Friday, November 30, 2001

really impressive work if you ask me =)
Cortical Foundation
Welcome, Alun! =) VectorX Oekaki Drawing Board - Go draw something :) Comics Guide - Don't read these comics! Work is boring as usual. I'm gonna go play floorball with my cow-orkers in a bit.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

My First Blogdial Post. What does one say at times like these? Why should there be such a gnawing awkwardness surrounding every keystroke? Sod it. Hello. My mind has been further opened to the limitless possibilities of both music and privacy invasion by a quick trawl across the Irdial site. Not to mention the benefits of valve Eqs. Always pay cash. Always use somebody elses phone. Always keep in touch with your friends Harmonics and certain specific frequencies are gnostic property. Investigate Templars. Sat at work. Bored. Peace
Of course, since telemarketing is here to stay one may as well have some fun with it. Some of the solutions to the annoyance of telemarketing include #1. If they call and say "Good evening Sir, my name's Judith and I'm calling from...", you simply gush "JUDITH!!? Oh my god! Where have you been?!?!" at them, preferably before they can announce where they're calling from and instantly begin crying. #2. If they call and ask to speak to you by name, i.e."Hello! could I speak to Mr Davies please" then you merely begin crying first and then mention that he passed on recently (since dead people are not interested in buying things you may well find you get left alone from telemarketing for some time). #3. If your phone is located somewhere standard like a hallway, simply go along with the call, mention that you have to 'get a pen' and then pop out to the shops for half an hour (don't forget that it's their phone bill!!) #4. Let them say their thing, and then, in your best headmaster/headmistress voice say "I'm sorry, but in that case I have no option but to call the police" and then hang up. It will almost certainly ruin their day.
oh my .........
If you are receiving calls from telemarketers in the UK, the only course of action you can take is to register yourself on a "Do Not Call" (DNC) list, which is not managed by BT. It takes up to 28 days for your number to be removed from these marketers databases. BT (or at least, the robots manning the phones at the call centers) claim that they cannot block calls from the numbers of telemarketers. This is bullshit. BT records EVERY NUMBER that makes a call in the UK. They could easily block the numbers coming from telemarketers. We were told, however, about a "service" called "Choose to Refuse" which you have to pay for quarterly. With this service, you can block up to 10 numbers from calling your fone. It should be obvious even to the most completely brain dead that BT have seen a market in nuisance calls. We were told that these marketers have multiple lines (20 or something, "I dont know how many" said the robot) this means that if the telemarketers have more than 10 lines, you cannot block them all with CtF. BT know who these people are. They make money every time these telemarketers call your fone. They WANT telemarketers to call your fone. This is why they make it hard for you to stop telemarketers from cold calling you. What I cannot stand is the lying. They have the numbers. They have the reverse lookup capability. They have the systems (BTs computer network is bigger than NASAs) they could easily do what needs to be done to block these calls, but instead, they train their useless robots to LIE, so that they can continue to transact calls, and route you to more chargeable services that you dont need, which do not have the nesecarry capacity to block sufficient numbers. We spoke to two liars. The first one, sitting in "The Advice Bureau" said that hang-up calls come from telemarketers, and that the ONLY way to stop the calls is to apply to be put on the DNC list. We know about fones, knew that this MUST be bullshit, and so called the "Nuisance Calls Bureau", who immediately blurted out "You just finished a call from one of my colleagues, who told you that you must apply to be on the DNC list" WTF???? I thought that I just called another "Office"??!? The second robot then told me that, "there is a service called Choose to Refuse...." Now, why didn�t the robot BiaTch #1 who I called first tell me about CtF in the first place? Why would I CHOOSE to keep getting nuisance calls for a freakin MONTH when there is a possibility that there is something that I can do about it RIGHT NOW? They are lying so that you continue to get the calls, and they continue to collect the charges. Normally, calls to these centers are recorded for training purposes. We all know this. I made a point of complaining that BT should be more proactive in blocking these calls, and said that I know that these calls are recorded, and I am saying this so that whoever listens to these calls gets the message. He replied: "Oh no no, these calls are not recorded". Hmmmmmm how did she know that I made a call to one of her colleagues in another office? Some record that I called BT and complained must have been made right you stupid BiAtCH. BT are total bullshit. They are delaying the roll out of Broadband because they want 56k ers to keep running up h00j fone bills. They refuse to empower fone users with useful services so that you can control who can and cannot call you. Their staff lie so that they can continue making money out of telemarketers who automatically spam-call residential customers millions of times a week.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

time, space, transmat.... like this?? or like this? take me to dildo island pleeze
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posted on the hafler trio mailing list 27.11.01 by the hafler trio::: (list: "I was producing a song that had an "electricity" theme and at some point it occurred to me that the sound of sparks would make a cool addition to the song. But it would be most interesting if the sparks actually sounded musical and carried a melody". Samplers are for wimps. I got out an old Ford spark coil and a transistor driver circuit for it, and drove that from a speaker amp. By playing electronic keyboards through the speaker amp, I was able to play musical notes with sparks up to about middle C. Chords sounded like crap, and ironically, keyboard patches that sounded the most like the sparks to begin with didn't work well. The best sound was single notes on an organ patch, which produced a nice, solid, "singing" spark.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

tempest: windoze: i hate the whole registry bloatware thing... things always get caught up and are impossible to find, it also seems to be the main virus hiding place too, as it's a lot harder, and riskier, to edit the registry than it is with the ini and autoexec.bat/config.sys files... another reason i love macs, and os x looks so appealing right now. my flatmate got a g4 powerbook the other day (lucky bastard) and i am drooling constantly. duelism: having morals/ethics and sticking to them are two very different things, sometimes impossible. remember my no unencrypted email rant. well guess what? ... unamerican: advert on blogdial. nice to see they're not bush lovers.
interesting dualism: having found myself saying NO to ftaa and nafta. protesting and the like and against the wto, i am now stuck in the middle of trying to secure a nafta ok to a rushed work 'visa' in canada. basically i am married to a canadian citizen and have an offer from a canadian comany for a healthy salary. since being married and now residing here in vancouver, bc i have applied for landed immigrancy. this is permenant residence inside canada without the right to vote but with all benefits included. big deal i won't be able to vote in canada. ok so since i am applying for perm residence i am not allowed to also apply for a work visa as i have intent to stay perm here and work visa is only for a temp stay. so the comapny with whom i have signed the offer letter has their lawyer on it drafting a letter, under nafta, upon which i will be able to short cut the standard work visa application(it's basically a fast track pilot program currently being tested out). the laywer is having lunch with a friend at canadian visas r' us to try and get him to sign off on this deal. ok, now the odd things are as follows: 1. i am saying yes yes to nafta!!!! 2. it comes down to someone deciding on my case arbitrarily. 3. i am saying yes to back room dealing!!! funny that the governmental structure makes it so hard for families to be together. basically if this didn't happen today and another option didn't pan out i won't be able to work here until my L.I. papers came thru which could be 6 months offically making me a burden and in turn keeping money out of the economy albeit my small salary comapred to canadian gnp but still i am here regardless right??? anyway i just thought you all would find human duality interesting. i surely do. wish me luck!!
"Really, the Ramones are the greatest American band," Zombie said Tuesday. "I just think that what they did was so simple and so stripped down and so to-the-point that you can't mess with it." What a fucknob. How could Rob Zombie, master of the over-produced-sample-laden-crammed-with-too-much instrumentation-and-distortion-repetitive-as-fuck boring shit pop song properly cover such "stripped down" material? What a bastard. Leave the Ramones alone, dammit!

