networks like Kazaa and Morpheus and the users who swap digital songs, video clips and other files without permission from artists or their record labels. The Justice Department ( news - web sites) should also devote more resources to policing online copyrights, the lawmakers said in their letter. "Such an effort is increasingly important as online theft of our nation's creative works is a growing threat to our culture and economy," the letter said.
A link from autopr0n to a very strange blog.
Alex... Peter Gabriel's studio? Wow! I bet it had quite an impressive array of... stuff in it. I'm a big fan of his. Let us hope that his new album isn't the schlocky mess that OVO was.
Yes Old Bob is quite strong and sickly, like a thick syrup of a beer... Ya, its good at first, and then...oh shit. Like Theakstons old peculiar, but with A Bad Finish® I guess you drunk that at The Reliance... Y �2 to get in? Not for the post gig 31337. The Foundry is much better and is always a bit weird... We must got there ay? And wher the hell have you been AT?

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Yes Old Bob is quite strong and sickly, like a thick syrup of a beer... I guess you drunk that at The Reliance... �2 to get in? Stupid... The Foundry is much better and is always a bit weird... I wish I could have gone... Alas I was in Bath at Peter Gabriel's studio... Very nice... I got a new phone today, the Ericsson T68i... GPRS, Bluetooth, WAP... And a colour screen onto which I can uplaod my own pictures, and you can get a digital camera for it... Is P2PQ working in the WAP world yet? If so give me the URL.... please... I have 600 minutes of free WAP a month (at weekends / off peak) so I might as well use it... Alas still no ADSL... and GPRS isn't available yet... :(
someone clever said in response to the proposed law in the USA to target file sharers Welcome to the world of intergenerational warfare. I'll bet no science fiction novel you ever read prepared you for this. Under Nixon an older, reactionary generation declared a War on Drugs, which was essentially a euphemism for a war on the lifestyle of the youth of that era and the values it represented (chemical experimentation, casual sex, a healthy skepticism of authority, and so on). Indeed, the prohibition of drugs and the actions that have been taken to try and stamp out its use has caused far greater harm, in both a humanitarian and economic sense, than the abuse of the substances themselves ever did or could have. A War on Ourselves indeed, or at least a war on the younger generation, one that began under Nixon, was escalated out of control under Reagan and Bush Senior, to the point where we now have over fifty beaurocracies fighting for the collected spoils seized from non-violent drug offendors. Now, with the new War on Copyright Infringement, we are about to target today's youth, who trade their music, their movies, their videotapes online, instead of via cassette tape the way us older folk did when we were in high school and college. Another front on an intergenerational war, between the dinasaurs of the Jack Valenti Generation of Greed and the emerging, technically savvy information generation they seek to repress and quite possibly destroy. This escalation will likely claim even more victims, fill our prisons even more with people even less inclined to violence than the many drug offendors who account for half our inmate population today. Worse, we'll have to listen to even more self-righteous tripe along the lines "but these fans are stealing bread and milk from the mouths of Lars and Britney," and "we'll win the war on copyright infringement! These pirates will never see the light of day again! God Bless America!" What's next, a broken egg on a frying pan with the words "This represents your Life on MP3?" Make no mistake, this is intergenerational warfare, waged by the parents and grandparents upon the children who have chosen to live differently than their elders, indeed, differently than their elders can comprehend. As we draw closer to the technological singuarity I think we can expect ever more extreme examples of the same. How close is one to the Singualarity I wonder, when real world events overtake science fiction faster than it can be written?
Going out on the town, Akin? You crazy guy you! Gads, I hardly EVER get out. I'm a real shut-in, I am. Is drukn similar to drukqs?

Friday, August 09, 2002

Al Saud!
M/Y played a fine set at Smallfish, and we all got drunk. A man called H is reading a book on Hypnotism (which begins with "H"). There were quite a few luminaries there, including but not limited to Monsterist Pete Fowler, sporting a pair of regulation Metropolitan Police issue spectacles. There is a beer called "Old Bob", that, if you were to drink it, it would make you drunk. There was a member of the group "Octopus", who regailed us with a story of how Mark E. Smith met his dad, a member of another group whose name I cannot recall, that is having typical record/band confilcts and some..... "Shorties". A very civilized do, in a civilized place, with civilized people (even when drukn (yes, drukn) ). Shorditch is in flux as usual, many, many bars, beers, bad boys, broken down buildings, and a true london vibe, of the type that is being pushed north and east by the escalating property prices.
