Thursday, February 28, 2002

...all that is solid melts into air...

Unfortunately the mirror of the irdial mp3's I have been hosting at (a.k.a. will be disapearing at some point in the near future. Unfortunately the lease line it has been sitting on is going to be repalced by ADSL. I will try and bring it back up again on the new ADSL line but there may be bandwidth restrictions and early indications are that it is none too reliable. Also my own position there, always somewhat, er, irregular, may be under threat too as I have just discovered I am under investigation by the fraud departments of certain government agencies.

...and in other news...

Feedback in the New Scientist reports that the BPI is trumpeting " Sales upturn lifts UK market to new high,.. Total revenue grew by an impressive 5.3 per cent over the year. . . As has been the pattern for the last couple of years, the growth was attributable to buoyant CD album sales." As feedback notes hardly the loss of sales, due to illegal copying, that the BPI and others have been using to justify new CD copy-protection schemes.

Since we are on the subject of cold treatments here's two of mine.
Chop up 1 or two lemons pit into a jug sufficient to hold to pints of water, add 1 tablespoon each of the following herbs:
Yarrow, Hyssop, Peppermint and Elderflower.
Add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, a large piece of fresh ginger, chopped, and honey to taste. Add two pints of boiling water, cover, and leave to steep for at least twenty minutes. Strain the mixture and drink a wine glass full a regular intervals, gently warmed.

The 'sun-leaves' - i.e. the large shade leaves growing at the base of a certain plant well known for its medicinal qualities may be gathered and 'slolarized' by putting them in a clear glass container and covering with brandy (or similar) and then leaving them on a windowsill or other place where they will catch the sunlight. At the end of six weeks strain and decant into a dark bottle srored in a dark place. A teaspoon or two of this mixture, taken straight or added to a glass of the above mixture or your own favourite remedy will prove to be highly eficacious in cases of the 'flu.

Handy hints: in Mozilla 0.98 press shift+ctrl and click on a link. (You are runnnig Mozilla, aren't you.)

[posting this on my shiny new Pentium 1Ghz laptop but we've only just retired a 386 (with all of 4Mb of memory) in my house]

Awww, thanks! Blogdial cares!
eeeeeeeven better than lemon & honey : slice up 10 oranges & put them into big pan, skins & all, crush them so all the flesh is pulped, add a peeled, grated fresh ginger root, say 4 inches or so, add 4 or 5 pints of water, bring to the boil, add half a jar of honey, simmer for half an hour, strain, drink as much as you can, then whatever's left at regular intervals over an evening ( it's great cold, really thick & spicey ) ........... you'll be better in a day AMD K6 500 ....... my win98 installation has never crashed ( ! ) has anyone tried out one of the new handhelds running the minimised windows os ? i'm coming to the end of a visual c++ course, was thinking of writing something for it, wasn't sure whether the language might generate too much overhead ......... g be careful not to fall asleep when bathing in nutella : escape is impossible once it's set
hmm nutella. my (new! improved! french!) girlfriend loves her nutella. she made me cr�p�s the other day... mmm... i would also like to bathe in nutella. as for old computers, mine is just over a year old (G4 / 400) but i do sometimes post from my palm, which is younger, but maybe the smallest computer? wouldn't it be cool if you could post from a gameboy?
pIII 866 the p4's are getting so cheap in pricing it's tough not to want to upgrade right now. memory has been going up or at least stablizing in price though. i find it's still expensive for 256 sticks but not like when we were buying those 64meg 72 pin simms. i just started learning perl via an on line course, yahoo!!! does anyone here use it often? and lemon and honey dav! lot's of it. sleep and movies dosen't hurt either. btw: after this mornings breakfast i am convinced that is the most evil invention of all time. i want to bathe in it.
I got you beat Dav; I work day in and day out on a P][ 400 Its true, its true. Ive been swearing to fix this for AGES, an am actually looking for a motherboard, box, processor combination: hence the posts about custom boxen, ovaclokas & suchlike.
Useful Photography
this is mental fun good stuff great Two questions: Is anyone else stuck at home with a nasty awful cold? I had the shakes very badly on Tuesday night. Today I have a throat like broken glass and a head full of hot cotton wool. Who's using the oldest computer to blog here? Mine is a PIII 750, not very old at all.
So much for the First Amendment: U.S. court acts to limit tax-avoidance promoter David Cay Johnston The New York Times Thursday, February 28, 2002 "A federal judge in Florida has ordered one of the biggest sellers of tax-evasion plans in the United States to stop making statements that income taxes are voluntary and that the Internal Revenue Service has no authority to collect taxes. On Tuesday, however, the Web site used by the promoter, Joseph Sweet, still featured statements declaring that income taxes are voluntary and are turned over to eight bankers in Puerto Rico and that the Internal Revenue Service is a criminal organization. Word of the decision against Sweet, who says he has close ties to a congressman who wants to end income-tax withholding, came as several anti-tax groups calling themselves the tax honesty movement were set to begin two days of meetings Wednesday in Washington to build support for their views. The groups have petitioned the federal tax agency and the Justice Department to show them the law that authorizes the government to collect taxes and prosecute those who do not pay, and they have urged people to stop filing tax returns until their 299 questions are answered." [...] Very poor journalism: here are the links that are missing from the article:
"$.0023 per download...record companies and press play get 91% of revenues." It should be clear, even to rock drummers that putting your IP in the hands of a monopoly is commercial suicide. What I find amusing is that the managers of these drug soaked sluts in leather can get them to parade themselvs like westside whores to denounce Napster, but when its revealed that they are being screwed by the monopoly, they are all totally silent. 1000 downloads and they get $2.30: now thats what I call Prostitution®! "As one rock manager computes it, if a consumer buys the standard Gold Plan on Pressplay, paying $19.95 for 75 songs downloaded to a hard drive and 750 streamed so that they can be heard only once, an artist, after these deductions, gets $.0023 per song downloaded. To earn a penny, more than four songs must be downloaded. "I did the math with several other managers and lawyers, and the labels and Pressplay get just under 91 percent after they've paid all the artists for all the downloads," said Jim Guerinot, who manages No Doubt, Offspring, Beck and Chris Cornell. Other managers come up with other figures that they say are even worse for the artists." use cypherpunks/cypherpunks to register.
RIAA SAYS: IF YOU DOWNLOAD MP3s OR LISTEN TO COLLEGE STATIONS, YOU ARE A COMMUNIST I fucking hate the RIAA. They expect to get huge amounts of money by right of being a legitimate "organization" that thieves off both the consumers and the artists that they rip off. Stupid fucking shits. They get insulted when people buy from independent labels, I bet. I haven't bought from a major label for ages. RIAA disgusts me.
i love the goon show. it was fantastic comedy. "Third time's the charm. Napster came out in 1999, and the Recording Industry Association of America had two great revenue statements for that year and the next. But now that CD sales finally are down year-to-year, at long last they get the chance to blame Napster for their woes. There's just one thing wrong... ...they don't have Napster to kick around anymore. For yesterday's press release, the RIAA commissioned a survey by a research firm to prove that music-downloading is to blame, but all they tell us about it is that "23 percent of surveyed music consumers say they are not buying more music because they are downloading or copying their music for free." No more details provided, no link to the survey's raw numbers. So what does this mean? I guess 77 percent are buying more music because they're downloading it for free?" Read through the comics, there are some quite interesting insights, as well as the usual FP! shite. My own comments: I bought my first CD after listening to Mp3s, and all of the CDs I have bought, I have had full mp3-copies of before buying. Now, I might be special, but it seems to me that there are a lot of cases like this, when reading through various online discussions. Then again, less than 10% of my CD collection comes from any of the so-called quintopoly, instead coming from minor/medium labels such as Irdial, Rephlex, Warp, etc. So I'm not really an ideal customer to them. Heh.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Father Thames by Spike Milligan Let us look at the River Thames One of England's watery gems, Oily, brown, greasy, muddy, Looking foul and smells of cruddy. The Conservancy say they're cleaning it. So why is it the colour of shit?
Ying-tong-ying-tong-ying-tong-ying-tong, etc...
oh yeah, street style! photoshop anyone?
Spike Milligan has fallen in the water. May he swim, float, sink or walk as he feels fit. Bless him.
What the fuck? U.S. drops pledge on nukes By Nicholas Kralev THE WASHINGTON TIMES The Bush administration is no longer standing by a 24-year-old U.S. pledge not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states, a senior administration official said yesterday. [...]
it's fun to kill
thank you very much for the links, i'll read them when i get home... just looking through the suggested reading material on the uni website and they mention this cathedral / bazaar thing too... they have a lot of good stuff here, i think i will be mostly reading this month. also, i'm thinking about getting some guest lecturers in... semiconductor are up for it, and they'd fit in well to both global digital communications and 2d / 3d design. maybe you'd to do some stuff on open source? the whole a212 will really wet my tutors' pants!
Morpheus is down because the underlying protocol has been yanked from under thier feet. Whilst checking out Kazaa's website: You see Cameron Diaz in 3D making a pitch: take a look at it, very slick, very neat.
Your welcome back gift: The Cathedral and the Bazar: The obvious one: German Govt sweeps out closed source software for the good of the nation and here is more on that implications of Open Source software in the news thats alot to read if you are reading carefully. Where the hell have you been??!!
ok, sucky sucky long time no post. err... lots of boring crap stuff went on... anyway, now i'm here and back at uni at last. but look at these essay questions, this is such a relief considering the crap i put up with last year!

