Tuesday, July 31, 2001

morning, afternoon or evening - a multipurpose greeting i don't know if anyone has ever seen the episode of the cartoon that this came from but it made me laugh. this particular thing almost made me evaporate - listen to the noise it makes - i want the power to make this noise at dimwit mannerless commuters, especially those who are currently sitting around confirming with each rather than thinkng for themselves that brasseye was sick and therefore they agree - it must be sick! a politician who hasn't seen it said it was and when the papers and politicians agree then what they say is correct, it must be! (by the way if anyone heard on radio 4 that hughes woman ACTUALLY SAY on the breakfast show in front of god knows how many people around the world, that the program was a disgrace and then have no retort when the interviewer said "are you really in a postion to say any of this being that you haven't actually seen the show" except simply repeat - after a lengthy pause where she maybe realised her crassness - what she already had said, would be thankful to brasseye for highlighting the amount of clots that are in positions of power in this country - trust they are clots and clots can lead to strokes if left untreated he said in a country/human analogy). Turn up you volume and go to: http://hypnotoad.org/ The noise is fantastic.. Now I'm off to complain about ready steady cook - I noticed some lamb being handled in a delicate manner whilst ainsly harriot (cousin of jim herriot) whooped in the background - how can they show that eh? how can they make a joke out of these victims? it is offensive to not only joke about animal sex, but it was a little baby lamb therefore this is paedophilia animal sex and the worst bit is that as the poor ewe has been slaughtered therefore it is actually necrophile paedophilia animal sex exploitation. We should pick a tv show take it out of context and get as many people to complain as possible - then maybe we can also get politicians who have no idea of what they are talking about, let alone be representing anyone on a large media platform as a stand up memeber of society and reflection of the countries mood, to support greater idiocy. I have no problem with personal opinion - that is why you have a choice to say yes or no and defend that point of view, but I detest this plethora of ignorance and tunnel vision thinking. Complain about something without thinking today and see what happens - not half as much as this I bet.

Monday, July 30, 2001

We have always said, "dont worry/shout/complain/bitch about stuff you dont like happening, go out and DO SOMETHING about it" Well, some very clever people have done just that. Instead of using Microsoft Passport, use this. It looks good, works good, and the first million users are free. You are not going to be forced to use Microsoft products in the future. Use them if you want to, but dont complain that there are no alternatives, especially when there are cool ones available!

Sunday, July 29, 2001

http://www.badart.com <--brilliant//haha!>
I just saw an amazing thing; at the US mint, they use a huge mechanical transcripting lathe to copy and reduce the original artwork for a coin to a master die, "to date, no one has found a better, more accurate way to transcribe the orginal artwork to the master die with such a high degree of accuracy" Hmmmmm....you know the rest!
Someone Clever Said... Timeline.. * Printing press and phonograph invented * Copyright is invented, a controversial law from the beginning. * Publishers rise to control physical distribution, pay authors--though not always fairly. There is no alternative.. people need books / records, authors need some cash. This system works relatively well for awhile. Consumers bootleg copyrighted materials by exchanging physical media. Losses are minimal and individuals aren't worth prosecuting. * Copyright law changes at the whim of publishers, effectively eliminating the creation of public domain works by extending the length of copyright indefinitely. Artists and authors increasingly produce "works for hire," which are then owned by the publisher they work for. * Popularization of the Internet and new data compression algorithms render traditional means of disseminating information nearly obsolete overnight. Some artists and authors realize that they don't need publishers anymore. Publishers ignore the Internet, seeing little threat. * Consumers realize that they can obtain copyrighted works on the Internet instead of paying for getting them on traditional media. Publishers for the most part look the other way. * DMCA quietly slips through Congress, in the guise of protecting US businesses and complying with international copyright treaties. * Napster shows the world the power of P2P information exchange with each user contributing a small part of the whole. Publishers get worried, can't sue every user, fumble for recourse. Napster falls and DMCA is challenged in numerous cases, but wins out in the end because money is power and those behind DMCA have lots of it. Consumers watch the Napster case curiously, stop using it after it's clear the end is near. * Publishers finally realize that the future of distribution is online and design crude digital copy control technologies which are protected under the DMCA. Each successful attempt to defeat these measures is crushed legally but is given little attention by the media. * Consumers aren't as comfortable with the new intangible online media and would prefer to keep buying books and CD's. Sales stagnate. Consumers don't realize the implications of future technologies that they have not yet experienced and remain quiet. Prediction * Publishers attempt to phase in online media sales. Some consumers bite, but are quickly frustrated by the inability to read an e-book or listen to music on multiple computers they own. HDTV arrives with its own copy protections. VCR's recording functions stop working. Copy protected audio disks don't work in consumers older players or in car players. Works are distributed in both old and new formats while consumers are encouraged to buy new (and better) hardware that supports the new formats. [This process would likely take at least 10-20 years given the installed base of CD players, saturation of the home computer market, and lack of inexpensive, eye-friendly electronic books] * Just when the publishers think they have won the war over content, a movement similar to Open Source is established that sweeps the world and begins a modern cultural renaissance. Publishers disappear. The public domain expands rapidly. Artists and authors are fairly reimbursed by using alternative business models and handling distribution themselves. (eg. give away music, sell concert tickets) The world is a better place. Wishful thinking? People said the same thing about Open Source 5 years ago and IT hasn't even fully taken off yet.
It started raining here about 90 minutes ago... now there's 3 feet of water. This is sort of creepy. Yikes! I've never seen rain this deep before.
fuck worms, I never get any :D Not even that sircam thing, I didn't get any cool mails with secret stuff in it. This sucks, I'm filing a formal complaint.

Saturday, July 28, 2001

It was hotter than usual today, the holidays are in full swing...no emails, no fuss...cold beers...Thai pubs...Pimms...Iced water. Met up with a certain TB / PM and another chap with pink hair whose name I forget, for a delivery of a beautiful painting and a sit around in a first class saloon. Alas, the session was too short, as they always are... Got js.KakWorm.G the other day; it infected my old_email.mbx. The filesystem of Eudora is flawed; if one email carries a worm, the WHOLE FILE gets infected, so all of your messages have to be nuked just because of one file. It would be much better if each email was a separate file sitting in a folder, then only the infected message would need to be thrown away. I've never seen so many worms in email; its a bore after the first one. The spirit of pessimism is destroyed by sunlight.
or maybe it ought to be 'dont call a woman a phat car'?...heh http://www.economist.com/opinion/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=709603 oh yeah. hello. im new.

