Tuesday, April 30, 2002

zombie alert!

got hold of a copy of BlackIce firewall at the weekend and, as I've been scouting around for the past hour or so, have been amazed at the amount of random hits I've taken ; Back Orifice & SubSeven probes etc .............. dithering at the moment, trying to decide whether to buy a copy of a visual C# tutorial book complete with development software ...... should really finish the c++ first, but if i can go into an interview situation with the visual c++ official accreditation and a reasonable idea of its successor behind me i can't help but feel that, given my age and general lack of experience in these matters, it would be of great help ( plus it looks interesting ) ......
That disco clip is SUPREME!!! Especially when he begins to get all freestyle towards the end - it's very liquid indeed and you can see he's at that place where the sun meets the sky. I recall as a nipper watching Blue Peter (excellently parodied in Tiswas as "Green Nigel") and they'd have Peggy Spencer telling you how to do the John Travolta finger and so forth. Question is though what would the Irdial Monster Music Disco Lesson be like if it were a video mixing, say, that clip with a funky house things? If hard disk space and video weren't so incompatible then I'd have a go myself. Windows Media Player, the new one, is not so great. I am stuck with it here at work but it's most definately not my player of choice. The idea that the mouse arrow disappears when you roll over the media, as well as the lack of right-click stuff makes it really annoying.
"Music is bigger than words and wider than pictures." --girl on Mogwai - "Yes! I am a Long Way from Home."

Monday, April 29, 2002

and.... craig venter makes it 13!! oh those kooky billionaires. i don't know why i feel the need to dis craig venter today. sometimes you have to just go with what feels right i guess.
I just did a massive update to my website (previously there was nothing on it). http://coa.vectorx.org/ Comments?
hey, just noticed that ping isn't working proper in the sense of auto loading the title and url into the fields. and..."HE is so mind-bogglingly weird but real:
this is so mind-bogglingly weird but real: http://www.spaceadventures.com/ and an article about space tourism from the NYtimes: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/04/28/science/28TOUR.html
The Horror... The Horror...
OH YEAH! That was the best disco lesson I've ever had. Does anyone know what that russian track they play is called?
that Discotanssit video was amazing. it was most definately all YES. that man is all groove, especially in the freeform section with that funky chicken slide. and there is never anything wrong with people shaking their asses. Even if they need to be taught how to do it. if the only the world danced a bit more...
In "The Matrix" when neo comes back from the dead, and looks down the corridor at the bullets hurtling towards him, fired by the three agents....and he says... "No" Thats what you say when you watch that mpeg. Seriously.
Post hard - post often


37,6 MB
I love graffiti... I travel on the buses from central to east London every day and there are some classics... but the best are the (cliche art-critic mode) organic ones, coming and going and changing on an almost daily basis. In huge letters on a bridge at Hoxton 'Chequebook Vandalism' On a house on Bethnal Green Road 'East is the New West' And everywhere from dalston eastwards, turkish/cypriot/kurdish political slogans in bright red with masses of acronyms and odd symbols, beautiful pieces. On bus stops, kids being kids JK4FG+HH+SA+VC+ML+DF4EVA GR suks cock TR is a slag Miss Animal roolz..... they never get tired or run out of ink. And the ubiquitous 'Fuck Pigs'. Couldn't have put it better myself, mate.
Spot the Boeing. http://www.asile.org/citoyens/numero13/pentagone/erreurs_en.htm

Sunday, April 28, 2002


Say What?

Public Release: 14-Mar-2002 ET New book challenges theories of black speech A new book by two North Carolina State University linguists challenges a half-century of sociolinguistic theory and takes a fresh look at the history of the controversial and highly visible ethnic English dialect Ebonics, also known as African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). National Science Foundation, William Contact: Dr. Walt Wolfram wolfram@social.chass.ncsu.edu 919-515-4151 North Carolina State University

Now works with Mozilla RC1

I had written a huge problem report about gpg here, but I am smart, and I made it go. Yay me! GPG on os x does not like the "no comment" setting in signatures. Beware!!
I assume that most of you already know about this, but in case you don't, here's a link to the Random NYTimes.com Registration Generator: http://www.majcher.com/nytview.html
yo, no that would be sean penn. HE is a total dreamboat! but, well i would do johnny depp too. ;p actually has anyone ever seen a great moving from trhe early-mid 70's(i think '72) called "don't start the revolution without me"? donald sutherland and gene wilder? great slap stick comedy ala buster keaton and all the greats. goon show and the running jumping and standing still film. shiva h. vishnu ..... 2.4! can you believe it. in two years will we have 10gig processors?? imagine the difference. interesting times we live in huh? "Oh yay, now we're back to fucking 18th century level." -i find it more feudal. spray painted near our home reads the graffiti "no war but class war" with an anarchy symbol. i would tend to agree.

Saturday, April 27, 2002

I've just overclocked my shitty g3 to 375 mHz @ 83 mHz bus speed. Tried 416, but it just gives me kernel panics. If the bus speed goes any lower, though, it can't seem to handle the higher clockspeeds... and I'm definitely not going to fuck with the PCI's bus. I forgot to comment on "The Ninth Gate." I, too, really enjoyed that movie. I though the filming and atmospheres were just great. The only gripe I have with it is that I wanted *more* backstory... like history on the satanic books and whatnot. More cool stuff like that. Anyway, it was still a great flick. And Johnny Depp rules. He's so dreamy. :p

Total Recall Anyone?


Friday, April 26, 2002

Being John Malkovitch
I think the problem with democracy is that there is now a ruling class (the rich again, corporations) controlling the oligarchy of government. Oh yay, now we're back to fucking 18th century level. Give the hydrogen car five more years. Then I can have my degree and move out for this godforsaken province -- Alberta has the highest amount of oil in the world, though it is hard to extract. Our premier is constantly kowtowing to all the oil corporations, and doesn�t give a shit about anything else (read up a bit on Mr. Ralph Klein, and find out why he is such a fascist pig - literally). My awesome Mitsubishi monitor broke in January sometime. The electron gun just decided to fuck off. My dad was kind enough to buy me (!!! he�s usually an ass) a Samsung monitor, 700nf. Hopefully it stays good. I won't need it for long though, since I am planning to buy a new computer (iMac) this summer. I was, however, amazed that the Mitsubishi busted after three years (and three months after the warranty expired). Why do I need a new computer? It is very sad when you do not go to many webpages because it takes 100% processor load to open a new browser window and load something. And your typing lags. Very. Fucking. Sad. Mmm, Ghost Dog. Sean Penn = Hurlyburly. That movie is so fucking good. I had no real problems with Gladiator - it was entertaining, nothing more. And I like Russel Crowe. The Rolling Stones: During the "gel" discussion, I advised a few of their albums, back when they had the blues. Lately, they've been very weak and not worth listening to, so I can understand the sentiment. As for Jay & Silent Bob Strike back, it is suprisingly good. It is very Hollywood for a reason - it's basically Kevin Smith posing as Hollywood, making fun of Kevin Smith. You really have to see all previous four films to understand the movie. It is completely stupid and ridiculous, and I found it very funny. As for the stupid comedies (dumb & dumber, something about mary), there is a line from where something is genuinely funny and goofy (dumb & dumber, which also had good acting), to where it becomes trite and insipid (something about mary). They are both made by the Farrelies, who ran out of steam before making �mary. Another absolutely GREAT movie that was mostly ignored by critics, is �Office Space,� by Mike Judge. Very good stuff. PS: �jazz guitarist thing with Sean Penn� is �Sweet & Lowdown.� Damn fine piece of work.
I liked Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, even Dogma (maybe I just have a thing for Kevin Smith, though Clerks was the best - by far). Haven't seen Jay & Silent Bob yet, but I get the feeling it's too "hollywood" for me to like (what the fuck is up with that crappy video I saw the other day, eh?) - Dumb & Dumber was fun, I dunno why I liked that when I don't like Something about Mary. I suppose it's because the characters are more likeable/realistic/true. - I liked parts of Gladiator (the fight parts, especially when he's not in Rome, Phoenix' character became cliche quite quickly, that chick who played his sister - I think she's danish - did quite well, tho). - Danish reviewers say the Tenenbaums has a shitty plot, but should be watched for the characters and the acting. I dunno, I'm still holding out for a video/tv release, cause I don't feel like payin a full ticket for it. - I like Dilbert, but then, I've worked in office milieus for quite some time now, so I guess I understand Adams' take on bureaucracy and management. - I just ate lunch with the family, and I'm pretty fackin drunk. Woo! Now I just wanna go out & meet some chicks *rubs thighs vic reeves stylee* I love crazy danish holidays. All we ever do is get drunk and eat herring/liver pate/salami/etc HOLY FUCKING YUM.


http://www.clubbed.com/clubbers/article743.asp http://www.thaisite.com/fullmoonparty/
yep!! caught it before it went too on the refresh tip ya'zizall. from email: "This is very unique on Koh Phagnan, especially at the time of the full moon. There are about 10 bungalows at Ploy, all pearched on a cliff. The beach is beautiful, and the sea gentle and refreshing. The colours are very inspiring, blues and greens blending together from the sand (it has a slight green tint) to the ocean to the sky. The other night was magical, as we watched a stunning sunset, followed by an electrical storm, with our surroundings illuminated by a near-full moon. Swimming by moonlight is heavenly!! I recommend this place to anyone who might come to Koh Phagnan." gotta love the https!! very phfat shirt too!!! gotsta get one!