Monday, November 26, 2001

yeah, well windows. that's a drag. ie is embedded so far down in their crap os that it's like a ticking timebomb. a reinstall overtop('upgrade') usuall takes care of any issues but the problem is their registry. it's like a closet that can't be cleaned out properly. here's a laugh!!!!!!!!! character 1:that complete nobody zero rob zombie said it best himeslf; "and so to-the-point that you can't mess with it." -so don't you zombified zerk. the ramones don't need you capitalising on their ground breaking success. sorry if your zombie or white zombie or whitesnake whatever band didn't make it, that's your problem. go wash dishes or something. rob zombie "asshole" here's a quote:"whereas most stuff from that time period makes me nauseous." � Rob Zombie rob you make me nauseous!!!! character 2: what is motivating johnny ramone? the profits better be going to charity. someone stop this madness.
My windoze installation died this weekend, because some appz wiped some DLLs. Had to do a complete re-install to get the frickin install up again, and because these were core DLLs, the windoze installer WOULD NOT EVEN RUN UNDER WINDOZE. I had to run it from *DOS*. After installing again to get rid of the NTLDLL.DLL missing error, a NEW missing DLL showed up: ADVAPI32.DLL, which totally locks you out of the networking if its the wrong version. Amazing. This DLL is related to IE5. In order to repair your IE5, you need to run the very small setup.exe, which downloads the cabs & shit to your machine. Ummmmm wtf if the DLLs you are trying to replace PREVENT YOU FROM CONNECTING?? Catch 22: you cant use the setup util to repair the files because you cant get online because the DLL is the wrong version and you cant repair the files without getting online to get the new DLLs. Booted into Linux, tried to find the DLLs individually. M$ doesnt offer DLLs individually, not even key DLLs like this one. There is a site in RUSSIA thats called "DLL world" but it was broken when I went there. It had a HuGe list of DLLs all there for you to grab. I didnt need this to happen this weekend. These core DLLs fucked up my system, breaking all my crucial apps and delaying some work. How many man hours (as in MANKIND) do you think have been lost due to Windoze crashing? Take a look at alll the webpages devoted to solving DLL problems, and you will be able to make a guess of some kind. It must be in the millions of hours. "Now, strike out with your hate"....if only!
Weekend report
Surreal weekend my friends. Thursday Basement Jaxx concert in the dope capital of copenhagen (, after that, on to a VIP Levi's sponsored showcase with Norwegian R�yksopp � indie kids playing prog rock on crap setup (no it wasn't cool. Apparently there quite the rave these days... Hangovers friday at work, then to another VIP farewell-party for the booker at The owner of asked me if I was gay(!) Very odd � I havn't figured this one out yet. The chums from work ( didn't turn up so I went home very pissed and pissed off. Saturday major hangovers. I had to buy a present before shops closed � the pain, the pain. I ended up going for a 'La Hacienda Honduras' CD as the present, and an suit for myself. No time to rest, the birthsday was for an old friend, boss of she from � and so was all of her guests. In front of me I had seated a female journalist from she had absolutely no fun stories to tell. I ran away � pissed from generous amounts of red wine � to a party for good tunes from DJ Quickstep and outrageous after-party stories from one of his friends. Especially one passage about a club 40km outside Brussels, that open on Sundays and goes on � non stop � until Wedensday, was most disturbing. Even more crasy stories and I to bail. As I stepped out the door I fell into the gutter, just infront three drunken youths. Smashing. Went to this dodgy morning pub (no they don't have a homepage). I started drinking heavily with a 50 year old bassist, and the Norwegian lead guitarist from a Hendrix cover-band. Then all of sudden, out in front of the jukebox, jumps a young insane looking gypsy woman (or so she looked) and starts dancing madly with this even stanger bloke (to what track I don't remember). The guy is wearing leatherpants, riding boots, a brown army shirt, a leather crossbelt and handcuffs and a whip in his belt. During their dance, he hands her his whip and she starts whipping his as they dance around. I get home around noon.

Time stops (98/06/24)

Sunday, November 25, 2001

If snail mail died, how the hell would I get packages in the mail? :P Mikkeh, that's too bad to hear. But I must say, it's not the end of the world. The horrible "broken heart" will go away in time... maybe a month or so. It's just a normal "breaking into shit world" that everyone goes through. I've gone through it, and it's not fun. The worst thing about it is the crap you put yourself through. So yeah, just let it pass through, and it'll be cool. Just no drunken nights for a while. Drink is obviously depressant, and it *never* helps the situation. *tries to envision a non-drunk Mikkeh*
everything passes mikkel, anthony's advice is good advice. best wishes!!!
BREAKING NEWS from -- Doctors create human embryo through cloning, scientists at Massachusetts lab announce.
Mikkel, drunken pier jumping is not recommended ; it's very uncomfortable, cold & wet, and your body is left in a morning-after state that's even more terrible than the results of binging on donar kebabs. We're all lovefools. Some allow the foolishness to sweep them into anger in an attempt to deal with the anguish of loss of control over emotion. The more productive route is to roll along with the sweet tears. I was overcome with grief a number of years ago when, after hesitating, the drum machine i'd set my heart on was snapped up before i took the plunge & parted with my cash ; a couple of months later, however, fate intervened and benignly arranged for the paths of a roland r8 and myself to cross. Needless to say, love blossomed, and neither of us have looked back since.

Saturday, November 24, 2001

Love is a crooked thing. These last two days, I've felt my heart like never before. My stomach is one big knot of pain, eating away. My skin feels like it's electic and my respiration is sobby and sighy. My eyes tear up constantly. She told me she loves someone else, and I haven't even met her yet, what can I do? I can go visit her and exhibit my emotional side and get rejected once again. I'm such a fucking lovefool. One day I'll throw myself off the pier in a drunken rage because I just never manage to get girls and do it right. I have this gnawing suspicion that if I'd told her I loved her 2 weeks ago, before she met him, all would be different, but fact is, she probably don't love me and never will and I can't do anything about it. God, I hate this life.
re: the demise of snail mail: would it be a good thing. will it be? things change and that is enevitable i suppose but it's not us versus them on the hardcopy- digicopy(the paper vs. pixels comment) issue. having a shippng infrastructure is necessary unless we all have one of those replicators from star trek. so speeding it's demise is to what ends. i still like getting b-day cards from my grandmother and i need to ship goods to and fro. basically what i am saying is that until we each have a proper file sharing mechanism and more importantly until people grow up on the soul age tip and get some more experience about themselves(even capitalism is too much of an advanced system where the median of people is now)we need snail mail. this article is narrow minded, if that's not a rude thing to say but i find it just bitching about something without really getting into it; gettting into the real deal. what's the point? i mean really is all creative thought dead right now? nothing is happening. i have continuely been let down over and over again by the selling out/sheeping that is going on. music/art/text/dance everyone is just bullshitting themselves while they bitch about how bad it is without ever getting into the reasons . i know many people, many who bitch and say what we should be doing then pop in their pete tong(or even worse plastikman) cd. i was at an anti-war protest in late september and...good, great! .. yes no war indeed. but as the same old chants we being chanted with the apethetic flags being raised i swear i felt like running up and grabbing the mic and screaming "who's wearing nikes? come on be honest everyone. how much do you really waNT CHANGE?." and on a bigger scale that's the problem holding us back from truly demising snail mail and human waste.....and..... war. i hope i'm being clear because it's an intangeble thing and i'm not a writer. it's not so simple as put your money where your mouth is. or maybe it is? in most cases even the underground is the there an underground? should there have to be? candy and brainwashing.
NORTHERN LIGHTS: A powerful solar explosion on Nov. 22nd hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space and toward our planet -- possibly joining another CME already en route. The expanding clouds could trigger geomagnetic activity when they sweep past Earth on Nov. 24th and/or 25th. High-latitude sky watchers are likely to see Northern Lights this weekend, especially during the hours around local midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Prospects for middle-latitude observers are less certain. Tune in to for details and updates.
Yes, I took a peek at google, A, and might just try it out for some fun ...... pyrads seemed like an interesting bet, for the money

Friday, November 23, 2001

Hate the way Christmas shopping is automatic. Shopping centres are scary this time of year - ever noticed how no one looks happy in those places? Just blank expressionless faces bleakly looking for PRODUCTS as seen on tv etc. So what's Santa got in his sack for you this year? Hmmm can't wait....
Google adwords are much more powerful, because they are precisely targeted. Pyrads are viewed by anyone visiting the blogger site, so if your site was offering tools for blogger or blogging, like blogdex, then you would have got a higher click-through rate. Google adwords allow you to specify the search terms that will trigger your ad to display. So, if you are trying to sell electric guitars, you would specify that your ad is shown whenever someone seearches for Fender, Gibson, Shergold etc, and of course "eletric guitar". This way, only people who are interested in what you are selling see your ad. This is MUCH more powerful than the scatter gun approach of buying ads on sites that are unrelated to what you are doing.
sov�er�eign�ty (s v r- n-t , s v r n-) n. pl. sov�er�eign�ties 1. Supremacy of authority or rule as exercised by a sovereign or sovereign state. 2. Royal rank, authority, or power. 3. Complete independence and self-government. 4. A territory existing as an independent state. If you saw Blares speech today, you know what this is about!
Has anyone else tried out the pyrads scheme listed on the blogger frontpage ? I've had 4104 impressions delivered in 4 days, with a clickthrough rate of 0.292%, a grand total of 12 visits ............ anyone got any better figures ?
20DVD movies on one CD-ROM Discuss
Sorry for not posting for a while. I'm in advertising, and I've been extreemly busy (keeping my job) lately.
nobody does it like the US:
all power to the writers ; ]