How I lost my tooth
Don't call a woman a cow

"Good idea, just ignore him" I look at my brother, thinking "what does he mean?" Then I look back at the wide�guy we are walking by. I haven't seen him before. "Was that him?" - Yeah, it was him. The guy who knocked out my tooth. A couple of months ago, I was down at the pub, drunk, stoned, the works. I have no idea why (I guess I was just a real fucking idiot), but I was thinking out loud about this girl who walked by me and said "Man, what a cow." She turns around and says, "You better take care!" I go "but, I mean, what a phat car!" Or something equally inane. She doesn't buy it. The week after, I go to the pub again (I know, I should have kept low profile). Of course, the first thing that happens when I walk in the door, is that I get shoved at a table and punched in the mouth. I look around, not knowing what is going on. Then my tongue realizes that my tooth is missing. On the way home, I'm trying to reconstruct my assailant's face. I can't. I assume he must be the boyfriend of the aforementioned girl. I don't report it - this would equal a death-sentence�in my town. The next day, I go and get a temporary filling. It didn't hurt much, but it sure was a hassle. So, fellow bloggers, don't call a woman a cow.
Oh, I get it... (No I don't)

Friday, July 27, 2001

Bush or Chimp?
We are doing a set of mouse pads to help finance our own T1 and dedicated server for irdial.com where we will be moving everything. The actions you need to take are: "just do it". where "do it" = tell your friends | buy one if you can If Brother Stair can raise millions of dollars to stay on the air 24/7...you know the rest!
i have had a brainwave... i'm going to get my classic mac out of the attic, invest in a new logic board and keyboard and get it online!!!! plus you can run all kinds of UNIX style OS's on old macs, not the classic though, ;( because mobile internet sites such as wireless.blogger.com are optimal for text only b/w web clients like lynx... so it's the best time to get my old mac online... ;) but i will get OSX one day as well and just been all hardcre and CL, but also have a sexy GUI... has anyone notice how much microsoft are ripping off apple again? OS X Windows XP Aqua Interface Luna Interface surely they can't get away with such bare faced cheek?
George Bush should suffer the punishment you can give out at this link. This is the nuts check: http://chukfatpig.sega-asia.com/xiaoxiao.swf be freeee
Whee! I just got my blogdial and conet T-shirts today! And the customs didn't catch it, so I only paid the 40 bucks. That rules. If they got it, I'd have to pay 50+toll in total. Fucking expensive that'd been.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

The voices... the voices...
Than-ku for all the tips regarding London.
A dolphin that generates an RSA key.
  #!/usr/bin/perl -s                                                           
                                                      @x=qw/e n d/;if(         
                                `echo "$_ e\nn\nd\n"|gp -q`){print$x[$j++]     
                              ,"=",`echo "10i16o$_ p"|dc`}exit}$t=             
                          =$e?$l-2:$l;$i="16dio";while  (){$M=                 
                      ($e&&1+int(rand 8)).(substr     $t,$p                    
                   ,$y or last);$i.="\U$M $k        $n\E|                      
           `echo "$i"|dc`){chop                                                
      ,$_); $f                                                                 
FatCat closed down in 1998, maybe 1997 actually.. damn, I should kno that one! It no longer functions as a record shop although you still get people ringing up as if it was... Hey I got the latest version of ICQ today, and look at the preferences box:
nice to know we can save the world via TCP/IP!!! oh yeah, my ICQ # is 2778212, just in case you were wondering... for record shopping i would reccomend berwick street in soho and covent garden for rough trade. also old street for smallfish. some people say portobello, but all i've been to thre is the other rough trade... apparently there are some good record shops though...

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Oh well I have well and truly f**ked that one up! Can someone just delete those two posts? I can't edit them, left off a quotation mark and somehow linked the edit button to my webpage, with half of the message on that page if you click it. In fact, looking at it, it looks rather cool! So maybe leave it. I don't know. Looks like I certainly DON'T "know what to do"!... :(
Something I did was in a video screened at Tate Britain once. Tracey Emin was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1999 and they showed a video of her flat as one of her entries. Panning round you could see a pile of CDs next to her stereo and on the top was a copy of the first
Something I did was in a video screened at Tate Britain once. Tracey Emin was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1999 and they showed a video of her flat as one of her entries. Panning round you could see a pile of CDs next to her stereo and on the top was a copy of the first
yeah the kak.Worm.. didn't i mention that earlier... quite fun... i have a gif of the dialog box it pop's up somewhere, cos i quite like it... but it just multiplys for ever, and if it got into yr HTML mailout it would be realy hard to stop people from propagating it unknowingly... quite easy to get rid of though... and then install the outlook express update. i hate microsoft, but i want an x--box. well, i want to see what the x-box is like... check this out too... i don't know much about carter (he was a peanut farmer right?) .. i don't think i was alive during his presidency, but at least he's letting bush know he's a wanker... claus: get a nightbus on a friday or saturday night. preferably at about 4 am. from there you will see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the disgusting... go to hmv trocadero and steal something (my girlfriend works there...)... go to rough trade and smallfish...
Anyone with a spare gig and a half on a webserver please email me about hosting the A212 collection.
Just got sent WScript.Kak.Worm. "The worm utilizes a known Microsoft Outlook Express security hole so that a viral file is created on the system without having to run any attachment. Simply reading the received email message will cause the virus to be placed on the system." Claus, you have to, for sure, go to The London Eye. Its simply awesome. Then stroll down to the Tate Modern. Do a Pepsi Max Drop at the Trocadero. Drink some beer. Eat some Cornish Pasties.
I'm comming to London for next week. What should I do / see?
WASHINGTON--A researcher in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's cyber-protection unit unleashed a fast-spreading Internet virus that e-mailed private FBI documents to outsiders. Although the Sircam virus didn't spread to other computers at the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center, it did send at least eight documents to a number of outsiders. One, about the investigation into an unrelated virus, was marked "official use only."
This is just fucking typical America. First they are the only country to not accept the Kyoto/Bonn treaty, and now this. Man, I'm beginning to _really_ dislike Dubya. At least - if Mr. and Mrs. America has any brains left in 3 years - it'll be a long time 'till they get such a dimwitted president again. Someone oughta sue him. ARGH.
US rejects germ warfare plan The United States says it will not back a proposed international plan for enforcing a ban on using germs as a weapon of war. FUCK OFF YOU SLAAAAAAGS!
SirCam is giving me hours of enjoyment; I'm seeing some super strange subject lines: satscape_v1, Vicente Rodriguez - Volver Volver, PROJECT IN RAJASTHAN, IH Probationer Oath, Focus Report Linux, THE STORY OF THE IRISH RACE, New videotec HK 2000 Euro Pricelist, Delta Status Report Draft May24_2001, LIVING WILL Ken... Copy of Copy of VES Rate REVISED?! Dude... a copy of a copy of a revised document? Oh no... the best SirCammer so far: Network Security Breaches.
UK UNDERSTAND WHAT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN - is the westwood going down? should he be attacked so? does many man still rate him? can anybody else drop the bomb? does anyone care? these people obviously do: http://www.geocities.com/westwoodwatchdog personally I'm unsure what I think because I rarely listen to Mr Westwood, but this is an intresting, if perhaps a little trivial, debate nonetheless. at least you can decide for yourself
A white mouse is coming.
drukqs.com = Derek and Clive
SirCam'd again this morning, this time, posing as a ZIP file.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

