Monday, December 31, 2001

Awesome... always nice having a big, bright gassy thing in the sky. Course, it's overcast here so I doubt I'll see it. We do have the very nice frost though... the kind that coats the branches of trees. Arrived in a fog late last night. So pretty. Apache on Darwin... wouldn't that mean run off of OS X? I know it's possible. Completely unrelated... it's amazing how different bootlegs can sound. I have like, two dozen GYBE boots here, and some sound so much better than others. I fucking hate it when it's been recorded like, right in front of a guitar monitor or something. The bias is fucking annoying. And for some reason it's taking 1 second for each letter to appear onscreen, so I'll stop typing now.
Jupiter's position tonight will be in opposition, or directly opposite the sun as seen from Earth. That means it will be brightly illuminated, especially for viewers in the Northern Hemisphere. The last time the gaseous planet with the large red spot was in opposition and overhead at midnight on New Year's Eve was in 1752, and the next time will be in 2084.
The server-software: Apache/1.3.22 (Darwin) mod_perl/1.26 Darwin?? target="_new"> <<< oh how we love HTML!!!! Big up the BLOGDIAL posse! How do you pronounce "Oekaki" ???!!
Front page 404 page Old Oekaki New Oekaki Oh, and they're hosted off a 128kpbs upstream, so they can be a bit sluggish. If I can convince my folks to pay up, I'll have the line upgraded... :)
happy new year everyone. what's the impending url of this page you speak of mikkel?

Sunday, December 30, 2001

All the html I write, I force it through the w3 validation system. Standards compliant to the bone. Fuck browsers that can't figger out what I'm trying to do (I don't even know which ones they are... Myself, I use IE which I heard is pretty bad). It's a statement, so to speak, that all output from my webpage should be XHTML 1.0 + CSS2 (or XML). I'm in the process of converting the Oekaki board (it's a kind of BBS where people draw drawings and discuss them) from really shitty almost-undocumented (and mostly in japanese) code into something readable by humans. Actually, what I'm doing is a bottom-up rewrite where I only use the old code for reference. And the incredible thing is, I'm roughly at 60% of the features of the old version, at 30% the lines of code (hmmm). Aw yeah, even my 404 page is standards compliant, and I'm proud of it! :)
ny times reports re:search for obl "What was a high priority for the Bush administration in recent weeks seems now to have lost much of its impetus." kinda makes you wonder what they really wanted in the first place. tabloid headline political agendas are more and more the norm while we the people never really existed in the first place anyway. more like we the consenting pawns. it's truly ashame
The box that you use to post text is broken in Mozilla, and all standards compliant browsers. Also, the nifty tools are missing, like the spellchecker, and the pushbutton HTML formatters and URL maker. Mozilla displays blogger generated HTML ok, its just the M$ centric tools that dont work. Ive tested this with Konquer, Mozilla and Opera.
Also: Humans are amazing creatures. However, we have never had a feat to exemplify how amazing we really ARE. But now... ALSO: Posted by Akin: "This also explanis (partially) why blogger wont work with any browser other than IE." I use Mozilla, Blogger works fine. =*
I can agree with Mikkel about the threaded news on Hotline servers. It was naff, so to speak. I find it much easier to just read one page of straight articles, rather than having them sorted by post/topic. Somehow a continuous line of thought with broken subjects makes more sense to me. By that I mean like, there'll be one post about something, next two posts about something different, then the next post being about the first post, makes more sense to me and I find it easier to me. Maybe I'm just a weird person in thinking that abstractly. And free beer would be ace. Maybe free vodka? :p Also, I got LQ in the mail yesterday, Sir Manning. Thanks. I think I'll put it on like, right now. I should move the record player to my room.

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Weird. Earlier, I was about to post the exact same argument about threaded vs linear forums, relating my experiences when the hotline server changed from linear to threaded and how I stayed with the old version. Then I accidentally deleted it and I had to go to dinner. The two features with the automagic would be incredibly easy to implement. Oh, and I redesigned my homepage.
Computers are useless: they can only give you answers. -- Pablo Picasso
Save me...
Thrreds: Bad Blogdial is "on its face"; in oter words, everything that is there is readable. You cannot dissapear into a thread, and loose the thrust. I want to read what you have to say, or go to where you want to point. There are plenty of good threaded sites. Out of the MANY people who ave signed up for Blogdial, only a handful are regular posters. Certainly, if and when we do a new system it will have some much needed features: Automagic parsing of Blogdial into a text only mailout that is mailed to the mailing list, after the last post falls off the bottom. Automagic N00king of lamaz who dont post at least once per week. Some kind of cool karma feature, related to free beer.
Thanks to Ken "The Streetfighter"
My computer is still down. I'm sitting at a net-caf� now. To my surprise the other clients are not completely young either.
If we should make a new and improved Blogdial, why not a threaded one like say
My Xmas present
we'll need to extract the data currently residing on the blogger database, but that would be fairly easy. just copy it from the display window when showing the last 1000 or so (you need to have a blogger-cookie for this link to work), then run it through a regexp. Then put it into our own database, make a template (I assume we have that already), input the stuff in the template & that's it, really...
As soon as is online, we will be able to do many, many cool things. We will be running it on FreeBSD. Just start from there.
Hmm, interesting... If I had the time, I'd volunteer for the crafting of a new and improved blogdial. Do we have access to CGI and MySQL and .htaccess files on If so, we could set up a perl script for taking user-input, stuff it in a MySQL DB, and have another perl script doing the output (perhaps dynamically, or just run each time someone inputs something)...
Surprise surprise: "The site is running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Windows 2000." Perhaps now that EV has publicised the security breach at Blogger, MANY more people will be trying to break in to it. This also explanis (partially) why blogger wont work with any browser other than IE. I think most people assumed that it was run on some UNIX; someone so smart, who wrote something so cool couldnt possibly be so stupid as to base the whole system on M$/IIS. Or so we thought.
nmap -sF -v -v {blogger ip} -P0 -O -p "1-500" that should give it up whoa dav, that looks like a dildofone. nah, just kidding. lots of holiday cheer from kat and i to all of you. love!!!!!
I want to know if Blogger is being run on M$/IIS or UNIX....Ill check later. I have a suspicion that its run on M$/IIS. The passwords should have been encrypted of course, as a matter of routine. Its the one reservation that I always had about Blogger, but measured against the fun it brings, its been worth the risk.

Friday, December 28, 2001

Hello there for xmas this year I got an ericofon from my bird. Very cool, though 'twas the late 60's pushbutton version, not the cool dialler. Old phones rock. Also, has anyone read this? There's rather a lot so I haven't, I'm just posting it like a cut n' paste tosser. But it might be interesting. I didn't get drunkat xmas, since I don't drink. But I did eat way too much and am now fatter than ever!
Dreadful dreadful dreadful! You are in good company Claus; i n00ked one of my W98 installations when trying to back it up onto an identical capacity HD. I backed it up in the WRONG DIRECTION. Doh! As for a bootable Win2K CD, and I presume that you are fast, you can usually find one on Morpheus or of course IRC. When you loose an installation and data that you have been tweaking and preening for ages its like a part of you dies. Its a horrible, sickening hollow feeling... Chrismas dinner with the family. The absurd to write about, to boring to write about. Got bored. Idle hands do the devils work....hope you had some backups.. As for me, Ive been running Linux non stop for the whole holiday, uptime 6days plus. Compiled and ran Mplayer, updated my Mozilla build... DivX:-) under Linux is =rock solid= Xine is the best player so far, though it chokes on the Afgan episode of South Park; bad audio.... Drank not so much this year, and no cigars.
Thanks for your sympathy Mikkel. If anyone know where to pull an ISO of Windows 2000 Pro US bootable CD, then email me at c
VOX POPULI - Will Macintosh Users Finally Get a Bite of the VoIP Apple? I'd call if I could :P Meh, sorry to hear that, Claus. Ack! I spent 19 hours this wednesday drunk off my ass (That's Danish christmas lunch tradition for ya).


