Thursday, January 31, 2002

NEWSFLASH is running out of current allocated bandwidth. In just two days we have used over 130MB of data transfer. The limit is 512MB per month. That means we will run out of bandwidth in less than a week. If we do, the site will be shut down indefinitely. We need to move to another web host in order to keep the site up and updated with official information for its visitors. If you would like to donate space, the e-mail contact information is on the bottom of this page. Also, we might have found a COMPLETE backup of online. Don't forget to subscribe to our e-mail discussion list. Link can be found on the right NAV bar. -Webmaster LOS ANGELES, JAN 24 2002 - Heavily armed with high-powered machine guns, shot guns, and hand guns, the FBI, Secret Service, and Los Angeles Police Department sorounded the founder of in his house. The founder was currently asleep, woken up by a relative who said fbi, police and undercover's were currently up and down all of the streets, with they're eyes focused on the premises. founder aproached the door were 2 FBI agents demanded that he step outside. Within seconds a swarm of FBI raided the house with automatic weapons and shot guns. Additional police and fbi also stayed on the front lawn, around the house with a door baracade and additional weapons. "armed and ready". FBI and secret service entered the house, seizing all servers and political liturature. was currently being ran within the founders room of the house, over a computer network. The room was literarly ransacked, and all equipment, disks, cd's .. etc. were boxed up, loaded into a truck and seized until further notice. Since 1999, has been under extensive government monitering. At times, has recieved over 100 hits from the U.S Department of Defense in a single day. The FBI, police department, NSA (and who else) continuesly monitered the site on a daily basis. Even government's from the UK, Canada, Lavtia, Belgium, Egypt, Finland, and Australia monitered the site continuesly. The FBI had also previously intercepted all packets going through the DSL line hosting the site, and have seized additional accounts being used by the site. In yet another successfull attempt to silence our vioces,, an anarchist/activist independent media/collective has been shut down by the secret service. A note from the founder: "It's not yet known at this point if the site will be back up. As of now, we have nothing. No more servers, no more network, nothing. My room remains completly ransacked. My neighbors remain shaken up by what happend. I most likely won't be getting any of the equipment back. They also took alot of my political litature. Apparently, they're excuse for shutting it down was the 'militancy' portrayed on the site. This is not true. This was an excuse. This same 'militancy' they were concerned about is portrayed on at least a thousand other web sites across the internet, and they havn't been touched by the federal government, with the exception for remote monitering. was progresive. It was going somewhere. Kids started creating clubs in their schools called 'RaisetheFist'. People started utilizing the collective as a powerful resource for the activist/anarchist community. The federal government has been investigating me, and the site very closely, long before 9-11, and long before such militancy was even portrayed on the site. They knew the site had potential, that it was turning into something more than a site, but a strong collective utilized by activists throughout the world committed to social justice. And that's become a crime. Justice has become a crime. Freedom has become a crime. Anyone activly disagreeing with policies of the U.S is now automaticly rendered a "terrorist" in the eyes of national security.... Where will go from here, I don't know. Based on what i've been told, i'll most likely be in jail, so most of my focus will be towards getting an attorney." E-MAIL NEWSWIRE Raise The Fist founder interviews with Independent Media Center RTF text still accessible. Click Here Discuss Join our discussion mailing list on Yahoo!
stakker by humanoid humaniod by stakker
  1. Damn, Josh, that's some serious shit, hah! *mental note: check out You and I*
  2. What's that old techno song that uses the samples "Intruder Alert" & "Get The Humanoid" from the old console-game Berzerk?!? And don't tell me Caustic Window's H.M.N.E./Humanoid Must Not Escape, cause that's not the one... I heard it just recently, but I can't remember what it's called damnit! :(
    What the fuck?! Quote: 'A message at the site today described the raid and said the incident was proof that "anyone actively disagreeing with policies of the U.S is now automatically rendered a 'terrorist' in the eyes of national security."' (my emphasis) I feel sick.
my world is expanding speaking of tears, go to Galapagos
Some new music, if you haven't heard it before at least. Harold himself is a very nice man, exceedingly helpful. All LPs half-price (and they have 30,000 of them downstairs). Inspirational! From Bach to Schoenberg, to Adams, Cage, Xennakis, Bartok... enough morality, rigor and imagination to keep your fibres straight for a while. I find Bartoks musical realization of his...almost despair...about certain subjects, to be intensely moving. A friend has similar responses to Brahms, strange as it may seem. I am close to someone who cries every time she hears 'In the Ghetto' sung by Elvis. Is there a difference or is communication (of feeling, or of knowledge, inspiration, or any number of personal sensory experiences) the only qualification? The assignment of 'worth' is a particularly subjective quantification. Whilst, musically (on a talent level) Britney et al can neither compose nor sing (again a personal judgement, on a scale of 0 to Bach, or 0 to Callas/Galas most popular music would not register above 0.2) they have worth to millions. However, it can only be fought (?) through exposure of the populus to 'new' music (in Mikkels definition), whether that is Scorpions or Derek Bailey or Debussy or Mingus or Pauline Oliveros or Panasonic or (even!) Cardew. Encouragement to be open-eared. I too got lost in my own rambling. Where am I now? Time for tea! By the way, the society:::music parallel movement thing, isn't that exactly whats happened/continuing to happen with electronic music and electronic distribution at the moment? There may be no concerted 'style', but societies new-found dependence on all things electronic certainly coincides with a veritable tsunami of electonically-generated and stored music. Does this count? I guess not, its not really social responsibility, just a technological trend. Sorry. Japanese noise music maybe ? (Kaino, Merzbow etc)...