We got SirCam'd in the DMZ between updates, so the VS didnt dig on it; saw the pif tag, blowtorched it into the hole, called for reinforcements, now we got three in quarantine. First to go, last to know
Yeah, I've been SirCam'd, twice as well, one just now. Disguised as bloody CVs too! Lucky ye olde Virus Scanner got them.
Hello Irdial People In appreciation of, and because I think its a great way to possibly spread some knowledge of what is essentially something very good from many different aspects, I have nominated and voted for Irdial Discs in the music and educational sections of the UK Net Awards. I reckon you will all want to go on there and make some noise so goto the address below and vote: http://www.uknetawards.co.uk/cat_select.asp Hope you're all well and doing whatever it is you should be doing - enjoy it is the only stipulation
Have any of you been SirCam'd yet? We have had two so far
X-Envelope-From: Geche1@aol.com 
From: Geche1@aol.com 
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 07:07:25 EDT 
Subject: why? 
To: irdial@irdialsys.win-uk.net 
X-Mailer: AOL 6.0 for Windows UK sub 10503 
X-Envelope-To: irdial@irdialsys.win-uk.net

it's probably due to a foot square piece of tinfoil with an elongated lemon at each corner.
thought so

Monday, July 23, 2001

Hegemony...you are the fairest...cr...
that's the track i was talking about! apparently you can't get it anywhere.... these two post buttons are really annoying me... it's like having two post boxes. one which never gets collected...
Incidentally I got the MM show where Matt Cogger plays one of the soundtracks Derrick May was commissioned to do for the first �Rambo� flick. It was never used. I assume there was made more tracks � anyone in the know? Anyway I got it as an approx. 50 meg MP3. If anyone got an FTP I will happily upload it.
the reason i don't use html mail, is that i caught the kak.Worm virus from the c8 mailing list (in fact it was from somatic responses i think) and then managed to pass it on to everyone at FatCat and some of my friends. But having said that, I would blame Outlook Express's very lame securityM rather than HTML email. If there is a hole there to exploit of course it is going to be used. So now I have my own computer, I use Eudora, which is much safer. Plus it's on a Mac... which is very sexy. I should be getting some Monser Music shows from FatCat soon too, last time I heard Dave was editing them in Peak, trying to get hold of that Rambo track...
HTML email is okay by me, as long as I hit the "work offline" button on Outlook Express before I read it [yep, my problem for being a windoze slaev ;) ], otherwise if I have disconnected from the net I get the dial up connection trying to reconnect me for each of the graphics etc, and that can be a pain. But I get other email lists (onelist and yahoo groups) in HTML format so that's no big deal. BUT - please find a space for the ascii logos and stuff (whether the mail is HTML or not) - they are very cool indeed, just like the legendary Irdial Tag. Is anything happening with Gnutella TV incidentally? My favourites of the Monster Music shows are Disco Lesson and Hip Hop 1983. Anyone else got faves there? I got sent the 1978-9 Scritti Politti stuff as MP3s this weekend - "Is and Ought the Western World..."
Eintsien advocated socialism aparently. I was cc'd into a fwd of this essay, which arrived early in the morning. This is what I replied to all: At 07:02 PM 7/22/01 -0700, Shawn Aron Vandor wrote: you caught me early in the morning, so i had a little time... *** society, are suffering from this process of deterioration. Unknowingly prisoners of their own egotism, they feel insecure, lonely, and deprived of the naive, simple, and unsophisticated enjoyment of life. Man can find meaning in life, short and perilous as it is, only through devoting himself to society. *** Absolutism + atheism + reductionism = suffering. Now *there* is an equation for you. When people without any understanding of human nature, in a fit of pity, try to solve the worlds problems using broken tools, disaster is the result. just ask anyone that lived under the USSR. *** The economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of the evil. *** Mandlebrot & every modern scientist would disagree; self organizing systems are inherently stable, even though at the moment, the economy is in an oscillating state, it is stable in that state, and needs only to be adjusted so that it shifts into a non oscillating stable state. There is no such thing as "economic anarchy". *** I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, *** Einstein was wrong about faster than light travel, amongst other things, and he is wrong about this. There is, for sure, more than one way to eliminate these terrible evils; socialism is, and this has now been _demonstrated_, NOT the only way, or ANY way to eliminate them. I don't have any problem with atheists, or socialists or anyone else. What I DO have a problem with is the behavior and assumptions of strongly convicted people, that only they have the answers, and if we only were to obey them, then all of our problems will be solved. Its not sufficient for them that they simply write down their ideas and promote them, or even live them to lead by example. They must *coerce* other people, replace and destroy the ideas and beliefs of others for their systems to be fulfilled. Blowing up statues, eliminating economic rights, enslavement, elimination of privacy; these are their tools and goals, and they strive for this with total, blind conviction. Scientists are the most irresponsible of all humans today; they believe that the whole world is a laboratory within which they can carry out any experiment they like with no regard for the consequences. Genetic Biologists are the worst offenders today, Nuclear scientists where the worst of the last generation. Einstein is their grandfather, and this essay proves it.
linux on your palm. what next?

