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On Channel 4's programme about Guantanamo, an Oxford student who volunteered to be tortured was shaved bald, stripped naked, and forced to listen to... THROBBING GRISTLE: 'SUBHUMAN' and...that was the point at which he broke. This total moron (and another one who bottle out) thought that Guantanamo was needed 'to catch the bad guys'. After 40 hours and TG, he totally changed his mind. What a stupid idiot. Will somebody please PLEASE wake me up!

Baby Got Back Like Jupiter

Baby Got Back Like Jupiter

Baby Got Back Like Jupiter

Baby Got Back Like Jupiter

The ugly face still remains

The new EU ''constitution,'' for example, would be unrecognizable as such to any American. I had the opportunity to talk with former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing on a couple of occasions during his long labors as the self-declared and strictly single Founding Father. He called himself ''Europe's Jefferson,'' and I didn't like to quibble that, constitution-wise, Jefferson was Europe's Jefferson -- that's to say, at the time the U.S. Constitution was drawn up, Thomas Jefferson was living in France. Thus, for Giscard to be Europe's Jefferson, he'd have to be in Des Moines, where he'd be doing far less damage.

But, quibbles aside, President Giscard professed to be looking in the right direction. When I met him, he had an amiable riff on how he'd been in Washington and bought one of those compact copies of the U.S. Constitution on sale for a buck or two. Many Americans wander round with the constitution in their pocket so they can whip it out and chastise over-reaching congressmen and senators at a moment's notice. Try going round with the European Constitution in your pocket and you'll be walking with a limp after two hours: It's 511 pages, which is 500 longer than the U.S. version. It's full of stuff about European space policy, Slovakian nuclear plants, water resources, free expression for children, the right to housing assistance, preventive action on the environment, etc.

Most of the so-called constitution isn't in the least bit constitutional. That's to say, it's not content, as the U.S. Constitution is, to define the distribution and limitation of powers. Instead, it reads like a U.S. defense spending bill that's got porked up with a ton of miscellaneous expenditures for the ''mohair subsidy'' and other notorious Congressional boondoggles. President Ronald Reagan liked to say, ''We are a nation that has a government -- not the other way around.'' If you want to know what it looks like the other way round, read Monsieur Giscard's constitution. [...]

The European constitution really is a pile of shite, that much is true.

And yet, when any representative of a government can come out with an insanely wild statement like this:

Canada Has Given Up Control of its Airspace: US Ambassador ... Ottawa – Canada's announcement that it won't join the US missile shield provoked an immediate warning that it has relinquished sovereignty over its airspace. ... - 44k - Cached - Similar pages

24 Hours - TopStory: Canada giving up sovereignty: US ... Canada's announcement that it won't join the US missile shield provoked an immediate warning that it has relinquished sovereignty over its airspace. ... - 25k - 26 Feb 2005 - Cached - Similar pages - Divergent Paths: Canada Breaks With US Over ... ... budget.". Martin's announcement provoked a warning from Washington that Canada had relinquished sovereignty over its airspace. Paul ... file=article&sid=14778 - 23k - 26 Feb 2005 - Cached - Similar pages

bankrupt artist v.3 » slime ... According to this piece of shit that is the American Ambassador to Canada, Canada has "relinquished sovereignty over its airspace" since we will not allow the ... - 29k - 26 Feb 2005 - Cached - Similar pages - World ... - Canada's announcement that it won't join the US missile shield provoked an immediate warning that it has relinquished sovereignty over its airspace ... - 73k - 26 Feb 2005 - Cached - Similar pages "relinquished sovereignty over its airspace" According to Google. the reality is that a facist power annexing the skies of another country is a really bad thing. Best for people like Steyn to take care of (in writing) this sort of problem, rather than 'problems' like a European constitution that is rubbish and which, according to him, will not ever impact him in the slightlest since Europe is going to 'implode'. I wonder what the Canadians think and are going to do about this outrageous statement? Perhaps they should build their own missile defence system to protect and maintain the soverinty of their airsopace; after all, if the facists launch an unprovoked misslie attack against another country through Canadian airspace, Canadians will be responsible for letting it happen unchecked. Of course, this is the same Canada that will send back concientious objectors to the meat grinder should they turn up in 'Tabernacle City'. All that being said, its a superb, bilious, barberous piece quoted above - the sort of talk Morton Downey Jr. used to spit out, but without the 'big words'.

Swoon's cut paper

Swoon is a paste up artist in NYC whose work always brings a smile or a pondering stare. The meticulous cut paper method which stresses positive and negative space is what drew my attention in the first place. But her characters seem to have a life of their own, and are asking for their stories to be heard. You can see more of her work at Flickr: Photos tagged with swoon and Fotolog's swoon site.

One way to fill your flickr account


One way to fill your flickr account



Thanks Alex... I checked and Netinfo was unchecked. Shame. I really don't want to do an archive/install. Ever! Urgh.

bad IDea

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Biometric passports, described by some as a global identification card, are just around the corner -- and it could mean easier travel for business travelers or a hassle for others. Viewed as an important tool for tracking potential terrorists and illegal immigrants, your personal data could soon be made available to authorities you are unaware of. "[Travelers] will be surprised at how easily they can become the subject of a criminal investigation, just because they have left their fingerprints inside a bank that was robbed two hours later," Thilo Weichert of the German Data Protection Association told CNN. "They would then have to prove their innocence, and the whole principle that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution could be turned upside down."[...] Fingerprints at a bank or perhaps the fertiliser bags at a garden centre, soldering equipment at the electrical store, etc., etc.

Courtesy of the Good Captain

Recent Broadcast from Captain Davros: Man with pipe graffiti - is it Bob? If it is, see here for (a bit) more... Bob Dodds Had a blogdial dream last night...I was in a coffee shop and overheard an American student-type woman talking about blogging on blogdial. As I was trying to figure out who she might be there then followed a long debate in my mind as to whether I should reveal myself as the captain, and would she believe me anyway, and I think I woke up before anything could be done about it. I would blog this and the bob comment but I am at work and am not blogging there right now. :Ends Good work, Captain! Claw-head hammer man, you will be MINE!
And a 1930's/1940's era man's head smoking a pipe. I've only seen one type of tag in Leeds that goes beyond proving they can spell their nickname, being a cigarette with a monocle. There is a craze for scratching initials into bus windows. A couple of paste-ups done well, usual content.

For Alun

I was searching for something else to do with NetInfo/LDAP Auth and found this. Slashdot | Dealing with Mac OS X and NetInfo Problems? "OSX does use Netinfo by default for local login but the previous poster is quite correct in saying the Netinfo should not be selected in the Directory Access utility. This checkbox is for enabling authentication using a remote Netinfo server and can cause authentication problems including fantastically long timeouts with no on-screen error message when logging in." The Directory Access app is in /Applications/Utilities.