Chrismas dinner with the family. The absurd to write about, to boring to write about. Got bored. Downloaded Mandrake Linux 8.1. Deleted a partition from within Windows 2000, and it decided to delete the extended partition on the same disk aswell. My DATA - ARGHHHHH!!! Tried PartitionMagic no sucess. Well later I thought. Installed the Mandrake. LILO says LI. Tried Grub instead. And others. Might possibly have something to do with the fact that hda is NTFS - what do I know. Could only boot to Mandrake via diskette. My Windows 2000 CD is non bootable *cough* Tried if a NT4 CD would repair the MBR. No it bloody wouldn't. So now I'm sitting at work trying to find an ISO of Windows 2000 Pro that will boot. Otherwise I A-M F-U-C-K-E-D!!! Merry fucking Xmas. I love you. BTW: While in Mandrake I thought 'Why not ask the nice people on Blogdial?' - 'Sorry, Blogdial has had a security breach' Thank you very much, I have never felt so naked before.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

The first person to call gets a preview CDR of an upcoming Irdial Release. Phone Hint: use Google to find out about SIP Voice over IP softphones!
A disturbance in the Force... In a metaphoric sense, we are looking for evidence of a developing global consciousness that might react to events with deep meaning.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Hahah! Excellent, Claus... Know the young ladies? =D


  [ Merry Christmas ]
You guys rule hard.
I am hungover.
ah yes, vodka !! .......... lashings of goose fat for all ........ gizzards, intestines, crispy skin, and not forgetting vodka ........ merry merriment !!
Happy christmas or days off or whatever, you bastards whom I deem the most politically aware people I know. I salute you. Also, vodka.

Monday, December 24, 2001

The back of the note features the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, as well as the skyline of lower Manhattan. The view is approximately what one would have observed from Hoboken, N.J. prior to Sept. 11, 2001.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

...The government cannot interfere with a Right. Bear with me as I repeat this essential precept in several different ways so that you might understand: "Rights" do not come from civil government. We are endowed by our Creator with unalienable Rights. According to the Declaration of Independence, the ONLY reason government exists (it uses the phrase "instituted among men") is to protect Rights. You cannot be granted Rights you already have. The word: "Unalienable" means it cannot be taken from you. If something can be lawfully taken from you, then you didn't have a right to it. Government must protect Rights, not regulate them. Governments are instituted among men to secure those Rights. "Rights" are above government. The exercise of a Right cannot be infringed. A Right cannot be taxed. The exercise of a Right cannot be taxed. The power to tax is the power to destroy. You cannot delegate to your civil servants the power to regulate the inalienable Rights of others... ...You become internal to the government. You have accepted appointment to a government office. The office of "Person" (see Appendix D). Your Constitution was written to control government, not people. And, you've enlisted into the government. You can now expect to be regulated. And, just like other forms of enlistment, you can expect to be treated harshly. Those who hold this government office are now required to sign Forms under the Penalty of Perjury... ...Here are some more details for those who are doing homework: "Hypothecation" is a banking term. "Hypothecation" is defined in Section 14(a) of the Federal Reserve Act as an offer of assets owned by a party other than the borrower as collateral for a loan, without transferring title. The United States is the borrower. You are the party other than the borrower. On your behalf, and with your consent, your representatives borrow most of your national debt from the Federal Reserve Bank. Section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act (12 USC 411) says that Federal Reserve Notes are obligations of the United States. This is true even if the Federal Reserve is not a government agency, because the government has promised to repay the loans to this privately owned corporation. Federal Reserve Notes are backed by the full faith and credit of hypothecated assets (such as your future labor). According to the Legislative History of Public Law 94-564 "The U.S. commitment to redeem international dollars for gold became a physical impossibility". That's right! Your bankrupt government cannot repay Foreign lenders their gold. They will soon claim their collateral. You are the collateral.... ...Livestock has owner granted rights also. Just because your current owner can be nice to you, doesn't mean you are free, nor does it mean you won't be sold. Just because you can vote for President, doesn't mean you are free. In fact, it is proof that you are a slave.... ...I will also show you later that civil rights must be regulated, and that natural rights cannot be regulated. Real rights do not come from government. Government cannot grant rights, although they often refer to their privileges as rights.... ...There is only one Sovereign, and He will judge you on the judgement day. But, from the government's point of view, those who created government, and their posterity, are their sovereigns. Civil servants must do two things: obey their masters and control their subjects. Your government only writes laws for their subjects. They call their subjects by the term "persons". Government does not write laws to control their masters. Your government calls their masters non-persons. "Persons" are people who are under the government. "Non-persons" are people who are above the laws of their servants. They are above the government they control. LAW COMES FROM NON-PERSONS. Read Appendix D now.... ...If you cannot govern yourself, others will govern you. No matter how much they demand. Whether you like it or not....
Purty Please? :]
Please scroll down to agree with these Terms and Conditions before downloading software. Mac OS 9.2.1 Update-US - Export Compliance Agreement Select language, then agree to the terms to download: You agree that you will not export or reexport any of the software or confidential information received from Apple (i) into (or to a national or resident of) Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Serbia, Sudan, Syria, Taliban controlled Afghanistan, or any other country to which the U.S. has embargoed goods; or (ii) to anyone on the U.S. Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, U.S. Commerce Department's Table of Denial Orders and Entities List, or the U.S. State Department's Debarred List. By downloading this software, you represent and warrant that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such list. You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons. Check here to certify that you agree to comply with the Export Control notice above.
A few short weeks ago, my boss came up to me at work and told me one of the most chilling things I've ever been told in person, "Lee, one of our senior vice presidents just called me and asked me to immediately escort you to the fourteenth floor. I have no idea what this about."
this however, is well freaky... the number of times i've had similar conversations with people recently.. hey maybe we should all be getting visits.
happy christmas blogdialians. re: "we love liberty" considering the recent events in america i don't think this should be such a problem. maybe they should have been allowed to collect the stamps that day, but surely ignoring an out of the ordinary occurrence would be neglectful? it's sad that people have to suspect others and be cautious, and it seemed like the people buying the stamps were helpful, which is good. i mean i don't think the clerk or police officer asked any inappropriate questions. i just think the article made too much out of this. it's sad they had to be questioned, but it's sad the american flag is so weighted in violence and oppression at the moment.

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Whether you agree or not with their views isn't really relevant, it's their decisions :) This is exactly and precisely what I believe. What I think and believe only applies to me, and It is not my place to impose my beliefs on other people and by extension other countries. It is anathema to me that another persons beliefs should be forced upon me or the country where I live. My way of thinking and behaving protects those people in other countries who want to do national service, carry ID cards, be numbered, sell thier organs, pray to statues, not pray to statues. whatever. You are free to do what you want, as long as you dont try and make me do it, or submit to your ways. If you try and do that, then you must die.
in the same way that GREAT britain, USSR, USA ( a brave new world set up to the greater degree by us by conveniently scrubbing out the natives, whose living standards we chose not to agree with, first), various strains of asian flu, have tried not to homogenize the world by attempting to conquer it, or rather its 'weaker' areas, to its own benefit ? ; ]
Oh, you can still refuse army service (here) and go do something else for the time... Which I am. I'd never kill a man for my country, for any country. And what a country does is their own business, you got that right, Akin. Whether you agree or not with their views isn't really relevant, it's their decisions :)
The principle that slavery is wrong is not dissoluble. Once they can compel you to kill as a slave in the army, they can compel you to be sterilized, take vaccination, and do anything they want, because you are nothing more than a numbered piece of property. If you think that its OK to be a piece of property, and all of your countrymen think that too, I don't have a problem with you, or your country, I simply choose not to live there. What I DO have a problem with, and I will be repeating myself, is when people from other countries try and tell me what I can and cannot do in the jurisdiction that I have chosen as my home. This is the fundamental difference between the British and the Europeans. They cannot accept that their ways and beliefs are not suitable for everyone. They think that if you do not do as they do you are wrong, and therefore must be compelled to be and live as they do. Doing what you want in your own house, on your own time and in your own jurisdiction is your business. If the Europeans understood that and were hot hell bent on trying to homogenize the whole world, we would be able to live side by side with them without any problems or acrimony.
I dunno. Seems like drafting or conscription, it's more extreme cousin, don't take morale into consideration. Like, a population that's forced into service is not going to want to fight as much as a population who have voluntarily decided to fight. Take for instance, World War I, just because I heard this like, 6 hours ago. On Christmas, the german and english soldiers basically came out and had a party. They didn't give a shit about a war. But the generals and sergants and stuff got pissed off, cause they were mingling with the enemy. But the peons didn't see them as an enemy, just more people forced to kill others for some unknown reason. Blah, fuckit, I'm tired as hell.
Being that I'm drunk and this keyboard is pretty fucking annoying, I'll keep it short (it's moterhfucking ergonomic) Something about army serice that I've been thinking about since i got drafted: I am pro-drafting. This might seem kindof odd, as I am a person that is pro-liberty, but the more I think about it, the more right it seems... Compare; professional army versus drafted army. A professional army will consist (in the majority) of people who like the concept or army-ism, a drafted arny will consist of a broad spectrum of people from all over the idealisms... Thus, a drafted army will get lots of input that disagree with the concept, while a professional army will mostly get people that agree with the concept... Now, what is best for the country at hand? Diverse input or one-sided input? This is why I am not against drafting, be it against human rights or not. A profesional army could easily come to different interests than a free army. Especially, their interests could eventually differ so much from the interests of the government so as to cause problems... Just a few words 'fore I go to bed... :) .Carthag.
Squid Videos