Write an essay of between 1500 and 2000 words, using one of the following titles:

  • Discuss the influence of science fiction narratives on the development of our own virtual identities. Would it be true to say we are living inside a book?
  • Discuss the way in which cyberspace has affected the way either race or gender is represented. Has this had any effect on the 'real world'?
  • Discuss the effectiveness of the Internet as an art medium. Would it be true to say it is a more useful means of expression today than painting?
  • Marshall McLuhan wrote in the 1960s that "The Medium is the Message". Discuss how effectively this can be applied to cyberspace.
  • Discuss the global implications of the Open Source software movement. Could it be said to be pro- or anti- globalisation?
  • Assess the distribution of power in relation to the internet: who is in control and what strategies can individuals use to undermine them?
  • Evaluate the impact of Napster and its imitators.
i think i'm going to do the open source question and could do with your help on research and resources to read... thank you...
This is pretty well made, well made and pretty.
put down the crack pipe perhaps this is the answer
When I was young, empty aluminum soda cans were everywhere in the streets. They literally lined I95. Then something happened. Machines were installed all over the place that paid you cash for old cans. You took your cans to the machine, it crushed them and paid you coins. In short order, there were no empty soda cans to be found anywhere. Today, you would be hard pressed to seen a can lying in the street. When recycling pays you, your garbage dissapears, because suddenly it has monetary value. This is something that has always inspired me; make garbage valuable and it will dissapear; just imagine using this pressure to clean up every other type of garbage. The cities of the world would soon be cleaner than...well, use your imagination. In London, the mayor is charging 5 pounds for people to drive thier cars into central London. This is stupid. Back in the 1980s, the Greater London Council reduced the price of an underground ticket to someting like 20p. The cars literally dissapeard from the streets. London does not need charges to enter with your car; it need cheap or zero cost, abundant public transport. Also, the motherfuckers are going to use digital cameras to scan the licence plates of cars driving through the city. You will be billed automagically (aparently). If you do not pay, you get fined 80 pounds. Of course, that computer will have a record of all the people who have driven through the city. No statement has been made about how this data will be used and who will have access to it. They say that around 180 million will be generated each year. This is not enough money to fix the problems of Londons public transport. Its probably not enough to maintain it at its current state of broken-ness. Either way, Ken Livingstone is DOING SOMETHING instead of sitting on his hands...admirable, if flawed in response.
"Reaching the highest level of Plug and Play capability occurs when the BIOS, operating system, and system hardware are all Plug-and-Play-compliant. When a new device is added to the system, Plug and Play will detect it, install it, and configure the system resources and driver software for the component. The user doesn�t need to do anything but plug the device in and use it after it has been dynamically detected and configured. This is Plug and Play at its best, and when it works, it definitely makes everybody�s life much easier." maybe this is the answer

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

diahhrea is no good. it makes the bum chafed. :)
I'm not so much outraged as I am baffled by this country. Well, it annoys me that I cannot buy a beer and drink it outside, or even carry it without a silly brown paper bag that doesn't conceal anything. I feel like drinking soda from a brown paper bag in the streets just to piss off the silly hypocrites. That is perhaps what could outrage me, the hypocrites, the people who want to control others, or the people who 'know better.' Someone came up to me on new years and told me I was a rich bastard. That I thought I was so much better than him it gave him diahhrea. That me and my brother were so fucking arrogant that we made him shit his pants in disgust. I had no idea what he was talking about. I have never been rich, though I was wearing a suit, but who doesn't on new years? I bought that suit with money I earned myself by working in a supermarket. I don't know what world would be better than the current one. I prefer personal freedom to do whatever you want, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. I saw a spot on TV with young kids and adults proudly proclaiming support of a terrorist regime or killing innocents. It was a War on Drugs ad, and my first reaction was, well, if it was legal to start with, you wouldn't be supporting regimes and killing innocents. What a ridiculous argument. I mean, the reason we shouldn't take drugs is an effect of the illegality of said action. I wonder if other people see it that way. What a ramble. I need more structure, heh.
"After all, the group that controls security also controls surveillance."
that is absolutely right. commerce is good. for now it is the system with the greatest possible freedom and the most potential for future growth when we move beyond the need for commerce, however it's achilles heal; responsibility. the individual. when 'free thinking' banner carrying western sheep yuppies are crying (and rightfully so) about the money influence oppressing third world economies causing civil unrest, extreme discontentment and finally murder what they fail to see is their malaysian made jogging suit they wore to the protest is more responsible for the exact situation that they are protesting against; more so than any bomb. it is the lemming support given to the purveyance of oppression that makes me sick while one believes that they are doing what they can to stop and heal the conflicts by going to peace protests; which in itself has even more stigma attached to it. it's cool to protest, don't you know? you can carry a sign till the cows come home but until we choose to understand holistically why these problems exist and see the multitude of causative factors for ourselves, free of the self imposed constraints of the comforts of blind so sold "cool" conformity then we will have what we have got now: death. i have wanted to post this for a long time and now seems the perfect one. this sign hangs out by our recycling bins and outlines the kind of thinking we need more of: "when you factor in the overwhelmingly small amount of consumer waste that actually gets recycled with the fossil fuel required for this process, all for the purpose of making more consumer products to keep us perpetually contained & distracted in the illusory sensation filled world of the matrix, then you may eventually come to the conclusion that recycling is a bit of a feel good but do nothing scam. reducing and reusing are where it's at!"
Think of it from the point of view of someone else. Would you rather that you were this person or someone with an income from a sponsorship deal? Im not quite sure what kind of world everyone expects to live in; it would be interesting to read what kind of commerce free utopia you would like to see exist. Explicitly and in detail. Certainly, there are aspects of buying and selling and advertising that are not, for example, to my liking, but these aspects can only exist if the population are sheep; it is the "fault" of the illiterate, blind, deaf and dumb unwashed masses who can take the blame for the "cattle business" that is the management of the masses of human beings in the west. When a monkey is hungry and he is siting in front of an apple tree, he takes an apple. There is no confusion. Humans are the same. If a country is empty, they take it. If the population are undefended, they over run them. Americans, and the way that they approached the creation and the current running of thier country are very "natural" people. They do what they want, take what they want, and have done so from the start. At least, they are consistent. At least, there are avenues of redress (even if sometimes they are theoritcal only) available to evey citizen. Frankly, I would rather trust them than trust people who have no respect for themselvs or thier own freedom, not even theoretically. I'm talking about the pass laws and enforced labor laws in certain European countries. The undemocratic and unrepresentative European government which arbitrarily controls European destiny, without a whisper of complaint, or single legal route of challenge. I am talking about the laws in Canada that make certain types of speech illegal. The silence of people who sit quietly and take that sort of abuse is more loud and more sickening than the most crass commercialism, and if crass commercialism is the price of being free, then I'll hear that noise, and embrace it. Like I said, anyone has a better idea, give it; don't keep it a secret.
Looking at my clothing, I can say that I am not wearing any major brands, but thinking closer, I know that I have never been able to afford these brands in the first place, and has therefore never even considered buying them. I don't know whether I would buy brand clothing if I actually had the money, but I doubt it (I hope I am right), as I am a cheap bastard and it generally hurts me to use money.
is it any different in australia or norway or canada or germany or spain or the uk? america is just too stupid even try and hide the cold truth we all live under. it's the big show. fact. indirectly we are all responsible. how many blogdialians wear nikes etc?? i was at a peace 'protest' here in vancouver. many were waving banners and half heartedly cheering..."no war" "stop the enslavement" "stop the corporate war". yes...yes!!! so i am among friends all of us standing there feeling determined to look and to see and to change. then as my eyes wander the crowd; i notice dasani water bottles and north face jackets and nike hiking boots. the once not so pathetic 60's revival tunes being sung began to fade into the true nature of our western mentality. blind concession to protest®. i am baffled, really.
America is a bizarre country. The olympics were sponsored by Zoloft. I shit you not. And when Sarah Hughes won the skating gold, the speaker said she'd have an interesting future dealing with fame and endorsements. Yes, that is how commercialized their nation has become, that any sports star is automatically expected to be part of the advertising engine. I am baffled, really.