You're either with us or with the woolwich

"OTTAWA (CP) -- Canada's announcement that it won't join the U.S. missile shield provoked an immediate warning that it has relinquished sovereignty over its airspace. From now on, the U.S. government will control any decision to fire at incoming missiles over Canadian territory, declared the top U.S. envoy to Canada. "We will deploy. We will defend North America," said Paul Cellucci, the U.S. ambassador to Canada. "We simply cannot understand why Canada would in effect give up its sovereignty -- its seat at the table -- to decide what to do about a missile that might be coming towards Canada." [...] How is opting out of joining an overly expensive white elephant giving up your sovereignty, especially when opting out only means you don't have a choice if the US fires missles? I bet opting in just means the same but with a multi-billion contribution to the scheme. Once again, it's more double speak from the forked tongues of the American military machine.

government commissions

I just picked up the "Government Commissions" 2LP by Mogwai today, which are Peel Session selections. The artwork is barely existant, but there is a prominent Memorial to John Peel inside. Very tasteful. Are these the first Sessions to be released after Peel's death?

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Elica - cooker hoods

Gocce de Tempo

i woz ere

Additional grafitti thoughts. There's someone who tags a claw-head hammer everywhere. Multiple sizes and colours, outline only. Hand drawn. Puzzling. Pointless? And a 1930's/1940's era man's head smoking a pipe. Stencil. Predominantly black. Non-commital. Harmless. I also love those rare and blessed surfaces chosen for communal 'naming'... sometimes hundreds of names, sets of initials, the equations of loves factual and fictional... x loves a + b + c +... i heart u 4 eva 2 b I apologise for the lack of images. I don't have a digital camera, and they're not really the type of thing I usually photograph, unless as part of an overall image. However, I have joined flickr and will post some scans of things there soon.

Try this at home

Japanese Airport Hotel One partner lies on his back. The other partner lies on top, feet by her partner's head. Both partners hold each other's ankles and attempt to straighten their arms. The partner on top should end up in the air, with her arms in a straight push-up position. Armpit Pose One partner lies on her back. The other partner stands above, feet on either side of his partner's waist. The partner on the floor lifts her feet into her partner's armpits. The standing partner squeezes his partner's feet with his armpits, and bends his knees until his feet lift off the floor. Partner Yoga

A Tribe to discuss TCP

the conet project - ... post to the conet project. Connected Tribes. ... dfilms (19 members). the conet project. a tribe to discuss and learn about the fascinating conet project. ...


Thanks for the osx hints. Have: repaired/verified permissions got rid of all startup items checked it wasn't a font problem done disk repair from startup CD : and, unfortunately, still no joy. But it's Sunday! Been out walking round Hackney, via Bethnal Green road down to Columbia Road flower market and bought us some 'kangeroo's paw' and pussy willow. (Cue East End barrow-boy shouts of 'look at my lovely pussy', 'who likes a bit of pussy, then?' and so on...) Have eaten salt beef bagels from Brick Lane with lots of sinus-clearing mustard. Walked home through London Fields, longing for the day we can have dogs (Sarah wants a Border Collie, I'd like a Springer Spaniel) and wondering how people in London can keep anything bigger than a mouse without breaking animal cruelty laws. Now it's time for Green And Black's hot chocolate. So it's not all bad, is it? The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Real men make demands

SAN FRANCISCO -- John Gilmore's splendid isolation began July 4, 2002, when, with defiance aforethought, he strolled to the Southwest Airlines counter at Oakland Airport and presented his ticket. The gate agent asked for his ID. Gilmore asked her why. It is the law, she said. Gilmore asked to see the law. Nobody could produce a copy. To date, nobody has. The regulation that mandates ID at airports is "Sensitive Security Information." The law, as it turns out, is unavailable for inspection. What started out as a weekend trip to Washington became a crawl through the courts in search of an answer to Gilmore's question: Why? ... The elegance of Gilmore's thinking is that knowing someone's ID does not prevent the person from committing a terrorist act. Post-Gazette, via boing boing This is an example of a real man, a man's man, sticking it to THE man. I am thoroughly impressed and inspired.

'The' Kilogram

Background Information on the Proposal The new paper proposes that the next General Conference on Weights and Measures adopt either one of two definitions for the kilogram to effectively fix its value by selecting a specific value for either the Planck constant or the Avogadro constant. Two types of experiments are leading the effort to realize either of these definitions. The first one measures a kilogram against the amount of magnetic force required to balance a 1-kilogram mass against the pull of Earth’s gravity. The experimental apparatus used to make the measurement is called a watt balance. A kilogram mass is placed on a balance plate that is surrounded by a coil of copper wire, which in turn is surrounded by a coil of superconducting wire. Magnetic fields produced by sending electricity through the coils push on the balance plate to offset the artifact's weight. The amount of electric current and its voltage then is used in defining a kilogram. Electrical power can be related to the Planck constant, defined as the ratio between the frequency of an electromagnetic particle such as a photon of light and its energy. This experimental method of defining the kilogram relies on selecting a fixed value for the Planck constant, which is currently determined experimentally based on the fixed value of the kilogram artifact. The second proposed way to re-define the kilogram involves counting the number of atoms of a specific atomic mass that equal the mass of 1 kilogram. This method involves using X-rays to measure the spacing between atoms in a perfect crystal to estimate the volume of each atom, and measuring the density of the crystal and weight of the atoms, to arrive at a number of atoms equivalent to 1 kilogram. This experimental method for defining the kilogram depends on selecting a fixed value for the Avogadro constant, which describes the number of atoms or molecules in a specified amount of a substance. Either method for redefining the kilogram would have positive ripple effects on many other physical constants such as the charge and mass of the electron. The specifics would depend on which definition is chosen. Either way, the uncertainties of some constants would be reduced to 0, while others would be reduced by factors ranging from about 7 to over 1,300, according to the paper. Physical constants are used by scientists and engineers to make innumerable types of calculations, and also are used in designing and calibrating quantum-based measurement systems. Such systems are becoming more important in technology development and the growth of trade that relies increasingly on electronic testing, quality control and environmental monitoring. Reduced uncertainty in the values of many quantum-based constants also may stimulate new experimental and theoretical work aimed at testing fundamental theories of physics. The last time a base unit of the SI was redefined was in 1983, when the meter was formally redefined in terms of a new value for the speed of light. In this case, the scientific community decided to fix the value for a physical constant—the speed of light—at a specific value so that length measurements could be made with greater precision. The speed of light is equal to the wavelength multiplied by its frequency. The meter previously was defined by wavelength only; the new definition was made possible by more precise frequency measurements. By redefining the meter to equal the distance light travels in a vacuum in a specific time, scientists were able to determine distance by measuring time and frequency, the two quantities of nature that can be measured experimentally with the greatest precision. In a similar way, redefinition of the kilogram by assigning a specific value to the Planck constant or to the Avogadro constant will allow scientists to make mass calculations for a wide range of quantum physics problems much more precisely than previously possible. The authors stress that regardless of which redefinition of the kilogram is chosen, efforts should continue to reduce the measurement uncertainty of both the watt balance and X-ray crystal experiments. Currently, both methods are 10 to 100 times less precise than the measurement uncertainty produced when comparing the kilogram artifact to national standards. What’s more, the results of the two approaches disagree by nearly 1 part per million. Eventually, when uncertainties of experiments with the watt balance or X-ray crystal density method reach a sufficiently low level, the cylinder artifact would no longer be needed. [...]
7 to over 1300?! What I now wonder is, why during all of this time, no scientist has devised her own definition of a kilogram for use in a calculaton only. This would allow her to take advantage of this greater resolution immediately instead of having to wait...for what exactly? The sort of maths that is done by string theorists and that sort is purely theoretical; surely they are already using these natural effect only definitions for mass? Chemists in every school world wide titrate in examinatoins using the mole - in fact, you can do a calculation for a theoritcal titration on paper thanks to the mole (or NO THANKS if you are a student that hasnt revised---har har!) Its simply odd that a Kilogram...that there is 'The Kilogram' in a jar in France, and that this is what defines a Kilogram. Its rather like the foot of the king defining the length of the foot, as they used to do it in England, only worse, because the nature of the universe is being spelled out to everyone based on measurements and inferences drawn from this example mass. And this is REAL!

