Sunday, June 30, 2002

blogdial? should be drunkdial!! staying up for the world cup final right now. wasted. isn't that just peachy? akin, do you know how to do the orbit mapping with celestia??

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Lol! had a few 'incidents' with taxi drivers. they are completely mental and assert their ownership of the road, whenever than can. Outside the NPG, had a cabbie get out of his cab, after i'd blocked his path from trying to drive through the crowd of cyclists, before a motorcycle cop pulled up along side him and told him to get in his cab. A bit hair-raising for my first ride! Had similar experiences with RTS street parties about 8 years ago but then I was younger and had less of a sense of 'self-preservation'!!
we are not blocking traffic..."we ARE traffic!"
I think all the Critical Mass groups are linked, a bit like 'Reclaim the Streets', et al. I went with my flatmate Mo, who's an avid cyclist and met up with a couple of mates who I haven't seen for about 3 years. One of them is an excellent artist and we spoke about putting some of his work on my site, so i'll let you know when thats there.
word chris that is funny as we have a critical mass ride here in vancouver as well. i am guessing it's the same group, maybe? ok all, here's the news and it's good. there are two projects TES has going one for and the other for BCGas. The lead on BCGas wants me as his implementation server team lead with 5 guys under me whom i would coordinate tickets and troubleshoot the highend stuff. the backend of it is getting worked on now as TES management has to ok for around 20 new positions of which i will be the first hire. f-ing wikked right? didn't think i'd get to lead a team for quite a while here in vancouver. and at a major telecom contracted to a utility isn't a bad place to start! sorry for all the job shite posting i will resume nomal stupidness asap. i am just super f-ing excited!!!!! thanks blogdialians for all ya support! patsy cline and johnny cash = country at it's absolute finest!

Friday, June 28, 2002

Went on my first Critical Mass bike ride tonight around the west end (London) and had a whale of a time! Next one is on the last friday of the month, meeting under Waterloo bridge at 6pm. Good luck with the job, Mr Burke! I remember a character called 'Burke' in a kid TV programme called 'Trap Door' Picture 1 Picture 2
returned from TES with super positive feedback on the senior architect roles open. i will let you know if they pull from our team or from the other companies group but i think we are a shoe in as one of the people on our team worked for TES for 2 1/2 years so..... we'll see. f-ing tight market here.
Howard Jacques, of *** ***** *****, ******, **** *** said to me today, that he saw on a Number 12 Routmaster®, bus, two plasma displays showing dolpins, waves, captions about the power of the sea and fantazy paradise imagery. Then, the captions read, "this bus is protected by CCTV" whereon they showed the passengers on the top a live feed of those riding on the bottom, and then they showed the people on the bottom a live feed of the passengers on top. They then promoted a charity, at which point, he said "No". Some quotes that come to mind: "Television screen is the retina of the minds eye "Brian Oblivion" Videodrome "Charity is the only cheap amusement of the rich, and even for this, the poor pay" The starlit Mire
"She really over-reacts whenever she catches me wearing her underwear" their arguments are such an entertainment to read!!!
Ive been playing for *an hour+* oh well. its Friday.
in Celestia, set the clock to 5577777, and be looking at the earth. oh yes. Things my girlfriend and I have argued about
Area 51 Escapee Speaks
will be done, burke! I know how CRUEL Telus is, at least here in Alberta, but I hope you get the position! I have just put the license plates on my new car. Now all I have to do is learn how to drive the standard transmission... Damn. Saddened and shocked to hear of Entwistle's death. And right before the tour too. He was just a bit older than my dad... yikes. Ox made his mark though. Also, I HATE YOU, REALAUDIO. *dives through plate glass*
Holy!!!. Big(v. major) interview in the morning for Telus Enterprise Solutions on a project for BCGas utility. Team of four on 140 machines and 30 sites at 3rd level support on the project. I am f-ing craming!!! Please send your good thoughts my way at 10:15am PST tomorrow, danke!

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Def II used to be a funky programme on bbc2 in the evenings in 1988, with Derek-B doing the theme in rap. I watched it a bit. Just heard John Entwistle of The Who has died. That's sad, but time marches on. A great spoof of radio programming and "formatics" is the legendary "NINE!" available here. I urge anyone with 5 minutes or so to spare to listen - it's very funny.
entropy as relates to 106's pathetic concept: def2: A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system. disorder of the coconut is more like it. def 5.Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society. nuff said!
Tetrapack: "Radii of my brothers' single" "My brother's records ending" 7" White Vinyl A *very* special record indeed. A piece of pure Kunst.
Just back from one of my swedish mates, who got a Johnny Cash album that he got autographed by... Kenny Rogers! who signed as 'Johnny Cash'. It's art, and so it 106.
106 times 'ha-ha'. What was that record again "The first ten seconds of my brothers record collection"?
hell in a handbasket
'QUICK 106" was born from a brainstorming meeting with Alan Lawson, Music Director, our research company consultant and myself," stated Program Director, Bill Minckler. "We noticed that our consultant's attention span was about seven seconds and the idea of this new format just grew from that!" I don't think I'd be publicising the fact that I couldn't keep someone interested in conversation for longer than 7 seconds. Yes, Bill, you are f**king boring and you just told the whole world.
Hmmmmm shorter and shorter attention spans equates directly to entropy effect. 2nd law of thermodynamics. "Dumb and Dumber". What was this about again?
entropy my dear sir, entropy.
Have we all died and gone to hell?

Clear Channel debuts QUICK 106 in Portland

(Portland, OR)...In a radical departure from mainstream radio formats, Clear Channel has created a totally new approach to traditional broadcasting. Friday, June 21st at 12:00 Noon, STAR 105.9 FM (KSTE-FM) changes its name and format to "QUICK 106" ...only the Best Parts of your Favorite Songs ". "QUICK 106" was designed to address the short attention span of today's busy music fan," said Program Director Bill Minckler. "'QUICK 106' will feature an active library of more than 11,000 songs. 'QUICK 106' is truly the most variety of music ever heard on Portland Radio. Each day you'll hear the Best Country, Top 40, Rock and Adult Hits and lots more of them," Minckler continued. "'QUICK 106" was born from a brainstorming meeting with Alan Lawson, Music Director, our research company consultant and myself," stated Program Director, Bill Minckler. "We noticed that our consultant's attention span was about seven seconds and the idea of this new format just grew from that!" An additional outcome of the research study showed that Portland Radio Listeners wanted to know each song title and artist. "QUICK 106" has gone to the extent of numbering every song so the listener will simply need to log-on to to look up the song number for each title and artist. "QUICK 106" will play an astonishing 426 songs each and every hour."'QUICK 106" will surely be a favorite to busy Portlanders that need lots of music in a flash," said Minckler "QUICK 106" is owned and operated by Clear Channel Communications. "QUICK 106" can be heard at 105.9 FM over the world wide web at
that is completely amazing. i think it was the entire deep field map that showed on a grand scale a structure of the known universe and galaxys in the shape of what appeared to be a human figure(like da vinci's proportions of man drawing). perhaps that is vain for me to think it looked like that but it did. amazing. very curious as worldcom burps. at asn701, nodes everywhere may be rerouted. this really could be a big deal if worldcom bites it. many people are going to be getting overtime pay for sure. of course this would never happen, um...right? has anyone ever run or installed Roxen before? just tinkering..
In celestia, use the ] to turn on all the stars. say navigate, and then go to sol. while holding down both mouse buttons, slide backwards untill all the stars coalesce. use the left mouse button to rotate everything. Can you see the shapes? Its almost horrifying....
that ruling will probably stick for like 20 minutes if that. i mean look at the dollar bill. deeze things are way too entrenched in the pysche of the 'masses of molasses' as it were. You Know Your a New Yorker When: never use the words "grande" and "coffee" in the same sentence. -NY Times

