Wednesday, December 31, 2003


yoga, running (at least twice a week), learning PERL, more graphic novels (especially by neil gaiman -- just about to finish American Gods... wow!), more kissing, more Linux, more raw food. Love to all. Have good 2004s.
This coming year I plan on playing more cards, learning & playing backgammon ... maybe make a back gammon board ... yes, that would be something ... i will post results ... hope all your wishes bear fruit ...
do not NOT DO either. You must DO, or nothing will be DONE. Doing worthless work is worse than withdrawing from a withering "scene".
What I long for is feelings. In 2003 I was felt by and felt John Fahey's Red Cross. New Film? No. I want feelings like Once Were Warriors, It's A Wonderful Life... simple adrenalin and cpu power doesn't fill the holes. New Art? Can't think of any. Seeing Gursky 'really' for the first time maybe 5 years ago was the last time I was struck. (And then it wasn't new, just there before me...). And also an exhibition at the Modern Art museum in Amsterdam at New Year 2000, the artist of which I have forgotten, but there was a glass fronted automaton full of branches and a stuffed bird... stick in a guilder and the lights dimmed, a blackbird's song is heard, over which is played some heart-breaking Beethoven... one listens in stunned awe for maybe a minute, maybe an hour... the song ends and a small box is expelled for the viewer, which, upon opening, is found to contain a drug capsule. Prozac or cyanide? It's all in the mind... This year we walked out of an opera rather than sit through ENO's repackaged 'modernised' dross. Paco Pena's flamenco production was stunning and full of life, but I'm not sure it counts. At least, it was well worth going out for. Most other stuff that touched me in 2003 was old, that I had missed before. Next October Bruce Naumann is 'doing' the turbine hall at Tate Modern. I'm quite looking forward to that.
I feel the way you do. Hence I have been turning down offers of doing gigs, and haven't been to see much live music of late. Mostly this is because I hate coming away feeling sick from the heat and smoke that pervades so many venues, and really, people want to see guitars onstage, not little old me, projections, improvisations or otherwise. The excitement in live music is more or less impossible to achieve in today's cities, just as the excitement of driving a car is. We need to look elsewhere. The following have already been done... Bigger Louder Crazier Faster More spectacular Wilder Darker Heavier Funkier Naughtier Ruder Sexier Druggier Don't attempt to do these. Don't attempt to do the opposite either. Ignore by all means, but do not NOT DO either. You must DO, or nothing will be DONE.
someone nice wrote: > I want to hear the new akin. A bright and optimistic akin. Shining prince. I feel optimistic, that is certain, but, in the middle of a hurricane I don�t expect the sun to instantly come out and the birds to sing. If I am to go out somewhere, it has to be for some enlightenment; either for some new or beautiful music or new ideas. New ideas means /normalment/ lectures or writing or exhibitions. New music means not a new release of something familiar, but a new instance of something /unfamiliar/. I will not settle for anything less, because anything less is a waste of time. Literally. Money is not, and has never been, our sole reason for being, but we must be practical and efficient with our time. The amounts of money on offer for playing today are very small, and sometimes nothing at all. For the amount of effort involved in putting on a tour, the effect /has/ to be more than playing some old beats in a dark room. And by "effect", I mean the social returns of contacting hundreds of people. Too much effort is being put into these sorts of "events without returns"; like the $name_of_record_label tour that ultimately changes nothing in the world, even on the level of the individual. These events are "close ended", the energy that goes into them returns to nothing, like lighting being diffused iinto the earth by a lightning rod, only in this case, the lightning is barely measurable as a source of energy in the first instance. All our efforts are now being put into getting out of this trap, this comfortable circular circus of tours, meaningless live events and one off shows. What no one is willing to address is the fact that this way of working has been going on for more than 30 years, and at the end of those years there is nothing to show for all the heroic effort. The recordings are mostly unobtainable, the scattered pieces of film are never shown, and the world has simply moved on. Unlike the art movements of the early 20th century which now have a place inside culture, what we have been doing is automatically excluded. We can accept this, but as "the constituency" the economic sphere that makes it possible for us to work and survive shrinks down to the size of a bubble of coca-cola, the people that are awake are looking for an exit, either to new lives or new ways of working. Once again, I am optimistic. There is a way forward; I am certain of this. What I am also more or less certain of is that there is almost nothing to be gained by repeating the exact methods of decades past. They failed to secure their ability to work indefinitely, and surely if we do exactly as they did, touring around, playing for little money, and not presenting any new ideas (not to say that this is what you are doing) we will end up with exactly the same result. The way people work today can be likened to a steam valve, letting off the contrarian energy that is always abundant in each generation. This way of working also acts like a "basket for stragglers", where misfits malcontents and the like are all corralled into safe controlled spaces and ways of living that are absolutely harmless in every way. They are rendered harmless creatively; no new and dangerous art or ideas are propagated. They are rendered harmless financially; no one accumulates an amount of money that will allow socially important momentum to be accumulated. And so on. What is astonishing about this is that once set into motion, this corral, this trap, this moebius loop is /self perpetuating/; there is no need for outside control, save for the odd piece of legislation preventing large numbers of people gathering without a licence. Once again, no one seems to notice this, no one has high expectations. Even people who should know better are happy to be whirled along, round and round the moebius loop. I cannot do this. At the very least, these words need to be said; the intent to break out of this cycle has to be clearly stated, otherwise, it appears that /no one will even know that anything is wrong/ which such a nightmare that I can barely type the words. Whatever slur these words evoke in a reader I accept with the joy of a glutton, for I would rather be castigated and reviled than be a willing participant in that illusory and pointless circus. SO, I end by saying "Happy New Year!" Reading the above, you might be fooled into thinking that: A I dont mean what that phrase says B I dont know what that phrase means Both A and B are thankfully wrong! You just have to believe me.... all the best ./a
Claus that is exactly what I was looking for. Now I need to save up!! Shame all these things are Windows only though, can't be that hard to get it working for Linux/OS X though...
KiSS Technology A/S Alex - something like this? Happy new year!
Book of Lies seems interesting, if not ridiculous. 23 Skidoo. Anyone read it? Thank you. I want to make a Linux based media-center thing. Something to play digital media in one box. Here's a list of what I want it to do: Play Discs: DVDs, CDs, MP3s, VCDs, SVCDs (or load files off disc if pure data). Play Media files: MP3s, OGG, MPEG, DivX, etc Programable PVR. Networked, able to play media from other machines on the network. iTunes Music Sharing would be nice too. Remote controlled, via IR and also web. Headless. GUI via television. SCART, S-Video, Composite in and out. 5.1 audio support. Instant start up. If you put a disc in it will play instantly. Very little noise. Would be awesome if it could decode terrestrial digital signals. Nice looking set top box with LCD display. Some of this is possible. I could use MPlayer and Ogle and hack them about a bit (with lots of help!), I guess a TV tuner card could maybe deal with the video signals, a good soundcard could do the 5.1. The box and noise are things which are maybe beyond my control right now. Anyway, it requires an investment in hardware which I can't afford right now. Still it's an idea. A DVD player does a lot of this stuff out the box. The MP3s/Network control and PVR are the only things which they don't offer. Basically I want to be able to play MP3s off a hard disk (possible across the network) from a set top box. I don't see the point in having another box just to do this as a DVD should be able to handle it. Oh look, there's one that does this already. Hmmm....
Happy birthday alex & the new year Both "23" and "Skidoo" are American words meaning "Get out." This chapter describes the Great Work under the figure of a man ridding himself of all his accidents. He first leaves the life of comfort; then the world at large; and, lastly, even the initiates. In the fourth section is shown that there is no return for one that has started on this path. The word OUT is then analysed, and treated as a noun. Besides the explanation in the note, O is the Yoni; T the Lingam; and U, the Hierophant; the 5th card of the Tarot, the Pentagram. It is thus practically identical with IAO.* The rest of the chapter is clear, from the notes. * IAO = 666, quaballistically. Transcribed from Crowley's commentary on chapter 23, minus the notes which have letters that can't be displayed online.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