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dj badly

ps: If you're in London I am playing some records later at DumbFunk.


Alun, try looking at the MacFixIt Forums and the Apple Support Forums, you might find something there. Also try the MacOSX Hints Forums

got them echelon blues

This is part of the Samaritans new campaign, obviously not wise to ECHELON

Smack my glitch up.

But you probably did that part right? Yup. Latest 10.3.8 hasn't helped. Everything backed up. Hmmm. This is when I'm reminded I have no idea what's going on under the bonnet.

Smack my glitch up.

But you probably did that part right? Yup. Latest 10.3.8 hasn't helped. Everything backed up. Hmmm. This is when I'm reminded I have no idea what's going on under the bonnet.

Antennae sprouting Antennae on soverign soil.

Mac Help

First of all, back up everything immediately. Then run software update. But you probably did that part right?


My mac has gone very slow at startup, after login. Sometimes up to a minute. And no switch-on "bAAAH!" pronouncement anymore, either. Any ideas what I should be looking at first? Ta very much.

Another one caught up to ac20

Hmmm... looks like there are a few more smart folk budding up: "We appeal to every citizen and to the world community in general to aid in stopping the war in Iraq. There exist a number of legal ways of expressing our disapproval and indignation - e.g. meetings, parades, open letters, probably going as far as boycotting American goods. Though the effect they produce is close to insignificant. Just recall USA's onslaught on Yugoslavia: we had diplomatic notes of protest, strikes and what not. The outcome? NONE. It only pays to talk to the US government on their own level, that is on the level of force. Apparently no other language can be understood in the White House and the Pentagon - alas! Now, what can an ordinary law-abiding citizen like you and me come up with, where all the united efforts of world community have failed? Undoubtedly a way out exists, and it is not that sophisticated. Sell your dollar savings. Yes, it is to you that we are addressing - to the person reading these words. Take your green banknotes sporting the portraits of US presidents, go out as far as the nearest exchange office and exchange them for your local currency (if you are a patriot) or for euros (for example). It is not only saving your money from the looming dollar devaluation (for the last year the dollar droped 23% compared to the euro) that you will achieve performing the said exchange, but - which is more - you will contribute to the efforts aimed at stopping the war in Iraq. What makes us so confident about it, you are likely to wonder. The answer is "by probing into the way American economy operates"." Sell Dollars, via Anomalog

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the Kids are, alright

Get the kids started early, so that they don't question it when they are older and collared with their RFID's!!!! RFID's used in US School. "When students walked into class, an RFID scanner mounted above the door recorded it, pumped out the roll on a teacher's wireless Palm Pilot and stored the attendance figures on a central computer."

Introduction to a state

As you drive into Maine, USA.. gas tanks with lobster graphics greet you,

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someone who listens to music

Pictures and stuff


Am I missing something or isn't this what SubEthaEdit does? Not quite. I think what Akin was referring to is limited to IM applications. Basically when the other party is typing their reply to you, the incomplete message, or an indication of such is shown so you know what the lag is for. In iChat you get an ellipsis (…) (on Rendezvous you have the option to see text as it is typed), MSN Messenger shows you an icon with the text "Other user is currently typing" or something similar. In broader terms, it is exactly what SubEthaEdit does.

feel 'loved up' about killing

American soldiers traumatised by fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are to be offered the drug ecstasy to help free them of flashbacks and recurring nightmares. The US food and drug administration has given the go-ahead for the soldiers to be included in an experiment to see if MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy, can treat post-traumatic stress disorder.,8150,1416150,00.html

copyright criminals

An interesting short documentary about sampling and copyright. [40Mb quicktime] Shortest job I had was installing some network cabling in some council offices. We checked the route and found it had to be done out of hours. I was there about 45 minutes, after which I went home. Shortest one I quit from was another contract where the job was a complete mess and the guy running it was an over-stressed moron. I walked after 3 hours. I just walked from a contract today funnily enough. I had been there 3 weeks but the guy running the job had allowed supplies to run out and so we were all standing around for 2 hours yesterday, awaiting a non-appearing delivery. Went in this morning and the delivery hadn't arrived after 2 hours. Then found out that the guy had ordered only 20 boxes of cable and 20 panels yet there was another 2 floors to install with about 1500 lines on each.

Bees They Will Sting you

Brian Barder's Blog Boasts Bravado, Bravo Brian Barder, Blogger: Here's what I have sent to the MPs, etc.: >>This is from Brian Barder, a former member of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission who resigned early last year because of my objection to the extension of SIAC's remit to include appeals against detention without trial, a system that I was denouncing as abhorrent long before the law lords finally condemned it. I have been campaigning against the home secretary's even more objectionable house arrest proposals in articles in the Guardian, in letters to the Guardian, the Times and the Independent, and in numerous television and radio interviews.[...] Although it's a shame that the government only listens to advice it likes no matter the source

Did you know that Skype does not have the 'other person is typing' in the IM part of the package

Did you know that Skype does not have the 'other person is typing' in the IM part of the package Am I missing something or isn't this what SubEthaEdit does? Insane.


What's the shortest amount of time anyone here has held down a job for? About six hours, in a clothes shop on Carnaby Street which is no longer there. I didn't want the job, hated the clothes and was a moody 18 year old. A few weeks later I started working at FatCat.

Security by Hunter S. Thompson


by Hunter S. Thompson (1955).

Security ... what does this word mean in relation to life as we know it today? For the most part, it means safety and freedom from worry. It is said to be the end that all men strive for; but is security a utopian goal or is it another word for rut?

Let us visualize the secure man; and by this term, I mean a man who has settled for financial arid personal security for his goal in life. In general, he is a man who has pushed ambition and initiative aside and settled down, so to speak, in a boring, but safe and comfortable rut for the rest of his life. His future is but an extension of his present, and he accepts it as such with a complacent shrug of his shoulders. His ideas and ideals are those of society in general and he is accepted as a respectable, but average and prosaic man. But is he a man? has he any self-respect or pride in himself? How could he, when he has risked nothing and gained nothing? What does he think when he sees his youthful dreams of adventure, accomplishment, travel and romance buried under the cloak of conformity? How does he feel when he realizes that be has barely tasted the meal of life; when he sees the prison he has made for himself in pursuit of the almighty dollar? If he thinks this is all well and good, fine, but think of the tragedy of a man who has sacrificed his freedom on the altar of security, and wishes he could turn back the hands of time. A man is to be pitied who lacked the courage to accept the challenge of freedom and depart from the cushion of security and see life as it is instead of living it second-band. Life his by-passed this man and he has watched from a secure place, afraid to seek anything better What has he done except to sit and wait for the tomorrow which never comes?