Thursday, November 22, 2001 CC: The synthesizer arrived. TD: It was arriving. In '64, I got a letter from someone named Robert A. Moog, inviting me to look at his new "instruments for electronics music composition" - his words - at the AES convention in New York. How he got my name, I don't know; this was before my LPs came out. So, I went, I looked, I saw a keyboard and a prototype wall of knobs and wires. I listened, and I got a sinking feeling that my kind of music was ending here. My peculiar skills were going to be obsolete, like a blacksmith looking at his first automobile. That keyboard: that meant the writers were going to take over electronic music. And so, we got Switched-On this-and-that and Dancing Snowflakes and all, in just a few years.
What we want for Christmas The original WD1000 already provides both excellent capacity and performance, but Western Digital isn't sitting idly by - instead, the company is aggressively continuing its campaign to produce a complete line of high-end products with two new offerings. First, the WD1000 is now also available with an 8 MB buffer size, increased from the original 2 MB. Secondly, Western Digital has also introduced a 120 GB drive. The 120 GB is not particularly exceptional in and of itself, as Maxtor now offers 160 GB at 5400 rpm and IBM is close to releasing their new drive series with capacities up to 120 GB as well, but WD has never really tried to compete in the high-end sector before. Hard drive models from big players such as IBM and Maxtor have typically served as the examples for high capacity and performance in most reviews. Now, Western Digital is pushing their own high-end products, in an effort to improve their reputation. The 100 GB drive with 8 MB cache could be very interesting for entry-level RAID configurations. RAID controllers supporting Modes 0 and 1 have been around for some time now, but high-end models with RISC chips and support for large caches (e.g. Promise SX6000) are gradually threatening the traditional domain of SCSI drives: servers and workstations. Although IDE drives certainly won't ever be able to replace high-end SCSI drive arrays, they still provide features such as hot-swapping, and thus might possibly gain market share. Whether that's the intention behind the powerful IDE products or not, these new drives make the high-end IDE drives attractive once again.
It had to happen. after "Rank People"...."Rank Porno"
The Business of Intellectual Property / Copyright is Wrong
SORRY TO LABOUR THE POINT .. BUT [most of you] MUST GO TO::::: for a dose of.................
spa re parts..........................................................................
mac musuick sortwarr fur free:::::::
*[11/22/2001 2:33:00 AM | andrew jacques] The Audio SpotlightTM, invented and developed at the MIT Media Lab, is a device which uses subtle nonlinear properties of the air to create an extremely narrow Sound BeamTM. This beam of sound behaves just like a beam of light - 'shining' it at a specific listener allows only that person to hear it, and projecting it against a surface creates an acoustic 'image' at the point of reflection. It is the first device that provides total control over both the location and distribution of high quality sound, something impossible to achieve with traditional loudspeakers. [edit] summer00/sum00.htm+GAYL+Blaster&hl=en Survivability and Force Protection. TACOM's new GAYL Blaster is sure to be a head-banger. An Adverse Audible Acoustic Device (A3D) source employing synchronous and non-synchronous acoustic energy providing non-lethal effects, but is a viable crowd deterrent, particularly for enclosed areas. Device can be vehicle mounted or hand held as shown using a 6 amp, 12 volt, power supply covering a wide or narrow beam broadcast area with a 50 meter standoff capability. Hearing protection provides little or no utility as a countermeasure. Developer: U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), Armament Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806 Point of Contact: Mr. Harry Moore, COM:(973)724-7932, DSN: 880-7932
List of Crippled CDs from Europe � 22 Pistepirkko: Rally of Love (Germany/Unknown) � Aphex Twin: Drukqs (Germany/Unknown) � Dan Barta: Illustratosphere (Czech Republic/Sony) � Blumentopf: Eins A (Germany, Unknown) � Bravo Hits: 15 (Germany, Universal) � Captain Jack: Iko Iko (Germany, RTD) � Clouseau: En Dans (Belgium, EMI) � Deacon Blue: The Very Best of Deacon Blue (UK, Columbia/Sony) � Die Prinzen: D (Germany, BMG) � The Dome: Volume 19 (Germany, BMG/Sony) � Eins Zwo: Zwei (Germany, Unknown) � Einstuerzende Neubauten: Berlin Babylon (Germany, Unknown) � Estopa: Destrangis (Spain, BMG) � Free Stylers: Pressure Point (Europe, Urban Theory) � Max Gazz�: Ognuno fa quello che gli pare? (Italy, Unknown) � Gregorian: Masters of Chant Chapter II (Europe, Edel) � Groove Armada single: Superstylin' (Europe, Uknown) � Ozark Henry: Birthmarks (Belgium, Unknown) � Him: Razorblade Romance (Germany, BMG) � Natalie Imbruglia: White Lillies Island (Europe, RCA) � Just the Best: April 2001 (Germany, Zomba/BMG/EMI) � K's Choice: Live (Belgium, Epic) � Oliver Kalkofe: Onkel Hottes Planet der Zwerge Live (Germany, Sony) � Kosheen: Resist (UK, Moksha Recordings/Arista/BMG UK) � Love Parade (Germany, BMG) � Marduk: Heaven Shall Burn (Germany, Osmose Productions/SPV) � Marduk: Panzer Division Marduk (Germany, Osmose Productions/SPV) � N'Sync: Celebrity (Germany, Holland, Jive/BMG) � Heather Nova: South (Germany, Sony/V2) � Pelham Power Productions: Evolution (Germany, Sony) � Paul Oakenfold: NY Global Underground (UK, Perfecto) � Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club: My Private War (Germany, BMG) � Racoon: Here We Go, Stereo (Netherlands, Sony) � Right Said Fred: Fredhead (Germany, BMG) � Rosana: Rosana (Europe, Universal) � Smog: Rain On Lens (UK, Drag City) � Staubgold: Sampler (Germany, Staubgold) � Sting: All This Time (Denmark, Unknown) � Various Artists: Kuschelrock 15 (Germany, Unknown) � Viva: Hits 14 (Germany, EMI) � VNV Nation single: Genesis (Europe, Mindbase/SPV Gmbh) � Volumia: Puur (Netherlands, BMG) � West Life: World of Our Own (UK, Virgin) � Wise Guys: Ganz weit Vorne (Germany, Unknown) � Wolfgang Petry: Achterbahn (Germany, BMG)
re:irdial > or so they say... "drop the bomb...annihilate them all" iyt waz ay coyinsidenz...... eck.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

'...Polisch vodka' The gun disappeared and there was a click. I strained my ears to listen to the conversation as the tape reeled on insanely - radio tuned to a dead station. Outside, the sunbeam started up - another click, a sharp hiss, bone on concrete, two seconds to act. '...a lot of dead ends. And what about the operation?' what happend morganistic?
Beta Bodega Coalition transmission....bb4.0. Patcha Kutek's long awaited debut on Beta Bodega comes at a time of temporary celebration in Peru. As when this project began the country was under the grip of President Alberto Fujimori, a US and IMF puppet and right-wing dictator. Alongside his henchman Vladimir Montesino, Fujimori managed to bring Peru to new levels of violence against his own citizens and social injustice. Responsible for countless murders Fujimori was finally charged with voter fraud in a third term election he should of not even been in. Currently hiding out in Japan (nationality of his parents), as he fights extradition back to Peru. Patcha Kutek delivers an intricate assault of percussion and raw, primitive electronic sound. Pure darkness, a true reflection of the last decade in Peru. Followed by a comprehensive audio documentary by Tatiana Harrison, a Los Angeles based journalist who was on location during the most crucial times of the most recent election. Limited to 1000.
Well I certainly look forward to that. I've been a bit away because of school and that. How would time travel work? The time machine would have to compensate for your location when you travelled backwards/forwards in time. What I'm saying is, if you travelled in time, you would not land on the same spot on the earth. You would end up floating in space, as the earth was or is going to be in a completely different spot than the present. So you'd like, die and stuff, unless you had some form of spatial compensation.

