Friday, May 31, 2002

dosen't appear to be working here ethier past recognising our ip and the calcs. not sure if we are being added.... wikked/ill though! you go alex! in xml: Invalid at the top level of the document. Line 1, Position 23 locked up at this ip: 109º/just add people- the hi-ryze stuff is really really!!!!!
Ubik is good.
alex, this happened when i tried adding a patch to the quilt Fatal error: No content-type in POST request in Unknown on line 0 it looks grand though ........
the quilt should be working now... yay... so go and make it pretty... please try not to duplicate patches, cos i'm gonna go through and clear it up... but thanks,
patchwork quilt not working at the moment Alex! The xml file appears to be empty...
re: recordsleevehotornot> I already wrote OMGorWTF, which I suppose could quickly be rewritten to NaffOrSpiffy or whatever you want to call it. Just not hot or not.
help me out, i need to collect ip address, my Patchwerk quilt is nearly finished, you can add your patches to the XML file (which is at if you're interested - open it in IE it parses XML quite excitingly) anyway, head off to have a look around, if you click on the "Sew Patches" button you'll see your ip address and a little animation, once it's shown you what your IP looks like, drag it over the the plus sign, there's no feedback yet, but after you've done that go back to the quilt and you should see your patch there... let me know how it goes, i'm going to add error trapping and stuff to stop duplication later... going to my exam now
Organized IP Sharing: the American Way I spent the whole day downloading and consumming copyrighted material and didn't feel the least bit guilty. As a matter of fact the facility I used to do this non-buying consumption provided the tools and an organized database for me to pratice my skill at intellectual property consumption. The facility is not afraid of the police, infact it is located next door to the police station and the municipal court system--and they use this facility, too. Yes, I'm referring to using the library to consume written (and audio-visual) works for free, without paying a dime. Maybe you've heard of this, the library? It was brought to our culture by Benjamin Franklin, publisher and promoter of the patenting concept which gave rise to the notion of intellectual property. Infact, there is nothing discongruous between a patent or copyright and a library where such works are consumed freely by many people. Sharing a work wasn't the crime--misattributing someone else's work as one's own was the offense. But I digress. Where is the concept of the library of software? If my local library began offering donated titles on a check-out basis, would not Microsoft, through its front called the BSA, demand it to cease and desist? Today I spent the day at a library and at a Barnes and Nobles reading technical books on a subject I am not familar with, trying to (1) become familar with the subject matter and (2) to find good references that I would then purchase for my own collections. If the BSA went after published works as well as software, I would have had to purchase 30 books on Java, XML, RMI, XML-RPC, RSS, EJB, etc., to accomplish what I did today. It wouldn't have happened. Actually, I do the same with software. I'll borrow a friend's copy or use LimeWire, et al, to find a working copy of a program I want to evaluate (unless they have a true trial version to use; Office X preview was not a true trial version--it didn't work just like the real thing). Once I try it I'll make a decision: buy it or delete it. I don't continue to use it unless I buy it, because I want the updates and other goodies--and if I like it I don't mind paying for it. Just like my book scouring at the library/bookstore. I propose that we establish software libraries--donated purchased software licenses that can be checked out (for evaluation purposes and short-term use). I propose that these be mandated by law to accompany the ever stricter copyright/patent laws so that the "intellectual" benefit to society of Intellectual Property not be lost ensuring the "property" benefit to private concerns. Free software, on the other hand, falls into the library/copyright paradigm perfectly. Freshmeat, SourceForge, Savanaugh (sp? sheesh), are today's libraries for software. And it is Microsoft, not the FSF, that was fined for piracy--passing off the work of another as one's own. BSA and Microsoft: against casual sharing (like a library) and not respecting the copyright law. How un-American!
yo don't know if this ever got done up here yet but.... Mark Shuttleworth . >bahdum bum tisch!

Thursday, May 30, 2002

forte/sdk for java=bomb
alex_tea (20:26:49 PM): ! attilaschmidt (20:27:07 PM): yeah. quick and identifable alex_tea (20:27:37 PM): i like house sleeves alex_tea (20:27:48 PM): i wonder what people think of the tigerbeat6 ones attilaschmidt (20:28:10 PM): there should be an amihotornot for record sleeves anyone up for it?
real case pr0n: thank you akin. *blush* and anthony too, as i forgot to thank him a while back about my java results... exam tomorrow. do i give a shit? well, i'm staying in tonight, but heh...
meh! yeah!
you can all mock me now... Anyone who "mocks" Alex T will have to answer to ME.
ok alex ...... i've got the java2 runtime environment 1.4 installed ; is that what you meant, or is it necessary to have the sdk also ? anyway, mail me and i'll send you my address
speaking of anti-monarchy jubilee stuff, has anyone heard the Chumbawamba remake of Her Majesty? the site: the mp3:
meh, I do write in a text editor. Blogger went down, so I sent the blogtext in a mail to meself (since I was at work, I mean, not at home). But the _mail_ got lost.
from an article previously: (I wonder how long it's going to be before CD glitches find their way into pop music as decorative rhythmic elements). they already have done... n'sync : pop. irritating glitch pop. i was getting with this article until i saw the list of cds at the end... that's better... :)
in fact, i saw him land on the news. i apologise. stupid mailing lists. you can all mock me now... in fact, dress up like monkeys for me. or would that be monkies? ape shall never kill ape
Mark Shuttleworth has been down for ages!
more more more... any tips on what to do over the jubilee for us republicans?
from a mailout: When Mark Shuttleworth (very rich space tourist) returns from space, everybody dress in ape suits. Pass it on. shall we? first person to buy me one gets a blowjob.
care you, do i? My advice; blog to text editor (offline) first if your blog is a response to a debate, then copy and paste. It makes you think twice about what you're blogging anyway and saves you from losing posts in cyberspace, which inevitably don't just disappear but do, in fact, clog up fusker. hey, I've just inserted this secret line in here - anyone found it? post an entry which says "meh" if you do! Of course this is easy to say and harder to do, but I'd still advise it.
antony: yes the java app will run anywhere... well, anywhere with java2 installed. so head off to and install it, then i'll post you the app... it doesn't actually *do* anything useful, which really pissed me off, but it's what they told us to make at college, i guess it introduces and utilises a lot of programming techniques and theories. still as an actually app it's crap... so please don't get your hopes up. :) as for adverts, it's all to do with compression. in the early days of television advertising, advertisers would notice that their ads were almost silent becuase the television station would compress/normalise (i'm not sure of the difference, i think normalisation makes all the frequencies the same volume, but that seems stupid, please inform me) the adverts and the surrounding television shows so they would remain the same volume. however, if the programme had a large range of dynamics, the advert would be made quieter, and so advertisers started to make their averts so they remain the same volume throughout, and so they are as loud as the loudest part of the surrounding show. an ex girlfriend's dad is an advertising man, and he explained this to me once. i can't remember it all so i apologise for any errors or omissions... still doesn't make it any less annoying... as for cutting films and programmes... the radio times lets you know if films are edited. buffy on bbc 2 is in widescreen and uncut, compared to crappy sky one. infact sky hardly broadcast anything in widescreen. i can't believe they have like 800 movie channels and only one does widescreen. fuck BskyB, fuck them up their stupid asses.
Oh yeah. Conet was on Mark Thomas last night.
Who wants to write something better with me?
Bwahh, the really awesome writeup I did is GONE! I distinctly remember hitting "send" on that mail. I remember ending it off with "I don't think I'd like being in a Starbucks, mainly as a direct consequence of being a geek in school and developing neat defense mechanisms (I'm too cool to be mainstream and have friends)." I got a great mail, though: 'i don't think your translation of "come on my selector" is correct. i would tend to think that it's "Come to fucking daddy" referring to the aphex twin song "come to daddy". i may be wrong. in fact, you probably are right, and i dont even know why im writing this. you are really cool.' I AM REALLY COOL! Also, I just gave blood. It's amazing how well the human body functions with only 90% of the normal blood level. Btw, OH MY GOD, BLOGGER IS THE WORST CRAP EVAR!
are people f-ing insane????? i guess teller was wrong.
All I'm saying is - more Ornettes and fucking... Kaoru Abes... and less Jarvis Cockers... and my world would be an infinitely happier place.
Could you expect Bush to act another way? A puppet is only animated when there's a hand up it's arse. saw this somewhere and it sort of applies. "Light travels faster than sound, thats why some people appear bright until they open their mouths."
mess i disagree. just because you are not a pioneer or even an active player dosen't mean you are to blame. loving something, truly loving it and caring for it with respect and knowledge should bring you pleasure and joy and.... ....honor!! you are a keeper of the flame without being corny. do you know what i mean? a keeper in good faith if you will. love it and respect that love. knowledge is power and in the end goodness! it's when coltrane opened the door to the absys, as beautiful as it is, that so many thought blowing what appear to be nonsensical scales was cool. before that the clique was tight and alive. but the deepness brings death when the unaware and leech infected "dohdohbirds" manufacture their uneducated unrespectful version of the real deal. that is what has also happened to techno in my opinion. f*ckall though i ain't ever giving up! that hush over the crowd when....ah you remember. *it'll probably happen to the next thing as well! btw:watch for a drummer named john lampkin on the players circut. he is on it!!! oh i forgot to ad elvin! sh*t man elvin jones. nuff said!!!!
brown and roach, the second miles rhythm section(both for that matter), the fenominally dynamic ahmad trio with vernell fournier, jackie mclean, johhny griffin, the red garland trio records with art taylor.....roy hanes, tadd dameron's writing(and arranging), horace silver's arranging(and writing), everything monk ever played/wrote and without question basie's band with papa jo-the swing will break your neck right off they rocked so hard! and he lost me completely with everything after it but this record is amazing: (now he sings...)completely deep to the core record this is from an otherwize bland pianist. that bush thing is incredible. something you already know but sh*t, that's brutal!
Fuck, if I could figure out that KDX shit. I'd post the version of 'Orange Claw Hammer' from Grow Fins, with Zappa on guitar. It's amazing.
Or Zawinul!
"This is unbelievable, scary, but 100% true... Recently Bush met with Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Not far into the conversation, Bush asked the 71 year old statesman an unexpected question: "Do you have blacks too?" Condoleezza Rice was present and jumped in to save Cardoso from having to answer, informing Bush that in fact Brazil is home to more blacks than any country outside Africa. The incident, witnessed by the White House press corps, is more proof that Bush knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the world he lives in--AND LEADS! This is terrifying! Equally terrifying: the American media did not report the incident. There seems to be an unwritten rule that while it's ok to acknowledge Bush's lack of "intellectual curiosity", any hard evidence of utter stupidity must be covered up. The incident was reported outside the U.S.. For example, by the prestigious German news magazine Der Spiegel. Here's a translation of the article (with a link to the original German article): Please spread the word about this. American voters need to know that our pilot is flying blind! Please visit for the full feature and some additional laughs on this subject..."
Oh, forgot to mention. I am also to blame for similar reasons.
The "homogenization of jazz" is not Starbucks' fault. It's yours. And your family's. And your friends'. Because none of you were Charlie Parker. Or Ornette Coleman. Or John Stevens. Or Derek Bailey. Or James Blood Ulmer. Or Zorn. Or William Parker. Or...
care, even if only you do Alex, i don't suppose your java app will run on windows ? i'm not familiar with linux yet, but would love to look at what you've done
i will write more later, this is all really interesting... but i have guests and am cooking... anyway, PAL is slower than NTSC (never the same colour) Actually, Its Never Twice the Same Colour, refering to its looking different on each TV. so the pitch would be lowered. and yet, the pitch is HIGHER. This is the explanation TV standards Guide Is cool, where I found this: "PAL which stands for Phase Alternating Line is one of the television formats used in Europe. It has a pixel aspect ratio of 576 vertical lines and 720 horizontal lines. This means there are 288 vertical scanned lines and 360 horizontal scanned lines, with a display frame rate of 25 frames per sec at 50Hz. Colour subcarrier of 4.433618, horizontal frequency of 15.625 Khz, vertical frequency of 50 Hz, video bandwidth of 5.0 Mhz, and an audio bandwidth of 5.5 Mhz FM." "NTSC which stands for National Television Standards Commission is the standard format of television in North America. It has a pixel aspect ratio of 480 vertical lines and 720 horizontal lines. This means there are 240 vertical scanned lines and 360 horizontal scanned lines, with a display frame rate of 29.97 frames per sec at 60Hz. Colour subcarrier of 3.579545, horizontal frequency of 15.735 Khz, vertical frequency of 60 Hz, video bandwidth of 4.2 Mhz, and an audio bandwidth of 4.5Mhz FM." Found this, which is not what we are talking about, but is fascinating nonetheless. I used to run U-Matic NTSC/PAL switchable with pro Sony Trinitron monitor, PAL VHS and NTSC VHS in my place, attached to the studio for dubbing editing playing NTSC video games and stuff, so I have the "bones" when it comes to pre digital standards conversion & stuff. NTSC was the only way to watch uncencored movies at home back then; now of course, its suddenly OK to watch horror movies. And there is NO REASON for the audio of TV commercials not to be compressed at the station, to save the sanity of the millions (and millions) of TV punters. They cut films for the benefit of the public, why not level out the sound of adverts?? Early morning BLOGDEATH: CRUSH KILL DESTROY!!!!!!
I'll care, but only if you do.
got some more audio up on the site( but still in the process of re-coding/redesigning the pages though. The reason that *$'s put so many outlets in one place is 'saturation'. They aim to have such an overwhelming presence that they squeeze the competition (and therefore choice) out of the market. What I dislike about all chains like them, is the homogenization, to instill a 'comfort' in the familiar (and as for that f�$%^&* muzak...!!!). Everything in the store is in the same place as the one down the road. This freaks me because you can never be sure where you are. Anyway, I prefer tea. Green, if you've got it! care, because i'll do you
Just to clear things up, I never said I have bought from Starbucks. In fact, I have never bought from them in my life. My dad has gotten me a few cups from there a few times, but I never spend my money there (and there's no way I would turn down a free cup of hot chocolate from my father). I think my biggest beef is Starbucks' "cultural" evil. How it caters mainly to the "yuppie" mindset I see hanging around the shops. Yeah, the people who think Moby is cutting edge, but that's just taste. I really hate Starbuck's homogenization of jazz, making lame lame lame covers of good tunes for sale on CDs with lame art. Things like that *really* piss me off. I must be a snob or something. As for their making money... I have no problem for that. Same with the "good" design. It's brilliant in concept, I just don't like it. If people are successful with things... good for them. No problems. If someone can kick ass in this world, more power to them. Just as long as they kick ass in a friendly way. As for any statistics on third-world coffee farmers, I'm just too much of an ignoramus to go find them. Work makes me tired, and hungry. Must make dinner.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