Monday, February 25, 2002

yes winmedia=poo winxp=poo blogdial=the best! btw: i got in deep on osx last night at a friends and ....whoa! that is an interesting interface. i like that you can navigate thru many folder structures so easily in one window. i didn't get into the back end stuff too much as he just payed the mega$$ on the powerbook but still i really liked all the navigation elements on the desktop etc. hell that machine is made to run software, and run it well! it's just know, mac. negativland-time zones=yes! gwb=shaved
Over 20 years ago I got one of these for christmas, with RAMPAK and tapes full of programs. Is the sound of ZX81 programs the next step... I guess its already been done somewhere.
A lovely little programme from BBC Radio 5 (direct to audio). Tim Berners-Lee discussing the set up of the WWW and his personal web philosophy of freedom of information, open source, non-profit...
thanks anthony, that link worked. i like your clip, playful little groove with that punctuating high-hat...yah! here's something i do when it hurts: lemon + honey put the kettle on squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon into large mug add 2 teaspoons of honey pour hot water over, stirring slow movements, deep breaths ask your friend to rub your toes or maybe the cat will come and sit with you while you sip... :)

Sunday, February 24, 2002

First of all, one shouldnt be running XP. Period. Secondly, one should be running a firewall. We STILL have to run Win98. we run it with a firewall. Whenever windows media player tries to connect to the internet, it is blocked by the firewall. It tries to do this even if you are viewing or listening to a local file There are very few circumstances where you need to run WMP7, and so, this is not really a problem if you know what you are doing. There are SO many windows DivX and DVD players that you should never EVER have to use WMP7 to view anything.
Thank you.
nothing new but...winmedia7.1= "February 24, 2002 Technology's Threats to Privacy Microsoft's newest Media Player, included free with Windows XP software, has a privacy-invading feature that came to light last week. Media Player quietly keeps a log of the DVD's it plays. So users who thought they were watching movies privately were actually leaving behind records of what they have viewed. The software also sends information back to Microsoft in a way that allows the company to match individuals with their music and movie choices." "After the problem with Media Player was revealed, Microsoft amended its policy statement to tell users that it was logging DVD titles. But Micr$oft did not tell users how to stop Media Player from logging the information."
Free of Charge GILC Web-Based Remailer html Hushmail Zixmail Anonymouse COTSE ANON.XG.NU's Web-Based Remailer Chicago Fee-Based ZKS Freedom SkuzNET's The Internet Mail Network Mailanon http://www.mailanon. com/ IDcide
music / art / any enterprise that seeks to inspire fear of intrusion is as good as dead ....... it has no place, except in those murky, cold, dank and uninspiring places where people who propagate such fear lurk and lead miserable lives ...... josh got it when he said ' pure fun ' ....... mr g is the man because he is without pomp ........ you can hear the guy singing along ( badly ) as he plays !! ........ the austere brigade tend to be a little sniffy about his playing, because he played fast ........ he played fast because ( i would guess ) he enjoyed passing on the joy encapsulated in bach's ( or whoever's ) ideas, in contrast to enjoying showing the listener what a great performer he was ...... he was for the the music, not for him, which was one of the reasons he gave up playing live ......... being without fear means to take pleasure in seeing, it opens one up to enjoying the thing, as against whatever is associated with the thing ........... we must work to remove the fog, for purveyors of fog are joyless ........................... my head hurts
Re: the Gould. Thought I might feel like the council estate scumbag intruding in the lord's chamber.
Does anyone here use Max/MSP? Just starting to get my hands dirty.
"Last Updated: December 4, 2001" Yes indeed, I have seen it; it used to come up as the second result when you searched Google for Irdial...
From the Daily Telegraph: (use / guest) The Government absolutely lacks the political will to deal with the violation of one of the most fundamental liberties of the people it governs: their right to feel safe in their own homes. Given this scandalous situation, it is time for the Government to confer a new right on the people: the right to bear arms. Gun control in this country is in any case a joke. There is far more gun crime now than there was before the idiotic law passed by the Major government to ban handguns after the Dunblane massacre. The police obsessively regulate shotguns and rifles held by sportsmen who have no intention of killing anyone with them, while failing utterly to control illegal weapons. In America, the two states with the highest level of gun ownership - New Hampshire and Vermont - have the lowest levels of crime. One of the most murderous places in the United States, Washington DC, has the most rigorous gun control in the Union. For a householder to shoot a burglar in most states in the US is regarded not so much as permissible as part of his civic responsibilities. There is, as a result, very little burglary in America. In this country, when a man shoots a burglar who is part of a gang with more than 100 previous convictions between them, it is he who goes to jail - for life, until Tony Martin's sentence was reduced on appeal. Many of these appalling crimes are committed by junkies, which might lead some to argue that they would be insufficiently rational to respond to greater deterrence. They may well not respond when they are on drugs, but that is their problem. Apart from the error that rights are conferred, this article is pretty amazing.
have you registered the Irdial name akin ? ........ might bill have to pay you for this ? ........ might bill try to make you pay for this ? .......
mary, what player are you using to listen ? the file is a compressed .wav, labelled as an mp3 because .wav tends to hint ' large file ' ........ i tried to save it as a real audio file, but soundforge threw a wobbler & refused, sulking .......... it's reposted here, with the original .wav extension ( i just tried to open the .mp3 version with an early version of windows media player & it refused because of the extension, so maybe that was the problem ? ) ...... you'll need to set your player to loop the file, because it's only tiny, and isn't all that interesting when played just the once........ i'm going to get around to uploading a few new sketches to the site soon ........ having trouble co-ordinating thought into coherent sentences this morning as i decided that waiting to master the art of brewing would be a pointless, joyless, and ultimately i suspect, fruitless pursuit ....... memories of college experiments with gallons of grossly vile mixtures helped in coming to this conclusion, although these liquids had the magical effect of rendering you unconscious until early evening the following day, by which time hangovers had passed, a by-product i miss as i stare at the screen this morning with pulsating temples, forehead & eyes
Heh, ah, the Wall. I like Waters. "The Final Cut" is like, the lite version of the wall. I like it better. Speaking of Bush, I recently got a new Godspeed You Black Emperor! bootleg, and in between the set and the encore, they pay this fucked up tape of a George Bush speech. They mangle it brilliantly. I had some Dutch beer tonight called "Glosch" I think, in a green french-cap bottle. It was good. Some guy told me that the ones in brown bottles are better. Whatever. It was good. I also had some stuff called "doppelbock" which was wicked-good, and incredibly drunkefying. Mmm mmm mm.
anthony, would like to hear your snippet but i am getting an unsupported document type on clicking. can you post again?? merci!