Monday, November 19, 2001

MADONNA OVER YORKSHIRE Madonna Over Yorkshire - Irdial CD (UK) 70ird moy1 "Boy, is this one secret we�ve been dying to let slip. Irdial : the most mysterious, daring, groundbreaking, mystical label of all is finally...unbelievably...back! After more then 4 years in exile, the label that�s been described by the likes of Aphex Twin and the Fat Cat crew as one of the biggest influences on the shape of the underground music scene makes a long-overdue return."
A Very Short Trumpet Piece

Sunday, November 18, 2001

fun for all the family!
you're right, mego are genius... and their in house design, tina frank, is as well. although it seems the random styles are designed by 7 different designers. to see who they are... i have been working on random javascripts recently too. only random images though, so not that exciting. although i have also got a text resizing script which works quite nicely if it weren't for the huge bug ( in mozilla which means all my lovely dhtml gets messed up. oh well... ;)
Alphabet Synthesis. Andrew, will you open an account and post THESE!
penguin cafe orchestra

Saturday, November 17, 2001

The webserver that hosts the MP3s is back up for your downloading pleasure- goota get 'em all!
Still here, still unbelievable:
The Times of London caused a media sensation this week when it reported:,,2001390014-2001395995,00.html The Times discovered the partly burnt documents in a hastily abandoned safe house in the Karta Parwan quarter of the city. Written in Arabic, German, Urdu and English, the notes give detailed designs for missiles, bombs and nuclear weapons. There are descriptions of how the detonation of TNT compresses plutonium into a critical mass, sparking a chain reaction, and ultimately a thermonuclear reaction. claims to have analyzed photos of these papers; it reports that at least one is a widely-circulated one-page Internet essay spoofing how to build a nuclear bomb: Well, this is where it gets a little funny. You see, those words appear on a semi-famous document that has made the rounds on the Internet since the late 1980's. It's a reprint of a scientific parody called "How to Build an Atom Bomb" from a humor newsletter called The Annals of Improbable Research (AIR). At the time this document was originally written (1979!), the newsletter was called the "Journal of Irreproducible Results". (In scientific circles, a finding must be reproducible to be considered valid. Hence... well, it's geek humor. You understand.) You can find a copy of the Journal of Irreproducible Results article here: The project will cost between $5,000 and $30,000, depending on how fancy you want the final product to be. Since last week's column, "Let's Make a Time Machine", was received so well in the new step-by-step format, this month's column will follow the same format. Other news organizations have reported the existence of other biochemwomd evidence in Afghanistan (, so it seems unlikely that the Times relied solely on one printout. Still, if the photos that reprints are accurate, it's mighty strange. Lending support to that theory is this BBC article: US Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge said the information could have been found on the internet and it did not mean Bin Laden was able to build a nuclear device. Then again, Ridge's colleagues remain plenty worried:,2100,47158,00.html But does the al Qaeda terrorist network headed by Osama bin Laden have nuclear weapons? Nobody who knows for sure is talking publicly. Yet for much of the last decade, government reports and intelligence experts have been warning that bin Laden has been trying to build the bomb. Contrary to what government officials like Ridge have been warning, the hardest part seems to be securing the materials. Once you have those, building a nuclear bomb appears to be within the grasp of your average college physics student: Interestingly enough, the United States government conducted a controlled experiment called the Nth Country Experiment to see how much effort was actually required to develop a viable fission weapon design starting from nothing. In this experiment, which ended on 10 April 1967, three newly graduated physics students were given the task of developing a detailed weapon design using only public domain information. The project reached a successful conclusion, that is, they did develop a viable design (detailed in the classified report UCRL-50248) after expending only three man-years of effort over two and a half calendar years. In the years since, much more information has entered the public domain so that the level of effort required has obviously dropped further. -Declan ------------------------------------------------------------------------- POLITECH -- Declan McCullagh's politics and technology mailing list You may redistribute this message freely if you include this notice. Declan McCullagh's photographs are at To subscribe to Politech: This message is archived at -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Friday, November 16, 2001

I just checked this site out with three browsers and got three totally different experiences. Mego of course, rule. [script language="JavaScript" src="random.js"][/script] is in their "head" are they swapping style.css? Very cool, very very cool indeed.... [meta name="generator" content="Adobe GoLive 4"] now thats interesting! for MEGO and related news subscribe to LOL:
There is only one link that counts with this search:
No Way!
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eeech! .net server. more like .take my money. again i bitch about the subscription liscensing they are using to try and stop piracy. well guess what i already have my copies of .crap server and guess what i didn't pay you assh*les jack for them. what really gets me is the hardware imprint that gets sent to "dr. evil" when you subscribe. if this isn't the case then could someone tell me exactly how i can install a web server without ms knowing exactly what i am running(hware&sware). it's just not a good idea for anyone serious about keeping tabs on their own sh*t. microsoft must re'cog'nise this. they want "certified" techs(as if that means jack anyway) running around like clones and installing the latest $ maker scam. keep ms liscensing out of our machines!!! and i quote: "this is done without sending any information to microsoft" and funny....most companies are still just running nt4. scared to make the move to 2000 even let alone spend all this $ on .net. you f-ing idiots. slow it down!!!!!!!!! -jb mcse poor person with that ups issue. funny i am just having my entire studio shipped across the country via fed ex. all vintage gear. good timing on that message. my simpathies go out to that person. that's horrible!!
We did wreck the mac:
Need a shell?
The Fix is in for the cookie problem:
� Terrorist finances: Allows immediate freezing of assets of overseas individuals and groups that support terrorists. What this and the other financial measures in the USA will do is create a huge pressure for the non-western countries to set up thier own independent banking systems. These guys are not stupid. They are able to write software, use hardware and are more than capable as business men. It will be comparatively easy for them to set up international banking that is totally separate from compromised western banks. This will have several effects. It will hurt business for western banks, diminish the influence of western governments and empower every other government that sits in places where these free banks operate. This may be the one thing that marks the end of the Western Empire, bringing about the start of the empire that will replace it. Imagine it; "International Sharia Banking System" with one billion people throughout the world using it. The infrastructure to do this already exists. Now there is a reason to do it. No one wants thier private and personal activities monitored, and in such a new system, you can bet that this will not happen. People will flock to it, and not just muslims. Soon after, it will become impossible to do business in the world without dealing with ISBS banks.
Anti-terror bill damned for catch-all powers Government accused of smuggling in draconian laws Alan Travis, home affairs editor Wednesday November 14, 2001 The Guardian The government's new anti-terrorist bill was last night attacked as a cover to smuggle into law draconian new police powers that have little direct connection to the war against terrorism. Publication of the bill yesterday revealed it contains drastic measures such as making it a criminal offence to publish details of the movement of nuclear waste trains, and the power to jail for up to a month an animal rights extremist who refuses to remove a disguise such as a mask or face paint. Details of the 125-clause bill, which is expected to become law by Christmas, confirm that suspected terrorists who could be interned for up to six months will not hear evidence from intelligence services that led to their detention as they and their lawyers will be excluded from parts of their hearings held in camera. Their interests instead will be represented by an advocate appointed by the attorney general. Civil liberties groups last night voiced concerns that the anti-terrorism, crime and security bill goes far further than dealing with the specific threats posed by the September 11 attacks on America. The bill will allow confidential information about an individual held by any government department or local authority to be disclosed to the police and intelligence services for any criminal investigation - not just an investigation into terrorist offences. Home Office officials yesterday cited the example of an official in the Department of Transport passing confidential information about a train driver if that person was known to be wanted by the police. During the eight weeks it has taken to draft the bill it has grown from just 40 clauses to 125 as other measures have been added. Some, including clauses relating to internet surveillance and disclosure, are powers that have failed to win parliamentary approval in the past. John Wadham, director of Liberty, last night said that while the internment proposal was by some way the worst threat to civil rights, "other illiberal measures are being smuggled in under the cover of proposals to deal with the events of September 11. Too many of these proposals risk falling short of the highest British standards of justice". But the home secretary, David Blunkett, insisted that the legislation contained "proportionate and targeted measures which will ensure and safeguard our way of life against those who would take our freedom away". Ministers believe that about 16 suspected terrorists would have been caught by the detention powers had they been in force last year. "Because we are talking only about a handful of people, we are not threatening the civil liberties of this country, but we are ensuring those handful don't threaten those civil liberties," Mr Blunkett said. My emphasis. This really is the most flagrant piece of doublespeak, shameful in that he really thinks that the public are as brainless as seaweed, shameful in that he does not think that he is obliged to give a good reason (or even a good SOUNDING reason) for these clearly iNsAnE clauses. Declassifying dope to "C" is not enough of a trade off if you are trying to slip through crap like this ol' buddy! He denied that the new offence of incitement to religious hatred would prevent reasoned debate, humour or criticism of religions or religious practices, stressing the new crime would protect atheists as much as Muslims. The Home Office minister, Beverley Hughes, confirmed that plans for a much wider ranging anti-terrorist conspiracy law announced last month had been dropped. Ministers have also torn up plans to backdate to September a new offence of making hoax calls about anthrax and other noxious substances. The number of such calls has dropped sharply. Although the opposition parties have said they will support the bill when it has its second reading next week, they made clear their unease yesterday. The Liberal Democrat spokesman, Simon Hughes, said the legislation was a "mixture of the welcome, the reasonable, the worrying and the completely unacceptable". He said that while the detention powers would have to be renewed every year there were no similar expiry dates for the majority of emergency powers in the bill. "Liberal Democrats will only support emergency powers restricting liberties if they have strict time limits and are in place for the shortest possible time," Mr Hughes said. The ban on publishing details of movements of nuclear waste trains comes in clause 79, which outlaws unauthorised disclosures that may prejudice the security of any nuclear premises or nuclear material. Clause 93 makes it a criminal offence punishable by up to one month in prison to refuse a reasonable police request to remove a disguise such as a mask or face paint in a place where a senior police officer believes serious violence may take place. The emergency measures � Detention of suspected terrorists Applies to foreign nationals certified by the home secretary as threats to national security. Detention will be reviewed every six months by a commission which will hear intelligence evidence in camera. Appeal allowed only on points of law. Powers will need annual renewal by parliament. wont stop terrorism. if you cant completly investigate someone in less than six months, then you need to be in another job. indefinite detention is unnessecary, useless and highly provocative, since its only muslims who are going to be locked up. � Incitement to religious hatred Penalty of up to seven years for using "threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up hatred against a group of people because of their religious belief (or lack of religious belief)". killing free speech wont stop terrorism, this is just nonsense. � Airport security New powers will allow police to stop, detain, question and search aircraft passengers within Britain and to remove and arrest someone who refuses to leave an aircraft. wont stop terrorism; hijackers appear to be totally normal passengers, and are trained to pass any inspection. � Hoaxes Creates new offence of threatening to use noxious substances, such as anthrax, smallpox and acid, to make people believe there is a threat to human life or health. wont stop terrorism, but will save the resources of the police & emergency services. � Internet data Requires internet service providers to retain data of internet and email traffic, such as itemised billing - but not content - for 12 months for use by police in serious crime investigations. To be renewed every two years. wont stop terrorism. this is just a sneaky power grab. they cant bring in laws like this openly, because they KNOW that they are immoral unjustifiably and wrong. � Weapons of mass destruction Makes it an offence to aid the overseas use or development of chemical, nuclear, biological or radiological weapons. wont stop terrorism, and yes, people other than the british CAN do mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics. this will do nothing. � Civil nuclear industry Bans publication of details of security of nuclear sites, transport of nuclear materials and sensitive nuclear technology such as uranium enrichment. wont stop terrorism, but WILL protect the interests of the nuclear industry. hmmmmmm � Withholding information Makes it a criminal offence to fail to disclose information to the authorities that could help to prevent terrorist attacks. wont stop terrorism and already covered by other legislation � Security services Wider powers for MI6 and GCHQ to carry out "intelligence gathering" outside Britain. will prevent terrorism � Disguises Makes it a criminal offence to refuse a police request to remove hand and face coverings, such as masks and face paint, in certain public order situations. Could be used against animal rights extremists. ha ha ha! you fuckin ejeets! � MPs bypass Anti-terrorist measures agreed by EU ministers to become law in Britain without need for legislation in British parliament. you cant stand the debate, so "just do it" anyway. shame! � Terrorist finances Allows immediate freezing of assets of overseas individuals and groups that support terrorists. wont stop terrorism, but will allow access into everyones private business. � Bribery and corruption Introduces crimes of corruption committed by British citizens and companies abroad and by foreign nationals in Britain which "help to undermine good governance and contribute to the conditions which engender terrorism". wont stop terrorism, and will hurt british business abroad where bribery is a key business tool. These "measures" are nothing more than an admission that they cant do anything at all to stop a few people from bringing everything to a crashing halt. They have to be seen to be doing something, so thats what they are doing, "something", not something sensible, something useful, something intelligent, something smart, something effective, something timely, something wise, something long-term, just "something", which in this case, means taking out thier long and dusty shopping list (that they have been accumulating for 20 years) of all the shitty legislation that they KNOW would never get through the process normally, and pushing it through to the detriment of everbody. To add insult to injury, they dont even have the manners to make up good excuses for this bullshit. What they refuse to accept is that the people who do this stuff are INVISIBLE and 100% compliant with all laws, UNTIL THE MOMENT OF EXECUTION. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to intercept these individuals. Legislation will not prevent these acts. GET OVER IT.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