Turn back the pages of history and see the men who have shaped the destiny of the world. Security was never theirs, but they lived rather than existed. Where would the world he if all men had sought security and not taken risks or gambled with their lives on the chance that, if they won, life would be different and richer? It is from the bystanders (who are in the vast majority) that we receive the propaganda that life is not worth living, that life is drudgery, that the ambitions of youth must he laid aside for a life which is but a painful wait for death. These are the ones who squeeze what excitement they can from life out of the imaginations and experiences of others through books and movies. These are the insignificant and forgotten men who preach conformity because it is all they know. These are the men who dream at night of what could have been, but who wake at dawn to take their places at the now- familiar rut and to merely exist through another day. For them, the romance of life is long dead and they are forced to go through the years on a treadmill, cursing their existence, yet afraid to die because of the unknown which faces them after death. They lacked the only true courage: the kind which enables men to face the unknown regardless of the consequences.

As an afterthought, it seems hardly proper to write of life without once mentioning happiness; so we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?


Thanks to Ram for this one:


What's the shortest amount of time anyone here has held down a job for?

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Microsoft must die!

In case you missed this one:

Either Microsoft is getting rather desparate in their search for
intellectual property, or they have now switched to actively subverting
the whole notion of software patents by filing truly ridiculous

United States Patent Application 20040230959
Vick, Paul A. JR. ;   et al.

A system, method and computer-readable medium support the use of a
single operator that allows a comparison of two variables to determine
if the two variables point to the same location in memory.

What is claimed:

1. A system for determining if two operands point to different locations
in memory, the system comprising: a compiler for receiving source code
and generating executable code from the source code, the source code
comprising an expression comprising an operator associated with a first
operand and a second operand, the expression evaluating to true when the
first operand and the second operand point to different memory

2. The system of claim 1, wherein the compiler is a BASIC-derived
programming language compiler.

3. The system of claim 1, wherein the operator is IsNot.


Yes, they are talking about the <> (Pascal), != (C, C++, C#, Perl, ...)
or /= (Ada) operator applied to pointer variables.

Thats why you need to develop your software in the free world, ie, Europe. Why should everyone need to constanly fight this sort of garbage? Its a pointless waste of energy. Did you know that Skype does not have the 'other person is typing' in the IM part of the package because M$ owns the patent on that feature? I'm not making this up; a company in Estonia will not give the users of its software a feature because of a US patent.

The Ayatollah's Book Of Etiquette (

The Ayatollah's Book Of Etiquette (


LONDON, England -- The British government has unveiled a new anti-terror bill that include powers of house arrest, but it says there is no immediate need to detain anyone [...] CNN Today was the first reading, tomorrow the second, next monday the third for the Bill. Before the Lords knock it back (one hopes). Disgraceful. Repent at leisure. Any way really interesting thing in the first sentence is that "there is no immediate need to detain anyone" does this mean that those in Belmarsh will be freed if the act is passed? If so why can they not be freed right away? Why are the whole population's rights being stolen in this way if there is no need for the proposed powers to be used? - This photo of Clunk makes him look much like a big thumb don't you think? Citizens under the thumb, I see a cartoon!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

being a sheep is bad for your posture

Dastardly monsters on the loose and out of control

Aboard Air CIA
The agency ran a secret charter service, shuttling detainees to interrogation facilities worldwide. Was it legal? What's next? A NEWSWEEK investigation.
By Michael Hirsh, Mark Hosenball and John Barry

Feb. 28 issue - Like many detainees with tales of abuse, Khaled el-Masri had a hard time getting people to believe him. Even his wife didn't know what to make of his abrupt, five-month disappearance last year. Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent, says he was taken off a bus in Macedonia in south-central Europe while on holiday on Dec. 31, 2003, then whisked in handcuffs to a motel outside the capital city of Skopje. Three weeks later, on the evening of Jan. 23, 2004, he was brought blindfolded aboard a jet with engines noisily revving, according to his lawyer, Manfred Gnjidic. Masri says he climbed high stairs "like onto a regular passenger airplane" and was chained to clamps on the bare metal floor and wall of the jet.

Masri says he was then flown to Afghanistan, where at a U.S. prison facility he was shackled, repeatedly punched and questioned about extremists at his mosque in Ulm, Germany. Finally released months later, the still-mystified Masri was deposited on a deserted road leading into Macedonia, where he brokenly tried to describe his nightmarish odyssey to a border guard. "The man was laughing at me," Masri told The New York Times, which disclosed his story last month. "He said: 'Don't tell that story to anyone because no one will believe it. Everyone will laugh.' "

No one's laughing these days, least of all the CIA. NEWSWEEK has obtained previously unpublished flight plans indicating the agency has been operating a Boeing 737 as part of a top-secret global charter servicing clandestine interrogation facilities used in the war on terror. And the Boeing's flight information, detailed to the day, seems to confirm Masri's tale of abduction. Gnjidic, Masri's lawyer, called the information "very, very important" to his case, which is being investigated as a kidnapping by a Munich prosecutor. In what could prove embarrassing to President Bush, Gnjidic added that a German TV station was planning to feature Masri's tale ahead of Bush's much-touted trip to Germany this week. German Interior Minister Otto Schily recently visited CIA Director Porter Goss to discuss the case, and German sources tell NEWSWEEK that Schily was seeking an apology. CIA officials declined to comment on that meeting or any aspect of Masri's story.

The evidence backing up Masri's account of being "snatched" by American operatives is only the latest blow to the CIA in the ongoing detention-abuse scandal. Together with previously disclosed flight plans of a smaller Gulfstream V jet, the Boeing 737's travels are further evidence that a global "ghost" prison system, where terror suspects are secretly interrogated, is being operated by the CIA. Several of the Gulfstream flights allegedly correlate with other "renditions," the controversial practice of secretly spiriting suspects to other countries without due process. "The more evidence that comes out, the clearer it is that there's been a stunning failure of accountability," says lawyer John Sifton of Human Rights Watch.


The Stalinization of planet Earth.

What this does show however, is that they have not made the final conversion; normally when people are dissapeared, they just kill them and thats the end of it; people dissapear every day, and nothing is done or said about it. They might have let this guy go to find out who he is connected to...who knows...and who knows how many they have murdered and then ground up into dog meat.

Remember; this is what they want you to know; MSNBC doesnt print news of outrageous scandals in real time; normally you have to wait twenty years for them to get a hold of something, and even then, they might not run with it.

