Tuesday, December 31, 2002

I never knew that - I mean I've listened to Disco Lesson loads, it's probably my fave from the Monster Musics, and I've listened to Len loads too, but I never put the two together. More More More makes me think of Sex in the City adverts. Anyway, hope you all have fun on New Year's Eve! Who knows what 2003 will bring!?
Offcourse you sort of liked the 'Steal my Sunshine' track. It's because the original, from where the break is sampled, is featured on Monster Music Show Number 9 - The Disco Lesson. The original track is the classic 'More More More' by Andrea True Connection.


What happens next?
I had a lot to say about whatever, but here you are: Len - Steal My Sunshine, the video Davros mentioned a bit ago (38 megs)
Derek: can you tell me where Iraq got their missiles from? the u.s. or some other source. Mikkel: did they just find them or what? last night they still hadnt found anything at all except marmalade, and the head inspector was pissy at america & england for being assholes and not handing over the evidence they keep talking about. but if they have some, i guess its from america, from the previous bush administration. they helped out iraq a lot before the gulf war... Derek: right that is what most people think. go take a look at this. http://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/iraq/missile/index.html Mikkel: but only the Al Hussein says any inventory. Or are the unlisted ones unknown quantitieS? Derek: hold on...http://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/iraq/missile/unscom.htm Mikkel: doesnt look like they have a lot left Derek: okay, but back to my original question, where did the missiles come from? Mikkel: some built at home, some bought, as far as i can see Derek: from? especially the scuds. Mikkel: those are from russia. it says. Derek: so, how does that information invalidate certain argument or opinions about the U.S.? Mikkel: it doesnt. Derek: okay, why not? Mikkel: because iraq buying scuds from USSR doesnt suddenly negate USA selling them nervegas Derek: okay, I need a link for the nerve gas. Mikkel: lemme get one for you. it will be a bit Derek: no problem. (time passes) Mikkel: my bad. they only supported iraq while iraq used gas against the kurds. i dunno where they got the gas from... "8. No one has been held accountable for arming Iraq with chemical and biological weapons from 1980 to 1990. A recent news article reported that top aides for former presidents Reagan and Bush armed Iraq with these weapons during Iraq's war against Iran between 1980 and 1988 ("Officers Say U.S. Aided Iraq in War Despite Use of Gas," New York Times, Aug. 18, 2002). Some of these former George H.W. Bush aides now work for President George W. Bush. These advisors did nothing to stop the sale of the chemical agents to Iraq, did nothing to stop the use of the agents by Iraq, and did nothing to tell the world about Iraq's crimes, even when the world learned Iraq used poison gas against civilians. These top political aides have remained silent for more than 14 years, and many refused to comment on the recent news reports." (http://www.guerrillanews.com/war_on_terrorism/doc823.html) Derek: I have seen those quotes before. I need a list of suppliers. Mikkel: i dont know who supplied them. heres the full nyt article btw - http://www.commondreams.org/headlines02/0818-02.htm Derek: http://www.fas.org/news/iraq/2000/02/iraq99.htm Derek: this is interesting. Mikkel: yeah. the fas report is sadly lacking regarding previous US policies... Derek: okay, thanks I might use those links in my next blog. Mikkel: no prob Mikkel: Check out the rest of commondreams.org as well. There're some great quotes and articles - http://www.commondreams.org/headlines02/1205-10.htm Derek: I would prefer actual reports with facts not op eds or journalism. quotes do me no good. Mikkel: I'd hardly say that the Fas stuff isn't a lot of editorianism as well. Remember that US has a reason to publish these reports as well. They haved their agenda, and need facts to support it. Derek: so everything is a lie? Mikkel: not necessarily. everyone has an agenda. always take that into account when you listen to what they say. i have an agenda, in that i disagree with the war on terrorism and iraq and how its conducted. bush has an agenda, which is in part oilprices and his fathers legacy. Derek: but isn't that speculation? iraqi scuds produced by the soviets is a fact. Mikkel: That is fact, yes. I dont see how US support of Iraq pre-91 is speculation. Derek: but part of the support arguement is the U.S. supplied the weapons. Mikkel: i already withdrew that statement ;P Derek: ah. sorry. http://www.cooperativeresearch.org/USimperialism/UScovertactions/USknowledgeIraqchemwarfare1988.htm - all I need to find now are the companies that did the supplying and if it were illegal to do so during that time period. - http://www.thememoryhole.org/corp/iraq-suppliers.htm - how the hell did HP get on that list? Kodak? Carl Zeiss? Mikkel: whoa Derek: http://news.independent.co.uk/world/politics/story.jsp?story=362566 - now this sounds a bit sus. the way it is written it makes it sound as if these companies knew Saddam was using their stuff for bioweapons. I bet a lot of the stuff was dual use. Mikkel: possibly. but i wouldnt be surprised if it was known. when a company reaches a certain size, its really all about the profits. qv IBM during WWII Derek: but what the hell could HP have that helped Iraq build chem or bio weapons? Mikkel: logistics, control mechanisms, that kinda thing i guess. Derek: does HP make more than computer stuff? Mikkel: no idea... Derek: found it... "On Feb 12, 1992, UN inspectors demanded to visit computer centers in Baghdad, where they discovered six mainframe computers made by Digital Equipment Corp, IBM, and Hewlett Packard Three machines had been purchased by the Scientific Research Council (SRC), a procurement front run by Lt. General Amer Rashid al-Ubaidi. Iraq had never admitted to possessing any of them." http://www.iran.org/tib/krt/hfac_iraq.htm - http://www.iran.org/tib/krt/hfac_iraq.htm - reads like a fucking spy novel. fucking fantastic read. Mikkel: its amazing what goes on Derek: but it's very underhanded. the way the media presents itis like the U.S. government is saying 'Fire Sale Here On Chems and Bio Gear! Get 'em while they are hot. you still reading? Mikkel: no, i bookmarked it for later. im going to a family dinner in not so long Derek: K... -discuss-
I helped out on Christmas Day with this event I've done a couple of times before called 'Peoples Day'. It's a charity do where they put buses on to collect older people and people with learning difficulties in the borough and put on dinner for them and a bit of entertainment. I got a few photos but my little digicam didnt like the indoor lights so some are a bit overexposed (so to speak). It's held at Dulwich College, which is an amazing building. The cycle home was a bit of a slog after running round for about 10 hours but I was buzzing like crazy when I got in. It's my 33rd birthday tomorrow and when I say it I can't seem to attach to it. I still feel like I'm 20. (except when my legs ache after cycling!). I'm about half way through the Alice Miller book I'm reading and can't begin to articulate the understandings I've grasped from it. Not just of my own life but on a wider platform as well. It's been enlightening to make lots of connections. I feel a sense of mourning for a lost childhood but endowed with a greater understanding and a capacity not to repeat the same mistakes with (if I have any) of my own children. I think it was the best christmas present I got this year. I think I might have a crack at Mom's Butter Tarts as a birthday treat for myself. Thanks for that Mary!
Holy shit, I just got Joy Division - "Unknown Pleasures" and "Closer" for only 20 bucks. Fucking GREAT stuff. Where have you BEEN all my life, Joy Division?!

Monday, December 30, 2002

That's okay, Dav. I will confess to waking up with Eminem in my head. Scary. It snuck in durring the compulsory trip to the mall with the wee cousins, confronted with oh too much I did not want to see, hear, etc ... but I was an accomplice in ear piercing, which was fun x 10000000. And pleasantly surprised that the next requested trip is to the art gallery ... darlings! Mom's Butter Tarts (it just isn't the holidays without them ...) 12 unbaked tart shells (try to make these yourself, but the plug-and-play work too) Beat 1 egg, mix in 1 cup of brown sugar. Beat in the juice of 1/2 a lemon, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 2 tablespoons melted butter. Stir in 1 cup of raisins and 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts. You can use currants, pecans, coconut, whatever. Spoon into tart shells. Bake at 375 for 8-12 minutes, until filling is bubbling. MMMphphphphph! Alison, have a lovely time off! I feel envy ...
Yes, what are butter tarts? I've only heard of them once before and that was in that song "Don't Steal My Sunshine" by a Canadian band whose name escapes me. I sort of liked it. But then again I must confess I've decided that I think Nickleback are okay, so that may, well, oh there's no point in explaining myself, I'll get me coat...
WOW - last day at work! 2003 is going to be my year of slacking, cant wait! no money tons of time: to write, read, listen, get my computer fixed, cook food, throw parties, have fun, watch the sunset and listen to the sea. maybe even drop some acid... It has been SO interesting to follow Blogdial, but from now on and until get my computer fixed, I donno when I'll write again. But surely I'll be back with much more to post - hard and often! After all Blogdial convinced me to get internet. much love and happy new year to all of you!!! My sistha and me taking the picture By the way - what is in buttertarts?
I'd like to clone this.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Man, cloning butter tarts sounds like a fucking good idea. BUTTER TARTS FOR ALL. Cloning tarts, for that matter. *cough*
i am cloning butter tarts as we speak and zey are all ze zame. a-mu hahaha!
So, will clones have equal status with "regular" humans? Theoretically, they will be almost exactly replaceable, so if one is damaged can we just get a new one? After all, we have trouble recognizing equality between humans made the old-fashioned ways.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

I'm not really prone to registering for newsservices, so I'm not sure what it's about aside from cloning. Being in the hellish position ofbeing able to see both sides of the argument, and not having decided which one I'm more prone to support, I'm not going to go either way just yet. What I /don't/ like is how many (not all) anti-cloning argumentators talk about the master race (again, not read the article) and how we're entering the fourth reich or some such. Which is not what (most) of the pro-cloning argumentators are talking about at all, as far as I've seen. The whole point of cloning, as far as I've been led to believe - feel free to correct me and such - is for health purposes. Growing organs for those in need, etc. Which I reckon is a good idea. IF it's for those in need, and not for those in need _with_ money. In which case it's really crappy and stupid. And what it'll probably end up being. The sad thing is, is that it'll probably end up being that way in some way or another. Look at AIDS vaccines, and how they don't get it nearly as much as us "privileged" ones do. It saddens me. On a good note, I went and saw the Cunningham exhibit today, and it was quite good, actually. The other guy who was there, Bonnen, I think, I liked his paintings. They were a mix of different viewpoints of rooms, laid upon each other, sometimes, 4, 5 layers. I really liked some of them
Ooop! My inner Luddite was speaking ... we will have a better world with replicas. Once the technique is perfected (as natural mothering is so flawed), we can have a Master Race. More sameness, predictability ... it will be a relief, to know what to expect, and to love what you already know! I'm sure that's what the aliens had in mind.
I'm sure you have heard about this already. One giant leap for science, one huge step back in emotional development ...
Jesus. People need to stop taking porn so seriously. It SURE IS totally depriving the world of virile men who could be plugging the holes of real live women instead of jerking and spurting and oh god. And it SURE IS totally depriving the world of any respect towards women as they are SO EXPLOITED. "It's just porn, mum."