Red's for the color of the indian man, White's for the devils who stole the land, Black's for the guys that hypnotize with the awesome sounds they spun.

Much Better® than the first peom ay?
"I am disconected from everyone " -f-ing shit tell me about it. f-ing tell me! seriously!!! perhaps i am a negative asshole. i don't think so but perhaps. i feel very bad about being critical about everything that comes down the pipe. know your history. or at least try* to learn it!! you know? i cry when i think coltrane preaching truth pre the influx of the stealers. not pittsburg either. am i on an island? shall i vacation there? does anyone care anymore? history repeating the bastardisation(?*spelling) of the post underground® original true movement that is passed over so elvis can make headway into the homes of the multitude. am i making sense? it's between the lines and i am not a writer but the truth need be not defended. it just is. accept it or not. believe it or not ripley. the aliens want to shove their eggs down your throat and have their children, the bastards born not of love but of false profits($!! too) bursting from your chest on an alien desolate toxic planet. love you all though. you are my saving grace out there! *master yoda says: do or do not. there is no try. got this book today btw- v. v. v. excited!! peace on earth! and mr depp. one of only the few³ actors left. such great script choices he has made. jim j's esp!. true;funny, intelligent and alive. and more ramblings: why can't we html in our user names. we are missing out on great posting possibilities do you think? perhaps i will make a suggestion to blogger. what do you guys think? wouldn't it be great to enable html in our usrnames post login?? please let me know you'alls thoughts on this if possible. do you think they fucked each other yesterday? the press©, not god®, works in mysterious wayz.
Gladiator was indeed, abysmally poor. Its one of those times that make you think: I am disconected from everyone (Good Thing®) I got it wrong (not this time) Whats happening to everything? (down down down) Where are all the gifted people (heh) Are they poisoning the water to make everyone dumb? (the onlu explanation for that films popularity) Ridley Scott Directed it??!! (What the Fuck?) Oh well. To turn it around, one of the best things I have seen recently is Roman Polanski's "The Ninth Gate" with Johnny Depp. A French film.....A Luscious Gem.
Saveloys YES!!!!! Eat them with your fingers with greasy chips and lots of salt walking down Berwick Street... And DON'T peel the skin off you miserable sausage-flaying heathen runts!
when you say DVD code lawsuits, you are talking about DeCSS right? Well, its pretty obvious. DCMA & shit is just jarbage, lobby created law, proposed by morons, drafted by computer illiterates that will be totally ignored by everyone. And thats that.
pauper states 6 or 7 years ago i used to help put together exhibitions for FPD Savills estate agents, highlighting all the most luxurious, and so expensive, properties around the country .... these were visited by, and principally aimed at, unbelievably wealthy Arabs, who were, and still are, buying up huge chunks of real estate in anticipation of the collapse of their source of income geometry today's the first time i've looked at what the little buttons on the front of my monitors do ...... i no longer have fuzzy edges ; ]
I had the 'Something About Mary' experience only a week or two ago with the Royal Tenenbaums. I was so looking forward to a good laugh after reading so much positive feedback on the script, the wit, the performances.... and people all around me were howling at times, whilst I kept thinking I must have blinked and missed the jokes. I came out bemoaning yet another americanized storyline where bad man becomes good man, problems are solved, love is spread and all is Good in The End. That said, I do hold some American comedies up high. Clerks and Chasing Amy, despite their faults.... and even Dumb and Dumber, despite the odd sickly moment. But, being of a certain disposition, Withnail and I does it for me every time. And it does it without a sweet ending or even a particular resolution, rather a gentle disintegration. Today is one of those days in London, identical grey miserable weather, drizzling rain, perfect for pouring out your heart to the wolves over the fence in Regents park zoo. One question, on the subject of Kevin Smiths movies, has anyone seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? I was living inSweden when it was released over here and missed it. Now I can't stop thinking of films! All the good ones I've seen in the last couple of years.... Man on the Moon, Ghost Dog, the jazz guitarist thing with Sean Penn, Crouching Tiger... and the worst - Gladiator by a country mile. So now I must go and see Waking Life tonight.
-44 leaders/1.2 billiion people?? dosen't that seems to represent how out of balance our world is. how could 44 represent 1.2 billion? as humans we should pull over and ask for directions. but our machoistic ego is to big to do it.... Well this is certainly true. Democracy is broken. Period. And even if it worked perfectly, if people do not want it as their form of government, that is their problem (or solution) and not ours. The directions we need to get are that the way that we live is not ideal for everyone, and we need to stop superimposing our ideals onto other peoples, and stop dealing with them if they and their ways offend us. You all must have heard about the Hydrogen car from BMW that is going to go into mass production. There is NO WAY IN HELL that such a car could be mass produced without the explicit permission of the oil companies and the skull & bones brigade. This means that oil is finally finished. All of these jumped up oil producing states are going to eventually become pauper states. They have absolutely nothing else to offer the world except oil. You think that these people are angry now, just wait till no one wants their oil anymore, and thier societies collapse entirely. We had better hope that they are all under the control of 44 people, that way we only have to talk to 44 people to keep them all quiet, rather than having to sit and negotiate in some Sharia-UN that is eight times the size of the present UN. Just think about it!
Monitor Pillowing And if it could be fixed using the on screen monitor controls, I would be a happy camper.
Mikkel! You are not alone - I really didn't like "Something About Mary" either. I watched that and a bunch of other US movies the last time I was in America visiting my bro. Some were cool, such as Best in Show, but "SAM" and "Meet the Parents" and "Saving Silverman" were totally lost on me. But I don't really mind, because you should always have stuff that suits a particular geographical audience. Just because we in the UK speak (approx) the same language as the US we shouldn't lose sight of living thousands of miles apart from each other and therefore doing all sorts of daily-life things completely differently which might explain why I didn't like that film even though I understood every word of it. But then again, maybe it's just me. There are lots of things that are lost on me - here are some things I've really tried to understand/like, and never have done (yet). My stylus has never sat in their grooves. I have tried though, so do not take this too seriously, since I don't! However, if you love any of these things, please feel free to advise/explain! HomSap cartoon in Private Eye Dilbert Sgt Bilko Acid Jazz (including beige cord trousers) The Rolling Stones Vauxhall cars Saveloys
asymetric pillowing what's this ? the display on the new 17" ( 2nd hand compaq v75 ) is a teeny bit blurred at the very extremes of both margins ..... i know nothing about geometry .... is this something that can be customised within display properties or similar ?
I just went through a terrible nightmare with monitors. My NEC Multisync died the other week; it went totally out of focus, and became unusable. I called up NEC tecnical support, and asked them where the focus control was, so that i could try and fix it myself. They were superb and helpful. After fabricating a special tool to do this throught the very smalll access hole in the side of the monitor, the problem would not resolve. Blurry Monitor. Fuzzy Type. Sore Eyes. It was time to get another monitor. The cheapest one that I could find with a reasonable spec was a Samsung SyncMaster 753dfx. This is a flat screen CRT monitor. When I got it back and unpacked it, the geometry was not rectangular. There was an asymetric pillowing on the right hand side, which is frankly, unnaceptable. I called up Samsung, played some telephone tag, and got someone who told me the tgeometry should be perfectly retangular. "Hold on I'll put you through" then i got another person, who geve me the vibe that they had had calls like this before. I managed to squeeze out of them that the geometry of these monitors is meant to be accurate to 2mm. This is not written anywhere in the manual or on the box. If it had been written anywhere, you can be damn sure I would never had bought this monitor. Samsung tried everything they could to say it wasnt a problem with the design of the monitors, which is clearly false. They told me to take it back to where I bought it. I did that. They gave me another monitor. I got it back, and lo and behold, the same geometric distortion in the same place. Uh oh. I called Samsung again. If you push them hard, they have a swap out programme where you can get your new / broken monitor replaced by a nearly new refurbished monitor. I tried this option as a last resort. The monitor arrived, and it was the same as the other two. The Samsung SyncMaster 753dfx sucks. It is poorly manufactured. Do not go near these monitors. To be safe, you probably shouldnt touch thier other monitors either, since they will not tell the truth about thier products in thier documentation or on the box, so that you can judge them properly. Now, I have a bad monitor, which I am going to use for my toolbar monitor when I get a chance to replace it with a monitor that is properly manufactured....more reasons to go Apple? Maybe!
Everybody loves "Samurai Jack": This is true yes?