Friday, February 18, 2005

links in the chain

New evidence has emerged that US forces in Afghanistan engaged in widespread Abu Ghraib-style abuse, taking "trophy photographs" of detainees and carrying out rape and sexual humiliation. Documents obtained by the Guardian contain evidence that such abuses took place in the main detention centre at Bagram, near the capital Kabul, as well as at a smaller US installation near the southern city of Kandahar. The documents also indicate that US soldiers covered up abuse in Afghanistan and in Iraq - even after the Abu Ghraib scandal last year. [...] Guardian Obviously just more isolated incidents you understand, business as usual, move along now - nothing to see here, Forwards Not Back. Aaaaaahhhhhhh.
Why does this matter? So in the end, why does this matter? Why does it matter that Jeff Gannon may have been a gay hooker named James Guckert with a $20,000 defaulted court judgment against him? So he somehow got a job lobbing softball questions to the White House. Big deal. If he was already a prostitute, why not be one in the White House briefing room as well? This is the Conservative Republican Bush White House we're talking about. It's looking increasingly like they made a decision to allow a hooker to ask the President of the United States questions. They made a decision to give a man with an alias and no journalistic experience access to the West Wing of the White House on a "daily basis." They reportedly made a decision to give him - one of only six - access to documents, or information in those documents, that exposed a clandestine CIA operative. Say what you will about Monika Lewinsky - a tasteless episode, "inappropriate," whatever. Monika wasn't a gay prostitute running around the West Wing. What kind of leadership would let prostitutes roam the halls of the West Wing? What kind of war-time leadership can't find the same information that took bloggers only days to find? None of this is by accident. Someone had to make a decision to let all this happen. Who? Someone committed a crime in exposing Valerie Plame and now it appears a gay hooker may be right in the middle of all of it? Who?

US music

Recently I was in the USA and bought the following music: Jimmy Eat World - Clarity ($12.99, new) Jimmy Eat World - Futures ($12.99, new) Molly Hatchet - Cut to the Bone ($5.99, new) Catherine Wheel - Happy Days ($1.00, used) Animotion - Obsession ($4.99, used) Daniel Ash - Coming Down ($2.00, used) Timbuk3 - Eden Avenue (10c, tape, used) Futures is a great album, really outstanding I reckon. The others have yet to sink in.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

La Monte Young

A La Monte Young track on, again mp3 downloadable wit a bit of LT. Sounds like a Philip Corner piece. You should find a gong piece by Philip Corner. You should. Alga Marghen release his records.

biometric is only skin deep

Skin Biometrics

Skin is one of the latest and most exciting of technologies in the biometrics family. It is a new technology in the sense that until now, the dermal surface of the skin could not be imaged and classified in an automated manner.

Using an algorithm called surface texture analysis, the surface of the skin is analyzed for random features and a skinprint (skin template) is extracted. The skinprint can be used on its own, or fused together with traditional facial or fingerprint biometric systems to deliver exceptional levels of accuracy and robustness as compared to traditional face and finger recognition applications.


The surface of the skin is a unique characteristic of an individual, created during fetal development as a result of internal stresses and frictions.

Standard cameras can be used to extract the skinprint.

By incorporating skin, the accuracy of facial recognition improves by at least 20-25%.

Skin can be used to distinguish between identical twins.

Evil Moisture

A bizarre yet sad story about Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) who went missing in London on saturday. Apparently complaining of strong hallucinations and suffering a nasty eye infection.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

PrivateID (a kind of triplet)

Interpreted summary and clips of page 3 of the latest Private Eye. Suscribe. Go and buy a copy. It's just an ace read. [ The government spent public money on opinion polls about ID cards. This is unconstitutional. We know this. Anyway, Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Mark Oaten found out that the objective of the 3 polls were "to investigate motivations and barriers to acceptance of identity/entitlement cards and ideas about how they can be most effectively presented to the public in any future publicity campaign." Gvt dropped "entitlement card" name completely as public thought it "weasely" IDEA: "It may be worth considering the thought that support for ID cards equates to voluntarily participating in society, and a way of expressing self-inclusion - a positive statement of belonging at a time when it is important for people to be mutually supportive. By implication, rejection of teh idea could be seen as tantamount to a refusal to participate or belong." ]


I saw that Outlaws thing listed on the irdial label page but the torrent of those files didn't work - in fact practically every torrent I've tried to download recently breaks and splats my Tomato - kleptones, nathan barley, outlaws, cassini flight path, etc. - A rock n' roll session is a session where we can do what we want to do, Outlaw, Schwet!

Still True!

too many fools following too many rules too many fools following too many rules Intro + Young Mc And The KLF : You Know What Time It Is [STREAM] [MP3] DJ Shadow And The Chemical Brothers : Chemical Donor [STREAM] [MP3] ILS And The Sugababes : Next Load [STREAM] [MP3] Prince And Freq Nasty : When Freq'y Doves Cry [STREAM] [MP3] Michael Jackson And Dave Clarke : Dirty Dave [STREAM] [MP3] Ludacris And Sonic Infusion : Reformatted Rolls [STREAM] [MP3] Layo & Bushwacka! And Mc Hammer : Love Hammer [STREAM] [MP3] Donna Summer And Josh Wink : I Feel Higher [STREAM] [MP3] Abba And Prisoners Of Technology : Chiq [STREAM] [MP3] Raw Deal And Britney Spears : Headless Baby [STREAM] [MP3] Alliyah And John B : Try My Secrets [STREAM] [MP3] Ed Rush & Optical And Destiny's Child : Survive This [STREAM] [MP3] [STREAM FULL MIX] The copyright to the source recordings in this mix is retained by the original copyright holder | [...] Courtesy of Ken Meier

ebay vendetta

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. And besides, what's been done to this image? I've never met anyone with transparent red legs.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005 I beat it once with Owl, it took 22 questions, but it disagreed with me. See if you can beat it.


recent vinyl delights supplied via freude am tanzen specifically wighnomy brothers (robag wruhme) and a new label to me contexterrior (you can download the back catalogue with a bit of lateral thinking). House, who would have thought it? Although it's hardly house at all, but they seem to have a nice swinging spaciousness that's long disappeared from other 'dance' music. - catnap


The letter, from the Home Office, says the home secretary has the power to refuse passport facilities under the Royal Prerogative if past or proposed activities were so demonstrably undesirable that the granting of a passport would be contrary to the public interest.

so this means that they will not be fingerprinted and entered into the NIR system?! Why should they comply with it if they are not allowed to have a passport?! Thus, only people who the government say they want to catch in the biometric net are excluded from it. Ha Ha HA! Bloody idiots!!!!!


Royal Perogative

The Bliars in power use Royal Prerogative to withdraw passports from at least 2 of the people incarcerated at Guantanamo. Is it just me or does this labour government seem to use far reaching legislation more than past conservative ones in withdrawing peoples rights government granted privileges?

Bears and Squirrels


like flies round shit.... And no doubt that the guy will go on to publish a £30 coffee-table glossy book financed by the sales of those photos. While my friend Jen was visiting, I took her to Monument. She's visited the UK about 5-6 times now and has never been there. On decending, they gave us both certificates which has a nice print on the back. Must be a new thing as I didn't get one when I last visited. I also got this photo of Ledenhall market

CBC's the Wire

Icorporating interviews, sound, and music in an innovative way, the Wire creates a unique radio experience that's somewhere between a documentary, a remix, and a music show. The Wire also features a commissioned remix of each episode by a DJ/remix producer. CBC (all flash interface)

Monday, February 14, 2005


like flies round shit.... 350 quid for a PHOTO of a banksy grafitti-ing.