One for the English. Good evening mary13... and goodbye for the weekend. Hope it's a fine one. I have in-laws visiting and we are off to an outdoor concert of flamenco music. Perfect for the current London monsoon season. One bright bit, Paco Pe�a is the flamenco musician.
Economic Left/Right: -4.00 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -5.18 good morning. quite a test, and i think more people should take it, globally. how often do we ask ourselves these questions and really think about them? although, transfering those clear statements into the usual gibberish that politicians speak is more the chore. and thoughts into action? durrrrr. i have broken my "no computers on fridays" rule and did some surfing about sovereign individuals. my thoughts are still forming, but how would this be implemented? i guess that would be individual, haha. a site i'd like to pick at the authors list for a while... graphiti: "sometimes the most profound words are not those spoken, but heard"
Sound of the day is The Beatles, 'If I Needed Someone' from Rubber Soul. Having a new stereo, especially after a long break and even more so with an upgrade, makes everything sound like it's the first time I ever really listened... Also Vilayat Khans ragas. Pixies 'come on pilgrim'. Bought a FatCat 7" (programme) yesterday, but John, Paul, George and Ringo beat them to the turntable. Want to beat your wife with a 3-inch wide leather strap? Not in California, unless she gives you permission. Or you use a 2-inch strap. Generations to come, people will hardly believe that such a one in flesh and blood walked upon this earth. Albert Einstein on Ghandi.
It's a long tradition with the American religious right to meddle with what people do in their bedrooms. Dildos are still forbidden in a couple states, as is homosexuality (!) and making/viewing pornography. I'd say part of your outlook is as Gandhi, though I don't think you're as much of a nonviolent protester as he is (referring to the articles on rioting in Rivendell ;)
And whats wrong with Gandhi? Nowt. My dot came in near his; which of you thinks that I speak / think / act like Gandhi?!
Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -3.62 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -6.92 interesting test, but some of the questions seemed SO WIERD to me, like: What goes on in a private bedroom between consenting adults is no business of the state. Huh?
lao tzu jesus buddah allah krishna ghandi -nuff said. xseries 360's quad 1.5's 4gb ram and there are 10 of them. raid 5 with mirrored system partitions. that was my day. all using director and various rolls(sql) and set ups. tomorrow? hardening dmz boxes in a freezing cold room.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Ghandi was teh man. They need to have the numbers on the graph. Zoiks. My Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -1.50 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -7.49 I think my economic/political ratio is really weird. I'm very liberal (pheer my libertairian-ness), but not so much economy-wise. Never though about that. I think one question that threw it off was the misleading advertising... I don't think there's anything wrong with that. You can't force companies to tell the truth, they're trying to sell. Consumers must think for themselves and look past the advertising... I've never seen advertising as a means for people to convey true information anyway. I don't trust 'em. Interesting: I agree with land being capital, but I don't think water should be capital. Hmmmm. I'll have to think about that too.
Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -5.75 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -6.62
Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -4.88 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -6.67 ... but too dumb to get the picture up... And whats wrong with Gandhi?
Oh, I didn't mean that nobody changes their mind. I regularly change mine. I'm meaning the more basic notions that people have. You'd have a hard time convincing me to become religious, for example. Or convincing a conservative to become a liberal. That sort of thing. Regardless of who's right and who's wrong, I find arguments and discussions extremely valuable, if not only for the fact that one rethinks his position. During this little stint, I've been evaluating how I see the CPR system, and I still do not perceive it as a threat nor dehumanizing. But as mentioned, people are different and have different limits as to what they accept and do not. That's what it says, Gandhi. I answered all questions honestly... (I took this test several months ago before and got roughly the same position then, as I recall)
In there with Ghandi? No fucking way!!!
read someplace today that arguing never changed anyones mind, its only purpose is to define your own point of view and strengthen it. There is an element of truth in that. For sure, I dont believe this. I have change my mind countless times thanks to a good arguement. For me, its an essential way to "do a reality check" and "get with the programme". If one cant change one's mind after having been trounced by superior logic or just the facts, one is in pretty bad shape ego wise....for example, I was dead set on not doing any more windows upgrades, but in the last three days, I have put XPpro on my crippled windoze installation, thanks to a chat with one of my windoze broz. On the same subject, what hapens when you put windows 98 on top of windows 95 on top of windows 3.1 on top of windows? You eventually have to "clean house" with windows XP. Or something.