Sunday, July 22, 2001

they've had that background for a few weeks now... i think that blue and green is vomit inducing though... but i do agree css is very cool... i was teaching my girlfirend the splendors of external style sheets just yesterday in fact... and the spell checker is down... :(
Ak-chelly, that Webmonkey homepage has just been 100% re-designed, and its identical in Mozilla and IE5, and is almost total CSS...wow...the Moire pattern in the upper left corner just r00lz ur ass....the tag is dead; now all we need is a decent editor (the next dreamweaver iteration) that allows you to control/create CSS like you control the old ass tag generation.
don't want to be rude or nuffink, but have you only just learnt css??? nah mate... :) anyway, go to google and click on preferences... now check out the languages... ;) 534RC|-|3D d4 \/\/3B 4 irdial . � R35UL7Z 1 - 10 0F 4B0U7 1,260. 534RC|-| t00K 0.43 53C0NdZ
We call it CSS.
Whois reports: Domain Name.......... drukqs.com Creation Date........ 2001-06-30 Registration Date.... 2001-06-30 Expiry Date.......... 2003-06-30 Organisation Name.... Banjo String Organisation Address. 69 Vicars Pube Organisation Address. Organisation Address. London Organisation Address. de1 1ex Organisation Address. East Midlands Organisation Address. GREAT BRITAIN (UK)
yeah yeah aphex twin is king... i can't wait to hear drukqs (turn it up loud, you fakkin cunt...) especially the supposed satie-esque tracks, which are probably crappy soft synth piano second rate ditties... i want to buy a conet project t shirt, but not having bought the cd, i'd feel like a bit of a cunt myself. so maybe i'll buy the two together. i have however, subscribed to the whole mystery of the thing after reading about it in obsessive eye... as for obnoxious, i have decided my hip hop name, should i ever need one, would be noxious, or nox for short... nox�ious (nkshs) adj. 1. Harmful to living things; injurious to health: noxious chemical wastes. 2. Harmful to the mind or morals; corrupting: noxious ideas. however, make sure you fools don't get me mixed up with no noisome shit either. Noisome, Noxious. These words have to a great extent been interchanged; but there is a tendency to make a distinction between them, applying noxious to things that inflict evil directly; as, a noxious plant, noxious practices, etc, and noisome to things that operate with a remoter influence; as, noisome vapors, a noisome pestilence, etc. Noisome has the additional sense of disgusting. A garden may be free from noxious weeds or animals; but, if recently covered with manure, it may be filled with a noisome smell. and what happened to the spell checker? oh, and if irdial should get in trouble for my disgusting language, could you please refer the complaint to mr james. as i was paraphrasing his website.

Saturday, July 21, 2001

I had an email from someone (unrelated to Irdial-List) saying that HTML email is "obnoxious". This "complaint" came after the THIRD email that was sent to this person, (two similar emails failing to solicit a complaint) who is a "UNIX sysadmin". hmmmm lets see what Mr. Webster says... One entry found for obnoxious. Main Entry: ob�nox�ious Pronunciation: �b-'n�k-sh&s, &b- Function: adjective Etymology: Latin obnoxius, from ob in the way of, exposed to + noxa harm -- more at NOXIOUS Date: 1597 1 archaic : exposed to something unpleasant or harmful -- used with to 2 archaic : deserving of censure 3 : odiously or disgustingly objectionable : highly offensive - ob�nox�ious�ly adverb - ob�nox�ious�ness noun Nothing there that can be in ANY WAY related to recieving HTML EMAIL, unless you are using archaic english. Disgustingly objectinonable? Highly offensive? Not applicable here for rational people. Perhaps it can be called "Annoying"? hmmmm lets see: 1 : to disturb or irritate especially by repeated acts [my italics] 2 : to harass especially by quick brief attacks intransitive senses : to cause annoyance - an�noy�er noun synonyms ANNOY, VEX, IRK, BOTHER mean to upset a person's composure. ANNOY implies a wearing on the nerves by persistent petty unpleasantness IF I KNEW THAT YOU DIDNT LIKE HTML EMAIL. It would be better, more mannered, useful, sensible, human, to simply say, AFTER THE FIRST EMAIL, and NOT THE THIRD, "please do not send me HTML email, since I cannot see it." How hard can that be? There is nothing like good manners and good humor. It makes the world infinitely more pleasant. For example, someone who subscribes to Irdial-List said: if you are going to continue sending lists in html, i will unsubscribe. plaintext ONLY please. or did you recently subscribe to AOL? 8) now that is a well mannered, balanced complaint. It is gentle, humorous, (AOL, oh dear!), makes its point forcefully but keeps human civilized relations intact. Over reacting, illiterate use of language and ill manners solves nothing, exposes ones weaknesses and alienates your potential comrades. Aparently, AOL in version 6 is HTML only for its email. Why is this being done? HTML email looks good and works good for the millions and millions of "ordinary people" who are populating the internet in increasing numbers. Everyone has to make a choice, and some have already sided, by excluding all AOL6 users from forums because of this HTML issue. This is one way of doing it, but you will NEVER gather new believers in any substantial numbers by taking the incredibly irrational stance of saying that HTML email is "Obnoxious". You will never reach them with the important messages, like "get off of AOL". Linux will not reach its full revolutionary potential if it does not embrace even the most simple things like HTML email. No "ordinary person" will put up with being constrained to plaintext email. Asking people to accept only plaint text email is like asking everyone on earth to live without telehones just because the majority of people on earth do not have telephones. That is absurd. No one will go for it. Of course there are people who WANT to be separate from everyone. These isolationists are actually the enemies of change and the improvement of the software and hardware markets. Thankfully there are some farsighted people who are thinking ahead, with a wide vision, and are taking the steps necessary to make powerful systems that are palatable and usable to everyone, no matter what your skill level is. Gnome have just done a usability study in conjunction with SunMicrosystems to evaluate the Gnome desktop. Moves like this are essential if "the better result" is going to happen. The alternative that we will end up with if people cant start behaving is two paralell and separate types of internet, one populated by AOL / .net people, and a small number of aggressive, bitter, isolated, shrinking, bickering hobbyists who, thanks to thier inhuman, mannerless and tunnel vision constrained attitudes will consign any hope of a breaking of the stranglehold on software (including music) and hardware to the garbage. If you dont think that this can happen, just ask anyone that used to use dial up BBSes in the 1990s. They have all dissapeard, the culture that went along with them has also dissapeared, replaced by the internet. The internet as we know it will also be replaced. You can bet on it. Wether its replaced with something we want or something that a small clutch of business men want is, literally, up to what we do today, and how we deal with each other. As for Irdial-Discs, after sending out HTML email to Irdial-List containing BLOGDIAL, we SOLD SOME T-SHIRTS when people clicked on the pictures. Text links to t-shirts dont sell t-shirts. Do you want Irdial-Discs to die or survive? If the difference between us selling t-shirts and surviving and not selling t-shirts and folding means making a choice between using HTML and text only email, then the choice is clear, and I think you will all agree with me; HTML email is the way to go, especially since people seem unable to respond to a written call to action to do something. "Prove Me Wrong" as Beniot says!

Friday, July 20, 2001

w00t. I just ordered the Conet & Blogdial ones :) I'm so fucking impulsive.
This week, we got our first check from Cafe Press! Thanks to everyone who bought a t-shirt, just in case you didnt know, this is what they look like (for the moment)...
The Conet Project Open Content Baby Doll. Nuff Said BLOGDIAL We are the best! Buy...Buy now...and....Be Happy
ATC vermin, under strict hear no evil see no evil speak no evil instructions LIE AND LIE AGAIN year after year. But does it matter anymore?
"That's what I mean when I say, 'Boom!'"