i do because you care
i will write more later, this is all really interesting... but i have guests and am cooking... anyway, PAL = 25fps, NTSC = 29.7fps PAL has more horizontal scan lines than NTSC, which is console games (used to / still do in some cases) have a letter box effect. this is also why some older games are unplayable due to the slowdown (Street Fighter II on the SNES). anyway, PAL is slower than NTSC (never the same colour) so the pitch would be lowered. also, adverts are louder than tv progs for a reason. yes it's annoying, but it's not for the reason you expect. more on that later.
I care, because you do.
enema ideas: redbull and skyvodka oreo cookie ice cream recycled plastic bag the "grande" skim double mocha candy glass pasta primivera with clam sauce socket 478 ddr266bus dual highcolonic the redwood forest cocktail(bark, moss, and miracle grow) the double dutch(maui wowwie and unsalted olddutch potato chips) the twins(a lock of danny devito's hair and a crumpled autograph from arnold schwarzenegger) the mr t.(secret recipe)*the fool who tries this is pitied* the backpackers delight(a spelt muffin, granola, and spf15 sunblock in a green tea marinade) the sun forte(????) the iron chef and my favortie: "the clapper"(220v of good old fashioned tried and true electricity!) refreshing and effective!! hey, where is C.E.S. it's been a while?? we need him back!! ok more *$s: 1st:"Local shops dont sell coffee next to a Starbucks because they dont know how to make coffee." -????? i'd rather have giuseppe make me a coffee than buffy the co-ed tart. and frankly you know the reason "local joe" dosen't sell next to starbucks isn't because of the quality of the brew. come on sir. it's called overhead yo! 2nd: "prozac" more chain yanking *$s is just like mcdonalds. whether they are good or not is an individual issue. hey we are all right. every idea is sacred just like a cow. how's that for pc y'all? i'd just rather support the little guy you know. whatever though who cares really. like family farming or adm farming. the public will buy what you sell them good or not and that is a fact. *$s has money and money makes money and so on. there is no good argument. just common sense. but again who cares really. if that is the best coffee in your area then so be it but as an ex-employee of many years at a local coffee shop in boston i can make a wikked apple cap. where the milk forms an apple shape in the shot. lovely. if you let me make you one when we come to england i promise you the *$s stuff won't do it for you as much as it does now. john rules and *$s drools!! ;) btw: i have to get one of those shirts. the irdial '02 as well!! they are awesome. did you just crank those out with the quickness? i love the spontenaiety!! kudos!! and hey what did you guys think of that mix? a little commercial but hey it's vancouver you know. i'll make another soon with old a.r.t 1 kirk de stuff and some deeper techno related blahs and not all the ihr get me a gig stuff. although on a dance floor that is fun. but there are no dance floors anymore are there. it's a drag.
those are dope...ram a p4 in there with a ddr p4b or higher and you be chillin' like a mega villin'.