Friday, December 27, 2002

Part of the fight against porn Please sisters give up!
Christmas is over - YES! Kitch More Fiction: Klokken er 17.00 og jeg sidder tilbage alene i min lejlighed. Havde det ikke v�ret for dagen, s� havde situationen v�re som en hver anden dag (bortset fra at det er ret mystisk at v�re hjemme allerede kl 17.00), men nu er det dagen over dem alle. Dagen alle b�rn burde gl�de sig til, dagen alle voksne mennesker tilgiver hinanden, dagen der er kendt som hjerternes fest. Dagen hvor det n�sten burde sne, bare fordi der g�r dagEN endnu smukkere. Dagen hvor hedenske traditioner blandes smukt med Halleluja og Christus f�dsel. Dagen jeg alle dage har elsket og stadig elsker, p� sin egen handicappede m�de. Dagen hvor lys glimter metallisk Dagen hvor alle er glade, selv de mennesker der m�tte holde i deres bil og vente p� at broen skulle �bnes s� de kunne bes�ge deres familie i Jylland og p� Fyn. Dagen hvor der er b�rne-tv hele dagen p� DR, dagen hvor nyhederne er korte og meget glade, dagen hvor nyhedsopl�seren har smykker p�, dagen hvor meterologen har sit sjove juleslips p�, dagen hvor vi alle er glade og drikker lidt snaps! SK�L! Dagen hvor det var s� pissekoldt, at jeg end ikke orkede en tur i grillen selvom jeg var sulten, dagen hvor jeg fik det bedre at ringe til min mor og fort�lle hende at hun var en uansvarlig mor - faktisk er min mor slet ikke en mor. Hun er der bare, en ting fra fortiden, et sp�gelse som min far. Men desv�rre lever hun. Billederne farer rundt for mine �jne, som blodet i min krop. Jeg er bange for mig selv Minderne v�lter frem Med vilje slukker jeg alt lyset Det er kulsort i lejligheden Det fuldendte antiklimaks til dagen jeg sidder og burde have meget ondt af mig selv, men af en eller anden mystisk grund s� er jeg bare lettet! Jeg tog konsekvensen og aflyste dagen over alle dage Hjerternes fest! Den er aflyst jeg elsker kun mig selv h�jt nok til at tilbringe dagen med. Er jeg kynisk? Eller er der grund til at hade min mor s� meget som jeg g�r? JA JA JA JA JA JA, det er meget muligt at min mor elsker mig - hun siger det hele tiden. Men hun kan ikke elske s�dan rigtigt, det tror jeg ikke. Hun elsker handicappet. Hun blev selv elsket handicappet, jeg ved det godt! Jeg kan sagtens forst� hende, men jeg kan ikke acceptere hende helt. Det g�r bare for ondt at have en mor der er s� uansvarlig at hun end ikke har r�d til at splejse med mig om (endnu) en juleaften. Min mor er hore - hun lever gennem at blive k�bt, hendes selvtillid er lav og hun er ikke videre begavet og l�rer tydeligvis ikke af sine fejl. Hun kan k�bes med ting, ord og f�lelser, som et k�ledyr, uselvst�ndig. Hun er nok en kat af sind og det er ikke positivt ment, det mest uhyggelige er at hun er min mor. JEG (!) er faktisk en del af hende og det kan forklares biologisk, men jeg er hende ikke. Jeg vil ikke v�re hende. s� d�r sad jeg i m�rket og t�nkte og t�nkte, det var dagen over dem alle Gl�delig jul! For f�rste gang holdt jeg jul med fred omkring mig
Whoa, people need to stop having lives and post more. *cough* Don't mind me. *sips mint tea*

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Carth: I think you're right in questioning that. So many young, stupid boys and girls (she IS a girl; 13 is helluva young) to be thinking anything determined about her sexuality. She even makes it obvious by being hesitant about being "bi." She actually doesn't know WHAT she is, as she's just far too fucking young to know. Just because she has a "girlfriend" (13 year olds cannot have meaningful adult relationships, no matter what they tell you) does NOT mean she is bi. Experimenting is a good idea. She could very well be going the lesbian route; in that chat she never once mentioned males. But shit. I don't even have to further elaborate. THIRTEEN YEARS OLD = STUPID. I was thirteen once, as were all members of this board, and I'm sure we can all agree that at that age we were fucking stupid children. There's nothing WRONG with that, but there is something even stupider about a child who thinks she is more than a child. Arrrgh I don't even want to type anymore MERRY BOXING DAY, EVERYBODY.

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

looks like someone pressed '11' on the musical fuckup machine. more samples that any single without me bootleg. its a kid606 or v/vm style glitch fest which takes in godknows what - i hear some (possibly) anti-pop consortium samples, radio 4's marc lawson speech samples on barssatarddd pop, some rapper's ecstacy meanderings, kid606's astounding fuckup of a male voice choir version of radiohead's creep, some familiar underground dance tune, a bit of bit meddler. all underneath a chopped to bits eminem acapella. wow. may not be everyones cup of tea but i like it. http://pod-135.positive-internet.com/~boom/withoutme/
*** CENSORED2 wonders why there are over 1000 pictures of Denmark girls kissing at the Encylopedia of Lesbian Movies Mikkel: danish girls are lesbians Mikkel: i coulda told you that CENSORED: *goes to denmark* Mikkel: uh Mikkel: goddamn Mikkel: CENSORED, uh, i have no idea what to say CENSORED: *blinks* CENSORED: eh? Mikkel: read the chat again CENSORED: danish girls are lesbians...i go to denmark.. CENSORED: it makes sense! Mikkel: thats what i mean CENSORED: um CENSORED: soooo CENSORED: I'm confused as to the problem-o? Mikkel: im confused as to why you think youre lesbian CENSORED: *I* am so not a lesbian CENSORED: weirdo :D Mikkel: why the hell do you want to go to denmark as a direct consequence of girls being lesbian here, then? CENSORED: uh..because I want to? Mikkel: i see. CENSORED: i'm bi, but you are SO not saying that in chat because my brother would so kill me Mikkel: i see. again; how the hell do you know youre bi CENSORED: girlfriends? :D Mikkel: peh. you'll learn =) CENSORED: what, are you saying I'm not? psh. tell that to my girlfriend. Mikkel: i'm just saying, american people are crezeh. what with the early "sexual awakening" and shit. like you know what youre doing. dont mind me, im drunk. CENSORED: fuck off, Mikkel : P Mikkel: sersly. CENSORED: sersly, fuck off. Mikkel: you started it CENSORED: youre the one being a jackass Mikkel: uh, im questioning your motives. youre just being "omg stfu"... CENSORED: i mean really, almost everyone assumes that they're straight, so why cant people say they're bi if they know they are? I mean jesus, lots of people that are straight havent had sex before CENSORED: i dont use 'omg' or 'stfu' just to let you know. Mikkel: I mean jesus, I kissed a guy in jest, now I'm a gay homosexual. What the hell do you think you know about sexuality anyway? CENSORED: would you please leave me alone? I'm having enough problems as it is anyway without you pestering me about something you dont know about (as in, you dont know me and such) Mikkel: (as in, you dont know me either). I was not pestering you. You were talking to me. I was merely answering. I will not talk to you any further. CENSORED: Thank god. CENSORED is 13 years old. Am I wrong or am I being a "jackass"?

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

a hastily drawn "gift" from me.
Nyah nyah, I get to open my presents tonight! Have a bloody good christmas, and remember to get noshed on wine and schnapps and beer and sherry and oh god the alcohol
Happy holidays, my dear friends!
Merry Christmas and chase the darkness.
Blue Veils And Golden Sands. By Martyn Wade. The pioneering work of Delia Derbyshire, one of the founder members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop [1937-2001], is explored in this creative bio-pic of her life and music. The play has been written with ex Radiophonic composer, Elizabeth Parker, acting as musical advisor and she has written the soundscore for the programme. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/arts/ram/afternoonplay_mon.ram
Happy Christmas Everyone! Im off to my sisters on Boxing day for a bit of a family one as my other sister will be there with her 2 kids and my brother is over from Germany as well. I think it's the first christmas we've been all together since we were kids. So I'm really looking forward to it.
Hi Gang Happy Xmas! This is a scan of the card I sent out this year, which natch I can't send to all of you since I don't know your addresses. So here it is all electronically fur dich. FYI it's a two colour block print on lining paper, using oil paint with additional Dormy printed letters. Took me about 4 hours to make 24 of them on ye olde Davros production line. Have a good one, peace and of course, love! Captain D!
joyeux fetes pour tout