Thursday, April 25, 2002

I like the Attila the Hun quote, and share similar sentiments ...... not sure about cctv ... i tend to share the view that it serves only to push anti-social activity into areas where it isn't installed, and doesn't really tackle the roots of the problems in any way, but three weeks ago a traffic cone was thrown through a first floor window of my house that fronts onto the street, at midnight .... no-one was hurt ( although the following evening we had people sleeping under that window ), and the cost to replace the glass was minimal ; there was no-one else around, and by the time i'd gotten downstairs to the front door the culprits had disappeared .... i reported the incident to the police, only to have it entered into the monthly figures, thinking there'd be no point in pursuing the matter ...... then i remembered that we have a couple of sets of cameras installed, one at each end of the street, and that there might be something worth looking at on the tapes ; there was, as it turned out, and this evening the scrote responsible came round to apologise & re-imburse us the cost of fixing the windows ....... the apology took the form of a non-commital grunt, the kid didn't seem to comprehend the fact that he could have caused quite serious injuries if he'd done it the following night, and he certainly didn't comprehend the possible value of him meeting the victims of his stupid actions ( which actually wound me up more than the incident itself, particularly as i'd gone out of my way to make it known to him that i had no intention of lecturing him, that i understood that the act was not malicious, merely dumb, thinking he might show a bit of humility as a consequence, that i could diffuse his "the whole world's out to get me so i can do what i like, fuck 'em" attitude by doing so, but no ..... ) ....................... anyway, all this ramble really means is that i'm glad to get my money back, that i still believe that cctv provides no real solution to the wider problem, but now see it can have its uses ....... the argument that the cameras act as a visual deterrent is a fallacy ( the kid threw the cone 50 yards from the site of the one that caught him ) ; if you're stupid / pissed / ignorant / mad enough you're not going to care about being watched, and there are now so many of them that their presence has become normal and goes unnoticed, so, why bother putting them on display ? ..... why not install discreet cameras everywhere, don't tell anyone they're there, just make use of them as & when necessary ? discovered the joys of the dual-monitor world today, although the new one is 17", the old one 15", so i'll have to buy another 17" to balance the display & enable full, high resoltion across both monitors ..... but oh, it's bliss, particularly when programming, being able to have all the source files open at once
times says: ..."But the person close to the prince said that if the summit talks went badly, Abdullah might not complete his stay in Texas. Instead, he might return directly to Riyadh and call for a summit meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to report to its 44 leaders, who represent 1.2 billion Muslims." -44 leaders/1.2 billiion people?? dosen't that seems to represent how out of balance our world is. how could 44 represent 1.2 billion? as humans we should pull over and ask for directions. but our machoistic ego is to big to do it....
I just found out I am unable to watch American comedies any more. Was watching Something about Mary with the family, supposed to be real good time, but I got really pissed over the movie and had to leave the room. I dunno if it's the mindnumbing stupidity of the main characters or what the fuck. Long time ago I stopped with the war movies (talk about obvious fucking propaganda). I wonder what movies I can stand these days. *shrugs* I find myself agreeing with this imdb reviewer:
I can imagine (although hardly) that someone would find it funny, but I found too many scenes humiliating for the viewer. Other were plain disgusting and gross.
...Am I elitist or something for thinking this "totally awesome", "hilarious" and "excellent" movie isn't at all funny, but painful? Goddamn, the only laugh I got from the movie was reading the hateful reviews. Heh! "The opening scene alone was enough for me. Someone should've taken the guitar away from those two idiots sitting on the tree and whacked them over their heads with it!" Fucking Right On.

H-Games in Flash

on responsible business its a great place to work. and an interesting use of technology though a bit excessive, i like the concept of the outside effecting the inside of the gallery... josh, i found the jodi gaming page on the massmoca site yesterday, though haven't looked at it yet as i do not have admin rights on my computer at work. frustrating as hell some/most/all days, so i am learning as much as i can so IS will give it to me... they have been very helpful so far. i hope one day soon to have a linux OS so i can test if it works with our production... i'm Cherry flavoured! surprised?
what does everyone here think about the dvd code lawsuits?
i assume that people here must know about JODI.org but if not, they are early progenitors of net.art and do interesting things with HTML and JavaScript that i haven't really seen anywhere else. the aesthetics of dysfunction, what. the main page is www.jodi.org but some of the more interesting pages are buried and can't be found other than going directly to them: http://404.jodi.org/ http://sod.jodi.org/ http://oss.jodi.org/ http://oss.jodi.org/ss http://asdfg.jodi.org/ http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org (view source on this one) http://map.jodi.org/ and many many more... it is a headache of enlightenment

Warez = 10 Yearz jail

http://news.zdnet.co.uk/story/0,,t269-s2108386,00.html And then a clever person said: Have you ever used napster or any of the next gen file sharing programs such as gnutella / morpheus / kazaa? If so you might want to reconsider your opinion unless you consider 6.75 years in the clink appropriate. (See the article "dealing in infringing copies of copyright material" -- would that make running kazaa fall under this draconian and retrogressive legislation?) The other problem apart from appropriateness of response is that many consider copyright is due for an overhaul. You've got to wonder when a significant proportion of the online population ignore a law whether it is time to revisit the value of the law to society. The law is a victimless crime, that the law exists is absolutely purely societal convention. By way of example of the sheer scale: kazaa (which uses the fast track network protocols) typically has 1.5 million users simultaneously online, sharing 1.5 Petabytes (that's 1000 terabytes) and I'd guess a fair proportion of that content is copyrighted works for which the copyright owner or authorized distributed has given no explicit or implicit approval for the distribution of the works. The MPAA, RIAA and SPA are essentially powerful special interest lobbying organizations attempting to bias the legal systems of the world to enhance and defend their bottom line in a world which has seen the advent of essentially the same order of sweeping change in the Internet as the printing press on book copying. I personally don't think DMCA for example is at all in the public interest. I don't think the continued increasing of copyright term in the US and elsewhere is in the public interest. The RIAA in particular isn't even very fair to the artists who's rights it may claim when it suits are what it is defending. Personally I think we'd be in a better world if copyright where simply scrapped. An argument for copyright is typically that it is necessary to protect the interests of individual artists -- writers, musicians etc. however the current reality is that it has been perverted into a tool of the mega-corporations monopolistic content-cartels to extract price gauging rents for content whilst paying a negligible fraction to the original authors. The latest trends of outlawing circumventing copy controls (DMCA) are quite evil and stifling of progress. In the US the current battle is over proposals to outlaw sale of general purpose computers without digital copyprotection mechanisms extending right out to peripherals -- encryption to the monitors, and speakers, copy-protection encryption in the hard disk firm ware. The trend of erosion of previous copyright exemptions such as fair use quotation and so on is further evidence of the expansionary and monopolistic rent seeking behaviour of the media cartels and their powerful lobbying groups.

I HATE Bananas!

i'm banana flavoured!
Today was my last day of using Eudora, after 5 years. Its Mozilla all the way. Woooo! (Rick Flair Woo)
Yes indeed. The BBC of course, does not mention the simple things that you can do to toally destroy the effectiveness of SurfControl. If you use an anonymous Proxy server, no one can know your true location. Period. And, they do not mention projects like Freenet, which already renders SurfControl and its bastard children useless. From the article: "With specialist software now at the disposal of the police, it is impossible for those who use the internet illegally to remain anonymous." This is a lie, and in typical BBC style, the article is free of details of how it was done. Personally, I think these articles should not be published at all. Police should use the net to find these people and then they should be permanently dealt with. By publishing lie articles like this, the bad guys are taught how to totally dissapear from the web, whilst still being on it, which is a Bad Thing® "Triuphalism in the face of the enemy should only be done when you are standing on top of a mountain made of their bodies" Atilla The Hun
Also, Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon
There has been a very interesting story on the BBC over the past 2 days. British police have used SurfControl software to not only identify internet users compiling/up-or-downloading/viewing child pornography, but also to physically locate the computers being used in this practise. Leaving the crime bit out of it for the moment, this story serves as the biggest (so far), well-publicised use of tracking software to find out what people are up to. This should be a reminder that 1) this kind of tracking goes on all the time (i.e. the internet is being, quite literally, policed), 2) you never know who's 'watching' - nor for that matter exactly what they are looking for - and 3) companies like SurfControl are making a killing on this technology. Further to this, what does this say about how far the internet has slipped from a free and open society? We've had postings on here before about the online publication of radical viewpoints leading to oppression in the 'real' world. Should one worry about expressing opinions online in case 'they' are listening and taking notes? Having read William Gibsons 'Virtual Light' trilogy again recently it is quite feasible and, more to the point, likely that an equivalent of the Walled City (a virtual safe haven constucted by programmers and free thinkers to protect their freedom and privacy) will come to pass. It's bad enough having CCTV in every street.... Big Brother is the ghost in the machine.
http://www.english.upenn.edu/~afilreis/50s/seeger-bio-2.html truly brilliant paragraph at the end of 'how sweet..' that is fantastic writing.
linda lovelace RIP you're the man now, dog!