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Pledge of Allegiance ruled unconstitutional June 26, 2002 Posted: 3:04 PM EDT (1904 GMT) SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- For the first time ever, a federal appeals court declared the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional Wednesday because of the words "under God" added by Congress in 1954. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the phrase amounts to a government endorsement of religion in violation of the Constitution's Establishment Clause, which requires a separation of church and state. "A profession that we are a nation 'under God' is identical, for Establishment Clause purposes, to a profession that we are a nation 'under Jesus,' a nation 'under Vishnu,' a nation 'under Zeus,' or a nation 'under no god,' because none of these professions can be neutral with respect to religion," Judge Alfred T. Goodwin wrote for the three-judge panel. The appeals said that when President Eisenhower signed the legislation inserting "under God" after the words "one nation," he wrote that "millions of our schoolchildren will daily proclaim in every city and town, every village and rural schoolhouse, the dedication of our nation and our people to the Almighty." The court noted that the U.S. Supreme Court has said students cannot hold religious invocations at graduations and cannot be compelled to recite the pledge. But when the pledge is recited in a classroom, a student who objects is confronted with an "unacceptable choice between participating and protesting," the appeals court said. "Although students cannot be forced to participate in recitation of the pledge, the school district is nonetheless conveying a message of state endorsement of a religious belief when it requires public school teachers to recite, and lead the recitation of, the current form of the pledge," the court said. The case was brought by Michael A. Newdow, a Sacramento atheist who objected because his second-grade daughter was required to recite the pledge at the Elk Grove school district. A federal judge dismissed his lawsuit, but the 9th Circuit ordered that the case proceed to trial. "I'm an American citizen. I don't like my rights infringed upon by my government," he said in an interview. Newdow called the pledge a "religious idea that certain people don't agree with." The government had argued that the religious content of "one nation under God" is minimal. But the appeals court said that an atheist or a holder of certain non-Judeo-Christian beliefs could see it as an attempt to "enforce a 'religious orthodoxy' of monotheism." Peace & Love I got high last night on LSD My mind was beautiful, and I was free Warts loved my nipples because they are pink Vomit on me, baby Yeah Yeah Yeah. Stevie Wonder's penis is erect because he's blind It's erect because he's blind, it's erect because he's blind Stevie Wonder's penis is erect because he's blind It's erect because he is blind Let's make love under the stars and watch for UFOs And if little baby Martians come out of the UFOs You can fuck them Yeah Yeah Yeah. The zebra spilled its plastinia on bemis And the gelatin fingers oozed electric marbles Ramona's titties died in hell And the Nazis want to kill everyone. Stevie Wonder's penis is erect because he's blind ... etc. Human Virus Scanner! Turn the concept of money on its head, and change the world! Submitted without comment :]
again just because... lxtea: print 'em and we'll buy 'em!! (just as soon as we get the davesque *$s and the 'batting for..' ones ;)) dude skid row is playing in oxford?? i am fucking there man!
Nazi spin doctor = GOEBBELS. Fucking genius of a man, evil genius. My friends and I enjoy playing Super Smash Brothers Melee on our Nintendo GameCube, and if there's one person short, the fourth player is always a pink-jacketed Dr. Mario at the highest AI difficulty. We refer to him as Propoganda Minister Goebbels. He's a fucking BASTARD. What does a nazi turkey sound like? GOEBBEL GOEBBEL GOEBBEL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Akin: AudioGalaxy/NAPSTER in IRAN would be AMAZING. Hooooly shit. Hell, you could do it in Russia if you really wanted. GLGULRUBLG
michael franti ... my new flatmate / very very very good good friend since school age is his biggest fan.. maybe... going to glastonbury for the xth year running to see him amongst isaac hayes and others... uh you have no idea how drunk iam. can't remember why i'm posting had some thing to say.. shiiiit. please complain if this post offends you for it's impotency. had a chat on fire with barrie t'other day. instant gpg encryption. seamless and very fuckig hardcore. morrr0rrre ppl NEED to implement seemless, transparent pgp encryption in their apps to popularise privacy. no-one seems to care... how can we breach this gap? also... i want to print t-shirts with evil corporate logos with their names replaces by R107 ( = me!). i hate these companies in so many ways (nike, esso, gap *$s, etc) but i feel morally ashamed to print the swastika under the same terms. why? i dunno. maybe phil night (nike ceo) isn't as bad as hitler, but he certainly has hints of the nazi spin doctor (i'm far too fucking drunk to remember... goering perhaps?) i don't understand life. saw a racist attack in a conveinice store this eveing, stood outside watching, luckily the people inside dealt with it. felt impotent. i'm not a fighting man, what can i do?
I work on Cowley Road and I bloody hate it i can tell, it looks like your eyes are going to pop out every time you turn red, too funny dav! Listen in to my stethoscope on a rope international lullabies, human cries thumps and silence, the language of violence algorithmic, cataclysmic, seismic, biorhythmic you can make a life longer, but you can't save it you can make a clone an then you try to enslave it? stealin' DNA samples from the unborn and then you comin' after us 'cause we sampled a James Brown horn? -michael franti

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

's funny you should say that Dr Burke, I am just finishing a 4-song collection, though it won't be called the Cowley Road EP; I work on Cowley Road and I bloody hate it (that pic is actually of me in my office, mimicking my bedroom and the pink effect) it's like the skid row of Oxford. Alas no one will be able to hear my 4 songs since they are all made up of other people's samples and I don't want to get myself in trouble. Great mixes though - track one is an in-vitro fertilization of Van Halen and Scritti Politti (bits from the Fair Warning LP and the dub mixes from the CD of Cupid and Psyche 85), track 2 is a hotwired version of Desireless's mid 80's chanson "Voyage Voyage", track three has the vocals ripped off from Hipsway's "The Honeythief" and track 4 is a rather rude bit of interfering with good old Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Been out tonight to the wonderfully named Brill. And it really is Brill too. And in Brill there is a windmill. On a hill. I'm not making this up. Brill hill with windmill. Great to drive out there with "Come with Us" on the stereo and the setting sun for company, still perfectly light at 10pm at night.
Ask a bizzare question!!
colo facility junction medusa. cowley road ep?

Snorting Vodka is absolutely happening

I learned this handy trick at Roskilde. Here is how-to-do-it� Fill a Danish beer cap with Vodka, hold it between your thumb and index finger. Use the other index finger to press one nostril closed. Exhale. Move the cap to the open nostril and snort in a steady but powerful inhalation. Cheers. Try not to scream. Then have one for the other leg. Cheers. The effect is being drunk in another (better) way. The price is getting there.
Don't do it too much as everything will go pink, properly due to bleedings in your eyes, I dunno. Acually much like the photo just below.
Hey, secret message here - if you see this put the word STROBILE in your next posting
that is a really good point btw.
All Audiogalaxy had to do is shut down its American operation and move everything to Iran. Intelectual Property is Haram, so they could exist there perfectly legally. The movie streaming company that used to run out of Taiwan has moved to Tehran, and no one is bothering them there. America is not the center of the universe; these directory servers need to simply move; shutting down is a sub optimal response. Just imagine it; the RIAA and MPAA destroy innovation in the west, forcing a "brain drain" to Sharia countries, making them the new centers of innovation and software development in the world....THINK ABOUT IT.
FUCKING HELL. FUCKING HELL. FUCKING HELL. I just found out about this. I hate the RIAA. I'd be willing to fucking shoot them. Fuck. It's disgusting how they put their "needs" far ahead of everyone else's. Independant bands (which AG supported very well) don't matter for shit. The RIAA needs it's god-given right to horde MONEY! Fucking WHORES.,1285,53342,00.html Why Audiogalaxy Case Matters Not By Brad King 2:00 a.m. June 20, 2002 PDT As news swept across the Internet regarding Audiogalaxy, the file-trading company forced to shuts its network on Monday, music fans came face-to-face with a sense of dread and d�j� vu. But just as the demise of Napster's service nearly a year ago created some inconvenience for music downloaders, Audiogalaxy's shutdown should have little lasting effect on the future of sharing. Audiogalaxy, which has consistently ranked among the most popular applications at, capitulated to demands from the Recording Industry Association of America, which sued the company last month for copyright infringement. The company's decision may be a victory for the RIAA -- but it's not really a big one, according to parties on all sides. Audiogalaxy ran a type of centralized server, which means the company had some control over the types of files on its system. During the landmark Napster case initiated by the RIAA in 1999, Ninth Circuit U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel ruled that such systems could be held accountable for infringing materials on their systems. Shutting that service down required little more than a lawsuit. However, the big test still looms in Los Angeles. That's where the music trade group is suing the makers of Kazaa and Morpheus, two decentralized file-trading services in which each user connected to the network acts as a server, creating a web. To shut down the network, each user must be removed. The Audiogalaxy settlement is ominous because it shows the power of a legal ruling against a technology company. But it does little to stymie the millions of users connected to decentralized systems like Kazaa and Morpheus. "This is a sign that we realize we understand we have to pursue these suits one at a time," said Cary Sherman, RIAA president. "We feel like we have no choice but to pursue these cases so that we can turn the Internet into a place where legitimate business can flourish. For that, the case against Kazaa remains important to establish the law with regards to different forms of (peer-to-peer) systems."