Saturday, February 23, 2002

"And here we have that despicable album "The Wall" by Pink Floyd" Bob Mortimer, whilst constructing a sugar cube replica of the giant wall used by Pink Floyd at their Berlin concert in '79. From the hit programme "Top 10 $music_genre"
Ahh, the classic dilemma. Being the lazy fart I am, I usually just pay the cash needed for the beer. I was at a punk rock show last friday, where they played the songs "Bin Laden is in the Fucking White House" and "Kill George Bush." I had awesome fun, and got way drunk. This was really old school punk, in the british sense, so to speak, with spiked hair and metal spikes on their leather jackets, TV brainwashes you written on torn shirts, and oh, lots of beer.
having said that, it's saturday night and my craving for beer has crossed the threshold of niggling desire into definate need - do i wait until i've mastered the art of brewing before allowing myself to quench my thirst, or do i visit the place where i know i am guaranteed to find satistactory sustenance ?
just caught a '52 recording of duke ellington & his band playing take the a train, live ........ it never fails to amaze me how generally enthused one becomes after witnessing someone creating / playing with conviction & love ....... it's only when you feel the tangible will to communicate that you realise what it is you've been missing & craving I am desperate to hear it you must know by now that, while it is a joy to hear what you think you want to hear coming from without, taking you by surprise, the only sure way to hear it is to create it ; ]
here's a small snippet that i made for a friend to slot into a flash ident on his site ...... it's the first time in ages that i've sat down to make anything & a load of decent sketches came about as a result, so more may be coming soon ........
Checking in on the "products" that are available from the usual suspects, I am sorry to have to report that the offerings of such suspects are pitiful and wanting. There is little listening, much compromise, and an overwhelming feeling of "I want to sell cars on TV" going on. This a Good Thing® and A Bad Thing® Its a good thing, because it means that the usual suspects are, as we correctly thought, completely out of steam, and we have not been wasting our time trying to track down something that does not exist. Its a BAD thing becuase it means that the usual suspects are, as we correctly thought, completely out of steam, and we have nothing to track down and enjoy. "Boss Hogg, you are WRONG because you are looking at THE USUAL SUSPECTS and you should be looking for 'the bad guys' in the places where you least expect to find them." This is correct. Be my guest. Show me the money. Make my day. Prove it. If a bear shits in the woods and there is no one there to smell it, it might as well not smell. If someone somewhere has created the next leap, then I am desperate to hear it. Book him Danno. Murder One.
The new decadence. Fantastic.
Ah yes, there IS a Conet Project sample in there. When the site is redesigned, I think I am going to put in a "Conet Project Sightings" list, and give away prizes to people who report sightings of TCP on other peoples records. What a cheek!

BOARDS OF CANADA "Geogaddi" (Warp) limited edition cd + book 19.98 One of the most highly anticipated records of the year (at least for AQ staff and customers alike) is *finally* available. And Geodaddi is not a disappointment, although the record breaks no new ground. For those of you who love the Boards of Canada mellow electronica sound and have committed their debut full length Music Has the Right to Children to memory, here's 66 minutes more of the same delicious recipe: emotional minor-key organ / piano / synth melodies; looped samples of record static imparting an aged, organic patina to the entire album; disembodied voices murmuring (methinks there is a Conet Project sample on "Gyroscope"!); electronic glitches that aren't there for glitch's sake but to bring drama to the narrative of the album; and lush deep s-l-o-w breakbeat rhythms that add a shimmering tension to the music. The Scottish duo's music is still interesting, thankfully not boringly repetitive, and artistically successful, even if I have to admit slight disappointment that the new record contains no stylistic advances -- they're so talented that I want them to stay fresh and challenging. Still, a lovely record worth your time. Until we run out, we've got the limited cd in a hardcover book-like package, and also the limited triple lp. If you order this, make sure to specify your desired format, and let us know if the regular jewel case version (which we also have, at $17.98) is ok if we're out of the special ones. PS: triple-lp vinyl back in next week, hopefully... RealAudio: RealAudio: RealAudio: RealAudio:

My emphasis, Source: It's been a long time since I've posted here. I am currently in America, and I don't really have much time to throw around, but I try to check in here ever so often.
I have been saying "bloody" and "bloody hell" WAY too much. I have also been saying "brutal" way too much for a rather long time. Damn this slow assimilation of bad colloquialisms into my subconscious! Where are they coming from?! NOWHERE! *chilling music*

Friday, February 22, 2002

More naivety... what should one look for in a website hosting service? What do you really need and use? How are you supposed to decide between the different companies? What statistics should I be impressed with? The site will be >90% images. Ok. Enough interrogation. I see an image. A shadow maybe. A geometric pattern falling on a wall. I take a photo. I develop and print the image. Look at it and smile. It pleases me. Is this art? Does art require some intellectual justification or statement of intent prior to the act? Even if that statement is a nihilistic one? An example: A grey painted canvas, 10 feet by 8, entitled 'I had nothing to say so I said it'. What is art? There may be a distinction between 'what is art' and 'what is required to sell your pieces (for want of a better word) to an art gallery'. Or maybe not. Maybe the definition of art is that which one finds in an art gallery. These people have an opinion. Or two. Other people have different opinions. Art is defined as the areas of artistic creativity that communicate primarily through the eye (Grolier Educational Corp, 1996). But fuck them. If you like it, who cares what it's defined as. Friday night and there are multiple relaxants with my name on them calling from afar. Have a good weekend!
a bit late i know but well there you go.......
What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Breakout Bat.I am a Breakout Bat.

I am an abstract sort of creature, who dislikes any sort of restraint. If you try to pigeonhole me, I'll break the box, and come back for more. I don't have any particular ambitions, I just drift, but I am adept at keeping life going along. What Video Game Character Are You?
the whitehouse wants patriots
Get him a Slinky® Everyone needs one.

Required Reading

Guy Debord's The Society of the Spectacle translated and online... Debord's book -- easily the most important radical book of the twentieth century -- has been translated into over a dozen languages. This new translation incorporates the best renderings from previous English versions, but is clearer and more accurate than any of them. The Bureau of Public Secrets website features numerous texts by and about Guy Debord and other members of the Situationist International, the notorious avant-garde group that helped trigger the May 1968 revolt in France.
A good friend is 30 this week. My initial present of a Swindon Town Football Club shirt is unavailable since the club are introducing a new kit for next season. So, any ideas for replacements? What did you get/would you like for your 30th? Can't remember what I got, and it was only 2 years ago. I was at work though. In Sweden. So not much beer. For my friend, fellatio is not an option. Is age such a big thing? The people I worked with seemed (to me) to be going really overboard with the importance of this birthday, like it was some enormous milestone and simply for having survived that far (rather than just 29 or 31, 32...) a massive celebration was in order. There is some intense psychological attraction to round numbers which defies explanation, at least with regard to birthdays. Even at 100, its only 1.111% more of a life than 99, but to die at 99 would be thought of as such a shame and almost a failure. Job for the day: look people in the eye. They deserve it.
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 12:19:31 -0800 
Subject: Oral Sex Donation 


You have received a donation of 10 acts of fellatio from
Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx ( 

The donor added this comment:

Woooweeee! Tasty like butter!
Somebody here love(s)(d) me!