Case Pr0n
designers are trying to trick the user of the space but that's the whole purpose of design .... by definition, a designer is attempting to make us view things according to a plan Wal-Mart takes away all the business from the local shops in my small town only if the shoppers want to visit Wal-Mart who am i to judge? one who is able to judge Watchers of ITV are STEALING from ITV when they skip ads. the only thing worth watching on itv are the commercials
Dav, you are so leet! I knew someone who ran a compressor on his TV to make the commercials as loud as the programming (we all know that commercials are louder than the programmes right?)
Acrobat 5 has been released for Linux / UNIX. This has got to be a side effect of OSX being based on Unix. Can we now expect all the adobe apps to be available for Linux? Or am I dreaming?
I actually have an old Yamaha SPX-90 installed beneath my teevee to correct that pitch-shifting problem. It makes my life better in so many different ways. Am I stealing from a newspaper though if I turn over a page with a big advert on that I'm not interested in? Michael Gearin-Tosh knows a thing or two about coffee enemas. n.b. blogging this in mozilla in Win2k and the writing window is half the width - anyone else get that?
How does this affect UK viewers? Slaves of the UK who watch BBC dont watch ads, so not releveant. Watchers of ITV are STEALING from ITV when they skip ads. Sky viewers are stealing nothing, because they pay a fee to watch sky, and so you can skip adverts with a clear concience with Sky. Of course, that guy is full of shit, and what he says doesnt mean jack. Pardon my slang.
What's with the higher pitch? NTSC => PAL conversion gone wrong? NTSC = 25FPs PAL = 30FPs PAL's frame rate is faster, hence the sped up audio.
wtf, I had a writeup, blogger went down, I emailed it to myself, and now it's gone. Bah, I'll post it later, if the whole starbucks thread is still on. Ads: Neither explicitly or implicitly do you agree to watching commercials. There is not signing of contracts, there is none of that. Nothing. You pay for a station, and you can damn well decide which parts you want to watch and which you don't want to watch. There is no grey matter here, it's up to yourself. And only you. What's with the higher pitch? NTSC => PAL conversion gone wrong?
Never mind having you programmes "raped" by commercials; did you know that in the UK the TV is cut to shreds by censors, and that they then advertise and show these programmes and films without declaring that they are making cuts? Star Trec TNG is cut, films are often cut. I dont have a problem with this (!) ecxcept when you are COMPELLED to pay for something, you should AT LEAST expect to be told EXACTLY what you are getting. There are laws to stop people putting pink lemonade in yellow lemonade bottles without telling the public, why should TV be any different? When the BBC puts on a movie and cuts it, they should ANNOUNCE THIS at the start. Of course, no one thinks that this is needed; the BBC is a nepostistic all powerful self serving paternalistic monster that is answerable only to itself. To top it all off, the audio of any american program that you watch in the uk is a quarter of a semitone higher in pitch than when it is played on a real TV set. This means that all the speech is higher pitched, and all of the music is too fast and out of tune.
how would this affect viewers in the UK? and how does the license fee fit into this model? i'd much rather pay a subscription than have the teevee / movies i watch raped by commercials. this is what annoys me about satellite/digital/cable television, the fact that there are adverts even though you already pay for the channels. and the BBC is slowly letting advertising creep into it's hallowed halls... whenever an event (the Chelsea Flower Show, par example) is sponsored, the BBC have to call it buy it's sponsored name, (Carling FA Premier League, Benson & Hedges Snooker World Cup) or name the sponsors (as in the CFS example). worries me slightly that the bastion of non commericalism that is the BBC is letting it's standards slip.
Jamie Kellner, CEO of Turner Broadcasting, says that skipping commercials, even if you're in the bathroom, is stealing. In the April 29, 2002, issue of "Cableworld" magazine, Kellner describes personal video recorders (PVRs) like TiVo and ReplayTV as devices designed to "steal" programming because they allow consumers to skip programming in 30 second intervals. Kellner states: "JK: Because of the ad skips.... It's theft. Your contract with the network when you get the show is you're going to watch the spots. Otherwise you couldn't get the show on an ad-supported basis. Any time you skip a commercial or watch the button you're actually stealing the programming. CW: What if you have to go to the bathroom or get up to get a Coke? JK: I guess there's a certain amount of tolerance for going to the bathroom. But if you formalize it and you create a device that skips certain second increments, you've got that only for one reason, unless you go to the bathroom for 30 seconds. They've done that just to make it easy for someone to skip a commercial." Despite what Mr. Kellner thinks, television viewers have no "contract" with broadcasters. While it may seem laughable that a powerful industry executive such as Mr. Kellner holds this belief, it's no laughing matter -- Mr. Kellner's colleagues in the television industry are suing electronics manufacturers to keep PVRs off the market.
i went in starbucks once. i had a cup of earl grey. it wasn't in a cup, it was a cardboard beaker. it wasn't very good tea either. i could make nicer tea at home for cheaper. i don't like coffee. my friend says that only really good coffee is nice. the rest is bitter. it's a bit like mullholland drive, i should go into starbucks and dribble the coffee all down my shirt infront of the staff and then start talking threateningly in italian. maybe if i was old, fat and had olive skin and silver hair this would work better. i don't like starbucks cos it's culture on a stick for suits. the same people who go to all bar one and the slug and lettuce. they probably think moby is the cutting edge of electronic music. i expect they think the acquisition of cultural objects (art, music, etc) makes them cultured. who am i to judge? as for coffee farmers and anal sex, i want to go and see that play madonna is in. a: i haven't been to the theatre since i was a wee child and maybe this would be a nice start. b: it's about art, the set design and costumes are supposed to be really good. c: apparently madonna satisfies the anal fetishes of a collector. whatever this entails i want to witness it. d: even though i abhor celebrity, i am mildly interested in seeing madonna act on stage. i fucking hate her though. i liked her up until music... i wish she'd grunt for aphex. bj�rk grunts for matmos. well maybe not... as for being ruthless, akin doesn't hate *$s, and yet he is making money from t shirts promoting the hatred of *$s. to me this seems akin (akin?wha?) to people selling diana plates and t shirts and things like that... but... maybe it is entrpreneurial. i know i spelt that wrong. oh i finished my java GUI on time, going to hand it in. it works. on mac os x and pc. anyone running linux who has java installed wanna try it? email me it looks sexy in Aqua and boring in Metal.
the mechanics of destruction matt herbert offers his take on everything from the poison arches to *$s to rwanda on his new radioboy album. amazing.
*$ is a hell of a lot worse as it is a rather ruthless corporation. being ruthless is not evil. Also, *$s is rated as one of the best companies to work for in the USA, by its staff, who enjoy generous stock options amongst other benefits. Coffee farmers getting fucked up the ass, anyone? Can you be specific? Anal sex has nothing to do with coffee. Unless you are a coffee enema pumping colonic sex freak. As for the interior being ugly, allways similar etc, I have already addressed this, and this does not make them evil, it just means that they have bad taste. Local shops dont sell coffee next to a Starbucks because they dont know how to make coffee. Period. I have already addressed this point too. I will add to that; if there were two places of identical quality to get coffe, the closest one to you would always win, or the quietest one, or the one with the best free newspapers, hottest steamer (!). People will of couse, walk an extra 5 mins for a better coffee. But you know this. The money that goes into a big black hole is handed over willingly by the people who drink the "damn fine cup of coffee and Smashing hot chocolate"; you cant say that they suck and that you hate them AND drink thier stuff and give them money to grow; it simply doesnt make sense! As for them sueing, they sue to protect their trademarks. "*$s" is not a trademark of Starbucks® so there is nothing to fear there. they just do. You HAVE to do better than that! it is the nature of large corps to "survive" and facilitate growth of capital by any means. investors need to be appeased and see returns so whatever produces the bottom line. how more clear can it be? Ummm whats wrong with giving people jobs and selling good coffee?? Whats wrong with making a profit? but if it was up to me starbucks and the sweatshop ideals are one and the same and need to be dealt with. Starbucks is the polar opposite of a sweatshop, this is a fact. They look after thier employess well, and are famous for it. Once again, the fact that their shops are "an eyesore" does not make them evil I say again: will someone PLEASE explain to me EXACTLY what *$s is doing that is so wrong?? What does "exactly" mean?? It means give me some clear examples of how *$s is an immoral, evil, bad company. It means give me examples of how thier behaviour as a company has been wrong. It means give me examples of how thier corporate policy and business practices are bad. If they have put business before people, show how they have done this. By all means, hate them irrationally, irrational hate is Fun® but at least say so! You do it like this: "I just dont like companies that are sucessful and which make huge profits." "I am a socialist. Profitmaking is wrong. Thats why I hate Starbucks." "I dont like chain stores." "I just like to hate!" "What-Ever!!!!" "prozac" "Stop blogging first thing in the morning DINGBAT"
*$ makes a damn fine cup of coffee. Smashing hot chocolate, too. *$ attains the coffee they use in a very smarmy way. Most coffee producers do, but *$ is a hell of a lot worse as it is a rather ruthless corporation. Coffee farmers getting fucked up the ass, anyone? This does not make people like me happy. I actually don't drink coffee unless I'm forced to. It tends to upset my stomach. What's wrong with a nice cup of tea? On that, I actually have had some nice coffee my boss brought back from Jamaica (he has a farm there) that's harvested and sold locally there. It's expensive as fuck, but damn fine stuff. *$ has brilliant interior design. It is also ugly as shit. Why is it brilliant? It makes the spectator think it is quirky and unique. It looks like all these different bits of furniture have been haphazardly cobbled together. How charming. IT'S NOT. EVERY *$ looks exactly the fucking same. It's almost insulting knowing that the designers are trying to trick the user of the space. Brilliant in terms of how well they do trick and manipulate people's perception of the space. *$ likes to edge out local shops. This takes away money from the "local" economy and gives it to a sprawling, multi-armed international conglomocorp. I don't know how local economies work everywhere else, but I am not happy when a Wal-Mart takes away all the business from the local shops in my small town, then jacks the prices up when it's closed the all down. Same basic ideas working here - the money is not distributed locally. It goes into a big black hole. Thusly, *$ is evil. The devil wears a blue dress and offers sweet, sweet candy. Kind of like Mikkel.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