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Pictures of walls. Our local [Hackney, Dalston, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green] 'taggers' are an unimaginative bunch in general. The usual kids with pens/spraycans copying the background of Snoop Doggs latest photoshoot. The most prolific and/or long-lasting and/or memorable tags are... Jung (written in a variety of styles) your mum rang (comes and goes with the phases of the moon. Saw a new one the other day. Makes me chuckle now and again, as I imagine it [think-speak it] with a lovely Northern accent. Does not work in cockney. Understated comic genius) fuck pigs (in one street every parking meter has had the P in it's sign appropriated into this lovely slogan. not clever, but can also be a chuckle inducer, depending on location) EINE (I presume this is the graffiti "artist", one of the Shoreditch mob. Tags always in BLOCK CAPITALS and usually large (especially round Shoreditch. Ugh). This is the most BORING EGOTISTICAL RUBBISH TAG EVER. Yes, it really pisses me off to see yet more of these tags everywhere I go. Eine is an idiot. You can, if you wish, see the ill-conceived crap he produces in the name of "art" here.) More as and if they come to mind... [I love the simplicity and vision demonstrated by the two pictured above. Fabulous!]

Memes spreading out It's all true!

When did I start listening to... (belated)

This list is kind of fractured but does that really matter? Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd - 1983 (my year of birth - these bands are etched into my brain tissue) Peter Gabriel, Captain Beefheart, Talking Heads, Robert Johnson - 1990ish (it was nice having a big ol' record collection to play with) Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, aaaaand The KLF - 1991 The Tragically Hip - 1992 Radiohead - 1995 Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Coltrane, Weather Report... hell, jazz and fusion in general. - around 1995 Tool - 1996 Mike Oldfield, Brian Eno, Orbital, The Orb - 1998 Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and other IDM artists, and acid house in general - 1998 Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Monster Magnet! - 1999 XTC, Led Zeppelin, The Who - 1999 The Year of Post Rock - Tortoise, Mogwai, Slint, Fridge, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and other Montreal projects - 2000 Yes, King Crimson - 2000 Conet Project and Irdial - 2001 My Bloody Valentine, shoegaze, Joy Division, Wire and post-punk in general - 2001 Coil, Whitehouse, Current 93 - 2001 Will Oldham - 2002 Stars of the Lid, SUNN O))), Drone music - 2002 Richard Youngs, Fflint Central records - 2002 The Mars Volta, neo-prog - 2003 Black Metal, Death Metal, etc as a genre - 2003 John Cage (really started listening to), Stockhausen, Xenakis, Glenn Branca - 2004 The Hafler Trio (really started listening to), Nurse with Wound, irr. app. (ext.) - 2004 I would say that while discovering music like Hafler Trio and Cage was definitely mind expanding and amazing, the "brightest" and most colourful revelation was had with IDM, acid house (ala PTV) and drum & bass. The reaction probably had to do with my age at the time.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Charity in reverse

We've Got Howard's Back

by The People

Contributions thus far: 1679 donors, $80242.22 Let's give Howard Dean the ammunition he needs to successfully reform our party. [...] This is the right idea, only it needs to work in reverse. All the democrats in America simply need to refuse to finance their illigitimate and life threatening government - that will be enough to bring the whole facist regime down. Giving money to Dean will accomplish absolutely nothing. But you know this.

Thinking machine

Thinking Machine 4 explores the invisible, elusive nature of thought. Play chess against a transparent intelligence, its evolving thought process visible on the board before you. The artwork is an artificial intelligence program, ready to play chess with the viewer. If the viewer confronts the program, the computer's thought process is sketched on screen as it plays. A map is created from the traces of literally thousands of possible futures as the program tries to decide its best move. Those traces become a key to the invisible lines of force in the game as well as a window into the spirit of a thinking machine.

All those Penalties

I think this is just fantastic. There were two specific things I noticed about public space in England: 1: Don't look at other people 2: You can be fined for having untied shoelaces, I fucking swear From Wooster Collective

Saturday, February 12, 2005

14 characteristics common to fascist regimes

day tripper

Went into town today and up St Pauls, right to the top! What a view! Did you know... The Ball and Lantern

The original ball and cross were erected by Andrew Niblett, Citizen and Armourer of London, in 1708. They were replaced by a new ball and cross in 1821 designed by the Surveyor to the Fabric, CR Cockerell and executed by R and E Kepp. The ball and cross stand at 23 feet high and weigh approximately 7 tonnes. For safety reasons visitors are no longer admitted to the interior of the ball.


My Girl The purpose of the midlet is to be informed about aspects of womens natural cycles. You enter the females name, the length of her cycle and the current day in her cycle. Then you can keep yourself updated on how fertile she is, when her mensturation is due and so on.


Number 53 brings relief to Italy
euro notes
Superstitions surround Italy's lottery fever
The elusive number 53, blamed for several deaths and bankruptcies, has finally popped up in the Venice lottery after a two-year wait.

Italians had bet more than 3.5bn euros (£2.4bn), hoping that 53 would turn up, in what became a national obsession.

Last month a woman drowned herself in the sea off Tuscany after she bet the family savings on 53, Reuters reports.

And police said a man living near Florence shot his wife and son and then himself because of his number 53 debts.

The Italian national lotto invites bets of any amount on numbers from 1 to 90 in bi-weekly draws.

The draws take place in 10 cities across the country. For each draw, 50 numbers are picked, five in each of 10 cities.

A consumer group, Codacons, recently urged the government to ban the number 53 from the draw, to halt the country's "collective psychosis".

After 53 finally appeared on Wednesday night, it said it was delighted that Italy's "bewitchment" had been broken.

Italy's Ansa news agency said the wins from Wednesday's draw would cost the Italian state up to 600 million euros (£413m; $768m).


Friday, February 11, 2005

t r u t h o u t - Simon Head | Inside the Leviathan

Simon Head wrote a piece about Wal-Mart for the New York Review of Books called Inside the Leviathan. Some interesting statistics he digs up from his sources: [...]One of the most telling of all the criticisms of Wal-Mart is to be found in a February 2004 report by the Democratic Staff of the House Education and Workforce Committee. In analyzing Wal-Mart's success in holding employee compensation at low levels, the report assesses the costs to US taxpayers of employees who are so badly paid that they qualify for government assistance even under the less than generous rules of the federal welfare system. For a two-hundred-employee Wal-Mart store, the government is spending $108,000 a year for children's health care; $125,000 a year in tax credits and deductions for low-income families; and $42,000 a year in housing assistance. The report estimates that a two-hundred-employee Wal-Mart store costs federal taxpayers $420,000 a year, or about $2,103 per Wal-Mart employee. That translates into a total annual welfare bill of $2.5 billion for Wal-Mart's 1.2 million US employees. Wal-Mart is also a burden on state governments. According to a study by the Institute for Labor and Employment at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2003 California taxpayers subsidized $20.5 million worth of medical care for Wal-Mart employees. In Georgia ten thousand children of Wal-Mart employees were enrolled in the state's program for needy children in 2003, with one in four Wal-Mart employees having a child in the program.[...]