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Blogdial is taking 1.5 to 2 minutes to load at home on a 56k modem. Anybody else get this kid of response?
UFO Fly-By Predicted For The Olympics The massive security at the Winter Games could be put to the test Thursday when a delegation arrives in an unusual fashion. Intergalactic visitors are expected in the early evening, according to a woman who claims to have had "multiple visitations" by the aliens.
Anthony Manning Concision: Which of you will be the first to review it?
Like Estes Camrock, only...better!
ahhhhhhh ......... no ...... i've been reading & posting at the blogger site ........ that makes more sense ...... although jumping back & forth between sites is pretty pointless ( ping point aside )
anthony, are you viewing the web page at: ?? as for 20:02 2002 2002 i'll let you know as it hasn't happened yet via the curved earth. funny that.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Oral Sex Donations Accepted
i have no ping link, no OC and no Irdial logo ( ? ) ........... i've not looked at the royalties article yet ....... tomorrow Full episodes of Samurai Pizza Cats. Anyone who hasn't seen this show is seriously deprived. Completely insane and totally fucked up anime about, well, robots. And stuff. Contains the classic 100%-gay villain (called simply, "Big Cheese"). Brilliance in action. Very cool:
What were you doing at 2002 2002 2002? I was on the phone to Mimi Majick...
20-feb-02 14:25 world
Sorry, I meant the last link at the bottom right under the OC and Irdial logo, which says "ping". Did you sign the petition Anthony? Its something everybody that writes programmes should do; imagine if someone patented the method of adding one number to another; every time you did that, you would have to pay royalties, every time you used it in a programme, etc etc. And of course, every program that you used would also have had to pay a royalty, and so software would be more expensive, and Open Source / Free Software could not exist. Which is why this is being proposed in the first place.
ping what, next to which logo ? .......... or is this for non - ie browsers ?
Dont forget to ping at the right, next to the logo after you post!
No more Mr Scrupulous Guy How one of the two brains behind the Iran-Contra scandal this week became one of America's most powerful men John Sutherland Guardian Monday February 18, 2002 Last Wednesday something strange happened. The American population was instructed to panic. Place themselves, that is, on a state of highest vigilance. Some cataclysmic act of terrorism would happen - within hours. But nothing terrible happened. Something creepy did. On Thursday there was an inconspicuous news item. John M Poindexter had been appointed to head a new agency "to counter attacks on the US", such as Wednesday's no-show. It is equivalent, in British terms, to Jeffrey Archer being made chancellor of the exchequer. The agency which Poindexter will run is called the Information Awareness Office. You want to know what that is? Think, Big Brother is Watching You. IAO will supply federal officials with "instant" analysis on what is being written on email and said on phones all over the US. Domestic espionage. You want to test it out? Text-message any American friend, "Bmb OK. Allah gr8". The IAO is one of two new offshoots of the Pentagon-based Darpa - the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (it's venerable ancestor, Arpa, invented the internet). The other new agency is called the Information Exploitation Office. Its mission is to supply similarly instant analysis about overseas enemy targets. IEO will employ the computerised sensor networks that have proved so successful in Afghanistan. And, from now on, America - with IEO guiding its smart weaponry - will launch sneak attacks. No more Mr Nice Guy. IOA and IEO will get a big chunk of the $48bn of the taxpayers' money George Bush is pumping into his war on the evildoers. Never again will it be said that US intelligence agencies went to sleep on the job - or that they were too careful about the American citizen's civil rights to do that job. No more Mr Scrupulous Guy. Poindexter is frighteningly smart and very unscrupulous. He graduated top of his class at the Naval Academy in 1958 and went on to a PhD in physics at the California Institute of Technology. He returned to uniform as America's best-educated sailor. He wasn't a desk warrior. Poindexter commanded missile destroyers. He won medals to hang alongside his academic diplomas. He is the model for Tom Clancy's hero, Jack Ryan. [...],4273,4358017,00.html
To whoever mentioned WFMU: THANK YOU! The Kenny G meets Anal Magic show is fantastic. I have months of archive realaudio to get through. This is just incredible listening. (
Wish I could Mary; thing is I am on an ancient Windows 95 machine here and that site don't work on here. Incidentally at 20:02 on 20/02, 2002 I'll be right in the middle of my Pilates class.
All I can do is take a short leap and find out.
net.flag this is mine 20 feb 02 1:33 0101010101 ps. dav, i want to see your flag for 20:02, 20/02, 2002

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I second that thought, Anthony. pure fun: especially on the Bach Inventions.
mess, why would you feel like a spare prick buying / playing a glenn gould record ?? the great man's recordings are the benchmark of clarity & eloquence ...... windscreen wipers for the ears ...... ahem ..........
ich ben�tige ein taffy, meine hyper aktive st�rung zu vereinbaren! they were asking for it with that ad. micros should avoid using ****cks in their ads unless they like being tuffed on the bum like a naughty dungeon slave. oh yeah that sounds like a photoshop challenge.
Has anyone had problems with this?
LEGOs are still fun. And this game proves it.
Yahoo! Thanks for the explanation. I still think the policy is a little harsh, but then I'm hardly in a position to make policy and my attitude reflects my nature. Might not feel so generous if I ran a mailing list. However, I guess many new people are recommended (I wasn't - what does this say about me/my friends!) to the list. Is the policy identical for those who stumble in or those who are guided? Should there be some kind of extended trust for those who are recommended by list members? Can you tell them apart from others? On another note, this is the funniest thing I've seen today. Closely followed by Adbusters. Tell your friends. On another hillock atop the moral high ground a man shouts, watch out! McDonalds own Aroma coffee, and Phillip Morris own half the food on the supermarket shelves. Now try and find out waht Nestle, Proctor and Gamble, and GlaxoSmithkline own between them. And just to make things even more interesting... ill communication.
There are many of these on the Team page. Have they all been 'screened' for acceptability and trust? Those are the ones that got in under the wire. Many of my friends have to use yahoo etc as a personal address which is very 'real' due to privacy and disciplinary problems at work. Then give that as a reason and you will be gladly invited in/on. I've stated before that my internet knowledge is poor, so where should one go for an acceptable 'real' e-mail address if yahoo et al are not good enough? At least Richard Xxxxxxx is using his name in the address rather than a nickname or number. If you can use blogger, your internet knowledge is very good. Believe me. Your ISP normally provides you with at least one free email address, and many megs of storage for your messages. If they dont, they are cheating you. And is Richard Richard Xxxxxxx his real name? Was his "surname" Asshole? It was X'd out, so you can only guess!! I've not been on this list long, but have found it very stimulating. However, I'm not particularly impressed by the treatment of Mr R X. He may very well have good reason for not using his work address, and trust and 'need' work both ways. Sorry if this offends anyone. In order to keep it stimulating/fresh/cool, we are blocking out anyone with a throw away or LaMeR email address. Period. They cause trouble, contribute nothing, dont read their throwaway address email, and add friction to the meme stream. If anyone has a good reason to have a throwaway account, they should give it. It happens quite often, and we manually sign them up. The instructions are clear when access is denied. People who cannot read and learn are of no use to us, and so must be denied. And of course, there is no good reason for ANYONE to have an aol account. We need people who can write, who can learn, who will post and who can laugh. And as for anyone being offended, they can fuck off, because you, Alun Kirby, post here, you post hard, you post often, and that means you are more important than them. They have to either shit or get off the pot or get flushed. BTW I did a bit of "technical support" for an AOLER last week; my word, AOL7 is an abomination like no other Its a complete frankenstinian monstrosity, and not only that, because AOL does not use standard internet protocols for its email (no pop 3/smtp), you cannot use AOL as your ISP and use another email client to read/send your mail. Also, AOL cannot (according to three service reps, one senior) forward all your mail to another email address. There are third party services that do this for you, but you have to pay for this. AOLers are literally locked into a proprietary and degrading system that cripples their experience of the internet, and locks them in to an incompatible, feature poor system. They DELIBERATLY make it difficult to leave AOL, by not offering mail forwarding and acces via other email clients. The Horror...The Horror.
Re: yahoo addresses. There are many of these on the Team page. Have they all been 'screened' for acceptability and trust? Many of my friends have to use yahoo etc as a personal address which is very 'real' due to privacy and disciplinary problems at work. I've stated before that my internet knowledge is poor, so where should one go for an acceptable 'real' e-mail address if yahoo et al are not good enough? At least Richard Xxxxxxx is using his name in the address rather than a nickname or number. I've not been on this list long, but have found it very stimulating. However, I'm not particularly impressed by the treatment of Mr R X. He may very well have good reason for not using his work address, and trust and 'need' work both ways. Sorry if this offends anyone. If so please direct comments to
Richard Xxxxxx wrote: >My email address is the one I use for >my personal mail. Why is it a "bad" or "disposable" address. People frequently use Hotmail, Yahoo and other free "email anywhere" addresses to subscribe to mailing lists for fear that they will be put on spam lists. This is a legitimate fear, but anyone who knows anything about us will not have a problem with giving us thier real email address. Read this: To gain a better perception of how these email addresses are viewed. >It could be I suppose, but it's not. If you connect to the internet from home or your office, you will have a real email address. You need to use that one. >I would like to subscribe to your newsletter though. Thanks for your interest Richard! >Please let me know if this explanation is satisfactory It is in no way satisfactory. It's not even funny. Use your real email address, get a real email address, give us a good reason or demonstrate to us that "yes indeed, you need me". ath0 irdial
I hooked my turntable up to my mac today, through a small radioshack pre-amp. I wrapped the ground cable around an iron nail and stuck it into the ground port of a household plug. It sounds fucking AWESOME. So I'm ripping a bunch of stuff. Godspeed rips good... AFX rips good... Cauty is fucking HARD. God damned ambient music on vinyl. You can hear EVERYTHING on the surface. I'm trying to rip "SPACE" right now... difficulty.