Home Sweet Global Monopoly

Starbucks make us feel ill. With their carfully chosen subtle (but not too bland) colour scheme. They try to suggest some kind of ethnic liberal charm. Even the background music has been Starbucked, watered down instrumental versions of Hendrix for example, after all we wouldn't want to offend. The quirky living room sofa's and tables which are not so quirky when you realise they are identical to the other thousand of stores. And those thousands of stores, like a plague infesting our highstreets, a McDonalds for the new media generation. virtually every street corner will soon contain that incipid nippleless mermaid. Their attempts at portraying a modern arty cafe culture, with left leanings are just a caked on makeup, for the neo liberal global capitalist thug that they are. Destroying land with their farming methods and lives with their wages to farmers and workers alike. Most of all we dislike their vermin like spread, subsidising new stores in order to out price and close down local rivals, before turning entire towns and cities that horrid green. Blanding out any local culture or diversity and helping every high street look the same worldwide. Yes, but which one amongst you can make a decent cappucino? The fact of the matter is, people like good coffee, and the british suck at making coffee. When they go into a cofee joint, they ask for "coffee". Amongst europeans, they are the most ignorant eaters. Anyone living here knows this. You go into a traditional english "caf" and what you are given when you ask for coffee (and that is your *only choice*) is a filthy mug filled with hot dishwater and a weak solution made from Kenco granules, topped off with some sour milk. Oh, and did I mention that the place itself is dirty from top to bottom and corner to corner? And then they drink it. The more "sophisticated" places that have that miracle of science, the Gaggia, are almost always operated by an ignoramus that thinks that coffee is something you get in a dirty cup in a caf. She burns the milk, and presents you with something even more revolting than dishwater, because it is a thing pretending to be a thing; an imitation. The fact of the matter is, Starbucks, Coffee Republic and Cafe Nero are clean places with comfortable chairs, where you can get a reliable and consistent cup of coffee. No where else in Britain can do this, unless you find a small specialist chain like Maison Blank or some other very small place that is run by either a French or Italian person, even then, its a gamble. What do we notice about these coffee chains? Firstly, there are many of them. On every streetcorner, sometimes three to a street. That this is disturbing is unquestionable. People love their streets, and hate to see them vandalized by bland chains. The other thing that we see is that they are always full of people drinking coffee and eating cakes, smoking fags and sitting around reading free newspapers. This coffee house culture, which is a simulation and direct descendent of places like Marge in Montreal, is something that is old and which works. The coffee chains have simply standardised it and imported it. The normal argument that is insertedhere, is that if people didnt want these places, they would not be spreading so wildly. I would say something else. People do not know what they want. If you give them something nice, they will eat it, sit in it and drink it. It can be you that provides it, or someone else. Pulling stunts in front of these shops does nothing, except satisfy the performers. No one is fed. No suffereing workers are paid extra money. No land is spared. The coffee trade is notorius for its bad practices, and for years there have been ethical companies trading coffee fairly with growers all over the world. These are the people who are doing something real. Clearly, there is a place for an ethical coffee house. But should there be just one, or should there be one in every high street, so that the ethical coffee house owners can exert more influence on coffee drinkers and bean buyers? If you were to try and furninsh hundreds of new, ethical coffee houses, would you buy your furniture one piece at a time, or would you cut a deal with a sofa maker to furnish them all cheaply whilst maintaining the quality of the furninshings? You could say that each one could be made as a work of art, individually designed, furnished and decorated, so that your shops dont visually pollute the streets they sit in. Ok, do it. At the end of the day, people are now exposed to and hooked on coffee that IS COFFEE (compared to the dishwater that they used to think was coffee). They will not go back to that dishwater served in filthy grease holes. If you want to do something about coffee chains, something REAL, then the standard that you have to beat has been set. The gauntlet has been laid down. Put up or shut up. OR, concentrate on making cool flash games and submitting them to Newgrounds.com and stop wasting bits on this pointless self satisfying stunt performing. Join a circus. Open a coffee bar. Whatever you do... BE REAL. It has to be said, that Situationist propaganda, is totally useful high art of the most noble kind. That sign, "this way to escape", is priceless, pregnant with true meaning and a boon to "society". If these people do this, and the other lame shit, they can be totally forgiven, and contrary to the psycholgy of Accounting whcih has permeated everything, the two actions are not two sides of an equation cancelling each other out, the result being zero. The one is outside of the spectacle, and therefore does not have a spectacular value. Its value is infinite and zero simultaneously because it is REAL.
Venezuela coup linked to Bush team Specialists in the 'dirty wars' of the Eighties encouraged the plotters who tried to topple President Chavez Observer Worldview Ed Vulliamy in New York Sunday April 21, 2002 The Observer The failed coup in Venezuela was closely tied to senior officials in the US government, The Observer has established. They have long histories in the 'dirty wars' of the 1980s, and links to death squads working in Central America at that time. Washington's involvement in the turbulent events that briefly removed left-wing leader Hugo Chavez from power last weekend resurrects fears about US ambitions in the hemisphere. It also also deepens doubts about policy in the region being made by appointees to the Bush administration, all of whom owe their careers to serving in the dirty wars under President Reagan. One of them, Elliot Abrams, who gave a nod to the attempted Venezuelan coup, has a conviction for misleading Congress over the infamous Iran-Contra affair. The Bush administration has tried to distance itself from the coup. It immediately endorsed the new government under businessman Pedro Carmona. But the coup was sent dramatically into reverse after 48 hours. Now officials at the Organisation of American States and other diplomatic sources, talking to The Observer, assert that the US administration was not only aware the coup was about to take place, but had sanctioned it, presuming it to be destined for success. The visits by Venezuelans plotting a coup, including Carmona himself, began, say sources, 'several months ago', and continued until weeks before the putsch last weekend. The visitors were received at the White House by the man President George Bush tasked to be his key policy-maker for Latin America, Otto Reich. Reich is a right-wing Cuban-American who, under Reagan, ran the Office for Public Diplomacy. It reported in theory to the State Department, but Reich was shown by congressional investigations to report directly to Reagan's National Security Aide, Colonel Oliver North, in the White House. North was convicted and shamed for his role in Iran-Contra, whereby arms bought by busting US sanctions on Iran were sold to the Contra guerrillas and death squads, in revolt against the Marxist government in Nicaragua. Reich also has close ties to Venezuela, having been made ambassador to Caracas in 1986. His appointment was contested both by Democrats in Washington and political leaders in the Latin American country. The objections were overridden as Venezuela sought access to the US oil market. Reich is said by OAS sources to have had 'a number of meetings with Carmona and other leaders of the coup' over several months. The coup was discussed in some detail, right down to its timing and chances of success, which were deemed to be excellent. On the day Carmona claimed power, Reich summoned ambassadors from Latin America and the Caribbean to his office. He said the removal of Chavez was not a rupture of democra tic rule, as he had resigned and was 'responsible for his fate'. He said the US would support the Carmona government. But the crucial figure around the coup was Abrams, who operates in the White House as senior director of the National Security Council for 'democracy, human rights and international opera tions'. He was a leading theoretician of the school known as 'Hemispherism', which put a priority on combating Marxism in the Americas. It led to the coup in Chile in 1973, and the sponsorship of regimes and death squads that followed it in Argentina, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and elsewhere. During the Contras' rampage in Nicaragua, he worked directly to North. Congressional investigations found Abrams had harvested illegal funding for the rebellion. Convicted for withholding information from the inquiry, he was pardoned by George Bush senior. A third member of the Latin American triangle in US policy-making is John Negroponte, now ambassador to the United Nations. He was Reagan's ambassador to Honduras from 1981 to 1985 when a US-trained death squad, Battalion 3-16, tortured and murdered scores of activists. A diplomatic source said Negroponte had been 'informed that there might be some movement in Venezuela on Chavez' at the beginning of the year. More than 100 people died in events before and after the coup. In Caracas on Friday a military judge confined five high-ranking officers to indefinite house arrest pending formal charges of rebellion. Chavez's chief ideologue - Guillermo Garcia Ponce, director of the Revolutionary Political Command - said dissident generals, local media and anti-Chavez groups in the US had plotted the president's removal. 'The most reactionary sectors in the United States were also implicated in the conspiracy,' he said.
the pearl is made from the oysters pain soon.......