Messing up a digit in the CPR system will break because of the built-in checksum... So I don't think your situation would be the same in Denmark. Regardless, it is pretty damn stupid not to use your middle name, then insisting they are right. Jesus. I read someplace today that arguing never changed anyones mind, its only purpose is to define your own point of view and strengthen it. There is an element of truth in that. It call comes down to having various outlooks and priorities, being the different human beings that we are. Some things are more important than others for various people. Speaking of which, it'd be fun to try the political compass (did we do this before?): - I'm a left wing liberal (Economic Left/Right: -4.62, Authoritarian/Libertarian: -5.64) - close to the spot where Ghandhi is in the example graph. (oh and I spent a bloody amount of time in front of computers since I work with them)
That long underpass/tunnel thing near the Barbican is totally THX1138
It was a very Brazil moment let me tell you. Only the computers weren't as good.
My Time is Yours
Have you ever seen THX1138? "it happened so slowly, no one noticed that anything was changing..."
"imagine what could go wrong if some dunce messes up just one digit?" Have you ever seen Terry Gilliams film 'Brazil'?
note: RESONANCE F.M. time are B.S.T., not G.M.T. time zone converter:
I got sent my NI number when I was 16 or so. We all got one, on a credit card type thing. It was like a rite of passage or something, well maybe not. Theoretically I have no problem with a number assigned to me by anyone. For all I know I've probably got one anyway, maybe we all have and we're just not being told. If another government comes in that's more evil than this one they'll have better and faster control over me by taking over the army or military police and sticking a gun in my face than buggering about with numbers. What is truly worrying, and I blog this because of the NHS comments earlier, is that all of our existing data processing is being overseen and often dealt with by people, and people make mistakes. Over three years ago now I rang the doctors one morning to get an appointment after falling off my bike (I fell off because I was suddenly paralysingly dizzy; I got the visual equivalent of someone dragging a stylus across a vinyl record and it took me over an hour to stagger home clutching my bike like a zimmer frame). I got one for about an hour later. The surgery however rang back about 15 minutes after I'd last spoken to them and said 'according to their records' I'd left the surgery and couldn't see a doctor there. WTF?! I explained that this was nonsense, and that moreover I was feeling more than unwell and needed to see the doctor NOW. They stuck to their guns, saying that I'd left and my medical records *were no longer there* and even getting stroppy and implying it was nothing to do with them. Serious panic. I asked them to check what they had on me. Turned out someone with the same initials, christian name and surname, living in the same town, at an address that was aurally similar to mine (I lived on Green Street; he lived on Green Road) had left the surgery and they'd mixed him up with me. I could get an appointment after all but they'd have to apply to get my records back from the health authority. It turned out I had labyrithitis by the way, which was a mess up in my ears from a cold. It faded away after a bit and all was well. However, I routinely had the same problem with the doctor's surgery for three years afterwards, being refused appointments when I applied for them, and even being told to come out of the waiting room on one occasion - very embarrassing. I had no way to prove I was me, because they had sent my records back, and when they were returned someone else KEPT sending them back, and then losing track of them, and being doctor's receptionists were on the whole difficult old battleaxes who'd do anything to avoid the blame. Meanwhile the doctors kept seeing me anyway and prescribing me things without my medical records, trusting my memory but not knowing the facts about when I'd been treated or what I'd been treated with! You really don't want this to happen to you, believe me. All this could have been solved if they'd used something I'd been given since birth, that I had no choice over, and that was unique to me - my middle name. During a moment of boredom when a chum was researching her family at the public records office, I looked myself up. There's only one me, with my name, born on the day I was born in the town I was born in. The guy who was very similar to me didn't have the same middle name, and I'd hazard a guess that the chances of anyone of you having the exact same name as someone else born on the same day in the same town are really slim. So whilst theoretically I have no problem, in practice I'm against numbers, because if all of that can get messed up over one whole name, imagine what could go wrong if some dunce messes up just one digit?
Cartoon in Private Eye, picturing one of Them questioning one of Us..."According to your I.D. card you were against the introduction of I.D. cards." 1-6 hours a day at the computer, depending. Today is a lot of data input, so nearer 6 than 1. For sale, for those in need. Here is Smallfish.