in the late 90s there was a band "You And I" that was infamous for its crying fans. i was curious enough to check it out, and sure enough: the first couple of rows were tear soaked. the singer himself lay face down on the floor weeping for a full fifteen minutes after the set was over. finally (what looked like) his girlfriend put her arm around him, picked him up and helped him off the stage... emo.
Sure, man. I'm *always* open to new music - in the sense that I haven't heard it before... Cap'n Jazz is noted! =) On that note, it's funny how much shite you hear about emo. Reading about on the web, it appears to be the favorite subject of dissing the so-called "emo cryboy." Makes me chuckle. Is it all made up, or do people really cry at emo-concerts? I mean, yeah, some of the songs do have some power (the ending of Pedro the Lion - A Mind of her own springs to mind), but crying? I've never cried over a song so far, not to say I won't, but that's just me, I guess. I got lost in my own rambling. Make of this what you will. :p
Are there any contemporary precedents for new directions in music that overtly align themselves with new directions in Social resonsibilities? Perhaps eradicating a need for distinction by geographical location is a step in the right direction. As the global "leaders" align themselves as a united force (meeting in NYC this weekend...) content providers and aesthetics architects should align across boundaries (as we do here on this list, in this collective) to follow Cardew and Anthony Braxton and Yamatsuka EYE into the new matrix of a sound living.
I would add that moral force or fibre and relentless rigor is the only way out of the rut that everything is in. Without rigor there is no structure, no philosophy, coherence, direction, thrust, momentum and reason for being. This is what is missing from all young assed guitar groups, and "drum machine" addicts. They are literally immoral, directionless, without coherence and philosophy, and subsequently, their work is worthless, un-memorable and disposable. Its better for everyone to listen to Bille Piper, Britney, Boyzone and Backstreet Boys if we MUST listen to something that is disposable; at least that action has no illusion of coolness and importance attached to it. And by the way, SHIT transmitted from Mars is still smells bad.
Any direction modern music will take in England will come about only through Cardew, because of him, by way of him. If the new ideas in music are felt today as a movement in England, it's because he acts as a moral force, a moral center. Without him, the young "far-out" composer would be lost. With him, he's still young, but not really lost.
Nope, its a matter of cosmic balance in the most recent one...too much talk about The Scorpions will put the universe out of balance and cause it to contract to a pre big bang size, destroying us, and everything we have built. Shit, my jetlighter is out of fuel!
Akin... is all of yr VU posting in response to that newish 3 CD set of the live performances with three versions of Sister Ray ~30 minutes long each? it is quite a collection of sounds... recorded by Robert Quine of Television on his handheld Sony tape recorder. i zone out to it often.
Mikkel: if yr serious about the Emo entrance, check out Cap'n Jazz. members later went on to do Promise Ring and Joan of Arc, but i think this stuff they did as teenagers is as honest as punk kids discovering new sounds out of their guitars and throats can get.
HP and MandrakeSoft Team Up to Promote and Develop Linux Solutions Designed For the Desktop:
I just act the way I am (Elvis) Elvis as Zen master? I you feel like eating another burger, eat another burger. There is no burger.
Whoa... Good on ya, Alex... Speaking of which, it's been a while, hasn't it? And to dumb down the content a bit ;) here's a very disturbing story. Good thing I've never tried anything like it *knock on wood*
Just found this I thoroughly recommend that everyone signs up for blogdial and if anyone really works out how to use it could you please send me the instructions ! Once again this is really bloody good - well I wouldn't be mentioning it otherwise - many of the postings are thought provoking, intelligent and occaissionally funny - especially someone called alex tea whose pieces are really worth reading. from
If only movie88 were using DivX!
Did you know that Alfred Nobel, out of horror and regret that he was the man who unleashed Dynamite on the world created the Nobel Peace Prize to "balance the karma books"? Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) "Alfred Nobel mixed nitroglycerin and silica (SiO2) forming a paste that could be safely used as an explosive--he patented this material as dynamite (1867). Nobel also invented the blasting cap to provide a safe and dependable means for detonating. Nobel's original blasting cap consisted of 80% mercury fulminate [Hg(ONC)2] and 20% potassium chlorate. Blsting caps today are lead azide [Pb(N3)2] due to its greater stability when stored under hot conditions. A French newspaper--thinking Alfred and not his brother had died in 1886--ran his obituary under the headline, "The merchant of death is dead." Nobel, displeased that his inventions became an instrument of war, established the Nobel Prize in categories reflecting his interests (Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Literature, Peace)."
a bohr -nuff said. yo free password pleeze!! this, graphically speaking is the greatest line of paperbacks ever. we have been lucky enough to find 'stars'. they are truly wonderful looking books. highly reccommended!!!