Monday, December 23, 2002

Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife�s Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There? Mikkel, that was absolutely terrifying. I never, ever want to go to the United States again. Strummer will be missed. The Clash was (and is, I suppose) one of my all time favourite bands. Sad to hear someone dying so young. Davros: I have my browser set to ask me for every cookie, because I most commonly deny them but some are necessary to accept (like the Blogger cookie). I don't usually count them, but the sheer number at that site amused me.
David Shaylor gets released from prison (nice to be home for Christmas) Joe Strummer dies of heart attack.
Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife�s Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There?
Mikkel (14:56:50): http://www.cia.gov/terrorism/buster.html Jason (14:58:49): OMG U TOWLHED MB Mikkel (14:59:14): I really hope for your country that that's somehow a defacement and not really CIA Jason (14:59:43): no, that's likely real Mikkel (15:00:12): :P Jason (15:00:18): dude, it's a pin Mikkel (15:00:59): yeah Mikkel (15:01:13): they hand out to participants of the TIPS program Mikkel (15:01:18): you get two if you turn in a family member Jason (15:01:49): SWEET Jason (15:01:55): i know what i'm getting me for christmas
Oh, I didn't invent the led mouse thing, I merely followed the instructions and did it to my own mouse! I got rid of the Kim Possible link as I linked to it before really checking it out, and on reflection it seemed completely dull. But anyway, here it is again incase anyone else wants to see it or get trillions of cookies (Barreh, how did you know that? Do you check your cookies all the time, or have a warning on or something?) Kim Possible
Wow. The "Kim Possible" site asked me for around 16 cookies. A new record! "Rice Boy" - somewhat racist remark used in North America, referring to young men who accessorize their cars with ridiculous amounts of trinkets and fancy lights, for reasons of looking like hot shit (and possibly compensating for something they lack, like an individual personality). Accessories also include ridiculous sound systems (ALL BASS) and additions like huge spoilers that do nothing for the performance of their cars. Want to be "street racers." Often these young men are asian and drive import model cars like Honda or Acura, hence the term "rice boy" "rice rocket" and "rice burner." Yeah. Case modding seems like it's satirizing this culture, almost to the point of self-parody - accessorizing computers with wanton material goods (which is what rice boys are about - tha bling bling). I find it quite amusing, and encourage it. Cap - your link is so awesome. It's way cool when people do these things out of their own ingenuity - makes it so much more playful and fun.
Some very cool and some silly case mods. I did the LED mouse thing - sort of works as long as you like computing in the dark!
What's a rice boy? I like case modding, but I ent very good at it. Royksopp are okay, sort of coffee table bleepery. Not as good as Orbital live. Os Mutantes are currently resident in my brain over and above anything else.
What are you doing for Christmas, Alison? Well, I guess I'll have to do my laundry, clean my toilet and maybe even do the dishes! Gl�delig Jul Merry Christmas
http://www.sundialmicro.com/ I think it's really weird how they superimpose an image of a bikini babe over top of the image of the sexy ATX case. Just goes to show that "case modders" are the "rice boys" of the computer world.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

SAD in Britain
I thought Halo was awesome. Oh well. I think Royksopp suck as well, so I'm just oh so controversial. El Capitan, I have never been to the Academy, so I wouldn't know. Hmm... South London sucks for transport. I bought a book on Exploitation movie posters yesterday, best thing ever. what the fuck?!?!??! no, really. someone tell me!
Saw Royksopp last night at the Brixton Academy - very funky band but electronica can get boring after DJs and support acts. Got a cab back to Victoria in the end - too rainy to wait for the nightbus (and we ended up on the wrong side of the road!). Am currently watching Manowar live on TV. "Kill with Power" - well who could argue with that?
Good lord, alex. I can't believe you suffered through Halo for that long. The single player game is like, one monotonous level after another - like Micro$oft told the developers to make 6 extra levels in 2 days, so the programmers just had to cut&paste levels. Argh. My friend and I played that, and we decided that shoving nails into our dicks would be a better idea than to continue playing one similar level after another, it was THAT bad.
i just typed a long post and then lost it in some bizare accident. anyway, i stayed up till 0630 playing halo on my friend's xbox. i think i got to the last level. i think my eyes are square, my hands ache from the huge controllers and i am getting pixellated. argh. computer games.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Electronic Behaviour Control System
for some reason my post goes big and orange when I pass my mouse over it. WEIRD.
Go here for chocolate. Check out the co-op. You have to know which companies use ethical practices and which use slavery.

Friday, December 20, 2002

I echo Anthony's "new computer" sentiment. My old g3 is croaking and sputtering, yet is remarkably tenacious in its old age. I spent half of yesterday pricing out how much a new mac would cost - guerilla style. That means finding the necessary parts and installing them in an ATX case, which is very easy to do. Strangely enough, it's actually cheaper to buy a new computer from apple. Processors are so highly priced it makes building your own machine prohibitive. Strange, eh? The only advantage to building it with an ATX box would be the extra drive bays afforded in huge towers. But it's not quite worth it when you can get two processors from apple for the price of 1 and a half the retail cost. Dissapointing, for sure. El Rey Chocolates: OH MY GOD. This is orgasmically good stuff. Urf. Hurr.
sentiment shared, mary, although i've loads of getting-up-to-speed work to be done over the next two weeks at home ....... install apache, php & mysql, get it all configured, read up on and practice building & querying databases ................... a non-stop supply of good chocolate will help ease the pain ...... as would playing the pixies very loud ....... i've not got any of their records left : i had a rash desire to purge my collection several years ago when finally moving into my own place, a need to remove all ballast ......... the local charity shops got a whole heap of great records, and every now & then when ( as now ) i get the urge to play something that i've not heard for an age, i can't, all for a moment of stupidity ..... tsch ....... ...... dreaming of new computers and broadband ........ after just one week of permanent speedy access and fast, silent machines, i find it difficult to look my battered, croaking old heap of junk in the eye for fear of betraying my desire to consign it to the scapheap ....... i think it knows something's not quite right : the sudden lack of attention, the unwillingness to share quality time in the evenings, you know how it is .......... i'll make it up over christmas, but must be careful not to encourage too much emotional attachment : it would be cruel, for in the new year, i see a fresh, young mistress on the horizon i think a beer is in order
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I do not have to go back to work until the 6th. Upon contemplation I have realized: 1. I have been very tightly wound lately. 2. Coffee is better in the morning in your robe. 3. WTF have I been doing with my life??? 4. Those trees outside are lovely. Make Trade Fair. Wow, the world is full of jerks. I read these stories, and I think: Make it yourself. Don't buy corporate brands. Buy stuff from your friends. Here's a good chocolate company: Denman Island Chocolates. You will never go back to Nestle. No way.
Thanks Chris - any other Londonites got any clues about getting out of Brixton late at night? Dr Kirby? Mister T?
I hate Nestl&eactue;, I've tried the whole boycott thing before, but I always gave in tot he splendor that is KitKats, well, not anymore. They are boycott fr good, and if any body gives me any Nestl&eactue; products for Xmas, I'll graciously accept them but them I can't support their fascist regime. Makes me want to go and rip up all the signs at Croyden train station... Luckily I don't drink coffee, and if I did I'd try and buy a fair trade brand. I bet Nescafe tastes like shit anyway. They have like a monopoly on nearly everything. 3 bottled water brands, Quality Street, After Eights and loads of 'Christmas Packs'. It's going to be very difficult to not be tempted. For information on all their brands: http://www.nestle.co.uk/about/brands/ actions:http://www.maketradefair.com/
Wacky: NationStates A weird little online game where you can make your own country and delegate between nations. There should be an "Irdialania."
Hi hi hi , my good friend T has been seeing the 'The two towers', she just loved Aragon - the true hero! And for some reason it made me think of this: and Pixies Here comes your man Outside there's a boxcar waiting Outside the family stew Out by the fire breathing Outside we wait 'til face turns blue I know the nervous walking I know the dirty beard hangs Out by the boxcar waiting Take me away to nowhere plains There is a wait so long You'll never wait so long Here comes your man Here comes your man Here comes your man Big shake on the boxcar moving Big shake to the land that's falling down Is a wind makes a palm stop blowing A big, big stone fall and break my crown There is a wait so long You'll never wait so long Here comes your man Here comes your man Here comes your man Here comes your man There is a wait so long You'll never wait so long Here comes your man Here comes your man Here comes your man Here comes your man I think Doolittle is the best Pixies album. Hav'nt heard it in years, use to hear it a lot in highschool. But for some reason I heard the album when my friend told me about 'the two towers' and aragon - And Doolittle is still a very very cool album, nice to re-discover.
Cat and Girl are relative A lesson for us all.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Captain, have you tried LT's info line on 0207 222 1234? They're usually helpful
Query for London Blogdialians - how do you get from Brixton Academy to Victoria after the last tube? I can't seem to find any transport info that is consistent. Regards, Church-Mouse Davrotz
Mary, last february I went to see a film at the ICA in London called Atanarjuat (the fast runner), which is an Inuit folk story. It was an amazing film that gave me a brief insight into their culture. Himalaya is another one but based on Tibetan nomads with a similar teaching of not putting personal desire above the well being of the community. I'm just starting to read some Alice Miller to try to understand some of the events of my childhood that ultimately effect me as an adult. "For your own good" is about how parents break childrens wills to make them obediant/compliant and creates later neurosis/dysfunction. She uses Hitler as a case study for how this can lead to extreme destructiveness on a world scale. She has a quote from him......"What good fortune for those in power that people do not think". Alex, did you see this story about AOL? A case of pot calling the kettle! And what is with these people? I think santa needs to start giving out grips at christmas as not many people seem to have one!
What is up with these people????
interesting: AOL Holds IM Patent They seem to have a few other patenst too, SSL, cookies, etc. But they haven't used legal action for any of these, unlike some others (Adobe, Amazon, etc). Maybe AOL aren't that bad, I still hate that woman in the stupid dress though. I still hate everything about AOL. But, wasn't gnutella developed by Nullsoft, who make WinAmp and who are in turn owned by AOL? Does this mean gnutella is an AOL Patent?
mary, that's really weird. after looking at that site i was going to post saying "look at santa's devil horns" and then make analogies between santa and satan and st nick and old nick. but then i didn't, and now no one will believe me. talking of which, where's mess noone. and why have all our names changed? Coa HyperFnord indeed.
good article mary. I wish it was more in-depth though (but I guess that would be pretty easy research to do myself). Also, I just saw "The Two Towers." Wow. Fucking wow. That was awesome. They take liberties with the book, and I'm pretty sure it's the studio's idea... but it doesn't hurt the flow too much. Even with the cuts and alterations, it's almost too much information to take in in one sitting. Also, half the movie is battles. Kick ass battles. The Battle for Helm's Deep was beyond cool. Waaugh.
I think it was a product of having an Iroquois grandmother and a British grandmother in the 1940's! Damn, cultural confusion! Would you rather go hunting and fishing in the outback, or strap on your Sunday best and go to catecism? hmmmmmmmm ... and both are spiritual! tough for young minds ... St. Nick, Old Nick, and the good god Thor
Santa's site