Monday, June 24, 2002

"The elite involved in the black programs are among the smartest people on the planet, but even so remain deeply puzzled by much of what they've learned. They tend to regard the public with disdain, like undisciplined and unruly children incapable of handling information of extraordinary complexity. While officially supporting democracy, the black program elite in reality espouse a kind of benevolent dictatorship or enlightened oligarchy by those, such as themselves, who have earned the right to know and to make decisions in the best interest of civilization, to which the ordinary person, being lazy and easily distracted, is not motivated or qualified to contribute anyway. The average American cares more about the Super Bowl than about life elsewhere in the Universe. The intellectual mentors of those with clout and power are Plato and Machiavelli, not Aristotle and Jefferson. Over the past 50 years, the highest courts have accepted and upheld the precedence of national security over the First and Fourth Amendments. So even if the public wanted to know, that would not constitute a legal need or right to know. The elite are doing their patriotic duty by trying to control the situation within the established rules of national security." UFO Skeptic
the world of tiffness as for vodka, i prefer mine ice cold with lemon... though as i sit here at work i am terribly envious of you, mikkel. have fun and i want pictures!
snorting vodka This is for real right? Its the second time that I have heard that this is done; just how fuckkin cRaZy are you whippersnappers??!?!? Eh??!!??
so they freed arthur lee? "Arthur Lee of Love was incarcerated by the State of California in 1996 for allegedly firing bullets into the peopled upstairs apartment through his ceiling; an act begotten for the hungry fantasists who can ony costruct such scenarios etherally, while Lee, the idealist, strove to sprinkly all our lives with hope, and transform paralyzed desire into action. A slug in the ceiling for everyone at war with the tyrannical massivity, Arthur announced the war that's raged insidiously undeclared. Arthur's action, while formally pure and delightful to recount, goes beyond symbolism, is the new herotic mantle for the conquering downpressed. Trade your silence for his example, with the diet of cold rice and the sound of stark, sharp, gospel music. Arthur Lee must be freed. Free Arthur Lee! Free Love! Write to the Governor of the State of California to appeal the wrongful incarceration of this inspirational man. This is not a joke."
he's the only one with the common courage to tell us about the old scars he used to live in a common castle now he's behind bars
wfmu loves to play bob hund. crazy crazy sounds...
Things continue to pop to mind. Mikkel, at all times you most carry a black flag that reads "18 05 80" in bold red letters. It's very important.
Short post, I have some spare time> Hah, claus, you bet I'm gonna post a full report! If I can remember anything, that is. (also, holy shit, Josh, you know about Bob Hund? Goddamn!) I will try my best to live up to Claus' exploits of '00, except for the whole consumption of piss thing. (for non-danes, PIK = COCK hee hee). I need something that looks vaguely like a backstage pass. Or I need to roll someone who has one.
can we get a pic dav?
The sun is really incredibly bright tonight (well, this evening) and as such I have hung a pink blanket up in my window to shade my room from its intensity. Now everything is glowing pink and I feel like I'm in a drug scene from a bad 70's film. This is a good way to waste time, unless you consider doing this a good use of time. I say waste time at work while yr getting paid and then have fun later.
Uhm... forgot licking perly dew-drops of the grass in the wee hours of the morning realising it was piss - litterally, and snorting vodka.
Hey Mikkel, what happend to snogging Swedish girls, vomiting your 20� mescalin right up, sleeping with your head in the bassbin, stealing booze from the MTV trailer, cheating you way back-stage, eating Eat Statics dinner and stealing their wine, getting mosquito bites on your arse while humping your ex-girlfriend on a nearby field, crowd surfing two meters over dead corpses in from of orange stage, pretending your law enforcement and scare the shit out of street vendors, hacking hotmails on the netcaf� boxen, finding 200 joints in a plastic bag and loosing them again because you are stoned like a zombie, having your photo taken with law enforcement, taking a dump on the roof of a car, spending 30� on a henna tattoo that reads PIK on your forehead, burning all your gear - and the neightbors as well before you take the train home hiding in the lavy, falling asleep and waking up with law enforcement fining you. What about it? I wan't a full report when you return young man!
because of moby's bad breath!
wow, mikkel: the Roskilde Fest looks amazing. and you will know us by the trail of dead andrew wk anti pop consortium antibalas bob hund common dirtbombs alec empire Love w/ arthur lee (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) slayer spiritualized television yeah yeah yeahs ... and on and on and on how the hell are you going to decide which acts to catch? why don't festivals such as these exist in the US???????????????
coming next: the microsoft toaster and the microsoft programmable handy wipe. oooh, i'm so paranoid and stupid that i'll trust you to take care of it. ok..... i'm going to close my eyes now. you hold my wallet and just please take care of it won't you?? jihad....i can't even address this choice of words. It�s easier to vandalize a Web site than to program a remote control. this is not true and it's this mindset that pushes people even farther away from having a clue as to what is actually happening on the web. as if it's some big mystery. "the big scary unknown internet". fear fear fear and more fear. fear the unknown and stay under someone else's control. like a cult of the moronic. noone will ever know it all but that is no reason not to try! the vast majority of people don't even know how to properly use their email so frankly i couldn't care less if they sell 5 billion of these systems. i'll never buy one but perhaps some people should have someone else take care of their own lack of "_________" when it comes to the internet. whether it's m$ or someone else. because if/when i get 1 more email from some friend with the subject FW:FW:FW:FW:FW:FW: i think i am going to completely blow a cog.
Palladium will die a death, just like Hailstorm. No one will buy into M$ controlling what software can and cannot run on a machine. It's just pie in the sky.
ha ha the name palladium makes me think of bad 80s comedy. jimmy tarbuck, russ abbot, etc... now he paperclip will crack jokes: "it's the way you tell 'em"
Mikkel + Beer + Tents + Mud + Music + Lots of People = Roskilde Festival 2002 YES! I'm off. Cya in a week. The Big Secret An exclusive first look at Microsoft�s ambitious-and risky-plan to remake the personal computer to ensure security, privacy and intellectual property rights. Will you buy it? By Steven Levy NEWSWEEK July 1 issue � In ancient Troy stood the Palladium, a statue of the goddess Athena. Legend has it that the safety of the city depended on that icon�s preservation. Later the term came to mean a more generic safeguard. HERE�S SOMETHING THAT cries for a safeguard: the world of computer bits. An endless roster of security holes allows cyber-thieves to fill up their buffers with credit-card numbers and corporate secrets. It�s easier to vandalize a Web site than to program a remote control. Entertainment moguls boil in their hot tubs as movies and music are swapped, gratis, on the Internet. Consumers fret about the loss of privacy. And computer viruses proliferate and mutate faster than they can be named. � Audio: Steven Levy and Mario Juarez on Microsoft: Secrets of Security � Audio: Listen to the complete weekly On Air show Computer security is enough of a worry that the software colossus Microsoft views it as a threat to its continued success: thus the apocalyptic Bill Gates memo in January calling for a �Trustworthy Computing� jihad. What Gates did not specifically mention was Microsoft�s hyperambitious long-range plan to literally change the architecture of PCs in order to address the concerns of security, privacy and intellectual property. The plan, revealed for the first time to NEWSWEEK, is... Palladium, and it�s one of the riskiest ventures the company has ever attempted. Though Microsoft does not claim a panacea, the system is designed to dramatically improve our ability to control and protect personal and corporate information. Even more important, Palladium is intended to become a new platform for a host of yet-unimagined services to enable privacy, commerce and entertainment in the coming decades. �This isn�t just about solving problems, but expanding new realms of possibilities in the way people live and work with computers,� says product manager Mario Juarez.
My computer sucks... Celestia runs at about 5 fps or so... blah. I really need a new computer.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

The Framley Examiner! celestia is......breath-taking!! cheers for that, Akin This is what it looks like...breath taking.
"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions." Albert Einstein

J Robert Oppenheimer & Albert Einstein:

TOP SECRET DRAFT June 1947 Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies Relationships with extraterrestrial men presents no basically new problem from the standpoint of international law: but the possibility of confronting intelligent beings that do not belong to the human race would bring us problems whose solution it is difficult to conceive. In principle, there is no difficulty in accepting the possibility of coming to an understanding with them, and of establishing all kinds of relationships. The difficulty lies in trying to establish the principles on which these relationships should be based. In the first place, it would be necessary to establish communication with them through some language or other, and afterwards, as a first condition for all intelligence, that they should have a psychology similar to that of men. At any rate, international law should make place for a new law on a different basis, and it might be called "Law Among Planetary Peoples", following the guidelines found in the Pentateuch. Obviously, the idea of revolutionizing international law to the point where it would be capable of coping with situations would compel us to make a change in its structure, a change so basic that it would no longer be international law, that is to say, as it is conceived today, but something altogether different, so that it could no longer bear the same name. If these intelligent beings were in possession of a more or less culture, and a more or less perfect political organization, they would have an absolute right to be recognised as independent and sovereign peoples, we would have to come to an agreement with them to establish the legal regulations upon which future relationships should be based, and it would be necessary to accept many of their principles. Finally, if they should reject all peaceful cooperation and become an imminent threat to the earth, we would have the right to legitimate defense, but only insofar as would be necessary to annul this danger. ***** Another possibility may exist, that a species of homo sapiens might have established themselves as an independent nation on another celestrial body in our solar system and -1- evolved culturally independently from ours. Obviously, this possibility depends on many circumstances, whose conditions cannot yet be foreseen. However, we can make a study of the basis on which such a thing might have occurred. In the first place, living conditions on these bodies lets say the moon, or the planet Mars, would have to be such as to permit a stable, and to a certain extent, independent life, from an economic standpoint. Much has been speculated about the possibilities for life existing outside of our atmosphere and beyond, always hypothetically, and there are those who go so far as to give formulas for the creation of an artificial atmosphere on the moon, which undoubtedly have a certain scientific foundation, and which may one day come to light. Let's assume that magnesium silicates on the moon may exist and contain up to 13 percent water. Using energy and machines brought to the moon, perhaps from a space station, the rocks could be broken up, pulverized, and then backed to drive of the water of crystallization. This could be collected and then decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen, using an electric current or the short wave radiation of the sun. The oxygen could be used for breathing purposes; the hydrogen might be used as a fuel. In any case, if no existence is possible on celestrial bodies except for enterprises for the exploration of their natural riches, with a continuous interchange of the men who work on them, unable to establish themselves there indefinitely and be able to live isolated life, independence will never take place. ***** Now we come to the problem of determining what to do if the inhabitants of celestrial bodies, or extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE) desire to settle here. 1. If they are politically organised and possess a certain culture similar to our own, they may be recognised as a independent people. They could consider what degree of development would be required on earth for colonizing. 2. If they consider our culture to be devoid of political unity, they would have the right to colonize. Of course, this colonization cannot be conducted on classic lines. A superior form of colonizing will have to be conceived, that could be a kind of tutelage, possibly through the tacit approval of the United Nations. But would the United Nations legally have the right of allowing such tutelage over us in such a fashion? -2- (a) Although the United Nations is an international organisation, there is no doubt that it would have no right of tutelage, since its domain does not extend beyond relationships between its members. It would have the right to intervene only if the relationships of a member nation with a celestrial body affected another member nation with an extraterrestrial people is beyond the domain of the United Nations. But if these relationships entailed a conflict with another member nation, the United Nations would have the right to intervene. (b) If the United Nations were a supra-national organisation, it would have competency to deal with all problems related to extraterrestrial peoples. Of course, even though it is merely an international organization, it could have this competence if its member states would be willing to recognise it. ***** It is difficult to predict what the attitude of international law will be with regard to the occupation by celestrial peoples of certain locations on our planet, but the only thing that can be foreseen is that there will be a profound change in traditional concepts. We cannot exclude the possibility that a race of extraterrestrial people more advanced technologically and economically may take upon itself the right to occupy another celestrial body. How, then, would this occupation come about? 1. The idea of exploitation by one celestrial state would be rejected, they may think it would be advisable to grant it to all others capable of reaching another celestrial body. But this would be to maintain a situation of privilege for these states. 2. The division of a celestrial body into zones and the distribution of them among other celestrial states. This would present the problem of distribution. Moreover, other celestrial states would be deprived of the possibility of owning an area, or if they were granted one it would involve complicated operations. 3. Indivisible co-sovereignty, giving each celestrial state the right to make whatever use is most convenient to its interests, independently of the others. This would create a situation of anarchy, #@ the strongest one would win out in the end. 4. A moral entity? The most feasible solution it -3- seems would be this one, submit an agreement providing for the peaceful absorption of a celestrial race(S) in such a manner that our culture would remain intact with guarantees that their presence not be revealed. Actually, we do not believe it necessary to go that far. It would merely be a matter of internationalizing celestrial peoples, and creating an international treaty instrument preventing exploitation of all nations belonging to the United Nations. ***** [SNIP!] Respectfully, /s/ Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer Director of Advanced Studies Princeton, New Jersey /s/ Professor Albert Einstein Princeton, New Jersey here

Saturday, June 22, 2002

"Growing up on a diet of punk, funk, jazz and 'head music', [Ken] Goldsmith was converted to sound art around 1990 while working in his studio in downtown Manhattan. "It was around the time of the first De La Soul EP," he recalls, "and somebody was walking by with a beatbox blasting. And as I listened, it sounded just like musique concr�te to me. I thought, 'Wow, someone is walking down Houston Street playing Pierre Henry.' (Mikkel thinks 'Wow, triple-nested quotes'). And I realised it was actually a break between two rap tunes. With HipHop, you can take any sound at all, even the most abstract ones, and the minute you put a beat behind it, it's legitimised. Whereas if you take the beat out, it becomes completely illegitimate and has no place in the culture.""
I like how stuff ties together. This is an article in The Wire about the site that Mess Noone posted not long ago (did you get it from there?). Anyway, I downloaded the whole archive (evil, I know), and the width and breadth of this stuff is mindnumbing. There are hour long recitations of a constructed fight between spouses (Erik Beglum - Bad Marriage Mantra), readings of books by famous authors and artists (Jim Carroll of Basketball Diaries, Frank Zappa reading from The Naked Lunch), italian tape music from 1913 (Giacomo Balla), insane rambling by drugged out poets, and telephone conversations about insulting in a second language. I love sound experiments and claim that any sound at all (or even the absence of it), ordered or unordered, can be called music. It might not be good/popular/accessible/listenable/worthiful, but it's music. And I live lots of it.
bdawg money grip, i read that too and was thinking that the term "conspiracy theory" doesn't really apply when it very well could be the truth. more like educated summation or something. but we can forget about this thought mode ever being adopted by the general american public as i had a very difficult time even selling my mom(super ex-hippie and open minded thinker) on the pentagon truck bomb issue. people just don't want to believe the truth that they are confronted with. it's like facing your own individual deepest level personality problems. the truth can be a negative magnetic attraction to most people. ignorance is bliss it is said.... so glad our blogdial crew has it going on upstairs!
The Horrible Fraud Conspiracy Theory Grips French: Sept. 11 as Right-Wing U.S. Plot Sat Jun 22, 9:07 AM ET By ALAN RIDING The New York Times PARIS, June 21 Even before the fires were extinguished at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon ( news - web sites), conspiracy theories began flooding the Internet. A few quickly spilled out of Web sites and were widely circulated by e-mail before fading into oblivion. One, however, has taken on a life of its own in France. It was turned into a book that has become the publishing sensation of the spring. � Conspiracy Theory Grips French: Sept. 11 as Right-Wing U.S. Plot � Ruling Barring Execution of Retarded May Not Lead to Further Restrictions � For the latest breaking news, visit � Get DealBook, a daily email digest of corporate finance newsDealBook. Search In the book, "L'Effroyable Imposture," or "The Horrifying Fraud," Thierry Meyssan challenges the entire official version of the Sept. 11 attacks. He claims the Pentagon was not hit by a plane, but by a guided missile fired on orders of far right-wingers inside the United States government. Further, he says, the planes that struck the World Trade Center were not flown by associates of Osama bin Laden ( news - web sites), but were programmed by the same government people to fly into the twin towers. What really interests him, though, is what he sees as the conspiracy behind these actions. He contends that it was organized by right-wing elements inside the government who were planning a coup unless President Bush ( news - web sites) agreed to increase military spending and go to war against Afghanistan ( news - web sites) and Iraq to promote the conspirators' oil interests.
i though the b3ta link to nazi kitten this week was a bit much as well.
german design fetishism goes too far
Thanks Chris! =) Barreh, what band is that? Maybe I should look up the url nuy im ftunk2 FTUN" rhhh FTINMLK" FTIMNLK" HOFFSM DRUNK"! THERE IT WAS!!!
holy they/he is/are good.

nice peenie weenie. isn't the music life the sh*t? tgfdod pedals!