Hooles in the soup

Five free Hollywood movies in 100k and 300k RealVideo. Bravo Taiwan! Combine with the StreamBox VCR Windows application (it outthere somewhere on the net) for enhanced enjoyment.
Einstein once said "God does not play dice." Niels Bohr's reply: "Nor is it our business to prescribe to God how he should run the world."
mr. kirby, i am and the universe IS stupid. it is shaped stupidly and for sure smells bad. but in a good way i think einstein is stupid too. what was that theory he had?? something like revalational dynamic probe theory or something stupid like that. god what a complete boob he was. glad he got hit by that apple too.
i am using: scarcasm phantasm(the movie) a keyboad and mouse burn hollywood burn!(the concept and not the movie)
today's ny times: "Rich and Powerful Gathering at Elite Forum on Economy By SERGE SCHMEMANN Participants were gathering in New York City for the opening today of the World Economic Forum, an event that brings together the world's movers and shakers." -does this seem funny to anyone else?? btw: i'm pretty sure that "Jesus Fucking... " never happened. but "Jesus Fucking Christ", now that's an image to imagine.
[A]: It's a scam, the town is only really called Llanfair PG. Only the trainstation carries the full name :P Stupid tourist trap mayor, I think, decided the town should have that name sometime in the 19th century. [B]: Shit, even I like some Scorpions tracks... Wind of Change, anyone? [C]: I just discovered emo, I'm so behind. But who cares, I like new punk (and old punk for that matter). Tres good songs in there. Pedro the Lion, The Get Up Kids, Fugazi, The Promise Ring, Sunny Day Real Estate, etc etc etc. In other news, Jesus Fucking Christ, how can people be soo lame?
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. (Einstein) Blogger hits the Headlines