I like your t-shirts, Akin, but be careful! *$s sues.
They have no sense of humor. It is unfortunate you don't have better coffee choices in England. I live in Little Italy, where the espresso runs freely, and they make mochas* with chocolate whipped cream.
*not to be taken lightly. There have been reports of adverse behaviour aprés consumption.
Those plastic bags outnumber the sewer rats -yo bro i used to work on carmine st at bleeker and i don't know about that! *wink* restaurants' basements can be...well, tricky to say the least. they are everywhere though esp. down on canal. interesting dilema a tax would be. might be a good idea actually still processing it. those vendors down on canal are nasty. and every bodega gives 'em out like water. it is a problem. i guess it's about individual responsibility really when it comes down to it. whether you take the bag or put your bagels and pop in your own backpack. it's tough to force anyone to do anything. you know the tg song 'convincing people' right? maybe i'll do a remake named 'forcing people'. ah ha, thanks for the idea!!
on star$$$$$. explaining why they are $ grubbing is like explaining why rabbits mate. they just do. it's in their nature to do so. it is the nature of large corps to "survive" and facilitate growth of capital by any means. investors need to be appeased and see returns so whatever produces the bottom line. how more clear can it be? this is why some people choose to avoid the large corp environments as much as possible. putting $ before people is the wrong way to go in a global sense. not in a business sense however if your brain is small. it's better business to make happy employees but not when your customers don't care if the employees are being treated fairly and this can be controlled thru solid public relations and other means. this explaination should be clear. please let me know if it's not though. and really if they are not happy employees they can just quit but as the ladder slides down the working poor get shit on as they are at the bottom of the hill. but to be honest i only see middle class college students working at starbucks so......that is another issue entirely. hey whatev to it really though. everyone has their opinion and all are valid. but if it was up to me starbucks and the sweatshop ideals are one and the same and need to be dealt with. plus star$$$$$ cafe's are an eyesore. tres non design. it's like ikea gone even worse! i am sure you know by now i have to have something to bitch at!! :) ...Some people. I mean, Jesus Lord. What the hell were she thinking? Oh, you were mad at your son? So you destroyed 1 billion quid worth of unique historical paintings? THATS REAL SMART THERE, MA'AM! I hope you're proud of yourself.
In America, brown recyclable bags have slowly been phased out in favor of the plastic bags that wreak havoc the world over. I should have said used to certainly when I was growwin up in New Yawk, A&P, Grand Union and the rest always gave away brown paper bags by default.
>In America, this sickening, inneficient and shabby way of carrying your shopping home is unheard of. Beautiful, recyclable, spacious and sturdy brown paper bags are the norm. In America, brown recyclable bags have slowly been phased out in favor of the plastic bags that wreak havoc the world over. For awhile it was a binary at the register ("Paper or plastic?") but now they just give you plastic unless you forcefully request paper. And even then, the store may not have it. A plastic bag tax would do wonders for the streets of NYC. Those plastic bags outnumber the sewer rats. And they can fly. And climb/nest in trees. And boy can they scream and make some noise.
Weird how what I read during the day ties together more often than not. See, try drawing a horizontal line. In one end, place the culture fascism piece davros posted. Then go and read these two pieces: Advertising@e2 and Advertising@e2 and place those in the other end. The thing is, I see both sides of the case. That is, the first piece believes that the public are capable of making sound decisions (they go to Starbucks because it's better than hometown guy), and the last pieces believe that the public aren't (they are influenced by the corporations). The interesting thing: We hope for the first case, and fear the last (unless we're bosses of a conglomerate). I'm no expert, but in everyday life, I tend to see more of the second case (which is probably due to my left-wing affiliation), but what do I know? Nothing. I have no idea what my point with this was. I have never been in a Starbucks. I rarely eat McDonald's (I prefer a kebab or shawarma anyday). Apropos Nazism, may I point you to Godwin's law? ... With regards to Kartoo, I saw it, thought of HT, but couldn't get it to work? Maybe it was slashdotted or something... Attention all HT crew, take a look at this site!
"There are no restrictions. It is only that there have been several things which have been forbidden by the law," he said. And they want to join the EEC??
Here's someone's opinion on the matter anyway, actually more interesting about the Beach Boys than that coffee shop but give it a read anyway. As for me, it don't mean nothin'. None of it. Nowt. This does though - I can't stop playing it! Isn't ascii art fabulous too?
   _/    _/    _/_/_/  _/      _/  _/  _/_/    _/_/      _/_/_/   
  _/    _/  _/    _/  _/      _/  _/_/      _/    _/  _/_/        
 _/    _/  _/    _/    _/  _/    _/        _/    _/      _/_/     
_/_/_/      _/_/_/      _/      _/          _/_/    _/_/_/        
You cant drink at *$s AND hate them (and remain logical). No one has been able to explain to me in a satisfactory way, why *$s is so very evil. Are they more evil than McDonalds? Burger King? Raytheon? Glaxosmithkline? They have a rechargable money card....ummm this is NOT evil last time I checked, unless they embed it in your right hand or forehead. :] I want it spelt out to me why *$s is evil in 500 words, otherwise, wake up, smell the coffee and lay off *$s! Now theres a fukkin t-shirt! Later today, promise!
those flimsy bags you mean like the ones from 7-11 or something. the bodega bags right? they make good wastepaper basket liners for the bathroom and they are good for keeping fresh vegtables fresh in the fridge but we try not to use them if poss. iz dat whut you guys are talking about as i am a little too lazy to show last 10 or whatever. and yeah they make good coffee but those coffee comdoms they hand out on every cup are a drag and all their cool mugs i wanted had their stupid logo on them. the employees were pissed off about those cards though. i mean how much money do starbucks execs need anyway. shit i'm sure it ain't the best paying job out there and to cut the tips and the customers frees are patheticly low. bad business too. but when your that big who the fuck cares it's all public relations and location then. did you know that on robson st here in vancouver there is a corner where one starbucks is on say the southeast corner and another on the northwest! and they are both always full. with busines like that you can afford to treat your employees like burger flippers. take mcdonalds...worked for them huh? and that is one reason why star$$$$$ can suck it. i'd danrather drink brown hotwater than go there again. but their mugs were cool.... :) tea-hee
I hate starfucks. They make a decent brew, but it's how they make it. Their damn trendy stores. Blotting the landscape. Blarugh! Mikkel, baby, what's wrong? Also, Akin, in canada I routinely have to deal with the horrible plastic bags as well. Flimsy pieces of crap. All they're good for is holding cat shit. And so they do. Though, most of the time I shop "wholesale" and put my gorceries in boxes, so I don't ever have a huge accumulation of the flimsy bags.

Monday, May 27, 2002

the employees at star$$$$$ are handing out a leaflet condeming this: we got one at the counter. star$$$$$ are scumbums.
aw yeah biaatch!!
ps. jenlovehewitt bangs enrique iglesias btw. i read it in the "star". ;p
BAbe, you NEeD ThYas!
FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK I HATE MYSELF I HATE MYSELF I HATE MYSELF I HATE MYSELF VENT VENT VENT FUCK FUCK FUCK AHRAHRHGFBVcik ublmncvslcbjgfiu bv,bncm ,n GODDAMNIT. btw, Akin, I forgot about my addy, so I didn't realize you sent a pgp mail to me, but now I can't open it cause my install is fucked up for some reason. AFARHGF FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK

What it is:
The last two times I was in America they had flimsy crap-bags. They even consistently gave you double the amount (one bag over the other) so they would be strong enough to keep in your goods. My cousin, whom I was visiting, even though he tried to recycle the bags by using them for trash, and bringing his own bags to the store, ended up with tons of the damn things.
brave lady. not for the weak of heart, certainly. btw, alex, you win. i was going to consult my brother for further ugliness jokes, however i felt this was cheating. lucky you!
The new issue of "Mined" magazine is out, featuring many fascinating pieces, one of which is an interview with yours truely. In a publishng "scene" that is so morally, ideologically, creatively, and in all the ways that count, bankrupt, it is very refreshing to find a publisher that is quite simply, "doing it right". You can sit down with this, and read it. It is beautiful and sensual. It is an oasis of silky finesse in a world of filthy grit. It is a small island of measured thought in an ocean of publications that only measure (100 most beautiful wimmin, endless and pointless chronologies that are repeated over and over. Statistics have become a fetish, but more on that later). You must buy Mined. You must be like Mind. Get it from: 6a Poland Street London W1F 8PT 020 7434 0110
"Meat is Murder, so murder meat" Meat Whipflash
plastic bags : next year a government ( uk ) tax will be imposed on the use of plastic bags - it'll cost you at least 10p per bag every time you take a new one from a shop And of course, a very sturdy, long lived thick bag can be bought for 10p at Watrose, meaning that NO ONE will accept the flimsy, disgusting, overproduced, revolting nasty "ends up getting used for everything" bags that plague the UK. Nothing is quite as bad as having a house with these bags in it. I have always associated them with images of poverty and so therefore "would rather not have them in my house" particularly as they are notorius for suffocating children. In America, this sickening, inneficient and shabby way of carrying your shopping home is unheard of. Beautiful, recyclable, spacious and sturdy brown paper bags are the norm. See? Americans can get it right!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2002