Friday, June 21, 2002

A triplet: a supergroup: Role Model 500

"The service provided by Fusker is analogous to a ladder coming with a guidebook with listings of which windows at museums provide good views of the paintings inside." and english isn't your first language, Mikkel. This had me rolling around the floor!!
this makes me so happy i can hardly stand it. tgfb3ta sometimes... n o i s e Spiral Synth Modular Homepage
"No two people on earth are alike, and it's got to be that way in music or it isn't music." Billie Holiday
Had time to check out the Blast thing on the BBC now. It's arse. The ad implies that the BBC will produce your ideas, the site says 'whoo, yeah, go for it... and maybe we'll show/playit - as long as you do it all yourself.' There's no such thing as a free lunch. I just ate a "free lunch" here, but that's cos I'm on a training course for a machine that cost the university 200,000 of our British pounds. Nice work if you can get it (and you can get it if you try).
due to an unforeseen bug the patch werk quilt was destroyed. my last backup is only 14 patches big. it was 230+. the thing is i was thinking about this the night before it happened but wasn't at home, and was too tired to fix it when i got home. argh...
Sellout (adj.) A term applied to a musician or a band who has ceased to evolve creatively in favour of stagnating to milk as much money for their record company as he/she/they can. A new addition to the growing list of sell-outs, hot on the heels of Moby: Fuck you, Our Lady Peace. The ten-song lame piece of shit that passes for your latest album sucks. Where did your talent for writing odd, grandoise and lovely pop songs go? Your new guitarist sucks, too.
Just got in from the micromusic do at brick lane... Rolemodel was totally superb! Dual gameboys pumping intricate chiptunes. Top class, true Arkanoid. Great crowd, great fun, drank beer....cooooool!
The words governor or steersman or G-man are used to describe those who manipulate words and communication devices to control, to bolster authority - feudal, management, government. And to discourage innovative thought and free exchange. We describe a person who relies on static, verbal abstractions, conformity to dogma, reliance on authority, as a vassal or G-person or G-man. From which we get G-think, G-text, G-babble, G-berish, vassaline, vassalize. -Timothy Leary

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Yeah, Fusker has grown beyond my expectations. I get over 16,000 unique visitors a month, generating around 9 gigs of traffic (and yes, that's pure text).
holy! that is intensive. 15,000 runs is major i had no idea that that much traffic was being generated at all. still his rights are limited and easily shut off as you showed but frankly i am shocked at the number of runs generated on his site; completely. it really depends on the size of the images being pulled i guess but frankly this point is null when you can just take the referer out of the equasion. i guess i underestimated the use of fusker, greatly = kudos to you for making such a useable tool. so at 143g over 7months that is like 20gigs a month upstream which is lot but with that type of content one would assume he has a t1 laid(pun intended!) or something with a huge ceiling which would allow that sort of traffic. if my dsl provider saw 20g a month leaving here i would get shut off. but then again as you said, just close the door. end of story. good luck mikkel.
It's possible, but unlikely. In the entire archives (from dec last year to now), there are just under 15,000 runs of Fusker with his website. This adds up to roughly 143 gigs of bandwidth, if we assume that an average run shows 100 images of 100 kilobytes each. I seriously doubt he has that shitty hosting, though, and he would likely have run up that bill anyway.
" What the hell is wrong with you, I will not rest until you are shut down." -what the hell is wrong with you admingonebad@knownothing.spaz??? 400$ in bandwidth in a month huh? i seriously doubt that would be possible.
From: To: Subject: Re: Theft Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 03:54:56 -0600 Hello Kevin, First off, deep-linking is not illegal (however, barratry is), as has been proven in several courtcases. The page at "" has more info about the legal issues of linking. The service provided by Fusker has nothing to do with theft, it is merely redirecting users, by exposing a severe hole in your website. As I am not passing off the content as my own, nor hosting the images on my own server, there is no copyright violation. The service provided by Fusker is analogous to a ladder coming with a guidebook with listings of which windows at museums provide good views of the paintings inside. Fusker certainly isn't the only site that provides customized deep-linking solutions, and my removing your site from it would not help much. You need to get to the basis of the problem by making sure that no external host can link to your images. This can easily be fixed by checking the referer-field (sic) of the requests. You can see how to do this (for the Apache browser) by visiting "" under the headings "Referer-based Deflector" and "Blocked Inline-Images." You'd want to block all referers that aren't yourself. This prevents Fusker and others like it from working. I am sure this is also possible if you use Microsoft's IIS or another http solution. I would certainly be flattered if someone posted my stuff on their site, in fact, I encourage it (see the disclaimer at the end of Fusker). Finally, as I said in the aforementioned disclaimer, I will oblige to remove any links from the Fusker archives, and will do so when I get home from work (as the firewall does not permit me SSHing to the server) - this will be around 5 pm GMT+1 (or 11 am EST). Regards, Mikkel Eriksen PS: I would appreciate it if you used my address for future correspondence. Thank you. On Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:08:13 -0400, said: > You are stealing my content and my bandwidth. > > I have started legal proceedings against you and your host. I have > also contacted APIC and Matrix Content on your practices of theft. > You are stealing my content on your site. > > What the hell is wrong with you, I will not rest until you are > shut down. > > The info below has been sent to our lawyers. > > Technical contact: > Hostmaster, Technical (speednmtech) > Speednames > Rejsbygade 8a > > Copenhagen V, , 1759 > DK > > +45.33886300 Fax: +45.33886301 > > Administrative contact: > Eriksen, Mikkel (ME887) > Mikkel Eriksen > Gasvarksvej 7 > Gilleleje, , 3250 > DK > > +4548303450 Fax: > > > Kevin Noonan > > Webmaster and owner Atomic Industries > > Here are a couple, to many to list. > > Also how would you like it if I stole from you, If I took your > web site content and posted it on my site, from my logs I can see > that from your page you have cost me 400.00 in bandwidth this > month, never mind the lost time and aggravation of you leaching *sigh* I mean, seriously.
v. quick check out the BLAST thing on the bbc they are soliciting novel ideas for programmes on a course so haven't done it myself does anyone know it already?
Full Index Status Visit this page to begin an index of your site, to view the status of your last index, or to view the status of an index that is in progress. Your Last Index was Successful The last index of your web site index completed 32 seconds ago. It took 22 minutes to crawl 302 pages and index 302 pages containing 260807 words for a total of 4983120 bytes. 28341 word endings, 0 synonyms, and 27145 sound-alike words were included in the index.
rood blogdial!
"According to Jung, when the psyche projects its contents onto an archetypal symbol, there is always secrecy, fascination and high energy." I had a meeting with a paper rep today and she gave me a box of pencils and a new journal to write in. The pencil box is wrapped in letter-pressed cream paper (the script is calm green) and the pencil jackets are tranquil blue, urban gray, ivory, serious black... black erasers too. I feel spoiled.
like....totally tubular quote#2: "nonetheless *$s is and will always be a vehicle for a few at the top to make money off of white suburban college students to embare-assed to work at mcdonalds." //fun in the smtp realm indeed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

i am having an intense discussion with a someone regarding the *$s ad. i would like to post it but it may be too personal and i would not want to breach their privacy however it is very very interesting. it regards intent and publicity, here is an excerpt from one of my responses: "i do not believe that any publicity is good publicity. without attention to events and then making that attention public there is no activism." it's an extremely indepth discussion we are having and i am sharing the spirit of an healthy intellectual debate.
" then the fence would cut those Israeli citizens that live on the Palestinian territory off from their fatherland." interesting choice of words. a truly talented person who simply amazed us with the depth of her approach.

Home Depot stops doing business with federal government

if someone comes up to you and asks you, you want drugs? what do you tell them? "I *am* Drugs."
addendum: Interestingly, the name "Beef Terminal" was chosen by the artist from a slaughterhouse in the outskirts of Toronto. How apt. On his last album, he used an analog scanner to pull random analog cellphone conversations out of the air... it's a very eerie feeling to know that you're practically being a voyeur listening to some of the (rather personal) recordings...
Noise Factory Records Very underrated and unknown Canadian label. Beef Terminal and Sparrow Orange are both brilliant and beautiful and frightening. Mmmmm.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

say: drugs(used to) work. 'i watched what's been created and it's sad to see what is music from the future turned to popstar puppetry replaced by droids and clones machines with no souls edited interviews and preformatted shows music globalization inner cities do not know that the minds that conceived this are critical to the flow' m600
if someone comes up to you and asks you, you want drugs? what do you tell them?