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

mary: that is interesting about your father. Sounds like a proud man to the end... didn't want to recognize his past. Isn't not recognizing your past sort of like not accepting the whole of your Self? Maybe he didn't want to acknowledge his blood because he was part of "western" culture, those who crippled native american culture? Just a thought. This is amazing: http://www.suikosource.com/ For one, it's one of the most dedicated "fansites" I've ever seen, and is incredibly successful due to its emphasis on the meaning and poetics of the story. For two, it's about a freakin' videogame. One I have been obsessed with for years. I haven't realized until now how totally great the game's story and mythos was. It's amazing complex, large, and beautiful. It's sort of like a Chinese/Japanese lord of the rings idea, but less dramatic, more political (it is based on an old chinese novel and incorporates elements of japanese culture as well). Da-amn. Sadly the site is plagued with a terrible number of PHP overflow errors. I don't know whether the dude knows how to use his complicated web interface as you can only read for a while before you over-run the server with errors...
I think someone else was using my login, as i don't remember posting an xmas greeting ... Perhaps all the energy i put into greeting cards last night magically erupted in a blogdial post ... HA! We don't call our northern natives eskimos, that is not the 'correct' name, they are Inuit. It is very sad, what has happened to our native people in Canada, very shameful. My great grandmother was Iroquois (scroll to Culture!), but I never understood why my native heritage was so played down. The common reaction in Canada is, get your status card, you get benefits, but my dad never would. He thought it was hypocritical, as he wasn't living a native lifestyle, so why? And he was embarrassed, as many Canadians were/are, of their heritage, to be connected to a group that was so obviously in pain. An ill contradiction, because the things that were so absolutely him (excellent hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman), were wrapped in the things he absolutely didn't want to be ...
Talking of poets, does anyone like Simon Armitage? I saw a programme about him on BBC 4 recently, I used to listen to him on the radio, when he had a weekly slot on Mark Radcliffe, when he played good music. http://www.simonarmitage.co.uk/
I met a very beautiful girl from Greenland in Iceland, she told me Iceland isn't all eskimos and igloos. Why do I always meet beautiful girls when I have a girlfriend? Not that I don't want my girlfriend. She's amazing. My flatmate read a book about Danish / Eskimo relations too, a work of fiction... Like some love story or something, I'll ask him the name. To quote Venetian Snares: More Drugs, Less Love. Just for antithesis, no real reason. I really don't agree either. Operation TIPS's death, surely A Good Thing™ non? Maybe amorikkkore hasn't gone completely mad. Yet. mary13: bah humbug!. It's beautiful outside, not one cloud in the sky, and yet I still don't feel that great.
But have you ever met any Eskimos? Yes we have quite a few in Denmark, I once had a girl friend that was eskimo. Especially around in Copenhagen (Christianshavn, near Christiania) you meet drunk eskimoes. Witch is pretty sad, dunk eskimoes screaming about going back to greenland (and this not fiction).... WOW, back in 1981 I was 5 years old and did'nt even know about Kraftwerk, I lived in Karachi at the time...But Computer Love really hit me first time I heard it in 1995.... Computer love is fine like new fallen snow in sunshine... Computer Love made me think of the longing for love as a modern human....It is one of my favorite Krafwerk songs - It is almost sublime I had the pleasure to see a program about a danish poet/author Dan Turell I feel like quoting him: To much sex Not enough love
But have you ever met any Eskimos? I bought "The Model" by Kraftwerk when it was #1 here in the UK back in 81/82. Computer Love is the B-side and I guess it qualifies as the first electronica record I ever bought! I also always liked to think he sang "For a data date, for a data date" which would fit the computery theme excellently. It's such a great song, totally classic Kraftwerk with it's teeny melody and twee lyrics, and yet the prolepsis is astonishing; I suffer from computer love all the time these days (though it was probably much harder back when they wrote the song in the days of CP/M and so forth).
Greenland: Well, Captain D... In Denmark the eskimos are like... Native americans in USA. That's my impression. I also had about eskimology at high school, never visited Greenland, but it would be pretty...cool... Mikkel: The Chris Cunnigham exibit is kindda disappointing, 4 music videos (2 Afix Twin: Window Licker and Come to Daddy, Bj�rk's All is full of Love and Portishead) and the movie Flex and Monkeydrummer. Thats it! I thought it was disappointing. But again, Flex was really really one of the best 'movies' I have seen, I'll never forget it and really wanna see it again. Buy the way, This lyrics are over 20 years old and I love the instrumentation, so fine.... Computer love, computer love Computer love, computer love Computer love, computer love Ah the lonely night, the lonely night Stare at the T.V. screen, the T.V. screen I don't know what to do, don't know what to do I need a rendezvous, need a rendezvous Computer love Computer love Computer love Computer love I called this number, I called this number For a downtown date, for a downtown date I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do I need a rendezvous, I need a rendezvous Computer love Computer love Computer love Computer love Get a dancer
Nat Hentoff The Death of Operation TIPS Volunteer Spying Corps Dismissed December 13th, 2002 5:00 PM When the Homeland Security Act was finally signed by the president after many weeks of extensive media coverage of the congressional warfare over the bill, I saw nothing of the most significant result of it all�the decision to ban what had been a key provision. "Section 880. Prohibition of the Terrorism Information and Prevention System�Any and all activities of the Federal Government to implement the proposed component program of the Citizen Corps known as Operation TIPS (Terrorism Information and Prevention System) are hereby prohibited." (Emphasis added.)
merry christmas!
Quality Street. Squeaky wrappers and the smell of cellophane and chocolate and strawberry and orange fondant within a cold echoey tin.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Ain't Canada grand? "If the proposed increases are approved, a 100-pack of blank CDs would have a levy of $59, raising its retail price to about $88 plus tax," said coalition member Brian Levy, chief executive of InterTan Canada Ltd., owner of the Radio Shack electronics chain. "Without the current levy, the retail price is about $29." If the new fee structure is implemented, Apple Computer Inc.'s $799 iPod digital recording unit could see its levy rise to $113 before tax. ... But the coalition, which includes such computer manufacturers as Hewlett-Packard Canada and Intel Canada and retailers including Wal-Mart, Costco and Best Buy/Future Shop, wants the government to scrap the current levy entirely, saying it unfairly penalizes the hundreds of thousands of consumers who do not use the blank media to record copyrighted music. Fewer than half the blank CDs sold in Canada are used for copying music, according to the recording industry. The Canadian Private Copying Collective has also admitted that none of the $28-million in levies collected to date had been paid out to composers and musicians. "You have to understand that there are mountains of data to go through," said David Basskin, a spokesman for the Canadian Private Copying Collective. "I find this to be a staggering piece of hypocrisy," said Mr. Basskin, who believes yesterday's announcement was timed to increase interest in digital products before Christmas. "If these companies cared so much about copywriters, they would not manufacture products whose very existence depends on the ability to copy unencrypted music." Recording industry slammed over tax plan
Oh and I bloody well hope Per Stig M�ller doesn't take it up the ass. There's no fucking reason for Amerikkka to be let into Greendland. Other than arms-races, that is. And I don't like that. I'm really pissy about it, actually. Grrr.
A bit, I suppose. We had a Greenland theme week/month (I forgot for how long) at my school, learning a lot of stuff. Really about everything related. Shamanism, drumdancing, etc. I remember a band called Niivertut (I'm not 100% on the spelling, but it means Businessmen). They're pretty good. I'm going to see that exhibit too, Alison! Can't wait =) Mum got a super-light-thingie. It hurts my eyes, but she says it works for her in the winters. I love sleeping, it's so comfortable.
If you live in Denmark how much do you get to know about Greenland? Do many eskimos/greenlanders live in Denmark? I've always been fascinated by Greenland and its peoples, and have just been doing some surfing of greenland websites and bands.
Suddenly there's vancouver! Was that a real ad or am I dreaming?
When living with no light at all