i don't know how she advertised, barrie, but however she made it known that these services were available, the methods were successful ; ]
I saw Zga last night. There seems little more to be said.
Beer and computing... my friends and I did a similar thing last night... except the "computing" was playing Final Fantasy on my friend's NES (Famicom). Good times were had by all. >the girlfriend of a friend of mine used to earn a very good living carrying out similar, but not quite >so extreme ( cheese graters were favoured ), favours for gentlemen of a warped disposition. Did she advertise by using phone booth cards? :x With my feet upon the ground I lose myself between the sounds and open wide to suck it in, I feel it move across my skin. I'm reaching up and reaching out, I'm reaching for the random or whatever will bewilder me, whatever will bewilder me. And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been. We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been. Spiral out. Keep going. (Tool-Lateralus)
you're so ugly; when you were the born the widwife mistook you for afterbirth, threw you in the bin and your mother cradled her placenta for 5 months before they realised what had happened. see what coding does to your brain?
i have no problem with people not eating meat either, one of my flatmates (soon to be departed) is a vegetarian and she cooks the most amaing food i've ever had. my dad's a farmer (although arable, not pastoral) so i'm pretty aware of what goes on, i've ever been in a broiler house, which was a shocking experience, and i try and buy free range chicken and eggs. i also try and buy british, i know this may sound stupid and patriotic (which i most definately am not)., but it's more to do with suporting the british farmer because with my dad being a (non land owning) farmer i can see first hand how their industry is being raped by europe. it's also about buying locally and pollution and things... actually i saw an advert on the tube yesterday, i think it was but that looks wrong, so try big barn instead, looks more like it. also beer / coding. i too feel into that trap yesterday... i spent the evening before / morning and afternoon with my girlfriend and was outside most of the day so when i came home in the evening and strapped myself down for another week of struggling to implement these exception traps i had a beer and just couldn't concentrate on what was going on, it wasn't that i was inebriated in anyway, just preoccupied... bad idea. as for bags, i think this tax is awesome... but what will we use for bin liners? currently we have some big sainsbury's bags that you buy and they give a new one if it breaks for free, but they're still plastic. canvas bags sound nice, plus you're not acting as a walking billboard... and i put small purchases in my ever present back pack...
local butcher yes, fantastic isn't it ? ..... real yellow fat submission? nice idea .... the scientists were measuring the plants' reactions to being chopped at the base of the stalk though ... mmm ... the girlfriend of a friend of mine used to earn a very good living carrying out similar, but not quite so extreme ( cheese graters were favoured ), favours for gentlemen of a warped disposition
well, got my site back but all my files are lost. Got all but a few html files on my machine but maybe its a sign to redesign. As compensation they've upped my space to a phenominal amount to what I started with. If they stay true to their word, I'll have nearly 5 times the space and bandwidth! Gee, I AM yellow!!

Saturday, May 25, 2002

I eat meat, but mostly we buy it from the local butcher who only butchers animals that have access to pasture. Not that it's less evil or anything. But damn, it tastes so much better than the cage-crap. I drool at the thought. And the beef doesn't shrink when you prepare it. How's that for quality. It's not even more expensive. It's cheaper than supermarkets. bagtax is great. Or even greater: buy a canvas bag and dont ever throw it out. Plus you can use it for a lot of stuff, like carrying books and crap around.
yeah, all right Mary, theres a line you know!!!!!!! sitting with a couple of mates,drinking beers (right there with you, Anthony!) and we're dicussing the plasticbag thing and aparently theres over 20 billion bags get used every year.
yo chris/alex, i was slapping your dad last night...
if i don't eat meat, i get a hemoglobin issue. The moodiness, oh the moodiness... it's funny that it would be assumed the plants are suffering. most of the plants i know welcome a good pruning/thinning. maybe its the sound of submission?
Susan Lawly -
blather post beer & code do not mix ........ it's saturday night, a beautiful sunset is raging all around me, and by rights i really should be sitting in the pub mulling over a book & warm beer, but, the fever has gripped me, and instead i'm sitting staring at the screen attempting to unjumble reams of apparently nonsensical pointers, references and convoluted interdependent structures in order to get my little memory aid client up & flying ....... it's nearly complete & i'll post a link to it so that anyone who fancies can give it a test & inform me of bugs, ideas for additions etc etc etc ..... but anyway ...... yes ...... so .......... midway through attempting to decipher a particularly tricky couple of dozen lines of code i thought 'beer' and, not being one to ignore compulsion if no reason to do so can be invented within the first 20 seconds of it manifesting itself, went to the fridge & returned to my now natural home in front of the cathode ray tube ......... the combination of relaxant ( beer ) and stimulant ( code ) had a pleasurable effect for a few moments, but the more i imbibed, and the more i tinkered, the less certain i was that what i was doing was wise ( particularly as i had omitted to take the precaution of backing the work up ) ............................... so ................... mmmmmmm .............. there's no point to the story really .......... i didn't wreck the program, a moment of sanity descended, i quit the binary juggling, and thought i know i'll log onto the creampool ( here ) and ............ oh fuck it ................. plastic bags : next year a government ( uk ) tax will be imposed on the use of plastic bags - it'll cost you at least 10p per bag every time you take a new one from a shop meat : i'm lucky to be living in an area where, when shopping, i'll be given a good idea ( if not exact ) about where the meat has come from ...... there was a very amusing article on the radio a few weeks back about a group of scientists who have managed to convert the movement of energy within plantlife at the moment of cutting into soundwaves, therby giving us an indication of 'suffering' that crops go through at harvest time
ea correction: blogger IS allowed.
I eat meat, and I know all about how they're processed and what they're fed and everything... and I still don't care. I guess I have a very strong stomach, or *really* like meat. What kind of music is this Susan Lawly? It looks very interesting. Of course buying things from Britain for me is like shooting myself in the foot - the pound sterling is a very strong currency. The exchange rate is usually around 2.2x. Ouch. That audiogalaxy thread is hilarious. If only they were smart enough to realize the RIAA is about as far from communists as you can get. They're wayyyy over at the other end of the spectrum. But irony is funny as hell.
i don't have a problem with anyone eating meat. Just don't want to myself.....but if you knew what they fed wouldn't want to either!! the best 'mum' insult i've heard is ....You're so ugly that when you were born the doctor slapped your mother! i hate the way illiterate (or maybe even literate? and by literate i mean thinking, maybe i should have said ignorant, but seeing as american's can't spell any word with the suffix "our", they're all illiterate*) american's are brainwashed into think communism and anything vaguely left leaning is pure unbridled EVIL. does this happen in schools? or is it just mom's little helper? tv? also i eat meat and i have no qualms about it*. i was red m&m by the way. your mum's so stupid she got sacked from the m&m factory for throwing away the 'w's! *this is flammage, obviously.
my site's gone down ( and i'm not getting any response from my provider. i think i'm slowly turning from 'yellow' to 'crispy'!! talking about not using oil for polymers...the bain of my life is/are plastic bags....evertime i go into a shop they want to give me a plasticbag. most of the time i have already have a bag. This incenses me. everywhere you see discarded bags. I once heard that you can derive a 'plastic' from sugar. Another thing that always 'perturbs' me is when i go into shops and see the rows of meat counters and i can't help but think of how many different individual animals have died to fill those shelfs (multiply by the amount of shops), just for the taste of their flesh. errrggghh!
crispy but sexy barrie...meow no really...true, polymers are derived from petroleum as well as many plastics etc. it's next to impossible to get away from. funny i was thinking about this as i left the house and walked past a car that was all hippied® out if you know what i mean and geez, i don't know how to explain it. it's complicated i's hard to get your thoughts straight on it. but "the world is lazy" is probably the best way to say it. fuel cell iz promising indeed but where to fill up. i had heard that there were some test fuel cell hydrogen stations in germany opened a couple of years back but even that i am unsure of. need to investigate... beatdown rating today=1.2
Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain lazy and lovely. i just tried dolce + gabbana feminine mmmmmm
I am Crispy! eeek! Stop buying oil? If I couldn't drive, i couldn't go to school. And moving closer to the school (it's 40 minutes away) is out of the question. I don't like using oil but I have to. Also, if I didn't use oil, I would not be able to use my computer - polymers are derived from oils. Oil is a problem, but no one can stop it's use. The solution is to USE these new sources of energy we have - most notably hydrogen engines. The trick, then, is to get around the huge evil oil companies (and oh yes, they are very evil) and implement new technologies. The world is lazy.