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Just spend hours on this with Satie playing underneath. Stunning. Breathtaking. *** D.E.C.A.D.E.N.C.E ***
Dmitry Slyarov of ElcomSoft got arrested monday morning by the FBI in Las Vegas airport. He was attending Defcon.
zeit�geist | Pronunciation: 'tsIt-"gIst, 'zIt | Function: noun | Etymology: German, from Zeit (time) + Geist (spirit) | Date: 1884 | Meaning: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era
all these aphex-memories that makes me think of the time when I was not even a teenager. I was 11 or 12. my brother worked at a record shop or some label or something and on his last day at work he got some cd's. one of them was SAW II. that night I (for some reason) had to sleep in my brothers room, on the floor. he asked me: niclas, is it ok if I listen to this new album I've got. I said sure (well he's older and stronger and dumber; he would have listened to it no matter what I answered) and from that moment on I was in another world. I didn't sleep all night and spent many nights in my brothers room (cd-players was far too expensive for an 11 year old boy). of course, my brother didn't like this at all having his younger, annoying brother sleeping on the floor in his room so eventually I had no other option that save all my money for a long time and finally buy my own cd-player. my dad gave me money to buy a cd and the one I bought was of course '... i care because you do'. SAW II had I already borrowed for long time from my brother. have to say that my parents didn't like me listening to ventolin at max volume. I liked it though. still do, 7 years after that.
I admit it. I am guilty of giving Barrie a buttload of Aphex to listen to... Lemme see, I myself heard about him first back around the time Windowlicker came out (mind you, I never had a musical taste 'till I was 16 or so - I'm 20 now). I was rummaging through Hotline looking for some "real techno" as I called it at the time, I think I was actually looking for some silly trance/euro-techno or some shit like that. Anyway, I barge into this server & ask the admin if he has some real techno & he points me to KMFDM (which is industrial... I guess he didn't know his genres either) and Aphex Twin. Now, I wasn't so happy about the KMFDM, but the Aphex Twin track ('twas Girl/Boy Song) blew my mind. The violin and the snarerushes... Mmm... Today my taste is eclectic at best & I find myself enjoying any and all music that is clever (and some that is not, but don't tell anyone, I'm ashamed). Barrie forced me to listen to GYBE! some months ago and I can't stop. My recent acquirings include Roger Waters, Nobukazu Takemura, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (Mmm punk covers), Less than Jake, Bullfrog (Kid Koala's band) and Live Human (DJ Quest and band are simply admirable in their funkiness). Yep. PS: I can't stand Creed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

haha, auntie... you sound a lot like me in terms of musical taste. My palate is all over the place and really can't be defined. My first musical transformation occured when I listened to "Echoes" by Pink Floyd. I had known of "One Of These Days" previously, but had never listened to Meddle, the album each song is on. My father got me the box set Shine On years ago for christmas, and I was like "alright, Meddle!" I put it in, and Fearless astounded me when it came on. I now realize that that song was VERY early to be having a found sound in it. Echoes blew me away. It was long, and deep, and very original. It was all over the place. The amount of emotion that exploded at the climax of the song made me want to cry. I started getting more and more interested in music after that, and amassed quite a collection, though nothing I bought had more of an impact than Echoes did. Mikkel here turned me onto AFX just under two years ago, I think. I was listening to SAW Vol. II, not a good thing for a beginner, but then White Blur II came on (for some reason disc 2 came before disc 1). I was freaked out and amazed. A musical epiphany, if you will. I never knew there were people doing things like this with music. How did RDJ do it? What did he use? What inspired him? I was set for a musical journey. My third big epiphany came when I listened to Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven by Godspeed You Black Emperor! I had always been a fan of loooong tracks, and had read a review mentioning the track times. That's the only thing that inspired me to get this album. When I listened to it, I was amazed people were doing this with rock instruments. The song structure was completely different to any rock song I had previously heard (I later learned this was called "Post Rock"). I was blown away by its depth and beauty. After listening to that album, I began searching for things like it, and now my record collection is filled with oddities from all over. How wonderful! PS to auntie: I too have a great fondness for Pearl Jam. I have since discovered many of their newer works and was pleased to find a great depth and complexity in their songwriting.
I know I'm a little late but I just wanted to bore you all with my own little Aphex Twin story .... let me take you back to 94 - I was a dyed in the wool grunge head: Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam (for whom I still have a secret fondness), etc. - I was blinkered and chest-thumpingly passionate about this music to the exclusion of all else. Picture this - Friday night stoned at home (yeah yeah I know.... ), flat mate out with his extremely annoying girlfriend - I fancied a change of music - rummaging through some tapes (when was the last time anyone played a compact cassette ?!?) I found a forgotten tape someone had lent me months before: a Black Dog live set on one side and Selected Ambient Works 85-92 on the other. I stuck the tape in the player and was carried off somewhere else. Music has always been important to me but this was a revelation - a personal paradigm shift (I kid you not!). Music of awesome depth and subtlety - the more I listened the more I heard (like a magic eye picture) - I found something in music that I hadn't previously known was there. Now I listen to and enjoy pretty much anything and everything (my last two vinyl purchases were Kool and the Gang, Best of and Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives by Prefuse73). The lack of consistency in my musical taste has led to me being banned from the decks coz I love to fuck everyone up .... "Whadya mean ? This is my set !" ...... and that's the end of my little story - which was basically to say that Richard James is a dangerous, piss-taking, disrespectful, irreverent genius and thankfully he's not alone.
Eep. Someone oughta port fast track for mac. that would rule... Interesting read, davros. I agree with Willett. Religion is inevitable in intelligent beings... For many people it is not enough to know facts - they need more. A meaning, if you will. Personally, I'm agnostic with regards to the concept of a supreme being. I believe it possible, yet unrealistic, and I haven't seen it proven yet. With regards to creationism & all that, well, it's bollocks. I also ordered 2 Remixes by AFX. Mmm...
One for the atheists, gamblers and alien fans amongst us

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Have you all seen this?: Fast Track Its the company that has created the improved, scaleable Gnutella like network protocol that has fuelled the services that are now bigger than Napster was on Kaza, Morpheus and Grokster. Based outside the USA, and with an unnasailable infrastructure, this is something really exiting, especially as they have had 1 million downloads in one week.