Monday, December 16, 2002

nickleback and their imitators, in fact any group whose singer thinks 'gruff' is a novel vocal style. Fuck man, I'm sorry. Nicelback is from my city, Edmonton (actually a small town near Edmonton). I have to accept resposibility for this - but, consider, how much Nickelback and their clones I am subjected to hear. You are not alone. Jesus fuck. I actually own a Nickelback CD. Granted, it's from 3 years ago before anyone outside of Alberta knew about them and is on an independent label but... it's still not very good. eminem. oh yes. Shamed to admit, but I kind of like Eminem's newest work. My problem with him is his love of the extraordinary and the sensational. He obviously goes over the top to achieve some kind of ironic, self-depreciating goal, but he just goes too far and ruins it. Music's catchy, though. As for SAD, I too am incredibly subject to it. Any type of overcast and I become the most lethargic, glum person in the world. Always gives me a real bad headache, too. Winter generally makes me depressed, but not lately. Fortunately for me, Alberta is turning into a desert so we are getting a lot of sun this winter (and there is no snow on the ground at the moment). Unfortunately for everyone else, we are currently drier than 1930's dustbowl conditions. Oops.
mary13, i thought you were in canada or the northern u.s. somewhere...? Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
how many people are in London? do we outnumber the danes? mary13, i thought you were in canada or the northern u.s. somewhere...? (and thanks for the SAD treatments.... I'll try them!) anyway, i've been working in the lab all day... as usual the communal radio is on, and sometimes it just drives me crazy. here are a few of the "people who make money selling cds with their image attached" who have blighted my working life in 2002... i refuse to use any descriptive word for these people which may imply creative talent inherent in those people themselves. sigh. anything on classic fm, capital, heart fm, jazz fm and magic fm during working hours. eminem. oh yes. coldplay. musical genius, apparently. someone must have redefined genius while i was out of the room. and i hotly debate the musical bit as well. jah rule. david bedingfield and his demon ilk. ANY chart 'house', euro 'house' anthems. particularly those sung by tone-deaf germanic ladies. ALL manufactured boy/girl bands. 2 out of every 3 U.K. number one singles in 2002 have been by manufactured acts. nickleback and their imitators, in fact any group whose singer thinks 'gruff' is a novel vocal style. nelly. just give me one punch.... and this from a pacifist! see what they've turned me into! so solid crew, and all other 'crews' everywhere. i could go on but there are, after all, better things to think about. Thanks for the music Mary. Real pop lives forever!
you missed the thai massage????????????????????????????????? you will just have to go back.
i know, but when i go to safe mode, the edit tag is not linkable... my apologies ...
mary, you have a stray tag open... go into safe mode and edit it... ;) hmm doesn't seem to be affecting the real blogdial, just the posty bit. anyway, i had reflexology in singapore! amazing... missed out on a thai massage though cos we were running out of time.
A friend of mine gave me some Oil of St. John's Wort that she made (f**king love naturekind) to combat the SAD. Epidemic in Vancouver, rains constantly all winter. I rub it on the inside of my big toes, there is a pressure point there that affects the thyroid glands. (Research does show that any amount of foot-rubbing will aid in sour moods.) Or you can do a shoulder stand*, the world will look different after a shoulder stand.
I think I have SAD too. I don't like reading about medical things though as it makes me think "ooh I have that" which then makes me think it's less likely I do, it debases my original feelings and I'm not sure what to think anymore. Anyway, I have an appointment with the counsellor at uni tomorrow, so maybe that will clear things up. I went to my GP last week, but he didn't seem that interested. Anyway, I can now Think Unix. I read that site a bit more now. I think it's almost exactly what I am suffering from right now. And it comes and goes, maybe that's a symptom? Anyway, the lethargy is a huge thing with me, I can't pull myself out of bed, and when I do I feel listless and empty. I also try and hide from my flatmates in my room, and I don't ever feel like going out. Very weird. The lightbox treatment sounds exciting... Another factor which may be amplifying things is that my sleep patterns are all messed up. Waking up in the afternoon and going to bed around dawn, so I'm basically missing the little sunlight there is anyway. I also think has happened since I moved to London, when I was in the country side I used to really enjoy winter. And when I went home the other weekend I felt fine, although my mum's cooking and central heating may have helped.
Alun, Denmark is very strange More fiction: Jeg er p� randen af selvmord, hele tiden sl�r tankerne mig: hvordan d�r jeg uden det g�r ondt? uden jeg leml�ster mit lig? Uden der er en rift p� mig? Uden mit ansigt bliver opsvulmet og bl�t? Jeg fantaserer om at taget et h�rdt drej p� 90 grader p� min cykel lige ud foran en eller anden k�mpe stor lastbil, der ikke n�r at bremse, s� jeg havner inde under den og er d�d. Men jeg synes ikke min d�d b�r v�re til gene for andre mennesker. Hvordan d�r jeg uden at v�re til gene for mine omgivelser - men det kan ikke lade sig g�re, der vil altid v�re nogen der fandt de fysiske rester og der vil altid v�re nogen tilbage, der ville bliver sure p� mig p� den ene eller anden m�de, nogen der vil bliver forargede og sige at det kunne jeg ikke v�re bekendt. Men HEY, pr�v lige at h�re her, Hvis nu man gerne vil d� - s� vil man gerne d�! Og der er helt sikkert en rigtig god grund til det. Nemlig at man synes liver sutter max r�v! Respekt�r det! Jeg vil ikke d�, men jeg gad godt jeg ville det. Hver gang jeg har pr�vet, bare at lege med tanken (som n�vnt, noget jeg g�r s�dan et par gange om ugen -mindst!), hver gang jeg t�nkt: Der er ingen der elsker mig Jeg skal alligevel ikke havde b�rn Og jeg ved jeg bare bliver som mine for�ldre uanset hvor meget jeg k�mper imod, s� ender jeg med at sige og g�re alle de ting jeg ikke ville. Fuck, men der er alligevel noget inden i mig der bliver ved med at give mig lyst til at leve - jeg tror det er min nysgerrighed. Men det er ogs� det eneste der holder mig oppe jeg bliver ved med at t�nke, at jeg slet ikke ved hvad jeg laver om 4 m�neder, og et eller andet sted er det argument nok til at leve - hvorfor? Det er vist noget dybt forankret i en som menneske, livet er sgu helligt! Men jeg vil altid hellere �nske mig d�d - ikke af selvmord, men bare at mit hjerte holdt op med at sl�! Er det s� sv�rt at forst�? Og med disse tanker i hjernen g�r jeg ud og er glad for mit liv - jeg kunne jo d� i morgen i stedet. HA HA HA!!!
We have a population suffering from SAD in Denmark, Alun Which is strange, because I loved living in Sweden (Lund) and very much enjoyed the winters. Especially those crisp -5, -10 and even (boxing day 2000) -20 degree days out walking in the snow. Sigh. SADder now!
We have a population suffering from SAD in Denmark, Alun
What Drug are You? Tell me something I didn't know.
"If there's going to be blood on my hands, I'm determined that it's not going to be invisible" Sean Penn I like Sean Penn. This is ridiculous. Ban all cameras! Ban any pictures of under 18s anywhere for any purpose! Ban the evil perverted image on that link! Fuck RIGHT off. And just to really start the week off on a good footing... bastard M$ are crawling all over our government. And at the governments invitation! Sigh. I think I'm suffering from SAD. Apparently London has had 'no significant sun' (i.e. none at all) for the last 7-11 days.
Chris Cunnigham is very cool - had the pleasure of watching Flex yesterday. WOW it blew me away, very sensual, sweaty, beautiful and watching two people beat up each others and have sex in the end.......... good sunday.......
What Drug are You? My crepes are good with fresh fruit and thick yoghurt mixed in honey, never make pan-cakes... I love cooking - it is the ONLY thing besides sex, where you use ALL senses - see, listen, taste, smell, fell and even your 6. sense. Some times I work as a chef down on a small place called Kates Joint, where I make stir fry and curry dishes...I also enjoy making danish food like 'frikadeller' (what do you call that in English - Mikkel?). Cooking food is the best! I'm out of a 'real' job next year (the company I'm working are not prolonging my contract, since business is slow, ), will just cook food, throw parties and write a novel - I have my head filled with sentences, pictures and just want to write... So it suits me perfect (kindda)! I am very affraid and excited at the same time, affraid I'ed dump the class of life, trying to 'live' like an 'author'. But I just have to - my mind is blowing me apart... I see letters before I sleep, visualize words in 3D, make illustrations of everything, even have to write in danish on Blogdial (I'm sorry Mary, I cant translate my fiction at the moment).... Here comes my man: It could all be so simple But you'd rather make it hard Loving you is like a battle And we both end up with scars Tell me, who I have to be To get some reciprocity No one ever loves you more than me And no one ever will Is this just a silly game That forces you to act this way Forces you to scream my name Then pretend you can't stay Tell me, who I have to be To get some reciprocity No one ever loves you more than me And no one ever will No matter how I think we grow You always seem to let me know It ain't workin' , it ain't workin' And when I try to walk away You'd hurt yourself to make me stay This is crazy, this is crazy I keep letting you back in How can I explain myself As painful as this thing has been I just can't be with no one else See I know what we got to do You let go and I 'll let go too 'Cause no one's hurt me more than you And no one ever will

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Proud and Insolent youth incorporated This is about a guy who posted on a site (his actual posting) an eloquent piece about corporate greed, the assistance they have from the US govt and their war machine, his disatisfaction of it all and then a confession of shooting a cop at a gas station as a way of demonstrating the hipocrasy. I can empathise with him for his frustration but shooting a cop in a gas station is only going to alienate him from 95% of the population and does nothing except release his frustration, for a time. I couldn't help but be reminded of a quote from John Lydon that's along the lines of ..If you value a cause more than human life then you're following a lost cause. Pancakes.....I hated these when I was a kid. The only time we ever had them was on Shrove Tuesday (I never understood that one either) and they were the omlette/crepe variety but coated in sugar and that horrible, artificial jif lemon juice ( we were too poor to afford real lemons). Thankfully the scars have healed and I love the fluffy variety but have yet to sample them freshly cooked in a diner. Something to look forward to in life, I guess! I spat my tea at the screen when I read of your comparison of Kylie to a french public lavatory, Anthony. I can never look at her in the same way again.
I think I'm going to have to make some pancakes for my tea this evening. quick poll - astra or hotbird?
@kin: "The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer." --Henry Kissinger, http://www.truthout.com/docs_02/12.02D.kiss.quotes.htm (thanks to aq records for that one) Fuckin' shit, alex. Kandinsky could see MICROCOSMS. That's really weird. :) To counteract my shitty night on friday, I had an absolutely wonderful night out with several friends from my art classes. Dinner was spent with them at our drawing teacher's house (a very great painter) and then we proceeded to a tiny two-floor cafe with live art, and a neat little funk turntablism/open mike/cello/saxophone going on. A really great time, with great people all around having FUN.
thanks barrie ; ] food analogies have never really set me aflame, until now ..... my breakfast banana will never be the same : for some reason abba spring to mind ; disposable to a degree, but nutricious and almost without exception perfectly formed ( also, unzipping the tight protective layer will now forever remind me of lurid catsuits - a pleasant thought to start the day ) i always tend to think in terms of architecture bach elegantly purposeful suspension bridges led zeppelin medieval castles kylie minogue french public lavatory
looks like kandinsky. actually polythene folio. mental