23 In Aleister Crowley's Cabalistic Dictionary, he defines the number 23 as the number of "parting, removal, separation, joy, a thread, and life..." In Chapter 23 of theBook of Lies by Aleister Crowley, the chapter consists entirely of: SKIDOO What man is at ease in his Inn? Get out. Wide is the world and cold. Get out. Thou hast become an in-itiate. Get out. But thou canst not get out by the way thou camest in. The Way out is THE WAY. Get out. For OUT is Love and Wisdom and Power. Get OUT. If thou hast T already, first get UT. Then get O. And so at last get OUT.
Happy [belated] birthday, Alex!
now why won't that come out as one word.... ? Because <h1> is a block level element, meaning that unless you redefine it's default selector style it will induce a line break. A better way to write that would be like so: <h1>H<sub>2</sub>Oly&trade;&reg;</h1> which would look like so:


writing the trademark and registered mark as HTML entities ensures they will render on user agents with non-latin character sets and the sub tag keeps the semantic structure of the sentence. Lecture is over. Thanks to everyone for Christmas cheer and good ideas. In the end I went round to my brothers house and we finished our shopping together before getting the train home. Strange that he lives 10 minutes from me, but this was the first time I've seen him since I moved, he does work 6 16-hour days a week though. Last Christmas I got my Dad tickets to see the Magic Band, but he couldn't go as he was away for my step brother's wedding in Tobago. This year I got him a Lynryd Skynyrd box set. I got my mum a Belle and Sebastian CD (we used to listen to it in the car on the way to college and she really loves it) and some posh Pot Pourri. I got Cookbooks, Under Milk Wood, money and Zoidzilla (from my brother). It was my birthday on Sunday too. 23 of all ages. Christmas was nice. My girlfriend returns from Singapore/Burma on Friday, so I get another Christmas day! I think cooking a meal is a good present, and a well loved book is good too, although my well loved books are either about typography or programming so I'm not sure my mum would appreciate them, especially as I got most of them for my birthday a couple of years ago. Most of the fiction I've read has been borrowed from my dad's collection, so that's a no go too! I could of course make something for people. But that requires forethought, planning and effort. Things I am not so good at right now. Next year I'd like to be less involved in the commercialism of Christmas, my brother's Austrian girlfriend spent Christmas with us, and the Austrian Christmas sounds so much more appealing. No presents or fanfare, just humble sausage and noodle soup and then lots of skiing. Not sure I could give up Christmas dinner though, your duck looked amazing Anthony! I hope everybody has a happy new year and that Christmas wasn't too unbearable. Here's to 2004.




�� Happy Christmas and an Excellent New year to you all. Alun xxx
(now why won't that come out as one word.... ?)
On December 13, when U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein, President George W. Bush not only celebrated with his national security team, but also pulled out his pen and signed into law a bill that grants the FBI sweeping new powers. A White House spokesperson explained the curious timing of the signing - on a Saturday - as "the President signs bills seven days a week." But the last time Bush signed a bill into law on a Saturday happened more than a year ago - on a spending bill that the President needed to sign, to prevent shuttng down the federal government the following Monday. By signing the bill on the day of Hussein's capture, Bush effectively consigned a dramatic expansion of the USA Patriot Act to a mere footnote. Consequently, while most Americans watched as Hussein was probed for head lice, few were aware that the FBI had just obtained the power to probe their financial records, even if the feds don't suspect their involvement in crime or terrorism. [...] San Antonio Current

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Seasons Greetings to you all. I only have access to a PC Laptop at the moment (yuk but it keeps me away from the net i suppose) Happy New Year too.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Wunderlich knew that during the late 1800s, pus or bits of scabs from smallpox patients with mild cases were implanted in the skins of healthy people to generate a mild illness that bestowed lifetime immunity. The practice, used in the early 18th century, predated the cowpox-based vaccine that later became standard. [...]

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Chris, you are the man of the day!!!!! cooking music today is oscar peterson ........... do you have a favourite ? does it depend on what you're preparing ? What a coincidence, I to have just heard Oscar Peterson (night train) preparing my duck...Blogdial is everywhere.... Uhhh The music really depends on what I am cooking - I dont have any favorite, but for sunday breakfast (one of my favorite times in the week) while eggs are boiling, my boyfriend in bed sleeping, looking so lovely...toast...butter...fresh coffee...Herbie Hancock "Mr Hands"... And never mention Christmas again to me...Next year... I am outta Denmark...
Spent the day again helping out at a dinner for people who are alone at Christmas. It's mostly pensioners from sheltered accomodation and some people with learning difficulties. It's been a buzz to see familar faces again. [attending and helping]. A good time was had by all! My flatmates are visiting relatives so I have a nice, quiet flat to myself, with a fridge full of beers. Hope you're all having a good day! This is 100 yards from my flat!!
Christmas Duck After
Well I had to switch on, if only to read this. Still, fingers crossed.
It's 12:30 AM here. Happy Christmas everyone! I will try my best to NOT turn on the computer tomorrow.
Normally my grandmother in Preston sends over a big christmas cake every year, usually they are very very old indeed and INCREDIBLE. It seems that it will be arriving late this year, but oh well. then however many per pound I heard an interview with an English doctor who has discovered the most accurate why to cook any round meat-like thing is to calculate time in relation the square of the diameter. That's all I can remember though, which is fairly useless. Henkel ???? Henckels are a German knife brand. They are generally very good, there are quite a few in my house. Very sharp. Good for cutting all manner of delicious food. MMmm, duck.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Ah, see, everyone is in spirit! and Alex, you just have to be there, and your parents will be happy. And you can also give them something of yours, if you feel so inclined ... a well-loved novel is not a bad thing to pass on. My cousins are coming over tonight, we are having snacky things, like baked brie and chicken wings. I bought silly Christmas crackers, each has a differently toned whistle inside, and sheet music, so we can have a whistle band. Fun! Or it could be aural hell ... I am going to bake the absolutely-must-have butter tarts and some ginger cookies right now. Merry Christmas everyone!
thermidor oh yes ... yup, good thick smoked bacon ( although that's for today's lunch ) ... uhm, they must have wishbones mustn't they ? ( don't know why i'm so sure, can't say i've actively sought it out before ) ... the fruit is incredible; all mushy & duck-fat-juicey, the perfect accompaniment to the meat, and yes, the skin is the best bit, or rather, a fork full of meat, skin, fruit and 6-hour stewed red cabbage is verrrrrrry hard to beat, is really made by that bit of salty crunch ........ giblet gravy is an absolute must, anything else would be sacrilege; the addition of port & redcurrant jelly to finish a must Henkel ???? The horse shoe-shaped thing top right is one of these ... we went through two or three of the cheap things you can buy in most department stores before finally taking the plunge ( it's a little expensive ), but are glad we did; it is an amazing thing, weighs a ton, is indestructible ... I couldn't hear that clip unfortunately, have a deep dislike of the real audio player; i do have a soft spot for blur must admit to being very slightly envious of your managing to keep a christmas pud for 6 years ... we'll be attacking a 3 year-old tomorrow, two more of the same age in the cupboard that may well last 'till next year ... it is an unbeatable dish ... do you make brandy butter ? cooking music today is oscar peterson ........... do you have a favourite ? does it depend on what you're preparing ?
MMMMMMMMM!!!!! I see bacon too, isn't it? I took photos last year of every stage of Lobster thermidor, from live crustacean to eaten-out-of empty shell... they still make my stomach rumble. Do ducks have wishbones? How is the fruit afterwards? Do you love the skin? Will you make giblet gravy? What about the smells! What's your cooking music? Is that a Henkel? Oh my... it's lunchtime. Anthony, bits of this remind me of your music. Hope you don't take that too badly, it's by Blur! Happy Landings!
Christmas Duck Before To ensure good crispy skin : the night before, pour over 2 or 3 kettles full of boiling water (this helps separate the skin from the flesh), leave overnight uncovered in a cool spot so as to thoroughly dry out following day, rub with salt, fill cavity with as much fruit as it'll hold (plums, oranges, an onion, cranberries, etc), roast as normal, very high to start for 20 mins, then however many per pound to be continued ... i LOVE christmas
Excellent idea - I have printed out hospitality vouchers in the past for people, like "I promise to take you somewhere very cool indeed" when I've been stuck for what to get them. Dazzle Ships by OMD, incidentally. What a great album!
to be frank I love the spirit of christmas and I hate it in real life, last year I was all alone (and really it was the best christmas ever in my life), year before in London with people I didnt knew... This year I really am going to try to be good and celebrate it at my place having my mum, sister and a friend coming over for danish traditional food.. My sister is already getting on my nerves, I have to get drunk on redwine and smoke a lot of weed... This could be the coolest christmaspresent in the future, why have kids when you can have QRIO? Alex, I have an idea for presents to your parents - give them someting you can pay for in the future, like a fancy dinner out, the movies... an expirence of some kind... Merry Christmas Blogdial
Coil ANS Want it. So bad. Since I'm still at the top, I'll just edit this: Oh shit since it's christmas no one is posting. I hope everyone is having fun. EVEN YOU, ALEX. I hope things are going well or become well... good.
I used to really like Christmas. I used to like giving people nice presents and spending time with my family and the great food and playing all the new console games for days on end. But today I feel crap. I left everything to the last minute because I am lazy and selfish and went out too much this weekend and spent too much money on drinking, so I ended up running out of money today during my shopping. Now I know that it doesn't matter how much you spend on people, but I just feel awful that I haven't gotten presents for my mum or my dad or my sister. I could make them something, but I can't think what. Hopefully my brother will be able to lend me some money tomorrow so I can buy them something quickly. I wish he would get home from work and phone me! I think I feel crap because my girlfriend is in Burma, so I can't even speak to her on the phone and I am all alone and all my friends have gone home for Christmas now so I can't go out anywhere. Bah Humbug. Maybe everything will change tomorrow.
You've probably all guessed I love Christmas. I like it more though, when I am not rushing around, and I spread out the preparation and the celebration. It is always such a let down when you rush around for 3 days, and only celebrate on one day. Not really the point. And could you imagine not having this special time? What a drag the winter would be. But I do love Christmas because usually, most people are happy, or at least try to be happy and positive, and everything seems just so much easier. The trick, I think, is to carry the spirit all year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