Monday, July 16, 2001

I just bought Come To Daddy by the almighty RDJ today... that's one freaky track. I fucking love it. Genius, the whole EP. Also got SAW 85-92 a couple of weeks ago. On sale price of course. The regular price here was 28 bucks... for 1 CD. Ouch. I got it for 22, I can live with that. Also a great great disc. Many of the tracks aren't really "ambient," though, but who cares...
Irdial-Discs "top ten" as reported on the BBC website And now, the BBC is transmitting an MI5 signal, in the form of a clip from The Lincolnshire Poacher!
In Russia, apparently, it's illegal to sell software without the ability to make "at least one backup copy of the data it works with." Crack Adobe Ebook 2 Webpage

Sunday, July 15, 2001

"In order to decide if the Victory he is interrupted, in the intention, they sichtbarmachungen he to arrestarsi that they are these, if therefore necessarily if, surely, this he. This has..." http://www.tashian.com/multibabel/
BoOTsY Description: Official Bootsy Collins website, the albums, gallery, and music. Category: Arts > Music > ... > Bands and Artists > Parliament-Funkadelic > Collins, Bootsy www.bootsycollins.com/ - 4k - Cached - Similar pages

Saturday, July 14, 2001

you think you're in a minority barrie? i listen to britney /and/ radiohead. in fact i am listening to them now... i've never got into them before, like the ok computer thing i thought they were boring and if they chopped their songs up they might be better.. i was more interested in helen love and digital hardcore at that point. any song over 1:50 was prog rock in my eyes... but they can write good songs at times.. what annoys me most is that there will be loads of lame indie goth teen angst kids thinking that radiohead write this far out trippy futuristic electronic music... THEY DON'T!!!! they write derivative, cliched, lame attempts at electronic music... and as for the manure/farmers thing. my dad's a farmer. but i haven't seen him handle manure like that... but then, he does enjoy growing things...
no doubt about it, the deepest sludgiest letching corners are the growbags of the truest beauty ........ ever witnessed the unadulterated joy that farmers take in handling their manure ? ....... the life stories of all the greats read like a definitive list of all that we're taught to bury deep & try to ignore ..... .............................................
Going to a big ol' rock n' roll fest tonight and tomorrow. Should be good dumb fun. Back to the topic of Radiohead, the worst thing I think about that band are it's fans... they tend to be *really* lame. They take the band WAY too seriously and anyone who says something even a little bit negative about the band gets flamed to all holy hell. It's really fucking pathetic. They must all be a very insecure bunch. :/ Yeah, I like them (I realize I'm in a huge minority here... *feels lonely*) but I'm not a fucking moron like some of the fans I've met. Christ. Seems like all "die hard fans" of any band are so attached to their wonderband that they have no eye for innovation or differring opinion or freedom of thought. It's just as bad as the morons who listen to Britney Spears, in my eyes. But that's just my opinion.
big up the blogdial posse on irdial list.. wayhey.. at the first scroll through i thought you had edited out all alex_tea entries... that's my twisted ego for you... anyway... whilst watching south park tonight we were laughing at the thought of their being such a thing as NABLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) so we did a google search for it. Not only was I shocked and appalled that it exists... but reading their propaganda made me feel a little queer. (sorry for the lame jokes). anyway, after looking more into it, my initial feelings calmed down. yeah ok it's (in my mind) a bit, well, very fucking sick and twisted, but who am i to say it's wrong for them to exist.. still it makes me shudder... and allen ginsberg (!!!!) was a fully paid up member.. that's very weird. or maybe not. i don't know much about him. i have read a couple of poems, and respected him as an artist. but maybe that's just mass opinion shoved down my throat. what's to stop him being a good artist and a pervert? i mean only today i was hearing third hand stories of messers aphex, squarepusher and cunningham being a right bunch of letches.. anyway, back to the point... there's a quite funny article here... my favourite quote, from a NAMBLA member. "I'm not a master debator" Ha Ha... Oh yes, you are. on a lighter note. check out bLectum from bLetchdom's live set at the purcell rooms from earlier this year. that has to be the most life affirming gig i have ever been to. they are my favourite band of all time ever ever ever... "there's a boobique in here; my tit's are on fire!" was so much funnier when they pointed at their t shirts which had appropriately placed flames on them... ho ho ho.

Friday, July 13, 2001

template update... for the sake of relevance Sake is a depressant...
hello people - I would like to invite you all to a free party near Glasgow - Woodstick is on the 4th of August this year - if you want to know more about the event please vivist http://www.kautious.btinternet.co.uk and check out the events page - more later - and for the sake of relevance - I agree that Mr James is a particularly talented chap - and as I often say - manic depression, you gotta laugh/cry/laugh/cry/laugh..
New article on P2PQ at Zeropaid Radiohead: there is nothing wrong with being depressed. Jaco Pastorius suffered from depression, as have many geniuses. What we hate is BAD MUSIC / SUCK-SHIT / NAVEL GAZING / LamErS. We want innovation, exitement, awe inspiration, FUN, adrenalin, hysteria, beauty, Art, revelation, transformation, uplifting, sonic devastation and real emotion expressed with any combination of the latter. One night, in 1994, at Disobey in Islington, one of the acts was billed as ??????? ?????. When this act started, there was no one on stage. There was simply, the most brutal, explosive, scary, wild, mind bending, far out, extreme, jaw dropping, inexplicable, stupifying and insane sounds that I have ever heard. After this "set" was finished, a voice came over the PA: if you would like to find out who was behind that set and how it was done, go to the back of the room where you can find the details. On sale at the back of the room was a set of limited edition sealed envelopes, made from maps, that had black envelopes in them that in turn contained square pieces of sandpaper with perfect holes in the centers for a record spindle. On the front of the inner envelope was the name of the responsible person. The person behind this set was:
Richard James ??????? ?????
Richard James is one of the most mind blowing and exiting artists ever to make records. I became a 100% believer on that night, and anyone who was not totally converted / convinced on that same night could not have been in the same room. What a man. What a maniac. What a genius!
Gilleleje. It's a smallish town (some 8000 ppl) on the northernmost coast of Zeeland (Sj�lland)... I'm sad cause it's so far. I'm trying to arrange something this january though. I'm so poor.
On a totally kickass note, Dave Kelly drew me!