"Creative Integration for Digital Integation"
The nice guys!
the business of media
"The proposals are to be put on hold indefinitely in the face of huge opposition, which the home secretary conceded his department totally failed to predict. " So, if less people complained they would have brought it in?? These people are morally bankrupt. Labour have a man who is clearly incapable of understanding anything about human rights in one of the higest positions in government. It is beyond absurd. There is nothing in place, no checks and balances to stop any new legislation like this coming around again; this is the fundamental flaw of western democracies, and what is becoming the central flaw of American Democracy. No rights of the individial are written in stone, everything is up for grabs depending on the current situation. This is totally wrong, and dangerous. One way or another, we are all going to end up living in a Taleban style state, because there is nothing written in stone to prevent it from happening. European states are already way ahead; all rights conferred on the individual in the EU are conditional all rights in Germany (for example) are conditional. We should not have to go through this nonsense every time a cretinous new ass monkey gets the Home Office hot seat and wants to make his mark. A thick black line needs to be indelibly drawn across which no government can cross. Ever. This line needs to automagically prevent any legislation like RIPA from even being considered because it crosses the line. Until this line is drawn, we will be forever sending faxes and begging like paupers for our rights. The pain lovers will say that freedom is not free and it has to be fought for. The people who died and risked thier lives in WWi and WW2 will tell you that they fought very hard indeed thank you and why should they and thier decendents have to fight the same battles over and over again, this time, against traitors from inside. A time has to come when the fighting is over, otherwise, we are going to live forever in struggle, and that my friends, is BULLSHIT.
from the Hornby Island site that Mary posted: Take the bus from Vancouver or Victoria to Buckley Bay (about 1 hour north of Nanaimo). Then walk on to the ferry to Denman Island. There is NO public transport on Denman Island so you need to ask someone on the ferry for a ride across Denman to the Hornby Island ferry. (This is a common activity and generally supported by all but the most selfish drivers).
how refreshing listening to david blunkett talking about the above this lunchtime i was saddened to find myself wondering whether there could be an ulterior motive for such a surprising move, what with the terrible press the government have been getting over this last week or so ......
the beast's greed is never quenched slashdot replies

News Search BETA CANBERRA, Australian (Reuters) -- In a breakthrough out of the realms of Star Trek, scientists in Australia have successfully teleported a laser beam of light from one spot to another in a split second but warn: don't sell the car yet. A team of physicists at the Australian National University (ANU) announced on Monday they had successfully disembodied a laser beam in one location and rebuilt it in a different spot about one meter away in the blink of an eye. Project leader Dr. Ping Koy Lam said there was a close resemblance between what his team had achieved and the movement of people in the science fiction series Star Trek but reality was still light years off beaming human beings between locations. "In theory there is nothing stopping us from doing it but the complexity of the problem is so huge that no one is thinking seriously about it at the moment," Lam told a news conference. However Lam said science was not too far from being able to teleport solid matter from one location to another. "My prediction will probably be done by someone in the next three to five years, that is the teleportation of a single atom," said Lam, who has worked on teleporting since 1997. But he said humans posed a near-impossible task as we are made up of zillions of atoms -- quantified by a one with 27 zeroes -- so forget Star Trek where the Starship Enterprise crew step into a transporter, vaporise, then re-assemble elsewhere. The laser beam was destroyed during teleporting which is achieved using a process known as quantum entanglement. However the breakthrough opens up enormous possibilities for future super-fast and super-secure communications systems, such as quantum computers over the next decade. World race Physicists think quantum computers could outperform classical computers with enormous memory and the ability to solve problems millions of times faster. Teleportation became one of the hottest topics among physicists in quantum mechanics in the past decade, after the IBM lab in the United States provided theoretical underpinning for the work in 1993. Since then about 40 laboratories globally have been experimenting in this area. Although teams in California and Denmark were the first to do preliminary work on teleportation, the ANU team of scientists from Australia, Germany, France, China and New Zealand was the first to achieve a successful trial with 100 percent reliability. The idea is if quantum particles like electrons, ions, and atoms have the same properties, they are essentially the same. So if the properties of quantum particles making up an object are reproduced in another particle group, there would be a precise duplication of the object, so only information about the particles' properties need be transmitted, not the particles. The inability to pass the information reliably has been a major stumbling block in past "entanglement" experiments. ANU team member Warwick Bowen said they first successfully teleported a laser beam on May 23 to their great surprise, and repeated the success time after time in following weeks using their small-car-sized transporter, ironing out certain glitches. "Even in Star Trek they realize there are problems with teleportation," Bowen told the news conference. "It is such a complicated experiment that nobody knows whether their particular set-up is going to work until you do it....and it turns out our system is very good."

Suit brought against music labels for copy-protected CDs

Published 4:30 a.m. PDT Friday, June 14, 2002 LOS ANGELES (AP) - Two consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against five major record companies, claiming that copy-protected CDs are defective and should not be available for sale. The suit filed Wednesday in Superior Court seeks either to block the CDs release or require warning labels identifying them as inferior and hazardous to computers. "If you use an Apple computer, you can't even get the disc out of the tray," said Nicholas Koluncich, an attorney who is representing his sister, Elizabeth Koluncich, in the case. "At the very least, the labels should make sure they sell a product that actually works." Plaintiffs Matthew Dickey and Elizabeth Koluncich purchased copy-protected discs and either were unable to make backup copies of the music or had problems using the discs on their computers. Named in the lawsuit are Universal Music Group, EMI Music Publishing, BMG Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and Warner Music Group. Copy-protected discs use encryption technology to deter digital copying. Some CDs can't be played on computers while others try to confuse the drives so they can't extract the disc's data. Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America, said the music labels haven't done anything wrong by applying the new technology. "Music creators have the right to protect their property from theft, just like owners of any other property," Sherman said. "Motion picture studios, and software and video game publishers have protected their works for years, and no one has even thought to claim that doing so was inappropriate, let alone unlawful." None of the major labels have done any full-scale releases of the CDs in the United States, except for one soundtrack album by Universal. The discs still have compatibility problems, particularly with computers that don't run Microsoft's Windows software.

Australian study finds Macs are 36 percent cheaper to run than Windows PCs

Posted on Jun 13, 2002 13 Jun 2002, Alex Summersby A study by respected technology research company Gartner has found that Macs are up to 36 percent cheaper to own and run than competing Windows PCs, Apple Australia has announced. According to Apple Australia's release, the study utilised Gartner's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) methodology, which takes into account both the direct and indirect costs of owning IT infrastructure. Direct costs include all hardware and software costs for desktop and mobile computers, servers and peripherals as well as upgrades, technical support and annual depreciation. Indirect costs cover the costs of end-users supporting themselves and each other, end-user training time and non-productive downtime. The research was conducted at Melbourne University's Faculty of Arts, which included 4,676 Apple computers and 5,338 Windows machines. The report compares the TCO for the University's Mac environment with its PC environment. It also compared the University's Mac environment with similar-sized PC installations around the world. have been event logging this machine for a while and.... Event Type: Failure Audit Event Source: Security Event Category: Account Logon Event ID: 677 Date: 6/17/2002 Time: 5:56:35 PM User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Computer: xxxxx Description: Service Ticket Request Failed: User Name: xxxxx User Domain: xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx Service Name: DNS/ Ticket Options: 0x40810010 Failure Code: 0x7 Client Address: and then i read: also: try searching the machine and see what you come up with. ?

Monday, June 17, 2002

Curious Puzzles Two designers just completed a major project and are celebrating with one single bottle of wine.They want to be sure that each other only drinks half the available wine but they have no glasses or any other container, or anything with which to mark the bottle. How can it be done? hmmmmm... one for you, one for me...
bikes are the best. it is the only way to get around vancouver (even when its raining, you just need the right gear. or a hot shower at the end of the ride. there's that line when you accept you're going to be wet, and you just succumb... ). i'd like to take a road trip or two to the islands this summer... i think its the best way to see the countryside, you can go fast, yet its easy to stop and check things out too. and you don't have to worry about parking, fueling up is always a joy, repairs can be done yourself, its true freedom! like that feeling when you are ripping through the traffic, when its all backed up on a hot day, lines and lines of it, and you just speed right by the cars, zing! see you later!

captain's log...

Just been out on my Dawes mountain bike - at this time of night if it's a sunny evening like tonight I can't spod since my window is behind my computer and the sun shines in too hard (no curtains, just frosted glass in my pad). So, it's on with the helmet and out with the bike for a tootle up the hill - took my truly excellent Garmin eTrex Venture GPS too, and clocked 27.1 mph coming down a big hill. It was wonderfully sunny this evening, wonderful. The countryside nearby was fab. My bike is fab (I normally just ride it on the dreary 3.2 mile trek to work), my eTrex is fab.
Have you ever had to make a business or personal telephone call, but didn't want that call to be traceable -- from either end, for any reason? A confidential business client, a prospective employer you are calling from your workplace, your doctor or counselor, a personal acquaintance -- these are all examples of calls you might not want showing up on your workplace telephone log or your cell phone bill.

anonymous call forwarding
capability. Once connected to the network, and validated by your secret account number, you simply dial the number you wish to call, and HushTel" connects you, just as if you made the call directly, with two crucial differences -- one, the receiving party (even if they are set up to not accept "blocked numbers") will see only a HushTel network number; and two, any records reflecting your outgoing calls will show only the HushTel toll-free number you originally dialed. Anyone calling that number to check on the call will only hear the discreet message: "Please enter your number now," which you will know as the prompt for your account number but which will be meaningless to anyone else.