very beautiful..
Wow, UserLand is hardcore/oldschool. I tend to like Christmas, even though it has been much distilled from me in the past years. It's been split up into at least three different "christmas days" due to my split up family, and my steady dwindling desire for material goods has lessened the thrill of getting presents. I do like getting together though, it is fun most of the time. I had christmas day at my mother's on the 20th, and we had some steak instead of turkey, and a simple gift exchange that was one gift per person. Two more christmases to go.
"Black people are brown, light yellow and all different colors in the United States," said Dr. Alvin Poussaint, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. [...] Whats wrong with this sentence??!?! ROTFL!!!!
i'll take 50 to 1
Of the 32 Xmases I've had, the majority have been excellent; family, kindness and relaxation being the operative words. I've had a few crappy ones, but life wouldn't be life without the odd crap Xmas here and there now would it? During those times of course Xmas is *bad*, and the remedy is never simple. New Year I find to be more annoying generally, maybe because as a non drinker the focus is more towards those who worship the vine.
What's your verdicts on christmas? Happy Happy Joy Joy... Or not so... I have swung to and fro over the years and at the moment lean towards the former. Mostly I love being at home, seeing friends and family, no work, and seeing people happier than usual.
Which brings up the point that I have Norwegian ancestors (tthhpppbbbpptpbpbp to the comments, Alun), and I have never been there. My grandmother tells me there is an amazing park in Oslo, a must see. Nice re-post of Whistler. I love to ski there. Masses of snow just now. But never go to the Longhorn for apres-ski, disgusting place. The Brewhouse is much better. We are off in 3 days for the First Annual Christmas Ski Trip to Big White Mountain (no laughing at the name) for a week of skiing (yes, this is bragging). Next year, I want to go to Europe, so hopefully a stop in Norway will be enroute. Austria seems to be the popular vote, but if we are going to drag all that gear around, I think we should go a few places ... AND the party was really great, thank you for asking! I looked smashing, the food was perfect and it was just super to see everyone. The first of many gatherings I am sure. AND cute card M. Davros!
Wenche That was my mom's name. But you say it like "when-khe", soft on the "kh" sound and not a really long "e".

Monday, December 22, 2003

Season's Greetings Blogdialers!

If Christiania goes, I'll cry. California rocked by earthquake. Spokesman says 'This evil-doer, Richter Scale, may have links to Al Quaeda'. News Update: Earthquake now believed to be San Andreas' Fault. Sorry.
There'd better be some seriously good pay off for such a waste of a day. hgggghhhh. - So why did the kurds leave the $750,000 with Saddam?
HERB Why did you want to go to breakfast if you're not hungry? DAN I just wanted to come here. HERB To Denny's? I wasn't going to say anything, but why Denny's? DAN This Denny's. HERB Okay. Why this Denny's? DAN It's kind of embarrassing but, HERB Go ahead. DAN I had a dream about this place. HERB Oh boy. DAN You see what I mean... HERB Okay, so you had a dream about this place. Tell me. DAN Well ... it's the second one I've had, but they were both the same......they start out that I'm in here but it's not day or night. It's kinda half night, but it looks just like this except for the light, but I'm scared like I can't tell ya. Of all people you're standing right over there by that counter. You're in both dreams and you're scared. I get even more frightened when I see how afraid you are and then I realize what it is - there's a back of this place. He's the one ... he's the one that's doing it. I can see him through the wall. I can see his face and I hope I never see that face ever outside a dream. Herb stares at Dan to see if he will continue. Dan looks around nervously, then stares at his uneaten food. DAN (cont'd) That's it. HERB So, you came to see if he's out there? DAN To get rid of this god-awful feeling. HERB Right then.
I'll never ride into London. I was only going to the town centre. The only time I do ride into London is for Critical Mass!
Ouch. I've witnessed so many bike/vehicle comings-together I'll never ride into London. In other news, those cheeky NOrwegians do it again.
On my way cycling into town, I got knocked off my bike by a car driver doing a three-point-turn [in a main road] to avoid traffic. As I was approaching, I slowed down as I 'knew' that they would just reverse and not bother checking for oncoming traffic. She did exactly that and hit me, knocking me off my bike and almost crushing it in the process. When she got out to see if I was ok she even said that she saw me and just kept reversing. In the shock of the situation, I failed to get her name, address and car reg and I now have a bruising on my left shin and my leg hurts a bit. My bike also sustained minor injuries.
I like that Blogdial is going in a new design direction Huh?... but I cant see any? What is going on? I need help for verification, 51 minutes in the Omnus Carwash MM, there is a wonderful track - But who made it? and I WANT IT BADLY.... Please if someone knows the verification, I would be so happy... the magnetic children running about, who made them so cute? That is the pure power of nature, convincing us ( is it only women or does men also think like that) to have them... some day... maybe...? Mary how was the party? In spirit I was there... Trust me...
Did it himself with All New BackTrimmer!
Barrie, an excellent post. And I have replied on your own blog. But for those reading here and contemplating OGG, remember this.
AM, you were not far wrong.
THE VERDICT IS IN! After lots of encoding and acute listening today through Grado headphones, Vorbis is the CHAMPEEN that renders mp3 obsolete. I wrote up a long-winded description of my tests but posted them on my blog instead since I don't imagine many people are actually interested.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

20 years is the window.
"8 April 2002 Today I got sacked by The Daily Telegraph newspaper. One of their readers noticed I've been putting braille messages into the images in my new regular slot like 'You are too fat', 'Thatcher Fucked Us' and 'Empty the Whitehall Cesspit'." Thatcher Fucked Us
I believe FLAC is affiliated with Xiph, being the "hi-fi" equivalent for Ogg. This is just... well, well, well... FINALLY! God bless science. A once DANGEROUS and tedious procedure is now easy as pie. *falls down the stairs*
cd, you featured in a very peculiar dream i had last night ... you were moonlighting as a zookeeper, birds of prey i think, were mid-40s, balding with grey hair, grey neatly-trimmed beard, small round glasses, very rotund, extremely jovial ...
SOLDIER LETTERS From: Jerry Oliver Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 11:05 AM To: Subject: Iraqi Vet. Wants to make films Dear Mr. Moore, I have just returned home from "Operation Iraqi Freedom". I spent 5 months in Baghdad, and a total of 3 years in the U.S. Army. I was recently discharged with Honorable valor and returned to the States only to be horrified by what I've seen my country turn into. I'm now 22 years old and have discovered America is such a complicated place to live, and moreover, Americans are almost oblivious to what's been happening to their country. America has become "1984." Homeland security is teaching us to spy on one another and forcing us to become anti-social. Americans are willingly sacrificing our freedoms in the name of security, the same Freedoms I was willing to put my life on the line for. The constitution is in jeopardy. As Gen. Tommy Franks said, (broken down of course) One more terrorist attack and the constitution will hold no meaning. Computers are running our lives. There literally isn't anything we can't do online, and now we're becoming dependant on computers. And this is forcing us to become anti-social. And people who notice this become paranoid of One World Government conspiracy. Then the people who don't notice call the paranoid, �crack pots� and bury their nose back in the football section of the newspaper instead of reading the headline. Americans read a Maxim Magazine "How To ...fix the sink" and they truly believe they're plumbers. It's an illusion of intelligence. They are convinced they control their lives when in reality they've never even left the city limits of Culpepper, VA. When just outside the city there's a station that's controlling them. Hell they know more about Peyton Manning's family history than about their own. I wanted to take 2 months and travel all over this great country of ours, but I see no need to now... Because the McDonalds in Arizona is the same as the one in New York. We're losing our culture. And this convenient and sterile Wal-Mart environment that should be an alternative, is now common place and even worse, we're inflicting it on other cultures and pressuring them to drop their thousand year old heritage. Americans accept anything the television tells them. The media can put a spin on any topic to suit their opinions and feed it to the people. People don't research the subjects on their own, they take the easiest route. And it just seems like nobody cares that their dreams are being crushed by a society and a system. We're pressured to conform to a standard. Go to school for 12 years. Go to college, get a diploma, get married, use the degree to get a job you hate to work at for 40 years making somebody else rich, and then have your kids shuffle you into a retirement home where you wait for your turn to die. I know that's not the american dream. Don't conform to a standard because you're told, conform if you want. Stop telling me what's appropriate and not. If two guys want to get married, I don't care, how does that affect me ? If I want to smoke a cigarette when I walk down the street, don't tell me to put it out, my freedom, you don't like it, try walking on the other side of the street. Do what you want in life. It's your country. Remember there are some things you'll get arrested for. But if you feel you need to make a stand by doing so, more power to you. Jerry C. Oliver Jr. A Militia Man in the making methinks! Hmmmmm!
Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops Sat Dec 20,11:00 PM ET Add Mideast - AFP to My Yahoo! LONDON, (AFP) - Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) was captured by US troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces, drugged and abandoned ready for American soldiers to recover him, a British Sunday newspaper said. [...] An unnamed Western intelligence source in the Middle East told the Express: "Saddam was not captured as a result of any American or British intelligence. We knew that someone would eventually take their revenge, it was just a matter of time." [...] Yahoo News

Software Drop

May 14, 2003 iTunes 4 compatable Ogg Vorbis decoder plugin for Quicktime 6.2+ under MacOS X 10.2+
This will allow you to play Ogg Vorbis music with iTunes. This version uses the latest Ogg Vorbis and Core Audio SDK and has been only lightly tested. It was compiled with a much newer compiler and seems to be a wee bit faster.
That pussycatmagazine had something about shaving around there - for blow job purposes. There you go the sexualisation of youth and the infantilisation of adulthood. It seems MPlayer only nees to buffer the FLAC file, that should be KNEES shouldn't it?
Monkey's Audio is good, but windows only. OGG is excellent. Shurely we have not forgotten OGG? This is just... well, well, well...
Guardian's best of british blogging No. - I've got MacFLAC on my machine I'm just testing it again I recall that MPlayer wanted to decode the flac before playing so it seems best for transfer use. The losslessness makes it better than mp3 in these days of broadband.