Thursday, December 20, 2001

From ZDNET,7056,119574-992766,00.html Name: Angered, Location: Withheld, Occupation: IT "In less than 48 hours, 150 Secret Service men and other law officials served 30 search warrents in 14 cities around the nation " The quote above wasn't from this month, this year, or this decade. It was from May, 1990, from "Operation Sun Devil", a crackdown on "hacking and phreaking" BBSes, way before the web. Has the flow of that information been hampered? Absolutely not. This is nothing new. The FBI and Customs Servic are a bunch of blathering goons. Look at Alan Doody, and his stupid self-congratulated over-annunciated spittle ridden speech about this recent bust.. Wow, 63 people caught. My oh my. All the feds have done is shoot themselves in the foot. They found a group of people that were the enemy of the oh-so-benevolent Great Corporations of this country. So, what did they do? The same thing the RIAA did with Napster and P2P: They fired a few shots into that mass of "offenders".. They hit a few, but they caused the vast majority just to scatter and take things underground. Good for the warez scene. Bad for the FBI. Now, there will be fewer major conglomerated groups. The warez groups will be small, isolated, and harder to find and infiltrate. As things always will be. In reality, I don't think warez does one tenth the damage companies claim.. As if a 12 year old would have bought Photoshop otherwise.. And the ignorant asses who yell "but they broke the law" are just that, ignorant, illiterate sheep. A law is only as good as the people's will to follow it. Bobby Teenager trading software with his friends on IRC is not costing the software industry billions, and those kids CERTAINLY should NOT do "HARD TIME" as one FBI moron quoted. If anything, it's building experts in that software early, who will pay for it later. What the he11 is wrong with our stupid country?? If the FBI is concerned about the scourge of software piracy, why don't they raid a few large corporations and see how many license violations they'll find there? Go to one building of one fortune 500 company, and I guarantee you'll net way more than -63- violators there. But of course, these days, the FBI does not protect the citizen. It's the citizens against the corporations.. And if any FBI agent reading this is worth his salt (And I'm sure some are reading).. Think about what you're doing. Do you really think individuals trading software causes any harm? Do you really think they deserve hard time? This has been going on since computers started. It is more the norm than an exception -- and the most pirated companies (MS, Adobe) are doing just fine. I'm a computer programmer, and I expect that my software will be used 'illegally'. However, I don't give a rat's a$$ about the guy down the block who even makes copies for all his friends. It's the large, rich company who COULD buy my software but instead installs 500 illegal copies at one site that I'm concerned about. Note, not one corporate work center was raided. Just individuals. And it won't put a dent in anything. Pathetic, but what else do you expect. I'd love to have a one-on-one debate with an FBI agent who supports this, however I fear with the recent attitude in this country, I wouldn't be safe speaking my opinion.
All of this should come as no surprise to anyone. People have always been stupid, and the reason that there has been any freedom at all is because there has been a gentlemans agreement that freedom is the best way to go. It has alway been understood (and in the case of the constitution of Germany, explicitly stated) that rights are conditional. Now that there has been a supposed change in conditions, they are changing the mode of operation, knowing that the populations are so very stupid and asleep that they will accept anything that is forced on them, without question. In the UK, bombing by the IRA has been happening for decades. Some of the bombs have been incredibly large and destructive, yet, throughout all of this time, the government has never felt the need to strip away all of the rights that have been part of the gentlemans agreement for 1000 years. It is only now, when there is an attack on another country that the peoples rights are to be revoked. This is clearly absurd. There is no reason why such measures should be brought in in the UK. No other country in the EU is doing this (partly because they have no freedom in the first place), so why has the UK done this? That is irrelevant. The point is why is everyone not up in arms over this? How is it that a single man can wipe away 1000 years of building towards a free country, destroy it without any justification at all, and not even a whimper from the population? I have not even mentioned the millions dead in several brutal wars, where British men and women fought to protect the UK from enemies world wide. Sadly, even the people with some intelligence simply cannot understand the power of the number 1. If they understood that, nothing like this power grab would be possible. I have not met anyone who thinks that these measures are needed or right, yet, the power of the individuals is contained by each individual because they refuse to communicate in a "linked arms" fashion. What I mean by that, is to say that no one is saying "I am not going to accept this, and no one that I know is going to either." That alone would be sufficient. Then of course, there are the people who actually think that people being numbered like pigs is an OK thing to do. These people are the worst kind, because not only do they not lend thier power of 1 to the cause of keeping people free, they are actually propagating a -1 input, which dampens down the effect of mass refusal. The only way that a reversal of this situation can come about is if there is an outrage on a massive scale that will change the minds of the population, that effects everyones pockets and lives. Quite what that could be eludes me, but it looks like an impossible task. Firstly, the currrent "anti terrorism laws" have to be removed from the books, in thier entirety. Then the UK must remove itself from the EU. The second is more likely than that first. When the ECU comes into use in January, shopkeepers, hotels and many businesses will begin to accpet it in excange for goods an services. When toursits come to the UK, they will bring Euros with them and will not use Sterling. Why should they change thier money twice when they are simply passing through the uk on a European tour, when every shop in the UK accepts ECU? The value of the pound will be damaged by this. No one will want the pound, because you will not need it to operate in the UK. Everyone with a Sterling account will see that thier savings have lost value. They will be furious. The UK will either have to join the Euro and take the loss, or outlaw the use of the Euro in the UK to try and bolster the value of the pound. I have been in countries where there are two currencies running side by side; the local currency always looses becuase the stronger, foreign currency, is, for many reasons, stronger. Its astonishing that no one has spotted this....or maybe they have. Either way, the pound and the value of the savings in millions of Sterlings accounts is doomed unless something is done to protect the integrity of the pound. Lets see what happens. Either way, for the record, we are NOT going along with it, DO NOT support it, and refuse to co-operate with it. Period. We will NOT accept the Euro in exchange for our goods while the pound is the legal tender of the UK. We ALREADY encrypt our mail so that it cant be read. We ENCOURAGE you to do the same.
Yes, Kid Rock is truly, truly appalling.
totally amazing cnn poll: Do you agree that governments should be able to detain terror suspects indefinitely without trial? Yes 80% No 20% "hey you, suspect......." claus, just bitching and ranting. i'm just confused anymore. is there a brain sucking machine somewhere up in space taking all of our precious bodily fluids? i think that there must be as i just don't get how anyone could buy a kid rock album. the arts need artists not 'stars'. bah bah.....

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

can any one tell how to start out learning a programming language?
me neither. Maybe there was something in his food. That waiter/waitress didn't sound like someone I'd trust.
6 am - I haven't got the faintest clue what you're on about. Perhaps I'm to blame?
natalie d served me coffee this morning! yes, yes as i awoke to drive my lovely wife to work, we stopped for coffee and snacks to find natalie as cheerful as you would imagine for someone who has "lost/misplaced" their id card. she spoke in kind of a manly voice and spit a lot. as she ran around behind the counter pouring steamy coffee she shouted gwb quotes, saying "we will get them", "kill the educated", "zeke hile" and other memorable snipets from our 'leader of the FREE world' & friends. it was quite a morning.... "The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!" --from the first pres debate but who is to blame? are YOU wearing nikes? am i? do we care? should i keep laughing?
Fantastic stuff e.g. New suggestion for the get-together: 57.25.04�N / 13.40.36�V the homepage isn't much but I've seen a brochure. It looks really nice. 300m2, six two bedded bedrooms, extended 'minibar', own lake with jetty, big sauna, big livingroom with live fire, kitchen with everything, conference room with overhead projector, whitboard, TV/video, stereo and (very important) internet. 10 minutes from skiing and golf.
What the hell is wrong with these people? It seems there will never be enough stupid people in this world. Appaling, really. I seriously hope this stupidity ends soon. The terrorists have gotten more than they wanted. They've effectively begun a change in the so-called "free" world, turning it into a realm of oppresion. Man, I hate it.
Shouted down by ingnorant sheeple mob!
Oh, 'tis nothing personal to any girls reading this, just me going on about my experiences in the field, no? I've not done much C++, but I did take a class... I don't fancy it much, preferring lighter languages that gets the job done in fewer lines (Perl, per instance). It's good to know it, though. I think the biggest project I've completed as a C++ app has been a naughts & crosses terminal game, but it was rather shitty.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