Melodyne is a programme that allows a completely new approach to the handling of audio material. It analyzes the pitch and time of monophonic audio files (from, for example, singers, wind or string instruments) and offers the opportunity to change whole melodies in a way only previously possible at MIDI-Level. Melodyne is able to change the musical parameters of voices or instruments without any actual influence on the character of the recording. Melodyne extracts the pitch and the rhythm, and provides an area in which to play with the audio material. Any change in this material is interpreted by the software in a musically intelligent manner and the result will always sound natural. Working with Melodyne is as easy as editing notes with MIDI. Pitch shifting and formant correction by more than an octave are performed without affecting sound character and velocity. New melodies can be invented with a given material and unpleasant intonations can be corrected with a mouse click. A change in intonation is possible by an increase or decrease in phrasing or vibrato. A change in formant is produced by an amplification or diminution of the resonance volume, thus making a trombone out of a trumpet sound or a tenor out of a soprano voice. Flexible time-stretching allows the acceleration or deceleration of a single note or of a whole arrangement through the concept of local sound. There are no limits to deceleration, and a standing sound will be the ultimate result when velocity is zero. Melodyne recognizes the rhythm of music, as each given note "knows" its place within a beat. Notes can thus be quantified automatically, and they can also be synchronized to a reference melody with a mouse click. Via copy and paste, a new melody can be derived from single notes or a new arrangement can be created from single tracks. Differences in beat will be corrected automatically. Melodyne can handle up to 24 tracks in real time.
And with 58 endless rotaries, the Waldorf Q easily doubles the number of controls of other synths.