Thank you all very much for thoughts, comments, help... This is a Very Good Place�� I'll post some images as soon as I can, but probably that'll be after January as I'm off on hols for the first couple of weeks of 04. Et tu casse... and you break? WTF? Aunt Mary, how was your party? We were there in spirit... on your own terms Anthony, this is something we should all be reminded of every day, the moment we wake up. Yes. Blogdial is everywhere. And don't you forget it. I only just noticed the AlpineCam is updating... doh. We had Sarah's parents here for an early Christmas Day... Crispy shellfish risotto cakes with saffron, champagne and prawn sauce Roast monkfish in Parma ham with sauerkraut Three-year old home-made (by Sarah and I) christmas pudding with brandy and double cream Port We're having goose for Christmas Day proper.
FLAC! FLAC! Free lossless audio codec. Anyone have any opinions on this code? I'm gonna start testing and comparing this with mp3. mp3 is... old.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

That picture is one from the archives, a JB post actually...
Nice new design, though it may be useful to have people's names posted as well. You mean youhaven't picked up on how each of us write?
My christmas gift to my self.
Do you want to know what IT is? Blogdial is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. The Truth that we are all slaves.
Nice new design, though it may be useful to have people's names posted as well. but it's possible to be artful in one's marketing Very very true, I was referring mainly to that bland dreck that is all money and shows no creative spark whatsoever, is vapid and empty of any sort of soul except for that quest for monetary gratification. I guess I was rather vague with my initial statement. _Barrie
I like that Blogdial is going in a new design direction. Perhaps we should all come up with our ouwn Style Sheet that can be randomly selected just like the header image. And the CSS shoul be linked externally rather than embedded into the page. And all of the archives so easily accessible!!! this is Josh, by the by.
A BILL To amend section 1464 of title 18, United States Code, to provide for the punishment of certain profane broadcasts, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 1464 of title 18, United States Code, is amended-- (1) by inserting `(a)' before `Whoever'; and (2) by adding at the end the following: `(b) As used in this section, the term `profane', used with respect to language, includes the words `shit', `piss', `fuck', `cunt', `asshole', and the phrases `cock sucker', `mother fucker', and `ass hole', compound use (including hyphenated compounds) of such words and phrases with each other or with other words or phrases, and other grammatical forms of such words and phrases (including verb, adjective, gerund, participle, and infinitive forms).'. [...]
I watched it as I was really into old instruments at the time and wanted to see the viols. The depiction of old life was interesting too. It always fascinates me that the only remaining branch of the viol family is the double bass. I saw a bass shaped like a cello/violin in a big museum in Boston once.
That's marketing, not art but it's possible to be artful in one's marketing ... it doesn't all have to be about exploitation ... 'art' is one of those words, like 'quality', whose meaning becomes distorted by becoming attached to one particular definition too regularly my pocket english dictionary in part defines it as being "... associated with imaginative and creative skill as distinct from technical skills of science ...", which i'm sure AK would have something to say about; in fact, i think that's what was at the heart of what you said about reducing inquiry to the level of commerce ... we all bring 'art' to bear to a certain degree on the way in which we lead our lives; there are all manner of ways of describing a person who brings none to bear Scrabble and beg, plead and schmooze ... doesn't feel right for me i sympathise alun, for i too am afflicted with the insidious rot that is an over-abundance of naive idealism, and can assure you that it will never leave you and that you will be glad it doesn't, for that's what makes for the little glow that, when it comes down to it, reinforces your belief in the fact that all is not lost ... ......... i speak from experience of many different jobs .... many, many, many, and all, without fail, have brought me into contact with the fact that the little shits inhabit every corner, that they must be combated wherever you find yourself i wish you luck in your search, but (and i'm sure you know this already, have no desire to insult your intelligence, just have to say it though to complete a thought) can't stress enough the fact that there is no such thing as freedom .... but there is such a thing as having a sense of being in greater control of your own destiny, and working for yourself can certainly bring you that; the scrabbling will continue, and will require even greater amounts of energy, but at least you'll be dealing with the artless ones on your own terms ... i can't recommend it enough
Alun, I hope you find something fulfilling. It seems many jobs these days, you see the good side, you see the bad side. You have to weigh it. But as many have said to me in the past, you close one door, another one opens. Cliche! Twing! I am sure with your beautiful shiny spirit, the right one will fall in your lap. Hopefully after a month of bumming out and enjoying your home. Hmmm. We are post-christmas party buzz, it was an amazing time, 20th floor, we see mountains, ocean, city. Everyone brought food, lovely drinks, music. Of course, the magnetic children running about, who made them so cute? And I am having 40+ to my home tomorrow for another Christmas swing. The first time for a large gathering here, it is my turn. Will they all come? How many finger sandwiches should I make? How many tarts? My biggest regret is that I cannot have all of you here. That would be my greatest joy.
Depardieu and son! What did it do to you?