thanks Mikkel, glad you like it ........ how long have you been writing with c++ ? what do you use it for ?
girls are evil??? ACH! lets leave snide personal remarks aside mikkel as you seem like a lovely fella... ;)
On a lighter note, I got the white label today. Excellent, I must say! I need a turntable in my room, going downstairs is kinda annoying.
thanks all ........ i feel a heap better ........ it doesn't help when your only experience of these matters is via textbooks that naturally come across as all-knowing, and when you've no real knowledge of the kinds of work to expect to go into, and thus what to worry about knowing and what not to worry about ; plus you've given up your day job to get the learning done and suddenly the world's economy goes pants-up ............... and this is the first time you've gotten involved with this whole area ; i did pascal before the c++ so the basics are pretty tightly tucked under my belt, but ....... whatever ........ thanks ; ]
In case you ave been living under a rock on Pluto:
Hargl! Akin's got it right, learn what you need now, then learn more. I started perl that way, writing shitty little apps that responded to input, then gradually incremented on that, drawing larger concentric circles each time. Oh, and girls are evil. Can't be said enough. Blearhgb.bxv h...b dcv
I was going to get into programming actually, not a few years ago. Then I looked at the whole computer industry nowadays and was just... dissapointed. I dunno. It was so much cooler when I was a kid (the 80s, early 90s). It seems boring and bereaucratic nowadays. Speaking of the hole of shitfucks known as the FBI, they want "more access" to Canada. What the FUCK does that mean? Who the hell does the FBI think they are, that they can shove their noses into every country's business? I want them to get the hell out of my country, now. I don't want any McCarthyist, shitbrained retards treading my country's soil. They're worse than the fucking KGB. But knowing how incompetant and useless our current government is, they'll just let them right in, in the name of the "War on Terrorism" (bullshit). And us citizens won't be able to do jack shit about it, our inability to affect gov't policy has already been demonstrated with Bill C-36. What's that you say? The police are allowed unquestioned access into lawyer's casefiles? What's that you say? Violation of fundamental rights of democracy? What's that now? I feel like crawling into a hole and dying.
Ive been programming since the early '80s, first in Assembly, then in BASIC and most recently Perl. You simply have to suspend belief when you are trying to learn a new language. If you try and understand it all at once, you will fail, and feel stupid. Programming is a tool that you use to perform discreet tasks. If your task does not require that you write files to disc, then you dont need to know how to do that. You need to know just enough to do the job at hand, and no more. The incremental approach is best, and its also cool to have a good book by an author that you can get along with. My entry into modern languages was very lucky. Im interested in operating systems, and installed early versions of Red Hat. This was a great way to learn about Linux/UNIX, and the different shells and command line tools. Then, I got a book on UNIX, and learned even more. Then I got "Learning Perl" and by then, most of the ideas were familiar, and picking Perl up has been a breeze. Its very important to be open to failing when you are a programmer; its the only way to learn how to fix things. Total knowledge is not necessary for this in any way. You have to trust that the pieces will suddenly fall into place, a light will suddenly illuminate your head and it will all coalesce into a coherent single package that you can RuLe with. Then of course, you will be unable to communicate with anyone that does not programme. I am convinced that the act of learning a programming language changes the way that you think. I find that when people use gramatically incorrect english, I have to think to myself "You didnt mean to say that, but I know what you are trying to say". Your need for linguistic accuracy and correctness is very strong; forget watching the TV news, it will drive you iNsAnE! (especially Sky News). As for working for other people, all I can say is that dealing with computer illiterates who want programming done is the shortest path to the insane asylum. Trying to explain the most simple concepts, and watching peoples eyes glaze over is something that "Mr. Irdial" has had to put up with for literally decades. Get used to it. Unless everyone is sprayed with Geek Gas and is transformed into a real person, you will have to put up with this aspect of your existence FOREVER.
Anthony, I work with XSL and XML, which can be pretty mind-mangling at times, and I still can't get my head around it. Doesn't stop me getting paid, or doing things that work! In addition I work with someone who can only be described as a natural with programming languages of all types - he just effortlessly knows exactly what to do and how to do it, and writes so much better stuff than me. This can make one feel very dim when things go wrong and someone else fixes it in seconds, but rather than trying to understand everything, I think it's better to admit confusion and ask for directions and reasons. After all you can't run before you can walk, and if you're not bothered by feeling a bit dim because you did it wrong or don't understand it, you can soon pick up where to go next. So basically, don't be afraid to ask (and remember to add comments to useful bits of code!) Sometimes it's good to be able to have an overview of things - after all, as I believe mega-metal widdly fellow Joe Satriani said, "I don't have to be able to play the flight of the bumble bee in order to want to write it", but I think for the average person there are lots of areas in programming where you can't possibly be expected to know everything, because it's just too vast, and inspite of all the rules and logic, data is still a tricky thing. For me, if you can get an interview with nice people who you won't mind working for and who look like they'll pay for training where you need it then that's a whole lot nicer feeling than being able to talk pure machine code and pat yourself on the back for it.
I feel home when programming, my brain works a whole different way, thinking much more abstractly. I see the code as a real language, that I just type out. I guess this is because I've been dabbling in programminglanguages since age 12 or so (I don't really remember, but it was around the time I had my first Commodore 64 and the Macintosh SE/30). On the note of job interviews, it's bullshit. I hate those, that's where I panic, I get this gutwrenching feeling that I do not want this job and it will do me in. I crap out and go like "yeah, that sounds interesting" and smile a lot and now I have a job doing web-work. Bleh. But how much have you programmed before? I guess it gets easier as you learn more languages, you can compare them and see the concepts more abstractly. I learned a structured language (Basic) before I went on to the object-oriented (C++, etc), which I guess made it somewhat easier for me. Structured languages lie closer to writing a text for example. An object-oriented language is more like building a machine where you define each part and make them work together.
programming panic attacks I'm studying visual c++ and can't seem to rid myself of the fear that i'll never get my head around what seems to be an ever-expanding body of complexity. Just as I think I've mastered one concept, along comes another that sweeps notions of competency away with alarming ease. Those of you who work in these fields : does this sense ever leave you ? Will going for job interviews always involve 85% blagging ? At the moment I feel like a fraud, like I'm going to be found out the moment I try to step into a professional environment.
Being in love is the greatest and most horrible feeling in the world. Being depressed makes me extremely cynical. Being both makes me go crazy. Fucking pseudopoetry I feel like cranking out today. Meh.
"The obviousness of disaster becomes an asset to its apologists--what everyone knows no-one need say--and under cover of silence it is allowed to proceed unopposed." -- Theodor Adorno

Monday, December 17, 2001

I just had a thought; decided not to cooperate with the feds, but what about the other 17+ email addresses where badtrans trafic was being dumped? Did the other site owners give in to the FBI?
Try in the passwords section; logins compromised!!!!! Utterly and completely unreal. also compromised: (99 results) [and this is supposed to be read by and run by computer literate people. They had THE MOST episodes of compromised passwords of all the domains that I tried!] Please try out the form and see what compromised domains you can find, and post them~
In particular, began receiving emails at 3:23 PM on November 24. Triggering software automatically disabled the account after it exceeded quotas, and began saving messages as they arrived. The following day, MonkeyBrains' mail server was sluggish. Upon examination of the mail server's logs, it quickly became apparent that 100 emails per minute to the "suck_my_prick" alias were the source of the problem. The mails delivered the logged keystrokes from over 100,000 compromised computers in the first day alone. One of the most basic tenets of an authoritarian state is one that claims rights for itself that it denies its citizens. Surveillance is perhaps one of the most glaring examples of this in our society. Accordingly, rather than hand over the entire database to the FBI, MonkeyBrains has decided to open the database to the public. Now everyone (including the FBI) will be able query which accounts have been compromised and search for their hostnames. Password and keylogged data will not be made available, for obvious legal reasons. The database is available at
Still using Outlook Express??? December 17, 2001 FBI wants access to worm's pilfered data A ROTTEN.COM EXCLUSIVE The FBI is asking for access to a massive database that contains the private communications and passwords of the victims of the Badtrans Internet worm. Badtrans spreads through security flaws in Microsoft mail software and transmits everything the victim types. Since November 24, Badtrans has violated the privacy of millions of Internet users, and now the FBI wants to take part in the spying. Victims of Badtrans are infected when they receive an email containing the worm in an attachment and either run the program by clicking on it, or use an email reader like Microsoft Outlook which may automatically run it without user intervention. Once executed, the worm replicates by sending copies of itself to all other email addresses found on the host's machine, and installs a keystroke-logger capable of stealing passwords including those used for telnet, email, ftp, and the web. Also captured is anything else the user may be typing, including personal documents or private emails. [...] Last week the FBI contacted the owner of MonkeyBrains, Rudy Rucker, Jr., and requested a cloned copy of the password database and keylogged data. The database includes only information stolen from the victims of the virus, not information about the perpetrator. The FBI wants indiscriminant access to the illegally extracted passwords and keystrokes of over two million people without so much as a warrant. Even with a warrant they would have to specify exactly what information they are after, on whom, and what they expect to find. Instead, they want it all and for no justifiable reason. [...] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- POLITECH -- Declan McCullagh's politics and technology mailing list You may redistribute this message freely if you include this notice. Declan McCullagh's photographs are at To subscribe to Politech: This message is archived at -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Meh, and now we're at the McCarthyism, let's start blacklisting the clever people. Fucking.