Seizing Dictatorial Power

By WILLIAM SAFIRE WASHINGTON -- Misadvised by a frustrated and panic-stricken attorney general, a president of the United States has just assumed what amounts to dictatorial power to jail or execute aliens. Intimidated by terrorists and inflamed by a passion for rough justice, we are letting George W. Bush get away with the replacement of the American rule of law with military kangaroo courts. In his infamous emergency order, Bush admits to dismissing "the principles of law and the rules of evidence" that undergird America's system of justice. He seizes the power to circumvent the courts and set up his own drumhead tribunals ? panels of officers who will sit in judgment of non-citizens who the president need only claim "reason to believe" are members of terrorist organizations. Not content with his previous decision to permit police to eavesdrop on a suspect's conversations with an attorney, Bush now strips the alien accused of even the limited rights afforded by a court-martial. His kangaroo court can conceal evidence by citing national security, make up its own rules, find a defendant guilty even if a third of the officers disagree, and execute the alien with no review by any civilian court. No longer does the judicial branch and an independent jury stand between the government and the accused. In lieu of those checks and balances central to our legal system, non-citizens face an executive that is now investigator, prosecutor, judge, jury and jailer or executioner. In an Orwellian twist, Bush's order calls this Soviet-style abomination "a full and fair trial." On what legal meat does this our Caesar feed? One precedent the White House cites is a military court after Lincoln's assassination. (During the Civil War, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus; does our war on terror require illegal imprisonment next?) Another is a military court's hanging, approved by the Supreme Court, of German saboteurs landed by submarine in World War II. Proponents of Bush's kangaroo court say: Don't you soft-on-terror, due-process types know there's a war on? Have you forgotten our 5,000 civilian dead? In an emergency like this, aren't extraordinary security measures needed to save citizens' lives? If we step on a few toes, we can apologize to the civil libertarians later. Those are the arguments of the phony-tough. At a time when even liberals are debating the ethics of torture of suspects ? weighing the distaste for barbarism against the need to save innocent lives ? it's time for conservative iconoclasts and card-carrying hard-liners to stand up for American values. To meet a terrorist emergency, of course some rules should be stretched and new laws passed. An ethnic dragnet rounding up visa-skippers or questioning foreign students, if short-term, is borderline tolerable. Congress's new law permitting warranted roving wiretaps is understandable. But let's get to the target that this blunderbuss order is intended to hit. Here's the big worry in Washington now: What do we do if Osama bin Laden gives himself up? A proper trial like that Israel afforded Adolf Eichmann, it is feared, would give the terrorist a global propaganda platform. Worse, it would be likely to result in widespread hostage-taking by his followers to protect him from the punishment he deserves. The solution is not to corrupt our judicial tradition by making bin Laden the star of a new Star Chamber. The solution is to turn his cave into his crypt. When fleeing Taliban reveal his whereabouts, our bombers should promptly bid him farewell with 15,000-pound daisy-cutters and 5,000-pound rock-penetrators. But what if he broadcasts his intent to surrender, and walks toward us under a white flag? It is not in our tradition to shoot prisoners. Rather, President Bush should now set forth a policy of "universal surrender": all of Al Qaeda or none. Selective surrender of one or a dozen leaders ? which would leave cells in Afghanistan and elsewhere free to fight on ? is unacceptable. We should continue our bombardment of bin Laden's hideouts until he agrees to identify and surrender his entire terrorist force. If he does, our criminal courts can handle them expeditiously. If, as more likely, the primary terrorist prefers what he thinks of as martyrdom, that suicidal choice would be his ? and Americans would have no need of kangaroo courts to betray our principles of justice.
Someone Clever Said: Probably the easiest way to implement a flat-rate model )of charging for internet content) would be to create a cap. Let's say that the monthly cap were $20 per month. Everyone would know that if they looked at more than 2,000 pages per month, they would pay no more than $20 per month. This is not implementable - if it were implemented, people would clearly just run proxies to pool everybody's requests through a single machine (not to mention that it is impossible to enforce a single machine per identity to begin with without going for sinister methods). This is typical of the sort of, not just technically, but logically flawed ideas that always come out of these pointless pipedreams not motivated by reality but what people NEED or DESERVE. If any solutions to the actual problems are to come around, then they need to start with the realities of cyberspace, which the penny-per-page idea clearly does not. The first reality of cyberspace is that you do not pay for information. Information, once created, can be copied infinitely, so generally available copies have no value - regardless of the emotionally motivated arguments about what creaters NEED or DESERVE. If one is working on a solution for getting people to pay for information online, then one can be sure one's solution is broken. The second reality is that there is no possible mapping between identity in cyberspace and identity in real life. A single person can be present as a hundred identities, and single identity can represent a hundred people. Any sort of model that includes ideas about any action "per person" is doomed, as is any model that gives an identity negative trust (that is one where an identity can be treated worse then a previously unknown one). The third reality is that all information is equal. If a model measures information in any other unit then bits it is stupid - because one off units like "pages" mean nothing about the actual contents or the the cost of transfer. It is short sited and ends up relying on user hostile (read evil) software to enforce that "page" means the accepted norm. However, that is not to say that the problems facing the web are not real. It did not bother me when pages paying millions for content creation folded - paying for content creation hoping to control the information is stupid, so those pages (like the music and film industries) deserved to fall. However, what we are seeing now is the Web reaching the point where pages like this one are folding under their own popularity - because even though they have no costs for creating the content, they are unable to pay for the service of providing the page - that is a real problem. Everybody who has ever sent an SMS (cell phone short message) or made a local call in Europe knows about overcharging networks. The costs are set not by the actual costs of transfer, but rather by what the companies controlling the networks (usually oligopolies) find they are able to charge people. That is ridiculous and destructive - but it seems that the Internet is the opposite - an undercharging network. The simple truth is that we should be paying when we visit a website - not for the content - you DO NOT pay for content - but for the cost of transfer. It is unfair and unrealistic that a large part of the cost of transfer should fall on the publisher, rather than the person who benefits from the transfer. Systems that do not reflect economic realities are dangerous. While the idea of paying a charge on every single IP package routed sounds like a nightmare to many Internet anarchists - the truth is that the fact that we are not paying is gearing up to be a real threat to free speech online since community run services are seizing to be sustainable. The price should be fair, and much lower than then the penny-per-page proposed above, at least for most definitions of "page" (server transfer costs seem between $.001 and $.01 per Megabyte at the moment) - but I fear for the future of the Web, and the net at large, if it does not come about.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Name: Monica, Age: 18, I think you have to be blonde or half-naked to get a good score around here. Oh well. Anyways, if you feel like talking to a bi 18 year old chick, then I'd be happy to talk.
Recently declassified FBI documents had everything blacked out except this:
Diogenes the webserver(as opposed to cynic) that hosts the mp3's will be down on friday as they're srill attempting to cut the office in half and will be switching off the electricity temporarily
Mess, your brief post reminded me of a 1992 ecm re-release of mr giuffre's two 1961 recordings, fusion & thesis, that has been lounging, neglected, in my collection for too long ........ i played them again this morning while making christmas puddings & was reminded of why they were rarely off the turntable when i first bought them ...... praise to the quiet ..............

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

You need to run this on your windoze machine, and see just how manyspyware programs are monitoring you.
Jimmy Giuffre
At 1:00 GMT the US Air Force demanded that WWCR relinquish 7.460, due to the ongoing state of emergency. The Overcomer Ministry broadcast was unceremoniously cut off, in the middle of programming.
"The colors of life sting my eyes, Can I still be here?"
Finally online:

Monday, November 12, 2001

Welcome to the 24th century... Let me start off by saying that I don't even know for sure if the protection I am talking about is indeed MediaCloQ(TM)....... The symptoms look like it, but I read that MediaCloQ(TM) protected CD's would transfer you to the MediaCloQ(TM) website automatically (as soon as you insert the CD into a CD-ROM drive) where you can download music files. I recently wanted to make a personal backup of my own CD called "The Loveparade Compilation 2001". CD2 copied fine, but CD1 could not be read by any CD-ROM player or CD burner. It would however play in any normal audio CD player. Now as a decent reverser you must understand my frustration ;-) A friend tried copying this CD with a custom audio CD copier (Philips CDR 765) which actually worked. But if you haven't patched yours to be able to write low-cost non-copyrighted CD-R's with it this is quite expensive. This copy will be able to be grabbed on a normal way. So, next evenings I spend trying to understand what was going on here. I found out that after insertion the laser first goes to the center of the CD (the TOC or Table Of Contents where the index of the CD is stored). After this the laser went to somewhere on the outer side of the disc and started to try to read there. This is where the reader would never stop doing this and some players will hang forever in this phase..... So what idea could be easier than to prevent the reader from reading this outer part? I made 3 paper stickers of about 25 x 20 mm and placed them on the outer side of the CD. Now the reader would read the inner TOC, then go to the outside again and after not being able to read anything there because of the stickers, the reader would be 'smart' enough to decide to stick with the inner TOC, go back to the center and read this TOC as the one and only TOC :-) I am certainly not an expert on CD readers but I think this is what is going on here. If anyone has better ideas, let me know. This protected CD has a so called Multi Session TOC. This is the same when you burn a CD-R and set it to MODE2 / Multi Session when you burn an empty CD-R for the first time. After this a MODE2 CD-R can have multi sessions appended afterwards. For every new session a new TOC is written (with the old data about the files already on the CD-R included). My theory is that this protected CD has also a MODE2 / Multi Session TOC which makes a CD-ROM player and burner decide to search for the latest TOC from the outside to the inner side. With the placed stickers it will not be able to and most CD-ROM players will decide to stick with the center TOC. So now the CD-ROM player will read the CD but unfortunately it will not be able to read the last tracks because my stickers are placed there. So now a second trick is needed. I used a paperclip to push into the little hole on the front of my CD-ROM player to open the door manually. The reader has no idea at all I was doing this so it came out spinning :-) Then I removed the stickers and pushed the CD back in. The last part I had to push a bit harder to make sure the CD would be totally inserted and fit on the spindle again. Guess what? I could now play and grab all tracks as I would do with any non-protected CD! I must say that on one CD-ROM player (TEAC) I had to skip the first block (or 0.01 seconds) in Easy CD-DA Extractor for the first track only (still have no clue why). My Plextor 16/10/40A burner and another CD-ROM player had no problem with this first track. I did try to move the stickers to the outside of the CD until my audio CD player would just be able to play the last track until the last second but the CD-ROM player would not read it anymore. In fact, I would have to move the stickers a whole lot more to the center of the CD before it would be able to read it again. It might be possible that there is no TOC at all on the outside; the inner TOC just points to some music track which will of course not be understood by the CD-ROM player as a valid MODE2 TOC...... The reason why this CD does not automatically transfer you to the MediaCloQ(TM) website like a MediaCloQ(TM) protected CD would do could be that the protection I discuss here isn't MediaCloQ(TM) at all. But it could also be due to the fact that this CD was almost full and that there was simply no space left for a real TOC and a valid data section where an autorun.inf file could be stored which transfers you to their website. Now to summarize this little trick: Place 3 (or maybe more on better CD-ROM players / burners) non-transparent stickers of about 25 x 20 mm on the outside of your CD along the edge. Make sure that they wont stick outside of the CD and press them well, otherwise your CD-ROM player will start making funny noises ;-) Insert the CD into your CD-ROM player and see if the CD-ROM player accepts it (you can see the tracks in your Explorer). If not you can try to move the stickers a bit to the center or place more stickers. Note that my laptop CD-ROM player and one burner I've seen would not be able to read it at all so no guarantees are given here...... Now we have to wait until we are sure that the CD is not spinning anymore. After the CD-ROM player accepted the CD it can still be spinning for a few minutes (my TEAC stopped after more than 3 minutes). I guess to be sure, wait about 5 minutes. If you are impatient here you risk to eject it while it is still spinning and this could damage your CD and who knows the laser of your CD-ROM player, so be warned! Now using a fine screw driver or a paper clip push into the little hole in the door of your CD-ROM player. The trays of some CD-ROM players can be opened totally without the CD-ROM player noticing but I saw one that would re-read the CD after closing the tray again so I would have to open it until halfway, until I was just able to get the CD out. Push your paper clip into the hole until the tray opens. Then pull it out manually (be careful and do it slowly!). Now remove the CD, remove the stickers and place it back. Now push the tray to close it again. Do it carefully. At the end you have to push a little faster to make sure the CD will be inserted entirely. If not, take it out again and try again. Now you can play it and grab it like you would normally do :-) If the first track will play but not grab skip the first 0.01 seconds or the first block. I use Easy CD-DA Extractor which offers this option (at the bottom of the extract window). Enjoy and be happy !
Someone Clever Said: "Under Capitalism, man exploits man. Under Communism, it's the other way around"
EUGENE (Reuters) - Ken Kesey, whose 1962 novel "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'' celebrated the challenge to soul-crushing authority and whose drug-infused exploits inspired the hippie movement of the 1960s, died on Saturday of complications from liver cancer, a hospital spokeswoman said. He was 66. In a legendary 1964 trip, Kesey set off across the United States in a psychedelic painted tour bus called "Furthur,'' throwing parties featuring LSD and holding court over a group called "The Merry Pranksters'' whose exploits became the basis for Tom Wolfe's 1968 book "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.''