Friday, December 19, 2003

I have seen it. Depardieu and son!
You need to see this: "All the Mornings of the World"
Shouldn't this be on GroupHug, along with your Darkness admissions?
Et tu casse. Brilliant.
Bothers me not.
We are not unsympathetic either to the RIAA's concern regarding the widespread infringement of its members' copyrights, or to the need for legal tools to protect those rights. My 12 year old cousin to a T. You have to love her! I better find the receipt for the dvd I bought her. Pronto.
"My Milkshake brings all the boys to the Yard and theyre like, its better than yours" You don�t know what this means, and you don�t know if they know what it means, but you�re pretty sure it�s dirty (and it is). You�re never going to stop your kids from hearing this stuff, but that doesn�t mean you have to pay record companies to make more of it. [...]
Barrie, I grew up in Fort St. John, and it sounds exactly the same as Fort McMurray. Oil town. Harsh. A man's town. A bully town. Very hard. But the countryside is quite incredible, long long blue skies with ice crystals and sun dogs, Northern Lights that move when you call to them. The dusk that lasts forever in the summer. Fields of saskatoon berries and wild strawberries. Moose and grizzly bears and pheasants and grouse! I have experienced -70 (-40 + wind chill -30). And it is exactly as you said. You know you are alive.
MUTE protects your privacy by avoiding direct connections with your sharing partners in the network. Most other file sharing programs use direct connections to download or upload, making your identity available to spies from the RIAA and other unscrupulous organizations. Read more... [...] One to install and leave running over the holidays! DownloadGNU/Linux Intel X862.5 MiBversion 0.1 DownloadGNU/Linux PPC1.9 MiBversion 0.1 DownloadMac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar)2.4 MiBversion 0.1 DownloadWindows 95/98/NT/2000/XP4.0 MiBversion 0.1 DownloadUnix Source (notes)400 KiBversion 0.1
the art of pulling the wool over the idiot's eyes. That's marketing, not art. Big difference. Marketing only works with idiots. Art works with idiots only sometimes.
Hunt for money? Scrabble and beg, plead and schmooze, network with The Right Names to ensure funding? Sounds like being a freelance designer, although I expect what you do is a million times harder, better and more rewarding. Science is vital for the evolution of the intellect. Design is merely a distraction. Although design can and does serve some social function, you couldn't live without design in a modern society, but science saves lives. ANyway/// we're intrigued by long dark days ( because we may be forced to just curl up in cafes & restaurants drinking & eating ) I would recommend Iceland, but it's very expensive and at the weekend it's full of drunken revelers, which is fine (I have been among themself) but it's hardly honeymoon material. I saw "Love Actually" last night and it was really good. Everytime someone I know sees that I get a text message saying "Wow! You look exactly like the 12 year old in Love, Actually!" or "I didn't know you were in Love, Actually". Therefore I plan never to see this film. Oslo is FUCKING BORING. Your description sounds just like Singapore if you change the cold and sludge for Sweaty humidity. Except Singapore wasn't that boring, and there's an all night seafood market which is great. Actually, I think the clubs are open quite late in Singapore. But you'll get executed if you're gay, or if you cross the road badly or drop litter or chew gum. NO FUN. Which leads me on to... Blogdialers, do you have capital punishment in your respective countries? Not that I am from Singapore, and neither is my girlfriend (she's French), but her parents live there. She's gone to Burma for Christmas as well. This disturbs me quite a lot on many levels, the first, selfish one being that as there are no mobile phones in Burma I can't speak to her for 2 weeks. Shouldn't this be on GroupHug, along with your Darkness admissions? Et tu casse. Brilliant. Two tickets to France, then... Vive la france. Beautiful women, fine wines, cheese and bread. Talking to a friend on iChat, she seems overly interested in the Christmas number one. I am arguing about the complete irrelevance of the charts. pop music, of its highest form is an art in itself. the art of pulling the wool over peoples eyes. sexualising and transforming mostly gullible idiots. thats why there are so many preteen pop stars these days. theyr'e the only ones gullible enough to be molded. Hang on, maybe that should be chARTs. Straight to your hearts, not to the charts&tm;.
Not a lot of good news here about people's jobs. Good luck to y'all. AK, I would reccommend Canada for research but the sad fact is all of our research is for private corporations. Most of our university budget goes into engineering and medical research... some of it is world class though (our diabetes team, water electric generation team). Others... well... we have a lecture hall sponsored by fucking DeBeers for chrissakes (and another by Shell, how humanitarian of us). -30 in Montreal. I grew up in Ft McMurray Alberta, about 550km north of where I am right now. It is an amazing place. Quite a depressing community, full of addiction and suffering, which is reflected in the landscape scarred from years of oil sands digging. Remarkable. Back in "the day" before climate change kicked it, it would get down past -40 C in winter. It is truly incredible cold that makes you feel so alive because it is so easy to die in those conditions. It's a rare day now in Edmonton when it gets past -30 C... pity. yrgeyrergeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrge I have a thing for grey landscapes full of despair. Probably because I grew up in Ft. McMurray. Talking Heads - Born Under Punches. Fuck yeah. "Remain in Light" should be a required accompaniment for "My Life In The Bush of Ghosts."
In France, it is ILLEGAL to fire people before Christmas. I just got back from lunch with my girlfriend. She told me that she got fired this morning. Two tickets to France, then...
It's not hate. I thought it was witty.
Check Norway out for ur self i'll post feedback ...
It's not hate. Check Norway out for ur self. Alun let's see your work, it's very hard to recommend what to do without having seen your portfolio. There are lots of photographers online, many of them selling prints, many of them professional art photographers. I saw some beautiful autumn shots by some american shooter, but lost the url...
editorial positions Nah...thanks for the idea... but it's the thrill of finding new things that flicks my scientific switch. And thanks for the alamy link. I was mostly thinking of retail, but I guess image libraries are worth a punt too. Cold places in Sweden I recommend Ostersund (there's not much there though) and Stockholm (stunning when iced over, but still a bit warm there at the mo). I also recommend Poland - snow, mountains and very cold... Zakopane as a resort. Krakow as a kick-off point. The Dolomites in Italy are also jaw-droppingly beautiful. I saw "Love Actually" last night and it was really good. Shouldn't this be on GroupHug, along with your Darkness admissions? Claus, do the Danes hate the Norwegians as much as the Swedes do? (Not hate so much as consider the dullest, stupidest people ever). Isn't Norwegian for banana 'yellow bend'?
Anthony, we managed it and we were there for 2.5 days! Alison, I do really mean that. It *was* really great. Beneath my feet was good. Reminds me of Lunchtime Adventures, which I should reignite.
Norway in a Nutshell it looks fantastic, captain, we'll decide once we're out there i reckon; we'll be out there for only 4 days, so will maybe not have time, but it would be a shame not to see the surrounding area ...
Shoegazing gets a new twist.
did a search on my name in a danish article database - showed that I am a feminist... Hey Mess - Have a meey X-mas qnd enjoy Finland!
I fly to Finland tomorrow. Merry Xmas everyone!
grey grey grey grey grey grey greyg yrgeyrergeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeyrgeygreygreyrgeygreyrgeygreygreygryegreygr
Blogdialers, do you have capital punishment in your respective countries? No, not in Denmark - yet, just wait 50 years and see... What to do, at an individual level? Hunt for money? Scrabble and beg, plead and schmooze, network with The Right Names to ensure funding? That's how it works. And it doesn't feel right for me. I know the feeling, it is depressing....Be true to yourself, it makes you most happy in the end... I saw "Love Actually" last night and it was really good. I really dont belive you Captain D! We have absolutly NO snow at all in Denmark, it is extreemly depressing, just grey grey grey grey.....grey grey grey grey....
Okay, here's the deal: Oslo is FUCKING BORING. And not cold at all. Perhaps the most boring 'city' in the world. So boring that even the mountains are bored to death. Don't go there, as you will be an explosion af excitement compared to Oslo. The most fun you will have will be looking at your self in the mirror. Not one stripbar in all of Oslo. Not that that matters on a honeymoon, but it say everything that needs saying about Oslo. So excuse me for carrying on. Drinks are a bloody fortune, and no there will be no snow. Only grey slush and The Salvation Army strumming their guitars though their fingerless gloves. And the darkness. Oh, the darkness which isn't all that dark after all. But hey knock you selfes out, but don't say I didn't warn you. Oh, and everything closes at 1.
I saw "Love Actually" last night and it was really good.
Anthony, if you can spare the time and afford it then try the Norway in a Nutshell tour - we went on a 1 day fjord cruise and mountain trip from Bergen and it was amazing. Pricey, but worth it. You can find the details in the tourist info section. Norway is fab.