Not only does Mimi Magick make amazing MIDI, but she knows her stuff, too! Wow. In response to Ms. Khan: I spend out 3 or 4 hours a day, on average, on my computer. That is FAR too much. I expect it to go down to about 30 minutes per day once school starts.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Those of you in London should head out to Smallfish to see Madonna Over Yorkshire play his first live set outside of Brighton. Tomorrow night, Resonance FM will be playing our supervised score for Stanley Kubricks "Artificial Intelligence" from 00:00GMT.

Japanese national ID system hits first glitch

Security boffins were right after all... Just days after the launch of Japan's computerised national identification system, data has already been muddled up and disseminated to the wrong citizens. Proving the security pundits right in their fears that the resident registry network would go wrong, data was incorrectly sent to around 2,500 people or 741 households in Moriguchi, near Osaka. Letters containing information for verification by individuals were posted out to households. The letters also contained details of other citizen's identification numbers, gender and birth dates. Japanese authorities were not concerned about the hiccup, stating that because the names of people were not included in the wrongly-mailed information it would not cause a problem. Individuals are being given a personal 11-digit identification number to use in online governmental transaction to reduce the Japanese paper-intensive filing system. Silicon.Com
Re UK numbers: The National Health number: If you do not use the National Health for three years, your record is deleted. If you need to sign up with a doctor again, you have to have a new number issued to you. All doctors surgerys are very relaxed about wether you have your number or not. National Insurance: You can request this number when you turn 14, so that you can get a Saturday job, and pay your national insurance contribution. Neither one of these numbers is assigned at birth. Thanks to Mimi Magick for this information!
Do you know this? sounds like the end of the world...
(Godwin's Law, it can only go down from here ;) Hmm, according to nearly 100% of "the eligible population" (parents with children under 16, on the behalf of the kids) accept 'child benefit'. When you accept it, you are automatically given a NI# (which is given to you at age 16 - if I understand the documents I read correctly). This sounds a lot like the CPR, especially when compared with Chris' account of his hospital visit. Yeah, there's a minor degree of voluntariness involved, but it's solely your parents decision as you're not of legal age yet... I tried looking for info about the nation health numbers, but google ain't very helpful on that... Anyone got info on that? I respect anyone's right for freedom, and this might even be a breach of my rights, but it's having no effect at all. The laws (yes, they are just that, but we actually prosecute those who break them) are strict enough to make it hard for the companies who strive to be legal. I know this from working at an insurance company (which notoriously keep masses of records) and at a hospital (same deal). as a side note, do you have a #? So to sum up, it sounds like you have a system that's very much the same as we do...
Reading about Denis Blackham (Country Masters).....he mastered 'M' - 'pop muzik' and 'moonlight and musak'. 2 excellent tunes from my youth!
I know mine by heart as well....only because its NS666xxxX. Every number I'm given has a series of 6's in it. I lost the card I got for it (NI) as soon as it was given to me. I don't anyone who still has theirs. With the National health number, I thought of this through the night I spent in hospital. They asked me if I knew it and I did (odd, what you remember whilst in pain!). From this, I take it, they can access all previous medical history and it's assigned to each individual.
no it is not a problem when people lives infront of their computer, but what really crossed my mind during the weblog test, is that how is it possible to be that much infront of the computer physically? My eyes hurt after a day at the office, my behind feels kindda flat (like the computer screen), after sitting on it. you guys dont have that problems? Can you imagine the human beeings evolving, so that we can be even better with computeres: Small tiny bodies, with huge hands and a very big head? Oh...Chris J - you are funny...
National Insurance Numbers - I know mine off by heart oddly enough. <kraftwerk>Business, numbers, money, people</kraftwerk> I spend from 9.30am to 17.45 in front of my computer at work, with the odd break - it's just the nature of my job as a webmonkey. We get free eye tests anyway. Often when I get home I spend more time in front of my computer there. I'm very aware of this, but don't see it as a big problem at the moment.
Whats the situation with UK Nation Health numbers and national insurance numbers? I thought they were issued (health one at birth and insurance one at 14/15) on a permanent, unchangeable basis.

I don't spend all my time sat in front of my computer. Sometimes I hide under my desk, where it can't see me.

Country Masters
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How much do you guys (and girls - how many girls are here?) sit infront of your computer?