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

I had an English final exam today at 9 AM. I set my alarm and everything, I was set! Yet somehow, despite being able to get up early with no problm, I woke up at NOON. Then I screamed for about 20 minutes Then I called my prof, and apparently exams aren't officially closed till tomorrow. So I actually managed to go to her office and write the exam. This saved me from 1 or 2 points knocked off my GPA (which is a 9 point scale). This day has held two lessons: a) buy a better alarm clock that *always* works (this one has failed me in the past) b) to always be nice to your teachers. They may be nice back.
Linux on the desktop: Who needs Windows?
Special Report: Linux is making headway in corporate datacenters, so why not the PC desktop? Conventional wisdom says Linux lacks business productivity apps. Here are four examples to change your mind.
April 17, 2002 | Tech Update Special Report

More foreign banks switching to Linux
New Zealand's TSB Bank is the latest big company to switch to Linux, and the ranks are swelling. According to IBM, 15 banks in central London alone are running Linux clusters.
April 22, 2002 | By Matt Loney

On Friday, the Apache Software Foundation endorsed version 2.0 for real-world "production" use, not just for test machines. Apache Software Foundation Director Greg Stein designated version 2.0.35 as the first general availability--or final--version, and now recommends it over the earlier 1.3 versions

Codeine Syrup & Screwed Music
In Houston, local hip-hop acts thrive. You can find "screwed" music in any record store -- "screwed" being a slowed down, draggy version of the original song. And in many of these songs, if you listen closely to the lyrics, you'll hear references to "drank", "lean" or "Barr" -- all nicknames for codeine cough syrup, a drug of choice for many in the hip-hop community. They mix it with soda or juice, add some ice and sip it to get high. Guest host Melissa Block has the story. (12:30)

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

" Funny that the only strain of hip-hop that truly qualifies as Da Next Big Thing would make Russell Simmons wanna join Creed as the management flunky who shaves Scott Whatshisname's concave chest. It's called screwed music, or just plain "screw," after the legendary and deceased Texas turntablist DJ Screw who made a living that allowed for much Fubu togging and heavy donations to Houston-area churches, all by slowing down other people's music�mostly underground rap but some copyrighted, mainstream stuff too, from Dr. Dre to Led Zep to Phil Collins�and selling mix tapes of his handiwork for $10 a pop out of his Houston house. Perhaps he was moved by the resourceful spirit of the South Bronx (circa 1977) to say, if Def Jam/Interscope/rope-a-dope/whoever isn't gonna produce any kickin' new music, I'm-a do it myself. Slower than my chubby buddy Sven in snowshoes, subaqueous and evocative of a 78 platter being spun at 33 speed, screw flips the script on pop's predictable shtick: The sound draws its strength inversely from mainly overpolished, overproduced monstrosities, like how X-Woman Rogue sucks up a bad guy's superpowers only to use them against him. "Shake ya ass! Watch ya-self!" sounds even more unintentionally wack screwed; "In the Air Tonight" actually comes off sinister; and "Let Me Ride" even less like "Aerosmiff." " from the article Slow Ride on VillageVoice.com.

Akin said:

Radio 4 goes in deep long and hard

I say:

Kind of like Mikkel. Ohhh yeah. (sorry, I couldn't resist) Also, that Christian thing is HILARIOUS. I love clueless people. I also like how people like that always assume that satanic forces are ruining everyone's christian upbringing. Sorry, I was raised atheist, SO I WILL ALIGN MYSELF WITH THE OPERATING SYSTEM OF THE DEVIL GAAAAHHHGGGGH *vomits blood* The French voter turnout was 72%? That's dreamy. We're lucky to get 40% over here. It's truly pathetic how little people care about who is running their government (then they complain when it's doing things they don't want doing). People say "voting is pointless, it changes nothing." Think again... why do you think bad goverments get elected? Because YOU (general "you") don't care about it.
the movie in question is Waking Life directed by Richard Linklater. i saw it while it was playing here in NY and left ecstatic, telling anybody i could to go and see it. The film was shot with live actors and then completely redone with animation. very psychedelic. the music is excellent. and the conversations between the characters are brilliant. any BLOGDIALer would get a HUGE kick out of it. it is cinema for a very literate crowd...
reading stuff about the reactions to the french elections. this struck me as very odd: how come le pen only grabbed the eastern border of france? is this something to do with the proximity to europe, the social/political climate in these areas or just the results of campaign? and jospin only really managed to make a dent in the south west.
anthony, have you tried using the Calendar / GregorianCalendar object if it exists? then you could do getInstance(), getTime(), etc. or use DateFormat to parse the object. but this is all Java, and I'm not sure how similar it is to C++
shit ....... just received an email from my isp ; they've just discovered i've not paid any fees since opening the account last january ( their fault ) & want �300, or will terminate the service within 10 days ...... balls ! ...... might have to let it go for now, grab all my files while i can & restart it at germstore.com when cash is more plentiful !! oh..... but i can't do that cause then i won't have email ..... toss !
Alex : "you would think that calling toString() on a Date object would give you a nice readable string wouldn't you? but no... it's just a crazy jumbled mess. getTime() gives me what i wanted..." i'm having a hell of a time trying to locate info about the Date object in the msdn library, still can't find what i need, so have abandoned COleDateTime for the time being & gone down the tm structure & time_t data type route, which i'm a little more familiar with, & am getting better results
Has anyone seen 'Waking World' yet? Seems like a love it or hate it thang looking at the reviews... But its the reviewers I hate that hate it, so thats a good sign... maybe. See the trailer
yes. radio 4. bbc news 24 (hard talk is quite good). newsnight. channel 4 news. all quite meaty at times. and mark thomas comedy project, although i always get a feeling of unfulfilledness, like he never quite caps it off, obviously he's not going to solve the problems overnight, but i never hear about any follow ups. maybe i should read the website. it would be fun if he could post here! i saw a boba fett poster out of the corner of my eye on sunday. was engaged in snogging girlfriend at the time, so didn't pay too much attention. i am mildly excited, although expecting the worse. i've always hated talk radio becuase of it's trivialness... reminds me of "the wright stuff" on channel 5. not that i ever watched it of course.

Davros Said

"re 5 live, just been listening to that. They sound like average live talk radio hosts - thinking on their feet and trying to present a programme about something they aren't 100% ready for. All sorts of phone-in shows and other talk formats like that are (in the UK at least) pretty bumbling and often a little condescending, because all these people are suddenly thrown together to talk about something, whilst watching the clock on the studio wall and trying to stay in character as mr or ms personality. I thought it was a good interview/piece though, and finally I have a voice for all those irdial discs postings (as well as Simon Mason's webpages if you listen to the other articles on there). Alex, glad you liked the N. I'm labouring most evenings on it and the other works, and I'll be posting details of the exhibition they will be in when the time is more appropriate." that post got eaten whist trying to put in a missing quote mark...

Me Say

and as for the presenters, they had WEEKS to think about this; the time constraint really is the main factor, that show is just superficial pep/coke/speed radio. People like it, they have millions of listeners. Radio 4 goes in deep long and hard, rather like BLOGDIAL when its at its best :] The posters for "Attack of The Clones" have gone up in London by the way. I saw (by accident) a few seconds of the preview, and it looks awesome.
Excellent. Too true.
On comics, the Jimmy Corrigan series culminating in the most wonderfully designed graphic book EVER touches parts of you that need touching every now and again.
ya babe its there...and regular listeners to http://www.overcomerministry.com are already aware of the Daemon / www connection...
I got the feeling they were waiting to run out in the coffeeroom and giggle, but as I said earlier, I'm paranoid. :P - That "christian" site is hilarious, but I was quite puzzled when some of my friends thought they were serious. I mean, what the hell? - Can anyone connect to my homepage? I checked the DNS, and all kinds of stuff, and it appears to work, but I just got an email from some guy who can't... And I'm the only one in the log all day, which is pretty weird.

Apple Macintosh:

iMac users
Hypnotically encased iMacs trick unsuspecting computer users into accepting Darwinism

However, these propagandists aren't just targeting the young. Take for example Apple Computers, makers of the popular Macintosh line of computers. The real operating system hiding under the newest version of the Macintosh operating system (MacOS X) is called... Darwin! That's right, new Macs are based on Darwinism! While they currently don't advertise this fact to consumers, it is well known among the computer elite, who are mostly Atheists and Pagans. Furthermore, the Darwin OS is released under an "Open Source" license, which is just another name for Communism. They try to hide all of this under a facade of shiny, "lickable" buttons, but the truth has finally come out: Apple Computers promote Godless Darwinism and Communism.