The coldest Ive ever experienced was -30 in Montreal. Everything, and I MEAN everything and anytyhing was available underground. You can walk for miles underground, from shopping mall to shopping mall, and never see sunlight. The changes in smell as you go from one building to another are amazing; first Cinnabon, then some Chinese food....astonishing. The feeling was rather like the domed city of Logans Run or the underground hives of THX1138. After many days of these tunnels and malls, I longed for the surface. It was so cold "up on top" that we had to take breaks in stores, pretending to shop while we warmed up. The wind bites into your skin; the moist air quitting from your nostrils deposits droplets that freeze on the end of your nose. It hurts. Its fresh. Its dangerous. What a city!
AK, if you haven't seen this yet, it might be a good place to start for your image ideas... There looked to be interesting advice in there about scanning and so on too.
it isn't really cold cold ohhh ... so we won't need to buy silly reindeer boots ???
Oh dear why? we like interesting environments, and the exteme cold is something we've not really experienced (although Vienna reached -20 when we were out there ) ... we're intrigued by long dark days ( because we may be forced to just curl up in cafes & restaurants drinking & eating ) .... we were initially thinking of going right up to the north, for complete lack of sun, but the train journey is too long & expensive for this trip ... there is something magical about mountains & big snow ...
I went to Finland in february a while back, it was great. -15�C at midday - eyeball hardening temperatures - and sunny (too cold for any moisture) except for one blizzard. not much daylight though but that's what the bars are for:
I HATE the cold. By the way, it isn't really cold cold, just cold and dark i Oslo. Not my idea of a honeymoon. If you want cold cold, go to Finland or further north.
miss january colleen shannon Check out the turn-ons and turn-offs!
Dont you like the cold? I long for snowdrifts...
Oslo at this time of the year? Oh dear why?
oh ... has anyone here been to oslo and can recommend a good hotel ? ( a few days honeymoon break ) ... the one we wanted to go to is being renovated ... we've heard good things about Hotel Bondeheimen ... don't mind a tram ride out of the city ... personality and friendly staff, good food essential
President George Bush appeared to deny there was a distinction between his pre-war claims that Saddam had an arsenal of non-conventional weapons, and his administration's current argument that the regime was planning to restart its weapons programmes. When an interviewer for ABC television, Diane Sawyer, reminded him of claims of the "hard fact that there were weapons of mass destruction, as opposed to the possibility that he could move to acquire those weapons", Mr Bush asked: "What's the difference?" He added: "If he were to acquire weapons, he would be the danger." Asked what it would take to convince him that Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction, the president said: "Saddam Hussein was a threat. The fact that he is gone means America is a safer country." "It's unbelievable to me," David Albright, another former UN inspector and a Washington expert on nuclear arms. "He can't possibly have meant it. Because it means we can hit you if we don't like you. Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, has continued to insist that weapons will be found, pointing out that quantities could be hidden in tiny bunkers around the country the same size as the pit where Saddam was found. !!!!!!!!! I can't find a list, but 'they' claimed SH had hundreds or thousands of tonnes of materials... That's a good few pits. And a good few peole digging. Surely somebody would have tipped off the Yanks to one of them...
court & spark of course ...
I would have entered the milkshake competition but never got to see it. However, my review, regardless of not seeing it anyway, is Teach Yourself. How does that sound to those who have seen it?!? AK - lots of scientists wind up in editorial positions. Is that your bag at all?
I remembered to upgrade PGP to 8.0.3 yesterday and I take back my comment about functionality, everything seems to be back in place. - Aren't whitehouse evil®?
simply wanting to change jobs If only it were simple.... My contract is up in July. And I am sick and tired of the method of employment for researchers. I'm 34, a good record, 6 years of post-doctoral experience, and there is almost zero chance of getting a permanent job in basic research. It shouldn't be this way. I am expected to write grants to provide another 2 or 3 years of funding, after which I am expected to write grants to provide another 2 or 3 years of funding, after which... There is no observed value of basic research by the public, and the government know we have no choice but to put up with the system as it stands simply because they will not provide backing for permanent jobs. In fact, they are being cut. It depresses me, truly it does, and not just on a personal level. It is exploitation of the nature of scientists (those who I work with, at any rate); we want to do science, we want to do good science very very much, it is in our hearts. And it is this 'weakness' that means we can be exploited. So. I am fed up with it. I need some security, or at least a sense of worth, some feeling of support by those that hold the readies. And these things are lacking - note the substantial reliance of British science on charitable donations. This is not The Way It Should Be. [I understand that other professions can also make worthy cases... but I am putting forward that of scientific research] What to do, at an individual level? Hunt for money? Scrabble and beg, plead and schmooze, network with The Right Names to ensure funding? That's how it works. And it doesn't feel right for me. I am investing, after the hols, in web space and a Nikon film scanner, with the aim of trying to sell images. I don't claim to be the world's best photographer, but it's something I enjoy very much and I have a certain 'style'... I think... (kind of simplistic, naive and, when it really works, heartfelt). So until my contract is up I'll be testing the waters, as it were. If it works, freedom. If it doesn't... that's why I'm also 'looking for work'. Anything that feels right. That's the most important thing. For me.
In order of reception: over easy posted by Josh Carr , 9:56 PM Suck it. Hit it. posted by Alun Kirby , 11:23 PM "fresh cheeks" "total 5|-|17" posted by mary 13 , 6:15 AM rotten fruits posted by a hymn in g to nann , 2:00 PM No Depth posted by meau meau , 2:09 PM I think Mr Carr gets it, but seeing as its the holiday, EVERYONE gets a prize!!!!! Eash (yes EASH) winner please email me with your preferred snail maill address!
"Help Me" And you should hear "Sex Kills", if you get the chance...the "anti-matter-milkshake".
"mystery song" experience? most of them were during a period of extensive clubbing ... going into a record shop, asking to listen to something along the lines of 'x' and being handed an immediate transport back into the foggy world of early morning sweat, strobes and joyous confusion ... you are suddenly given a key with which to unlock very precious memories at will ... also, after many years listening to Prince's Dorothy Parker from Sign of The Times, i was given a recording of the Joni Mitchell album that contains the song that contains the line "help me, I think I'm falling in love" and it all became clear ... it's my shame to admit that i can't quite remember the name of album or track ... the tape has disappeared ... the words 'summer', 'lawns', 'hissing' are floating suggestively, but could have no relevance whatsoever
never try to blame poor quality on the instrumental skill of the musicians i'm in complete agreement generally; however, your examples of dodgy technical skill, in line with all the major examples that all of of us could think of, are more than compensated for by an overwhelming wealth of passion ... my dismay stems from a combination of sloppy everything
Carrion Sound - Check out the INZANE modular synth.
A number of questions are raised by the incredibly bedraggled, tired and crushed condition of this once savage, dapper and pampered ruler who was discovered in a hole in the ground on Saturday, December 13: 1. The length and state of his hair indicated he had not seen a barber or even had a shampoo for several weeks. 2. The wild state of his beard indicated he had not shaved for the same period 3. The hole dug in the floor of a cellar in a farm compound near Tikrit was primitive indeed � 6ft across and 8ft across with minimal sanitary arrangements - a far cry from his opulent palaces. 4. Saddam looked beaten and hungry. 5. Detained trying to escape were two unidentified men. Left with him were two AK-47 assault guns and a pistol, none of which were used. 6. The hole had only one opening. It was not only camouflaged with mud and bricks � it was blocked. He could not have climbed out without someone on the outside removing the covering. 7. And most important, $750,000 in 100-dollar notes were found with him (a pittance for his captors who expected a $25m reward)� but no communications equipment of any kind, whether cell phone or even a carrier pigeon for contacting the outside world. According to DEBKAfile analysts, these seven anomalies point to one conclusion: Saddam Hussein was not in hiding; he was a prisoner. [...] They captured him ages ago. They kept him buried alive until Christmas, so that they could unearth him as a present to the American people, assuring that GWB would be re-elected on the back of a tidal wave of approval. No wonder "the lion of the desert" looked so docile and broken, he was DRUGGED, underfed and kept horizontal, in the dark, for MONTHS. Sinister.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