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Coa = Me Coa HyperFnor: fuck I hate trash Coa HyperFnor: I never want to see those fuckers again Coa HyperFnor: if I do I'll make an "installation" out of their face, called "Face with smashed glass," c. 2002
Pancakes are not at all greasy; they are normally griddled on non stick surfaces, and are light and fluffy in taste. The best pancakes I ever ate in a diner was at a place called "Beauties" in Montreal....dreamy... Think Unix...made me Think Unix... The next book I want is the Perl Cookbook; has lots of things in it that you need to do over and over. I need to learn about PIDs, Forking processes and that stuff.
The White Stripes: Cheap beer. LOTS of cheap beer. Would that beer be... And from the Red Stripe site: "People from around the world want to see how great RedStripeBeer.com is. But sometimes their countries don�t think that�s a good idea. And since lawsuits are very expensive, if you are in any of the following countries, you shouldn�t be here. Especially the French: Afghanistan Azerbaijan Bahrain Denmark Egypt Ethiopia Finland France and the French overseas territories and departments France et Departments ou Territoires d�outre mer francais (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, R�union, Mayotte, St. Pierre and Miquelon, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Southern and Antarctic Territories, Wallis and Futuna Islands) Hungary Iceland Iran Iraq Jordan Kazakstan Krygystan Kuwait Libya Norway Oman Pakistan Poland Qatar Saudi Arabia Sudan Sweden Syria Tajikistan Togo Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Yemen"
ok, so the pancakes you are talking about are a bit more like scottish pancakes, although probably greasier. very american. it's like football. in a way. i have had these american pancakes in denny's somewhere in north carolina, and then later at a more 'original' diner complete with grits on the menu. i knew i knew where the other MOD is, just couldn't figure it out... anyway, i much prefer crepes to your yankee pancakes. might have something to do with having a french girlfriend who can cook them very well... i think her recipe is somewhere in my room. i might post it later. how you can compare ladytron to fine french cuisine i'll never know, but alas i am not allowed to argue. i myself can't see the corrolation between food and music, maybe i'm being a bit uncreative, but they just inspire different sensations in my body. I think music is more like confection. Well, some music. I can't think of a whole meal, unless you're talking huge Operatic pieces. anyway, i am reading my recently purchased copy of 'Think Unix'. Disposable / Mass Produced Pop Music: Bubble gum. A direct hit of saccarine, the sweet flavour turned dead and lifeless almost as quickly as it arrived, requiring many repetitive hits, each one loosing a fraction of the impact of the last. Once disposed it becomes a nuiscance, littering the streets for eons. Quite like disposed popstars littering those crap list TV shows. Realitive TV SpinOff bands: Safe sugar free non bubbly chewing gum. Limp and lifeless before it's out of the packet. Flavour disappears immeditately (if there ever was any). Cannot be revived with extra doses. Has laxative effects if consumed in excess. Sugababes, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera (and other Neptunes produced POP): Sour flavoured Hubba Bubba. Sickly Sweet, dangerously addictive. Feels naughty and dangerous on your tongue. All sensation soon dispersed just like the rest. Addictive. Blazin' Squad: Sunny Delight. Cheap. Turns you yellow. Coldplay (and other 'serious' indie pop bands) Jordan's Tracker bar or other lifeless 'Grown Up' confection. Makes you regular.
I went to a shit party last nite. My friend of a long time put it off, with friends from her school coming over. All three were total trash. TRASH. They were jerks, and got progressively stupider as they got progressively drunker. I wanted to shoot them in the face. I wanted to shoot MYSELF in the face. I was the only person there who wasn't drunk, and if I could have gone home I would have, but I didn't have a car, and my bud, who passed out and I had to look after him, didn't want me to drive him home in his van (he lives 1 minute from me, so I coulda walked home after that). I tried to sleep upstairs but it took me several hours, as the ASSHOLE TRASH downstairs were LOUD and obnoxious, talking for 4 or 5 hours about almost exclusively their penises (penii? They had been naked for much of the night). Fuck. Stupid fucking people. I will never party with TRASH again. What a useless night of my life I will never get back. My friend can keep all the food she bought for me (and the 3 beers she bought for me too). I don't have to pay her back, that's asshole tax right there. Aphex Twin: He is two things: Chocolate Mousse with rufees in it, and conversely a brillo pad slathered in mustard that is somehow VERY enjoyable... Anthony Manning: Hot chocolate with marshmallows! SO warm and soothing and satisfying. I was thinking champagne too, for the bubblyness, but that doesn't seem quite "right." Whitehouse: Dry, overcooked nasty fish filled with lots of spiky bones, followed by a bloody punch to the mouth. Tasty. The White Stripes: Cheap beer. LOTS of cheap beer. Captain Beefheart: Zany jambalaya!
Oh yes, the other "My Old Dutch" is in Kings Road, Chelsea, under ten minuets (minuets!) from "Asterix" the other crepe place on the Kings Road. Niether one of them is a patch on a clean IHOP, which is for the LCD in the USA, but would Americans in UK kill for it? You bet.
My Old Dutch sells crepes and not Pancakes. Pancakes are never more than 6" in diameter, are always stacked more than two high on a plate, and are served with maple syrup, and either bacon or sausages, in the same plate. They are not thin like crepes, but are normally 1cm thick and fluffy in texture when they are done right. The batter for pancakes is never thin and runny like the batter for pancakes, it is viscous, and normally yellow-ish due to the egg yolks. The British cringe at the thought of bacon and sausages slathered with maple syrup, but hey, they cancelled thier orbital launch vehicle program because "it could be used for delivering weapons". Go figure. And before anyone stands up and says "wassitmattah, its awl the saim innnaaaat", food is to the body as music is to the soul. Everything about food matters, how it looks, how it is prepared, how it is eaten, the origin of the ingredients, and the atmosphere at the table (or the floor). Hmmmm, lets see, if food is to the body as music is to the soul, then we can correlate music to different dishes. Lets see: YMO: Bacon Cheesburgers, Chocolate shake float and family fries at an immaculately clean Dairy Queen® in rural north east America. Godspped YBE: a dog turd, spread on two pieces of stale bread, in a deserted and filthy rail station, somewhere in the USSR, mid to early 1970's Ladytron: A perfect warm lobster salad, accompanied by a fine chablis on a hot summers day at a family run riverside Relais, somewhere in France. Anita Baker: Coffee and donuts in a diner almost anywhre in Manhattan. Bob James (Any CTI recording): Grilled Japanese specialities (Tskune, Shisomaki, Ginnan, Asparamaki...) chilled cedar brewed Sake, and plumb wine to finish...anywhere where they do it right! And, for the love of all thats holy, DONT DO ANY ARTIST THAT IVE DONE, or SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!
london pancakes: there are 3 i know of. "My Old Dutch" one in holdborn, one in ealing andone somewhere else. http://www.lammas.com/food/MyOldDutch.html http://www.london-eating.co.uk/2435.htm
Thanks to everyone who offered temp space so we dont have to read blogdial in blogger! That means you Chris! the 1104 massive stupmed up first: http://freakypeople.ca/blogdial/blogger.html Its been another "hell of a year"...the obl, the tia...a neverending stream of bullshit. One thing however, has consistently been great; the posting, intelligence, humor and sheer class of the BLOGDIAL elite. Nuff said.
Things that rime so well it cannot be a coincidence. Discuss.
Plain Label
What Drug are You? BTW 4UR.INFO I don't like pancakes. Cakes and the likes are too fat and sugary 4 me. I had my last day a work thursday, now I'm going freelance. What a relief. Join a yoga class.
Knights in Shining Karma
we've just been to a party, and my girlfriend won a DVD player in a raffle! How cool is that? Plays MP3s and is multiregion too.
YAAAAAGH. Re: TIA & IAO & Poindexter & co. I wish I could put up my recent drawings and sketches lately because they are all obsessively dealing with exactly THIS and other related things. The worry has consumed my mind! Maybe I should cancel my credit card. AAAGH. Where do you get all these cool-ass emails, Akin? They are hella interesting. Also: I might be able to host blogger temporarily (for a week or so) if you can email some login info- my friend is the only person who knows how to do such complex tasks on my linux box so I'd have to run it through him. But I'm sure someone else (like m. burke) has more capabilities than my MEASLY and crappy cable modeme. Pancakes are very good, and homemade ones are TEH BEST. If you poor blokes in britain can't buy em... make em. I have just finished an absolutely insane two weeks of finals. Hopefully everything works out for me. Completely exhausted/horny now (but when am I NOT the latter?). (mm lather) PS: Dear Blogger: WHY DON"T YOU EVER REGISTER MY CARRIAGE RETURNS BLAHG