But is this really such a shock? Lets look for a moment at Apple Computers. Founded by long haired hippies, this company has consistently supported 60's counter-cultural "values". But there are even darker undertones to this company than most are aware of. Consider the name of the company and its logo: an apple with a bite taken out of it. This is clearly a reference to the Fall, when Adam and Eve were tempted with an apple2 by the serpent. It is now Apple Computers offering us temptation, thereby aligning themselves with the forces of darkness3.

This company is well known for its cult-like following. It isn't much of a stretch to say that it is a cult. Consider co-founder and leader Steve Jobs' constant exhortation through advertising (i.e. mind control) that its followers should "think different". We have to ask ourselves: "think different than whom or what?" The disturbing answer is that they want us to think different than our Christian upbringing, to reject all the values that we have been taught and to heed not the message of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Given the now obvious anti-Christian and cultish nature of Apple Computers, is it any wonder that they have decided to base their newest operating system on Darwinism? This just reaffirms the position that Darwinism is an inherently anti-Christian philosophy spread through propaganda and subliminal trickery, not a science as its brainwashed followers would have us believe.

A Satanic, unevolvable chimera compells you to submit to Darwinism!

ADDENDUM: It has been brought to my attention that the Darwin OS mentioned above now has a cartoon mascot (no doubt to influence children) named Hexley (pictured above) -- a platypus dressed as a devil who performs occult magic, i.e. hexes. They're not doing a very good job keeping their ties to the forces of darkness a secret, are they?

they seemed to want to trivialise the whole thing, and were a bit, "look at the sad anorak geek". which is plain rude to me. Strange; did anyone else get that impression? most of the feedback that ive had so far was that it was pretty fair given what it is.
my flatmate has one of those wind up radios that he listens to whilst cooking, it's permantly tuned to 5 live for the football, but he often gets the show that akin was interviewed on too. and yes they're always that annoying. they seemed to want to trivialise the whole thing, and were a bit, "look at the sad anorak geek". which is plain rude to me. what's more annoying is that my room is next to the kitchen and has this crap alcove bookshelf which is just where they ripped out the wall and put a bookself in instead, so i can hear everything that's going on in the kitchen and the winding up of the radio is the most annoying sound ever, especially when you're asleep. gah... i had date related programming problems earlier too. you would think that calling toString() on a Date object would give you a nice readable string wouldn't you? but no... it's just a crazy jumbled mess. getTime() gives me what i wanted... phew... i like your N davros. and i had a completly misanthropic sunday as well. went to the web wizards exhibition at the design museum. it had a computer museum and you could play binatone pong, ocarina of time, street fighter 2, tetris, pac man 3d, super smash tv and others. was nice to see the commodore plus/4 and the atari 65xe. both computers from my past. had some awesome bed with a huge widescreen monitor in the headrest and pillow speakers... wasn't real though. :( exhibitions like that envoke two disparate sensations in me. on one hand i get hugely inspired and vow to start doing sketchbooks and loads of little apps and build up a good portfolio. on the other hand i get hugely depressed and feel i'll never amount to anything. there are too many designers and too much bad design. anyone is/can be a designer these days and no one seems to care about proper typography. which makes me think there's no point. my silence won't get noticed in this sea of noise. went to see sigur r�s at the barbican too, but i missed it. got there as the crowds were streaming out, which didn't help.

Monday, April 22, 2002

Does this interview mean that section D or article D has been lifted?
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
HAHAHAHGALHGLAH Akin was on the radio! Those interviewers ARE really annoying - are they always like that? OMG I need to file my taxes! hguahlguahgluahglaugl
no i'm not .......
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
thankyou mr magoo where was the city photo taken akin ?
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
Santa Sangra is very much like his graphic novels, very inspiring and unusual. Aparently they (BBC 5 Live) have a listenership in the millions... It's very hard to keep self control when you speak to these people...
a manning liquid quartz=wow!!
I hope you're right with regards to the right-turn (Denmark just elected a right wing government as well). - I haven't seen any of Jodorowsky's movies, although they sound interesting enough to watch, even if I might not like the style (for some reason, I have a suspicion that they are very different from his comic book work). - I forgot to mention that I also bought a bunch of Heavy Metal from '78 & '79. It's so weird buying comics that are older than yourself, heh. - Just listened to the Radio 5 thing, those interviewers were pretty interruptive. What time was it broadcast? I mean, how many people do you suppose heard it?

Le Pen

You simply cannot keep hammering people and expect them not to react. You cannot block the streets of France to pray, and expect people not to hate you. You cannot hold the world to ransom over land and expect generation after generation to let you get away with it. People turn to the Right as a reaction not as a first choice. Everyone has to BEHAVE. Go home, do your job, mind your children, have you hobby and BE QUIET; this is all that life is about my friends. This turn to the Right in France is not unexpected. The same thing happened in Austria. This evil euro currency that more than half the people dont want, combined with the unrepresentative and anti-democratic European Parliament is enough to make any decent person vote for the far right. The stifiling and insane political correctness that keeps everyones mouths shut is simply intolerable to decent people. The right are the only ones who offer a way out of all of this, if only in words, and that is enough to get the votes. Look at Italy, and the two million people who hit the streets to protest the new revisions to the workers rights laws. Berlusconi said afterward "we are going to go ahead with the new laws despite the protests". What do you expect people to do, lie down and take it? Maybe now in France Mitterand will be a little less cavalier; probably not. Either way, dont bother being worried about a swing to the right, because it has been made to happen and is not an indication of a new class of hating people suddenly emerging from nowhere.
Jodo Arno: have you seen "Santa Sangre" by Jodo? There is a theme of armlessness running in Jodo...disturbing!
OTTAWA - A former U.S. Marine Corps general predicts that Canadian and American investigators will draw virtually identical conclusions from separate inquiries into the deaths of four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Retired Gen. Bernard Trainor said there will be so much evidence � including radio transmissions, videotape, cockpit data recordings and the pilot's instructions � that the probes should have no trouble figuring why a U.S. pilot dropped a bomb on Canadians by mistake. "I think that they will probably be able to reconstruct this thing very accurately, and in a relatively short period of time we should know exactly what happened," Trainor told CBC Newsworld. http://www.cbc.ca/stories/2002/04/21/inquiry_020421
i don't know if you have Ben &Jerry's Ice cream where you live, but it is Free Cone day there (April 22, 2002) and you can walk into any ben & Jerry's and get a free ice cream cone.
This whole right-turn in European politics (and American, for that matter) is really worrying me. I hope I'm just being paranoid.
more depressing than being tony blair:
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
french elections: what the fuck?!?! jospin has dropped out and le penn (french national front) is a close second behind chirac, who's only running for another term to escape imprisonment for fraud. very scary.
Comics I bought today:
  • Olfax - Egoland 2-12 (had #1, Danish newspaper-comic, highly intelligent and immensely well-drawn)
  • Will Eisner - A Family Matter (hard-bound)
  • Will Eisner - Last day in Vietnam
  • Jodorowsky & Arno - Alef-Thau 5 (slowly completing the set)
  • Masamune Shirow - Ghost in the Shell 1 & 3 (can't find #2, damn!)
  • Gilbert Shelton - Those Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers "The Idiots Abroad" 1 & 2
  • Ole C. Christensen & Niels S�ndergaard - Dimensionsdetektiven 1 "The May 1st Mystery" (EXCELLENT Danish comic where we are transplanted to a dimension where the communists took over most of the world after WWII, lots of great details and a great story)
  • Tome & Warnant - Soda 1 & 2 (Noir-ish comic about a NY cop who pretends to be a preacher to appease his mother.)
Had real fun playing a Trivia game on IRC: the first person to answer correctly in channel gets the points. If no one guesses correctly, there is a hint, and then, if no one gets it, the answer is given.