Friday, May 24, 2002

update for ea canada: as i mentioned a long time ago that they were scrambling outgoing pgp via an unknown means, the new word is that is not allowed. no bogger for the employees as i hear they consider it a time waster. hmmmmm....
Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain but i wanted to be blue.... TY AF 33
[G3neral] Question 6596: homophobia is the fear of? [Loki`] sameness [G3neral] Loki` got the answer: sameness. In: 9 secs. Current score: 197! [Assasin8] gays [Perl1p1p1] mens [Perl1p1p1] man [Loki`] !addhost ripcord__ ripcord_
Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain
Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain
Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain
Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain
I just rebuilt Irdialsys from scratch, hence, away. Ok... Stop Buying Oil Run Linux. CD copyprotection cracked....but we knew this! "This is not a genetically-modified chicken" Professor Avigdor Cahaner: This is not not an asshole And by the way, that chicken is not being done in the name of science, it is being done in the name oc commerce, to which, certain immoral evil scientist whores are ever eager to suck the dick of to make more money for someone and keep tenure/job/research money. The same goes for the super rice super wheat that is supposed to feed more people. That is bullshit. Iron age man was getting more wheat per acre than pre chemical farming man in the 1950's. HB JB 33 Captain Beefheart..."Doc At The Radar Station" Awesome.
revolution yesterday! stop buying oil!!!!!!!! stop driving your car or we will all suffer. stop feeding the machine with your/our manufactured blind consent to self destruction. ignore and perish. i am not kidding, the time is now. the time was yesterday. we are facing a point of no return. perhaps we have passed it already. for my childrens sake i hope not. we live on a jewel and we treat it like shit while making the evil more and more powerful out of what we view as a necessity. the car is not a necessity. stop using oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the truth; albeit a friendly reminder with a militant tone. the time is not for scarcasm but for direct interaction. direct intervention. stop using oil. recycling dosen't mean a damn thing when we burn as much carbon as we do. step one is oil. i ask you honestly are the seasons the same as when you were young? no, i thought not. 100 years and we've almost torn it all down. beatdown rating=7.0
Josh, I'd like to hear the kid606 too. I read a review and it sounds hilarious/awesome. I also read about the latest album by Lesser - basically, it's his entire musical career (10 years, spare two albums) on CD, thanks to the wonders of mp3 - it's called "LS-MP3CD-R_1990-2000." It is made by tigerbeat6 records - kid606's label. Coolness.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

a mixed cd i just made in mp3 format. check it out if you want. i like it in the headphones. :) mark bell->lars sandberg (it starts 23 secs in btw)
Mess: you can search for a plugin for winamp that will play real audio files that you can then write to disk as you play them. here is one:
has anyone heard kid606's "The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You The Fucking Jams"? i heard the first track on WFMU last night and it proceeded to blow my mind. blasting through bootlegging, outofcontrol raga-drill stuff, lots of vocals tweaking. i've never had so much fun washing my roommates' dishes.
Is it possible to download realaudio content somehow?
"When you start up your compiler, you should do as if you were never to quit it." ( ) As if any of us have any choice once we start on the slippery road of attempting to attain binary nirvana ; ] congratulations on the java test result alex
From: "Keith F. Lynch" Newsgroups: alt.math.recreational WARNING: Do NOT calculate Pi in binary. It is conjectured that this number is normal, meaning that it contains ALL finite bit strings. If you compute it, you will be guilty of: * Copyright infringement (of all books, all short stories, all newspapers, all magazines, all web sites, all music, all movies, and all software, including the complete Windows source code) * Trademark infringement * Possession of child pornography * Espionage (unauthorized possession of top secret information) * Possession of DVD-cracking software * Possession of threats to the President * Possession of everyone's SSN, everyone's credit card numbers, everyone's PIN numbers, everyone's unlisted phone numbers, and everyone's passwords * Defaming Islam. Not technically illegal, but you'll have to go into hiding along with Salman Rushdie. * Defaming Scientology. Which IS illegal -- just ask Keith Henson. Also, your computer will contain all of the nastiest known computer viruses. In fact, all of the nastiest POSSIBLE computer viruses. Some of the files on my PC are intensely personal, and I for one don't want you snooping through a copy of them. You might get away with computing just a few digits, but why risk it? There's no telling how far into Pi you can go without finding the secret documents about the JFK assassination, a photograph of your neighbor's six year old daughter doing the nasty with the family dog, or a complete copy of the not-yet-released Pearl Harbor movie. So just don't do it. The same warning applies to e, the square root of 2, Euler's constant, Phi, the cosine of any non-zero algebraic number, and the vast majority of all other real numbers. There's a reason why these numbers are always computed and shown in decimal, after all.
os >< heads, check out this site for pure g33kiness: also check out the software the guy makes: i hate saying guy actually. but anyway... see how he has melt banana playing. apparently he's my new god. also, i want to make a list of 33 words in l33t speak indexOf(33) > 0. here's my first two entries. g33k and l33t can any of you help? not sure what i'll do with them yet... something net / art based... i finish my second year of uni a week on friday. i nearly got 100% in my java assignment (i handed it in late, the only penalty). yay for me! as for paper on vinyl, i bought gonzales uber alles brand new from selectadisk back in february, but never got round to listening to it as i spent about �250 in a week (student loans for you!) on records and got sucked into listening to all the other stuff.. anyway, recently put it on and noticed some paper stuck into the groove... very annoy, tried water, and white spirit although i was a bit cautious... at fatcat i used to clean the returns with lighter fluid and a jif-cloth, that might work? reading through that kung-foo site a bit more, he's writing a Coder's Bushido! Coders and samurai have many attributes in common. Both are destined to overcome hardships on the narrow and dangerous path to excellence. Both have to continuously sharpen and develop skills to achieve their ideals. Both always have to be on the look-out for possible traps and threats.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

the closer they get to the truth: expect another terrorist® "incident". this is NOT funny but why do i feel like laughing? it's disgusting.
sans 1's and 0's i have a vinyl question. does anyone know how to get paper off of vinyl properly? i can tell you not to use nail polish remover/rubbing alcohol as i f*ucked one up already doing a test. i just picked up something i've been looking for² sometime and it has a paper stain on it. any thoughts? ps. there is NO issue in copying vinyl to ANY medium! ;) not to rant too much but i find the whole anti-piracy thing so outlandish and stupid. we all know this is a waste of the money that t.h.e.y. say they are losing in the first place. dummies. and anyone with a dat player et al can just copy it to the dat bring it in and convert it to mp3 with very little signal loss. so who are they fooling? probably aol users. "now anyone can feel like a computer genius"......"no more computer mumbo jumbo" -that's what the commercial says. what we need is some real proppaganda™! and that is what we get here on blogdial!
It seems from the 'copy-proof cd's cracked' article that no matter how much money corporations spend on restricting the flow of information, a bit of sticky-back plastic and a washing up bottle will defeat their efforts!!
My (crappy - seeing as how I know very little swedish) translation of the relevant paragraph: But this is also a program about spy-radio and the secret number stations. Radio that on shortwave and ultra-shortwave jabber out numberseries and lettercodes. Are these spy-radios or is it just postal services and telegram agencies that send their codes in the aether ocean over all continents? In the program it is speculated about these mystical radiotransmitters that one doesnt really know anything about, and if nothing else, are a well kept secret.
was listening to conet project when my 13-year old sister suddenly said "i heard this on the radio today". i was suprised, but it turned out she had been hearing this it will re-run tomorrow @ 18:15 in swedish radio P1. might be worth checking out (if you udnerstand swedish that is)

'Copy-proof' CDs cracked with marker pen

LONDON (Reuters) -- Technology buffs have cracked music publishing giant Sony Music's elaborate disc copy-protection technology with a decidedly low-tech method: scribbling around the rim of a disk with a felt-tip marker.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

> Dear Editor(Of Georgia Straight), > > I am miffed. As a recent transplant to Vancouver I find your paper a great > resource for local Vancouver happenings however your continuous support for > commercial music is troubling. Considering the new levies weighed on us by The > Private Copying Tariff shouldn't we all be questioning why we buy music issued > on major labels? > > You can continue to ignore the underground but until the mass public tires of > Mark Farina, Dj Dan and Moby and digs a bit deeper I assume you will show your > blind support for pathetic lifeless acts. There is more happening in this town > than yuppies snorting coke in the bathroom at Sonar you know. Perhaps you > should stop kissing ass and do some real reporting. Anyone can go to the NMW > out on a free pass to get complimentary drinks and schmooze. There is too much > at stake in our community these days wouldn't you say? Stop being such tools > of what you are fed. > > You can choose not to print this which will further illustrate your ignorance > of what really fuels the bottom feeding commercial music industry's success; > the underground. Open your eyes, get off your pampered asses and earn your > keep!
Alternative One - elimination of a huge portion of world population. Alternative Two - to build many underground bunkers, as large as small towns, to protect the government in seclusion until the surface population thinning was finished. Alternative Three - to build a "transfer station" on the backside of the Moon, build an underground base on Mars and remove a certain limited "Noah's Ark" cross section of Earth's population, artists, scientists, engineers, writers, etc., to Mars as a survival colony in the event of "catastrophy" on Earth.
Happy birthday Mr Burke!
"It's a normal chicken except for the fact it has no feathers" Professor Avigdor Cahaner. It takes someone with years of education to tell us this! Where did he go to universtity? University of stating the bleeding obvious! "This is not a genetically-modified chicken" Is it not? Then what do you call it when you genetically crossbreed animals? OK professor, lets go over the important points again: 1. Its a GENETIC cross between two breeds of chicken. 2. It is a MODIFICATION so that it doesn't need to be plucked. 3. And finally, it's a CHICKEN! I'm so glad we've got people like the professor helping to advance science for the benefit of everyone on the planet.
I am ashamed at some of the things done in the name of science.
oh dav! oh alex! *blush* thanks a bunch. guess what i did? i had a diner® break-a-lunch and then bought a 750ml bottle of bombay saf. we be chillum.... give it a sec it's v. worth it danke everyone!!!!!