A good day to bury bad news

You may have missed it in all the Am I alone in regarding this as an irrelevance, of no value to anyone? news of yesterday, but the ID cards (etc.) Bill had itsthird (final) reading in the Commons yesterday. Spyblog has a commentary. The Lesser Spotted Home Secretary (cluncus clunc) managed to repeat the main lies about NIR, Id cards etc, thus: We dealt with that on Second Reading, but let me go back to the core points. There is no guarantee that any scheme—identity cards or anything else—will be able to deal with and eliminate the terrorist threat. [I can guarantee it won't (that's not a threat btw) -mm] [cliche elided]. However, identity theft and fraud represent a significant modus operandi for those involved in terrorism, serious and organised crime, people trafficking and drug dealing. The fact that we will have an identity card scheme will give us the capacity to attack the problem that would not otherwise exist.[ID cards/NIR will create a single point of attack for so-called identity theft this is the 'problem that would otherwise not exist] It is true that a compulsory card would give us more power to attack the problem than a voluntary card, but it is also true that a voluntary card gives us more capacity to attack the problem than we have at present. I think most people acknowledge that that is true.[It is also true that the card is not voluntary, it is that the compulsion is only implimented when you wish to get/renew a passport, we are told] It is, moreover, the case that ID cards will help in tackling fraud and will save tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money [sound large but it will cost BILLIONS to implement]. The Government have proceeded in a measured way by consulting on the principles and, most recently, on the draft legislation [yet they have ignored all the advice they do not wish to hear]. The Bill sets out a clear legal framework for the scheme. It provides a means for everyone legally resident in the country to assert their right to be here and to help them gain access to the services to which they are entitled [we were told the ID card was NOT an entitlemnt card it cannot be one if it is voluntary - which it would not be]. It will help preserve national security and assist the work of law enforcement [One example PLEASE]. It will enable the public to have the ID card system that they say they want [That is a complete and utter lie fabricated from a supposed tolerance gained by leading questions by pollsters - the public have not ASKED for this legislation in any way they have not even had a chance to elect a government with this threat in place]. Those are the reasons why people in all parties have supported the legislation. In an article in The Daily Telegraph on 20 December 2004, the right hon. and learned Member for Folkestone and Hythe (Mr. Howard), the Leader of the Opposition, said: [Outlines M. Howard's hypocrisy] I find it utterly extraordinary that the Opposition have decided to abstain on this vital issue, affecting the future of the nation.YES - it is deplorable that the opposition do not have the guts or common sense to vote NO on legeislation they apparently disagree with and more importantly a large number of the public disagree with] CLUNK is the sound of the cell door on freedom.

square root of evil

My friend Jen is currently visiting from Vancouver and is appearing as a guest on 'small pieces' on resonance fm, tonight at midnight.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Blood Sweat & Tears For Fears

Blood Sweat & Tears For Fears
Hash: SHA1

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The second postcard will enable you to take part in a world-wide
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Everyone on earth is connected to everyone else; it only takes six
steps to get from any one person to any other person on the planet,
hence the phrase 'Six Degrees of Separation'. If this really is the
case, then we should be able to track down people who worked in
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Hopefully the people that we are able to locate (and that are willing
to divulge their secrets to us) will have kept a private, detailed
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why, and everything else we are keen to know. We may finally find out
why a little girl's voice was thought to be appropriate for use in a
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We are very sensitive to matters of privacy. This system has the
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And it is a human number...

Scientists to barcode life on Earth Scientists from 25 countries today took the first step towards the genetic fingerprinting of almost all life on Earth. A "barcode of life" project will record the sequence of just one vital gene shared by birds, mammals, fish, plants and other organisms, to provide a kind of biometric identity card for millions of species by 2010. ... DNA identification by traditional methods requires specialist laboratories, skilled geneticists and long delays. The scientists, meeting at the Natural History Museum in London, hope that a standardised goal, new technology and a "gene chip" will soon reduce the time needed to hours and, ultimately, to a pocket-sized gadget that could make an identification in seconds. "The dream is that a six-year-old kid walking down the street hauls out of his back pocket something possibly the size of this comb, picks up that ant off of the ground, drops it in," said Daniel Janzen, a tropical ecologist at the University of Pennsylvania. "And it says, 'Oh, this is Pheidole such-and-such'. He drops that name into Google and everything we know about that ant is staring him in the face." All well and good you say. but say you good and Orwell? "The nightmare is that six policemen walking down the street haul out of their back pockets something possibly the size of this comb, picks up that man off of the street, drops a tissue swab in," said oink "And it says, 'Oh, this is Alex such-and-such'. He drops that name into NIR and everything we know about that man is staring him in the face."

Re: Mal Canada

Oh my dear Goddess. That is the most horrifying thing I've read in a while. I am disgusted beyond measure, but somehow not surprised. I hope I can sleep well tonight! More thoughts later.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lists of CD collections....2005 style Now imagine this interface showing us something other than the modern equivalent of peoples lists of whats in their CD collection.... HT.

Black Sabbath

Monday, February 7th, 2005
3:19 pm
Email to my Internet Service Provider (I signed on with a small regional isp at the end of 1999. Since then the company has grown and amalgamated with others. My service has become progressively worse as police and agents become more assertive at trying to remove me from Canada. I have had several conversations with staff at the isp and we have corresponded about my service problems, but the company can't stop toadying to police and agents. It would be senseless to change isp's because the problems would follow, and I would have to start over trying to make a new company aware of my rights.) ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 2:59 PM Subject: Violation of my civil liberties Dear Sir or Madam: Yesterday at 3:20 pm, you put a false recorded message on your telephone help line at the request of police, CSIS, and/or the FBI. It was directed only at me, and it was intended to hoodwink me into believing that it was a technical error and not police or agents who were preventing me from sending and receiving email. I have previously sent you a copy of my submission to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of xxx describing the harassment and abuse I have endured simply because xxxx Police were angry with me for creating a defense-oriented project at Provincial Court and denounced me to security agencies. I have asked you, my ISP, to respect my civil liberties. Yesterday was the second time that I was aware that your help line answered with a mendacious message which was directed only at me. Police and agents regularly interfere with my internet use and remove both my outgoing and incoming email, but it is unethical for your company to aid them in their illegal efforts. I am tired of repeated error messages of "your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection" when I am working with email or writing in my online journal. If these or similar disruptions continue, I shall lodge a written complaint with federal regulatory agencies. Once again, I ask you to respect my civil liberties. Yours truly, xxx xxx

Smash The Tones

Mind the gap

Another great leap forward for Democracy and Freedom... The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. [bumcrack_narrowweb__200x206.jpg]
Rapper The Game exposing his underwear
Rapper The Game - a dedicated follower of the fashion
US politicians fed up with catching an eyeful of underwear want to fine those who won't hitch up their trousers.

The Virginia state house has voted to outlaw the trend of wearing trousers so low that underwear hangs over the top.

Delegates said the habit, popular across the US and in other Western countries, was "coarsening" society.