I am looking for work. Alun, I hope that you are simply wanting to change jobs, and have not been let go. In France, it is ILLEGAL to fire people before Christmas. Vive Le France; they really have got some things right.
get hip
a very public execution I was thinking about this the other day. If they DO decide to execute him, it will, for sure, be on TV. No one in the west will see this event, because they are all lilly livered pantywaists. EVERYONE in the "middle east" however, will see it. Live. They will probably hang him, Iran style, from a crane in one of the famous Bagdahd landmarks. It will be the first great spectacle of the 21st century. Another humiliation without precedent. It would have been much better if none of this had ever happened...thats very clear.
what ??? ... you think she sings flat on purpose, that mr bongo's fingers miss the beat intentionally, that the lazy bass This is sort of off-topic, but the discussion reminded me of this argument: When I do a critique of music (or... whatever else) I never try to blame poor quality on the instrumental skill of the musicians. There have been thousands of great recordings by people who barely have a clue how to play their instruments. It's not about the skill, it's about the song and the passion. It's like an early critic fumbling for reasons to hate Claude Monet, for example, and ending up on a lazy conclusion of "oh, he can't paint!!!!11" (not that I am comparing anything here to Monet, it should be obvious this is just a point of example). Technical skill to a point is relative and subjective, submissive to the message. Collectively Yes was an incredible instrumental section, but the vast majority of their output is pretentious hogwash. Bob Dylan can't sing but what a voice, with such depth and emotion! So as soon as I think of criticizing someone's technical skill as the reason for a work's failure, I will catch myself and chide myself for sloppy thinking. There are of course limits... someone who is trying to do something very technically demanding must practice until they are capable of it... get hip Whitehouse makes me hot. It's almost impossible to find a WH album over here.
And as for needing your name and address to facilitate refunds, that is total hogwash. A simple pin number is all that is needed to establish that you are who you say you are, issue you with a replacement card or refund you...
pancakes, now wouldn't we? HOT IRONS!!!!
Serious hat on now. 1. What information is collected and stored every time I use my Oyster Card? Thats an interesting question. It could work one of two ways. It could store nothing but your number and each time you access one of the terminals, a communication is made that lets you through or barrs access. The second way is that its a stored value card, that is decremented every time you use it. If I were to get one, I would use a false name and address. Since every access point on the underground and busses is under surveilance, "they" can easily tie the time of use of your card to a frame from a camera to pin you down. Even if you get an anonymous card, once they know who you are, they can track your movements every time you use public transport. Some people will say that this will make alibis easy to coroborate. Of course, it could also be used to frame someone; a little photoshop on a freeze frame and an s/loozer/criminal/ is all you would need to do. 2. For how long is it stored and for what purpose? For certain, it will be held indefinetly. Police will have real time access to the data, just as they do with the Congestion Charge data. They dont appear to have a written policy on this until you try and buy a card. These are the worrying parts of that document: Direct marketing The messages that we send to you may contain material advertising our products and services. Alternatively London Underground Limited may contact you separately with information and details of those products and services. If you decide, now or in the future, that you do not wish to receive any of this information you may "opt-out" by: * amending your preferences on the 'View or edit your profile' page * calling us on 0845 330 9876 If you choose to opt-out of receiving this information we may not be able to provide you with the services that you have chosen to receive at registration. Who does London Underground Limited disclose your information to? We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to third parties. Occasionally, London Underground Limited will hire a reputable third party to undertake projects on its behalf, for example market research surveys and mailings. London Underground Limited will provide information to those parties specifically for use in connection with those projects. The information that London Underground Limited provides to such third parties is protected by a confidentiality agreement and is to be used solely for completing the project. Those third parties are required to process the data in accordance with the Data Protection legislation. London Underground Limited will not disclose any of your personal information to any other third party without your consent, unless obliged to do so by law. 3. Who owns that information and is any part of it being shared, sold or in any other way divulged to any other parties? Thanks very much. Or presumably, law enforcement. London Underground Limited owns your data, or so it appears They lend your data to other people, who they expect to abide by the law. There is absolutely no reason for Transport for London to collect all of this information. They could easily sell rechargable, anonymous value storing cards over the counter, and still do the statisical analysis that they need to do to make the system more effiicient. This is pure big brother, pure and simple.
I am not bragging. If I was, we would talk pancakes, now wouldn't we? And the snowy mountains I see outside my window right now. Seriously though, it's a difficult thing to explain, the day they found Saddam, I was so upset. We could possibly be subject to an execution, a very public execution, and it is not something I am used to. I don't believe in an eye for an eye.
Israel warns of unilateral action Israel is ready to take unilateral action to separate itself from the Palestinian areas, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said. Google News feeds
Like the Darkness of course too. You will be soundly HORSEWHIPPED!!
We don't in Canada. STOP BRAGGING!
Blogdialers, do you have capital punishment in your respective countries? We don't in Canada.
Teenage Pregnancy You said it. I watch that video and all I can think of is my 10 and 12 year old cousins. They watch Much Music constantly (just like I did at that age). Does Kelis realize she's shaking it for kids??? How disgusting.
I am looking for work. All offers carefully considered. CV on request.
For Londoners, in particular; Hello, can you provide the following information, or at least tell me where I can find it.... 1. What information is collected and stored every time I use my Oyster Card? 2. For how long is it stored and for what purpose? 3. Who owns that information and is any part of it being shared, sold or in any other way divulged to any other parties? Thanks very much. Thank you for your email concerning the data we hold in connection with the new Oyster cards. We are sorry for the delay in responding to your query. We will hold the information that you give us when you complete one of our forms - in this case, the Oyster registration form. This will comprise your name, address, postcode, telephone number and email where you've given it, security code and marketing preferences. Also dynamic data for the ongoing usage of the card e.g. ticket purchases and journeys. We will use this information for purposes of after-sales service, marketing (where you have opted to participate), research and statistical analysis including travel patterns and conducting surveys. Only where you have opted to be contacted by third parties will we share your details with other reputable companies, other than the state. All information will be handled in accordance with the terms of existing dataprotection legislation. No personal information is held on the card itself. We may retain journey data and ticket purchase data and our staff may use this to help resolve ticketing and refund issues with customers. We will, where necessary, use the information for the prevention and detection of crime and fare evasion. Please note that the terms that the state sets itself for gaining access to any computerised information are not something that Transport for London has any control over. We would only disclose personal information requested by organs of the state where we were legally obliged to do so and in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act, 1998 Yours sincerely
cd, that's just inexcusable ... you cannot say something like that in the hope that, because we are supposedly in the season of goodwill, you will be forgiven
has that something that makes it rock, its in that zone, the door to which is elusive and ever moving... Like the Darkness of course too.
flexible working hypothesis ready cash cow
Cish Cash had a similar doomph doomph vocal didn't it? thatt was okay thatt as in jaxx
umm errr.. There is something about Britney ("oops", "Slave for U", Kelis's Milkshake and some I have to list them?) that is simply irresistable. I cant deny it, Im not trying to hide it. I love that stuff, like I enjoy chocolate. It gives you a rush, a buzz...I love how they are crafted; in the case of Kelis, its clearly a one off serendipidous spunk off of magic judging by the rest of the tracks recorded in the session. But no matter. This track has that something that makes it rock, its in that zone, the door to which is elusive and ever moving...its a hit record.
hot cut! what ??? ... you think she sings flat on purpose, that mr bongo's fingers miss the beat intentionally, that the lazy bass wasn't really produced by some stoner accidentally tripping over the keyboard, knocking a couple of filters & exclaming "whoa dude, awsome ba.." before hitting the carpet ? really ?
lazy fadeout It was shitty wasnt it? Like a 7" fadeout. Its still a hot cut!
Can youse hear timing errors likes I can? No but I did notice a lazy fadeout - No Depth - As in compression beyond necessity
I'm not able to win my o\/\/n competiton, sadly: "Teenage Pregnancy"
kellis rotten fruits GUI-lag more like sampled lagging, dribbling retard ... "ok patients, today we're going to forget the basket weaving; we've got a couple of lovely men from the record company visiting who'd like to listen to you slap some boxes and sing through your nose ... now one, two, three, ROCK ! ..."
The Newscientist article just shows that men are biologically superficial, when it comes to women and Vagina Power should be renamed to Beauty Power... Congratulations Anthony. 10 years of top-notch work. Yes congratulations from here as well, but I have only known your music for 2-3 years - I am ashamed of so much crapp-music I have wasted my time on... Give me some more hours, and I'll give you a Kelis review, cant watch it at work...
Though lumped in with the rest of the Brit-tronica crowd - thanks to a handful of 12? releases on the Irdial label in the mid 1990?s Any lumping was and is ALWAYS done by journalist scumbags. Anthony Manning?s take was always closer to the organic warmth of Basil Kirchin and The Peter Thomas Soundorchestra (responsible for the key horn riff of Pulp?s ?This Is Hardcore?) And now you are lumping him with Basil Kirchin and The Peter Thomas Soundorchestra. OLOSHI you motherfucker. If you cant deal with the sound of what you are dealing with, simply STFU and hands off the qwerty. and BTW thats not another geeky acronym! :]
"... this is the same kind of left-field genius that gave birth to Bagpuss and The Clangers, and praise comes no higher" oh, my influences blown ...
If you manage to track down the instrumental version of "Milkshake" you can hear very clearly that the timing is all over the place, with GUI-lag all over the congas and the SH101-ish bassline. Can youse hear timing errors likes I can? I wonder!
I am sorry to report that the Kelis "Taste" CD is total GARBAGE, except the Milkshake track. This CD is a perfect example of what music users complain about when they talk about having to buy a CD of shizzite just to "get" the one good track. Apalling set of sub-demo quality turgid fluff. Hmmmm Fluffy AND Turgid at the same time....a record!
"Anthony Manning got total sweepstakes in the record reviews years back and was like a serious player. " [...] ooohhhhh!
10 years ... ta alun ... there's more to come hopefully ... i bought a yamaha vl1 a few months ago, am still trying to find the time to explore it properly, but once i have some new stuff should be appearing
Which one of you is responsible for this: ???!!!
"Given the heinous nature of Saddam Hussein's crimes, I firmly believe that the death penalty should be on the table as a possible punishment." Clark offered a four-point concrete plan to bring Saddam Hussein to justice. Location: The trial against Saddam should be held where the atrocities were committed - in Iraq. Legal Procedures: To lay out the appropriate procedures and charges, we should work with the Iraqi people and experts from the international community, including representatives from the United Nations, the Arab League, and the European Union. Prosecuting for International Crimes: Compile evidence and conduct hearings in Iraq on issues of concern to the international community, including violations of international law. Punishment: Given the heinous nature of Saddam's crimes, the death penalty should be on the table as a possible punishment. "It is vital that this process be done right," Clark concluded. "Doing it right will help us bring peace to the region, rebuild our relations with the world community and, ultimately, win the war on terrorism." [...] BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Wrong answer! From Herr General's website. So much for THAT candidate!
Eliminate Corporate Personhood: Legislation or constitutional amendment to end the legal fiction of corporate personhood. That is from the green party manifesto. Corporate personhood is not a "legal fiction", any more than any other legally enshrined status is a fiction. It was created, rather brilliantly I might add, to protect the ability of people to collaborate and make progress with reduced risk. If you stand to loose your original stake up to and including everything you have ever made in a venture, you are going to be far less likely to enter into a venture with other people. This is why the incorporated person was conceived. Through an incorporated person, with all the legal rights and privileges of a flesh person, individuals who own that person can take risk without the possibility that they loose everything they have ever earned/built over decades, perhaps generations. Incorporated persons are good for progress, and make you more free; free to take risks through limited liability. Just because some of these corporations are evil doesn�t mean that all corporations should be outlawed or abolished. That�s like saying that because there are criminals who end up being jailed, all human beings should be locked in jails from the start. Anyone can form a corporation; their formation and ownership is not the sole preserve of the rich elite. Once you form a corporation, you have (theoretically) access to and protection via all the laws written to govern corporations. Talk about throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Whilst there are many things in that manifesto that are agreeable, things like this and other items in there are death blows. It reads like it was written by a HUGE committee.....interesting however.
Time to take a close look at these:
2.�Green Party Candidate ��(90%) 3.�Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat ��(76%) 4.�Socialist Candidate ��(75%) 5.�Kucinich, Rep. Dennis, OH - Democrat ��(75%) ... 13.�Lieberman, Senator Joe, CT - Democrat ��(40%) ... 15.�Hagelin, Dr. John - Natural Law ��(9%) 16.�Bush, President George W. - Republican ��(2%) 17.�Phillips, Howard - Constitution ��(0%) - 0!!
When I think of Milkshake Lady, two words come to mind: "fresh cheeks" or "total 5|-|17"
Your Results: 1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%) Click here for info 2. Kucinich, Rep. Dennis, OH - Democrat (76%) Click here for info 3. Socialist Candidate (76%) Click here for info 4. Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat (69%) Click here for info 5. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat (69%) Click here for info 6. Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol, IL - Democrat (66%) Click here for info 7. Clark, Retired General Wesley K., AR - Democrat (65%) Click here for info 8. Gephardt, Rep. Dick, MO - Democrat (62%) Click here for info 9. Edwards, Senator John, NC - Democrat (56%) Click here for info 10. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (54%) Click here for info 11. LaRouche, Lyndon H. Jr. - Democrat (37%) Click here for info 12. Lieberman, Senator Joe, CT - Democrat (31%) Click here for info 13. Libertarian Candidate (24%) Click here for info 14. Bush, President George W. - Republican (9%) Click here for info 15. Phillips, Howard - Constitution (0%) Click here for info