Monday, February 18, 2002

From the Club 100 mailing Believe it or not but 8:02 pm on February 20, 2002 will be an historic moment in time. It will not be marked by the chiming of any clocks or the ringing of bells, but at that precise time, on that specific date, something will happen which has not occurred for 1,001 years and will never happen again. As the clock ticks over from 8:01 pm on Wednesday, February 20, time will, for sixty seconds only, read in perfect symmetry 2002, 2002, 2002 or to be more precise - 20:02, 20/02, 2002.
This historic event will never have the same poignancy as the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month which marks Armistice Day, but it is an event which has only ever happened once before, and is something which will never be repeated. The last occasion that time read in such a symmetrical pattern was long before the days of the digital watch and the 24-hour clock - at 10:01 a.m. on January 10, 1001. And because the clock only goes up to 23:59, it is something that will never happen again...
I have a model 102, it's very cool indeed. Someone else also added this a bit later Wednesday, 21 December 2112, at 9:12 p.m. will also be a timestamp with "perfect" symmetry. 21:12, 21/12, 2112. THIS is -the- last possible occurrence, with our current clock and calendar. Wow, I wonder what The Priests of the Temples of Syrinx would say to that?

Blabla... (danish policeschool. check out drunk at the police museum)

"So here it is. Don�t pretend to like Stockhausen. A person really deserves more respect than that. Sycophantic posturing achieves nothing, be it in the name of progress or nay. Think of whose back you�re jumping off and why. Oasis may be standing on the shoulders of giants, but at least they acknowledge it. What gives you a right to enter into your chosen discourse? Why not invent another, more personal, literature? Put down that guitar. Click �Special�, then �Shut Down� on that Powerbook. Sing. Solo. I bet you haven�t sung an honest note since you were screaming for your mother�s breast. So there it was." P.S. Give a thought to Don Van Vliet.
Man, no that's my Uncle John (in about 1967), not Elvis Costello. He rocks (my Uncle, not Elvis Costello, I don't think he rocks at all).
Things I never leave the house without: Sunglasses, Mark E Smith font, music...
Will I feel like a spare prick if I buy and listen to a Glen Gould recording?
Mark E. Smith is a fucking enigma and a half. Thelonious Monk is clear, blue skies and a feeling of sourceless satisfaction.
A wiser man.

Sunday, February 17, 2002

is that elvis costello?? and then there's BOB!! Radikal!!!!

My dictaphone, front and back.
This post is being made in Lynx...Xfree86 n00ked for Gnome by a script that creates font aliases for math symbols. Upgrading Xfree98 to 4.2.0. This is called poking around in the system!

Saturday, February 16, 2002

> Dear Friend, > > Please join us in stopping a reckless energy plan from passing the > Senate. Instead of solving the challenges posed by America's demand > for energy, this shortsighted plan proposes that we develop some of > the last pristine wilderness left in America, the Arctic National > Wildlife Refuge. We can't let this happen. We're beginning our > actions on February 11th, and we won't stop until a real energy bill > is passed. Please join us in taking action now by sending your Senator > a free fax at: > > > > This dangerous energy plan has already been passed by the House of > Representatives, and was written with the help of oil industry > lobbyists. The Senate is our last line of defense. If we don't act > now, our world will be forever changed. > > There are alternatives. Senate Majority Leader Daschle has introduced > an energy bill that would jump start investment in clean electricity, > increase fuel efficiency of cars and trucks, and does not open places > like the Arctic to harmful drilling. This bill includes a "renewable > portfolio standard," which would require utilities by 2020 to increase > by 10 percent the electricity generated by wind, solar, and other > forms of renewable power. In fact, many scientists believe that it is > technologically and economically feasible to reach a 20 percent > increase by 2020. And by raising the fuel economy standards for new > cars, SUVs, and trucks to 40 mpg, we would save 4 million barrels of > oil a day by 2020 - more oil than we import from the Persian Gulf each > day and could expect to get from drilling in the Arctic National > Wildlife Refuge, combined! > > We need your help - now -- in convincing the Senate to protect the > Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and support a real energy plan. > Please forward this email to your friends, and go to: > > > > Sincerely, > > Mike Diamond > > and > > New Power Artists: > The New Power Artists: REM, Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys, > the Roots and Live join the effort that has already included the > Beastie Boys, Barenaked Ladies, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Dave > Matthews Band, Blues Traveler, Moby, Trey Anastasio (from Phish), > Jackson Browne, Alanis Morissette, James Taylor and others > > and > > American Oceans Campaign, American Rivers, > Defenders of Wildlife, Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, Environmental > Defense, Greenpeace, League of Conservation Voters, National Audubon > Society, National Environmental Trust, National Parks Conservation > Association, National Wildlife Federation, Natural Resources Defense > Council, The Ocean Conservancy, Physicians for Social Responsibility, > Sierra Club, The State PIRGs, Union of Concerned Scientists, The > Wilderness Society, World Wildlife Fund > > To be removed from future Beastie Boys-related messages, unsubscribe: > >
Hello unto you. I (David Cotner) am generally loathe to hoist the black flag of the "good fight", but something came across my desk recently that I feel is interesting and important enough to be addressed. I don't want to look the fool for petitioning a situation that has already been resolved. As it happens, it has not. My inquiry to the belowmentioned individual on the Swedish IASPIS board (in order to encourage some semblance of fair and accurate reporting) has been unanswered and ignored. The crux of the situation stems from the action detailed at the following site: So, now I present this very strange case to you. From: "Ingrid Engar�s" ." ------------------------------------------------- "We, the undersigned artists, curators and cultural workers, seriously question the decision taken by the board of directors at IASPIS, concerning the abrupt termination of the Stockholm visit of the internationally acclaimed artist John Duncan. Duncan was invited to Stockholm by IASPIS to work and stay as an artist in residence for a period of six months. His performances and concerts, at Fylkingen and F�rgfabriken so far, have deeply affected and inspired several Swedish artists to develop their experimentation in the fields of sound and performance art. Several respected artists living in Stockholm were looking forward to a spring with even more opportunities to experience the powerfully dynamic works of John Duncan. Artists and cultural workers in Stockholm were glad and thankful for the generosity and support shown by IASPIS for inviting Duncan, among others, to inspire and develope the vital Swedish scene of experimental contemporary arts. The reason given for the termination is that IASPIS suddenly became aware of "Blind Date", an artwork performed by Duncan more than 20 years ago. "Blind Date" were performed during a time when the artist were researching the extremes of human behaivior, social taboos and the very limits of his expressions, especially in the areas of death and sexuality. Duncan has in no way hidden his history of extreme experimentation, to IASPIS or anyone else. Over the years he has openly discussed his works in lectures, as well as in interviews in a variety of respected European, Japanese and US publications. Duncan was invited to Stockholm to work with his contemporary art, especially in the field of soundart. This is exactly what he was doing, in full cooperation with the IASPIS staff, when his residency was unjustly terminated. His collaboratory soundwork "Palace of Mind" (Allquestions) was released recently on CD and has claimed a place of its own as a highlight of contemporary experimental music innovation. We think it's unacceptable to judge anyone for activities performed 20 years ago, which have no relation whatsoever to the activities that Duncan is currently pursuing in Stockholm. We find it an embarrassment to the Stockholm art community that IASPIS has chosen to arbitrarily disregard their contract long after it's been agreed upon by both parties, in fact several months after Duncan has been working here. Their insulting disregard of Duncan's rights makes the entire Stockholm art community seem as weak and fearful of their jobs as the IASPIS board of directors have shown themselves to be in the eyes of our international colleagues around the world. Their actions also raise serious doubts about the treatment that all present and future invited artists can expect from the IASPIS program. We ask the IASPIS board of directors to reconsider their decision in a mature and serious manner, and not to behave like bureaucrats in panic for their positions. Grant him the full stipend that IASPIS is legally obligated to pay, which he needs in order to survive in Stockholm while finishing the work he came here to do." ------------------------------------------------------------------- Your name, profession, country & email
I've learned the secret of drinking is to not plaster yourself, but to get happily giddy. Olde English we should bring back into the lexicon: bencsweg: The sound of rejoicing people make sitting on a bench at a party while drinking lots of beer
A banner for the age:
Every Playboy Playmate of the year from 1960 to 2000:

Friday, February 15, 2002

"we going to disneyworld! and we'll be driving there in our....... ....NEW Ford® Ranger. (then we are going to get wasted on bolivian blow and get into every eurotrash club and denny's in north america, eh red"boris", eh. USA#1 U.S.A oh, um... we mean....o' canada). "Analog sound recordings are continuous representations of the changes in sound pressure (air pressure) to the diaphragm of the microphone that recorded them. How the sound gets from the microphone to an analog recording medium like a vinyl record or a cassette tape is not important here just that it is a continuous, unbroken stream. If an analog recording was to be represented by a graph you would have to put the pencil down and draw a smooth curving line without lifting your pencil. The actual recording has theoretically infinite detail since you can pick any two points on the line, no matter how close together and find a new point between them. Digital recording. The key word in understanding digital versus analog is the word digit((duh)). Whereas an analog recording is stored on a medium that allows a continuous curve of changing sound pressure values a digital recording does not. Digital recordings are a series of snap shots of the sound pressure at a precise instant stored as a number, as digits in a computer. In a digital recording you can find two points right next to each other for which there is no value between them. A digital recording would be best graphed as a series of stair steps since it is not known what the values are between the points where the sound pressure was actually measured." your ears will tell you the same thing! analogous!
"...the technology is astounding - all rubber bands and mechanical moving parts - when you slide the play switch it's connected to a rod that pokes a small switch at the same time as swinging a capstan into place and connecting two cogs!" Yes indeed; imagine a watch from the late 1700's, still ticking away perfectly. It still tells the time, if you can read mumbers. This is the great power of simple, mechanical systems. Longevity, durability, beauty, quality. Applied to sound, it is a great solution to the problem of sound reproduction. Magnetic tape; proven, long lasting good sounding...future proof. All of this is missing from master recordings today.
I'm currently digitising 10 years of dictaphone tapes into my computer. God I recorded some daft things during that time. Some cool things too. My voice has changed so much, and I'd all but forgotten how my old girlfriends sounded. Being only a dictaphone it's fine at 22k in mono so it's easy on the old hard drive, and the actual tapes don't seem to have degraded at all over time. Unfortunately the dictaphone has and was actually broken which is why I stopped using it. I got it open to have a fix (since it's a Phillips one and uses their weird mini cassettes as opposed to Sony/Sanyo microcassettes) and the technology is astounding - all rubber bands and mechanical moving parts - when you slide the play switch it's connected to a rod that pokes a small switch at the same time as swinging a capstan into place and connecting two cogs! The record mechanism uses a magnet that swings into place to erase the tapes, and sliding the switch to rewind disengages all sorts of cams to remove the magnets and so on. The record protect switch is just a block of plastic that stops the switches from moving. It's really insanely good but of course prone to wearing out. And now we have digital models with no moving parts, but some are housed in similar sized cases to tape models. So odd. Listening to it reminds me of using 8mm film - short tapes so you record lots of little snippets. When I got some 1 hour ones I just recorded loads of rubbish that I never listened to.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

oh yeah baby
Interesting article, although I don't know where you'd get the ingredients
Someone Clever Said: The division between lending and copying is pretty clear. With physical objects it is, yes. Many years before electronic computers were invented George Bernard Shaw observed : If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas. Thus demonstrating a basic difference between sharing physical and non-physical things. They are different. It is pointless making comparisons. Before recorded media was invented, if you wanted to share a song, you would sing it so that others could learn it. Similarly with stories. Then we developed ways to make these entertainments into physical objects. This cost effort/money, but allowed these entertainments to be brought and sold, and their distribution could be controlled and limited. We have now invented technology which means that they can be shared in a non-physical way again, digitally via networks, and copied at virtually zero cost. We have a choice now. We can deliberately create mechanism and laws to limit the copying and distribution of digital files, or we can choose not to. The debate should be "What is the most civilized thing to do? What would be best for mankind?" Unfortunately these days global lawmaking is heavily influenced by America, and America has been corrupted by corporate power arising from a basic selfishness in the modern America value system. This means that civilized debate about this very important issue is not occuring. It wasn't always this way. There used to be things called vision, ideals, morals, justice and great men who fought for them. America was founded by great men. Today it is run by corrupt, small-minded intellectual dwarfs. Time for a change.
"President Bush is set to announce a plan today calling for voluntary measures to slow but not halt the growth in emissions of heat-trapping gases linked to global warming, White House officials said last night. The climate proposal is Mr. Bush's response to the Kyoto Protocol, the 1997 treaty accepted but not yet ratified by all other large industrialized countries, which would require cuts in such emissions by 2010 to well below their 1990 levels. Mr. Bush rejected the treaty last March, calling its targets arbitrary, its schedule too costly to meet and its terms, which are not easily applied in large developing countries, unfair." & -the evidence

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

the possibilty the reality the reason
"Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened. Don't open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument. Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." - Jalaluddin Rumi
In the camera-filled U.K., the London borough of Newham claimed its pilot scheme produced a 21 percent drop in crimes "against the person" and unprecedented decreases in criminal property damage, vehicle-related crime, and burglary. In August 2001 the U.K. approved a further �79 million (about $114 million) for 250 new CCTV systems. Simon Davies, a fellow at the London School of Economics and the founder and director of Privacy International, estimates that the country has at least 1.5 million CCTV cameras now in place. Jason Ditton, professor of law at the University of Sheffield in England and director of the Scottish Center for Criminology in Glasgow, is one of the few academic sources of CCTV information. His research, funded by the government's Scottish Office, shows that the cameras are not cost-effective and that they reduce neither crime nor the fear of crime. His 1999 study of CCTV in Glasgow's city center revealed that although crime fell in the areas covered by the cameras, the drop was insignificant once general crime trends were taken into account. Even worse results were in Sydney, Australia, where a $1-million system accounted for an average of one arrest every 160 daysa quarter of the Glasgow rate, which Ditton thought was poor. Moreover, it is not clear how much of a role the displacement effectthe shifting of crime from one area to another plays. A Sydney city council's report indicates that the cameras probably displaced some crime to areas outside the lens's view. And therein lies a fundamental design conflict. For the cameras to be an effective deterrent, everyone has to know they're there; however, to be effective in spotting criminals they need to be covert.
A bookstore to die for.
people, due busyness beyond ridiculousness i've not been checking or contributing lately and my apologies for both (although the latter may be a blessing in disguise). Quickly can I draw your attention to my friends site 404 Design - I reckon you peeps may like this - they are nice talented people and they are doing it with their souls, so check em out...
Lemon is better than lime, and I can prove it: Also: Above is better than Below {52 to 48} On is better than off {91 to 8} A is better than B {89 to 11}
It's controversial, but see what the internet thinks is best.
"i don't know why i am so stupid!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

i can boogie too!! something like: big titty b*tch they think they is the sh*t bring you ass here and ride on this d*ck hey it's much better that watching the news!
yes sir, I can boogie - disco lesson is one of my faves, apart from the pigs at the end; I always leave them out.
gung hay fat tuesday!!

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Peace and prosperity to us all!
What Video Game Character Are You? I am Kong.I am Kong.

Strong and passionate, I tend to be misunderstood, sometimes even feared. I don't want to fight, I don't want to cause trouble, all I ask is a little love, and a little peace. If I don't get what I want, I get angry, and throw barrels and flaming oil at whatever's stopping me. What Video Game Character Are You?
What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Space-invader.I am a Space-invader.