Read about it here...LOOOOOONG URL
JB +=1
triplet: g-8 is enough

Like I said:

"United Artists Pictures bears an illustrious reputation as one of Hollywood's oldest and most successful film companies. Known as "the company built by the stars," the studio was established in 1919 by the distinguished ensemble of Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith - all legendary players of the silver screen. The budding company immediately captured the world's attention, as it began to make its indelible mark on Hollywood history. Setting a new direction for the entertainment industry, United Artists embarked on a course that ultimately would revolutionize the motion picture business. From its genesis, United Artists sought to "further the artistic welfare of the motion picture industry" by promising creative freedom to actors and filmmakers alike. The company's unique brand of independent production pioneered the concept of one man-one film, granting filmmakers unprecedented autonomy and a share of the profits. Rather than own production facilities and soundstages, United Artists functioned almost exclusively as a distribution entity. This philosophy gave the company an edge over competitors far richer, eventually forcing the major studios to follow suit by branching into independent production in the 1940s. Having led the way for independents, United Artists has enjoyed an unparalleled reputation throughout decades of history as a forum for artists to nourish the projects other studios refused to risk."
Triplet: Universal Artists Network
Artist Network 69 Dean St, Soho, London UK, W1D 3SG Due to the unprecedented level of interest and the number of enquires recieved, the Artist Network can not accept any unsolicited creative submissions. Should you wish to submit any creative material, this must be done through an agent or your management company. The Artist Network will return all unsolicited material to the sender unopened.
this is how insanely large the forest fires in western U.S. are at the moment. the acres burning are up to 103,000 acres this morning. Heat signatures (in red) and smoke plumes (light blue haze) are visible from fires burning in Colorado and New Mexico, in this image from the NOAA on June 12, 2002. The fire, which began on Saturday and raced across Colorado's drought-stricken landscape, has now become the largest wildfire in state history, burning up 85,000 acres (34,000 hectares) by late Tuesday. It was thought to have been started by an illegal campfire. The fire is so big and so intense that a second elite fire command was set up, an unusual step. REUTERS/HO/NOAA
"If you ever doubted that a small group of women can change the world, you won't after you've heard this story. Hundreds of women in Finland have pledged not to bear children for the next four years unless their country's parliament nixes plans for a fifth nuclear power plant there. In making this commitment, these women have truly put their wombs where their ideals are."
g8 countdown = 9days "The Government of Canada, in partnership with non-governmental organizations, is helping to create additional forums to provide the opportunity for Canadians(?) to engage in informed discussions about the Kananaskis Summit and its key policy priorities and challenges." -ooooh, yippie!!! do i have to buy a ticket too?
Your total score is: 75 Although you could have scored worse, our experts have pinned you as being "annoying". -but you all already knew that anyway.
Wow: "The greatest lie of our market-based system is that time equals money, in all circumstances."
Oh hell yeah:

We won't deny our consciences

Prominent Americans have issued this statement on the war on terror Friday June 14, 2002 The Guardian Let it not be said that people in the United States did nothing when their government declared a war without limit and instituted stark new measures of repression. The signers of this statement call on the people of the US to resist the policies and overall political direction that have emerged since September 11 and which pose grave dangers to the people of the world. We believe that peoples and nations have the right to determine their own destiny, free from military coercion by great powers. We believe that all persons detained or prosecuted by the US government should have the same rights of due process. We believe that questioning, criticism, and dissent must be valued and protected. We understand that such rights and values are always contested and must be fought for. We believe that people of conscience must take responsibility for what their own governments do - we must first of all oppose the injustice that is done in our own name. Thus we call on all Americans to resist the war and repression that has been loosed on the world by the Bush administration. It is unjust, immoral and illegitimate. We choose to make common cause with the people of the world. We too watched with shock the horrific events of September 11. We too mourned the thousands of innocent dead and shook our heads at the terrible scenes of carnage - even as we recalled similar scenes in Baghdad, Panama City and, a generation ago, Vietnam. We too joined the anguished questioning of millions of Americans who asked why such a thing could happen. But the mourning had barely begun, when the highest leaders of the land unleashed a spirit of revenge. They put out a simplistic script of "good v evil" that was taken up by a pliant and intimidated media. They told us that asking why these terrible events had happened verged on treason. There was to be no debate. There were by definition no valid political or moral questions. The only possible answer was to be war abroad and repression at home. In our name, the Bush administration, with near unanimity from Congress, not only attacked Afghanistan but arrogated to itself and its allies the right to rain down military force anywhere and anytime. The brutal repercussions have been felt from the Philippines to Palestine. The government now openly prepares to wage all-out war on Iraq - a country which has no connection to the horror of September 11. What kind of world will this become if the US government has a blank cheque to drop commandos, assassins, and bombs wherever it wants? In our name the government has created two classes of people within the US: those to whom the basic rights of the US legal system are at least promised, and those who now seem to have no rights at all. The government rounded up more than 1,000 immigrants and detained them in secret and indefinitely. Hundreds have been deported and hundreds of others still languish today in prison. For the first time in decades, immigration procedures single out certain nationalities for unequal treatment. In our name, the government has brought down a pall of repression over society. The president's spokesperson warns people to "watch what they say". Dissident artists, intellectuals, and professors find their views distorted, attacked, and suppressed. The so-called Patriot Act - along with a host of similar measures on the state level - gives police sweeping new powers of search and seizure, supervised, if at all, by secret proceedings before secret courts. In our name, the executive has steadily usurped the roles and functions of the other branches of government. Military tribunals with lax rules of evidence and no right to appeal to the regular courts are put in place by executive order. Groups are declared "terrorist" at the stroke of a presidential pen. We must take the highest officers of the land seriously when they talk of a war that will last a generation and when they speak of a new domestic order. We are confronting a new openly imperial policy towards the world and a domestic policy that manufactures and manipulates fear to curtail rights. There is a deadly trajectory to the events of the past months that must be seen for what it is and resisted. Too many times in history people have waited until it was too late to resist. President Bush has declared: "You're either with us or against us." Here is our answer: We refuse to allow you to speak for all the American people. We will not give up our right to question. We will not hand over our consciences in return for a hollow promise of safety. We say not in our name. We refuse to be party to these wars and we repudiate any inference that they are being waged in our name or for our welfare. We extend a hand to those around the world suffering from these policies; we will show our solidarity in word and deed. We who sign this statement call on all Americans to join together to rise to this challenge. We applaud and support the questioning and protest now going on, even as we recognise the need for much, much more to actually stop this juggernaut. We draw inspiration from the Israeli reservists who, at great personal risk, declare "there is a limit" and refuse to serve in the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. We draw on the many examples of resistance and conscience from the past of the US: from those who fought slavery with rebellions and the underground railroad, to those who defied the Vietnam war by refusing orders, resisting the draft, and standing in solidarity with resisters. Let us not allow the watching world to despair of our silence and our failure to act. Instead, let the world hear our pledge: we will resist the machinery of war and repression and rally others to do everything possible to stop it. From: Michael Albert Laurie Anderson Edward Asner, actor Russell Banks, writer Rosalyn Baxandall, historian Jessica Blank, actor/playwright Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange William Blum, author Theresa Bonpane, executive director, Office of the mericas Blase Bonpane, director, Office of the Americas Fr Bob Bossie, SCJ Leslie Cagan Henry Chalfant,author/filmmaker Bell Chevigny, writer Paul Chevigny, professor of law, NYU Noam Chomsky Stephanie Coontz, historian, Evergreen State College Kia Corthron, playwright Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange Ossie Davis Mos Def Carol Downer, board of directors, Chico (CA) Feminist Women's Health Centre Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, professor, California State University, Hayward Eve Ensler Leo Estrada, UCLA professor, Urban Planning John Gillis, writer, professor of history, Rutgers Jeremy Matthew Glick, editor of Another World Is Possible Suheir Hammad, writer David Harvey, distinguished professor of anthropology, UNY Graduate Centre Rakaa Iriscience, hip hop artist Erik Jensen, actor/playwright Casey Kasem Robin DG Kelly Martin Luther King III, president, Southern Christian Leadership Conference Barbara Kingsolver C Clark Kissinger, Refuse & Resist! Jodie Kliman, psychologist Yuri Kochiyama, activist Annisette & Thomas Koppel, singers/composers Tony Kushner James Lafferty, executive director, National Lawyers Guild/LA Ray Laforest, Haiti Support Network Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor, Tikkun magazine Barbara Lubin, Middle East Childrens Alliance Staughton Lynd Anuradha Mittal, co-director, Institute for Food and Development Policy/Food First Malaquias Montoya, visual artist Robert Nichols, writer Rev E Randall Osburn, executive vice president, Southern Christian Leadership Conference Grace Paley Jeremy Pikser, screenwriter Jerry Quickley, poet Juan Gumez Quiones, historian, UCLA Michael Ratner, president, Centre for Constitutional Rights David Riker, filmmaker Boots Riley, hip hop artist, The Coup Edward Said John J Simon, writer, editor Starhawk Michael Steven Smith, National Lawyers Guild/NY Bob Stein, publisher Gloria Steinem Alice Walker Naomi Wallace, playwright Rev George Webber, president emeritus, NY Theological Seminary Leonard Weinglass, attorney John Edgar Wideman Saul Williams, spoken word artist Howard Zinn, historian