Friday, December 13, 2002

Do you know that there is not one place in London where you can go and order pancakes? Not ONE. that is a shame. did i mention they are also good with peanut butter? with syrup too OF COURSE!!! alison, i hope you are going to email me a translation for your lovely story ... je parle seulement anglais et francais ... :( i am waiting for the carpet man to show up. he has not shown up three times now ...
php / mysql ........ it all seemed to be so simple, so straightforward, then ..... Parse error: parse error in /****/****/*******/www.germsite.co.uk/***********/**********8.php on line 25 fuck it ........ i never learn .... think something's going to be a piece of piss, jump ahead a few steps, don't look where i'm going, then splat ....... back to the manual tutorials we go, step by painful step
What Drug are You?
It doesn't? Well that definately clears things up. Now what did I do with my screwdriver?...
Crack doesnt "stank" does it?
Well that's partly a relief. Now all I have to do is work out where all that odd smelling smoke is coming from...
Blogdial is down temporarily. If someone has a site to squirt it into so we dont have to read everything in Blogger, step up with the login and password and URL and ill make the changes...
Froogle from Google
So, am I smoking crack, or has Blogdial the site gone? I hate reading blogdial in blogger.
Nomen Nescio/Cypherpunks are very interesting. Looking foward to being all Mac'd-up in 2003. Cryptonomicon was an excellent read; a good basic primer of first principles in crypto mixed with history and a fine story. 900 pages though...
total information awareness very amusing ..... if you or i were to publicly declare ourselves to be omnipotent and omniscient in a way suggestive of a complete lack of humour, it would not be very long before we found ourselves trussed up in a cosy padded cell
From: "Mordechai" To: Declan McCullagh Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 11:53:28 +0200 Subject: TIA feasability and costs Reply-to: quality@computer.org Declan, My name is Mordechai Ben-Menachem. I am a lecturer at Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel. My areas of speciality are software engineering and project management. Bob Bauman asked me to write to you to express certain views concerning the DARPA project called TIA. I have read the Aldrige testimony. Most of the following was written in reaction to that. Much of what Aldrige says walks a very narrow line between outright lies and obfuscation. It is simply not correct. The areas for objection are too broad to cover here, but I shall try to give a few examples. 1. You cannot talk about "... if they choose to use it." The system ONLY has value if there is a critical mass of data in it. This means, by definition, that the database must be massively populated and this must be constantly maintained. This is not a situation where one can query and THEN the system will go off to a thousand different databases around the world to search for transactions you may want. There is a fine line here between data collection and data retrieval. The "if they choose" part can relate to data retrieval, but that makes it a very sticky wicket. Existing legal controls (e.g., search warrants, Miranda) are designed to control data collection, not use of that data once it has been collected. 2. Speech recognition / rapid translation: The statements are very misleading. No such software exits today. The state-of-the-art of voice recognition / voice response systems is that of a watch (you can also tell your phone to dial your wife, but only after rigorous training of the system). The accuracy of translation systems used today is mostly used as Computer Science jokes. The distance to workable systems is quite profound. Intel has recently announced a 3 Giga Hertz chip. This infers (via Moore's Law) that we shall see a 6 Giga Hertz chip in 18 months. Many authorities have called 6 GH a milestone that will allow a new set of applications. In other words, when those capabilities exist, we may be able to intelligently discuss rapid, real-time translation. However, by definition, we do not know how to conceive of those applications now. Perhaps it can be on a supercomputer, as cost is not the governing factor -- no, the basic computational complexity may be solvable on a supercomputer (no proof of that exists) but there are many other aspects that requires a different type of architecture for real time usage. He also stated that there will be voice recognition capabilities to recognise who is speaking. Totally science fiction, has never been tried in real life. What exists is the ability to match "voice prints" via pattern recognition techniques. Very time consuming and with a very low level of accuracy and reliability. I do not recall it being recognized by any court, for example. 3. Connections between transactions: Echelon gathers data from some 8-billion telephone conversations today. How successful has this been in the "war on drugs"? The answer is, almost not at all. Add to that, all airline transactions, chemical purchases, credit card ... How many daily transactions are we talking about -- 20 billion, more? (Visa alone has some 110 million transactions per day.) There is no way to even imagine how to query this size of database, much less, make any sense of the answer. In other words, if they manage to simulate the data (we do not know how to simulate that), and if they manage to perform a query, what do we do with the results of such a query? The data visualization techniques do not exist. The quantity of false positives will overload any investigative agency (tens of thousands per day). As a matter of fact, the database technology that would allow this type of query does not exist, either. I must add, on small scales, tens of thousands of transactions, this is being performed. The distance to be able to process five orders of magnitude more is perhaps a decade. 4. Collaborative reasoning: This part is probably practical, though the development is still quite a way off. I have done a little bit of work in this area. (I have an article submitted to a major journal that I can send you, but it has not yet been published.) The major issue here is reliability. We are talking about using massive webs of hierarchical data (that is, the data has both hierarchical attributes and network attributes). With this level of complexity, testing such a system is very far beyond our capabilities -- we simply have no idea how to ensure that the answers we are given are correct because we do not know how to test it. This is not the only difficulty. The definition of interrelationships is an open issue -- they are not static. As I said, space and time do not permit me to do a full analysis and I have not read the full specification. The bottom line is composed of two points. The report by Pete Aldridge cannot simply be taken at face value. The system / project, as presently defined reminds me greatly of Reagan's SDI project. Brilliantly thought of, but much too early. Some of the fruits of that effort are just now coming on line, 20 years later (e.g., the Arrow anti-ballistic missile and the Nautilus anti-tactical rocket laser gun). When SDI was conceived, it was not technologically possible. This is not today. In 20 years, who knows, this may be reasonable. Today, the base technologies do not exist. The complexity is too great, the size is impossible to conceive. I don't care how passionate Poindexter is. It sounds wrong. Additionally, I spoke with a colleague of mine whose expertise is in the area of face recognition and other "bio" technologies. My objective was to double-check that my initial guess-timates were reasonable. He confirms and even thought me rather optimistic on some of the things. For instance, "rapid translation" based on speech recognition: I said I thought it a few years off. He says it is AT LEAST 7-10 years off. The capabilities we see today are very primitive. In any case, we are talking about a 10-20 year timeframe to demonstrate capabilities -- similar to SDI. You are talking about spending billions of dollars for a project to develop a system that has no hope of being useful in a significant time-frame -- the size of the project is much larger than what has been reported, the base technologies do not exist. best regards, I hope this is helpful and I shall be most pleased to further explain if you like, Mordechai Ben-Menachem Dept. of Industrial Engineering & Management Ben-Gurion University P. O. Box 5613; Beer-Sheva; 84156; Israel Tel. 972-86-433231, mob. 972-57-433231, off. 972-86-479374 quality@computer.org
Amazingly, people are PAYING ATTENTION: http://www.newyorker.com/talk/content/?021209ta_talk_hertzberg December 12, 2002 | home COMMENT TOO MUCH INFORMATIONIssue of 2002-12-09 Posted 2002-12-02 When it comes to concocting fevered visions of the future as a way of illuminating the present, Jules Verne got some things right in his time, Aldous Huxley got others, and George Orwell got still others. In our time--in this terror-haunted interlude (we hope) of background-hum dread and well-founded paranoia--no literary divinator gets it righter than the sci-fi pulp master Philip K. Dick, author of "Clans of the Alphane Moon" and dozens of other books, and inspirer of some of Hollywood's spookiest dystopias, including "Blade Runner," "Total Recall," and "Minority Report." And this is odd, given that he has been dead for twenty years. Too bad he's not still around. It would be interesting to get his take on the Information Awareness Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense. The Information Awareness Office plays it so weird that one can't help suspecting that somebody on its staff might be putting us on. The Information Awareness Office's official seal features an occult pyramid topped with mystic all-seeing eye, like the one on the dollar bill. Its official motto is "Scientia Est Potentia," which doesn't mean "science has a lot of potential." It means "knowledge is power." And its official mission is to "imagine, develop, apply, integrate, demonstrate and transition information technologies, components and prototype, closed-loop, information systems that will counter asymmetric threats by achieving total information awareness." [...]
From: Nomen Nescio Subject: Hooray for TIA Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 21:20:11 +0100 (CET) For years we cypherpunks have been telling you people that you are responsible for protecting your own privacy. Use cash for purchases, look into offshore accounts, protect your online privacy with cryptography and anonymizing proxies. But did you listen? No. You thought to trust the government. You believed in transparency. You passed laws, for Freedom of Information, and Protection of Privacy, and Insurance Accountability, and Fair Lending Practices. And now the government has turned against you. It's Total Information Awareness program is being set up to collect data from every database possible. Medical records, financial data, favorite web sites and email addresses, all will be brought together into a centralized office where every detail can be studied in order to build a profile about you. All those laws you passed, those government regulations, are being bypassed, ignored, flushed away, all in the name of National Security. Well, we fucking told you so. And don't try blaming the people in charge. You liberals are cursing Bush, and Ashcroft, and Poindexter. These laws were passed by the entire U.S. Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike. Representatives have the full support of the American people; most were re-elected with large margins. It's not Bush and company who are at fault, it's the whole idea that you can trust government to protect your privacy. All that data out there has been begging to be used. It was only a matter of time. And you know what? It's good that this has happened. Not only has it shown the intellectual bankruptcy of trust-the-government privacy advocates, it proves what cypherpunks have been saying all along, that people must protect their own privacy. The only way to keep your privacy safe is to keep the data from getting out there in the first place. Cypherpunks have consistently promoted two seemingly contradictory ideas. The first is that people should protect data about themselves. The second is that they should have full access and usability for data they acquire about others. Cypherpunks have supported ideas like Blacknet, and offshore data havens, places where data could be collected, consolidated and sold irrespective of government regulations. The same encryption technologies which help people protect their privacy can be used to bypass attempts by government to control the flow of data. This two-pronged approach to the problem produces a sort of Darwinian competition between privacy protectors and data collectors. It's not unlike the competition between code makers and code breakers, which has led to amazing enhancements in cryptography technology over the past few decades. There is every reason to expect that a similar level of improvement and innovation can and will eventually develop in privacy protection and data management as these technologies continue to be deployed. But in the mean time, three cheers for TIA. It's too bad that it's the government doing it rather than a shadowy offshore agency with virtual tentacles into the net, but the point is being made all the same. Now more than ever, people need privacy technology. Government is not the answer. It's time to start protecting ourselves, because nobody else is going to do it for us. ----- End forwarded message -----
Do you know that there is not one place in London where you can go and order pancakes? Not ONE.
Mary13.... I am drooling. Big time! Now I know what my Boxing Day brunch will be for sure.
Claus you bad boy - what was on the cd's you stole? I practice writing fiction.... Min f�rste tanke der slog ned, mens jeg l�ste din mail, er: Hvor er du streng ved dig selv og hvor stiller du mange og h�je krav til dig selv. Hvorfor? Min sk�nne veninde: Lad v�re med at bruge ordet perfekt n�r det drejer sig om personlige ting - bare lad helt v�re! Det er f�rste skridt til vejen for et bedre liv. Tro mig, jeg har givet op med den d�r perfektionisme. Det er det v�rste crap der findes i verden, det �del�gger mennesker, langt inde i sj�len... Perfekt findes ikke. Basta (som en hvis r�dbenet Kylling ville sige) Dern�st - kig aldrig tilbage i tiden mens du anklager dig selv. Du har altid gjort, hvad du selv troede var det bedste i gernings�jeblikket. Uanset om det var en fejltagelse eller ej. Du m� ikke anklage dig selv - det vil g�re dit liv s� meget mere trist. Der er altid noget man kan bruge ud af alle handlinger i ens liv - til noget: hvis ikke positivt, s� i hvertfald til noget konstruktivt. Du skal alts� ikke v�re sur over at du BURDE v�re g�et fra F meget f�r alt muligt shit - hvad kan du bruge til alligevel? Ikke andet end selvbebrejdelser. Og dem kan vi ikke bruge til noget her i livet! Vi kan kun bruge konstruktiv kritik - det er noget ganske andet... Ja ja, m�ske du skulle v�re g�et fra F noget f�r - men hey, du var bange, det kan jeg godt forst�! Det ER hammrende sv�rt at v�re ALENE (ordet i selv er jo uhyggeligt), men det er ogs� pisse sejt! Det er som at v�re hovedpersonen i et eventyr og du er en prinsesse i dit eget eventyr - s� bliver situationen jo en ganske anden... Det er nemlig sejt at v�re prinsesse i eget eventyr - det er faktisk ret sp�ndende og meget sjovt og man kysser fr�er, sl�s mod drager, m�der elvere og alt muligt andet, m�ske m�der man s�dar en prins? Eller en anden prinsesse?. Verden er LIGE HER!!!!! Det er FANTASTISK ogs� n�r det g�r ondt, for s� g�r det endnu mere godt bagefter. Selverkendelse er en benh�rd ting, som du skriver - JA, men det er ogs� sp�ndende, man kan flytte sig i erkendelse, det kan give en helt nye muligheder og andre gange kan man miste modet, fordi... Er man vitterligt herre i eget hus - eller er det en indbildning? Det smukke ved selverkendelsen er at den flytter en som menneske, man vokser, udvikler sig, flytter sig og der er hele tiden bev�gelse i den - det er den evige process, hvis man t�r.... Alternativt? Bliv et bittert menneske, der bare brokker sig over alt i verden og aldrig v�re tilfreds, fordi man ikke t�r se sine demoner i �jnene... Livet er jo en stor bev�gelse af f�lelser som en evig tur i Tivoli, nogen mennesker holder sig bare til karusellen alene og ender med at se alt for meget TV. Men ikke prinsesser som du og jeg - vi tager sgu ogs� lige en tur i et gyldne t�rn og n�ste gang - s� tager vi kameraet med (m�ske... hihi) - eller n�ste gang igen... Du skal ikke v�re ked af dig selv, du er FANTASTISK og det eneste der forhindrer dig i at se det - er dig selv, s�dan som du har det lige nu... Men alts� ting tager tid og du skal have tid. Lad v�re med at presse dig selv og accept�r dig og din omverden (ja ja ja, jeg ved godt jeg lyder pisse hellig og jeg ved sgu ogs� det er sv�rere gjort end sagt. Du kender mig jo... Hi hi meeen alts�, forst� mig ret, okay?) Jeg kunne skrive 1000vis af flere ting til dig elskede T, jeg har faktisk lyst til s�dan en nat som den vi havde p� din mors altan i dagene, hvor det var s� varmt i sommeren 1994, hvor vi sad p� altan-kanten med svingende ben udover Beton-ghettoen og sm�ger mellem fingrene. Hvor har vi dog v�ret nogen sm� s�de teenagers, i hjerte er vi stadig de samme mennesker, der s�ger.... Vi har altid s� sk�nt sammen, n�r vi er et sted med udsigt over verden (bla, derfor er dit v�relse helt fantastisk), nu jeg t�nker over det... Kan du huske vores tur i Rundet�rn? Vi t�nger da til sm�ger og hinanden - mere skal der ikke til i dit selskab.
Canadian Pancakes just like Mom used to make ... 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons of sugar 1 3/4 teaspoons double-acting baking powder 2 eggs 3 tablespoons melted butter 1 1/4 cups milk 2 cups fresh blueberries and/or 1 sliced banana Preheat the griddle to 350 C. Sift dry ingredients together in medium bowl. Beat the eggs and add melted butter and milk. Stir into dry ingredients, but not too much! Fold in blueberries and/or bananas. If you want to use frozen blueberries, thaw them out a bit so they don't impede the cooking. If you want to use frozen bananas, well, we don't suggest that. Make a smoothie like a real person and get out of the kitchen. Drop (the batter) onto the hot surface in generous spoonfuls (at least 3" round, none of these 1" pancakes, that's for sissies). Cook until edges are golden brown and tops are dry (careful, they do burn easily, so check once in a while). Flip, cook, and you are done. Stack at least 3 high, butter in between and douse with maple syrup. MMMMM ...
down at the club i stole four cd singles. tomorrow i will find out what is on them... (i will let you know) shyhhhhhh........
Time is now 3:13 on friday the 13'th. nuff said.
blaaahhh, i'm pissed now. i've had my last day at work today - i did quit. i'm freelancing from now and job are rolling in... karma