Its hilariously funny; people give the most incredible answers using wordplay that is to die for. email me if you want the channel name!
Having awful days repeatedly punctuated by much wailing and gnashing of teeth. This has to be over soon. I don't know anything about William Blake.
One of the top TCP contributors heard me on Radio 5 purely by accident (it was not pre-announced) and managed to record it: http://members.madasafish.com/~swldxer/fivelive.mp3 Extraordinary.
I had a decent day, I suppose. Was woken up early (read: 10 AM) by my dad, who locked himself out of the house. Couldn't go back to sleep, too hot. Had a nasty headache, got very depressed and misanthropic for no reason at all (as far as I could tell). Had lunch at 2, still rather grumpy. Studied for art history (test tomorrow, I will rawk it), and the bad mood went away. Cleaned up a bit. Listened to some good tunes, and now I'm just chillin'. It's gorgeous outside. I like wind chimes. Which beatnik are you?
You are Allen Ginsberg
The "Which Beatnik Are You?" test was created by . Take the test here!
I had a good day too Lazy morning in bed with the GF (played her Veco 19 and Mimi Majick off the Irdial CDs, as well as tricking her into believing the Rutles were lost Beatles b-sides). My sister + boyfriend and neice and dog came round for a visit, I spent the afternoon drinking rasperry coke (an improvisation of mine - went to a cocktail bar last night where they serve cherry coke made from the syrup from cocktail cherries - much nicer than the cherry coke you can buy in the shops. Their elderflower presse was flippin' good too. Anyway, this afternoon I went to my local CoOp only to find Coke, but no cocktail cherries. Back home the liquid from a tin of rasperries proved to be a rather pathetic but nonetheless interesting replacement, but ADD IT TO THE COKE AND NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND unless you want about 300000000 gallons of crimson fizz all over your kitchen floor) and working on my latest art project (a 4 foot high 3-d rendering, in cardboard, of the letter N in wingdings font) and this evening set up the telescope I got my GF for her birthday last week and saw Jupiter, plus its satellites and cloud bands for the first time in my life!!! The moon is tip top too! If you haven't, you should have a look thru a telescope - it's awesome! Akin, let the list know when you're on 5-live, unless it was as the station name suggests, live.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Which beatnik are you?
You are William S. Borroughs
The "Which Beatnik Are You?" test was created by . Take the test here!

Had a great day today. The weather was perfect Got interviewed (again) by Radio 5 Live. Had a great lunch of Bombadier & Thai chicken, Heard some VLF whistlers in the park. Skated round. Played a quiz on IRC. Life is good!
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
I'd find that special if I actually watched TV. I find it insufferable and annoying. It instills me with homicidal rage to watch television. I hope others feel the same.
TV Turnoff Week April 22 - 28, 2002

if you can get the date and time string, then you can store it and manipulate it. once you have stored it, the problem is over, because you can break it up, pack it; do whatever you want to do with it....
that does sound complicated... i am just got a new image to boot off my BIOS, which looks amazing in Phtshp but incredibly terrible converted to 16 colours... hello BMP graphics lessons... however, I had no idea I could actually do it in the first place! The ASUS logo is technically on, though why would i want to look at that??? I need something green... you know, i really spoiled myself with my new computer (Molly)... she has a voice post reporter that alerts to system events for which i can record my own .wav files, how fucking cool is that? i am wondering if i can program the system events that she will respond to... currently they only provide failed commands , come on, I want some rewards! its the sculptural quality that is pulling on me...
it's easy enough to get the date & time, i can do that ; the frazzling dimension kicks in when translating the returned variable into the data type i need to carry out my calculations & display the date etc ..... a fresh head might ease the struggle ; trying to solve the problem at the end of a long day when tired, and with excess caffeine flowing through the system, doesn't make for an ideal solution-generating scenario ; ]
In unix, if you want to know the time, you can say: bash$ date Sun Apr 21 00:38:45 BST 200 then you could grep out the clock bits, and pipe them: bash$ date | grep [the time] | whatever OR you could use .gmtime in Perl to get the time for your app if you were using Perl. These sorts of thing are simple in Unix/Perl...

Saturday, April 20, 2002

screen strain as an attempt to make the c++ material sink in more firmly i thought i'd put together something simple, a program to work on in tandem with the sample program we're being shown how to build, so that i can make lots of mistakes & learn much more thoroughly ..... a small client that lets you enter dates that you need to remember ( ie birthdays etc ), plus messages and further details associated with them ..... as well as entering the date itself, you can decide whether or not you want a reminder before the day arrives, and if so, how far in advance ( so that you can go out & buy a card in time ) ...... all you'll need to do is hit the shortcut icon every day & if the client matches that day's date with one you've entered, or with one for which you've requested a reminder, it'll flash up a message ..... easy ............. can i grab today's date information from the pc using the mfc classes supplied ? ....... can i fuck ........ or rather, i can't work out how to cast from the data type supplied by the mfc function to the data type required ........ why ? .......... does anyone know of anyone manufacturing a screen that'll give the answer if you stare at it for long enough ?

Are you a ho? Find out @ She's Crafty

Are you a ho? Find out @ She's Crafty

Are you a ho? Find out @ She's Crafty
D�v�nir � gris
Districts cracking down Drug look-alikes will be treated as real drugs, officials say "Several area school districts want to make it perfectly clear: Substances that look like drugs will be treated the same as the real stuff. "That practice recently came into sharp focus when 19 fifth-graders and one third-grader from Northwest Elementary School in Howell were suspended for either manufacturing, using, selling or distributing a mixture of grape Kool-Aid, strawberry Jell-O and sugar packaged in plastic bags." http://www.mlive.com/news/aanews/index.ssf?/xml/story.ssf/html_standard.xsl?/base/news/1018881604224238.xml
American people don't care about things. For example, they drive broken car. My host family ride a car which has no side mirror. I surprised. Why they don't fix it? Yuko American people eat sweet food, especially ice cream. They eat dinner, and they are full, but after that they eat ice cream with chocolate too. I can't believe their appetite and their big stomachs. Yuko When two people agree to an international marriage, they should live in wife's country. This way all will be more easy. Misako If I could go back in time, I would go to America in 1945 and stop the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many people died and suffered from the A-bomb disease. It was both countries' faults, but Americans shouldn't hurt ordinary people. Yuko "Men are like chocolates, you just bite them, suck out the cream filling, and then throw them away. The world sees me as a love goddess, but I've never been in love." Kazumi Saito When I went to America I was surprised at there because there is very broad and I surprised by cost. It's very cheap. But steak isn't good taste, and most of sweet food is too sweet. I went to Los Angeles. I'm afraid of there somewhat. I like America. Keiko When I arrived at San Francisco airport, I surprised there are many Americans around here. I thought American people had a large mind, warm heart and were very kind. But American was fatter than Japanese. Mieko-chan One day I saw many people around my house. Under the pale moon, we started fighting. Then suddenly, God came, I said "What the fack?" and he said to us, "Hi guys, stop fighting!" We said "FUCK YOU." All of us were killed in a moment. Koji's story American porn has bad background music, Japanese porn dosen't. I think we could tell a lot about the difference between the two cultures if we could figure out what that means. friend Max I think the best part of the U.S.A. is, they have a high regard for individuality. So American children can display their personality. Japanese teachers always want children to be the same. But America is more free. They don't have school uniforms and strict, strange rules. Tomoko When I was in high school, my favorite subject was English because my English teacher was a young, beautiful, tasty hot woman, that's why. Tomoko I think Americans, especially politicians, think that Japanese are yellow rich monkeys and not kind people. Country is rich but people are not rich. I don't want them to think that. I think Japan is hated by other country. Sanae Men think women are weak, but I think sometimes men are weak. This has nothing to do with woman and man. We should live to be happy, and live to not regret. I think it's ideal if women are weak and men are aggressive. Mieko Sayuri http://www.peterpayne.net/Merchant3/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=PP&Product_Code=P03&Category_Code=BJ

Friday, April 19, 2002

NERD JOKE: There are only 10 types of people in this world - those who understand binary, and those who don't. via b3ta.

Tales for the L33t

"playing the banjo in 2002 is like fucking karate!"
Linguistics are incredibly interesting to me, and even though I don't speak much french, I can usually grasp the overall meaning of a short piece from my knowledge of obscure words and basic grammar (I took spanish classes long ago). I'd like to learn french, but I don't really have the resources (time/money) at the moment. So currently, I enjoy the Danish translations, which thankfully are incredibly well done. I've read both the HM and danish versions of plenty of works, and I didn't notice any significant differences. In fact, I read English to a point where I can read an entire article and promptly forget the language it was written in.