Sunday, December 16, 2001

From: "Erich M" To: Declan McCullagh Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 14:33:48 +0100 Subject: Bin Laden's communications system -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Declan, Here is the gist of three stories in German linked below cu erich If Bin Ladens Voice really could be identified on intercepted radio communications as some US Media report, he most likley used used a Handset of the "High Power HF SSB System" by the Australian manufacturer Codan. These Shortwave SSB [Single Side Band modulation] radio systems [voice and data] are used by most of the UN and many NGO relief orgs [UNHCR, UNICEF, Omar, Red cross] The Codan Marketing Manager confirmed that they had to ship over one thousand additional units to resupply the losses of those organisations in Afghanistan. Taliban/Al Quaeda systematically robbed those Codan Systems and used them to hide their communications. Can you imagine how difficult it was for the US to identify a communications station as a target when it was active with a hardware id and a callsign belonging to a UN organization? In many of the cases when relief orgs were hit by US missiles a Codan station was also destroyed. Codan System typically consists of automobile transceivers, a powerful base station [up to 1 KW covering the whole shortwave spectrum] plus a number of handsets. Each base station can handle up to 400 [!] radio telephony channels, Codan also delievers radio modems Shortwave, being the dirtiest of all spectra of course does not allow reliable on- the-air voice encryption - way too much noise around. Data transmissions are very slow [1Kbit/sec is "fast"] because of high data transmission error rates. Strong encryption systems are difficult to apply - if one character ist corrupt, the whole message remains unreadable - so even embassies around the world use some kind of Baudot-like numerical Code: Information is coded in groups of five numbers. All an easy prey to ECHELON I'd say. Al Kaida did not communicate via PGP or Steganography in pornographic images - God forbid! They used stolen two way radio hardware from relief organizations with stolen callsigns. The challenge to US surveillance was to identify whether a voice speaking in Pashtu [or some other dialect] belonged to the enemy. Or not: four Afghan engineers of a UN technical aid unit were killed by a cruise missile beginning October, the building contained a Codan base station. Full text Abridged version first story -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: PGP 6.5.8 -- QDPGP 2.61c Comment: iQA/AwUBPByUrCfG0CJMDx3nEQIOrwCgjQShV/LhGNK3/NglAorcYO7OwRgAoLpR AIb+EJiXUJMZn5tGJq2JytCa =Bcui -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
that is truly something. if we could flash forward a couple decades i wonder what we'd see. facism all over with the press numbing the minions with mcrib and 'survivor'. apathy mixed with brainwashing as the mini mall slips into thewhitehouse. well at least the whitehouse front office....but down in the basement hitler and the duke boys will be plotting the next in' sync tour. oh, i'm sorry that was last week....
"Yes, we love liberty"
I've said it before and I'll say it again, the vetoes are the reason why the UN never gets any security issues ironed out. Argh. Retarded.

Saturday, December 15, 2001

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- The United States has vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that called for an immediate end to Mideast violence. The resolution would also have laid the groundwork for establishing international monitors in Palestinian areas, which Israel is opposed to. Washington said the U.N. was not the proper forum to resolve Mideast violence and, as a permanent member of the Security Council it had the power to veto the resolution introduced by Egypt and Tunisia. It was the second time in less than a year that the United States had used its veto power to effectively kill a resolution that would create a monitoring mechanism for the protection of Palestinian civilians....

Friday, December 14, 2001

Oh, I'm not saying it's fake or anything, I'm just not one to trust authorities when it comes to propaganda =) Just me thinking things out loud there, heh. Although it is theoretically possible that America could/would fabricate the whole video (hey, it's not that hard, look at the effects in hollywood movies), I don't think they did. I didn't read Politiken yet, was hella busy this morning, but I'll get on that when I come home from work... I'll post a summary for the non-Danes here, if Claus doesn't, and I remember it. (btw, nice spelling of al-Qaeda/al-Qaida ;) ...Finally a moral system I can subscribe to =)
1: We have the ban against wearing a disguise in demonstrations, here in Denmark, aswell. I find that completelly fair here in Denmark, as the state power is relativelly fair. But, in countries where the state power is not fair and democratic, why should the demonstrations be - passifism. yes I suscribe to the ideas of passificm. 2: Thanks for the gift Anthony! 3: The 'new' Osama video. Well, it did come at a convinient time, and the Americans might have held it for some time, to release it when the oppersition had grown. But I don't think they have been sitting on it for more than a week. What's the difference anyway? So, convinient, but not strange. Remember, we are here to know and tell about the prison-riot. BTW: Did you read the description af the riot in the news? There was this very odd article in Danish newspaper Politiken about it, with a detailed decription, that sounded out of this world. And finally, the reason there is only Arabs in the video is that they are Al-Queda members. Osama and the Al-Queda is for the most part not Taliban. The Taliban and the Al-Queda network helps eachother, because they each have something to offer the other. Osama has money and connections in the Islamic and Arab world, to finance the Taliban. The Taliban offer a place for Osama to stay, and train the Al-Queda terroists. Mind you, Osama was thrown out of Saudi Arabia because he was just to radical, really the is not many other places for him and Al-Quada to go. Osama is not the head strategist in Al-Queda, his main role is his money. 4: Gotta go now, another Chrismaslunch is starting.
NO F'ING WAY: Customer Complaint
�60AA Powers to require removal of disguises (1) Where� (a) an authorisation under section 60 is for the time being in force in relation to any locality for any period, or (b) an authorisation under subsection (3) that the powers conferred by subsection (2) shall be exercisable at any place in a locality is in force for any period, those powers shall be exercisable at any place in that locality at any time in that period. (2) This subsection confers power on any constable in uniform� (a) to require any person to remove any item which the constable reasonably believes that person is wearing wholly or mainly for the purpose of concealing his identity; (b) to seize any item which the constable reasonably believes any person intends to wear wholly or mainly for that purpose.
Wow I had some really nice chinese food last night and I can't stop thinking about it this morning. No wonder I'm getting so fat.
congratulations mikkel, barrie & claus ....... your goodies are in the mail, eagerly making their way towards their new homes ....... for those who can't bear the idea of not having your own copy to love & cherish, solace can be found here
*cringe* And that one is so "small" they don't have to retract it. Oh well, at least the charges against Sklyarov are (almost) being dropped. But then again, he had the public behind him, as well as there being some tough diplomatic issues involved. I hope the same thing will happen when the first European case comes up (as it will, no doubt about it).