Sunday, June 16, 2002

some good news
" Bits EP etc..." ooooh!!! a new band to ck out..never heard of them before. danke! b.s.: just not on leather seats!
That is the best picture ever. The person singing is awesome. Also, when it's scorching hot, nothing beats computing totally naked.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Mess, 'the day today' was the NUTS. did you see the one where the guy wanted to be executed in the style of Elvis? He wanted to eat burgers and take handfuls of pills, while sitting on a metal toilet and when his weight reached a certain amount it would trip the switch and electrocute him. Steve Cooghan played his manager and thats the most disturbing I've ever seen him look!

Friday, June 14, 2002

What Type of Villain are You? / <�>
Uzi Lover is my favourite Morris. You can download it from Audiogalaxy.

What Type of Villain are You? / <�>
The European Union is accumulating a vast range of powers that pose, as human rights organisations such as Statewatch and Liberty have consistently argued, a threat to civil liberties across the continent of Europe. For example the EU now has its own police force, EuroPol, whose officers enjoy diplomatic immunity from prosecution and unlimited powers of search and surveillance. Article 52 of the EU's inappropriately named Charter of Fundamental Rights gives Brussels the right to suspend any liberty in the 'general interest' of the union. Article 107 of the EU treaty says that it is an offence for any elected representative to even write to the European Central Bank in an attempt to influence its policies. Article 109 of the new treaty of Nice will give Brussels the right to remove the funding and speaking rights of political parties in the European Parliament. Article 7 will enable the EU to remove the voting rights of entire member governments in the Council of Ministers. These and other measures, taken together with the completely undemocratic structure of the EU, mean that the system of Brussels based government that is taking shape, represents a huge threat to the basic freedoms of ordinary Europeans. Across Europe, groups and individuals are waking up to the reality of the authoritarian system the political elite has been quietly working towards. It's time for ordinary Europeans who value democracy and civil liberties - the real pro-Europeans - to take action against this sinister centralisation of power before its too late.

Have you said your piece yet?

David / Richard, Great piece about the new measures, however, no one is asking the proper questions about this, as outlined in this piece from Counterpane by security expert Bruce Schneier. *** How to Think About Security If security has a silly season, we're in it. After September 11, every two-bit peddler of security technology crawled out of the woodwork with new claims about how his product can make us all safe again. Every misguided and defeated government security initiative was dragged out of the closet, dusted off, and presented as the savior of our way of life. More and more, the general public is being asked to make security decisions, weigh security tradeoffs, and accept more intrusive security. Unfortunately, the general public has no idea how to do this. But we in computer security do. We've been doing it for years; we do it all the time. And I think we can teach everyone else to do it, too. What follows is my foolproof, five-step, security analysis. Use it to judge any security measure. Step one: What problem does the security measure solve? You'd think this would be an easy one, but so many security initiatives are presented without any clear statement of the problem. National ID cards are a purported solution without any clear problem. Increased net surveillance has been presented as a vital security requirement, but without any explanation as to why. (I see the problem not as one of not having enough information, but of not being able to analyze and interpret the information already available.) Step two: How well does the security measure solve the problem? Too often analyses jump from the problem statement to a theoretical solution, without any analysis as to how well current technology actually solves the problem. The companies that are pushing automatic face recognition software for airports and other public places spend all their time talking about the promises of a perfect system, while skipping the fact that existing systems work so poorly as to be useless. Enforcing a no-fly zone around a nuclear reactor only makes sense if you assume a hijacker will honor the zone, or if it is large enough to allow reaction to a hijacker who doesn't. Step three: What other security problems does the measure cause? Security is a complex and inter-related system; change one thing and the effects ripple. If the government bans strong cryptography, or mandates back-doors, the resultant weaker systems will be easier for the bad guys to attack. National ID cards require a centralized infrastructure that is vulnerable to abuse. In fact, the rise of identity theft can be linked to the increased use of electronic identity. Make identities harder to steal through increased security measures, and that will only make the fewer stolen identities more valuable and easier to use. Step four: What are the costs of the security measure? Costs are not just financial, they're social as well. We can improve security by banning commercial aircraft. We can make it harder for criminals to outrun police by mandating 40 mph speed maximums in automobiles. But these things cost society too much. A national ID card would be enormously expensive. The new rules allowing police to detain illegal aliens indefinitely without due process cost us dearly in liberty, as does much of the PATRIOT Act. We don't allow torture (officially, at least). Why not? Sometimes a security measure, even though it may be effective, is not worth the costs. Step five: Given the answers to steps two through four, is the security measure worth the costs? This is the easy step, but far too often no one bothers. It's not enough for a security measure to be effective. We don't have infinite resources. We don't have infinite patience. As a society, we need to do the things that make the most sense, that are the most effective use of our security dollar. Some security measures pass these tests. Increasing security around dams, reservoirs, and other infrastructure points is a good idea. Not storing railcars full of hazardous chemicals in the middle of cities should have been mandated years ago. New building evacuation plans are smart, too. These are all good uses of our limited resources to improve security. This five-step process works for any security measure, past, present, or future: 1) What problem does it solve? 2) How well does it solve the problem? 3) What new problems does it add? 4) What are the economic and social costs? 5) Given the above, is it worth the costs? When you start using it, you'd be surprised how ineffectual most security is these days. For example, only two of the airline security measures put in place since September 11 have any real value: reinforcing the cockpit door, and convincing passengers to fight back. Everything else falls somewhere between marginally improving security and a placebo. *** I think that it is obvious even to the casual observer that the current measures proposed by the Government are an overreaction to 9/11. The new powers do not pass any of the tests enumerated above, and clearly this fact has to be brought to the center of the debate, if the right decision is going to be made i.e. the measures are to be comprehensively struck down. There are many other reasons why these proposals are unworkable; the main one being that anyone that wishes to be anonymous and leave no traces of his or her activity online can do this with no extra software or hardware. Certainly, any target will be aware of this, and will swiftly move to hide their communications. The only communications left visible will be those made by ordinary people, and thus, there will be nothing for the authorities to search for. These measures will not prevent terrorism, and will cost the telecoms industry billions in new and intrusive infrastructure. The social costs will be immeasurable; we will be living in a country that will bear an uncomfortable resemblance to the former East Germany, where the omnipresent STASI could poke into the affairs of every person at will. In every way these proposals are ill advised, and it is important that someone asks the right questions, since it seems that no one on either side of the house is aware of precisely how the internet and cellular telephony works; if they did understand the details, not one of them would propose measures like this, because it is abundantly clear to anyone that what the Government is asking for is simply not a solution to the very real problems faced in the fight against terrorism. best ./akin sent to The Guardian 6/12/02 9:21AM
Ever read Diesel Sweeties? This is me, wearing my favorite 4" tie. Notice the scar on my forehead.
Mess - A friend of mine lent me his copy of the 'Brass Eye' DVD. I still can't get over Rolf Harris saying, "Joss Ackland's furry rucksack" on the 'drugs' episode
"There's another solar system like ours, and it's very close by." This is not news. Also, what does "very close by" mean? To an ant, the space between the bread bin and the sugar bowl is very far. This type of reporting is "scripted reality conditioning". Have you noticed that every few weeks there is another "Amazing Discovery" to do with planets around other systems and life on other planets? We (or should I say the sheeple) are being systematically conditioned to accept the reality of intelligent bipedal creatures, flying in their advanced (compared to us) craft.,1282,53188,00.html