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

thanks. i will try and do that this weekend on my laptop and let you know. btw: why don't we all meet in the town of: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerypwllgwynchwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch i can't think of a more appropiate place. i'll buy you all a pint of leprican punch! arrggh, don't cha know!
(point taken on assumptions)
Go to: and downloade the three iso images of Mandrake Linux 8.1. There are doens of mirrors world-wide. Installing Mandrake is really simple. I would recommend installing Mandrake on its own disc, using the ext3 filesystem. You may of course, install Linux in its own partition (dangerous if you dont know how to partition an HD) or install "Linux for Windoze" which installs Linux on your existing Fat32 partition as an application. Once you have your Mandrake installation running, you should immediately open a terminal and then type: $ lynx -source | sh which will install Ximian Gnome on your system. Ximian is the best version of Gnome, and comes with the awesome Red Carpet package management system. Software in Linux is distributed in one of several formats. RPMs, for almost any distribution, DEBs for Debian Linux or as "tarballs" which are compressed archives. If you do not use Red Carpet, and you want to install a new piece of software that requires other pieces of software to be installed in you system before you can run your new programme, you will have to check "dependencies" yourself. Dependencies are libraries or files that have to be on your system before a particular piece of software can run. For example, if a movie player requires DivX to be installed on your system before you install it, using Kpackage or the Mandrake Package utility, you are prompted that there are unsatisfied dependencies that have to be met before you can install your new software. Using Red Carpet however, these required packages are fetched for you and installed for you automagically. Red Carpet rules hard. It even checks the cryptographic signatures of packages that you install for you, so that you can be sure that you are installing original, clean and complete software. Once you have installed Ximian Gnome, you will be left with an easy to maintain, rock solid system that will serve you very well. You will be surprised by how Linux feels and behaves; its clean smooth stable reliable and extremely powerful. Your next step will be to get a book on Unix, I recommend "Think Unix" by John Lasser. Its a superb piece of work.
"Assumption is the mother of all fuckups"
where can i find a easy to install mandrake dist?? i would be running it 24-7 if it weren't so damn hard to install and get it to recognise all my hardware. f win32. crash and burn constantly for sure...all the time it does. help me to dewindowize!! as long as your not listening to stryper! hell i like the scorpions.
I think it may have been posted before, but Last Plane To Jakarta is a site written by John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats (just a guy and his acoustic guitar proving that this lineup is still viable in the 21st century) about all sorts of music. He leans rather heavily on the rock side of things, but one reads LPTJ for the writing, not necessarily to be turned on to new forms of music. Regardless of what you think about Radiohead (I haven't yet been convinced), his exegesis on Amnesiac is some of the best music writing I've come across.
Wine! Its so not finished that its not usable...oh dear so sad never mind. Now its on to Basilisk 2. Emulating an entire mac works briliantly under Dos, so should fare better. Installed Ximian Gnome over Mandrake; that worked perfectly:
$ lynx -source | sh
is all it took to install the entire system, without a flaw or a hitch. Ximian own the linux usability race, no doubt about it.
What, my dear, does anyone mean anymore? I'm listening to Lovedrive by the Scorpions, which I got today on CD after a massive wait from HMV online. Wow, an album of my mis-spent youth. It sounds so good. The cover is so great. I would say buy it now but there's really no need. Does admitting to liking The Scorps get me banned from Blogdial?!
Looks like one of those guys who buy something, makes a copy, then sells it again for a mint. He has loads of auctions running. His allcaps hurt my eyes. :P
He obviously has two:

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Huh, whatta you know! I'm such a chick =)
okay, lets see if i can make this simple. First you have, the publishing site. BUT there was another url,, linking to a lovely family's site, complete with vacation pix, pet photos et al. Everyone would surf to .com accidentally, and .net rec'd many complaints. Then, one day, .net publishes that they are in dire money straights. Their # of hits has increased, and their coder wants more $$. But thank goodness! The .com family will come to the rescue! They are now big fans of .net, and would hate to see it fall.
Over the span of about a month, .net publishes daily updated accounts about how the deal is going down: at first, the site would remain intact, and only $$ is forwarded. By the end of it, the deal is that .net will be merging with the .com site, and the family teenager will code the site, but not to worry! Content will remain the same. Then one day, bang! Gone is the white screen/black text/witty writing, up comes blue screen/white text, and accounts of little Joey's trip to the zoo, with the apologies that due to the young children now involved in the site, no more naughty publishing. People were freaking! The letters were amazing. The readers were either hip to the joke (ie. this is all a scam and is really hilarious) or they were pleading for the original site to come back, and how bad the new design was.
Brilliant, because I still don't know if there was ever a .com family. Further brilliance: the whole thing happened, and exists no more. There is no archive. Better than television, really.
Amok Books, who used to print the most incredible book catalogue:

See which Greek Goddess you are.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

BTW: What URL stunt? I can't wait, I LOOOOOOOVVVEEEE stunts. BTW: I'm still at work (yes WAY) Tell me to go home or I will stay.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

BTW: What URL stunt? I can't wait, I LOOOOOOOVVVEEEE stunts. BTW: I'm still at work (yes WAY) Tell me to go home or I will stay.
old fave
does anyone remember the url stunt they pulled a few years back? brilliant.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Death is a gentleman too; he makes good loosers of us all.
we all die alone

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

McSweeney's is an excellent DIY publisher that has a great website with interesting writing. Also, check out the store if you are in brooklyn... and if not: check out the strange varieties of goods that get sold there.
Those animals we sent into space died alone up there.
Today is the last day that we boot into Windoze as our work OS. Hopefully.... We are going to go Linux/Wine (codeweavers) for everything. This means many hours of uninterupted work, no more ritual rebooting, no more blue screens no more....WINDOZE!
Wow... that man is really well spoken. Great interview.

Monday, January 28, 2002
One hour after first reading about it:
Subject: new photos from my party! 
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 11:19:37 -0500 


My party... It was absolutely amazing!
I have attached my web page with new photos!
If you can please make color prints of my photos. Thanks! 


Give this man a prize! "Initial reports of the mass-mailing worm were received on Sunday evening, and the rate of infection steadily increased overnight and on Monday morning. The e-mail arrives with the subject line, "new photos from my party," and purports to contain the URL to a Web page containing pictures of a friend's party. But what appars to be the URL is in fact an executable attachment capable of infecting a local machine with a copy of the virus. The real URL points to a non-existent page."
i can't forget this!!!!!!!!! = Deutschland ist eine Superbrezel!! (Brezeln sind auch terriblly schrecklich und abscheulich, aber sie sind nicht an allen interessant)

Sunday, January 27, 2002

That "hippie" is responsible for a movement that will put Microsoft out of business. That "hippie" is responsible for a way of working that is being adopted by the German government across the board for all its software requirements. That "hippie" is your saviour. And dont you forget it!
Drink me!
Which drink are you?
damn straight!!!!!!!!!!! who is this hippie?????
Preface for the First Issue Richard M. Stallman, Free Software Foundation Welcome to Free Software Magazine -- the first magazine dedicated to specifically to free software. Free software is a convenient and powerful way to use a computer, but it is more than that. Free software is the the basis for a community of freedom that you can join. With free software, you have freedom to change software when you wish, as you wish. You can ask a friend to change it for you, or hire a company to change it for you. With free software, you have the freedom to share with your neighbors, and your neighbors have the freedom to share with you. This community of freedom is the reason that we founded the Free Software Movement. Only free software respects your freedom; to live and work in a community of freedom and cooperation, we needed free software. So we wrote free software. In this and future issues of Free Software magazine, you will learn: * How to obtain free software and share it with your neighbor, both legally and practically. (If you use a typical proprietary software product, you could only share it illegally.) * How to change free software for yourself. (If you use a typical proprietary software product, you are prevented from changing it.) * How to find a company that you can hire to make changes for you. * How to write free software better, using the availble free software tools. * How to find other people who share your interests in using and changing free software. * Why a free and cooperative community generates software that becomes more reliable, efficient, and secure. * Which companies and laws threaten our community's freedom, and how you can help defend our community from these threats. * How free software can empower you. Today the free software community is large. Our movement has had substantial success, and we hope to have more. But success for free software does not mean "world domination", as boosters of the kernel, Linux, like to put it. Success for free software is world liberation! History We started with a free operating system, because you can't do anything with your computer without an operating system. We started developing the GNU system in 1984; in 1991, with the GNU system almost finished, the last missing crucial piece of the system was developed: the kernel, Linux. When GNU and Linux were combined to form the GNU/Linux system, it became possible, for the first time since the hobbyist microcomputers of the 70s, to use a computer and keep your freedom. But GNU/Linux is a Unix-like operating system--a system that a wizard could love, but ordinary users did not like. To carry freedom to non-wizards, we had to make GNU/Linux easy to use. We needed to provide a desktop with graphical interfaces. The need for this was evident long before. The first GNU project to develop a graphical desktop was started in 1990, but it did not take off. GNOME, started in 1997, did take off. GNOME also provoked the freeing of a crucial library needed by the KDE desktop, so that it too became fully free. So we are on the threshold of an age where a user-friendly free operating system can satisfy all kinds of computer users.
Bob Hund rules (, especially the song Ist�llet f�r Musik: F�rvirring (Instead of Music: Confusion). lalalalalalawoolalalala!
Which drink are you?
Drink me!