How Lies Are Spread

The BBC said this: "The US Customs Service believes the Warez community is responsible for almost 90% of the pirated software sold over the web." But the US Customs Service ACTUALLY said this: Source: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 U.S. Customs Dismantles One of the World's Most Sophisticated Internet Piracy Networks 'Operation Buccaneer' Targets 'Warez' Cyberspace Gangs And Their Multi-Billion-Dollar Software Piracy Scheme WASHINGTON, DC-The U.S. Customs Service today executed 37 search warrants in 27 U.S. cities in connection with Operation Buccaneer, an unprecedented investigation into a global network of cyberspace gangs responsible for pirating billions of dollars worth of software over the Internet. Law enforcement authorities in four foreign nations simultaneously executed an additional 19 search warrants and arrested five individuals in connection with the case. The software pirated by these groups included expensive business software, firewall and other security software, and copyrighted games, music and digital videos. Operation Buccaneer is the first federal investigation of Internet software piracy to reach across international borders. Beginning at 10:30 Eastern Standard Time today, U.S. Customs agents executed search warrants on major universities, businesses and residences around the country, seizing computers and computer hard drives used to store and distribute pirated software. Today's enforcement actions were closely coordinated with authorities in Australia, England, Finland, and Norway. "Operation Buccaneer is the largest and most extensive investigation of its kind," said U.S. Customs Commissioner Robert C. Bonner. "This investigation underscores the severity and scope of a multi-billion-dollar software swindle over the Internet, as well as the vulnerabilities of this technology to outside attack." The enforcement actions today mark the first overt phase of a fifteen-month undercover investigation by the U.S. Customs Special Agent-in-Charge Office in Baltimore, Maryland; the U.S. Customs CyberSmuggling Center (C3) in Virginia; and the Justice Department's Computer Crimes and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) in Washington, D.C. Operation Buccaneer targeted the WAREZ community, a loosely affiliated network of software piracy gangs that engage in the duplication and reproduction of copyrighted software over the Internet. It is estimated that the WAREZ community is responsible for nearly 90% of the Internet sites that offer pirated software. Now, how did " responsible for nearly 90% of the Internet sites that offer pirated software" turn into "90% of the pirated software sold over the web"??? This is an important distinction, and the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the US customs stated about the Warez groups: "What is the motivation of these groups? Do they do it for money? DrinkOrDie and other Warez groups steal software for the mere challenge and fun of it. Reputation is everything to them. Earning an online reputation as the fastest to steal, "crack," and release high-quality, pirated software over the Internet is most important to them. Groups compete against each other in these efforts. Some even have web sites celebrating their greatest pirating feats. They also view themselves as Robin Hood figures -- pirating new software so it can be distributed freely over the Internet. They seek an Internet devoid of rules or law." Wether the stated losses due to warez are lies (12 Billion lost sales is being claimed, which is clearly bullshit) most of the facts presented by the FBI about how and why warez groups exist have been stated correctly; these people do it for fun, and not for profit. They are of course, not "Pirates". Pirates sell other peoples software, wheras Warez d00dz are interested in how fast they can move Warez, how fast they can crack Warez and how quickly they can get the latest Warez. Selling Warez is despicable to them. Anyone that can use Google can understand this, but aparently, the BBC cant even READ.
Am I the only one who finds that the Osama bin Laden video seems strangely convenient? We have America bombing a third world country, supposedly committing war-crimes (the prison riot), John Walker Lindh (although called 'rat' by the American "independent" media) casting doubt as to whether the world is as black and white as it's often seen, and now they release a video. Hmmm... Let's see how much more we hear of the prison riot in the media, eh? Also interesting how all the characters in that video are arabs and not afghanis. Hmmm...
Any of you subscribing with AOL, HOTMAIL or YAHOO accounts be aware, that we are no longer accepting new subscribers from those domains. If you unsubscribe an email address with one of those domains, you will not be able to re-subscribe with it. If you need to subscribe with disposable email address, you now have to supply us with a reason why IN WRITING.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Warez Raids >Seems that no one was arrested (in the US, at least - 5 people were in England). >One customs agent said each computer has an average of 1-2 terabytes of software (Wired article). Wow. 1-2 terabytes is the street value.
Like inventive electricians rewiring a house, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have reconfigured newborn ferret brains so that the animals' eyes are hooked up to brain regions where hearing normally develops. The surprising result is that the ferrets develop fully functioning visual pathways in the auditory portions of their brains.
1: Interesting, Claus, where did you hear this? Can it be confirmed? 2: It's none of anybodys business what happens in a country as long as it's legal in that country and it is not in direct violation of the human rights. Who the fuck are we to judge others. Bullcrap. 3: A Grave-robbing Histo-Bunker is one who peruses sleeping bags made from deceased persons, the bodies of which have been acquired under unusual and/or illegal circumstances. 4: Bush is a big fucking stinker. The United States of America is a Rogue State! I messed up the link before, fixed.
a grave robbing histo-bunker is an example of the results of too much time sat behind a desk dreaming up ever-more elaborate ways of evading the direct point to the point where the point disappears into the mists of obfuscation the first three people to submit address details will receive one of these, provided of course that you've not already received one ; ]

John Philip Walker Lindh - the Taliban rap

14-16 years of age Last post as 'doodoo' 19'th August 1997 Aliases PP5-1doodoo Hine E. Craque Prof. J Cap'n J Br. Mujahid John Lindh - and - ---------------------------------------- O O O () O J O H N D O E O O ----------------------------------------
Many moons ago, Irdial-Discs mirrored a German magazine called "Radikal", because its publication in Germany was forbidden. Now, thanks to the European arrest warrant, people in the UK can be arrested for publishing something that is illegal in Germany, even if its legal to publish it in the UK. We can now be arrested for mirroring files, and publishing in this free country, by authorities from less free countries. This is totally unacceptable. I couldn't give a FUCK about how anybody, anywhere wants to live, that's not my business. No one outside of the jurisdiction where someone lives has the right to arrest a person via an externally generated arrest warrant. This is one of the most basic ideas of sovereignty. Everyone that I know says that the line has now been crossed, and that they will under no circumstances, comply with this totally insane legislation. I for one, am totally fed up with these people invading and eroding the UK. They all need to FUCK OFF back across the channel. Now, having said that, I could be ARRESTED for XENOPHOBIA, according to the European arrest warrant treaty!!!!! Among the other "Crimes" listed in this abominable treaty are: CYBER CRIME you what? ILLEGAL TRAFFICKING OF CULTURAL DRUGS like music maybe? FALSIFICATION OF MEANS OF PAYMENT bullshit nothing to do with terrorism COUNTERFEITING AND FORGERY OF THE EURO bullshit nothing to do with terrorism CORRUPTION bullshit nothing to do with terrorism AIDING AND ABETTING ILLEGAL ADMISSION bullshit nothing to do with terrorism TRAFFICKING OF STOLEN VEHICLES bullshit nothing to do with terrorism VOLUNTARY HOMICIDE bullshit nothing to do with terrorism CRIMES AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT can you believe it PARTICIPATION IN A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION like blogdial? EU CRIME what the fuck is THAT? LAUNDERING OF MONEY FROM CRIME bullshit nothing to do with terrorism FRAUD (INCLUDING AGAINST THE COMMUNITIES FINANCIAL INTERESTS) bullshit nothing to do with terrorism RACISM AND XENOPHOBIA bullshit nothing to do with terrorism COUNTERFEITING OR PIRACY OF PRODUCTS be real you bastards FALSIFICATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE DOCUMENTS bullshit nothing to do with terrorism ARSON bullshit nothing to do with terrorism and some other bullshit. All of this is being brought in because of TERRORISM. WHAT THE FUCK DOES PIRATING HANDBAGS HAVE TO DO WITH TERRORISM you idiots??? They are simply shovelling all this bullshit into the treaty as a power grab. The European bill of human rights is a piece of toilet paper. Just ask the poor suckers who just spent a MONTH in a Greek jail because they like looking at jets. The British simply will not put up with this. It might take some outrageous cases to get everyone here VERY VERY ANGRY, but in the end, the UK will finally have to leave Europe, because it is run by a load of power crazed, craven abusers of human rights, and we have no business dealing with them on ANY level, much less allowing their vile, irrational legal systems to invade and corrupt this island.
What is a: "Grave Robbing Histo-Bunker"? Best answers win a prize in the post!
Bush has pulled out of the treaty. NO NO NO you idiots!!!!!!
A Dreamworks/Pixar/ILM production!