I'd just like to note that MSG is evil. Pure, stomach-churning evil. If only every snack manufacturer DIDN'T use it. DAMN YOU, PRINGLES! DAMN YOU TO HELL.
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A number, given to a person, against that persons will. Nuff said.
I have a social insurance number ("SIN" - how ironic) here in Canada. I never liked the idea of getting one, but I am forced to do so if I want a job/bank account/driver's license/school career. It is the only number that I have that I cannot change when I want to. Even the registration number on my birth certificate can change, as it did when I issued a new copy of it (the number is different now because the date of issue is different than the original's date of issue). My SIN is the only number that I do NOT own - the government owns it. I own my driver's license number, which I can (and will) change, I own my credit card number, bank number, university number, every other one. One thing that I've realized - I even own my own name, but I don't own my SIN. The only way to change it is to change my name. How wrong is that? The SIN is such an important number that it is the one you do NOT want to lose. Someone can ruin your life if they have it. And it's only 9 digits long. The only number I want that applies to me as a person, is a number that I would want to apply myself. No matter how much more efficient it would make the government registry run, a birth-given number would mean nothing more to me than marking me as a UPC marks a can of delicious, deep baked beans. Mmmm...
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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

From the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION Application for a Social Security Card Form SS-5 THE PAPERWORK/PRIVACY ACT AND YOUR APPLICATION The Privacy Act of 1974 requires us to give each person the following notice when applying for aSocial Security number. Sections 205(c) and 702 of the Social Security Act allow us to collect the facts we ask for on thisform. We use the facts you provide on this form to assign you a Social Security number and to issue you aSocial Security card. You do not have to give us these facts, however, without them we cannot issueyou a Social Security number or a card. Without a number, you may not be able to get a job andcould lose Social Security benefits in the future. The Social Security number is also used by the Internal Revenue Service for tax administrationpurposes as an identifier in processing tax returns of persons who have income which is reported tothe Internal Revenue Service and by persons who are claimed as dependents on someone'sFederal income tax return. We may disclose information as necessary to administer Social Security programs, including toappropriate law enforcement agencies to investigate alleged violations of Social Security law; toother government agencies for administering entitlement, health, and welfare programs such asMedicaid, Medicare, veterans benefits, military pension, and civil service annuities, black lung,housing, student loans, railroad retirement benefits, and food stamps; to the Internal RevenueService for Federal tax administration; and to employers and former employers to properly preparewage reports. We may also disclose information as required by Federal law, for example, to theDepartment of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service, to identify and locate aliens in theU.S.; to the Selective Service System for draft registration; and to the Department of Health and Human Services for child support enforcement purposes. We may verify Social Security numbers forState motor vehicle agencies that use the number in issuing drivers licenses, as authorized by theSocial Security Act. Finally, we may disclose information to your Congressional representative if they request information to answer questions you ask him or her.We may use the information you give us when we match records by computer. Matching programs compare our records with those of other Federal, State, or local government agencies to determine whether a person qualifies for benefits paid by the Federal government. The law allows us to do this even if you do not agree to it. Explanations about these and other reasons why information you provide us may be used or givenout are available in Social Security offices. If you want to learn more about this, contact any SocialSecurity office. The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995requires us to notify you that this information collection is inaccordance with the clearance requirements of section 3507 of the Paperwork Reduction Act of1995. We may not conduct or sponsor, and you are not required to respond to, a collection ofinformation unless it displays a valid OMB control number. Pretty nasty huh?
So your problem with the system in discussion is basically two-fold: It is compulsory. It is traceable and can be compared across databases. No, it is not simply that. I am not owned by anyone. No one has the right to number me like property. This is crucial, inviolable and central to freedom. Just because its illegal to misuse the database doesnt mean that it is misused. This is not "delusional paranoia" just COMMON SENSE. You may trust this particualar government, but if another comes in that is evil, they will have a perfect control infrastructure in place to impliment total control over everything that you do. Once again, this is a cultural difference between people who are decendents of a revolutionary movement concerned about too much government, and Europeans (the flotsam that was left behind) who dont seem to care about rights in any way shape or form. Free people, in principle and practice, cannot be for the compulsory numbering of inidividuals by the state. Saying that its ok because there are laws against abuses is like pouring gasoline one inch deep on the floor of a school gymnasium, and saying "its OK, as long as someone doesnt light a match; after all, arson is illegal". Come on!