whereabouts is this ? I was out in Aarhus a few weeks back & went rummaging around the forests & beaches to the south - much beautiful ................. sad because you fell in love, or because she's from a faraway land ? ........ congratulations anyway ........ a great way to get a cheap holiday ;]
They certainly are a depressed bunch, if one judges from the music =) It's good when you feel self-pity hehe, which I do a lot ... :p ... Oh, and today the Hill-festival starts here, they started it back a hundred years ago to buy the beach off the private people & now all beach in Denmark is publich. Quite nice. Anyway, the festival continues & is an excellent opportunity to get hella drunk & roll around in your own vomit for days straight. I like that .. And I fell in love too, with a girl from the other side of the world. =(
mmmmm ...... out of respect for balanced discussion, i have to admit that when they have their moments they're often sparkling, i just wish they'd look up a little more often, you know, enjoy the fresh air ....... : )
Speaking of coding and so forth, XSLT is a lovely coding thing. I spend my days here at work transforming XML with that. IT HAS THE POWER! And it's mostly tags, just like all good markup languages. <farewell>goodbye!</farewell>
Blargh. I like radiohead myself, a lot. But I'm not gonna argue with you at all, cause you're completely entitled to saying they're shit... and I can really see why you think they're shit. They ARE pretentious a lot of the time, after all. But saying I like Radiohead doesn't mean I don't like great shit like say... Caacrinolas. Or Mirror. Or Lesser. Or Aphex... mmm, weirdness.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

oh, and radiohead ............. i made the fatal mistake of listening to the new waste offload straight after breakfast a couple of days running & it almost destroyed my will to live .... ...... very nearly got me into the frame of mind to give up the programming course ........ give up everything in fact ........... .......... remember, kids, just say " fuck off and cheer up, imagination-dead greebos " ...... it's just not worth the sacrifice.......... think of your families, the social stigma, people pointing at you as you shuffle mournfully along the street ....... " radiohead fan, radiohead fan " they whisper as they cross to the other side of the street
I'm with you, alex ........ commenting serves as a major memory aid, saves so much time in comparison to the time wasted if you don't bother & have to revisit some time later ... i've just caught on to its value, having just finished the pascal stage of a visual c++ course - couldn't see much point in it at first ( aside from the fact that documentation counts for a fair share of marks in the exam ), but having left a long program alone for a few weeks and come back to it finding myself fairly lost, as well as being shown some c code ( !!? ) in the interim, which to my at the moment untutored and baffled eye demands some kind of signposting, i'm now fully converted to the benefits ................... ..................... it's a strange and beautiful business though, this coding underbelly ...... never figured it'd get to me the way it has / is, but its hypnotic quality has worked its magic ( serious doubts a few weeks ago aside ) ............... ..................
Hehe, you've got a point there. On a totally unrelated note, I can't wait till Aphex Twin's new album Drukqs comes out. Man. The tracklisting was just published a while ago (you can see it here, with translations from welsh & cornish). I'm such a sucker for hype =)
If you want to read something funny, read about how top Perl geeks charge $20,000 for one weekend of perl training PER PERSON! Thats what we call a $BIGNUMBER Im all for humor, but when you are trying to get your head into a space, and understand something tricky (like regexps), joke cracking, unless its carefully used, can be a useless distraction. The humor starts from the first page; spare the jokes until later in the book, I want to learn Perl!
Perl programming books always have a quirky sort of humor. I guess it's because us perl-heads are nerds & /*n?x/ people (bonus to people who understood that in first go. Not that it was that hard). And you know how it is with groups. Lots of you-had-to-be-there. I haven't bothered much with .net. I should look into it though. Know thy enemy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Im currently reading / doing "Learning Perl 2nd Edidion" Its very good; though I dont like the way Shwartz & Co. use nonsense words as variables in examples sometimes. After knowing only BASIC, Perl is not too much of a big leap. Perl, when its properly written, reads like english; it has grammar. Of course TIMTOWTDI, and you can write Perl that is totally illedgible. They have contests to see who can write the most obscured Perl routines...If any of you are using a cool editor, let me know; I use Jedit most of the time, because it visually alerts you when you mess up your syntax. Anyone taken a look at the .Net specifcation? They will never get away with it.....or maybe not. And as for the blogger two buttons problem, just press "post & publish" by default...works for me. info anarchy has done a piece on P2PQ M/Y
Oops. Stupid two post buttons. That's weird. I should learn how to play some instruments. Oh wait, that's right. I have 10 hour workdays. ragh. And other shit. Stupid... other... things. Oh well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

well, I thought I'd cancelled that blog - things were taking so long to happen I pasted it into a text doc and was going to post it later! ahh well. I guess things are happening on blogger even if you think they aren't.

Monday, July 09, 2001

looks like davros is doing the same as barrie... post & publish, why they have two is beyond me... and what happens if two people are wrinting to the same blog and both press publish at the same time? i have started commenting my actionscript. it's quite funny, cos i just go off about i wasn't really sure how to do that part and stuff, but it's not like anyone will ever see it... i might do some open source stuff once i get R107.co.uk up and running though... it dies help if you have to go back and change stuff like 2 months later though!
Faces to names and all that...here's me, playing guitar and rocking in South Tottenham with Vehicle Derek last week. If you chop the jpeg reference off the end of that url you get a directory listing, which is rubbish, but I never made the website. So should you wish to see more live photos of my guitar band, go here.
Hehe, people are born hypocrites. I reckon Sam's Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days is excellent, although at times a bit light. The O'Reilly series is excellent as well. Porting wouldn't be so damned hard if people commented their code and kept platform specifics out of the main routines. PS: Barrie, I think you're hitting "post" instead of "post & publish", cause each time I come in here, there's an unpublished post of yours.
Most of the warez I have I would not use if I had to pay for it. So basically, they wouldn't get my business anyway. And if I did start really needing the software, I'd most likely pay for it, like if it were for some nifty sound program or something. Unless it was Photoshop or something. They don't need my money. I'm not exactly wealthy.
why is it hard to port between platforms? i mean c is c whatever/// well it should be. until you get down to assembler and kernel type stuff all languages should be made multiplatform. it sucks that they aren't. luckily for me the only programming i do right now is java, actionscripting and perl (well, i will start soon) and they are all cross platform. i am going to learn c / pocketc too... are warez bad? i mean, should i care that i own like well over �10,000 of warez? actually maybe that's a bit much, or is it, i dunno, i have loads of stuff i haven't paid for. in fact the only software i've ever bought is quake3. oh yeah and tie fighter for my pc about 5 years ago. and loads of nes, snes and dreamcast games, but they don't count. especially as i have loads of roms now... i could have gone to the radiohead thing, but the thought of being somewhere that big is scary, i dunno. just gigs like that are totally crap... like party in the park as well.. i wondered why the piccadilly line was so packed this morning... wouldn't mind seeing destiny's child though, although i guess they just mime, apart from beyonce. actually they are annoying me now, like loads of hip hop stuff, like missy and all that where they go off about god at the end of their album, as if they are fucking saints. like ok, i will rap about sex and swear loads, and break all of the ten commandments (especially avarice) and maybe even mention a few murders but it's ok cos i love god. what's the fucking point in following a religion if you ignore most of it? fake ass niggaz. i think there is a bit of an interview with me on the audiogalaxy website somewhere, about the e-rmx project. one last thought: can anyone recommend a learning perl book for a total l4m3r?! cheers.