Saturday, January 26, 2002

Great Minds Drink Alike.
Drink me!
Which drink are you?
Hi! My name is Fedia I am from St.Petersbourg, Russia. I just want you to know my name and my music. The music made on the wild side of the world. The mix between western culture and natural russian soul. Let's break the boundaries together, the world is one and so All you have to do is click any of these links and check the songs: I bet you should like it! And if you can, do not hesitate to help me! Thank you in advance .....................................................................  LOVE AND PEACE looking for a deal seeking for musicians sincerely yours three-fingers-guitar-player Fedia

Friday, January 25, 2002

One of the simplest, strongest, and safest models is to enforce a rigid separation of data and code. The commingling of data and code is responsible for a great many security problems, and Microsoft has been the Internet's worst offender. Here's one example: Originally, e-mail was text only, and e-mail viruses were impossible. Microsoft changed that by having its mail clients automatically execute commands embedded in e-mail. This paved the way for e-mail viruses, like Melissa and LoveBug, that automatically spread to people in the victims' address books. Microsoft must reverse the security damage by removing this functionality from its e-mail clients, and from many other of its products. This rigid separation of data from code needs to be applied to all products.
This is freaky. 3rd test where I got the same results as Akin. Something is definitely wrong, but I can't make out what... also, <- A weird russian site that appears to break several copyright laws. The search field gets you books. I found some nice ones there... Both english and russian :D
A MASSIVE bungle threatens to halt production of the euro and land European Central Bank. They used a copyrighted sat image for the reverse of ten BILLION €uro notes without permission. There has been a frantic scramble to re-design the notes, and the new designs are here:
Drink me!
Which drink are you?
"Later I got a modem so I could browse the uni network from home. And that's when I became a cracker. Not a particularly good one, mind you; the sexless wimps who ran the network were impossibly inept."
The problem with the future is it's already out of date. Are you impressed and awestruck by the technology of today or the near future? Is this the result of too much science fiction making us immune to the reality when it arrives?...coupled with corporate capitalism which cannot afford radical innovation and only provides what the relatively rich think they need? ... What has blown your (or, more appropriately, societys) mind since the moon landing? Why aren't we on Mars already? Why do we still use cars as the major transport system? Profit (greed), idleness, secrecy, isolationism, beaurocracy... can we blame these 'forces', or should we (as end users) be demanding more innovation and usefulness, rather than accepting more and more 'labour-saving' functions for existing technology packaged under the guise of innovation? Or am I wrong, and living in a world populated by a bored, disappointed minority of one? This is Friday, the human political world is destroying the rest of the world faster by the hour, or so it seems, and my inherent optimism is taking a battering. But I continue to believe in the 'goodness' of people and the progression towards a more responsible society (with regard to .. everything). What other option do we have, except extinction? Anyway, it was in light of these 'Friday feelings' that I was reminded of how humanity appears to be letting itself down. But who to blame? I can only blame myself, get off my arse and do my best to follow my beliefs. FUNCTION NOT OBSERVATION. Try and ensure this comes to pass.
Testing....also, you cannot ping more than once every five minutes, otherwise, you get this rather "I am a sysadmin" esque message: "Thanks for the ping, however we can only accept one ping every five minutes. It's cool that you're updating so often, however, if I may be so bold as to offer some advice -- take a break, you'll enjoy life more." You are bold, and no, you may not be so.
OK people: Whenever you post to BLOGDIAL and you check your post, please click on "ping" on the right. I will fix it later so that it opens a tiny window that you can easily dismiss.