Wednesday, December 11, 2002


http://www.bowlingforcolumbine.com/involved/operationoily.php Fantastic stuff Alex. Who's not a fan of Michael Moore?
if you haven't seen bowling for columbine yet, do. it's a little sentimental towards the end and obviously very well edited, but it's also quite an amazing film, to see this in mainstream cinemas. anyway, watching it opened my eyes to something i thought was only for the really paranoid. we are living in 1984. forever at war with an ever shifting enemy (drugs, terrorism / the middle east), under constant surveilance.. anyway some links: http://www.newspeak.com/ - i think this was posted here before. Happy New Year: It's 1984 - Interesting as well... Also I found this on CNN: "The president agrees violence is not the answer in Iraq and that's why he hopes Saddam Hussein will disarm," Fleischer said. uh? yeah right.
We suffer to bring you beautiful music. There are Too many Fools Following Too Many Rules.
from the daily reckoning Our mouths hang open, almost dumbstruck. Some people watch the markets for profits. We watch them chiefly for entertainment and moral instruction. Yesterday, we felt like we were watching Gone with the Wind and The Ten Commandments at the same time. Not that anything particular happened yesterday. UK shares went down, while US shares reversed their losses...people said things they should be ashamed of...gold eased off...the dollar fell...it was a day like any other. But the tension is building. US Fed governor Bernanke has said the most amazing thing - that the Fed stands ready to destroy the dollar in order to save the economy. How in the world will this story turn out, we wonder? The American economy is a consumer economy. It is driven, or so it is believed, by people who buy things. The more they buy, the stronger the economy. In a slump, Fed policy is simple - make sure consumers have the 'money' to keep buying. The Fed has no money, of course. It only has credit. So it makes more and more credit available to people, who mistake it for 'money' and pass it on to shopkeepers, who in turn spread the counterfeit cash around the economy as if it were manure in a vegetable patch. But what is this strange 'money' that the Fed creates? Bernanke tells us that the "US government has a technology, called a printing press" and that it can print as much money as it wants. What kind of money is it whose supply - like air or water - is infinite? In fact, little paper is actually printed. Most of the 'money' the Fed creates is only electronic - it is only information. From WWII to the mid-'90s, America's consumer economy required roughly $1.40 in new credit to produce $1 in extra GDP. But the more of this strange 'money' you put into the system, the less impact it has. Since '98, the Fed has created $9.1 trillion in new credit, which has produced only $2 trillion more of GDP. So, now it takes $4.50 to produce an extra dollar of output. Where is all this extra credit going? Since the middle of 2000, it seems to be going mainly into consumer gadgets made in China and housing prices made in America. The gadgets get cheaper, while the houses get more expensive. So, the consumer feels comfortable borrowing and spending more money...because his main asset, his house, is increasing in value. His own money supply, he figures, is the price he thinks he could get for his house. What if, suddenly, he notices that his neighbours are having trouble selling their houses? What if his money supply goes down 10%? What good is the Fed's printing press then? How many trillions of hot new credit would it have to produce to offset the clammy cold of a decline in house prices? What would happen to the dollar? The economy? Share prices? Gold? The post-Bretton Woods, post-Nixon managed currency monetary system? Life as we have known it? We don't know. But we're on the edge of our chairs, waiting to find out.
from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/2560687.stm
The order falls under the four-year old Iraq Liberation Act which states regime change in Baghdad as official US policy.
uh, surely US policy should only concern US territories? or am i missing something here?
Stop interfering you warmongering shitheads

Don't you ever learn?

Leave the USA while you have the chance. And before 'they' find out that you want to leave... The BBC report on this. Total Cost of (Total Information Awareness) TIA: $240 Million in FY 2001-2003. And this is only the stuff they put out in public web space!!!!! Frightening.
Claus gets 10 points for singing Shatner, it's cool in its own very modern masculine way Here is a very feminine song from 1993, you guys need it ... I think... His wicked sense of humour Suggests exciting sex His fingers focus on her Touches, he's Venus as a boy He believes in beauty He's Venus as a boy He's exploring The taste of her Arousal So accurate He sets off The beauty in her He's Venus as a boy He believes in beauty He's Venus as a boy