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Against the forces of opression
critical mass was reached when the fcc gave away the publics air waves to the likes of ted turner and rupert murdoch. complete theivery of public domain. how can one own a frequency? well..... ......
Too... much... stupidity. Brain reaching critical mass! Auuurrgh!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2001

(AP) -- The Northern Lights appeared with rare intensity in skies across the United States, treating onlookers as far south as Georgia and Alabama to a shimmering display of blue, red and green. The ghostly streaks, also known as the aurora borealis, are rarely seen south of Canada and Alaska. Monday night's display began around 8:50 p.m. EST, prompting alarmed calls to law enforcement authorities. Sonoma County, California, emergency dispatcher Randy Muelheim said some callers thought it might "be a terrorist thing."
SOUTH ORANGE, New Jersey (CNN) -- Saying that innocent women, men and children are being subjected "to blind wrath, misnamed as a holy war," Iranian President Mohammad Khatami Friday delivered indirect criticism of the the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Speaking at a United Nations-sponsored symposium at Seton Hall University, Khatami said that "an obscure misrepresentation of Islam terrorizes the world." He called for a worldwide coalition of "compassion and violence, as opposed to violence and terror."

Cookie Data in IE Can Be Exposed or Altered Through Script Injection Originally posted: November 08, 2001 Who should read this bulletin: Customers using Microsoft� Internet Explorer Impact of vulnerability: Exposure and altering of data in cookies. Maximum Severity Rating: High Recommendation: Customers should consider disabling active scripting in the Internet Zone and the Intranet Zone. Customers using Outlook Express who have not set OE to use the "Restricted Sites" Zone should do so as a best practice. Affected Software: * Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 * Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 Technical description: Web sites use cookies as a way to store information on a user's local system. Most often, this information is used for customizing and retaining a site's setting for a user across multiple sessions. By design each site should maintain its own cookies on a user's machine and be able to access only those cookies. A vulnerability exists because it is possible to craft a URL that can allow sites to gain unauthorized access to user�s cookies and potentially modify the values contained in them. Because some web sites store sensitive information in a user�s cookies, it is also possible that personal information could be exposed. Microsoft is preparing a patch for this issue, but in the meantime customers can protect their systems by disabling active scripting. (The FAQ provides step-by-step instructions for doing this). This will protect against both the web-hosted and the mail-borne variants discussed above. When the patch is complete, Microsoft will re-release this bulletin and provide details on obtaining and using it.
                            Internet Servers     Intranet Servers     Client Systems
Internet Explorer 5.5       High                 High                 High
Internet Explorer 6.0       High                 High                 High

To disable: * On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, click the Security tab, and then click Custom Level. * In the Settings box, scroll down to the Scripting section, and click Disable under "Active scripting" and "Scripting of Java applets". * Click OK, and then click OK again. All blogdialers know that the buttons used to post here in IE use active scripting, so once you turn it off you will have to use Mozilla or another browser to post, or, enable active scripting just when youre here. Its amazing isnt it? Sites will be able to get your cookies, look into your shit and fuck with your identity. Like I said before, I dont have a problem with companies getting big and people getting rich, but I do have a problem with people and companies who thirsto for world domination (without good reason :] )

Friday, November 09, 2001

G.O.D. sorry claus, tooo cool to leave broken! ./a
Weekend escapades for the unsatisfied �what happend to a cup of tea and Bach on Radio Four
Americans Target Of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign in History Executive Intelligence Review http:/// Introduction: Are You Brainwashed? Are you brainwashed? What about some of your neighbors, are they brainwashed? Before you answer that, let us ask you a few preliminary questions: Do you believe that the United States was struck by a terrorist attack on Sept. 11? Do think that the people behind that attack were "Arabs" and that its "mastermind" was this fellow Osama bin Laden, operating from a cave in Afghanistan? Do you believe that the way to stop terrorism is to hit them hard, to hit them at their "bases" in such places as Afghanistan, and to hit the nations who might sponsor them, like, say Iraq? And what about the economy? Do you think that the recent fall of the stock market, and the weakness in the economy, have been caused by the Sept. 11 attacks? Well, if you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you probably are brainwashed! If you answered "yes" to more than one, you are definitely a "goner."

Thursday, November 08, 2001
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 21:10:05 +0100 To: From: Ulf Hedlund Subject: Swedish national radio bans SETI software Conspiracy theory has reached the state owned public service radio in Sweden, "Sveriges Radio" ( They have banned all use of the SETI software and says that three of the technicians from the IT department are going to be relocated. According to the head of human resources, Per Thorsell, this is due to the fact that they don't know if the software is actually performing search for extraterrestrial life. "The software could be used by some service for other purposes, i.e. calculation of missile ballistics", he says.
Like, today, yesterday will be nothing
oh no! thankfully he wasn't hurt. poor little prince..
"Today will be nothing like yesterday" Howard Jacques
US Congressman bockled from flying by Air France Issa, an Arab American, had been profiled and denied permission to board a flight. I thought that was rather amazing -- a U.S. congressman being singled out in such a way. As a result, I thought it might be worthwhile to pursue this story, and invited Issa to join me on the program. Issa, the grandson of Lebanese immigrants to the United States, was scheduled to fly from Washington's Dulles Airport on October 4 to Saudi Arabia. He was traveling with his Democratic colleague from Florida, Robert Wexler, on a Congressional fact-finding mission. Wexler was already on board the plane when Issa arrived at the gate about an hour and 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. "They punched me in the computer, took my tickets, my boarding passes and my passport, and walked me out of sight for about 20 minutes," he said, referring to the Air France gate personnel. "And when they came back, they had taken my boarding passes away and handed me back my ticket, and said, "You're going tomorrow."
Link between pirated CDs, terrorism alleged ... Prosecutor Carlos Calcenas said he believes the pirate CD business is underwriting terrorist activities and that Barakat is just one of dozens of Arab merchants who operate fronts in the tri-border region for terrorism-related activities.....
Original internet style madness:
Q. FetaPets are amazing! This is the best idea I've ever heard. It seems too good to be true. Is this site for real? A. You are not dreaming. You are only seconds away from ordering your first FetaPet. You will know it is real when you feel the constant, never ending love from a FetaPet. Q. Isn't what you're doing unethical? A. There is nothing unethical about love. Q. Is it true that I could get eight FetaPups for free if I killed my pregnant dog? A. No, that is absolutely untrue. Q. What's the difference between a pile of dead babies and a pile of marbles? A. You can't load the marbles into a dump truck using a pitch-fork. Q. How many FetaPets have been sold? A. If you measured the number of FetaPets sold in love, the love would stretch from the earth to the moon and back 57 times. Q. I've heard so much about FetaPets. All of my friends have them. How do I get mine? A. Order your FetaPet by clicking on the links below. Q. FetaPets are disgusting! They look like dead animals in jars. Don't you think they're gross? A. Listen. You don't have to tell me they're gross. I have to touch the things. Q. Isn't it wrong of PayPal to shut down your payment service simply because of a few e-mails from unloving people? A. Yes. And those people are exactly the ones who would benefit the most from receiving the love from a FetaPet. Q. Why do they call it PayPal when they don't let you pay and they're not your pal? A. The domain name CockSucker was already taken.
The Phantom Edit 1.1 cuts out many problems, the main one being The Midiclorian Heresy.
These two links change everything:
Anthony Manning - Chromium Nebulae I find, this LP should licence the German grammophon. A classical author simply. Super+diagonally in each regard, very much crunchy, and, as on most its other LPs no longer in such a way Gloeckchen vernarrt. In the reason ` Chromium Nebulae might be ' the entire Locust/Disjecta surrounding field into the bag. Much loop-oriented music, which again and again destroyed its own sounds under the hand, without sounding academic thereby. In completely self-willed way this is the plate of Anthony Manning, which is still at the earliest Techno, but it is also clearly as a follow-up of Sun RA to see. Very very closely, but never pressing.
Ever so cool - download it now!