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

King Crimson? Bloody Fripp & Eno? What is this, Progdial?
Chris Korda The link to these pages may have been linked before, but the video is here now. Can you do that? You be the judge!
Not so much an injoke. It's a pic of me, but everytime someone finds it, they mail it to me and whatnot (well, my classmates did).It's all good, tho. I just finished Gibson's All Tomorrow's Parties on my Palm going back & forth on the train. It's not that hard reading on an LCD, I reckon, especially worth it if you consider the space per book requirements. ...Google rocks more and more. It's really amusing finding old stuff in there. And when I think about it going back to before I was born (well, by 25 or so days), it boggles the mind. very high cool factor.
Hey, I don't get the in-joke about the picture (can someone explain?), but I shure know that my desert island anythings change from week to week. Right now though I'm finding Violator by Depeche Mode to be an LP of gargantuan brilliance (and the videos too - Dave Gahan wandering about with a deckchair dressed as a king. Priceless). The Real Thing by Faith No More also floats my boat somewhat and eases my working day through the choppy waters of XML.
All of Milan Kundera's output Richard Wilhelm's translations of Tao te Ching, I Ching & The Secret of the Golden Flower actually, i think that'd probably do ............ i have a need to regularly re-read Kundera's Immortality, when low a dip into the tao or i ching brings swift perspective, and the secret would be for the long haul, an aim alun ...... use the hyper link button, to the left of the bold button on the toolbar
what about desert island books? I don't care much for the bible, but shakey is ok - if a little long winded. Thought that Kurt Vonneguts entire output would be nice. Also VALIS by Philip K Dick. Scary thoughts of a paranoid mind already messed up from too much bad medicine (see Scanner Darkly for twisted confusion) Consider Phlebas by Iain Banks. And a nice seafood cookbook. The Little Prince, as one should always be free. While I'm here, Where to find your fungal friends! (Sorry this link is not live. Can't seem to do that bit) Not much use till next summer/autumn, but Giant Puffballs come out in late spring and taste wonderful. Also Field Blewits continue to grow even after the first frosts so maybe theres some in the sheltered south left for the eating. Its also 10 years of the Internet about now. More than half a billion people are regular users. Even more have access. When and what will be the next step in its evolution? I am reminded of neuromancer (william gibson). A possibility?
"They seek an Internet devoid of rules or law."
where are you in canada? i'm in vancouver. desert island tops: monk and coltrane at the five spot monk genius of modern music 1 cybotron enter an arp 2600!!!! ramones rocket to russia beatles magical mystery polygon window everything..... ..........this is realy hard....... i need stuff and you are making me realize it.grrrrr
Heh, that picture just ends up everywhere =) I can't figure out what albums I'd take on a desert island. =(
I ended up being the "Mona Lisa" in the art quiz ( I am also 65% British, like elton john. Bah to all of you. We here in Canada can't have a simple blogdian get-together. :( My desert island, all time top 5 favorite albums would be as follows: 1. Godspeed You Black Emperor! - "Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada E.P." 2. Aphex Twin - "Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2" 3. The KLF - "Chill Out" 4. King Crimson - "Red" 5. Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - "Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)" God, that list was hard to make. :/
Subject:night time is the right time Mon 10 Dec, 21:00�-�21:30��30�mins In the first of four programmes, wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson travels to the rainforests of Queensland, Australia, to eavesdrop on the orchestra of the night. big ugly URL, sorry: alzo there are two previews linked from this page: e On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, h3o wrote: > > > >>good question:what is chris watson doing nowadays? > > > >>>Reputable environmental sound man Chris Watson of > >>>Touch/Ash Intl connections is involved in a 4-part > >>>series starting next week on BBC Radio 4, Monday 9pm I > >>>believe (or was it Thursday?) dealing with nocturnal > >>>life. 80% of all life is nocturnal, it says here. > > > oddly enough, the only other name we actually considered before the > hafler trio was "radio fore". week mustnotmiss;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; >

If I were a work of art, I would be Edgar Degas' Dance Class.

I appear soft and gentle, but hide a core of rigid structure and discipline. I work hard and follow orders, because I am determined to succeed, but remain attached to displays of frivolity and maintaining my appearance.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

so much to catch up on.....first::: What are you people's desert island discs? "maybe"...very difficult this one..... the residents' not available harry bertoia: any sonambient album... william s. burroughs: nothing here now but the recordings... morton feldman: for bunita marcus (john tilbury recording) the hafler trio: mastery of money cupol: kluba cupol bruce gilbert: this way this heat: blue & yellow or deceit iannis xenakis: bohor swans: public castration is a good idea david tudor: rainforest (vesion IV) and that's forgetting manhatten research by raymond scott and tod dockstader and aphex for fuck>>>>>>>>>>>/
Russia and many U.S. allies have warned Bush that withdrawing from the pact might trigger a nuclear arms race. Critics of the plan also question whether an effective system can be developed without enormous expense. Conservative Republicans have urged Bush to scuttle the ABM, rejecting proposals to amend the pact or find loopholes allowing for tests. -flexin'. frankie say: relax scary

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Clash of the Blogdialians - Part I I suggest that we all come up with suggestions on where to enact out little IRL tete-a-tete. Then, when suggestions stops running in, if we cannot find concunsus, we take a vote on the location. And then we decide when to do it. I know this sounds rather radical � bare with me fellow Blogdialians! But remember links, links, LINKS!

I am 100% British, just like
HRH Prince Charles
Though you'll never be king you certainly know where your castle is.

Take the Brit Quiz at

Quiz written by Daz
that's great as i want to travel anyway. who's deciding? i'm for the uk but sonar would be a good choice as well. then we can all go back to london for free drinks right?? anyway....that hat is like something you'd wear to the blue oyster.

I am 67.5% British, just like
Sir Elton John
Roots in the UK, the rest of your hair is in the US.
If we are to meet up at some time then why not Akin's London? Allways something going on there. Or wonderfull Barcelona? Perhaps even at Sonar 2002? Or MayDay 2002? (no � just kiddin') Or perhaps the icehotel in Jukkasj�rvi? Or perhaps the Sinai dessert? Or maybe the former Nazi holiday camp of R�gen?,7451,535419,00.html Whatever we decide on, please let it not be the Americas...
The Hat
Sorry Mikkel, had to do this...
If you wanna see my results in all those crazy quizzes, check my Live Journal thingie. I think I've taken them all. And don't mind all the crazy angst and drunken rambling (that one's for you Anthony ;)... links will open in a new window
Perhaps this explains it...

I am 90% British, just like
HRH Prince Charles
Though you'll never be king you certainly know where your castle is.

Take the Brit Quiz at

Quiz written by Daz
yes, i got that one too, captain, until i decided that really, i enjoyed relaxing more than expressing myself, and was given a much more palatable response as a consequence ; ]

Oh Sh*t...

If I were a work of art, I would be Edvard Munch's The Scream.

I express the subconscious troubles and anxieties of the world. I hold my head and let loose the primal terror of my innermost fears, surrounded by a lurid landscape which reflects my feeble grasp on reality.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

Monday, December 10, 2001

If I were a work of art, I would be Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians.

I am colourful and provoking, always looking to break out of the mould and to pioneer new ways of doing things. I have a jaunty outlook and although I am a bit weird, most people have some idea what I'm about.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

Mr Jaques ......... could you mail me your address details ? ........ i have some new work out, was wondering whether you might like to stock an example or two ; i'll forward you a copy for you to listen to if it's of interest

If I were a work of art, I would be Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night.

I am a tiny village at peace while overhead rages the tumult of the heavens. Objects whirl and flash around me in a fevered haze only partially reflected in reality while I remain grounded and secure in my isolation.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

re: Pan-sonic - the problem with Pantone is that it is far too close to Pant - one, which doesn't really mean anything, but never fails to conjour up great sniggering dollops of jocular mirth in me everytime Photoshop loads. Rather like Pantera, who, shred-riffing and urban pain aside, have always, always, reminded me more of an era when everyone wore pants.

If I were a work of art, I would be M. C. Escher's Lizards.

I am a bizarre juxtaposition of the real and the unreal. Based in the realm of mathematics, my two-dimensional appearance belies a complex and free-willed behaviour which both delights and confuses people.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test
.. .-. -.. .. .- .-.. -.. .. ... -.-. ... .-- . .- .-. . - .... . -... . ... -
Solar X-rays:
Status Geomagnetic Field:
Status from
$/cat DID > IIPP
Panasonic. After they were made to drop the "a" I always thougtht that they should have called themselvs "Pantone" Just think of the endless permutations of color and sound that they could have played with....
Bela Bartok, almost anything, but especially the series of string quartets agree with Bach, double harpsichord pieces stand out for me Charlie Mingus, just about everything he ever touched - Better Git It In Yo Soul! (lights up my life) Kruder and Dorfmeisters version of Lambs Trans Fatty Acid side two of Abbey Road by The Beatles Panasonic very very loud Jimi Hendrix, Little Wing Just how many boxes do I get to take to this desert island? Aside from that, I have no TV. This was by personal choice and has been very time-liberating. Entertainment now comes in the form of music, radio, books and my dear wife. Suggestions wanted for the best radio to be found on London airwaves. Any style, any time. Anyone have info on the practicalities of the iPod? Is this anything major or just a step into MP3players by Papple? Getting together - every April 30th is Queens Day in Amsterdam. 2 days of partying, fireworks, street markets and general fun. Very recommended for all that can get there. Take care, Peace.