But others hit back, urging legislators to remember their own "fashion follies" and saying the law would be used mostly against black people.

The house adopted the "droopy drawers" bill by a margin of 60-34.

They've all been at the Bumcrack Pipe.

ID cards produce sloppy policing shock

============================================================ 9. 3.300 ID fines in the Netherlands in 1 month ============================================================ In the first month of the new ID obligations in the Netherlands, the Dutch police have issued 3.300 fines to people who could not immediately show a valid ID when asked. According to the Dutch Public Prosecution Service, the ID checks mainly take place in specific circumstances. "ID control mostly occurs in situations of disorder or possible violence, for example at night in entertainment districts. Also in situations with an elevated risk of disorder, such as soccer matches, the police may verify the identity." [Do we need to add sink estates, public demonstrations, etc? -mm] In reality, the main result of the new ID obligations is a major increase in fines. People cycling on their bicycle without light for example, will get two fines.[ID cards the new speed cameras? - mm] The Public Prosecution Service has indicated clearly it wants to make an example."The main rule is there will be few escapes available for people who can't immediately present their ID. There is no right to an easy-going treatment, because it will in the end undermine the value of mandatory ID for law enforcement." If the current wave of fines continues, at the end of this year the police will have issued around 40.000 fines, thus creating a large new group of criminal offenders. A debate in the Dutch Lower House about the obligation for mentally handicapped people to carry their ID was ended by Minister Donner with characteristical logic. "It cannot be imagined that a person is in such a condition that his caretakers won't trust him with ID, but will let that person walk on the street unaccompanied." Twisting this logic even further, he said that the ID-obligation would diminish the risk of them getting lost. In case they would have an ID on them, the police could bring them home, if they wouldn't have an ID they would be brought to a police station. 3300 keer geen identificatie op zak (in Dutch, 02.02.2005) NL police massively fines citizens without ID


Today, wireless searching for a place to live in York, listening to: John Fahey, Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death Waterboys, A Pagan Place Julian Cope, Jehovakill Streets, A Grand Don't Come for Free Opal, Early Recordings Gabriel Faure, Piano Music Gabriel Faure, Requiem Savath and Savalas, Apropa't ...and more to come! I could get used to this kind of life.


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


no, alun, you are not alone. i am posting this from the USA, where I am visiting my brother and all is well and the weather is warm.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

home alone

Ellen McArthur Park'n'Ride Bilge Water On The Brain The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. My spine has been stretched. On the alone thing, a man on the radio this morning did the round-the-world trip in the early 70's (after Chichester - and go see the Gypsy Moth in Greenwich and imagine 220 days ALONE in that tiny thing) and reminded listeners that even in those days there was only compass and sextant as his navigation tools. Imagine that!

Ends With The Sea

I wasted the whole day troubleshooting network connectivity problems when the subject of this 'solo' journey came up. The point the people where this dead installation is made, was that she was never really alone. She was in constant contact with the shore, via telephone, email and fax, with chaser aircraft overhead 'and all'. The words that were said were, "being alone means being away from people and help entirely; if you are not out of contact, out of helps reach, you are not really alone, so its all rubbish!". Indeed. Nothing is gained by doing this, unlike space exploration, or medicine, or the other things that are very hard or useful. This is an act of pure selfish self fulfillment; nothing wrong with that, but it has no meaning, no resonance, no suffering, no revelations, no uniqueness, offers no insights into the human condition, save to re-affirm the bottomless well of egocentric selfishness sludge from which idiots like this drink day and night. There is someone that I know that has gone to SriLanka (trip planned before the Tsunami) 'to help children who live between the railway lines'. She read about this opportunity in The Guardian. She will be out there for three weeks, and the whole package costs £1000, half of which is spent on the airfare. This is another example of me me me behaviour. That £500 pounds airfare could be spent on just about anything else other than making a Londoner feel good about herself - the same spirit that drove that person to sail without physical help for her own glory is the same one that makes people waste hundreds of pounds in airfairs to 'help' people in other countries when there are people right here in the UK who cant even read and write english. Better to send the £500 to SriLanka where there are people already in place engaged in doing good works, and then spend the other half on train fares to the places in the UK where someone educated can make a difference in her own back yard.

island folk

of no value to anyone? I think you're being a bit unfair - maybe the hype/damehood is over the top, but she's spent the last 71 days ignoring borders. And who wouldn't wish for that?It's also less mind numbing than football results.

Bringing secrecy out into the open

The Secret Naturist Society is nurtured by individuals around the world with the common interest of being naked in the great outdoors and the Societies prime directives and aims are set out below. The prime directives of the Society are: - to achieve total nudity in everyday locations.! - to remain undiscovered at all times.? The principle aims of the Society are: - to provide a friendly and open forum to share thoughts, experiences, feelings and tips on the subject of secret naturism. - to provide support and encouragement to both new and experienced secret naturists who wish to develop their secret naturist skills further. - to push the boundaries of secret naturism to the highest level possible yet still keeping within the prime directives. - to develop new skills, methods and other ways and means of achieving safe total nudity.


Am I alone in regarding this as an irrelevance, of no value to anyone?

A True Triplet?

Miss Isle of Man.

Monday, February 07, 2005

to those in need of some beauty

Kind of sad weekend, at work today, general sense of fogginess until some work research put my face toward Loie Fuller. Born in 1862, Fuller worked as a skirt dancer on the burlesque circuit in the United States, but by the 1890's Fuller had made it to Paris, where Mallarme dubbed her "La Loie" and described her dancing as "the dizzyness of soul made visible by an artifice." Fuller remained in Europe for the rest of her career, continuing to develop her theories of movement using material and lighting effects. She returned to the United States to perform, but was never fully appreciated by her own countrymen. What made Fuller special was her experimenting with her costumes, and lighting effects including "the first chemical mixes for gels and slides and the first use of luminescent salts to create lighting effects." Fuller was well respected in the French scientific community, where she was a close personal friend of Marie Curie and a member of the French Astronomical Society!! To those in search of a small bit of transcendental beatury, I recommend clicking...

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In Darbhanga district of Bihar that borders Nepal, tourists returning from Nepal are talking about a possible UFO crash in Nepal. The rumor is also rampant in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal and other Nepali cities. The crash site is in deep Himalayan border of Nepal and China. According to sources, the crash site may be close to Mount Everest and is totally inaccessible from either side. The rumor world is speculating that the Chinese military is actively looking at the crash site. It is also rumored that the Extra-terrestrials are not allowing any one to go close to the site. Unusual activities and some tremors were felt all over the Himalayan regions from India-Nepal side. This was not the effect of the possible UFO crash. UFO activities have gone up very heavily in recent days in that area. And no one knows why that is happening. It is possible that the crash was nothing but a Chinese spacecraft. China has some secret military projects in that area. The time of the year is so bad that no one can really go to the site and investigate. Everything is just frozen out there. Nepal military is busy fighting the Maoists who are creating a lot of insurgency problems in that part of the world. According to UFO scientists, it is possible that the underground UFO bases in the regions was damaged by the tremor last week and some strange aftershock is being felt since the large 9.0 Richter earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia causing the huge Tsunami India Daily

For goodness Sake

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