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I amend my Kelis review: Suck it.
Two words: Hit it. Review: Anthony Manning A Manning Compendium Unbearable Recordings UNBCIDD004 CD Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Anthony Manning was - like his erstwhile record label Irdial - an eccentric treasure of the mid-90s, and it's refreshing to be able to report that the compositions that make up A Manning Compendium (and they comprise a good percentage of his total output) sound as clear, compelling and distinctive as they did when they were first released. Manning's debut - Elastic Variations (1994) - was the product of an intuitive talent mucking around in serendipitous fashion with a Roland drum machine; and although Manning's music developed quickly from these sparse experiments, he never felt the need (like many of his contemporaries) to dabble in modish drum 'n' bass or relax in the vapidities of Ambient electronica. As a result, releases like Islets In Pink Polypropylene and Chromium Nebulae combined the timeless clarity of Detroit Techno with a welcome, Eno-like quirkiness of approach. A piece like the 10-minute "Chromium Nebulae III", included here, is a poised miracle of astringent evolution, and an eloquent argument for Manning's continued significance. The WIRE 239, Jan 2004, by Chris Sharp. End. I'd take that as a compliment... Congratulations Anthony. 10 years of top-notch work.
I saw Return of the King at midnight this morning. AMAZING. Many asses were kicked. It was preceded by a painful ten minutes of previews, all of which (spare Spider Man 2) raped my soul. Much like any experience involving "pop radio" over here - we are subjected to endless bombardment of "nu metal" terror that is as bland as a rice cracker (actually moreso). Death to it all! I just completely re-installed OS X.2 on my computer (completely phasing out "Classic"), on a beautiful new 80 gig hard drive. Now we're cooking with gas. Too bad I forgot to back up my PGPKeys file. That's the second time I've done that! Robert Johnsons' recordings I have yet to hear anything as hardcore as those recordings. There is a great two-cd set of them all. Not even the loudest, grittiest thrash music is as hardcore as Robert Johnson. Hits you like a brick wrapped in a lemon rind. Beefheart's "Clear Spot" was close. So was "Loveless." waiting for an ebay-bought original mint copy of supertramp's Breakfast in America to arrive I remember for years listening to "Crime of the Century" on the radio but never knowing what it was. So frustrating. It was a wonderful revelation to actually know it and buy it. Now if only the song was like 20 minutes longer... anyone else have a similar "mystery song" experience? ear-diarrhea Best. Description. Ever. I'm totally stealing that, man.
Islamic head scarves, Jewish yarmulkes or outsized Christian crosses ``have no place'' in public schools, Chirac said, and called on parliament, where his conservative government has a majority, to pass a law banning them ahead of the school year that starts in September 2004. [...] He rejected the Anglo-Saxon model of integration - admired by some French Muslims - where ethnic communities guard their customs and separateness. "I refuse to let France take that path. It would sacrifice its heritage. It would compromise its future. It would lose its soul,'' Chirac said. [...] Chirac said a law also is needed to stop patients from refusing treatment by doctors of the opposite sex. Doctors say there have been cases of Muslim women or their husbands rebuffing male doctors. [...],1280,-3518736,00.html
Pretty women scramble men's ability to assess the future Both male and female students at McMaster University were shown pictures of the opposite sex of varying attractiveness taken from the website 'Hot or Not'. The 209 students were then offered the chance to win a reward. They could either accept a cheque for between $15 and $35 tomorrow or one for $50-$75 at a variable point in the future. Wilson and Daly found that male students shown the pictures of averagely attractive women showed exponential discounting of the future value of the reward. This indicated that they had made a rational decision. When male students were shown pictures of pretty women, they discounted the future value of the reward in an "irrational" way - they would opt for the smaller amount of money available the next day rather than wait for a much bigger reward. Women, by contrast, made equally rational decisions whether they had been shown pictures of handsome men or those of average attractiveness. [...] "Thats right; its better than yours"!!!!!!!
sum it up in TWO WORDS. over easy
Your Results: 1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%) Click here for info 2. Green Party Candidate (73%) Click here for info 3. Socialist Candidate (72%) Click here for info 4. Clark, Retired General Wesley K., AR - Democrat (61%) Click here for info 5. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat (59%) Click here for info 6. Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat (58%) Click here for info 7. Kucinich, Rep. Dennis, OH - Democrat (55%) Click here for info 8. Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol, IL - Democrat (55%) Click here for info 9. Edwards, Senator John, NC - Democrat (47%) Click here for info 10. Gephardt, Rep. Dick, MO - Democrat (47%) Click here for info 11. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (44%) Click here for info 12. LaRouche, Lyndon H. Jr. - Democrat (42%) Click here for info 13. Libertarian Candidate (41%) Click here for info 14. Lieberman, Senator Joe, CT - Democrat (27%) Click here for info 15. Bush, President George W. - Republican (20%) Click here for info 16. Phillips, Howard - Constitution (16%) Click here for info 17. Hagelin, Dr. John - Natural Law (6%) Click here for info
"Classic Unix documentation is written to be telegraphic but complete... The style assumes an active reader, one who is able to deduce obvious unsaid consequences of what is said, and who has the self-confidence to trust those deductions. Read every word carefully, because you will seldom be told anything twice." [...]
Your new assignment: Go watch that Kelis video, and sum it up in TWO WORDS. In a Dav stylee, best one wins a prize from Yours Truely. Yes TRUELY.
start typing...
Today' Wire mag has a very positive review of Anthony's 'Compendium'. If anyone wants me to type it out... just ask. My milkshake comes with pictures.
the muppets
I have a Windows98 question if anyone here could help me... I tinkered around in the Folder Options > File Types display box and I changed around the settings of the File Folder extension. And now I can't set it back to the default of exploring the folder in Windows Explorer. Click: Tools > Folder options > File > View > Hide Extentions of known file types. That should work. If not then "Format /U" should!
the defaults somehow reinstall windoze? (in a new location of course)
the first performance
Dump windoze 98. NOW! This is my work machine. I finally convinced them to order me a new computer which will come with XP (or maybe 2004?), but this machine will go to someone else. So I need to get it back to the defaults somehow...
Josh, even Big Bad Bill says windoze98 sucks the big one... I'm not really listening, am I?
The mother of Mac icons
is worth taking? that reminds me of a Vandamme movie, where the android, after asking "why do you want it", says: "I wanna own it" OR If you are edumacated, King Lear has a top line: "Oh, reason not the need" See? works both ways!
I can't tell if you are complaining because I listen to it, or because I don't listen to the lyrics properly... Im complaining cause you didnt say, YOU FOOLS THIS SHIZZITE IS DA BAWMB GO LEECH IT RYTE NOW L()()z4z!!!! And, excuse me, but weren't you comparing Kelis with Dido yesterday? My bad.
What's the use of robbery, when nothing is worth taking?
My god, dont you LISTEN to that music????? I can't tell if you are complaining because I listen to it, or because I don't listen to the lyrics properly... BAWMB, as in AIGHT DAWG, SUP, $ebonic_slangterm The penny drops. I immediately thought it was another geeky acronym. And then I was being all dyslexic and saying Bwam in head. Of course, the BAWMB, drop it. And, excuse me, but weren't you comparing Kelis with Dido yesterday?
My god, dont you LISTEN to that music????? BAWMB, as in AIGHT DAWG, SUP, $ebonic_slangterm COME ON!
Windows 98 Users Face Increased Security Risk, Says Study By Peter Galli, eWEEK A new research paper to be released on Thursday is warning those companies still running Microsoft Windows 98 that they face an increased risk of a network security breach when Microsoft retires the product at the end of this year. [...],3973,1410151,00.asp
And they're right 'It's better than yours' Isn't that: And their lives are better than yours? I can never work it out. BAWMB WTFDTM?
I don't care what you say either im afraid that this record simply is the BAWMB, no doubt about it, hands down, fresh... infecrtious!!!! old timberlake yes, and he sounds old compared to this; he is to Michael Jackson as Jamais Rock I is to Stevie Wonder. Sorry, but this cleans up that mess.
Oh dear, how infecrtious is that!! best popsong ever. or, of this year maybe. knocks old timberlake off the top spot. I don't care what you say either, I love my jiggy pop records. It's like sweet saccharin candy. Probably laced with aspartame,
Help? Dump windoze 98. NOW! You will be 0wn3d if you keep using it. and yes, I know that is not in any way helpful, and in fact i HATE it when people simply dont answer the question that was asked. I would GLADLY answer your quesiton if I had windoze 98 running on any of my boxen, but I dont cuz I not |nS4N3!!!
I have a Windows98 question if anyone here could help me... I tinkered around in the Folder Options > File Types display box and I changed around the settings of the File Folder extension. And now I can't set it back to the default of exploring the folder in Windows Explorer. Does this make sense to anyone? What I never realized before was that there is a Folder extension and a File Folder extension. I seem to have messed up my File Folder extension and I just want to set it back to the defaults. I've tried setting it to "Classic Style." I've tried under Custom > Settings to change "Browse folders as follows" and I am at a bit of a loss. Help?
Milkshake by Kelis My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And they're right "It's better than yours" Damn right, It's better than yours, I can teach you, but I have to charge (2x) [...] Oh dear, how infecrtious is that!! YES "infecrtious"!