This weekend:

french is another language i'm learning currently. might have something to do with having a french girlfriend. but i properly suck at french... i can understand written french, but i can't for senteneces properly... argh... anyway, the bd in bdnet.com means bonne designee (i don't know how to spell it). french comics are called BD, which is quite funny as it sounds like the french word for fag which is like PD, but maybe it's spelt peday or something.
Meta Baron...Solune..."She doesn't love us!" "The Sacred Androgyne" "The Egg of Umber" "The Bergs" "Coupez!" What an incredible, surprising and superb piece of work! The american heavy metal translations are the best, and having learnde french subsequent to reading The Incal etc, I can confirm this. The english versions that came later in bound volumes were re-translated by someone else, and they suck. http://www.bdnet.com/9782731609615/alb.htm is a VERY neat place indeed. "The Meta Baron Class" (traduction par moi) looks pretty interesting.
Noticed this on "The List": 7. The Tower, The Hollow Earth Series by Schuiten and Peeters. I have it, it's a quite good story.
Speaking of Heavy Metal, I'm the lucky caretaker of 6 volumes (80-85) + lots of random issues, including a lot of Danish issues. There are a lot of really amazing stories and comics. I haven't read the Jealous God yet, as I haven't seen it anywhere. I usually stop in my tracks and pick up anything with the names Jodorowsky, Christin, Bilal (!!!), Moebius, Gimenez, or the likes on them. Btw, Jodorowsky & Gimenez are currently releasing La Caste des Meta-Barons (all who read the Incal will remember that guy :)
here's some moebius stuff i found last night. http://www.bpib.com/illustrat/giraud.htm http://www.moebius1.com/ / http://www.stardom.fr http://www.thenetnet.com/readme/moebius.html http://www.moebius-strip.com/ http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/9.06/moebius.html akin that link that makes sense doesn't work for me.
Okay, losing a secret key would make sense, since GPGKeys says I have NONE. I guess I should try importing my exported keys again. That's very odd how they didn't export right.
Mikkel this makes sense now!!!!!!! http://www.awn.com/mag/issue3.4/3.4pages/3.4chung.html should work now; its a page about AEON FLUX, which, when i first saw it, struk me by how much it looke like a 79/80 Heavy Metal job, and lo and behold, aeon fluxes creator is a Joddo/Mobbo fan!
Leave it to the BLOGDIAL crew to decipher (what should have been) an airtight/impenetrable cryptic message! Le Garage Hermetique is simply incredible. I read it, serially, in its best translation in Heavy Metal magazine, the US sister publication of Metal Hurlant, which was published in France. "The Incal" is also beyond brilliant. Jodorowski as a writer is utter genius; and if you get the chance (Mikkel) you should read "The Jealous God" which was drwan by a unique artist named Cadelo. These are the true, original, stories of the last quarter of the 20th Century. Its one of my dreams to use modern ILM to make "The Jealous God". When you see it, you will understand what I mean!
If the sender used the wrong key to encrypt a message to you, you will get this error. If you accidentally deleted your secret key, or moved it, you will get this error.
Blerg. Problem with gpg. Alex emailed me a coded message, and I could decode it because I was "missing the secret key." Basically, I have nothing to decrypt it with, which is weird, sing alex IS on my key list. Any ideas?
Giraud/Moebius is brilliant. I have most of his works in my room, courtesy of my father. "Major Grubert's Airtight Garage", "John Difool & the Inkal", "Arzach", the "Horny Goof" (heh!), and "The Insanity of the Sacred Heart" are all amazingly well-drawn. He designed part of the 5th element sets, and was also supposed to design Arrakis for the Dune movie, back before Lynch got the job. At the time, it was Alejandro Jodorowsky (check up on him, he's brilliant as well, writing comics & scripts and much else) who was to direct. As if that wasn't enough, Dan O'Bannon on special effects, H. R. Giger designing Giedi Prime, home of House Harkonnen, Pink Floyd on soundtrack, and starring Salvador Dali & Orson Welles. (!@#) The military rules are coming up. [links; http://jodorow.free.fr/jodorowsky/incal.html http://membres.lycos.fr/sylb/prado/arzach.gif http://perso.club-internet.fr/paramedb/le_coin/bandard_fou/lecoin8_1.htm http://jodorow.free.fr/jodorowsky/32989.jpg http://jodorow.free.fr/jodorowsky/bd0.jpg ;]

"Stoe Majordak Okedi Orkeo!"

i did a google search for "STOE MADJORAK ORKEO" as posted by irdial the other day. it came up with nothing, so i just searched for ORKEO, and got one result:

German <Home of SGML> - Leserbriefe - [ Translate this page ]
... ich behalte es im Hinterkopf, falls mir die Arbeit mal zeit laesst...:( Allemal,
Felix "Stoe Majordak Okedi Orkeo!" (Major Grubert) http://home.tronet.de/fes/ ...
th-o.de/sgml/bisher.htm - 50k - Cached - Similar pages
so, what does this mean? am i stupid? ah ha, ok. continuing my quest, i searched for Major Grubert... found some interesting stuff: http://www.thenetnet.com/readme/moebius.html - a biography of french comic artist Jean Giraud, which ends with the words "Sto� Ork�o!" interestingly enough, i think i bought some Giraud when i was in Paris last month. It was for my flatmate's birthday, he can't read french, but i thought he'd appreciate the artwork and style, which he did, thankfully. I am really intrigued into this whole thing now, and i should really be learning java, but the classpath's all fu><0r'd i think and nothing will compile or run and i can't remember how to code in java and it's making my head hurt.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Mikkel: I NEVER write long posts in a blogger windoe (yes, windoe), because its just too dangerous...please do it again. If its worth doing once, its worth doing twice, (in another dimension) Mary: you MUST put Linux on it since you are putting it toghether yourself, and will know the precise details of everything that goes into that box. You won't regret it...it will thrill you...
WHAT THE FUCK! I just wrote up a 4 paragraph piece on the danish military laws and it just disappeared! GODDAMNIT! Anyway, short: As an objector, I am free to move as I please outside the 37 hours per week that I do my service at the appointed place (I will decide between two, a hospital and the royal library in copenhagen on monday). The service is 10 months in my case. I might write a new piece later, if I can be arsed, since I'm rather pissy over blogger right now. So: I will be living at home, with full internet access, etc.
i've been here, just listening and processing... on heros, one of mine and of course, all of you ;) i am going to build my own computer this evening, exciting! learning it from the ground up...
ok, http and ftp are available on this address: log on for ftp is guest/guest. if you want a permanent account let me know. i didn't get any Do Make Say Think, unless you uploaded it? oh wicked, i totally missed that. am listening now!
where is mary 13?
Ha! I haven't listened to it yet actually, alex. Speaking of which, put up your spying address again, I'm missing one track off of Electric Company. :p How'd you enjoy the Do Make Say Think? Gah! I hate Risk! I have a big aversion to games like that. I just don't like going against other people. Another thing I hate about Risk is that when it's down to the last two people, the remaining players have nothing to do while their friends duke it out. Blah! That's when you go home, I guess. I've been working non-stop on school the past two days now. It's actually kind of nice, for some reason. Gives my life structure. I got my credit card bill today (evil thing). I have an 80 dollar duty fee on there from a used amplifier that I got from the states. Let's hear it for free trade, eh? Thankfully I'll get most of it back in my tax return. edit: speaking of cool software companies, remember how cool Maxis and Berkeley Systems and Cassady & Greene were? They were the reasons I used to want to be a programmer. Now they SUCK, either being overly impersonal or not putting out anything special. I could go on and on about the nostalgia of my early mac days when I was but a wee lad.
read this: http://www.panic.com/goodies/ the first is a nice little story on how/why the author likes programming. i wish i'd known about beagle brothers when i was younger, but when my dad had an Apple ][ i think i was about 5 or 6 though... i remember my sesame street game, i remember the big 5.12" discs and the sleeves they went in, and another game where you were a rabbit in a maze with carrots and you had to escape from a farmer with a gun. the second fits in with the averted platform warz theme. i'm not sure i agree with what he's saying though.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Mikkel Eriksen: AWOL/BLOGDIAL

to an object that was "deliberately buried". TMA01 that is probably how it was; nervous laughter, jokes, some sandwiches, beer pizza, and some terrible reaizations, not vocalized. The other really great film everyone should see is THX1138. "We have to stop consuming these deviants" "This is not a race issue"
barrie, i just connected to your computer (snapperhead thing) and i saw you had one of my flatmate's mp3s (Will2DieMix1) on your harddrive... i guess you got it off my ftp. just kinda strange how something that small can get disseminated... or something...
those are our 'precious' bodily fluids mind you. btw:2001 is a masterwork. there is no greater film in my opinion. i hesitate to call it a film actually. the whole scene in the boardroom on the moon is shattering with the "need for absolute secrecy"..and all. the malaise of eating their sandwiches en route to an object that was "deliberately buried". need i say more? is there any greater work that has made such poignant use of the blue danube? the most beautiful of waltzes. i am off line now for a while to do our domain restructuring here at home, and yes, it's on 2k. suck on it......... upon a resurface "our domain" will be up and ready to serve. as well as other goodies availble to our special friends et al etc blah blah... once the dns pointing circumnavigates i will let you all know. till then: ta-ta, pieces and don't waste time with bullshit. ps. sorry i harshed on mac's. they are great software running machines. quality no doubt, but sometimes people get so wrapped up in bad mouthing(and rightfully so)ms that they fail to see the WHOLE truth. that is: unless it's linux we are all in chains to some extent.
Thanks to mr Alex T, who pointed out that we have TWO CSS FILES controling this page! Had to redifine the H1 tag to line it up.... The world is right agin. Yes, agin.
"Sorry is an awful game! It encourages the players to actively FUCK OVER their compatriots! I hate games like that." What the hell kind of pinko commie talk is that?! I think you might be impurifying our bodily fluids!

The Best Spam EVER