Monday, May 20, 2002

clerihew for John Burke on his birthday... Mister John Burke Seems busy - is it work? Even so, he's thirty three! So have a Happy Birthdee. (Ahem) Happy Birthday John Burke!
oh my god. i am l33t today. happy birthday!
oh my god. i am 33 today. lots to do...
this seems to consolidate a few things that have been mentioned on here in the ast few days. odd.. From: Sender: X-BeenThere: X-Mailman-Version: 2.0 Reply-To: X-Reply-To: List-Help: List-Post: List-Subscribe: , List-Id: List-Unsubscribe: , Hello. So I hope everyone is well. I just finished my degree...four years, such a long time. But not as long as watching xfiles for nine years, and all for the series finale shit: seinfield meets supersoldier episode. Oh well. Anyway, I've been keeping myself pretty busy lately. I just completed an online radio site for milk. this weekend. It will be launched this Friday (may 24th @ roxy blu), so if you're in toronto; come on down. Well, I'm also giving you a sneak preview: You'll be able to see the whole site. If you find any bugs (esp. IE 5/5.5 for PC) please let me know. Okay. Finally, I'll have some time to work on mud stuff. I'm doing a new issue for mudpub (I've been talking about it for way too long) and I will work on a redesign of (faster load time guaranteed). Anyway, maybe we'll all talk soon. Ps - just wanted to remind you that the html tutorial starts this coming weekend, so if you're interested, email me now. -mud(tm) [ takashi okamoto ] the_mud(tm) ----------------------------------------- .//_mud's_art+design .//_art+design_community ----------------------------------------- t+416_516_3424 m+416_910_3928 aim+mudpubNet _______________________________________________ mudpub mailing list
is grow fins the box set on reventant? i bought that for my dad for christmas... i want to listen to it myself now... i like the takashi murakami artwork mary.. i have his superflat book... last year was japan 2001 over here (and elsewhere?) and tehre were laods of exhibitions and shows, most of which i missed, but i did get to see maywa-denki at selfridges, and although i couldn't afford any of their curios i did pick up a lot of manga... issues 2, 3 and 4 of dragon head... issue 2 of blame... some of those telephone directory sized manga weeklies! and some art books, the most exciting being this weird gundam tribute where the artist dresses people up in jet packs and shields, or paints gundams fighting in the background of photos on the beach or at school... and then tatos gundam silhouettes onto babies, girls and boys...
More experimental music from the Monty Python team - Conrad Poo and his amazing teeth and the wonderful sounds of life and death that was the Mouse Organ. Books, Haiku by RH Blyth. Issa is my favourite, and Blyth is an amazing scholar and teacher. Contexts. Also, Mark Leyner. I've been meaning to mention him for ages, and this weekend I re-read bits of his books. My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist is fabulous, but then so are his others. How can I not like a story that begins 'Dad was in the basement centrifuging mouse spleen hybridomas'. The kind of stuff I dream of writing when I'm wrecked. Also (link: Mark Leyner portrays himself as a beef hunk macho god of a man, whilst the next is about bodybuilding (foreground)) Harry Crews, almost everything from Body, to the Gospel Singer, Feast of Snakes..... brutal. Do Thing: Broadcast. Where to Start? What to Do? How to Get Noticed? I'm going on holiday from the 22nd, so maybe some sunshine will crystalize a few thoughts.
Beefheart, yes. Coincidentally, I got Trout Mask on Gatefold 180g vinyl a couple of days ago. Has everyone got Grow Fins and the new Bat Chain Bootleg? Believe me, it IS a bootleg.
I stopped watching the xfiles, and thus tv completely, in early december. I wish I had started watching it a few weeks later after they stopped making annoying shitty episodes... oh well. I had been a devoted viewer for it's entire run, it's kind of annoying not seeing it end...
just watched the final episode® of the x(-treme!)files. all i can say is to quote the commercial that ran during the 2hrs episode..."the xfiles may be over but the conspiracy continues forever on DVD"

Sunday, May 19, 2002

wow is it just me or is really difficult to get round? it's very interesting though. MP3s are cool but I am crazy about MODS/tracking, just because that way the d/l's are smaller and you can play with the songs when you get them loaded in the tracker. Yes, monotonik is cool! There's bad stuff out there as well. I got some Norse Metal MODS a while back - ouch!
mikkel you read my mind... i was wondering if you could set the prompt... i tried echo $PROMPT but i got PROMPT: Undefined variable. anyway... once i've finished this little bit of java i'm going to install bash... bish bash bosh... anyway you can exchange localhost for your ip address? huh? ella guru? apparently i rule. respect is due to akin who uploaded 'sue egypt' to my ftp which shook memories of my dad's beefheart love and how i used to listen curiously to his zappa and beefheart tapes in the car... also mix that with more beefheart exposure the other week on the journey to/from all tomorrow's parties... the person who transported me is none other than gaverick devis of giddy motors who are playing at the garage on the 6th. definately worth seeing live... i'll rip some mp3s and put them on audio galaxy soon... as for mp3 labels. don't forget! and fatcat are launching their mp3 label very soon... it's oh so close..
example: [bash:69][22:34:42][carthag@localhost][~]$ to try out, just paste the appropiate line in a terminal window. To save, add it to your .(tc|ba)shrc file. For root, it's located in /var/root/ (on os x). The number after bash/tcsh is the command history, the others should be fairly self-explainable. for bash: PS1="\[\e[0;93m\][\[\e[0m\]\[\e[1m\]\s\[\e[0m\]\[\e[0;93m\]:\[\e[0m\]\!\[\e[0;93m\]][\[\e[0m\]\T\[\e[0;93m\]][\[\e[0m\]\[\e[1m\]\u\[\e[0m\]\[\e[0;93m\]@\[\e[0m\]\H\[\e[0;93m\]][\[\e[0m\]\w\[\e[0;93m\]]\[\e[0m\]\$ " for tcsh: set prompt = "%{\033[0;93m%}[%{\033[0;37m%}%{\033[1m%}tcsh%{\033[0m%}%{\033[0;93m%}:%{\033[0;37m%}%h%{\033[0;93m%}][%{\033[0;37m%}%P%{\033[0;93m%}][%{\033[0;37m%}%{\033[1m%}%n%{\033[0m%}%{\033[0;93m%}@%{\033[0;37m%}%M%{\033[0;93m%}][%{\033[0;37m%}%~%{\033[0;93m%}]%{\033[0;37m%}%# "
� Copyright 1991 STEVEN M. GREER, M.D. -wow 1991. where has this been? why has discolsure been fringed? i had heard about h12o6 but still don't know how to feel about it. i hear things on both sides of the fence...more on the neg however.. what is science???????????????????? Clustered Water Online - Dr. Lee Lorenzen,
A Cape Girardeau, MO, police officer reports witnessing a large, unlighted, disc-shaped object, which floated across State Route 74 while he was on traffic radar patrol on Saturday night, January 26, 2002. The object's ventral surface was light colored, and it reflected the lights from oncoming vehicles. The object was approximately 50 feet in diameter, the officer estimated, and it was traveling at approximately 30-40 m.p.h., he believed. He had the presence of mind to "shoot" at the object with his hand-held radar unit, but curiously, no return was registered by the instrument.�
More Info :
Officers Written Report
Officer's comments on the Jeff Rense radio program FUFOR: Frequently-Asked Questions
The nature or 'reality' of these craft and these beings has been incorrectly characterized by some as belonging to 'another dimension or reality' from this dimension. Unfortunately, these statements are made without fully considering what 'this reality' is. A more correct understanding of this is that the Full Spectrum of Reality is a singular, integrated one which may be perceived wholly or in its various aspects, such perception being entirely dependent on the level of consciousness of the perceiver. The various aspects or 'dimensions' of this reality, which are limitless in number, are not restricted to or by time and space as we know it commonly. These beings and their craft belong to the same Reality as humans, however their advancement in the realms of physical science and the science of consciousness has given them competence in a broader aspect of the Full Spectrum of Reality than is usually experienced by humans. The difference, then, is one of degree and not fundamental reality, since humans potentially have access to all aspects of the Full Spectrum of Reality just as extraterrestrial beings do. These differences are not insurmountable, nor are they truly fundamental; in fact they are relative and only temporary. While these beings are utilizing and experiencing a broader aspect of the Full Spectrum of Reality, so too can and will humans, for we are as 'inter-dimensional' by nature as they...
Great article, but the USA is not the only country on earth where software is written and music equipment manufactured; in fact, most music equipment comes from and is sold /outside America/. This legislation will cripple American innovation and programmers, and will do nothing to stop the rest of the world from galloping ahead of the USA in these fields. Once the Americans smell that they are "loosing the bucks", or that they are even /about/ to loose the bucks, they will repeal this legislation as quickly as they passed it. The same pressures forced a complete 180 on the legislation restricting the export of encryption software. Once they realized that other countries would start benefiting in places that America made itself absent, they woke up and changed the law. As for software development, the same rule applies. The biggest revolution in software has come not from America but from /Finland/. Of course, I am talking about Linux. If America passes any law that restricts the copying of software, or that in any way damages the ability of programmers to write exactly the type of software that they choose, the "brains will drain" to free countries like Finland and the UK. The same goes for manufacturers of entertainment equipment. America will see a huge grey market in freely working equipment flooding into its streets, legitimate outlets will be squeezed out of business, and the remaining manufacturers situated in the USA will simply go bust since no one outside of the states will pay for crippled speakers, recorders, and players. Manufacturers outside the USA will of course benefit greatly. They will innovate freely, at a pace that they choose, and flourish in a truly free market. America is an important place, but it is not the whole enchilada, and no one (with any sense) is following their lead anymore. The excesses of congress should be reported as /cautionary tales/, and not as legal disasters / successful hijackings of the law by lobbyists, since these laws have no effect on countries outside of the USA, save to make programmers run into our arms.,4273,4416356,00.html
Excuse my prolonged absense. I was on my fourth (4) drinking binge of the week, with some friends last night. I; monotonik is also an excellent web-label. II; I actually like System of a Down (their music is so much more varied than the crop of the mill -- did I just rape that expression?). Tool is brilliant. III; loud profanity kicks ass, even though it might very well be the crutch of inarticulate motherfuckers. IV; Gibson's Hinterlands is the best shortstory, evar. V; I am honored by the crazy limericks about me. I love you guys. VI;
the wire like to think this, and they did infact say so, i have a magazine from around 1987 where the term's used when refering to the prog-pomp band univers zero.. i have the 'evidence' somewhere at work...
Anyone read "Moab is my Washpot" by Stephen Fry? There's an excellent section about him discovering music and records in the 1970's at public (read private outside the UK) school, and how he misheard Captain Beefheart and thought it was Captain Bee-Fart. Then of course bees farting makes me think of the Monty Python sketch "The Wonderful World of Sound" which I think was only on one of the records they did.
BEEFHEART! Okay, you rule. I agree with you on the love/hate with "metal" thing. Seems that some bands, like Tool, know what metal is. Tool is also capable of writing proper lyrics, unlike say, Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park. "Improper Lyrics" to me include songs that are just whining about ANGST rather than saying anything that is interesting or relevant to the listener. I have some tool videos I can mirror on my KDX server. The newer ones are quite amazingly weird, very well made. I feel they are a band that knows exactly when to get loud, emotive and complex and when to get quiet and pensive, as opposed to the "one chord distort" that the aforementioned Bizkit et al. are very fond of. Complexity is a thing that "prog" bands have a hard time with - many can be complex, but can't time it well, so it ends up being pretentious glop that's much too convoluted (see: most of Yes' catalogue). Though, good musicianship IS an important quality of music, It think. I'm rambling. It must be the beer. Beer is good.
some friends of mine went to see tool last sunday in brixton. one of them (the same person who i leeched the fugazi from) gave me an mpeg of the video to prison sex. an awesome video, and the music isn't bad. i have a weird relationship with metal. i like and loath it. some metal i can really 'relate' to. or just listen in plain english. stuff like system of a down, zeni geva, faith no more (are they metal?) and marylin manson (becuase it just so over the top and well executed. amazing production and quite dark, like a good horror film. not to be taken seriously.) other stuff i just can't get my head around. it's dumb and not even funny. metallica, korn, limp bizkit (ok, it's not metal) etc. but tool seemed interesting. kinda emo core, but then everything is emo these days... anyway, i've finally gotten an audiogalaxy client for mac that works (sputnix). it's awesome. just downloaded 80 beefheart tracks, and loads of joy division, buzzcocks and i got your love by frankie knuckles... i just need more disk space... if / when i get that 120 gb drive i'm going to host the irdial catalogue! and the file names will work because os x supports 255 character names thank god! didn't simon reynolds coin the term 'post rock' in the wire a few years back...
I will leave my server up for several days, so anyone please come and visit if you'd like. I was listening to a band called Tool the other day, a band that I had deprived myself of for a while and recently got back into. I think they are very very good - they play heavy songs that are sort of like rock songs (their early material was rock), but it is more like what one would call in the 70's "progressive rock." It is music that you cannot quite define - sometimes it has the traditional blues structure (what all "rock" songs are) but it mangles it and sometimes tricks you into believing it is traditional, but it is not. Choruses don't come after verses and verses don't come before or after the chorus, thereby nullifying the actual concept of chorus and verse. The band will sing in a certain way because the song requires it, not following some 90-year old tradition that says you must have a verse of poetry and then a chorus that follows. You still can't define this music, and there's no need to. Re: Akin's newsletter: ripped from the Aquarius list, here is a very good description of post-rock. The Starfuckers website ( features the following statement from one Henry Clitus Colagetti, the President of something called CAMC (the Commitee for Abolition Of the Middle Class): ROCK IS DEAD, WHAT DRAGS ITSELF FOR MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS IS NOTHING ELSE THAT ITS CORPSE CONTINUOUSLY EXHUMED BY CULTURAL INDUSTRY. ROCK IS DEAD IN 1975 WHEN LOU REED PUBLISHED "METAL MACHINE MUSIC" THAT DECREED THE END OF ROCK MUSIC. "INFRANTUMI" BY STARFUCKERS IS THE FIRST ROCK ALBUM AFTER "METAL MACHINE MUSIC". THE NEW ROCK, RESPECTING THE BASIC ELEMENTS THAT CONSTITUTE WHAT WAS ROCK MUSIC - REPETITION AND SIMPLICITY OF PLAYNG - RISES AGAIN BASING ON THE PRINCIPLES OF ASYNCHRONY, UNTUNING AND NEGATION OF EGO. FUTURE IS ALREADY BEHIND YOU.