I will happily recruit the help of friends to aid me in getting what I want. I have no tolerance for people getting in my way, and I am completely relentless until any threats or opposition are removed. I try to be down-to-earth, but something always seems to get in the way. What Video Game Character Are You?
new a.m. song: "I Think" I Think pieces of very dry poop are really a huge problem I Think pretzels are too much on my mind I Think mary baskets have got a lot to do with why the world sucks But what can you do? Like a marbly white rain, beating down on me Like a CUMmings line, which won't let go of my brain Like hey you's ass, it is in my head Blame it on george bush Blame it on george bush Blame it on george bush I Think dildo island pictures are gonna drive us all crazy And a pair of karl marx logo socks make me feel like a child I Think baseball porn videos will eventually be the downfall of civilization But what can you do? I said what can you do? Like a marbly white rain, beating down on me Like a CUMmings line, which won't let go of my brain Like hey you's ass, it is in my head Blame it on george bush Blame it on george bush Blame it on george bush Like a marbly white rain, beating down on me Like hey you's smile, cruel and cold Like CUMmings's ass, it is in my head Blame it on george bush Blame it on george bush Blame it on george bush
Where in America, Mikkel?
What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mario. I like to jump around, and would lead a fairly serene and aimless existence if it weren't for my friends always getting into trouble. I love to help out, even when it puts me at risk. I seem to make friends with people who just can't stay out of trouble. What Video Game Character Are You?
"Why" Young Guitar Players, Clueless Imitators, Bass Players Why God, Why? Clueless Imitators, Useless Drummers, Travis Why God, Why? What have I done to deserve this black horror? Surrounded on all sides with the Hell of Travis Like a Andrew Dice Clay character, I'm wordy and alone Why God, Why? Lifeless Singers, Young Guitar Players, Utter Loosers Why God, Why? Travis, Utter Loosers, Bass Players Why God, Why? What have I done to deserve this black disaster that is my life? Surrounded on all sides with the Hell of Travis Like a Andrew Dice Clay character, I'm wordy and alone Why God, Why? What have I done to deserve this black misery? Surrounded on all sides with the Hell of Travis Like a Andrew Dice Clay character, I'm wordy and alone Why God, Why? Why God, Why? Why God, Why? Why God, Why? Why God, Why?
What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Breakout Bat.I am a Breakout Bat.

I am an abstract sort of creature, who dislikes any sort of restraint. If you try to pigeonhole me, I'll break the box, and come back for more. I don't have any particular ambitions, I just drift, but I am adept at keeping life going along. What Video Game Character Are You?
ben dewrance xxxx x, xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx address removed for your security!

I am an Asteroid

I am a drifter. I go where life leads, which makes me usually a very calm and content sort of person. That or thoroughly apathetic. Usually I keep on doing whatever I'm doing, and it takes something special to make me change my mind. What Video Game Character Are You?
Wilco had an elpee called "Summerteeth" f'gd's sake - I hate that thing of taking two words and just putting them together for sonic's sake. It's so late 90's, like Lowgold or something. Bumchive, ArseBra, CheeseEgg... Get lo-fi versions of the Spunkle tracks with numbers here -, scroll down for XPH and The Buzzer, actually not even numbers, forsooth it's the noise stations (with a tad of G4) and I recorded 'em myself on me Sony2001 back in 98 (before I got the Conet Project). Plus you must listen to the Phagus tracks - they are astonishing.
no way, that is fucked. people are so lost it's amazing. Acre Of Pacific Ocean Item No. 25049 Company Wins 25-Year Legal Battle To Claim Pacific You can own a one-acre deed to a large claim of Pacific Ocean floor and become part of international maritime history. Originally claimed to preserve our fragile undersea environment and protect it from seabed strip mining, this land is yours to do with as you please. Located in the Pacific Ocean midway between California and the Hawaiian Islands, you purchase full ownership to the land and any minerals under it and right of free passage in the water above it. A stimulating conversation piece and exciting family project, you can even plan an ocean cruise to "visit" your underwater property. Perfect gift for anyone with an interest in our oceans and for the person who has everything. You get a fully descriptive deed suitable for framing and information on the struggle to claim the ocean floor for the benefit of all humankind.
Best box set ever. I recommend it to anyone with a foot. posted by corpse at 5:05 PM PST on December 19
Best As-Yet-Unreleased Album Inspired By Number-Stations Recordings
Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Wilco has already gotten tons of press for Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, a mesmerizing album that the band's label rejected as too weird to release. But just as intriguing as its experimental airs and shadowy Internet-only availability are its little-discussed allusions to The Conet Project, a four-disc collection of recordings from so-called "number stations." The source of Wilco's eerie sample of a little German girl intoning "yankee... hotel... foxtrot," The Conet Project is full of seemingly nonsensical recitations of numbers and words heard on mysterious short-wave radio frequencies. Nobody seems to know why they exist or who's responsible for them, but that hasn't stopped Thomas Pynchon fans�or Wilco's Jeff Tweedy�from taking a little time to wonder.
Google is sooooooo bad!
<--12.21.2001--> So, I was reading through The Onion's Best Albums of 2001 today, and I came upon a mention of the unreleased Wilco album, "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", which they noted borrowed from the CONET Project, which was started by uber-indie label irdial. So, what is the CONET Project, you ask? It's an encyclopedic collection of recordings of shortwave number stations. Number stations? Yes, these are uber-secret shortwave transmitting stations that broadcast people speaking numbers in a pattern that are assumed to be highly-highly encrypted message (they have NEVER been broken). Anyway, these are all VERY creepy, as you could imagine people reading off lists of numbers coming crackling through the ether would probably be! Well, irdial has a very open publishing policy, and i managed to get all of their recordings, all four discs, in mp3 from a mirror. I also yanked their 80-page booklet that went along with it, that is VERY informative, and if you want to know more about number stations, I suggest read it.

Monday, February 11, 2002

I am in America, land of the free^H^H^H^Hconstipated. :D Barreh, got bd's email handy? I only have the one from his former workplace, and I dont think that one would work. If so, throw me a line or something. I think my computer at home crashed or was turned off, cause I cant connect to it anymore. I'll have it up soon i hope, so I can SSH to it and hotline from there. davros> I couldnt get to the humanoid article, could you mail it to me? my addy is in the "team" tab in the top of the bloggin window. The BEIGE World Championship Cassette Jockey Championships is the biggest, most influential, and only audio cassette based music competition in the world. It is the finale event of the Version>02 Festival and is open to any CJ [cassette jockey] who registers. Prizes include items donated by the sponsors below, a championship trophy, and the knowledge of, if you win, being the best cassette jockey on the planet. The event is also based heavily on the Technics/DMC DJ Championship with individual timed sets, elimination rounds, and a judges panel. April 20th, 2002, Chicago, USA RULES AND REGULATIONS Competition is open to Cassette-Tape Jockeys (CJ's) only The CJ must perform solo - no teams are permitted The only equipment supplied in the Championships are: 1 - 8-channel (4 stereo channels) upfader mixer 1 - Vestax PMC-07 Mixer (2 stereo channels with crossfader) 1 - pair of dual cassette tape decks 1 - pair of Walkman cassette tape players 1. Competitors may supply any other cassette tape decks/players/recorders/etc. 2. Modified cassette tape devices are allowed 3. The use of headphones is permitted but must be provided by the competitor 4. Competitors may ONLY USE PUBLISHED AUDIO CASSETTE TAPES for source material (no dubbing cd's/vinyl/8-tracks/mp3's to tape, no home recordings, etc.) 5. Spliced tapes/tape loops are allowed (pursuant to rule #4) 6. Competitors may use no more than six (6) cassette devices ***In order to better clarify the rules, we have assembled a Cassette Battle F.A.Q. consisting of answers to emailed questions.*** All competitors will be judged on the following criteria: A. Technical Skills & Tricks (techniques, speed, tape modifications, etc.) B. Transitions (consistency, smoothness) C. Form (overall musical structure) D. Entertainment Value (stage presence, ability to "work the crowd", etc.) E. Originality (creativity, selection, etc.)