Sunday, July 08, 2001

Everybody of course have heard of xircle which is as easy as it gets (now with an OSX version!). I have found some great people on IRC...its serverd me well, despite EFFnet being extremely hostile in places. Radiohead? I have to agree with Davros, Radiohead are NOT my cup of ANYTHING. Just like Tortoise. They both suck so bad its almost like youre dreaming of a crap band, only to find that you are not asleep, and yes, "oh shit", these guys really exist.
Oh yeah, IRC is nice, but it's so hard to get into the good spots - like hotline I suppose - I mean, there are queues and ratios and all that. And waay too many people on the channels who just go !list and no chatting. It's boring, really. I use it for gettin the newest Jackass once in a while, though. It should be relatively easy to at least to do a commandline port for OSX... But I heard that they got XFree running and also some other niceties to make it easier. So that's good I suppose. I can live with CLIs though - what matters is the functionality.
well, I wouldn't expect you to go if you didn't like them. :p that's just silly. that is, however, a really big concert. I never used IRC because I never really got into it. That's all there is to it. :/

Saturday, July 07, 2001

hey, wow, Radiohead are playing a huge concert here in Oxford tonight, 40, 000 people in the crowd etc. I'm not going though, and I am really glad as I despise that band.
I wish that it was easy to port software to every platform; havig been involved in a complex software project, I can testify to the dificulty of porting an application to multiple OSes. In an ideal world, I would have one person doing the development for the windoze version of P2PQ another for Linux and one for MacOSX, but it would have been extremely expensive, when we are putting all of our efforts into creating a working project. We hope to be able to create a native MacOSX client and a native Linux Client, but if thats not possible, then it will have to be Java for all non windoze OSes, which would suck a little, since java is generally slow. I cant understand why Mac people never use IRC; you can find EVERYTHING YOU WANT on IRC, its a piece of piss to use, and blows Hotline out of the water... As for those kids who posted links to MP3s, well, any court that upholds something like that is simply making the law an ass. They clearly cannot distinguish between a device and a piece of text. A device is a physical object, like a hard drive or monitor, a piece of text, wether its hypertext or plaintext, is (or should be) protected as a universal right when it comes to publishing. If a link points to a copyrighted file or text, it does not connect to it in any way like taking the actual text and reproducing it this is the critical distinction that the courts cannot make. It might take the death of all the judges and thier replacement by computer literate people for these legal precedents to be struck down. I cant wait for some Ambulance Chaser to realize that Google and all of the other serach engines are doing the exact same thing that Napster was doing. Now THAT would be a cause celeb! (SP)

Friday, July 06, 2001

I never really bothered with napster, mostly because I hate it. Actually, it has become a wee bit better during the end, when all the mainstream got sorted out. It was nice & easy to find obscure punk covers and such. Right nice. Also, Hotline is it, if you can find servers. Just ask around and you will eventually run into some cool people. Just stay the hell away from the big trackers, there's nothing there. Also, most post-1.2.3 servers are rubbish. My brother tried out audiogalaxy (it's pc-only - what bollocks), and it's decent. So's soulseek (which has loads & loads of IDM, btw). Also pc-only. I'm up for porting those suckers, I reckon. =) There were some kids in Denmark who got sued for posting links to mp3s, and what's more is that the danish version of RIAA won. Horrible breach of human rights or something. Anyway, one of the kids died, and it has been very hard to find out if it was suicide, which I think it is. Damn the capitalists.

Thursday, July 05, 2001

Music City used to run many open nap servers, where millions of tracks could be found. Then they switched over to Morpheus, which i have not yet tried. I would be VERY surprised if anyone pays to use Napster. Why should you pay someone money to list the tracks you have on your HD? After all, thats what Napster does, it lists tracks. If someone takes on the role of the major player on Open Nap we may see a return of high population / quality Napster use. They will have to find a country where the legislature understands the difference between hosting a list of the location of information and hosting the information itself. This is a crucial difference that computer illiterates simply do not get, and its what brought Napster crashing down. If they can get people to pay for access, it will be a big breakthrough for the subscription model. That has got to be one of the shortest lived revolutions ever. There are still plenty of open nap servers online; it doesnt appear that they are linked: Napigator keeps a dynamic list of whats running.
Napster was great. I'll miss it. Now that it's gone, I find it much harder to even find bootlegs of obscure bands' shows, because no one uses it anymore. Limewire IS very slow on OS 9. I think it's because 9 has sloppy java support. Actually, and mac os prior to X has had sloppy java support. Hotline is only good if you were around back in the days of actual proper servers, not banner whores. I run a private mp3 server, have been for a long time. It's still the most effective way I can get mp3s, due to my members being wicked cool uploaders. But not everyone has that of course, so the mp3 scene is pretty crappy again... almost underground again. Weird how things change.

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

napster is fucked. no only do they have a former member of the RIAA (conflict of interests?) sitting as CEO, but now you //have/// to upgrade to a new version of the client, so they can properly identify and censor your files. and macigator has shut down so i can't even do openNap stuff... napster was great, because it was just mp3s, it was quick and easy to get to what you wanted. yeah you can do audio only or video only searches on gnutella, but it is slow, especially limewire on mac os 9. maybe it's because it's java, but it just seems really cumbersome... hotline is cool, but people get greedy and you take hours trying find a login, end up with loads of porn and spam in your mailbox, searching to find a login/password. i have a hotmail account specifically for the job, and it gets full really quickly. so then, unless a 'nix client of napigator will run on osx it looks like the end of the road for me and napster. so long charlie brown.

Tuesday, July 03, 2001

hey we hacked into our on digital card and now get all channels all of the time. the trick is to have it unplugged from the phone line, but i doubt sky would let you do that. i wouldn't give rupert murdoch the money in the first place. can this be real? I love my Bonsai Kitten!

Monday, July 02, 2001

Man, how did she feel when thousands of people smashed her husband to pieces with giant hammers? haha, man. :P I'll throw in 10 dollars I still have from when I was in the US =D
A woman who got married to the Berlin Wall. Note that I said "TO" the Berlin Wall. In 1979 apparently. And more importantly...

Sunday, July 01, 2001

Ergh... can't help but feel somewhat responsible for bogging down guerilla news. I sent that link to everyone I know... who knows how many it got sent to after that. :x