Saturday, May 18, 2002
ok scary. not as scary as turning the queen into michael barrymore or whoever the twisted visage looks like this week through the beer goggles. actually that happened more often when i was younger. found better ways of amusing my alcohol addled brain... and it doesn't happen to get as drunk so often also. anyway. suck my cunt. i watched baise-moi last night with my girlfriend. very violent. very graphic. sickly amusing in places. awesome sound track. some french punk band and some really nice canadian sounding post rock (godspeed/domakesaythink style... kind of jazzy and then gets load and rawkus... fits in well with the film) i hate being asked what music i like too. i just like music. ok my record collection is bigger in some areas than others and is lacking all round, but that doesn't mean to say becuase i don't own something i can't appreciate it. i have iTunes on random on about 4gbs of mp3s right now. just gone from some old nintendo inspired electro, to nirvana, to robert johnson, to one of my ex girlfriend's excellent tracks and finally to sebastian tellier. maybe not as eclectic as it could be, but i wouldn't ever put any of these tracks together consciously and yet it all flows. and now it's v/vm's excellent deconstruction of techno "karl cocks" found a nice os x programming resource at why don't people ever spell centre like that anymore? anyway, getting round to using the Swing libraries with java and making sexy aqua windows that will look nasty on windoze, but hey, as if i care... can't get the custom packages from uni to work. but i guess i won't be needing them as we have to produce a gui and these are for CL based input / output. was probably going to say something else, but have forgotten. post hard and often you say? i have been soft and irregular lately, so i apologise. oh look at that dmx to wu tang. i need a bigger harddrive. that 120 gb lacie is looking more and more tempting!
'Nobu' by Herbie Hancock, people!
aaaaahhhhh ..... fond memories ...... wires ...... actually, that's akin's toolbox ; the s1000 was stolen along with all my gear, which consisted of not that much, but included an r8, the loss which still disturbs my sleep .... i've still got a whole heap of rom cards for it, and they're pretty cheap to pick up 2nd hand at the moment so maybe, when cash gets a little easier flowing, i'll re-invest ......... lq1 is a groovebox-only production ............ yes alun, do the bbc4 thing ; the lack of programming speak isn't a defecit to be fixed, but once the skill has been acquired you'll wonder what occupied the hole before
Wow, I actually connected to your computer Barrie with KDX - that's very cool! (I know that's what's supposed to happen but I've never had much luck with that kind of thing before, even Limewire). I wish I wasn't stuck at home on a 56k connection with my sister probably trying to call me to let me know it's time to go up to her house to shift 4 tons of gravel onto the drive, or I'd have a taste of the music files. I am heavily digging the stuff from the MILK tracker/MP3 label at the moment - very aphex in places, but smaller to download. Ah - the drumatix - we (my bro and I) had one of those, I always loved the way Roland did baby versions of the big machines. It is the baby 808, and then we got a 505, which was the baby 707. You could do all the Big Black stuff with that. I still have the Boss dr 550 which is like a baby R8; we went to the music shop in Peterborough and they played the demo and we *had* to have it. Clerihew for Anthony Anthony Manning does much C++ planning but he fails to arouse us with his very strange trousers.
Shining moment of the day: I asked William Gibson if he'd like to make a cyborg. I did not recognise him, I thought he was just another tourist/visitor taking in the art gallery with his wife. Ha! So of course, I'm all friendly and smiley, "Hi, welcome to our Open Studio. This is part of the Cyborg exhibition on the first floor. (which Neuromancer is part of, duh!) Would you like to make a cyborg?" I can't really remember what they said back to me, though I remember amused looks, polite thank you's et al. Then the animateur comes over and tells me exactly what I had just done, and we're both laughing our heads off. Brilliant! I wish he would have introduced himself, it would have been good to share the laugh with him.
Quite impressive, Mr. Manning. I actually just listened to Liquid Quartz 1, which I won, the other night. I forgot how cool it is. Thanks for sending that over. Nice irdial-list, akin. I concur. We all need to get together and KICK ASS. I hate it when people ask me what kind of music I listen to. I listen to some rock yes, but the rest is unclassifiable. And when I say that, people look at me weird. Like music belongs in certain set groups and genres. Sad. Very sad. Mess: Yes, I do have the Remote Viewer, thanks to the awesome users on AudioGalaxy. I am impressed with the dedication of fans everywhere. You (and everyone else, I suppose), can use my KDX server to get my Coil musicks and any other mp3 (and other things... Mikkel likes to get, er, pictures from me) I happen to have on my hard drive. The address is through KDX, guest access is on. All you have to do is download the lovely application. Also, BEANS!!!