Sunday, December 09, 2001

Bach's Goldberg Variations played by Glenn Gould ( second recording ) Bach's Cello Suites played by Yo-Yo Ma Any recording of Hariprasad Chaurasia & Zakir Hussain Beethoven's string quartet no.10 in E-Flat op.74 played by the Budapest Quartet Blur : Song #2 Anything from Miles Davis' Gil Evans years Art of Noise : Eye of a Needle Raphael Riquini : Flamenco Fripp & Eno : No Pussyfooting Alegri's Misere sung by the Tallis Scholars
What are you people's desert island discs?

Saturday, December 08, 2001

I'll be somewhere on the american east coast during february...
how about greenland ?
a quarter for an old alter boy father.....?
Give an old legend a few quid today.
yo no installo language packs......yo. detroit , la , pittsburg, queens,'s automatik. i'm wasted on friday night. yeah for me. fucking sh*t man i'm sick. the flu. i deserve a break today!!! i'm going to go and put on energy flash. oki!!!, may i dare suggest a blogdial get together. a face to face interact as apposed to our tried but true post method. we all get together some night some wherever. we can afford it if we want it enough; you know what i mean right??? is anyone game. fu*k i'll fly international for the conference of web geeks such as ouselves. please don't blame me for such an up front suggestion but i've had a bit much of the e.t. sauce and i'm ready for the haps. whatever they might be blogdialians. you name the country and the date and let's all do our best to get there. signed wasted and deserving it!!!-john
ok now this you'll love!!! E.T. has that drunk 'vibe' about him. wouldn't you say? mac....was he more like bender? all of these cute harmless drunk aliens. alf, mac, et...the list goes on. troublemakes...orshould i say....oh yes, dare i say.... ....moneymakers. hey kids, it's cute to be drunk out of context to your home world. is this telling our kids to go to alien planets and get shit faced?? what would jerry falwell say to this blasphemy? i emplore you jerry. denounce e.t. too before we have all of our white children flying their spaceships to get drunk on venus. venus, the female planet!!!! oh, no!!!!

Friday, December 07, 2001

E.T. is a poor man's Mac and Me.
et was a drunk alien that had lost his way. i'll bet he even stole from that family he lived with. who were they? the barrymore's right? d. For maximum satisfaction, E.T. should (1) buy less candy, more beer (2) buy more candy, less beer (3) remain in his present position, since that position is the best attainable one(very zen choice) (4) phone home e. In equilibrium, how many packages of Reese's Pieces (including fractions, if necessary) would E.T. be willing to trade for one bottle of Coors? bring back any memories???
i haven't...
Is there anyone here who has NOT seen E.T?
did you catch the omnibus edition that hockney hosted a month or so back, talking about the same thing ? it was quite stunning ........ he had hundreds of images pasted onto a wall, copies of paintings that had been created over the last several hundred years, in approximate date order ..... at about the time that mirrors started to become available, the sense of focus within these images shifted dramatically into the sharply defined quality that we associate with the ' old masters ' ...... once the modern camera had been invented and artists realised that the machine's ability to capture detail had surpassed their own, you notice a dramatic shift back to the ' naive ' quality associated with drawings / paintings created using direct observation ( van gough etc ) ...... these revelations take nothing away from the fact that the people who created the optically-aided masterpieces were consumate craftsmen, but it does take a substantial weight from the minds of those of us who dabble in arts of these sorts ...... it releases you from the notion that by tracing an image you are ' cheating ' ................ it's funny ; i'll bet that the majority of art historians who vociferously denounce hockney's theories can't paint for toffee, and so would never be able to create an image of a tenth the quality of any half-decent artist, with or without the help of aids - that was certainly the case at the art school that i attended ..... their frustration at their own incompetence can only be exacerbated by the fact that these artists were using very human methods - once the tag of god-like genius has been removed, and the pure skill is revealed ( anyone who's used tracing paper will know that it confers no magical quality to the users' basic level of draughtsmanship ), their last excuse for low-ranking ineptitude is stripped away
That image says that Windows conquers! That is teh wrong! If windows were to win at all, it would find a way to screw apple over with the legal system, and then bring super evil vicious lawyers from HELL. But properly, apple would just get out a chainsaw and get to business. What, it's 6 AM! I haven't slept and I've exerted myself far to... far. Yeah. Grblah!
Aibo custom code pulled from website Imagine this. You're selling a product which is one of the first of its kind. It's very expensive. Your main audience at the moment is going to be early adopters until you can get the price down some. Fans of the product tend to be enthusiastic folks who form communities based on your product. One day you discover that someone has managed to take your product and modify it so it does more than it could do originally. This person puts up a Web site and gives away the modifications for free. What do you do? Do you A) welcome the innovations the early adopter is creating for your product, with an eye to leveraging them into product enhancements for the future? Or do you B) Send a lawyer after them and claim copyright infringement? In my ideal world, I'd choose A. Sony, recently, chose B. When an intrepid Aibo owner figured out how to make his dog do new tricks, Sony's lawyers asked him to stop. (You can get more information on this controversy at as well as links to other sites and movies of Aibos doing tricks no longer available.) I'm really surprised about this. I don't know what Sony hoped to accomplish but I don't think it worked; I'm going to think about this every time I need to buy an electronics item.
nice. and thanks.. "jangling observation", is that a possitive?
Oh Yeah.
Paintings Too Perfect?
Paragone You need to put a user name and password to get into NYT. If it asks you to log in, use "cypherpunks/cypherpunks"
I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.
a-ha ! the mysterious 39 ..........
Augh, the picture of me in bed smiling suggetively at the (male) photographer! Run, run in horror! Lament! Fear! Print out the picture and BURN IT!

Thursday, December 06, 2001

belated happy returns a ; ]
Thanks to you Anthony for that post. To whom it may concern, this is part of why Anthony is "one of the great ones". A looser would have deleted the post the next day in embarrasement. But in this case, there is nothing to be embarrased about, its a great post, a pure post, a pleasing post. And a pissed post. BRAVO Anthony, we love you, respect you and are glad to know you.
thanks mikkel, i feel a whole lot better, 'pork scratchings' after effects aside
Words that are thier own opposite: )>>aught = all, nothing )>>bill = invoice, money )>>comprise = contain, compose )>>custom = usual, special )>>dust = to remove, add fine particles )>>literally = actually, figuratively )>>model = archetype, copy )>>moot = debatable, academic )>>note = promise to pay, money )>>peer = noble, person of equal rank )>>put = lay, throw )>>puzzle = pose problem, solve problem )>>quantum = very small, very large (quantum leap) )>>ravel = entangle, disentangle )>>resign = to quit, to sign up again )>>sanguine = murderous, optimistic )>>scan = to examine closely, to glance at quickly )>>set = fix, flow )>>skin = to cover with, remove outer covering )>>strike = miss (baseball), hit )>>table = propose [British], set aside )>>temper = calmness, passion )>>trim = cut things off, put things on
Write your own compression system and live with the consequences!
London Perl Mongers
Honestly, I will not buy another music CD until the RIAA pulls their head out of their ass! Which seems like it will be a long time...I think they should sue Microsoft. Without their operating system, 90% of these "infringers" would not be able to trade "infringing items". And why stop there? The computer makers are just as much at fault! And the phone companies - they provide the most of the lines that all of this "illegal" trading goes on over! And the doctors for delivering the babies who grew up to be "infringers". Etc...
Brown is the new Black
re: Akin, why, I believe we do! ;) re: Anthony, teh drunken online rambling is the best form. I have tons of chatlogs and what not from when I've staggered home from the pub and talked to anyone who'd listen. Tres fun, I must admit!
Ummmmm do we know this person?
a blogger breathaliser is needed ....... my apologies for witless blather ; ]

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Java applet that intercuts lines from instances of fixed verse poetic forms (e.g. sonnet, sestina, villanelle). Play with it here:
10.30 ....... beyond the bw no beyond the bewir no beyond the witchinghour is that bewitching hour anyway .......... alcohol and how becoming out of practice can make you appear to g be a buffoon ..................... at the public arena this evening : 8;30 a group of worse-for-wear-gents arrive at drinking hole, only to be reprimanded for their tardy appearance ........ they had been been due toappear at least 30 minutes earlier for the start of what appeared to be a serious inter-village cribbage tournament ........... tables were laid, places were set, hands were dealt ........ even after several hands of overt spying iwas unable to discern the rules ............................ anyway ................. after several packets of what were advertised as pork scratchings, several more refills of glass with pungent brew, and .......................... oh fuck it ................................................................. what i intended ti to hih highlight was is a site i expect has been visited already by web officianados such as yourselves already .................. if not ................................. yes ....................... ............. i spent the best part of this afternoon looking at indexes of old school & college mates, wallowing in shock, how did she get there, what's he doing in the position of chief constable etc etc etc ......................... enough