Wednesday, November 07, 2001
"When Justice Becomes Outlawed... Then The Just Must Become Outlaws" Military Bars Green Party Leader from Flying posted by declan on Saturday November 03, @12:36PM from the airports-are-now-a-no-speech-zone dept. As one of the U.S. Green Party's top officials, Nancy Oden is used to controversy. But Oden never expected to be hassled by National Guard troops at her hometown airport of Bangor, Maine on Thursday and barred from flying out of it. She thinks it's because of a Green Party statement she co-authored that ran in the local newspaper. The statement calls for universal health care, limitations on free trade, and a stop to "U.S. military incursions" including the bombing of Afghanistan. (The Green Party has labeled the U.S. military action an act of "state terrorism.") Oden's unsuccessful attempt to fly to Chicago for a Green Party national meeting follows a Philadelphia man's unpleasant experience after reading the wrong book at an airport, a California journalist's headaches for daring to take photos inside an airport, and the arrest of another man in Germany for bringing politically-unacceptable reading material to an airport. Also see Indymedia coverage of Oden's experience; the transcript of our interview with her from her home in Jonesboro, Maine is below.
"Do you have tee-pee for my bunghole?"
[....] Steve Uhrig, president of SWS Securities in Harford County, which provides intelligence and eavesdropping equipment to the NSA, said that before the attacks, he had sold the NSA a stash of "suitcasekits," portable listening devices best used against targets like the suspected terrorists. The kits, which are disposable and last about six weeks, travel well over rugged terrain and can track low-powered radio transmissions - especially those produced by people hiding with generators and ham radios, he said They can also help locate signals being "hidden" next to larger signals, Uhrig said. [....]
Heh heh, finally got my PGParty prize today. I was expecting something like this, but for some reason was thinking Liras or Pesos. Ace!

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

FRINGE CULTURE, POP AND PERVERSITIES Knud Romer one of Denmarks finest. Starring in Lars von Triers dogma flick 'Idioterne'. He has a different e-mail now.
Kristian Vester aka. Goodiepal on with Kit Clayton
Any clues as to how I should feed WGET?
I think the normal method is to approach the cage downwind and lob packets of pork scratchings from a safe distance...
The problem appears to have been the syntax of robts.txt (quoted below) which doesn't seem to be very intuitive. Its fixed now anyway (sort of) and I actually tested it this time so download away.
Me, on the other hand, you should feed cakes.
The UK Campaign for LOGO FREE TV File next to CUT "Campaign for Uncensored Television". Sick of seeing Dragonball-Z cut to pieces? And all the other Sci-Fi thats butchered? Join CUT; we want clear admissions before the start of any edited film or programme that cuts have been made, with information on exactly who made the cuts and why. If you knew how many cuts there were in TV programmes you would be VERY surprised indeed. Did you know that there are two versions of "The Abyss"? There is one where the mouse is seen under the cage breathing liquid (for the tough North American market), and one where this scene is panned and scanned so that you dont see the mouse suffer (for the wimpy Europeans). Who wants to be the webmaster for this operation??

Monday, November 05, 2001

On a A.I. note � I concur. Seeing that flick felt a bit strange during the movie. I hadn�t been to the cinema for many years, as I think not very much of the movies they put on. Being an avid Kubrik fan, and his �2001 � a Space Odyssey� being my favourite movie, I decided to delve into the perverted pleasure of seeing just how, and how much, Spielberg and the Hollywood machine had killed this Kubrik love child (pardon the pun). By the way, I like �2001� because of the esoteric story and lavish room for the time-emptiness counter-pointing leitmotif. I find it very interesting, deep and profoundly disturbing. As I watched the A.I. plot unfold, I felt disapointed because of the banal story line, or more so, the way it was told. Yet something was wrong. When I got out of the cinema, I mumbled something about �Spielberg really killed this one� or something to that effect. Still that sentence didn�t feel right. It wasn�t before I read Akin�s note on A.I. I noticed. This was no Kubrik movie, nor was it a Spielberg one. The story had come through, disguised in Spielberg emotional drama, disguised in the legacy of Kubrik. I had been set up, lured into the story and had been completely annihilated by the endings paradoxical perspective, in the sense that it�s a metaperspective. Questioning what being �human� is. Once you figure that out, you figure out the ending. A shining masterpiece. Five Michellin stars.
Call me cunt but I do like the new Aphex album.
Aye, I'd noticed it was gone this morning. Still having trouble accessing it with WGET though, which is a shame since it's bloody marvellous when it can get through. I'm using wget -r -l1 --no-parent -A.mp3 as suggested in the WGET manual to get the Stephen P McGreevy stuff (he's not mentioned in the manual, the technique is!). But the only thing it'll download is "# allow wget except for outfile.html User-agent: Wget Disallow: outfile.html # go away - no robots here -they're ugly and they smell of machine oil User-agent: * Disallow: /" Any clues as to how I should feed WGET?
Anyone trying to download the MP3's from the webserver may have experienced some dificulties today. I got back into the office today after ten days of commuter hell/working elsewhere to find someone had decided to saw the office in half so I had to move all the servers (especially the ones that were half broke and held together with metaphorical gaffer tape.) On a brighter note I did learn today that hiding under your desk with your hands over your ears, going la-la-la I can't see you, is apparently NOT appropriate behaviour in the modern office.

Sunday, November 04, 2001

re: lost and found. Remember the ISIC card that was posted a few weeks back? I bought a hi-8 video tape the other week in a charity shop for 25p (given that they're between �8 - �18 it was a baaargain). Got it home, and found half the tape was of a family testing out their new video camera at Christmas 1995! Now of course I can't bring myself to tape over it. I wonder if they meant it to end up in the charity shop?
So, got my PGParty price today. 5000 in cash on a very nice diploma. I've decided not to cash this one in. A guy who apparentlly needs a bit of dough is the German former-hacker-now-security-expert Kim Schmidtz. What a ride. A lot of great info Oldie but a goodie... B.T.W. When you install Sun's Java on your Windoze box IE will be much faster on pages with Java on them. I belive that Microsoft deliberately have made their Java enterpreter really slow.

Saturday, November 03, 2001

Take a look over at Al Jazeera for footage from inside Kabul that they are not showing on western TV. Its easy enough to use; just click on the camera icons.
Ahhh, that thing is fuckin' great. Most of it sounds like Bush actually said it, testament to his monotonous drone. I was also given that link by a friend... though it was at a or something. Woo!

Thursday, November 01, 2001

City of Glass
From: "Hello, I do not understand what this place is really about. Can anyone tell me? I thought it had to do with interesting radio transmissions and recordings, and it does seem to be vaguely about that, but then again it seems to be about something else completely different. Please help me understand!!! Cheers," Please email this dude with your varied and individual explanations!